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The Devil Coffees, the Colorful Candies, the Rainbow Cigarettes………………the Age of Drug Abuse Lowered, Now, the Students of the Middle and Elementary School Years are Starting to Abuse Too

And soon, we will be seeing, those infants in DIAPERS, sucking on those, colorful, DRUG candies!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

To feed to the curiosities of the younger generations, the assortments of new-age drugs are, packed as the devil instant coffee packs, candies, with all the, bright colors, like the colorful rainbow cigarettes, which had ketamine and ecstasy, as well as cathinone added; after abusing ketamine, the abuser would get that floating out of the body sensation, but afterwards, the abuser would feel, nauseous, and, the body would feel, imbalanced, and, the long-term abuse can cause dependence, which draws the drug abuser, to use more, to achieve the same effects, and it would become, hard to get, off the addictions.

In the reported cases of drug abuse in 2019, most were of the high school age, second were the middle school age.  The once every four year statistic measure of “National Substance Abuse” estimated that there are 24,000 of the citizens living in this country who’d, tried the illegal substances in their lives, and, most of these falls in the ages of between twenty and twenty-nine.

The statistical research conducted by the food and drugs administration here suggested, that over ninety-percent of the drug abusers are from the younger generations years; the second were from ages twenty-to-twenty-nine, 24.9-percent, and, sixty percent of the abuse were abusing level four substance, and this showed growth in multiples since 2019.

what these, drugs that “appealed” to the younger generation used…

see how many, varieties? there are, the instant coffee packs here! photo found online

The Food and Drug Administrations estimates from the end of last year showed, that more than ninety-percent of the drug abusers were of younger generations, over ninety-percent, the second was from the age group of thirty to thirty-nine, 24.9-percent; and under age nineteen, the abusers took up 2.9-percent, the third-highest, of these, there were the middle, and even, elementary school students, and the age of abuse is lowering too fast, this is, worrisome.

The most common drug that the younger generation comes into contact with included PMMA, with the hallucinatory effect after use, not only is this drug extremely lethal, it also has a high fatality rate too; based off of the High District Attorneys Offices, there were ninety-three who’d died from abusing PMMA, and the average age is 28.3 years of age, and, twenty-three people were found in Hsinbei City, the highest.

The Hsinbei Police stated, that PMMA first showed up in 2006 in Keelung, a group of fifteen-to-seventeen year-olds were original abusers of ecstasy, but they’d not bought the regular kind of MDMA, but with the PMMA in the makeup of the drug.  As the young people abused the drug, they’d felt, weird, believed hat from before, it only took one pill to get high enough, but, taking one PMMA pill didn’t have any effect, the youth took two, three, and maxed out on the poisoning death, with two of the drug abusers, feeling ill, got sent to the hospital, and, dying in the end.

Based off of the High District Attorneys Offices, it’s estimated, that of the arrested abusers, amphetamine was the highest, and, there’s, the reabuse rate of eighty-five percent, that this is, worth the government’s, attention.

And so, these, are what these younger generations of “children” are using, those, new age drugs, and, like the article suggested, that one of these idiots didn’t get the effects that he had from abusing this new sort of a drug, and took another dose, and, ended up, overdosing, and DYING, and you still don’t think, that drugs are, a problem???

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The Dealers are Getting Antsy, the Drug-Off-the-Campuses Program on Alert

Drugs are, infiltrating the campuses here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, the Keelung District Court sentenced three dealers to nineteen to twenty-five years for selling controlled substances, and murder, and it’d, shocked the society; the police found, that as the verdict came out, there’s a sharp decline of the drugs with the same substances out in the society, that the verdict did something to stop the spread of the drugs.  But as winter vacation started, the school is no longer in session, and, the risks of the younger generations being in contact with controlled substances increased greatly again.

The statistics by the Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office found, that twenty-seven had died of substance abuse in December of 2019, the highest of a single month; of the period of October, 2019 to October, 2020, there were 123 who’d overdosed on PMMA, most were teenagers, the average is 27.5.

The drug, PMMA is a low-cost, highly addictive, highly harmful stimulant, slow to have an effect on the systems, the users normally don’t feel a thing, and would down one pack after the next, and the next and the next, until the abuser dies, and doesn’t even know WHAT killed her/him.

In the past, the dealers usually get charged with possession and selling the substances, last December, the justice of the Keelung District Court, Liu, for the very first time, sentenced the dealer, and three other accomplices on homicide, murder, a maximum of twenty-five years.

like, this???

photo from online

The justice, Liu believed, that the adolescent Lin died from consuming the drugs, that the man nicknamed “Bumblebee” was thrilled and gave the drugs back to the suspect, the suspects didn’t stop selling the substances, which caused two other people to die, that there’s the intent to murder.

The justice, Liu believed, that the children aren’t to blame for the drug use, that it’s on the individual who’d, enticed the children to use, that if she’d not handed down a harsh sentence, she couldn’t stop the drug dealers.

The head of the district attorney’s office of Kaohsiung, Tu said, that some of the youths started abusing, and would find the dealers downstream to feed to one’s own addictions, and sell the extra, and it would expand, like a Ponzi scam; reminded that parents should keep a close eye on the children, hanging out with their peers, if there’s the sudden hike in spending, or that there’s the burnt plastic smell on the children, maybe, they’d abused ketamine, that the parents needed to step in right away, to put an end to the bad behaviors.

He said, that the age of drug abuse is lowered, that the dealers had infiltrated the campus, but are hard to catch; the police last year changed the system of report, and there were an influx of information on the dealers on campuses, and, the police sent the sweeps for the dealers on the campus, and, it’d shown some good results.

And because these TEENAGERS’ brains aren’t fully developed, they LACKED the abilities to judge, and, the holidays are here, meaning, that the schools won’t be “babysitting” them, and the parents are working during the children’s winter vacations, and that, is when things tend to get, haywire, and, the way to stop these possible cases of drug dealing and drug abusing, is by butting into your children’s lives, and yeah, they may hate you for being nags, but heck, it’s better than them getting caught dealing drugs, or worse, ending up DEAD from overdosing.

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The Mixture Drugs Rose Up to Second as More & More Students Get Addicted

The new “breeds” of drugs, even more addictive!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Zhongzhen University hosted its Prevention of Adolescent Drug Abuse seminar yesterday, the district attorney from Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office, Gu pointed out, that the mix-type of drugs in the coffee pouches was ranked third on the student addictions in 2017, two years ago and last, these rose up to second, right after ketamine, strongly recommended the schools and the police start collaborating together, to rid the drugs off of the campuses.

Gu stated, that the police confiscated over 100,000 drug coffee pouches, the highest since 2012, and that there were the level three, level four new age drugs mixed into the mixtures, based off of the estimates of the coroners’ office, there was a hike in drug-related deaths last year during fourth quarter, as many as forty-two cases, and in just first quarter this year, there’d been forty-two cases, and the number grew to fifty-six by second quarter, and in just July and August, there were, twenty-eight cases.

She’d pointed out, that the drug drip-coffee packs often had the second level controlled substances PMMA, third level controlled substances mephedrone, Erimin, taking one pack doesn’t do a thing, but if the user took multiple packs, and combined with ketamine, the users are more than likely to overdose and die, from January of last to September of this year, there are already 120 who’d died of overdose, of them, sixty-three were from twenty to twenty-nine years of age.

She said, that the age group of using level three to four controlled substances are mostly those between eighteen and twenty-four, thirty-five percent; and, there’s, a lowered age of first-time users, there were 1,878 persons who’d started abusing the drugs for the first time in the ages between eighteen and twenty-four.

Because the schools feared being labeled, it’s hard to crack down on the drugs infiltrating the campuses, Gu suggested, that the school should file the reports with the school safety committee, then, the committee then send the reports anonymously to the police departments locally.

And so, because you don’t want the reputations of your schools ruined, you are more than likely to under report the citing, and this is not good, because if you don’t report the right numbers, the numbers are just going to, increase by the day, because the law enforcement agencies can’t step in on time!

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Selling the Raw Ingredients Used to Make MDMA, the Man Was Found, “Not Guilty”

Yeah, uh, how the #$%^ is this not guilty?  Oh yeah, because unless all the substances are, mixed together in a chemical lab, it wouldn’t, considered, harmful, or addictive, is that it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Su bought the chemicals GHB, extracted the GBL (gamma-Butyrolactone) from it, mixed it with water, and sold the bottles, was charged with distributing illegal substances; the judge believed, that even though, the butyrolactone is used to make a level two controlled substance, but it’s not listed as a controlled substance, that it can’t prove, that Su was guilty of selling and distributing drugs.  In the verdict, it’d stated that the gamma-Butyrolactone wasn’t listed as a controlled substance, that the citizens can easily get their hands on, hoped that the FDA can place a restriction on the substance.

Last year on March 5th, Su used the communication app claimed that he had some substances for sale, the police acted as buyers, and used $1,800N.T. to order three bottles, and as they went to get the substance, Su was busted and arrested, and as the liquid was tested, it was confirmed that it had the substance, GHB in it, the D.A. charged Su on attempts to deal a level two substance.

Su denied having trafficked, claimed that he’d used a total of $3,000N.T. to buy two 500mL bottles of GBL, then split the volume up, and sold off the bottles to help get the party going; the defense attorney stated that the “liquid” confiscated by the police only had trace amounts of GHB, that GHB is highly unstable, and can change with the temperature, as well as the acidity, that there’s no proof that Su was selling the bottles with the GHB in it, and that Su did not intentionally sell the controlled substance either.

The Taoyuan District Court discovered, that the liquid that Su was selling had less than one-percent of GHB in it, and, although the courts didn’t believe that Su stated he wasn’t selling drugs, but based off of the data, the literature of the investigative bureau, the GBL soaked in liquid, will become GHB, with the changes in the acidity or basic level of the solution it was in, Su claimed he’d bought the solute on February first of last year, was arrested on March 5th, and the reports of the ingredients of the liquid he’d sold came out on March 23rd, there was the uncertainty of how GBL was turned into GHB due to environmental factors, that it was difficult, to confirm that the liquid Su was selling had GHB or not, he was released, on a not-guilty verdict.

This loser got off on a technicality, because this chemical is quite unstable, and can change with the varied temperature, that’s why the courts couldn’t confirm that he’d sold the raw ingredients to make the illegal substance for sell or not.  And this can be, a really BAD precedence, because now, every one who’d tried to sell off this particular drug can use the excuse that set this person free from here on out!

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The Age of Drug Abuse is Dropping, Now, the Kids in Elementary Schools are Getting Addicted

Drugs are still, infiltrating the campuses, and this time, it’s in the ELEMENTARY schools here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Drug abuse is getting younger and younger.  The members of the Cultural Committee of the Legislative Department yesterday held a conference, to find a solution, with the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, as well as the Sanitary Department AND the Police, to report on the preventions of drugs, the second-in-command of the justice department, Chen pointed out, that the problems with drug abuse is really getting serious, in the juvenile detention halls, most are there, for drugs, and, in the recent five years, the rate is still hiking up, last year, it’d reached 46.3 percent.  The assistant director of the police forces also reported on how they had been able to find over forty-one thousand youths who dealt drugs nationwide.

The legislator, Chen pointed out, that the second-level drug users who were youths had peaked by almost forty-six percent; and the total number of adolescent abusers went from 3,036 to 3,928, an increase of almost thirty-percent.

Because the usages of ketamine, along with other Level three drugs are punished by the administrative ways, and, the abusers were only sent to seminars, and made to pay a fine, and that’s it, and, recent years, there had been a HIKE in the number of young users, in the decade’s time, it’d increased from just thirty-six to six hundred twenty-one, at a rate of 16.25 times; and, the youths had gone from just eighty-four individuals to one thousand one hundred ninety-four, over thirteen times.

The man in charge of the Department of Education, Wu stated, that the schools’ rate of reporting on drug abuse of the students went from 1,559 to 2,432 in two years, but, after 2012, the number dropped, and, in 2014, the number was reduced to just 1,700.  He’d stated, that in 2010, the school had set up a detection program, which made the student users easily found out, and, the people who were reported was on a steady decline too; but, when he’d later answered the press, he’d told, that the ages of cases of reported abuses are on the decline, there were, about ten children in the elementary years who were found, abusing drugs.

Wu also pointed out, that in the student drug abuses, mostly were ketamine users, most incidences happened outside of school, about ninety-two percent, and, the providers of these illegal substances are from outside the school, ninety-eight percent of the times, and, it is, very important now, that they catch, the providers first.

Because of how easily children can get their hands on these stuff, that, is how drug abuse is spreading, very quickly, in the lower years of school, and, the only way to put an end to this, is by raising awareness, of the effects of drug abuse, and, WATCH your young closely.

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Let’s Go to Hell to Save Somebody!


“Hey, bud, let’s go to hell to save somebody!”, my close buddy, Rock stayed in prison for a total of eight years, after his released, he was, a changed man.

“Who needs saving?”

“Those younger generation of kids who are slowly, being pushed toward hell!”

I knew what Rock was talking about now.  It’s been two months since his release, the group of us, close buddies from high school gathered several times already.  In our meetings, Rock kept talking about what he bore witness to in jail: “Four years ago, at the factory of the prison systems, there were no more than a-third of the convicted who were there because of drugs, and a year ago, the population had increased to a half.  The prison systems in Taiwan are now, packed with drug addicts, don’t you know, how serious, the infiltration of illegal substances had become?”

I knew, because I was once, a family member of a “gang leader”, who’d talked to me about drugs, “I promise, I will never touch the drugs, but, those who work beneath me, the men and women, they rarely touched drugs.  The gangsters are not like they used to be today, the head is the one with the money, and, the easiest and quickest way to get money is by dealing drugs.  In order to up the sales, naturally, they’d find the down streams, and where would they find it?  In the schools, of course, the gangs would absorb kids above the middle school levels, got them hooked, and, wait4ed until they ran out of their allowances, they were forced, to sell drugs to their fellow classmates, and quickly enough, a school had been infiltrated.”

“The prison in the south, the over a hundred inmates who contracted A.I.D.S. all got it by the water route (needle injections), the contractions were from sharing unsterilized needles.  Once someone got involved in drugs, there’s NO turning back again.” A close friend who is a police officer once said, “nine out of ten drug users will return to the cage, and the other one will die outside of it.”

After his release, “Rock” found the reverend who helped him out the most in the rebirth group in jail, Pastor Ming-Cheng Huang, to help the younger released inmates, to understand, that drugs are cancers that will harm the next generations.  “The judge expected that ‘I could do something good for the country and the society after I’m let out.’”

In these couple of years, it wasn’t that the government couldn’t see the problems, also not because they didn’t want to do something to help out, “The Purple Metal Flower” had been implanted for many years now, and the schools are conducting urine exams, having anti-drug marathons, the posters, the dances, the ball games, but, the population of those using just won’t go down, it kept rising.  A middle school graduate once told me, “our entire school had fallen.”, and the students all knew who are using, only the instructors remained oblivious.  After those boys who used in the middle school level gone onto high school they’re easily absorbed by the gangs, and the ladies are more than likely to end up working in the sex industry, or, get controlled by the illegal substances, causing them never to be able to break free.

The scholar, Chiao-Wei Dan once stated, that the reason why moral education failed is because those who promoted it were never bad.  But the released inmates in Rock’s group, because they’d been there, they understood the process of how students are getting addicted, and could make their claim more valid, and they were able to, pull those younger kids who are addicted back, from the gates of hell that they’d marched into.

And so, although the runs, the posters, the dances, and the ball games couldn’t stop the next generations from getting addicted, maybe, we could allow those released inmates whose lives were nearly ruined by drugs get into the school campuses, to tell their stories, so the younger generations would understand the prices of going to hell.

Rock kept recalling the words of the judge who sat over his case, “It’s hard for a nation to raise a good person, but it’s very easy, for it to destroy a man.”, the estimation done by the Department of Sanitations found that there are over two hundred thousand people who’d used drugs, and, the youths took up the majority of those, and so, how can we not worry?

Dealing with drugs, gangs, to the declining of morale of the entire nation, our country is like an army, losing a war, and we couldn’t use those bad ways to fight continually, it’s time, that the schools work jointly with those released inmates, those like Rock, who’d hit rock bottom, are actually the most convincing, strongest, most adept, to reach to the younger generations out there.

So, let’s change our tactics, and go into hell, to save somebody!

So, because this person has a firsthand experience of how drug had ruined his life, so, he could better reach out to the younger generations who are slowly getting drawn into the habits, and, the prisoners are a good choice, to work alongside the schools, to educate the children, about the adverse effects of drugs, because those inmates had had firsthand experiences of how drugs had impacted their own lives.

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When “Fun” Became a Sorry Excuse for Drug Use

And no, I still did NOT just make this one up either, it’s found, on the online newspaper pages, translated…

The police subprecint in Neipu recently discovered four men who used the popular instant messaging program of LINE, along with Facebook, to deal drugs to students, and they’d even held a “party” in a motel too, and, there were fourteen middle school and high school age students who fell victim.

The Neipu subprecinct started chasing the leads, found that four men, Chen, Hsu, Chang, and Lin, took advantage of it being the summer vacation right now, and solicited teens at places like net cafés, shrimp fishing farms, motels, along with other “hot spots” for youths to gather, sold drugs to them, to establish “connections”, then, they’d used the chat programs, to notify the students when there will be a drug party.

The police told, that the four men used the cell phone chat programs as a medium, to notify the teens when there will be a party, without a specific location, and, they’d texted, “Hey, let’s have a party”, as a secret code for the teens to know, that there would be a drug party somewhere, during the party, the four men would prepare ecstasy, along with other illegal substances, to hook the teens.

The police found, that the fourteen students who were caught, were still in school, and couldn’t support themselves economically, some had taken their parents’ money to buy the drugs, some had used their own money saved up from part-timing work, other than a few who had priors, most were first time offenders.  And, after the police questioned them, some of them told the police, “I just wanted to try it, for fun”, and it’d made the parents angry, but some of the parents told the police, “We couldn’t discipline them!”, and, after questioning, everybody IS booked.

And so, this, is how easily they fall, after all, they’re way too young, way too easily impressed, and, they’re at an age where they are needing acceptance the most, and, IF the parents couldn’t control these teens, then, it’ll be up to the law to make sure that the teens are “steered” into the right directions, and sometimes, it still wouldn’t work, because a LOT of those kids are destined for a life of crimes…





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A Cram School Instructor Moonlighted as a Drug Dealer, Arrested on His Way to a Party

What sort of an example are you setting for your students here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Hsinbei City, Kao, worked in a cram school, teaching English to middle and high school level students, but, after class, he’d gone to the bars, and bought drugs in bulk, then, attended the parties hosted by people he’d met up online, to distribute what he had.  Awhile ago, he was riding, with his illegal substances to a party, and the police pulled him over, and confiscated the large amounts of illegal substances, and took him to jail.

The police pointed out, that Kao (age 32), had regularly taught English to middle school and high school level students, but, he’d distributed and sold illegal substances on the side.  He’d realized that buying the substances in bulk from bars is cheaper, and when he had spare time, he’d gone there to get the supplies, and used his cell to get his friends from online to go to parties, and attempted to make money off of his drug sales.

Awhile ago, Kao utilized the long holiday and gotten a LOT of supplies, contacted his friend, who told him where the party was, then, he’d rode his motorcycle there, but, as he was going toward a bridge underpass, the police pulled him over.

After the police stopped him, he started sweating, and the police suspected that he was hiding something, and, they’d discovered packs of illegal substances in his bag, along with w scale and small empty bags, they’d taken him into the station for further questioning.

The police found an excess of text messaging parties on his cell, he’d admitted that he was on his way there, to sell; the police booked him, based off of attempting to distribute illegal substances.

And so, you still have to wonder, WHAT the HECK drove this cram school teacher, to sell?  Is he NOT earning ENOUGH from his teaching his classes?  Did he need a bit MORE extra cash, to cover his living expenses?  And, how HIGH are his living expenses anyway???







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Marijuana, Made into Snacks, a School Child Ate it by Mistaken, and Was Taken into the Hospitals

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The New York Time reports, that since the state of Colorado made marijuana legal to be bought and sold for “entertainment purposes”, the candies, the snacks with marijuana in them became huge favorites, but the parents, the schools, along with some doctors worried, that this sort of a “snack” will have a bad influence on teens and younger children.

A wholesaler of marijuana in Denver, “Rodo Health Center”, the customers could open up the fridge, take out peach or orange flavored soda, or the beautifully wrapped “Truffles”.  All of these snacks, had marijuana contents in them, not only are they delicious, they can also cause the users to get high too.

The state of Colorado had already done all it could to prevent children from being in contact with snacks with marijuana.  The state government ordered the shops to prevent children from unwrapping these sorts of snacks, and mandated that the manufacturer must put the ingredients, the doses, along with the expiration dates.

But people who are against this said, that these rules are not strict enough, that the THC content in the marijuana can be ten times more than what regular users take in; and, using marijuana is like smoking cigarettes that had been “spiked”, that the younger generations would more easily smoked, inhaled, or ingested the dangerous substances.

A group, “Wise Colorado”, which was made up of people who were against having marijuana legalized said, “All of these snacks appeared just like the regular snacks, and they are all too attractive to children.”

Even when children ingested a bit of marijuana, the damages to their health is a whole lot less than ingesting alcohol, or drinking chemical cleaning agents in the homes, but the doctors said, that children who had ingested marijuana may fall, hurt themselves, or, have difficulties breathing after falling asleep.

At the start of January, a two year old girl, Evelyn found what seemed like a chocolate lollipop, playing in her own backyard, she’d taken a few bites, an hour and a half later, her mother found her to be limp, drowsy, and had difficulties walking straight, after taking her to the hospitals, they’d found her to have a positive effect from THC.

There was another fourteen-year-old middle school student, at the end of January, he’d taken a brownie, with marijuana in it, was taken to the E.R.  The police found, that these “brownies” were homemade.

And so, if you all want to get high, smoke some P-O-T, do make sure, that you keep that “private stash” OUT of reach of children, or better yet, don’t buy those candy-shaped, soda flavored DRUGS, and place them in a child’s reach, otherwise, you’d be way too S-T-U-P-I-D!!!

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Saving the Children: Sweeping Across the Schools, to Catch the Second or Third Rate Drug Dealers


This, is what the government here is doing, and whether or NOT it is effective, only time can tell, translated…

The younger students are getting their hands on drugs, the director of the police, Lin, said, that the “Campus Sweep Program” focuses on preventing the drug dealers from heading into schools, to tempt the students to use and then, to deal; the cops not only need to catch those manufacturers of illegal substances, but also everybody else who are involved in this chain of command.

Lin stated, that the drug sweeps is similar to getting the gangs, the mobs out, it’s ALL a part of the action that the police department is taking, to make the environment safer.

Do you think it will work???  The Snake that’s coiled around the apple tree in the Garden of Eden tells us NO, after all, they ARE young AND impressionable, and, without their parents watching them 24/7, they’re bound to S-L-I-P.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Using Ketaminee?  The Representatives Urged the Second Degree Illegal Substances List

As the schools gets taken over by drugs, the assistant record keeper of the KMT, WU stated, that using ketaminee won’t leave a record criminally, and that this had caused it to become more prevalent across the school campuses, that the law makers should consider listing the drug as a second degree illegal substance; the D.A. was against this, stating that the users of ketaminee had been students, and, in order to avoid “labeling” them, the drugs shouldn’t be listed as illegal.

Deng stated, that after the justice department’s long-winded discussions, they’d believed that ketaminee has a low addictiveness, that most students use it in special occasions, that it doesn’t lead to any serious crimes.

Deng believed that if ketaminee is “bumped up” to a second degree drug, the users will get jailed, and this will mean that they’re “labeled” for life, the main issue here is to go after the providers of these drugs.

Wu said that he couldn’t agree with the statements of the justice department, that once students get addicted to ketaminee, then, they have the tendencies to “graduate” onto other more serious drugs; at the same time, the department of education should test students’ urine each semester, to single out those who are using, and are at high risks of using.

And that, would be how schools ARE turned into P-R-I-S-O-N-S!!!  The problems of drugs infiltrating onto high school campus is really getting bad, but, the officials are only looking at the CONSEQUENCES of this, and, without digging DEEPER into the causes, they will NEVER find an effective way to treat, or to even P-R-E-V-E-N-T this takeover, after all, PREVENTION is ALWAYS better than TREATMENT here!!!

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