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Untitled for Life

All the things you deemed to be important, are actually, N-O-T!  Helping you put things into, perspective, thoughts from the wilderness, translated…

Laptop, succulent plants, the moon, the fog, the porridge, ended in a day.

The autumn wind became too famished like the screams of that gecko on the wall.

Using a vowel, trying to catch the aromas of the sweet olive from the lanai, and the habanero is also, turning red now.

what we’re, in pursuit of…artwork found online

Suddenly, the sweet talking nightingale started, cussing out.  Urine, held in, to allow all the noises to fall into, their, rightful places.

And so, this, is what you’re, reduced to, unimportant at night, and you need to go to the bathrooms, and something’s holding you back, and it’s, just this, urgency that if you don’t go, your bladder’s gonna, bust, and that, is what becomes, of your, life, meaningless………

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When Falsifying the Ingredients Became “Culture”

Unfortunately, this, had become, a TREND!

When falsifying the ingredients became “culture”, because the world is run by those god DAMN merchants with absolutely NO alternative motive other than making a FEW more EXTRA bucks, and so, that, is why there are so many poisonous foods, expired raw materials being used now.

When falsifying the ingredients became “culture”, there’s NO way to alter it, as this “culture” is already begun, and, until someone DIES from it, nobody’s gonna give a SHIT, because, it didn’t HIT them personally yet, and, even IF someone DIES, it’s still NOT our business, because, it’s not one of our own, who’d died because of it.

When falsifying the ingredients became “culture”, there’s just nothing we can do, to UP the morale, because, the world had, gone to the dogs, oh wait, it’s WORSE, than having the world GONE to the D-O-G-S, because at least, you CAN train your dogs, to SIT, STAY, now, be a good boy, and go FETCH!  But not with people………


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Purpose of Age-Progressing One’s Child

Thanks to the modern day technologies, now, you can get a first look at what your infants will look like when they’re ADULTS, but, why the HELL would anybody want to do that?

The purpose of age-progressing one’s child is, uh, let me think, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wow, I’m STUMPED!  And, you have to ask yourselves: What the HELL are those god DAMN parents thinking of?  And, don’t they KNOW, that the childhood years are the most precious of all, so, why the HELL are they, RUSHING to see what their kid would look like AT age eighteen (as that, is the “marker” for adulthood?).

It’s just one of those POINTLESS things that people do, like use that photoshop program, to see what the two of your children will look like, when you have yet to tie the knot!


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A Perfect Hell

Making Ends Meet, Doing Something that Turns into a Drag…

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Is the Child’s Oversensitivity a Behavior Problem?

So this, is what the parents have to cope with, with a way-too-sensitive child at home, huh???  Translated…

“Your daughter is so very quiet—have you ever considered, taking her to the doctors?”

“Jody is so easily hurt.  If she sees that other children were picked on, she’d cried too.  When she’d heard sad stories, she’d cry.  We don’t know what to do with her.”

“Everybody in the kindergarten is eager to participate in group activities, but, your son just refused.  Is he also this stubborn at home too?”

Do these lines sound familiar?  Of course, these words can get to you, as if, your kid’s the one with the problems, but, your child has a keen sense of observation, shows a lot of care and concerns toward others, and is very sensitive.  You knew real well, that if you heed these words, forced him to get socialized, the child would be in a whole lot of pain.  And, if you go with the flow of your child’s personality characteristics, s/he might be well-off.  And still, as the same words keep coming up, you’d started doubting, whether or not you’re fitting as a parent, and that you might be responsible, for your child, behaving the way s/he does.

How to Education Children Who are Too Sensitive?

You feared, that you may be doing things wrong, worried that no one can help you.  You might have already realized, that most of the parenting books all talked about “behavioral problems”, such as getting agitated easily, distracted, rough, attacking.  From this angle, there’s NOTHING wrong with your child.  There were NO mentions of the problems you’d encountered, eating problems, being too shy, nightmares, worries, and, strong emotional outburst, for no apparent reasons at all.  And, you couldn’t discipline your child using normal methods, even IF you’d just criticized her/him lightly, your child would have a complete meltdown.

The Words of Advice from the Experts:

When people tell you, that something IS wrong with your child, don’t believe them, and don’t LET your child believe them either.  Your child is UNIQUE, that, is not your fault.  Naturally, there would be room for improvement in parent-child interaction techniques, but, don’t ever believe that something IS wrong with you, or your offspring.

Based off of studies, fifteen to twenty percent of the children in the population are born naturally sensitive.  And, with this great number, it’s hardly “abnormal”.  Besides, in ALL the species that’s been studied, there are JUST as high records of individuals in the population that are this sensitive.  And, IF that, is the result of evolution, then, there MUST be a reason for it, we just can’t see it is all.

There are many evidence that suggests, that people who are highly sensitive are NOT necessarily shy, nor are they all neurotic OR anxious all the time, or even, depressed.  For some of the more sensitive members of the population, these emotional responses are caused by environmental stimuli, NOT inborn traits.

What, is a Heightened Level of Sensitivity?

People who have a heightened level of sensitivity are more aware of the details in their surrounding environment, and, before they acted, they’d think, thoroughly first before they took the actions.  Whether it be adults or children, those who are sensitive usually have a higher level of empathy, more intelligent, has strong instincts, with creativity, more careful, with a lot of conscience.

They understood better, the result of their own actions, and so, they’re less willing, to do the wrong things.  They couldn’t cope well with higher volumes of sounds, or an influx of information coming to them at any given time.  They would avoid these stimuli, which makes them appear shy or distant from others.  If they couldn’t avoid the circumstances of being under too many stimuli, then, they’d become “difficult to deal with”, or “way too sensitive”.

Although those who are deemed more sensitive pay attention to the details more, but, they may not have a better sense of sight, hearing, taste, or smell.  But, there are those with a better ability in one of their sensory organs.  The key point here, is that when their brains processed the information, they do it more thoroughly.  Not just their brains, those who are deemed more sensitive also have a stronger spinal reflex too.  Their immune systems are more active, they are prone to develop allergic reactions to things.  Which means, that their bodies are designed, to understand and observe this world even MORE thoroughly.

So, just because your kid cries a lot, or wouldn’t play in groups, PARENTS and TEACHERS, that still doesn’t mean that there IS something wrong with the kid, something IS wrong, with Y-O-U, stupid adult, who work so totally FUCKING (oopsy!!!) hard, to FIT all those little ones, inside just ONE square, but hey, some of us are rectangles, triangles, rhombi, circles, along with an ASSORTMENT of shapes AND sizes, and, we still DON’T just FIT properly to the “norm” (whatever THAT is!!!), so STOP trying to FIT your young INTO certain boxes, and just love them for the way that they are, after all, they still did NOT ask to be BROUGHT to the “outside world”, you two ADULTS are the ones to have FUCKED, and, out still popped???  Oh yeah, those “pretty little MISTAKES” of yours, remember?  Uh, YEAH, and, D-U-H!!!


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Chasing the Illusions

This, is what people are prone to do, because those illusions, they’d offered something wonderful, but, they do NOT realize, that what they’re chasing where, merely, illusions.

Chasing the illusions of what seemingly makes you happy, you’d missed out on WHAT makes you happy, and, went for the wrong “selections”, and hey, it happens, so, you’d made the wrong choices, quick, change your decision!  Oh wait, you can’t, because EVERY single action BEARS consequences, whether or NOT you’d like to admit it.

Chasing the illusions?  Well, is that dumb or what?  And, don’t you realize, that what you’re running so fast, to get to, are merely, oasis inside an endless desert???  (Note: because you are way too dehydrated, that, is why you’d start seeing things that aren’t really there, hello, hello, hello???)

Chasing illusions, why, on earth would anybody want to do that?  And, don’t you know, that it’s way, way, WAY better, to have the painful truths, than to live, in a melodious lie???

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You Make Me Feel So Beautiful

Let me, put on that VANITY suit here…wait for it…wait a little BIT longer………okay, I’m ready!!!

You make me feel so beautiful, and that, is what I’d longed for my whole life, because since I was very young, I’d learned, that a girl must use her beauty, to entice men, because my mama couldn’t keep my daddy happy, and he’d started using ME to “alleviate” himself, because she could NOT fucking (and your point being???) get SATISFIED off of mama!

You make me feel so beautiful, and, I needed that, because without beauty, a woman IS nothing, after all, beauty IS all that matters, isn’t it?  And so, I’d started, pursuing beauty, making myself appear younger than my real age, getting rid of ALL these DAMN wrinkles and SHITS on my face, and, before you know it, I’d drained out my bank accounts, to pursue beauty…

You make me feel so beautiful, because I had always BEEN the ugly duckling of my family, I got a ton of older siblings, and younger ones, who made me feel so inferior, and, I just can’t, get enough attention from my god DAMN parents to this day still.  You make me feel so beautiful, you’re the first man I ever fell for, and, I’m fearing, that if you know how ugly I actually am, you wouldn’t, love me anymore, so yeah, I’ll, keep on, masking my true self up from you all right.

You make me feel so beautiful, uh, yeah, you have GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!  If you need someone else (other than you, that is!!!) to MAKE you feel beautiful, then, you hadn’t taken ANYTHING away from these lessons I’m teaching, and, I would be highly tempted, to BAN those of you who still ain’t learned NOTHING (and your point being???) from these “lectures” of mine yet………

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Tricks that the Magic Mirror Played…

Since Day One as the Evil Queen took OVER Snow White’s father’s household, she’d gone to that Magic Mirror of hers, and asked it who is the prettiest of them all…

And, after awhile, the Magic Mirror got tired of lying to the Evil Queen, because she’s aging, and, no longer young as the days keep marching on and on, and on.

The Magic Mirror started playing tricks on the Evil Queen, fearing its own life, it’d started, showing the Evil Queen what she wanted to see, and, the Evil Queen was lured, into that false sense of security, of how she was still, the fairest of them all.

Tricks that the Magic Mirror played, because there are still, too many, out in this world, who are still, too TRAPPED by the way they looked, and they’d ended up, doing what they can (face lifts, skin chemical peels, facials, plastic surgeries, etc., etc., etc.) to keep their youths intact, and now, as someone stands in front of the Magic Mirror and asked it, “Who’s the prettiest of them all?”, the Magic Mirror, from saving ITS own sorry ass, merely reflected a younger version of the person………

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Her Endless Pursuit of Beauty

She’d learned, since she was a child, that only the beautiful gets everything!  And so, she’d started, on that endless pursuit, to make herself more and more beautiful, but, as she aged, wrinkles, sunspots, along with other problems that comes with aging all slowly, come over her body.

And yet, she’d still sought out beauty, endlessly, her endless pursuit of beauty, kept her going for years on end, but, for what?  She’d still aged, and, started, losing her beauty, and, she’d started, to grab onto, her beauty, as hard as she possibly could.

Her endless pursuit of beauty, it’d made her stray from the real purpose, she’d lost sight, of what’s important, and started, chasing mirages in her life, and in the end, everything ELSE was gone, taken away from her, even those great quality of hers, in the end, she’d still withered away, because as she grew old, she’d become old, and gray, and because she’d pursued beauty endlessly when she was younger, she’d let the important matters slide, and that, is just a total waste, because, she could’ve been more, done more, focused on something ELSE more important, but she didn’t!

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The Dried-Up Fountain of My Inspiration

It’s a DROUGHT, people, this dried-up fountain of my inspiration, and, I’d sat here, for god knows how long already, and still, NOTHING came to my mind!

The dried-up fountain of my inspiration, maybe, I should just leave this fountain, for the time being, and come back later, then, maybe, it’ll fill itself back up, with juices of inspiration once more, who knows???

The dried-up fountain of my inspiration, since you’d been gone, I couldn’t get inspired, looking left AND right, things were so much easier, when you were with me, it’s like, you’re my muse or something…

The dried-up fountain of my inspiration, well, now, I’m totally trapped, in this scorching desert, and, I looked left and I glanced right, there’s NOT an oasis for hundreds of miles around, NOT even the mirage of one, and I’m dying, dying of thirst here!!!

The dried-up fountain of my inspiration, maybe, it’s best, that I just, lay down and die, after all, what USE is it, for a man, who thrives on inspiration, who’s now, without???  I’d lost, my sense of purpose, and I can’t find it back again.

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