A Foster Care Parent Beat a Young Boy Until He Bruised All Over

I know, STRICTER background CHECKS for those who apply to be foster parents, or better yet, put them on a probation period F-I-R-S-T, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A woman, Lee, was placed in charge of an almost one-year-old infant, she was suspected of having beaten the child up to the point that he bruised all over his body.  The child became unconscious, and the district attorney’s office is charging the woman with hurting the child.

Starting on July 3 of this year, Lee was asked to take care of the not-yet-one year old little boy, and, she was suspected of abusing the child until he had multiple contusions on his body, multiple scratch marks, along with multiple bruises were found on the boy’s body.  On the afternoon of July 28, the child became unconscious, and so, Lee took him to the hospital.  The hospital staff found multiple scars and bruises on him, and he had contracted pneumonia, they called the child services immediately.

Lee denied having hurt the child, claimed that the child had scratched himself up badly, and he wasn’t showing signs of a cold, she wonders how the hospital staff could’ve gotten the diagnosis of pneumonia.

The volunteer testified, that there were no visible bruises on the child’s body at the time, when she visited with him on July 14th and July 21st.

The diagnoses from the hospitals stated that the child is not yet one, and he couldn’t have reached behind his back that far, and managed to scratch himself that hard, nor could he have sprained his body with his body weight, that the scars and wounds are caused external forces.

The district attorney’s office stated that Lee was the caretaker, and instead, she’d become too violent toward the child, and denied her involvement, the prosecutor asked for a heavy sentence, as she was supposed to help take care of children, and instead, she’d hurt them.

So, does anybody feel safe, leaving her/his kid with a nanny now?  And, what happened to stricter background checks?  Oh yeah, there isn’t one, and it’s still NOT like there are signs on the people’s heads that tell you that they’re dangerous, is there?  Nope!!!


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