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Memories, Getting Torn, Down

Memories, getting torn, down, let’s, paint it over, ‘cuz these memories grew, too, god damn, old, they’re, such, eyesores already…

Memories, getting torn, down, let’s, just, get rid of, all of these, eyesores.  Oh wait, you can’t, you had yet to, sort through them, while I’m already, done, sifting through these, broken up parts of my, childhood.

like, this…

photo from online

Memories, getting torn, down, this is, only, an, eventuality, an, inevitability, I mean, you can’t think, that you’re gonna be able to, keep them all together, whole, forever, did you?  I mean, you HAD, accounted for the possibility of, memory loss in old age, right???

Memories, getting torn, down, let’s just, get rid of this whole thing, for once, and for all, I mean, I don’t need this “marriage” (just BRING that GUN to my supposed wedding here!!!) that I got locked up by, and you, you’re still, clueless just as the day we met.

And I REFUSE to be with STUPID again!

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Is it, Hard to Be, Courteous?Is it, Hard to Be, Courteous?

You can have her back, China!  With a total DISREGARD of life, of signs of goodwill, of friendship that’s the symbol of these pandas as gifts to the country by China to Taiwan, on the recent statement of “then, let’s return the sick panda BACK to China!”  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It seemed that the government officials are really brutal in their words, they’d, insulted one another constantly and, endlessly too, like if they don’t do it, then, everybody else will think they’re, nothing.  The panda in the Taipei City Zoo, “Tuan-Tuan” was found with a brain tumor recently, the city government invited the panda experts from China to come over to help in consultation, and the Mainland Affairs Council also worked their best to assist.  And yet, the assistant chairperson of the Agricultural Committee here, Huang said, the pandas were only “on loan” to Taiwan to put on exhibit, if China wants to, it can, “take them back.”  The calloused words, made us sick.

The two pandas were gifts from China to Taiwan fourteen years ago, and, from their names, we’d noted, how they carried the expectations of unification of the two sides, and they’d given birth to two babies, with the whole family being the favorites of the general visitors to the zoo.  But, in Huang’s words, he’d made the pandas sound like they were only “for showing”, an object that can be taken away, and given at any moment of time, an inanimate object.  This sort of a wording, does it look like he is someone who respects the lives of living things?

the pandas have been here for TEN years, let’s CELEBRATE this, milestone anniversary! Photo from the Taipei City Zoo from online

The public cared a whole lot about Tuan-Tuan’s illness, not because he’s a giant panda, but from the mercifulness of human nature.  As a higher up government official, Huang showed absolutely NO emotions on the matter; Tuan-Tuan was sent over, a male who was healthy, and at his prime, and now he’d fallen ill, he’d stated how “China can have him back”, so cruel, cold, callous, and brute.  On the following day, the Forestry Department clarified, that he’d, “misspoken”.  But, in our eyes, it’s more, atrocious!

The courtesies from the city of Taipei, didn’t pale by comparison that much to the assistant chair of the Agricultural Committee, Huang either.  Ke boasted, we have great medical advances here in Taiwan, it’s not that we needed the experts from China to come over and teach us how to get the panda well, that it’s because of how China felt, that “the daughter’s we married to you is about to die”, that they feel compelled to send someone over to check on her.  Pray tell, can the mayor use such a blunt expression of “about to DIE!”?  And, how proper is it, to compare the giant panda to a “daughter-in-law”? 

We are in need of more humane care and concerns for each other, in order for the society to flow peacefully.  Is it, too much to ask, to be courteous to, others?

Yeah, how these government officials just blabbed, to the point that they’d, misspoken and not realized it, I mean, it’s understandable that the mayor of Taipei, Ke might misspeak, as he has Asperger’s syndrome, but, the rest of these mother @#$%ERS, they should’ve known better, I mean, China gave the country those pandas, who’d reproduced her (passing of the torch???) in this country, and now, the mama panda was found with a tumor, and the agricultural department here, stated so callously, “You can have her back, and we’ll be keeping her young baby girls on display!”, what the FUCK (don’t pardon me!), this still showed, how DDPs are all made up of, LOWLIVES, and how they couldn’t even SHOW the smallest respect toward ANY living things, let alone, the rest of the citizens here in this god damn @#$%ING country that I’m currently living in right now.

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The Crocodiles without the Tears: Making the Empty Promises to Get Our Votes, Once in the Office, “I’m Sorry, WHO are You???”

Them candidates will say, any and everything that we the people want to hear, but soon as the votes are over, it’ll be, WHO are you, and, DID I promise that, I don’t believe I ever, had!  The LIES they are selling to us, voters, as the election nears, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The polls showed, that the mayoral candidates of Taipei City was built with hate, that the critiques by the media was actually, an outlet of the people’s, anger toward the DDP government.  The Taiwanese idiot had “before the elections, the grandeur promises, and afterwards: who are you again???”, this was the embodiment of the DDP’s being inconsistent in its attitude, of all the false promises the party’s made to the voters who elected them into office.

The primary reason for this accumulation of displease lies in how the party in power only considered the benefits of those who are in office, with no regard for people’s lives, and, are chickened out to face up to the anger of we the people.  There were the news of the former and current head of Sanitation Welfare Department’s getting together, to offer one another encouragements, to pat one another on the backs.  The thousand-day anniversary of the Command Center for MERS-CoV had a grand celebration, with the president, the head of state, present; and what’s weird was, there were, the multiple funerals for those who’d died in the current pandemic, the memorials, but the higher up government officials were all, no-shows, and they were criticized as “crocodiles without the tears”.

“The Thousand-Day Milestone of the Command Center for MERS-CoV”, people would think, that the focal point would be to remember, to commemorate those who’d died in the pandemic, but the higher up government officials, showed a total, lack of, respect for the dead.

Another reason for why the public is upset, is also on how unprofessional the party in power, how the party in power are, only into its own, private gains.  Take for instance, the breaking of the artifacts of the Palace Museums, they’d, brushed the matter off as being, one man’s carelessness, and blamed the breaking of the artifacts on the carelessness of the exhibition management, or how the systems of protecting the artifacts hadn’t done their jobs properly.

Third reason for why the people are completely upset, was how the party in power used the manipulative means, to split up the masses, to cause the split in the people who are originally, kindhearted.  Using the “hatred toward China” as their primary card to play, calling out to the people to defend Taiwan, to FIGHT against the Chinese Communist rule, in reality, it’s ensuring, that the reputations of the higher up officials from the DDP maintained.  The preciousness of democracy lies in that there are multiple opinions allowed, and each opinion gets heard, and is respected, and now, everything is based off of the colors, which will only, heighten the upsets of we the, people.

There are now, more than 12,000 citizens who’d lost their lives in the pandemic so far, and, as the higher up government officials could, stop breaking the country apart, splitting the people, to turn the votes, and start focusing on doing things that are beneficial to the people instead, only then, will the hatred, and the angers of we the people be gone from Taiwan, do all the higher up officials of the DDP government know this?

Of course not, they don’t know SHIT, all they care about, is winning the mayoral election at the beginning of January next year, and, blackening the opponents’ names, thinking, that they can still, bullshit we the people, and, they probably can, because, there are those, BLIND supporters of the DDP, who will be voting at the elections, while those of us, who saw the truth as the pandemic started (how the DDP blocked off the shipments, the orders of BioNTech into the country, because the agent for Asia East is a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, and how it’d, delayed the ordering, the shipments of vaccines, causing us to become, beggars for these necessities we need, to survive through the pandemic, but, none of this SHIT will matter, because we the people are color-coded, blind and stupid, and we will, continue to allow the DDP to take charge over this god DAMN @#$%ING island, until China DROPPED that NUCLEAR BOMB on the land, and this island S-I-N-K-S, or, with the effects of global warming, the sea level rises up, and this island becomes, underwater, whichever one comes, first!

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Believing in the Online Claims of “You Can Earn Money by Sleeping”, the Woman Almost Lost Eight Million Dollars N.T. of Her Hard-Earned Money

Why people are still falling for these, get-rich-quick schemes is beyond me here, a deal that’s, too good to be true, and you’re still, falling for it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chen, too the lies of the online “Getting Rich Quickly” claims, put the eight million dollars N.T. she’d saved up, into a nonexistent brokerage “Bonus Stocks”, Chen thought, all that’s required of her was to just, watch her investments grow, that she could, get the money roll in by not doing a single thing, not known, she’d, fallen into the traps of the scam artist groups; last month, as Chen wired out eight million dollars N.T., the police arrested the driver, Ching on site, and, helped get Chen her money back, awhile ago, the police split up into the teams, and arrested six more accomplices, and they were all charged with severe fraud, sent into the D.A.’s Office.

Based off of investigations, the sixty-year-old woman, Chen during August of this year, saw an article that claimed that could help her earn money more easily online, and immediately, she’d clicked the hyperlink at the end of the article, the member of the scam artist ring, “Ting-Er Chen” started contacting her, they added one another as “friends”, and started chatting on investments; Chen believed the woman’s words, that she only needed to get into the “Bonus Stocks” investment group and get into the investments they’re making, with a promise of thirty-percent of her total investments coming in by the month.

Being enticed, Chen made the wires to an account specified by the scam artist on the sixteenth of last month in the amount of eight million dollars N.T.; that very afternoon, the driver from the ring, Ching took the forged contract, went to a bank in Sinchuang District, and withdrew the eight million dollars N.T. that Chen wired.

and, here’s, THAT, red warning LABEL, in B-O-L-D!!! image from online

The clerk found this, that the account was red flagged, and started up the scam reporting protocol, contacted the local substation, and told the individual withdrawing the cash, Ching, that there are the proceedings that needed to be followed based off of protocol, to have Ching wait to make the withdrawal later; and the police rushed over, and arrested Ching on sight, and, helped Chen get back the eight million dollars N.T. she would’ve otherwise, never see again.

The police kept chasing toward the source, last week, the police forces split up into six teams, arrested a total of six accomplices in this scam in local Keelung, Banciao, Hsinbei City, and Ruifang, and successfully dissolved the ring.

And so, this is how easy a target these retired persons are, because they think, that they don’t have better use for their retirement pensions, and so, when an offer like this one that’s too good to be true comes along, they’d, fallen for it, and this time, this woman did NOT lose all her savings, because the bank teller was alert enough, thankfully!  And, the next victim may not be as lucky…

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“The Rabbit Hole ATE My Childhood”…

Alice woke, right at the moment, when that, ax, went down toward her N-E-C-K!

She’d, waken up, covered in, cold sweat, she’d, felt around her neck, then, upwards, toward her own, head (thank GOD it’s still there, my H-E-A-D!!!).  She tried getting up, but still felt, dizzy, of the effects of, her decapitation dream…

She’d, walked around the garden, and, found that Rabbit Hole that she’d, followed the Rabbit down from about, two, three hours before (depending on how long she was down for her “naps”).

Suddenly, she’d felt, the breathes, getting out of her, that was when she’d, realized, that SHIT (children should NEVER use that word!), my CHILDHOOD is, G-O-N-E!

how she, woke! Artwork from online

She’d started screaming: “That Rabbit Hole ATE my childhood!”, what do I do, what do I do???  Being as young as she, she couldn’t, comprehend what just, happened, but she knew, that something was, taken out of her life, like there’s now, that hole in her heart!

“The Rabbit Hole ATE my childhood”, she’d told her parents and her nanny.  “Well, there’s NOTHING we can do, I mean, unless, you can, catch that rabbit that stole your childhood away, and, maybe, if we make HIM into, Rabbit Stew, then, you might, get your childhood back, but it’s, NOT a one-hundred-percent thing!”

“The Rabbit Hole ATE my childhood”, well child, be GLAD, that nothing ELSE went missing from your life, what’s the worth of childhood anyways, we’d left all of that behind us, her parents told her, and it still, was NOT, reassuring…

And so, Alice is now, lost, without her own, childhood, and, she’d tried to find that Rabbit Hole in her parents’, garden, but, couldn’t………………

That was, how Alice, became, an ADULT, in just a forty-five minute to two hour nap that one, afternoon.

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On the Matter of the Degree and Employment

How the theories and the applications, must MERGE together, for the workers to have their places to shine through, so the industries will continue to, flourish, to grow stronger, thus, making the country even, better, but, the government still could care LESS, they just want to see the results in the end, and, they don’t examine the nooks and crannies, the nuts, and the bolts, that makes this, whole machine function well, the observations, of the honorary professor of National Tsing Hua University, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of people are now, complaining that it’s the education that failed our children, to the point, that when they started working they couldn’t, handle the work assigned to them.  This reminded me of my own story.

As I earned my master’s degree, I’d gone to find work.  Found an electronics company, my job is to design the circuit boards, but I’d not done that, didn’t even know what the circuits looked like, let alone the functions.  But I was blessed with a good manager, who’d taught me everything, and with his help, soon enough, I’d, learned to design the circuits, and started making my own, experiments.  Reason why I could easily catch on was because when I was in my studies at N.T.U., I’d done well in the fundamentals of Chinese language, English, and mathematics.  As I got the basics down pat, it was quite easy, for me, to learn something, new.

What you’d learned in the schools, can’t be exact with what the industries need, because, there are, hundreds of skills that are different from each other, and, no one university can guarantee, that the students become the jacks of, all trades.  But, if the schools (both in the technical high school levels and in the universities) are able, to help the students get the fundamentals down pat, as the students graduated, they will, surely be, able to, tackle the assortments of demands made of them in employment.

And so, my first advice to the theory-application differences is to try to get the students to hone up the fundamental, the basic skills.  If the means of education is good, then, surely, the students will use what they learned, to turn the theories into application.  I had, specialized in the vacuum tubes, and if I couldn’t transfer into the transistors, then, I may have, amounted to, nothing.

But, the enterprises should also, help the fresh-out-of-college employees, so they can learn while doing.  As the head of state from way back when, Sun became the head of Taipower Company, all of the Japanese engineers, and technicians from Japan all exited, the head of state, Sun employed the EE last year students from the technical high school in Taipei, for them to start working in Taipower Company, to teach them the skills.  They only had the most fundament conceptual theories of the fields, but, Mr. Sun educated them, to help them make the great contributions to Taipower Company.  And, as the Japanese specialists exited the country, it’d not seemed to impact the electricity provisions of Taiwan at all.

Another example, I have a student, who’d often told me about his work.  He is a software engineer, the system he uses in work, I’d never heard of.  But, he’d not had much troubles in using, because, he had some more experienced coworkers who took the time, to teach him the skills.  A company should NOT be complaining constantly on how it can’t find the qualified workers, the company should look at itself, to see if, it’d, taught the skills needed to work there, to all of its, employees, that way, they will excel in the skills they are already working with.  The company that hired my student had even, spent the money to get him to be trained in the newer technologies, which all goes to show, that this company knew, how to, train the workers, and keep the workers’ skills, up to date.

Training the professionals isn’t anything easy, the schools certainly needed to make sure that the students have the fundamentals down pat, the enterprises cannot expect that the graduates go into work, with all the skills that matched their needs for the job descriptions, but they need to, make sure, that the employees start, gaining more and more skills, to up their, competitive, edges.  The students from the Taipei Skills High School must’ve, helped the former students set up the good foundations, but, it’s, also, due to Sun, the head of state then, who had the wisdoms, for these graduates to put their skills to work, where they’d, counted.

Anyways, we should know, that the quality workers, needed to come out of the school, but, the industries, also, needed to shoulder up the responsibilities to get these students who came out of the schools, excel in the, specific, skills.

And so, this is on the combination of theory AND application, the schools need to make sure that these students gained the needed skills they are required to have, to work well in these, specific skills, and the companies that hired these graduates, also needed to, put the money into, the on-the-job training programs, to get these students who came out of these majors, to have the skills they needed, to work better in the companies too, and, if one of these is missing, then, the chain that originally flowed smoothly will be, broken, and, things won’t work.

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The DDP Called Out for an Amendment to “Get Rid of Sun Yatsen”, the KMT Worked Hard to Block This “Bill”

The DDP’s, making SURE, that all of us here, living on this ISLAND, have NO way, of tracing back to our own, “roots”, by, getting RID of the Father of the Republic of China here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, because we are NOT the Republic of China, but TAIWAN!!!  This is, OUTRAGEOUS, I mean, you don’t see the American GOVERNMENT ERASING George Washington as the father of the U.S. of A, do you???  HECK no, and we the people, are still, enabling their, bad behaviors here???

This week, the legislator from the DDP including Lin, drafted up the amendment of “officials sworn into office regulation renewal” and the “rules of the President and Vice President’s Being Sworn into Office”, and if this amendment passes into law, in the future, all government personnel, as they’re sworn into office, they no longer needed to get sworn in, in front of the portrait of the father of our country.  The KMT questioned this act, that this was, the concrete evidence of the DDP’s “killing off” C.K.S., then, going after the father of our country, a play in their propaganda in the upcoming election, that the KMT legislator will all object to this to the very end.

like this???


except, it’s not a statue, but a painted portrait, with the red paints covering up the faces! Photo from online

Lin and others who are responsible for drafting up this amendment stated, that this was to coincide with the democratic spirit, along with matching up to the developments in the changes in the Constitution of this country currently, striking off that rule that stated that the elected officials must be sworn into office, in front of the portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen; and considering the society’s multivariate means, like bodily handicaps, or other justified reasons, there shouldn’t be restriction placed on the expressions of vowing to protect this country, to do what’s best for this country.  Both amendments are going to get presented at the legislative review sessions today.

This was NOT the very first time that the legislator of the DDP tried to “amend” the “swearing in process of government officials”.  Back in 2020, the legislator, Fang drafted up a similar amendment, asked the president, and all other government officials to NOT be required to get sworn into office in front of the portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen anymore, and this struck up the debates in the local communities.  The KMT questioned, that the timing of the amendment was right before the votes, which will cause the voters to split, that they’re working at making the people go against each other, to manipulate the votes.

here’s, what that, looked like! Vandalism of the C.K.S Statues…photo from online

And so, this, is what the DDP is currently planning to do, and chances are, they will get it their ways, because, they got everything their ways, passing the bills that made us ingest POISONS, delaying the purchasing of the vaccines, killing the people here, and now, they’re, erasing our own history, because they’re NOT Chinese, they’re, Taiwanese, making everybody on this island, battle against each other, and, when people are too busy fighting already, who do you think, will be, watching out for what this DDP government is doing to RUIN our lives???  NOBODY!

That, is how L-O-W this party had, gone here, and, we the people are, still, enabling their abuse of power, I mean, it’s NOT like there’s ANYTHING we CAN do, just look at the last issues vote we voted in…

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Our Rights, CASTRATED, by Our, Gender

We women, now have, NO rights over, our bodies, because our basic human rights had been, CASTRATED, by our, gender!

Our rights, CASTRATED, by our, gender, because we are subordinates to you, men, because you want control over us, our bodies, what we wear, how we present ourselves (not as WHORES, but in the clothes of a good housewife, good mother), and when we try to rebel, you’d, STOPPED us, by chaining us down.

from, H-O-W, long ago was this again??? Photo from online

Our rights had been, CASTRATED, by our, gender, we don’t have ENOUGH rights, as the homosexuals, as now, they’re, allowed to, marry, and where is our rights?  Remember how those who came before, had to, go on a HUNGER strike, to GET our, voting rights approved?  And do you NOT remember, Susan B. Anthony, and all them, IRON-JAWED, angels?

And, look at us now, we still can’t have the right to our bodies, HECK, we can’t even get abortion, because we don’t want to carry them children inside, and start popping ‘em out, left, and right like crazy, can we?  Nope, as some of the SOUTHERN states, had already made it illegal for us women, to get the safe abortions by certified surgeons!

to this!

photo from online

We shall, never gain our rights back again (yeah, as if we had them originally???), and we will, forever, LIVE, as the INFERIOR sex (yeah, I’d like to see you, mother FUCKING sons-of-BITCHES, pardon the “French”, and not the literal kinds!, carrying them eight-to-ten pounders, and, PASSING them ALL out, through your DICKS there!), because that, is how you men like it, having control over us women!

And, we are, allowing ‘em to do this to us, right, ladies???

(High-fiving all around here!)

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Worked as a Homeroom Instructor & on the Gender-Equality Committee of the School, He’d Secretly Filmed a Female Student Using the Toilets, Sentenced to Nine-and-a-Half Years

Yes, another one of them, mother @#$%ING predators, “dressed”, as a, school, instructor here, off of the Front Page Sections translated…

A male instructor in an unnamed elementary school in Hsinbei City, Tseng was caught, for long-term filming the female students, the female workers going to the restrooms, on his computer, more than hundreds of photographs had been found, and there were also, four footages, and the identifiable victims included three female instructors, and four underage minor female students.  The Hsinbei City’s District Court found him guilty on the counts of exploitation of children and teens, sentenced him for nine years six months; he’d touched a young girl’s breasts, and he was sentenced for breaking the anti-sexual harassment laws, sentenced to three months, and he can pay a fine without serving the time for this particular charge.

The police and D.A. investigated, that the instructor, Tseng started teaching in the elementary school since 2013, and before, the parents had complained about him for using the improper language, but he was still at his post of homeroom instructor, and served as a member of the gender equality board.

Last year in November, he’d secretly filmed a female student going to the restrooms, he’d put his cell into the next-stall toilet, and was caught by the female student, the child told the other instructors, the school notified the police, and they’d reviewed over the surveillance, and CAUGHT Tseng for what he did.

something that’s, barely, noticeable, that we simply, don’t, pay enough, attention to…photo from online

The police and D.A. conducted a search, and they’d found more than hundreds of photos of secretly filmed sexually illicit photographs and four segments of video footages, and, they were able to identify three of the female instructors at the school, and four young girls; and, they’d also found, that two years ago, Tseng had used his cell phone, to take a shot of a school girl’s breasts exposing, from the unfitted clothes, and demanded that a female student to get the water from the drinking fountain for him, and as she was getting the water, he’d, intentionally, brushed against the female student’s breasts.

Tseng claimed, that what drove him to secretly film, was his curiosity, the Collectivist Courts believed, that as a school instructor, Tseng lacked the respect for his post, and secretly filmed the females for his own personal pleasures, and denied the allegation after he’d been caught doing it, harassed the females, and for the sake of his own personal pleasures, he’d secretly filmed the girls and women, denied the accusations after he’d been caught, found him guilty on charges of exploitation of hildren and teens, sentenced him to nine years six months, and on the charges of breaking the laws of sexual harassment prevention, he was sentenced to three months, which he will be allowed to pay the fines, and skip out of serving the time for.

And so, this is still not, severe enough, and, what if, this SEX predator gets released on early parole for good behaviors in prison and he somehow, got into another school or line of work where he could come into close contact with more victims?  And what’s worse, was that this SEX predator WAS on the gender equality commissions board of HIS school too!

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A Government that’s Afraid of Allowing the People to Vote

Due to ALL the, EVILS this god damn government of the DDP had done, of course it’s, super, duper, scared, as the end of year, approaches, how the DDP is now, setting up the assortments of means, to PREVENT the citizens who are out of the country, to come back to, vote, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Some had signaled, that the Democratic Progressive Party can take the “Progressive” out of its name, because, it’d totally, unfitted to how the DDP had, ruled over the people right now.  Squandering the taxpayers’ taxes, fattening itself in the cases involving the matters of money and embezzlement, killing all the other voices, using the machines for their, own, personal needs, all of these are, reasons for why the “progressive” should get, taken out of the DDP.  Recently, there’s, one more, clear indicator: the government led by Tsai seemed to not want the people to voice their opinions by voting in the elections.

The chairman of the Central Elections Commissions, Lee announced that those who’d been confirmed of contraction can’t cast their ballots at the end of the year; and, as the country’s public started objecting, he’d switched to “if you can go out of your homes, then, you can vote”, but, there’s NO voting stations set aside for those who’d been confirmed of contractions or had been in quarantine.  The chairperson of the Central Voting Commission, Lee’s BARRING the people from voting, was a precedent of his kind.

what the people in this country, SHOULD do! MARCHING for our rights to vote! Photo from online

The department of internal affairs, also does ALL it can, to take away the rights to vote from the people.  Due to the pandemic of the past three years, a lot of the citizens are kept out of the country, and hadn’t returned yet;  at the end of last year, the Department of Internal Affairs suddenly announced: if the voters hadn’t returned to the country in two years, then, they will be forced to get, struck off of their household registry to vote.  That way, other than the national health insurance coverages of those who live out of country being affected, the voting rights are, taken away too, and, those who can’t make the deadline to return the status of registry of the household, will, lose their, voting rights.

And that’s not all.  As the country’s borders loosened, a lot of the Taiwanese citizens in China hoped the government can start up the flights from Kinmen, Mazu to China, to give them all a more time saving, more money saving means of returning home again but the government stalled in agreeing to this.  The committee stalled, “We’re still observing the matters to see if it would work”.  Without this straight flight, the Taiwanese citizens will have a very hard time, returning back to the country, and, they will be, less likely to come back to vote.  And, this is, the DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE party that’s, set up the means, to BAR the people, from voting, from exercising their rights.

All of these blocks and troubles, all began, with the DDP’s “voting out of the registration areas of residence”.  The democratic countries in the world already had, employed the means of mailing voting, to allow the citizens who are out of the country, to exercise their rights to vote when they’re away from the country.  And yet, in Taiwan, due to the DDP’s strong objections, this can be set up.  What sort of calculations, does a government who’d feared that people are voting have?

Because the DDP knew that all of the EVIL things it’d done, will catch up to them at the end-of-year, that’s why, they’re now, setting up all of these, rules, these means, to bar those who are out of the country from exercising their, citizenship rights to vote, that way, maybe, if they lose on paper, it still won’t be, by that much, or maybe, even IF they’d lost the votes, they can still, swing it to that they’d, won, and continue to stay in office, despite how we the people had, spoken up to OBJECT their dictatorship rule.

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