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The Outrageous Campaign Promises, Who CARES about if They Are Discriminatory?

This is how, LOW the CLASS of the university educated is, becoming, from the highest prestigious, university on the island!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, the student council of N.T.U. posed the candidates’ mottos, claims of what they would do for the school if they win the elections, the students’ campaign promises showed the sexist discriminations, including, “women whose cup size is A or below needed to take the mandatory national defense courses for two hours, males whose penis sizes is ten-centimeters or under required to take home ec”, it’d caused the society upset.

But, if you look closely at these campaign “promises”, you can see, that the students treated this “forum” as a “anonymous means of expressing their sick jokes”, that it was something fun, eye catching, this is no doubt, the means of “misinterpreting what’s low as humor”.

This reminded me, that during last years’ mayoral elections, why one of the female candidate was so popular in the borough where she was running for office, her campaign promises included, “getting Disney theme parks into the area, opening the courses to train the in-laws to behave themselves”, to offering assistance to “young couples getting married, buying their first homes, and buying the mutual fund investments”, and there’s also the “if the husbands refused to have sex with their wives, then, they must buy the Hermes purses for them to make up for it”, and other outrageous campaign promises, this caused the heated debates of the online community.

And, it’s these sorts of “outrageously crazy” state of mind, that so long as I’m bold enough to express my thoughts; aiming at getting the spotlight, becoming the sole purpose of why the modern day online community expressed themselves, who CARES about discrimination, sexism, or gender equality?  Recalling the “salmon messes” from before, there was a record of more than three hundred individuals who’d, renamed themselves “salmon”, for the sake of, one free meal, using the social media to broadcast oneself, this is, an imbalanced form of, expression of the, society.

and, it’s, way, way, W-A-Y, lower than, this, I’m, afraid…photo from online

Reason why this imbalance is happening, has to do with how people expressed themselves more straightforwardly, or that they were, influenced by the media press.  From online and social networks, we’d, expanded the “false” connections that we have; watching or hitting the thumbs up buttons, it was to serve the sole purpose of making the broader connection with a larger body of social network; using the shallow or blunt expressions, to the wrapping of the self up narcissistically, and, after awhile, the users became, confused as to which expressions are proper, and which ones, aren’t.

I’d once read “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Postman, describing the pathologies of the transmission of the movies, the music media by electronic means, especially the pathology of the entertainment on T.V.  While, those who are under the influences of the social network, they are, participants of the “entertaining ourselves to death”, writing out the scripts; the images needed to stand out, the words, needed to, pop.  And, as this gene started, rooting down, it’s a wonder, people no longer carried the most basic forms of respect toward one another.

Toward how A.I. will be taking over our futures, the courtesies of online interactions, and strengthening of the right principles of how people interact with one another online, to knowing which is anonymous, which is real by responsibilities, this is, extremely, important.

And so, this, is how these younger generations, influenced by the social media, started acquiring the bad values, like the sexist campaign promises of the N.T.U., the most prestigious university in this country, had stooped to, too low, or like how the discriminatory terms used against the natives at the high school carnival, and, that’s just it, education, at home AND in the schools are, failing, the children, and, can you imagine, that these next generations of younger people, are the ones, who will be, RUINING the world, because, this generation will eventually get replaced by the next, and, seeing how things are still, declining fast (morality, values, etc., etc., etc.), I’m glad, that I won’t live long enough, to see these younger generations, take over this planet, and start, repopulating by propagating, because each and every generation is way, way, WAY worse, than the, last, based off of how this shit’s currently rolling here.

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Getting Enticed by Money, Sex, the “Phishing Scams” Increased in Hong Kong

And there are still???  Oh yeah, NO VICTIMS of these, cases, only ABUSERS and, ENABLERS in these cases, the targets marked, not, let’s, get ‘em all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s an economic article writer who’d, painted the pictures of the global economy, told that it’s in complete, chaos right now, with the gray/black swans, flying all over the places, that things can skyrocket and fall too quickly.  Of course, this is, alarming, but, what’s more was, another made-up, yet, quite real scene, the photos of a row of fishing poles, and catching the fish one by one.

The poles are a metaphor of the online scams in Hong Kong, the police called these cases as, “fishing scams”.  The phishing scams are the trojan horse viruses in the link attachment from the scam emails, as the “fisher” click opened the email; the many kinds of scams, caught the account owners in the nets.  The word phishing is very similar to fishing, and it’s, crazy too.  The most recent bulletin from the Hong Kong Police Department, the phishing scams of the first season in Hong Kong is as high as 1,400 cases, and, the total amount lost to these scams, were up more than $26 million Hong Kong dollars.

If there’s a fishing pole and a hook then, there would be, fishes that bite, the easily fooled is noted as “fish out of water” by the people in Hong Kong, and, “fish out of water” is the name for turtles, because as turtles were caught out of water, its chubby body would start squiggling, like it’s, rich, and it’d, still, bitten onto the hook and bait, refusing to, let go.  The “phishing scams” increased quite quickly in Hong Kong, showing that, there are, also, many fishes that were being, “hooked out of the waters”, and that the contents of these cases are mostly, too, unimaginable, unbelievable.

and you still don’t have a C-L-U-E!!! Illustration from online

Those who got hooked by these “phishing scams” are usually enticed by money, or by sex, of them, the “love affairs online”, are the most, prevalent sort.  The worst of these was a thirteen-year-old middle school boy went online to start up a love affair, and in the end, he’d met someone who’d sold for sex, demanded that this young man purchase the gaming credits as the down payment for the service that the woman was to provide.  The young boy went to the super convenience store and bought a game card that’s worth 768 Hong Kong dollars, and he’d gone with the requests, keyed in the serial number, then surely, the person cut off, all contacts with him.  That young man was so upset, he’d had his mother come with him to the police, to call for help.

The biggest “fish” caught by these phishing scams, was an accountant, this January, the individual received a text from the telecommunications company, told that his points are about to expire, that he could trade in the points for a Bluetooth ear set, and he’d, turned over his credit card information, then, became a victim of identity theft, lost $700,000.

Most of these cases came from the scammers who’d falsified  themselves as the telecommunications companies, making up seventy-three percent of all of these scams, and there were about twelve-percent that are related to the rewards plan by the falsified con artists claiming they were the wholesales enterprises, the rest are related to mail scams.

And so, despite how many cases that had already been, recorded, there are still, way too many, people who are, falling for them, and why is that???  Because we are just, way too lonely (those who were scammed by L-O-V-E!), too stupid (giving our money away to those, con artists), or, we just wanted, the cheap costs of things (the opportunists)…either way you are getting scammed, because you are, easy targets, and, what made you into, easy targets???  You go and figure that, out!

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The Selfie for the Final Portrait for My Funeral

I want to look my BEST, after I’m dead and gone, when people come and pay their, final, respects to me!  Yeah, uh, go figure, right???  Translated…

This one is okay, but not this one, delete!  I’d closed my eyes, delete this one also!

What about this one?  Post it on Group, for everybody to choose.  (simple question, let’s, all chime in; the harder to resolve, read and no response would be fine.)

How’s this one?  Do I need to touch up on my chin, my lips, my eyes, my nose, my complexion?  (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I need to turn off my mumbling mode).

too, goofy??? photo from online

Saving this one, not that.  (I’m not addicted to appearing beautiful here!).

Clicking into “recently deleted”, review, this one looks fine, not that one though, keep!  Delete!  Keep!  Delete!  From the dark hairs to the white, dealing with the massive but emptied image files.  This is never-ending, the me that doesn’t even look like me, takes up, the total volume of, this life, of mine.

Due to my O.C.D. tendencies, I’d snuck back from the other side of forgetting, continued to select the many beautiful photos of what I don’t look like, to find that final portrait to put on the shrine of my own, funeral services.

Yeah uh, that’s, understandable all right, you want to look your best, even AS a DEAD person, so that’s why, you’re taking, so much, god damn energies, selecting the picture of you, to get blown up, to put on the shrine up there at the altars of the funeral services.

how about this then??? foudn online

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Flower & Vase

The absolutely necessary, wake up call, because you’d, missed the purpose of things completely: it’s not the flowers that accentuates the vases, it’s the vases that fitted to the, flowers being, arranged into a piece!  Translated…

On a quiet afternoon, I’d entered into a florist that just opened close to my home.

Because I’d gotten involved in the floral arrangement course set up by my coworkers, I’d thought of finding some materials to practice what I’d picked up.

The shop was not big, at the entrance, there were, an assortment of bonsais, inside there were three walls, with the pots, the vases, and varieties of dried flowers, and fresh ones too.

The owner of the shop is a middle age woman, sitting by the huge table in the middle of the shop, lifted her head saw me, “Welcome”.  She’d smiled at me, and she looked, a bit, surprised, perhaps, there were rarely, any males who’d, might wander into her shop.

“What species is this?”, I’d pointed to a huge dried flower that I’d never seen before, on the distant tiny table.

“I really don’t know,” she’d smiled apologetically, “but it’s rare, as I bought it, I’d arranged it into a piece, because it’d matched perfectly with this pottery vase………”

the arrangement, photo from

I’d looked at it, thought about the varied vases my classmates brought with them, each with its own unique look, very elegant in color, and I can tell that they weren’t, the cheap kinds.

“Do you know, that it’s the vases that we buy first, before we decide on the arrangements of the flowers………”, she’d told me, “actually, it’s, exactly the opposite, she’d told me, it’s the flowers that accentuate the pottery vase, with the flowers, it’d made the vase look more, lively, don’t’ you think?”

I was surprised at her words, then, I got lost, in my own, thought.

I had two vases, and they’d looked, quite, ordinary, plain, but I’d searched for the assortments of, rare species of, “pretty” flowers instead.

As I got out of the florist’s shop, I was still, reliving the moment of that wakeup call I just had inside the shop.

Not long thereafter, as I passed by this street again, I’d found, that the doors of this florist was already, deadbolted, the iron doors rolled, back down, the potted plants by the outside of the shop, all, withered, out, while I’d never, met up with that female shop owner, again either.

And so, this, is on how we often, missed the boat of the purpose of things, like the man he thought that he’d needed the pretty species of flowers to make his vases stand out, while the florist who is a professional on flower arrangement more or less, knew that it’s the vases that are, secondary to the flowers.


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Dressed in Gold

How sometimes, humans are, completely BLIND, to believing in something that’s totally, not what it was!  How as humans, we tend to, pursuit the most pointless things in our lives, thinking that it’s, quite, meaningful…but that’s, humanity…translated…

Like passing something very mysterious orally, my grandmother lowered her voice, told you, that that was, a relic.

“A relic?”

“Yes”, she’d placed it in your palm.

Then, you’d decided, to carrying the statue of the Earth Guardian in one hand, an incense in the other, accompanied your grandmother to head to the Earth Guardian’s Temple in Pingdong, to dress the statue up in gold, but, you’d never imagined, how you’ll be, tried on this, journey.

The smoke was thick on the tour bus, you were about to suffocate to death.  Looking to the side, you saw your grandmother sitting with her eyes closed, meditating, it seemed, looking very at peace.  Like the particles that came out of the incense that were burning, are the particles of oxygen.

In a daze, you’d arrived at your destination.  You feel numbed in the limbs, and finally, you could, feel your arms and legs again, and yet, you couldn’t stretch your arms and legs out completely, because you were, carrying the, statue.

You’d suddenly recalled the stories you’d read of the ascetic monks: dragging their broken, injured bodies, in the mecca toward the cities of worship.

The more faithful, the crueler.

what the eggs of gecko looked like…photo from online

It’s your grandmother who’d giving you a clean slate with injuries on her hands, you’d first thought.  But you’d not lost anything, you’d understood that the hands of the elderly couldn’t, carry such, weighty matters.

As all the processes had been dealt with, grandma went to show the relics to the man in charge of the operations of that temple.  The man smiled and told her, “It’s the gecko’s eggs”.

You saw that disappointed look on your grandmother’s face.  And, at the moment, you’d thought, that what your grandmother’s been searching for, was just, that.

This was, the biggest testament—in the ruins of faith, testing the beliefs in the existence of, that, higher, power.

So, this showed, how FOOLISH man CAN be, when we believed so stubbornly in an ideal, nothing can phase us, until, someone, who’s an expert, in this case the man in charge of the operations of the temple, told the elderly woman, that what she’d found was, indeed, NOT the relics of Buddha, but the eggs of a gecko, and then again, the eggs of the gecko, is something magical, it gives life, so…

and, here’s what the relics of Buddha look like…

and they DO, look, alike, don’t they??? Photo from online

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The Air, My Friend

The column by Jimmi Liao, translated by me…

My New Raincoat’s Way Too Pretty,

I Don’t Want it to, Get, Wet.

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of

That’s just, how it works, sometimes, isn’t it?  We get ourselves something to serve a, specific purpose, but, we don’t want to use it, so it stays, brand new, like we just picked them up from the shop, and that totally, defeats the purposes of us, going out, to buy that, particular, item, doesn’t it?


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The Miscalculation of Weight Gain that Will Help Me Fit into Those Dresses Perfectly

No matter how beautiful they all are, if you can’t fit into them, they’re still, scraps, and finally, you’d decided, to donate these dresses you loved for all these years, to someone who may find use for them, translated…

It’d made me feel, regrettable, as I’d opened up my wardrobe, saw those classic, elegant, good quality dresses.  As I was younger, I’d loved dressing up pretty, and enjoyed going to the couture shops to shop, once I got into a high-end couture store that was hosting a sale, and, these few dresses are from my carefully selecting from the racks.

I was only in my thirties, and these dresses seemed, a bit, old-fashioned in style, and they were, a bit, too large for me then, but I’d still told myself, that I got a good bargain for the cost, that maybe they would NOT fit me now, but, as I grew older, into midlife, and gained some weight, then, they will fit me, perfectly!

All the way home, I was, gloating, grinning ear to ear, at my gains, and, saw myself in those, dresses, how elegant I would, appear.  As I got home, I’d, gloated to my husband about what I did.

like this??? Photo from online

“Yeah, they look great, but how do you know for a FACT, that you will, gain weight later on in life?  And besides, maybe, you would change your taste in style by then?”, he’d lightly, poured, that glass of cold water, all over my, parade then.

And, he was half right.  I’d, waited until I’m past sixty, still not gained any extra weight, instead, due to the loss of my muscle mass, I kept at forty-five, forty-six kilograms prior to age fifty, and now, I’m, defending forty-two.  And, although, these dresses still won’t my taste contest, but they’d, drifted, farther, farther, and farther away from where I am now!

Back then I thought I was, “preparing for my future”, and now, it’d become, a “waste of resources”.  Gazing upon those few dresses that I’d kept for more than thirty years, although they still appeared, brand new, but the unchanged fact was, “I can’t wear them”, and there’s nobody I can give them to; I’d made my mind up, I shall, donate them tomorrow then!

And, it’d been told, that “dreams are what keep us alive”, and, yet, a lot of things, they don’t go, as we, planned.  Year after year, I’d often imagined, “one day, I shall, put these, beautiful dresses on me”, I’d dreamed this dream for more than thirty years, and, although, the dreamer still, woke up, but, these more than 10,000 days of dreaming on, I suppose, it was, worth what these, dresses had, cost!

And so, this, is how something you thought that were, too pretty to lose, that you’d kept forever (literally!), still end up as, useless, because you hadn’t gained the weight that you thought you would gain in midlife, and so now, you let these items go, but the images of you, fitting perfectly in those, dresses you loved so very much, shall stay forever fresh, in your, mind.

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The Air, My Friend

What we think doing is healthy for us, but, in the “eyes” of another, species, it’s, just, W-E-I-R-D!!!  The column by Jimmi Liao, translated…

Can’t Understand, WHY is it that Humans are all into Working Out…

It’s because They ALL Have Genetic Anomalies…………

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, off of

And so, this would be, from the “birds” angles, and, they’re, correct, I mean, WHY would we humans, work our asses off, in pursuits of money, fame, yada, yada, yada, when in the end, we all turn into, nothing more than, ashes, and dusts???  That’s the million-dollar, question, isn’t it???

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Taking it All Too, Slow, the Government Led by Tsai is Still Waiting for Our Upset to Finally Get to It

On that losing STREAK now, the DDP is, on the party that DERAILED from the wills of we the people, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The losses of the nine-in-one elections, the pains aren’t even over yet and the DDP is still, evaluating, what went, wrong, then came for it, another loss of the election of the mayor of Chiayi too, and, the head of state, Su kept on, ranting incessantly, and still stalled the flights to and from China, the FDA still, trying to, weasel their ways from the labeling of the exports of items from here to China, the district attorney’s offices are, going all out, going after Kao, with the government of Tsai, keep on, doing things that upset the people that are, unjust.  For the elections in Chiayi, Huang used the 63.6-percent votes, defeated Lee’s 34.8-percent, which clearly stated that we the people, no longer followed the leaderships of the DDP now.

From any angle, however, there’s no hurry nor worries over the DDP’s loss of the local district elections.  In calling out to the party members to “stay together”, the various sects o the DDP maintained their silence, for now, seemingly waiting for Lai to become the chairperson of the party, then, the whole party will have the victories of the 2024 elections in the pockets.  As for what responsibilities should Tsai shoulder, does the cabinet led by Su need to be, switched out, dose the government need to adjust the direction it’s heading, is the party switching out the incompetent members of the higher up offices, none of these, are in the DDP’s, considerations.  Yes, the DDP can still, take its, sweet time, using the word of Chen on the imports of groupers being banned to export to China: we are waiting for the public to get angrier.

until we became, an angry MOB like this, the DDP is not going to look AT itself and examine its own, bad behaviors, until we overthrow the DDP, it won’t know what it’d done wrong! Photo from online

but we the people are just, way too, civilize to rise up or to, RIOT!!!

The DDP had been in power for a whole of six and a half years now, the party’s used to getting its ways with the policies, it may not even recall, what the “upsets of the people” is.  Especially for the president, Tsai, for two whole years, she’d, stayed, out of the spotlight, not hosted any press conferences, or got interviewed by the press, she’s now, only used to public speaking to a small group of press, or posting on FB, not facing up to the questioning or the inquiries of the party, or outside her own political party, and, I’m afraid, that the words, “People’s Opinions” have slowly, gotten, erased from, her, mind.  Based off of the Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation’s latest polls, the rate of support of DDP went from 41.2-percent from three months ago to now, 3.5-percent, and, it’d, intersected with the support for the KMT.  Can these changes, at least, WAKE Tsai up about the people’s opinions of her, as well as her, party too?

Take Chiayi for example, the 2020 elections, Tsai won an all-time-high votes of all of DDP’s history.  At this time, the mayoral elections, Lee only won 32,790 votes, not even a-third of the votes that Tsai had won.  And the DDP doesn’t wonder: where did the missing votes of more than 66,000 go in just a little over two years?  Like Chen, and Lin, the assistant secretary to the presidential office, Lee was also, a favorite of Tsai’s, and, had, just like all others, stepped over other people, to get higher up.  But this time, the Central Election Commission’s delaying voting for Chiayi, in the end, the executive offices, the higher up of the party are, already having their own troubles, and couldn’t help him campaign, and in exchange, the city got an all-time low voting rates, and the DDP’s losing the race.

The DDP took power, and made many calculations for their own benefits, and it’d upset the voters ever the more.  And yet, the evaluation committee led by Cheng that was supposed to evaluate what the party did to cause it to lose big, still can’t hit the bull’s eyes to this very day.  Some blamed it on the elongating of the service terms, causing the younger generations to not vote for the party, some believed, that the stance of the party on the relations with China needs to change, some blamed it on the fake news cognitive warfare; blaming everything, but nobody DARED state the obvious, “it’s because the DDP strayed from the public’s expectations, and the values of democracy”.  Losing to this bad, the party doesn’t even make a peep on the evaluations of what’d happened to it, how will it introspect?  How will it know what it needs to improve on?

What’s worse is not just playing dumb in the post-elections evaluations, but how the members of the party was paid off, and the going after of the members who’d not won.  Before Lai was the chairperson of the party yet, his subordinate, Yu who was fired from his post from his affairs, got put up for the post of the C.E.O. of “Taiwan Information Security Agency”.  And, the younger brother of the legislator, Chiu who was sentenced for the smuggling of the cigarettes in the China-Airlines case, got a promotion that was recently announced by China-Air.  While Kao, the candidate for Hsinchu, who was debated on the fees she’d paid her assistant, had been gone after hard by the district attorney’s office.

Ironic as it is, had the DDP not claimed its grander ideals, it’s double-standards currently, won’t have that adverse an effect to the people; had Tsai not issued so many declaration, using her writing style, her means of ruling this country wouldn’t be interpreted by we the people as cruel.  That big ship is turning slowly now, the DDP is evaluating what went wrong, even, slower, as the upsets of the people get loud enough, then you shall, finally, feel, our, wraths!

And so, this is what this, party-by-the-people is in essence, it’d, SCREWED us over from the days of shortages of vaccines, then, from using the citizens in this country as guinea pigs for the vaccine tests, for importing in the vaccines in late, for banning the imports of BioNTech vaccines late, because the agent is from China, and count up how many are already DEAD, and still dying, contracting the virus here in this country, not to mention, the favoring those immoral losers in the party, and trying to go after those who don’t follow their leads, and it still doesn’t have enough abilities to introspect, and, for certain the DDP is on its way, to losing the major presidential election coming up in 2024 for sure!

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A Wall Called, “Freedom”

What we’re, building, a mirage, a wall called, “freedom”, and we’d been told that it will, keep, everything bad out, that’s why, we’d started, carrying them bricks to this location, stackin’ ‘em up, one atop another, and another, and another, to build up this wall.

A wall called, “freedom”, but, walls are never supposed to be free, are they?  I mean, look at these, four-walls that kept us locked in, in the offices, sitting at our desks, slaving our lives away, and for what, huh?  Some, measly pay!  A wall called, “freedom”, we’d been instructed to build, but, this wall called “freedom”, is actually, a prison instead, keeping us, isolated, in our own means.

we’d, labored, and sweated…

photo from online

A wall called, “freedom”, we’d built it up, and now, we stand underneath it, and realized, that we’d, locked ourselves in here (don’t ask where!), and we got no way of, getting over to the other side, as the grasses are, greener (hello, hello, hello???).

Shouldn’t have built up that wall, no matter WHAT its “name” is in the first place, oopsy, too late for that now, it can’t be torn back down again, once that’s, been, built up!

A wall called freedom, that’s, said to keep everything over at the other side, and, we’d become, the “other” side (whatever it’s composed of!), in building this wall we thought could, free us, from whatever we’re, trying to, escape………………


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