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Who Chooses Between Shame & War

The words coming out of this god damn BOBBLE head, still does NOT get run through her head first here, the blabbing of the president of this country, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been, 745 days, the President, Tsai finally, came in front of the press, and, she seemed a bit, ill-prepared, believed that the reporters are asking too many, questions.  She’d told the press to not rush, that this would NOT be the only opportunity they will have to ask her the questions.  As the online community see this segment of the interviews, they’d all chimed out loud, “if we don’t ask now, we won’t ever, get, another, chance again!”

Certainly, asking a question directly toward the president, it’s, next to, impossible, and, it’s even harder, for her, NOT to, beat around the bushes.  Like how on this day, she’d finally, spoken out loud, and for most of the responses to the press’s inquiries, she’d, slurred through her responses, or that she would, quote someone else.  On the matter of elongating the service terms, she’d told, “we need to be prepared to ready ourselves for war”, this does NOT work, because we the people see the government, in preparation for war, but not trying to, evade from it, and, more times, the government is, BEGGING for war, and kept pushing China.  And, on this mean, how would the lengthening of the service terms to a whole year, be enough?

the servicemen, running the drills! Photo from online

Tsai knew she’d lacked the persuasive means, and quoted Churchill to help her out, “before being shamed and going to war, if wee choose being shamed, we still have to face up to war after the shames”.  Problem being, Churchill blurted these words out EIGHTY years ago, who wants the options of picking between shame and war?  In the harder times from before, Taiwan passed through the cannons firing of the August 23rd back in 1958; and now, finally, there’s, peace between us and China, the president, Tsai made us pick between war and shame, what sort of a god damn logic is this?

Tsai’s quote, was used before in March by Su, her head of state; back then, they were talking over the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict in the legislature, hoping, that the people on this land, will be willing, to fight to protect our own, territory.  This is BULLSHIT, living in a free country, which citizens of Taiwan doesn’t love this, country?  The younger generations, yeah, they can go to the battlefields to fight, sure, but, the leaders needed a better sense of, direction first, which country’s leader asks the people to choose between taking in the shame, and war?

And so, the literariness of this god DAMN DICTATORSHIP stopped making sense to the people, and, Tsai may have the intentions of this particular speech to give off the effects of that of a “pep talk”, only, only WE the people don’t buy into it, and so, she’s onstage, singing her tunes, while the rest of us, ordinary people are picking up the eggs (hey, didn’t we just have a shortage of these awhile back???), the tomatoes, and, readying ourselves, to LAUNCH!

That would be how the “All for Taiwan, and Taiwan for ALL” motto, quit, working for everybody in the country, especially the younger generations of males, who are, going to be the “targets” of the lengthening of the service terms, and this is NOT going to win Tsai her popularity back, at A-L-L!

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A Female Servicewoman Was Raped in the Caps by a Superior of the Mazu Defense Unit

The sex scandals in the military, during the holidays to celebrate the servicemen, how ironic!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On His Day Off, Used the Excuse of Duties, and Attacked the Servicewoman, the Suspect Taken into Custody

The Marine’s Mazu Command Center had a case of sexual assault reported on the third this month, a servicewoman was attacked by Wu, a male superior, as the Lienjiang D.A.’s Office conducted the investigations and interrogations of the man, yesterday, they’d asked the courts to have Wu in custody, while the Mazu Military Defense Department started a specialist task force to investigate the matter, and will discuss the leniency in operating the units, the servicewoman who had been raped had been sent to the hospital already, and is being counseled, she is stabilized emotionally, and physically for now.

Based off of understanding, Wu during the time when the services was off on holiday two days ago, he’d used the excuse of splitting up the tasks of cleaning up the camps, to get everybody else away, demanded the servicewoman to report to him, and when he was alone with her, he’d, assaulted her, ripped her clothes open, and although the female servicewoman fought hard, she was still, assaulted by him.

Those who were on the inside stated, that afterwards, the servicewoman felt insulted, and immediately reported the matter to the superiors, and the superiors were angered, and took Wu who was involved with a higher rank into custody, and notified the investigative units of the armed services, as Wu was interrogated, he was sent to Lienjiang D.A.’s Office on charges of obstructions of sexual freedom, after the D.A. interrogated, they found him to be a known suspect of the case, asked the courts to keep him into custody, which the courts signed off on, as whether or not the victim was raped, the D.A. is waiting on the rape kit results.

Based off of knowledge, as the units were reported, they’d immediately found a female superior to accompany the servicewoman to the hospital, and to help her emotionally, and the counselors, social workers are offering therapy to the female servicewoman currently, the families already arrived in Mazu to accompany her, the female servicewoman is stabilized, emotionally, and physically, for now.

The Defense Department of Mazu stated, that the military will comply with the investigation measures by the D.A.’s Office, and use the dual principles of “punishment & reprimands”, to discuss the removal of Wu’s ranking in the military; and they will enforce the measure of military morale, as well as the education of gender in the military, to set up the right knowledge, to protect the honor of the military.

And so, women are still, victimized, because we’re, easy targets, especially in the military, there are these rapes, sexual molestation, assault cases, because we women are minorities, and, men see us as easy targets, and we get, victimized more often, and this is still a crime of opportunity that’s occurred here!


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A Major General Found Guilty of Sexually Molesting a Female Subordinate, Was Court Marshalled

Women are once again, mistreated, LIKE WHORES in the armed services here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former major general commander, Wen-Cheng Yang was accused of molesting a young female officer four times, the army courts, as well as the Highest Courts of Taiwan all believed, that Yang had done wrong by the rules of the army, used his status of power, to sexually molest his subordinate, found him guilty, and sentenced him to one year, two months, but he can pay a fine, without serving any real jail time.  The case can still be appealed.

Wen-Cheng Yang entered into the armed services eight years ago, he graduated from the military school in 1980, is also the younger brother of the legislator of the KMT, Li-Huan Yang; after the incident, he received one major reprimand, and was transferred to an executive position, as a board member of the army, and was alleviated of duty early.

The victim, back in August of 2012, because she was there, to do the reports of her area of work, Yang caressed her left breast; and, not long thereafter, Yang bear-hugged her, and kissed her on the lips, stuck his hand into her panties, said, “I want to see if you have any pubic hairs, if you’re clean shaven, it would be great.”  On the evening of October 16th, Yang used the same measures, and sexually molested the woman again, he’d committed the crimes of sexual molestations a total of four times.

The victim was only twenty-one years old, at first, she’d complied with him, without wanting to, feared, that if she’d come out to the open, nobody would believe her, that she might be reprimanded, for not following the orders of her superior, and had only complained of the events to her close friends, and she’d had a melt down outside her sleeping quarters, “I can’t take it anymore!”, the victim felt that she didn’t do right by her boyfriend, and asked for a break up, and her boyfriend held her tightly, and they cried together.

Later on, the victim had finally had it, told the protections unit in the army about it, and, the court martial case was started, and Yang was prosecuted.

Yang denied the allegations, claimed that he did touch the female subordinate’s forehead with his lips, his cheeks, but he couldn’t recall each and every time clearly; and that back then, his intentions were to encourage her, to console the victim, and he’d used socially acceptable manners to touch the woman.  Yang claimed to have been set up by the female subordinate.

The military courts believed, that Yang is ranked higher, and didn’t uphold a higher standard of behaviors, had multiple times sexually molested his female subordinate, and after he was taken in, had tried to avoid the responsibilities of his own behaviors, and had not settled with the victim, but the military courts took into considerations, that the woman was willing to forgive him, Yang was sentenced to one year two months in prison, which he could pay a fine, and not serve the time.  Yang went for an appeal, and because the court martial cases were ruled as regular criminal acts, the High Courts in Taiwan, after reviewing over the case, agreed with the rulings of the military courts, threw back Yang’s appeal.

And so, here, you STILL have a man, in a status of power, forcing himself onto his female subordinate, and this, is power rape, and because the victim in these cases usually are too scared to speak up and out, that, is why they keep on being victimized over, over, AND over again, and, the reprimand or punishment this army officer received, was still TOO light if you ask me!

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The Sense of Honor from the National Army Comes from the Respect of the Citizens

Commentaries, written by a sergeant who’s waiting to serve in the army, and someone who’s a freelancer, first, the man who’s waiting to serve, translated…

The Department of National Defense two days ago announced that they’re changing the “Lock-Up” to “Repent” Room, and canceled the group physical trainings, and the purpose of punishment into “changing the state of minds”.  This had immediately, caused a TON of questions, yesterday, the Department of National Defense changed its claims again, and ADDED the physical training of the soldiers.  Not reforming the ways, seeing only the trees, and NOT the forest, had exerted the long-term effects, and the Department of National Defense MUST think things through thoroughly, before actually, implementing.

The Department of Defense took into considerations how other countries such as the United States of America had run the armed forced, learning the good points from others is a good thing, but you MUST see the whole pictures, instead of only taking the bits and pieces, otherwise, we’d become the butt of every other nation’s jokes.

The sense of honor that the American soldiers have comes from the nonstop affirmation of the President, the public’s respect, the applause from the media, so, they’re able to implement this kind of change, the way to instill that sense of honor, to make the soldiers learn the right ways of doing things, but, do we have this kind of an environment also?  We’re, perhaps, setting our sights, a bit too high.

Let me make a few examples here: the President of the United States, Obama took his family home to Hawaii for Christmas, when he’d arrived to the local army stations to give the military encouragements, Obama told them, “Without your endless sacrifices, your professionalisms, and all that you do, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedoms we do right now.  All we can do, is to let you guys know, that we have a heart, filled of gratitude toward you guys.”

Another news, thirteen American Armed Servicemen returned home from Afghanistan, transferred in Chicago.  The airlines applied the company policies, gave them free upgrades as they could.  There were only six seats in the First Class, but seven of the passengers gave up their seats, so the thirteen servicemen all got to ride home in First Class.  ABC news network reported on this at primetime, and other media had quickly told and retold this story.

From these two small news stories, what did we see?
The president’s affirmation and honoring the servicemen, the public automatically gave up the seats in first class, the respect that the airlines had for the men, along with how high in regards, the American media held the armed services.

Do look at the stories at this angle, do NOT get trapped in the details, it would be problematic, to try to emulate conditions in other nations, the weakening of the army, is the problem of the nation’s security!

And there’s another one…

The Department of Defense two days ago, had shocked the public with its “reform” of “repentance”.  Are the government officials so far off from what’s real, that they’d come up with this undoable plan.  This sort of a plan should BE top secret, otherwise, if an enemy nation got a hold of this, how will we be able to stand our grounds, when we fight with them?

The army, in order to make the duties of fighting, the army trainings became the social welfare of the officers, and, if we don’t keep this training up, we’d all get killed in times of war.  The soldiers who followed orders, wouldn’t forget about the rules of engagement from day to day, and the punishment for those who failed to perform, couldn’t be stopped, otherwise, when we faced the fires, wouldn’t we be going through, yet, another cycle of abuse again?

We can’t get the quotas matched using the voluntary services program, and so, we’d reduced the number of those serving in the army; the case of Hong had started the public on questioning the validity of the isolation room, and, they’d raged on about changing the systems, and since, NO man will be locked up in lock-up, IF they really DID something bad.  The Hong case had impacted the Armed Forces.

And so, there IS a need for reform, but, the army IS a place, of discipline, and, if we don’t discipline the servicemen hard enough, how will they have the ability, to protect the nation?  So, reform is still needed, but, how F-A-R, should the reforms go, that, would be the question, worth debating over right now.

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An Army General Accused of Sexual Misconducts with His Subordinates

I thought that there would be higher MORALE in the army, apparently not these days, found on…

A general based in Ft. Bragg was charged with forced sex, multiple counts of adultery, and inappropriate relationships with his female subordinates while serving in Afghanistan.

And now, the Pentagon is “calling” for steps to prevent assault.

And, guess what this LOSER got?  Court martial, and, if you ask me, the punishment is still TOO light, but hey, that would be how they do IT in the army, where the females become BITCHES and WHORES for the men, after all, we ARE going to a war, where resources are limited, so, we still take ALL we can get, and this LOSER used his RANK to force his subordinates to have sex with him, wouldn’t that be equivalent to how a teacher uses her/his status to FORCE a student into a relationship?  And, here on the MAINLAND, how do WE handle that?  And, shouldn’t the army be even MORE strict, after all, someone WAS raped, but NOT penetrated, so, guess that wouldn’t count, huh???
Until something like this BLOWS wide O-P-E-N, things are still currently being SWEPT under the R-U-G, and because this IS the U.S. Army, we have a reputation to keep, and so, chances will be, that we’d PAY off the victims to make sure that these bad but TRUE “rumors” don’t get spread any further, right?


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