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How are the Dangerous Children Raised

Attributions of how Enzo Sun became, dangerous, it’s partially, his parents’ faults, or so, the writer of this article believed, and maybe, he’s correct, in that his parents NEVER steered him to the right directions of beliefs, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The son of Ying Di and Peng Sun, Enzo Sun threatened to open fire in school and was found by American police to have over a thousand bullets and a gun; this shocking amount, certainly, it wasn’t, normal for a high school student to possess. Compared to how the couple had talked about their son, and how they still stood behind him, clearly, they have NO clue what was going on in their son’s mind.

Undeniably, Ying Di and her husband really loved and cared a lot about their son; but, raising children doesn’t mean you give the children everything they will ever want and need. So, what would be the motive, for a child like Enzo Sun who came from a rich and loving family, that’d made him accumulated such an enormous amount of arms? If it was like the couple’s explanations of their son being an arms fanatic, it’s just, self-deceptions, there’s NO sense of persuasion in their statements.

An eighteen-year-old child kept buying up the arms or the weapons—even IF it was, legally obtained, it’s hard, to see the behaviors as “normal”, besides, Enzo had made threats. And still, the couple talked on the matter like it was nothing major, like everything can be, rationalized. In actuality, it was their ways of raising him that went wrong, that was what had, caused their son to stray. Think on it, if it were Enzo Sun’s classmate who’d threatened to blow everybody up at school, wouldn’t they fly into a panic too?

Nobody was born a dangerous child. But, if on the way to growing up, the children didn’t get the right sorts of disciplines or guidance, if their bad behaviors weren’t, corrected, but were, ignored, encouraged, they are going to turn into dangerous people. There are a lot of cases of “Second generation” of the rich and famous committing crimes, including drugs, driving off in famous cars to escape arrest, and, the majority of these were caused by parents’ spoiling. What sort of a love is this?

As children are growing up, do accompany them, help them become good people. And, the minds of parents should, grow too, with the coming of age of their children at the same time.

And so, the writer of this article attributed this young man’s bad behaviors to his parents’ spoiling him rotten, but, he’s already eighteen, and, should be FORCED to take responsibilities for what he does, but, no doubt, that his parents played a vital part in how he’d turned out, they’d, spoiled him, because they overlooked the warning signs that he was showing, the buying of arms in large amounts, the ammunitions, and how this young man had threatened the school, all of these, the couple had, overlooked…

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A Three-Way Love? The Police Officer Was Getting Married, the Bar Girl Sued for Sexual Molestation

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A bar girl in Da-Tong District accused an officer, Hsu, from the area for touching her breasts after getting drunk, along with sexually molesting her, Hsu sued the woman for libel and slander; the investigators from the police department found, that it was, a matter of dispute in love, but because the woman had pressed charges, the case was sent to Shihlin District Attorney’s Office to process.

Based off of understanding, the officer, Hsu, has a steady girlfriend, and recently, she’d found signs of his infidelity, and she’d called a meeting of all the parties, and, it didn’t end well, Hsu consoled his girlfriend to leave first, then, he’d returned to the room, to continue the discussion with the woman who worked at the bar; he’d told her he wanted to marry his girlfriend, that it was over between them, and, they got into an argument.

This bar girl yesterday went to the Department for Protection of Women and Children to report, claimed that after Hsu got drunk, he was inappropriate with her, touched her breasts, and her pubic region, and that she wanted to sue him for sexual assault, but she didn’t have a witness; after the department took her case, they’d processed the case based off of a sexual assault case, and called the D.A. to investigate the matter further.

Because this, is sensitive matter, the manager of the city police department, Huang got pissed, the manager at the Da-Tong subdivision, although admitted to this, but after meeting up with the manager of the investigations department, he didn’t come out to clarify or to make a statement on the press, he kept dodging the press.

And so, you were a cop, and you’d sexually molested a woman who works at a bar, and now, you’re caught, you try to WEASEL your way out of it, and it didn’t work, and, if this cop was fired because of this, it’s still too lenient…

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He Showed His Love for Her with a Diamond Ring, She Was Shocked, and Tried to Get Away, He and His Friend Forcibly Took Her to a Motel

Just because you have a crush, and she’d said NO, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

They’d only met once, he gave her flowers as a surprise, she was shocked, and tried to run away, but was dragged by the man, his two friends onto a car, the three men were all arrested.

A man, Lin had a crush on his friend, Wu’s female employee, Wang, asked her out for coffee, took out the flowers, and diamond, to proclaim his love to her, and it’d shocked Wang away, Lin was displeased with how she’d turned him down, and asked the two guys that were there with him, to forcefully take Wang to a motel, and, attempted to “get through to her” on his own, and, Lin’s way of pursuing love had caused him a law suit, and, he wasn’t able to have a Chinese Valentine’s Day to spend with the woman.

The D.A. believed, that Lin’s crazy way in pursuing after the woman he was into had already broken the law on obstructions of freedom, and they’d indicted Lin, his two friends.  Lin’s friends claimed, that they thought he was going to propose, they’d stuck to his back, as good friends would, was about to surprise Wang, and got themselves sued, they are NOT going play the matchmaker again.

Wang said, she and Lin had only met up once, on the day of the incident, she was called by her boss, to go out for coffee, she thought it was for business, and, she was shocked when Lin proclaimed his love for her, and, he’d forced her to accept it, there was only the “surprised” element, and NOT the ecstatic part.

Based off of investigation, Lin had had his eyes on Wang a long time, but he couldn’t find a chance to show her, on April 10th of this year, he’d asked Wu to ask Wang to a certain café to meet, when Lin arrived, Wu left, to give Lin a chance alone with Wang.

Lin saw that that, was a hard to come by chance, took out the roses, and diamond ring, to give her as a “meeting present”, wanted Wang to go out with him, Wang was shocked by Lin’s behaviors, and turned him down, then, ran out of the shop.

Lin was displeased at how he’d gotten turned down so quickly, he’d chased after Wang, and called up his two friends who were waiting by the café, the three of them forced Wang into the car, then, drove her to a certain motel in Chunghe in Hsinbei City, planned to get a room, and proclaim his love to her again.

Wang worried that something bad might happen to her, in front of the check-in counters, she’d screamed, “HELP ME!”, Lin’s friends worried that the hotel staff might call the police, Lin’s friends helped explained, that it was a “lover’s quarrel”, Wang gave them the eye roll; Lin was unscathed, told his friends to drive the car to Chunghe High School, to allow him to be alone with Wang, as he tried once more, to show her the love.

Wang, on the ride, clearly TOLD that she wasn’t interested, asked Lin to let her out, or, she will kill herself, Lin worried that the events might go south, and so, he’d allowed Wang to leave, after Wang got out of the car, she ran straight to the police, and told them of this “thrilling encounter with love”, the police managed to find the three men and made an arrest.

Uh, hello, are your RADARS on right?  When a woman says NO, she means N-O, NO, NO doesn’t mean: maybe, I’ll think about it, or, I might consider it, because if we MEANT that, we’d say that you LOSERS, and, just because a woman had turned you down, hurt your FUCKING pride, doesn’t give you the right to do what you did to her!

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A Father Took His Five-Year-Old Daughter to Jump a Ditch, and Was Forcibly Hospitalized


And that still makes you an UNFIT parent!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Jiang, who’s been diagnosed as emotionally unstable, was displeased at how his wife kept ignoring him, he’d set his house on fire, then, used a screw driver, took his daughter hostage, and jumped, with her, into a deep ditch, and was in a stand-off with the police for two whole hours; and the police took advantage of the time when they’re handing him a cigarette, to carry the little girl who’s shocked away, and forced him into the hospital, after he was charged with public endangerment.

“Would daddy burn us to death?”, every time the child spoke of her uncertainties, the family would also fear; in order to prevent any more threatening behaviors from Jiang to his family, the families hoped he could get the complete care and hospitalizations he will require.  The Sanitary Department stated, that they will get a medical doctor’s opinion on the matter, then, see if there’s a need for forced hospitalization.

The man in charge of the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, Lin pointed out, that last year, they’d listed the Jiang household as a high-risk family, and had sent social workers to visit them regularly, and giving them counsel and the situations are improving, and that Jiang had lost it two days ago, they’d already helped Jiang’s wife and kids by filing an emergency restraining order against Jiang.

The police investigated and found, that the thirty-eight year-old man had been unemployed and stayed at home for awhile now, and the household relied on outside charity, along with government assistance to get by; recently, Jiang’s personality had changed, and every time he’d gotten into a disagreement with his families, he would start throwing things, and had multiple times, set fires to his own place of residence.

Even though, the family had multiple times, scheduled him for hospital stays, but he’d always manage to sneak out.  The nurses from the public sanitations department had three-times, helped him to get hospitalized, but, he’d locked the bedroom doors from the inside, and, the nurses considered that he might be emotionally unstable, and so, they’d left him alone, and didn’t force their way into his room.

At the start of the month, Jiang first used a knife to threaten to kill his own wife, on the 24th, he’d set his own house on fire, the D.A. allowed him to make bail.  Two days ago, in the morning, Jiang was displeased at how his wife ignored him when she was cooking, he’d committed arson once more, and had used a screw driver, and forcefully took his own five-year-old daughter, and jumped into the ditch next to his house, claimed that he will take his own daughter to die with him.

Jiang had several times, pushed his daughter’s head under water as threats.  And, the patrol officers who were called to the scene worked hard to console him, wanted him to think more on his own, along with his daughter’s behalf, and asked his wife and made communication between the couple possible, but they’d still argued nonstop.

The police saw how shocked the little girl was, and was struggling and wailing in her father’s arms, and the police pretended to hand Jiang a cigarette, wanting him to calm down so they can talk; as Jiang reached for the cigarettes, the officer managed to get the child, and, the rest of the crew rushed up, and pulled him onto the ambulance that took him to the city’s care facility, and the child who was still under shock was sent back with Jiang’s eldest brother.

And so, because you were unstable, you jeopardized your own child’s life, what SORT of a father are you?  And, you SHOULD be forcibly hospitalized, whether or NOT you like it, because something IS wrong with you, after all, you’d made your families live in fear for their lives every single day, and that, is how there are still so many unstable adults, and, the ones who suffered the most are still the kids!


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The Middle School Teacher Took Down Evidence of the Students Smoking, and Was Threatened

This is ME, asking for “assistance” here, and, can someone PLEASE tell me, what the F*** (‘cuz I’d “maxed out”???) is WRONG with the youth today??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female middle school instructor, Lu, used her cell phone, to document four students smoking in the school, and the students shouted back, “What right have you to record us?”, later on, two of the four smokers stopped Lu on the stairways, and had gone to Lu’s class to flip the desks over to show their displeasures. Lu called the cops, and not only did the two students NOT show any remorse, they’d even claimed, “We should SPANK the instructor when she misbehaved!”

Awhile ago, while Lu, the instructor acted as the crossing guard, she’d discovered that Chang, Hsieh, along with two others, three males and a female, smoking, back then, it was right when the school was out, the four were puffing in front of the students AND the parents who came to pick up the students, their actions were outrageous; Lu had told the school, the school said passively, “there’s NO evidence supporting your accusations”.

Last week, as Lu worked as the cross guard instructor again, she’d found the four smoking right outside the school again, she’d taken out her cell, planned to show it to the school officials; the four students got angered, started cussing at her, and said, “We have the right to our own portraits, what right have you, to photograph us?”

After the four students are finished yelling and screaming, they’re NOT done yet, they’d waited at the stairs after Lu finished her crossing guard duties; of the four, the adolescent female, Hsieh intentionally walked close to her, and bumped into her, Chang, went into her classroom, and tipped over the desks and the chairs, to show their displeasures.

Lu the instructor had had it with the students’ behaviors, she’d called the cops, and said that the students humiliated her in public. She’d claimed, that she was NOT the only one whom the students had cussed out, but because the school doesn’t do anything, the other instructors can only get angry on their own times, and so, she’s SUING the students, NOT as the school’s teacher.

The police three days ago, called Chang (age 16) and Hsieh (age 15) into questioning, they’d admitted openly, to cussing out the instructors, and claimed, “It’s NO big deal, we merely used verbal reprimands, IF the instructor misbehaves, we will spank her too!”, the attitudes of the adolescents shocked even the police, after the interrogations, they were sent to juvenile court to be processed.

The police pointed out, that on the part where the students destroyed the furniture in the class, because the school didn’t press charges, so, they’d only be prosecuted for public insults; the two students who were found guilty were also involved in theft and damages from before; just two months ago, they were sent to the police for calling up a crowd, to BEAT on a woman.

And, you still must wonder, what the FUCK (pardon the “French” here!!!) is WRONG with the adolescents today? I mean, back when I was growing up, and no, that still wasn’t in the 1940s!!! We would get mad, sure, but, we still didn’t CRACK that easily, so, it must be the food, the air pollution, or maybe, how the kids are being exposed to some DEADLY, but UNIDENTIFIED chemicals then???



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A High School Student Was Taken into Custody, and Shouted to the Police, “I May Not Know the Law, but I Don’t Think it’s Fair”, the Father Worried, that He Still Has Six More Months Until His Graduation, that Sending Him into Police Custody Will Ruin His Life

Yeah, they ARE getting WORSE and WORSE, this DEFYING authority thing, aren’t they???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high schooler named Cho was arrested for making threats to burn down a publishing company on Facebook, the father yesterday stated, that you MUST admit to what you’d done wrong, but the father felt that it was unfair, for him to be arrested because he’d made a threat; he didn’t know the law, and is without the money to hire an attorney, and that there’s JUST half a semester until his son graduates high school, he worries that his son’s life is ruined from here on out.

The professor from the Police University, Yeh stated, that the courts took a preventative measure in taking the youth into custody, but if Cho admitted to wrongdoing, then, “If he’d taken up responsibilities for his claims, then, the punishments would have served its purpose”; plus, the man who rammed head on into the president’s car didn’t get arrested, “I really think, that the judge needed some empathy, to NOT let the law ruin a child’s life.”

Cho, the high school student, because he’d sent in his manuscripts nineteen times, and the publishers returned the pages, he’d posted the angers of rejections, saying that he will burn down the publishing company on Facebook, and the courts decided to place him into protective custody, this, had raised questions in the society Cho’s father is all too worried for his son’s future too.
Cho’s father said, that he and his wife had divorced for over ten years, he raised his three kids singlehandedly, and kept worrying that they might succumb to bad influences; that his son is very studious, and scored top three in his classes all the way, he saw how hard-working his son was in school, and rarely hangs out with a bad crowd, he felt that he was more than blessed.

He said, that he didn’t think that his son would go and make a threat on the online chat rooms because his scripts were rejected, that he used his own account, didn’t use anybody else’s to make the claims, “Without any actions, they took him, I don’t understand the laws, but this is too unfair.”

He said, the courts knew well, that his son is a student, and didn’t know how long his son will stay in jail for, how will his son readpat to school after his release?  He didn’t have any money or power, he couldn’t hire a lawyer for his child, he worried about his son’s future.

Cho’s father said, that his son was taken into protective custody, that he will take every time he could, to visit his son, “I will try to console him, to admit to bad things he’d done if he’d done them, it’s just six months until his graduation, I hope that the school will help him out, help him graduate high school first.”

The family of four lived in the basement of an apartment complex in Taoyuan, there’s only limited space, walking down the stairs, you’d entered into the living room/dining area, while the back of the compound had been separated into bedrooms.

Cho’s father said, that the property belonged to his father, that he’d shared a room with his older brother, then, he’d separated his own piece of that property into two rooms, one for his son, the other, for his daughter, that he’d had a hard time, raising his children up, as a single parent.  Cho’s older brother said, that his nephew is a well-behaved children, that on the weekends, he would go and work at the restaurants, to help out the household expenses.

Cho’s school stated, that Cho is very active in his class, and would help clean up the school and was commended, and loved writing sci-if novels online, that after Cho is released from jail, then, they’re to hold a hearing of the school board, to hear Cho’s side of the tale, and then, decide on how to handle the situations, and because it’s the right of the students to get an education, the school will give him a chance.

And so, because your writings got rejected, you made threats to the publishing company, because you thought that you are an amazing writer, and, maybe you are, for your age, but, did you ever consider, that the publishers had MORE to reflect on in considering his stuff for publishing???  And this is HOW ANOTHER “strawberry” got crushed, into STRAWBERRY P-R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S here!!!

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“I’m Too Old to Be Interested in Sex”, He’d Turned Her Down, and She’d Robbed Him

Because you got it, and so, you used it, but, when it didn’t work, you’d ROBBED?  What’s that teaching your children?  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A forty-five year old woman, who still looked beautiful, because she needed spending cash, two days ago, she’d followed an elderly man to the farmer’s association to withdraw money, and attempted to use sex to entice him, but he’d turned her down, Yang immediately changed, robbed the elderly man of the $20,000N.T. he’d just withdrawn, and yesterday, she was caught by the police, based off of the leads they were given, and booked for robbery.

The police said, that the eighty-four year old elderly man, Wu, two afternoons ago, rode his motorcycle to the farmer’s association to make a withdraw of a little over $20,000N.T., and was zoomed in by Yang, Yang rode her motorcycle, followed the elderly, to the temples, and saw, that there was no one looking, so, she’d stopped him, and tried seducing him, leaned against the elderly man, said that she was willing to give him her body, but the elderly said, “I’m too old, not interested!”

After Yang got turned down by the elderly man, she felt ashamed, took the over $20,000N.T. that the elderly had kept inside his back pant pockets, then ran.  Afterwards, a villager, Wang passed by, and the elderly told him, that he’d just been robbed by a woman, and lost a little over $20,000N.T., Wang called the police for the elderly, but, by the time the police got there, the elderly had already left.

The subprecinct in Beigang afterwards, reviewed the surveillance video at the farmer’s association, and found Wu, the elderly man, and the elderly didn’t want to make a big deal and so, he told them that he’s NOT interested in pursuing, said that “It’s just MY bad luck!”; but the police used, “If we don’t get her now, she will rob someone else”, and tried to get through to the elderly man, and the elderly told them what had happened.

The police used the surveillance footage, to track down the license plates, and yesterday found her in Taichung, she’d admitted to robbery, and told the police that she was involved in a car wreck last year, that she’d borrowed money from a friend for medical treatments, and because the friend was urging her to pay back the debts, that, was why she’d rode from Taichung, to Bei-Gang, Shue-Ling, to find victims, and she saw how the elderly man just took money from the Farmer’s Association, that, was why she’d attempted to seduce him, and rob him, she was in deep regret, and returned the remaining $5,000N.T. back to the victim.

And so, because he wasn’t buying it, you just flat OUT robbed the elderly man?  Where’s the moral in that?  And, hello, that, is one more bad thing, happening in someone’s neighborhood, during the BROAD DAY LIGHT too!!!  Because the woman had her sight on the money, and, when the elderly didn’t buy into her sexiness, she’d just took the money from him, and that, is just totally W-R-O-N-G!!!

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Reason Why He Stole

Another ADULT child, that couldn’t handle things without HIS mama, from the newspapers online, translated…

“Because my mom is away, and I got too hungry, that, was why I’d stole!”, a college student, Jeng, who weighed OVER one-hundred kilograms, went to a certain supermarket, and shoplifted a quarter leg, some snacks, drinks, along with other food items, the store clerk stopped him, and the cops arrested him.  The store clerk, said that Jeng had managed to shoplift the ENTIRE full course meal, including the gum for after the meal too.

The currently “on-break” college student, Jeng (age 23, with theft priors), three afternoons ago, at three in the afternoon, while the store clerk wasn’t watching, he’d shoplifted a quarter leg, some chips, and placed it in his bag.  And because this wasn’t his first time, shoplifting, the store camera had zoomed in on him the moment he’d walked into the shop.

The clerk said, that Jeng weighed over one hundred kilograms by the way he looked, the “lunch” he’d stole include a quarter leg, a side dish, along with a drink, etc., etc., etc., along with juice, and gum too, for after he ate.  The clerk laughed and told, “it’s truly nutritious!”

The police discovered, that as Jeng put the food inside his sack, the store clerk had asked him to show the bag, hoping he’d returned the shoplifted items on his own, but he didn’t, but as Jeng saw the store clerk approached him, he’d pretended to be on the phones, and asked the clerk about other products, hoping he could divert the clerk’s attention.

The college student told, that his mother is currently abroad, and he got hungry, but didn’t know how to cook, that, was why he’d stole; after the police heard his pleas, they’d booked him, on theft charges.

Wow, so here, we still have someone, who SHOULD BE old enough, to HANDLE things on his own, but, HIS mama had taken real good care of him that it kept him from growing UP, and now, his mama’s away, he ran out of food, so, he shoplifted from a store?  Where is the youth going today?  Oh yeah, you’re still declining, more and MORE, by the G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N-S here, hello, hello, hello???






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Here, we still have, the ones who were SUPPPOSED to ENFORCE the law, on the WRONG side of it, are you FUCKING kidding me here??? From the Newspapers, translated…
The Chien-Guo Subprecinct’s second captain, Chen, along with the Wanhua subprecinct second captain, Kuo, were suspected of taking bribes, and accepting the calls from the illegal video game gambling operators to go to hotels and bars, then, giving the owners a heads up when there would be a police check, the investigative offices yesterday charged the two officers with taking bribes, and called them into questioning.
The D.A. then called up another officer who’d accompanied Chen and Kuo to the hotels, Hsiao, along with more others, totaling up to twenty members of the police force, and, took them all into the district attorney’s offices in Taipei for questioning.
This time, there was TWO shops, one legal, the other, not, and, in order to avoid being caught with illegal gambling activities, the owners would pay half a million dollars from the PR accounts, and had the middleman, Chen, handed it off to an officer who was on leave, then, transfer the money, finally, to Lee and Chen, to get the alerts.
The investigations found, that the involved officers would use codes in the phones, then, meet up somewhere, to take the cash; Chen then become the inside man, selling the information of the ambushes to Lee, then, Lee sent the notices out to various shops.
Other than handing off the dirty money, Chen would also take Chen, along with other members of the police squad to the “Barcelona” High End Hotel and Lounge on Keelung Road. The hotel staff claimed that Chen had picked up the tab every single time, and the officers would pick the ladies with large breasts and long legs to take out.
Although Chen and Lee denied having taken bribes, but the board of trustees had admitted to spreading the earnings to all the officers who were called into questioning.
And so, you worked for the law, but, apparently, the money they’re paying you is NOT quite enough, so, you sought out those who have a way of paying you OFF, then, you’d TIPPED them off, and gotten favors too, but this Quid Pro Quo got SCREWED UP, because you got CAUGHT, red-handed in the very end, so, was it worth it? Of course N-O-T!!!

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Raped by an Older Schoolmate, Finally the Teacher Detects that Something May be Wrong

As IF our teenage years aren’t turbulent enough already??? Translated…

A second year junior high school girl last November, was tricked into going out with an older classmate and his friends, the older classmate, Hsu, along with the rest of the group took turns raping her, Hsu threatened to tell the girl’s grandmother, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, the boys took turns raping her six times in that month, her abnormal behaviors got the attention of the instructor in the cram school, upon inquiring, learned that she was raped, and the instructor called the cops.

The police found, that the young girl lived with her grandmother, last November, she received a phone call late at night from Lee, to ask her out to the parks to chat, and, when she’d gotten there, she found herself to be among other older guys and a couple of classmates, drinking on the balcony, the four youths, after getting drunk, forcibly removed the girl’s underwear, the girl screamed out no, she fought them, but to no avail, Hsu got his way with her, and the rest of the other three had raped her with their hands.

A few days later, Hsu asked the girl to come to his place to chat, the girl wouldn’t, Hsu said that if she didn’t then, he’ll tell the grandmother about what they’d done to her, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, so, she complied. Upon arriving, she found that one of the guys who had raped her before was there, along with another unknown male, one of them tied her wrists up behind her with a cloth, covered her eyes. Hsu had raped her once more, the two other guys used their fingers, and had the girl guessed who did it.

Later, Hsu along with his gang had asked her out four other times, they’d gathered up at the stage at some elementary school, along with a motel, to take advantage of the girl, afterwards, they’d let her leave on her own. The girl was damaged on the inside, but, feared letting her family know, so, she didn’t call the cops, nor had she told her family.

The cram school instructor had noticed how she had a lot on her mind lately, always wore a frown, like she’s got something heavy on her mind, after talking with her, the girl finally revealed what had happened, and the instructor took the girl to the police station right away.

The cops interrogated the seven youths, Hsu admitted to raping the young girl many times, the rest of the youths said that because it was fun, so, they’d masturbated her. The cops took the seven individuals to juvenile court.

Wow, so, raping someone with your fingers had become an afterschool entertainment then? Had the instructor not discovered that something wasn’t quite right with the girl, God knows how long she’d have to carry her secrets.

This is violence against women, because those stupid losers thought that they could get away with it, because she didn’t tell anybody the time before, so, they could do it, over, over, over, and over again, until they feel satisfied.  Are you kidding me? This IS antisocial behavior, mixed with narcissistic behavior (that covers the two “male-prone “personality disorders here!!!), and, if those young males weren’t straightened out, then, guess what they’ll end up doing? Raping for the rest of their lives, thinking of women as objects, because OMG, I’d done it more than once to that girl from way back don’t recall when…are you kidding me? Where the H-E-C-K are the boys even getting this sort of behaviors? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s from their D-A-D-D-I-E-S, or from other male figures in their lives.

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