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The Department of Education Should NOT Act as the Executioner

How, by taking these, distant-region schools off the “registries”, will only cause the gap grow, wider, and soon you will have the following: the students in the distant regions, becoming ILLITERATES, lacking a viable skill, causing the gaps between the rich and the poor to grow, wider, yet!  This just showed, how the government IS watching out for those who are, really, in need…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the coming on of reduction in birth rate, the enrollment of the private schools are, undergoing, a whole lot of, pressures, the notable technical high school, Gong-Dong Technical High School also got, listed, which caused great debates; the department of education had, disregarded the needs of the distant regions, only offered the stick, but not the, carrot, the way the Department of Education CUT off the support of the school, it way too, brutal.

Due to the impacts of reduced birth rate, to protect the rights of private school teachers and students, the legislature passed the amendment for the private schools to make their exits back in April of 2022.  All school that showed the cleared means of financial troubles, the qualifications of instructors not up to standards, owing the wages, a total of six thins, after the discussions, the confirmations are made, the school will be labeled, as “under counseling”; and if by two years, things hadn’t improved, the school will get, pulled, and everything will be, sold.

The problems of the private schools’ making the exits came from the prevalence of high schools and universities getting set up to operate, the government should shoulder the responsibilities thereof, but, had no plans to assist these school whatsoever; only the means of reprimands, no means of rewarding the excellence of the various schools, and once, the schools get listed, it’s a death penalty, and this was, a never-seen-before, brutality by the Department of Education.

Take Public East Technical High School for example, it was the fourth largest school in Taidong, with the apprenticeship means of training, and, trained countless competitors in carpentry, set up that standard for what technical education should be; let me mention, the makeup of the school’s students, fifty percent of native, twenty of lower economics statuses, the school carried the means of education in the distant regions, but due to the reduction of birthrate, the finances of the school started, not making it, and was listed. 

And so, this article, dissected the reasons W-H-Y, these, private schools are, having, such a, hard time, making it, the declines in birthrate, I mean, come on, who WANTS to pop their babies out, into this, way too, dangerous, and unfitting for children to live in, world?  Exactly, and, the government’s, threatening to SHUT these schools, which are, mostly located in the, distant regions, because they can’t, make the enrollment quota, is only, taking away the RIGHT of students of getting equal standards in education away, and, it still was NOT their faults that they were born, into, the distant regions, to those, families on the, lower end of the, socioeconomic, statuses, and the government is, punishing these students for it, I mean, how’s that, right???

It still, isn’t!  The only way to get this resolved, in by providing more chances of higher quality education to the students in the distant regions, as they are, the “needy”, and in, desperate need, of some government assistance, to give them, that needed “lift”, and the only way we can, overcome our circumstances is through, getting an education, and now, the government is, pulling the plugs, how’s that right???  It isn’t, but hey, that’s what the government here, is doing!  And there’s NOTHING the “voters” can do about it, because, these are the, far, far, FAR away districts, out of the government’s, “backyard”.

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The Weakening of the Humanities, Not Reading Became Wasteful

On the legislators of the DDP’s calling to do away with Chinese in the academics, this is totally, trying to ERASE the children’s knowledge of where they came from, similar to the Mao Zedong Era in China from before!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators of the DDP called out to the Examination Department to eliminate the Chinese language exams on the national exams, and quote how the former testing department legislators stating how “young people shouldn’t waste their time away on the ancient texts”.  A lot of the members of the younger generations are addicted to their cell phones, if the Chinese examinations are eliminated, this may be more the excuses for the younger generations to not read up on things, and, wasting away the culture, that is, the truly sad thing.

Those of us who were demanded by our instructors to memorize the ancient texts, our Chinese had its foundations set firmly, the classics that we’d been told to recite from our memories, we still remember these texts to our old age, and we found these texts useful for our entire lives.  Doing away with the ancient texts not only would this weaken the literacy of the people, it would cause us to become the butts of jokes too. 

controlling what we read off of the internet…comic found online

A lot of the members of the younger generations don’t read at all, and has a weakened level of understanding of the Chinese language, there was a coworker of mine from before, with a master’s degree, but he couldn’t even write the characters in his own name correctly, he wrote one stroke less when signing his own name, it’s quite, shocking!

With Memorial Day just around the corner, when they got to the tombstone of their forefathers, and can’t even read what’s on the tombstones.  “Not taken the advantage to study hard when we’re still young, when we’re elders, we’d regretted not having studied at all”.  Crack open a book is beneficial to us all, we should encourage the younger generations to read more texts in Chinese, so they won’t regret it when they’re elderly, instead of stripping them of the rights to read and to understand the ancient texts.

Reading the ancient texts, you will absorb the essences of the cultural traditions, as well as the humanities, there was a line, “in your stance, there’s the books you’d once read, the paths you’d, walked, as well as those you once, loved.”  The writer, San Mao also wrote down: the books you’d read will seep into your blood and bones, change your face, elevating your flair.  The politicians should not fall prey to their ideologies, for their own political advantages, eliminating the lessons in the ancient Chinese texts, and, causing damage to the younger generations’ futures.

And so, welcome, to the “book burning” of the Mao Zedong Era, only, that these aren’t the “red coats” who are now, burning those, ancient text, they’re, the DDP legislators, DDP supporters, and I get that, the ancient Chinese texts may be somewhat irrelevant, as everything is now, written in plain Chinese language, but, there’s that need to learn the ancient Chinese texts, because after all, the most important knowledge from the ancient times are, within those texts, and, by doing away with teaching the students how to read these texts from ancient times, the DDP is, depriving the next generations of children the ability to tell what’s right and what’s wrong for themselves, and so, the DDP is creating, the next generations of ZOMBIES, who will just, follow the leader, without ANY of their own, differences of thoughts, and differences of, opinions, and then, the DDP can all lead us to, H-E-L-L (uh, as if we’re not there already, under their rules!).

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The Levels of Reading Very Diverse for Children of Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds

This showed, the sharpened contrast, of how the families that are better-to-do, can provide their young children with more reading materials, which adds to their understanding of the world, versus how families in the lower end of the socioeconomic status couldn’t, and this extends into how the families are set up, separately, and due to this differences of availabilities of resources, the rich gets richer, the poor, become, poorer, and, illiterate too!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Entering into the fourth grader, Huang’s home in Taipei, books are everywhere, from literature, to general sciences, the assortments all the way, up and down in the bookshelves, to all over the floors, taking up all corners of her home; on the other end, the distant regions elementary school, Pinewoods Elementary in Tainan, in a lot of students’ homes, the only available “reading materials” consist of the farmer’s calendars.

The sharp contrast of desert and oasis of reading.  The nutrients from reading that differed of the children in better versus worse socioeconomic backgrounds is preset.  Who will help the younger generations, to help them gain access of more books in the desert of reading in these children from less well-to-do socioeconomic backgrounds?

And so, this points out the problem, of how the learning provisions, the resources are unequally provided, to the children in the cities and distant-region schools, and due to the socioeconomic background differences, those in the lower end don’t have the time to read to their own young, they’re already, working too hard trying to make their ends meet, they can’t have the mind, nor take the time out of their working life, to read to their young, and this becomes, that vicious cycle, because the kids are falling behind, due to the lack of resources provided to them, and they can’t get out from under.

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An Addicted Reader


Those who loved books more than the average is called an “addicted reader”.

Couldn’t stay away from books for more than twelve hours, or, toward a certain literary type, or a namely author, becoming an avid reader.

Super fans?  Book junkie?  No!  Fans would chase after the star, and go to where the star is, those addicted to words cashed after the words, with a total disregard of the writers.

Would the person BE the “ideal reader” in the author’s mind?  Not necessarily, because you don’t know which tool he’d used, to get to the depth of your emotions.

(I’d met one of my avid readers who’d chased after the morality of my writings, that just won’t let it go, kept prodding me, and, other than apologizing, retreating, keeping myself out of sight, I was at my wits end.  Apparently, my “bad thought” had offended her morality, her values.)

But, whether it be good OR evil, this group of readers, is the main power, in keeping the industry going.

Whether it be the thirst for blood, or the thirst for evil, it’s all about the readers.

Are there any other living creatures, as addicted as that?

Hehe!  The ones addicted to drugs, and the ones, addicted reading.

The first couldn’t get past the physical dependencies, the second, tied up and kept bound by the ropes of filial relations.

(Our reader, they couldn’t get the frequencies of the moving natures of the books).

Addiction, is the nature, you, and I have it too, it’s just that we’re too busy, we kept the doors and windows in our hearts, locked up too tightly, not knowing when, we will have our relapses

The addiction to reading, is a combination of sensibility and feelings, and we all have that too, it’s just that we let life get in the way, that it’d become too suppressed already.

Loving to addiction, it’s become nature, but one isn’t at all aware, it’s just that……it’s in the right amounts, and how can we use it regularly?

The three kinds of addiction, they’d all gotten me in a daze, and I’d longed for it, blindly; just wanted to find the answers, in the old verses, and to get involved, in the world turning adventures of the unknown universe.

To sum it all up, I’d done things, within my area of expertise, in writing, and in literature, books

And this, is how addicted the person is, to reading, and in this day and age, it is, quite rare, after all, when had you last, picked up a book, and read it, from start to finish?  You know, the kind of books that keeps you captivated, and makes you want to know what happens next, which drives you to want to read through the nights, to finish the book?

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The Extinction of Books

The “species” called books will eventually become altogether a thing of the past, because, everything’s gone hi-tech these days, you have your Kindle, I-Pad readers and what-not, and, lugging around that heavy more than five-hundred pages hardcover college textbook, well, it’s NOT only unhealthy for your shoulders and backs, it’s also pointless, after all, them college professors NEVER teach out of those.

And so, because the need for books had declined, and, when the need declines, the supplies will eventually cease, because that, is still the BASIC law of economic, remember that “lecture” on Supply & Demand?

So, by the end of the next fifty years, I’m thinking, there will be NO more books for your children to have, and, you will find your two or three year-olds, using those I-Pad, Kindle or whatever ELSE hi-tech SHITS better than you can, and, that also brings an end to your “regular” Bedtime Story Sessions, and I’d already DISCUSSED the purpose of these, and, without these, your children will NEVER be properly socialized, save when they “log on” to the computer, and start web-surfing for P-O-R-N, and the thing is that they won’t even HAVE to look so hard, imagine that, how would you react if you see your three-year-old little girls, getting HUMPED by their little five-year-old boy playmates, oh I know: let me show you kids H-O-W it’s done, doggy style, man on top, woman supine, woman on top, man supine, and, I will also be teaching you the 69 too (and yeah, still know what ALL those A-R-E, and, ain’t NEVER done THAT, don’t plan to either, so, BACK O-F-F!!!).

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A World Without Words

Welcome, to the land of the M-U-T-E, and this, is where the world is “going” next.  Think about it, with the “sprouting up” of ALL those emoticons, and what-nots, soon, there won’t be a NEED for ANY verbal messages, because we can give each other “kudos” and smiley faces, and devil faces and angel faces online.

A world without words, we won’t be able to communicate verbally, but, because more than 70% of communication is “done” nonverbally, we don’t actually lose anything here.

A world without words, a world of I LLITERACY, and, so, in the next twenty to thirty years, guess what the schools will be teaching the children, NOT their ABCs or ALPHABETS, I’m afraid, but how to make that smiley face or angry face or frown with their personalized computer screens, and, we would eventually become regressed, back into the caveman days, where we communicate, record down OUR own histories by making those PRI MITI VE drawings on the W-A-L-L-S here, are you freakin’ kidding me?

And, the internet exacerbates (look THAT word UP!!!) this “ condition” of the 21st Century I LLITERACY too, because we use a LOT of acronyms like C/O, (care of???), LOL (laugh out loud), etc., etc., etc., and, language should HIT extinction by oh say???  50 to 100 years, give or take!!!

So, here’s ONE more for the R-O-A-D: : ) is how I’m feelin’ on a daily basis, but 😦 is how I am SOMETI MES allow MYSELF to F-E-E-L, but, most of the times, I’m still quite : ) here, okay???

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Pictures, Instead of Words

This, is more than just that ONE step back, it’s, god KNOWS how many steps backwards that we’re taking here…

Pictures, instead of words, because pictures are easier to “process”, after all, pictures only needed to be “registered” through the visual cortex, then, we can make sense of it, while words?  Words take a longer passageway, after all, you don’t JUST read those words, you must also “reroute” those words into your Wernicke’s Area (somewhere in the temporal lobe???), and then, you’d have to have the word in your medial temporal lobes, to get the meanings, IF you’d thumbedacross it, etc., etc., etc., and it’s just WAY too much trouble, compared to seeing those pictures.

Pictures, instead of words, this, is what this world’s been reduced, because NOBODY wants to sort through the letter-by-letter, to read the words that formed from the letters combined together, and then, you’d have to “file” those words into the brains to get the meanings of it, and, it will take you, say???  ‘bout five seconds to read a word (don’t really know), but, it only takes you say???  One second, to process the pictures, and, this, is still aiding, to the modern day illiteracy problems out there.

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Only Pictures

Because let’s face it, if there are words, then, you’d have to “reroute” the words, into your visual cortex (occipital lobes), then, from there, they’re sent to the Wernicke’s Area for recognition, then, to the frontal lobe for more “processing”, compared to if there are pictures, then, you just take whatever’s on the page, and, it gets into your visual cortexes, and then, outputs.

That, is why, a LOT of things are replaced by pictures, that, is why, those emoticons are so overly used, that, is also why, humans are, getting D-U-M-B-E-R by the generations, and, in a couple MORE generations on down the line (from where I am), we might as well be living inside those C-A-V-E-S that our former ancestors’ remains were found in, with those drawings on the walls, and, those scholars that came after our time will have a HELL of a time, dissecting, the “breed” of “living organisms” that we are.

And because people have less and less time, and, they have to take things in quicker, and, pictures and photographs just “register” more easily into the brain, than do words, and that, is why, I hypothesize (still NOT tested!!!) that in the future, words will slowly get taken over by icons, pictures, and, people would NO longer have the N-E-E-D to read, OR to interpret, and I’m just glad, that, that, hopefully (still keeping MY fingers crossed), won’t happen in MY lifetime, but, who knows???




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A World Without Stories

This, is a world without stories, because???  Oh yeah, you STUPID (b/c that, is what you all are!!!) parents are way too busy, making your useless, pointless M-O-N-E-Y (but granted, money had become one of the MOST important necessities in our daily living, hadn’t it???), this, is a world without stories, which “aids” to the NEXT generations of ILLITERATE children, because they got NO one to read to them, they don’t even got those stupid stories on tapes as we had growing up, accompany them to dreams, so, they’d fallen asleep, in a world of silence.

This, is a world without stories, and, if the world continues to NOT read the stories to all the little children out there, well, children are going to become even D-U-M-B-E-R, more quickly, because they WILL “decline”, at the rate, too fast for any of us to calculate, and, this is still all because???  Oh yeah, parents don’t and can’t FIND enough time to spend with their young, because they’re all too focused on making ends meet, but hey, your ends are going to MEET up with you, whether or NOT you like it, but, you get to decide H-O-W you will be meeting up with those ends of yours, so, SET your priorities straight already!!!

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When Pictures Replaced the Words

Yes, children we had, somehow, FALLEN backwards, in time, to PREHISTORICALLY, when WRITTEN language was on ITS way, of being developed, and yet, we are all here, in the 21st, going toward the 22nd Centuries, aren’t we all???  How O-D-D is that!!!

When pictures replaced the words, it’s still DUE to how people are getting LAZIER (yeah, I’m talkin’ to Y-O-U out there!!!) by the minute, because we feel that it would be easier, for us all to process pictures, after all, a picture is worth???  Say, ‘bout OVER a thousand words these days, as opposed to the olden days of just a thousand, isn’t it?

And, unfortunately, this laziness to reading will make YOUR next generations (not mine still, b/c I ain’t GOT a “next generation” to worry about here!!!) even D-U-M-B-E-R, than your already way too DUMB (no offense, but, feel free to take!!!) generation.

Because pictures are easier to “read” (yeah right, all you need is to have E-Y-E-S to interpret the pictures) than the words, because, after your eyes “received” that stimulus of words, then, they (your eyes) reroute the words, into your BRAINS, where those words get place into the SEPARATE parts (say, the Wernicke’s Area???) then, you brain finally interprets the word, and then, send those WORDS into your minds, see how many “extra steps” there are, to reading, than to just scanning through those pictures?  And, you DO get W-H-Y the younger generation read less and less, and still less, right???

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