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It’s Too Tough, Too Tiresome, the Father Murdered His Twenty-One Year-Old Son with Cerebral Palsy Then Turned Himself In

A sad case of mercy killing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

He’d strangled his son in the car, and started wailing, as he’d held onto his son’s dead body, the family said, that the deceased would rely on the family for everything, eating, bathing, “he’d behaved like a young child, but he has the strength of a grown man, that nobody in the family can manage to pull on him.”

The tragedy of a father, strangling his own son to death happened in the city of Taipei!  He’s adult son had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy since he was born, and, it was suspected, that because of the burdens from taking care of him became too heavy, yesterday, he’d taken his son out, and parked the car by the side of the road, and strangled his own son to death, called the police, turned himself in, as the police rushed to the scene, they saw him, howling, as he held onto his son’s dead body, the police charged him with murder.

He stated, that his son was in enormous pain, after he’d parked the car, he’d struck up a conversation with him, said, “everybody’s having it hard”, “We’re all very tired”, then stated to his son, “I’m going to kill you”, to which, the son replied, “okay!”, then, he’d strangled his own son to death; the police didn’t quite believe his statements, and whether or not he’d gotten his son’s permissions to murder him, will be looked into.

“I killed my son!”, yesterday at around three in the afternoon, the forty-one-year-old He, after choking his twenty-one year-old son to death, called the police, as the police rushed to the scene, he was howling in the backseat, holding on, to his son’s dead body, he’d refused to get out of the car, told the officers, “My son’s asleep!”, the patrol officers consoled him, that they will take good care of the matter, and then, he complied, in going with them to the subprecinct, and before he left, he’d told the officers, “Don’t disturb him!”

Based off of understanding, the deceased was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth, along with multiple complications, diagnosed with epilepsy, and was mentally retarded, he has a middle school aged younger brother, his father works as an ironsmith, his mother, a housewife, with the parents living in Linkou, Taoyuan.

Yesterday afternoon at about one, He’s father drove to Shihlin, to pick up his son, told his parents, that he was, “taking him to see his mom”, then, drove to the Songshan Airport, parked at Fu-Yuan Street, then, he’d killed his own son, as the police arrived on the scene, the son was already dead, with choking marks on his neck.

The family told the police, that when the child was born, he had his umbilical cord, wrapped around his neck, the doctors saved his life, he couldn’t walk at the age of three, and the family took him to get diagnosed, and the doctor diagnosed him with cerebral palsy, he’d managed to get his high school diploma, and acted like a young child, needed his wheelchair to get around, and, relied on his families for his daily living needs like showers, feeding, and had banged his head against the walls because he was feeling so much pain.

The family members pointed out, that the deceased would often throw temper tantrums, wanted to get out of his wheelchair, “he was too strong, that his family members couldn’t hold him down.”, the pressures from the caretaking was great, the wheelchair cost the family $30,000N.T.s, a few days ago, when his mother came to visit, they got into an altercation, “his mother nagged him”, but recently, they’d not heard any complaints from the parents, they don’t know why he’d taken his own son’s life.

Based off of understanding, the deceased lived in a three-generation family, three years ago, the parents moved to Linkou, and had visited him regularly, once every week.  The grandparents of the deceased didn’t know about his death until the police came to tell them, they’d cried until they’d become limp, the grandfather said, that he’d raised his grandson from a child, “he said he was taking my grandson to visit his mom, how could it have ended this way?”

So, the father just couldn’t deal with seeing his own son suffer, with his conditions, and so, he’d killed his son, out of mercy, or, could it be, that the demands of being his sole-caretaker is just too great, that he’d finally cracked, nobody knows, but, there’s ethics that needed to be DISSECTED here, as well as moral responsibilities that needed to be discussed…



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The Young Mother Who Was Saved from Suicide, “I’d Strangled My Two Children to Death”

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young married woman, Lin, awhile back, took her two young kids to commit suicide by overdosing, the two kids are dead, the woman was rushed to the hospital and is now, out of danger, the police officers yesterday went to interrogate Lin, she’d cried and told them that she was emotionally unstable that day, that she’d fed her kids some medication, waited until they passed out, then, strangled them both.

Lin was very emotional when the police interrogated her, mentioned how “in the current world, there’s nothing keeping us here, I don’t want to let them live, so they’d have to weather through more pains in the futures”, “After I’d killed them both, I’d tried committing suicide.”

Lin said, in the little over six years, she’d been troubled by mental difficulties, went to two clinics to see doctors, and got medicines, later she’d gone off her meds, and in the past year, she’d started back on them once more.

On the 27th of last month, in the afternoon, she’d driven her kids to Kenting, and, on the way, she’d become emotionally unstable again, and gone off the freeways, bought some fast food at a fast food joint in Mingshyong, then, took her kids to a motel, mixed the pills into their drinks, waited until her kids passed out, she’d strangled them, her daughter tried to fight, then, she’d strangled her daughter with a rope, then, she’d downed the rest of the pills.

Lin said, she wanted to commit suicide, and didn’t want to leave her kids, to become burdens to her families, decided to take them with her, that, was why she’d strangled them to death.  Lin also said, that she and her husband were getting along very well, other than the occasional altercations, there was NO economic stresses, nor was there affair on her husband’s part, or domestic violence.

After Lin woke up yesterday, the family members consoled her that everything was all right, that the kids are fine, that they’d been taken back to Taichung already, but Lin knew, that she’d killed her kids by strangulation, as the police was about to interrogate her, she’d started crying, and when she told them how she’d strangled her kids, she was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk, said that she is in deep regret.

Yesterday as the coroner’s autopsied the young children, they’d found that the muscles of the young girl’s hyoid muscles had hemorrhages, and that there were finger markings on her neck, that she’d died of suffocation, the coroners then took samples of the internal organs, and sent the sample to the justice department to determine if there are drugs in the systems.  Because Lin had histories in depression, she’s still in the I.C.U., with the police, keeping a close eye on her.

And so, this mother has a history of depression, and, she didn’t want to keep her kids on this earth without her, so that, was why she’d killed them first, then, attempted suicide, and now, she’s going to have to live with the fact, the guilt, that she’d MURDERED her own young, for what?  Her own selfish reasons!

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A Young Married Woman Failed in Her Suicide Attempt, and Her Children Had Died

With a history of mental illness here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lin, aged 32, with a history of depression, two afternoons ago, she took her eight year-old daughter and three-year-old son, checked into a motel, yesterday, they were found, to have passed out from overdosing on sleeping pills, the two children were found dead, after Lin passed out, she was taken to the hospitals, and is now, out of danger.  Lin left four notes, but without stating why she attempted suicide, and her husband blamed himself, “I didn’t spend enough time with my wife.”

Lin who lived in Taichung, two afternoons ago, at around two, texted her husband, said that she was taking the kids on a trip.  Drove the imported sedan south to Mingshyong, Chiayi, checked into a motel, the three of them didn’t head out again.

Yesterday at around noon, they didn’t check out, the room service workers went inside, saw all three of them wearing casual clothes, with the quilts on them, and, they couldn’t wake them up.  As the fire department and paramedics came, they took Lin who’d passed out to the hospital, but her two children had already died.

The police found letterheads from the hotel, which Lin wrote four separate notes on, thanking her parents, saying goodbye to her friends, but without the reasons of her suicide attempt; other than showing her gratitude toward her husband, she believed that she was a block in his career, wanted him to move on with his life, to work hard at what he did, “The kids and I will watch over you from up in heaven.”

Relatives from Lin’s family, as well as her husband’s side of the family rushed to the scene, and started crying, Lin’s mother cried until she passed out several times, seeing her grandson’s dead body, she’d called out, “My good grandchild!”  The police discovered an empty bag from a fast food shop, and an empty pill box, with eighty sleeping pills, with a bottle of sorghum whiskey, there was vomit inside the trash can.

Lin’s husband told the police, that these couple of days, his wife acted normally, and they didn’t get into an argument either.  Later on, as he’d gone to the funeral homes to make the arrangements, he’d mentioned that two days ago, they fought, and, in the afternoon, his wife took the kids out, he’d searched for them the entire night.  The family members mentioned how both he and his wife have forceful personalities.

The D.A. confirmed that Lin had a history of mental depression, and experienced the emotions to the extremes; the two children showed positive to drug reactions, they will be autopsied next week.  The D.A. said, that the children may have been enticed, and force fed the drugs, causing them to die, that Lin may have gotten involved in murder, and that they will pursue the case.

Yesterday, Lin’s comatose rose to a level three, there was clearly, remains of drugs, she was kept in the ICU for observations.  The hospital said that her vital signs were stabilized, that after the effects of the drugs she took wore off, she will regain her consciousness.  The super at Lin’s residence said, that he’d often watched the whole family leave home happy, and they’d interacted very close, that they don’t look like a family that had problems.

The school where Lin’s daughter attended said, that the parents interacted with the teachers well, the children were very active and outgoing, that they’re “very surprised” that something like this had happened.

So, we don’t know what caused this woman to CRACK, but one thing’s for certain, because she didn’t want to live anymore, she’d ended up, murdering her own offspring, and, maybe, in her mind, she believed that she’s doing them right, by taking them with her, and, this, would be the worst case scenario, of how depression, left untreated ends.

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Assisted Living vs. Assisted Suicide

Now, which one would YOU (yeah, I’m talkin’ to Y-O-U out there!!!) prefer???  Assisted living, or assisted suicide, that, would be the Soup of the Day.  And yeah, this, may be a bit BIASED too…

And now, let’s DISSECT both sides…

In assisted living, you are totally reliant on someone else to live, because you’d become too incompetent to take care of yourselves, you’re health is ailing, you are losing yourselves as humans, little, by little every single day, the only thing you have, is that you can still BREATHE (take ANOTHER large GULP of air with me here!!!).

Now, let’s look at the other end of the “spectrum”, assisted suicide, in this case, you are the one, choosing WHEN to end your own sufferings, like you got too tired, of going IN and OUT of remission, and those rounds of chemotherapy, they’d left you sick, puking your guts out, and you simply don’t want ANY more of it ever again, and, you’re asking, no BEGGING, is more like it, for someone to KILL you, because living had become a total HELL, getting transferred from home to the hospital, to get those chemo or whatever OTHER treatments with a TON of side effects to you.

And so, there you have it, both sides of the spectrum, as how I (b/c this is still MY pages, and whatever the HELL I say still GOES!!!) see the matter, your turns, to CHOOSE, and, DO choose wisely, because if you’d made the wrong choices, then, you will end up, suffering for the REST of your remaining years, however LONG they may be.

Note: this, is still NOT me, advocating you ALL go and KILL your ailing loved ones either, ‘k???

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A Woman Hired a Male Masseur, and He Became Horny in the Massage, and Didn’t Wear a Condom, and She Sued Him for Rape

We have here, ANOTHER “horny D-O-G”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Wang, went online, and found a male masseur, Lu, and he went to her place to give her a massage, she got turned on, and asked Lu to put a condom on to make love to her, in the process, Lu changed to using his hands, later, he was sued by Wang for rape.  The Taipei District Attorney’s office believed, that Lu had had sex with Wang at her request, that it wasn’t rape, and, Wang couldn’t accuse Lu because he didn’t want to wear a condom, and yesterday, they’d found Lu not guilty.

Based off of investigations, in June, Wang who lives in the city of Taipei went online, to find a private masseur to come to her place for the services, she’d paid for a male masseur at the price of $2,500 for two hours, and appointed Lu, the male masseur to come to her place.

As agreed, after Lu arrived at Wang’s home, he’d asked Wang to get on the bed, with her back toward him for her massage.  Without realizing, that half way through the massages, Wang got horny, and wanted Lu to make love to her, but he must wear a condom; even though, Lu was surprised, he’d agreed to having intercourse with her.

At court, Lu stated, that when he was having sex with her, he felt that wearing a condom had blocked his sensations, so he’d stopped, instead, he’d used his hands, but Wang felt bad about it, and so, he’d stopped.

Wang said, that Lu had pretended to put on a condom, and when she realized that he wasn’t wearing one, she’d pushed him away, but he’d forced himself onto her, made her feel uncomfortable, that, was why she’d decided to sue him.

The D.A. found in their investigations that they had both consented, and even though, they’re statements regarding the condom wasn’t the same, but they could NOT determine that the woman’s rights were violated; as for the man, inserting his finger into the woman without her consent, it was because of the consensual sex they’d agreed upon, and that there was NO forceful actions there.

And so, whose fault is it?  The woman’s, or the man’s?  Or, is this another “he said/she said”?  And, that just shows you, how easily something can go bad, and this woman is way too DUMB, inviting a man to massage her, and, you know how horny those L-O-S-E-R-S can get already, so, WISE UP, ladies!!!

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He Was at the Terminal Stage of Cancer and Couldn’t Care for His Ailing Wife, They Committed Suicide Together

You do realize, that this, is still happening, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in his eighties is at the terminal stage of colon cancer, yesterday, he was found, hanged to death by a tree by the side of the roads, his wife in her sixties had ligature marks on her neck, and was found dead in the back of the sedan, there was a note that said, that because the two of them fell ill, and could NO longer look after one another, that’s why they’d decided to die together.

He the elderly man was a retired soldier, He’s daughter stated to the police, that the mother has serious anemia, and was taken care of by her father regularly, awhile ago, her father gone to the hospitals and found himself to be at the terminal stage of colon cancer, and the cancer cells had metastasized, and he was depressed, last Sunday when she’d gone to visit them, the parents had disclosed their suicidal thoughts, and said, that they are going to “die together”.

A villager, Huang, from Da-Pu yesterday at around six in the morn, went out to work, as he passed by the roads, he found someone, hung on the trees, and was so shocked and called the police.  The police found identification in the car, and confirmed that the one hung on the trees was He, He held on to a tree and hung himself, and wrapped his arms around the tree too; He’s wife lay flat on the backseat of the car next by, with ligature marks on the right side of her neck, and the CSI thought that the size was the same kind of rope that He had used to hung himself, and the cause of death is to be clarified, the D.A. from Chiayi, Hsieh said that she will wait for the medical examiner to see if that, was the causes of their deaths, from the preliminary examinations, they suspected that He had strangled his own wife then, hung himself.

The police found two notes in the car, that looked like the last notes from them, and on the note that He wrote, he said, that he is a good citizen, and will keep watch over the fishermen, along with the residents close by; the other was written by He’s wife, stated that she had been ill a long time, and needed care from her husband, and now her husband had fallen ill too, that she couldn’t bear the thought of him dying alone, and wanted her kids to take care of each other, that way, they’d have no worries.

He’s daughter told the police, that even though they were fourteen years apart, they were very close to one another, “there was only my dad in my mom’s world”.  She said, that as she was growing up, she’d heard them state that neither one of them wanted to be left alone, that they will die together; she originally planned to visit her parents, but it was too late.

The news of the couple’s suicides got to the village, and the neighbors are all very shocked.  The neighbors told of how close the couple was to one another, that as they watched the evening news, they’d often laughed together, but this year, there was “less of the laughter, and Mr. He seemed to have lost weight too”.

And so, suicide, was the choice that they’d made, because they’re both old and ailing, and, there’s just NOTHING more for them to look forward to, and, this, is still desperation calling…

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The Father of the Lead of Super Junior Suspected of Murdering Both His Parents, Then, Committing Suicide

Another case of how dementia CAN take a toll on someone, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The lead of the South Korean music group, Super Junior, Park Jung-Su’s father and both his paternal grandparents were found dead, in a car accident, and the Korean websites started gossiping; the next day, the story took a sharp turn downward, the police verified, that the three individuals’ dead bodies were discovered in the home, and they’re suspecting that the father had killed both the grandparents, then, hung himself too.

The Korean press stated, that the police disclosed that Park’s sixty-year-old father had been troubled, for a long time by his own depression, was put in sole care of his demented elderly parents alone, was suspected of feeling drained, and the stresses were what caused him to kill himself.  He’d left a note: “I took my parents to heaven, keep living well without us, I’m so sorry, my children.”  Jun-Su Park, who was currently in the army, took an immediate leave to plan the funerals.

The police stated, that on the morning of the sixth around nine o’clock, they’d gotten a call from the father’s nephew, then, headed straight to an apartment complex, and found Park’s grandparents dead, on their bed, with the quilts over to the necks, and the father had hung himself using the handle of the closet, had been dead for quite awhile already.  The police speculated, that Park had strangled both his parents first, then, killed himself too, the time of death was at eleven o’clock at night on the fifth.  But, they’re also not ruling out that it is three suicides.

Park, twenty-six years ago, after divorcing his wife, he took care of his aging parents on his own, in recent years, both the parents were diagnosed with dementia, and they’d found that the mother had cancer in the terminal stage last year, and became wheelchair bound.  The three individuals were buried yesterday, and they’re planning the funeral for today.

The friends disclosed that Park, the father, recently gave their residence to the bank, to get money for the parents’ nursing home fees, planned to send them into assisted living a week later, but, a day before sending them into the nursing homes, he’d murdered his own parents, then committed suicide.  The neighbors and the super of the building said that they had NO idea that the grandparents are demented, the police heard the descriptions of the elderly by the neighbors as, “Very healthy, can still ride their bicycles, and can help his wife carry her bags.”

On the evening of the sixth, the lead singer went to the shrine, and all of a sudden, he’d lost three members of his family, his publicists asked the press not to report about it, causing him even more pain.

Other members of the band are like brothers, and so, they’d all paid their final respects, they’d all taken time from their own plans, to help the “captain” of the team out.

And so, this, is how taking care of one’s own demented parents became too burdensome for this man, he is aging too, and, he just couldn’t handle it anymore, and that, is how great the pressures can get, when you’re the sole caretaker of demented elderly.






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