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Will the Doctors Get Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

With the way things are going, maybe, in ‘bout, say???  Twenty to, fifty years-ish???  How the artificial intelligence still can’t quite replace humans in sum, as A.I. lacked the emotions, the empathy, that’s only there in living organisms, translated…

By 2040, everybody will have an app on their cell phone, the A.I. Physician.  On call 24/7, all year, round.

We would only need to slide a bit, then, there would be a “symptom checker”, after we’d clicked the symptoms we will be experiencing, the press “enter”, then, there would be a “bionic doctor” in a white robe, with the black-rimmed glasses who’d appear.

Looking like human, with the ironed white robe, slender hands, a representation of the professionals of the medical field, precises, calm, super-natural………it’s just, that we won’t know, if he would, follow, the, “Hippocratic Oath”

Everybody’s A.I. watch has a “patient’s end”, at all time, sending and receiving all our vital signs, the data from our systems.  There will be no more of doctors and physicians telling us what’s wrong with us, there’s the texts that are going to get sent out by automation: “Mr. X, you have fourth stage colon cancer”.

This is NO illusion, as artificial intelligence grows stronger yet, it’d recently passed the American physicians certification exams.  It’s just, that before it can, start providing quality medical care, it still needed to have “empathy” and, “means to create”, there’s still, long ways, to, go:

It can analyze the patients’ symptoms, but it can’t nod its head, and tell the patients, “life’s hard, isn’t it?”

It can read and understand the professional medical researches on the medical journals, but can’t tell a bad joke, to help the patients forget about their bodily discomfort temporarily.

It can perform the surgeries with great precision in the operating tables, but it won’t make the rounds to the check on the patients, holding the patients’ hands, and tell them, “don’t worry, everything will be, all right now”.

It can analyze the germ culture taken from the patients’ bodies, but can’t high-five or hooray with the patients, as they battled and won that fight with a hard-to-conquer infection.

It can’t tell a lie to make the patients feel a bit less scared, nor can it hand the patient that blanket when the room gets, too, cold.  When the patients melt down, it can’t hand them that Kleenex tissue, to give them that sense of, “someone understands what I’m going through right now”.

can artificial intelligence do this??? Video found off of YouTube

Sitting with a “fourth stage tumor” patient, it will become even more flustered.  Because “humanity” is the only, healing method, helping the patients, walk on that path that’s paved with the unknowns, and the hardships and what scared the patients.

True, we can’t make ourselves more intelligent that A.I., we can only, make ourselves more “human”, to try our best to delay the onset of human race getting taken over by A.I. eventually.

There’s a new batch of fifth-year medical students coming in, as their mentoring professor, suddenly, I’d felt so heavy on my shoulders: in the age of artificial intelligence, what should the “humanistic education in medicine” look, like?

As the currently medical environment is no longer well enough to train the new, in the means of how work performance ranked as top priorities, “love” and “empathy” became, cast aside as unimportant values, and, the interactions between people reduced to nil, and the trust that we have established with one another, diminishes.

There’s a perfect storm that’s, currently forming.  And, heaven knows, what this A.I. will turn this world into?  Do the medical professionals even have a future to look forward to as artificial intelligence takes, over?

I’d told my students, if you treat medicine like a “life science” subject, then, it may be a bit, difficult.  But thankfully, other than the “scientific”, there are still a ton of things, we will be able to do, for our, patients.

Greeting them gently, using the words that are, genuine, and discover the patient, behind, the disease and illness, giving her/him some advices s/he may find, useful.

Spend time to carry on in conversations, to explain, to encourage.  In the chaos, helping them find, that sense of, diminishing, order.  Help plan that path for them to keep moving onward.  Telling your patients: “You’re not alone in this, I will be with you, every step of the way!”

That, is the most basic skills of the medical professionals who treat patients.  And, you’d not even, administered the medications, yet, and the patients no longer feel threatened by the illnesses, the fears are, slowly, gone, away, with the reduction of levels of stress, that sense of, helplessness, with hope, rebuilding, back up again.

You can’t necessarily find the cures with “science”, but, you can, give your patients that feeling of, “I’m being, well cared for”.  The patient will be quite grateful, that you were there, beside her/him, at the critical moments in her/his life, fighting for her/him.

Face-to-face, the words that were exchanged inside the room.  Listening to what your patients are feeling, and, express your own, truest, emotions too.  This, is the weakest link of artificial intelligence, and also, what’s most precious of, being, human.

So, despite how artificial intelligence may be able to correctly diagnoses and treat someone with whatever illnesses or conditions that the patients may have, and perhaps, curing the person, it still lacked that needed empathy, which is what sets us aside from the machines, and, no matter how artificial intelligence will advance itself, it can only just, perform the tasks we assign it to perform, or maybe, make the simplified decisions, while the higher function thinking abilities, it’s still, only, unique, to real, human beings!

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The Overuse of ChatGPT, are We Grooming the Younger Generations to Become, Nonthinkers?

Because as artificial intelligence get more and more intelligent, human intelligence, goes, DOWN, DOWN, D-O-W-N, and seeing how we’d become, completely, overly reliant on these, high-tech, artificial intelligence things, yeah, this is THE, irreversible, result, I’m afraid…on how as technologies get smarter, humans become, dumber, dumber, and, dumber still, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of people are putting ChatGPT on that high pedestal, even, there are the senior professors from info-tech majors of universities, demanding that the students write their computer programs using ChatGPT.  This was something that worried me, because by so doing, we are, slaughtering the creative minds of our, students.

There are two steps to the students’ writing the computer programs, the first, map out the plans of process, second, using the language of programming, to write out the programs.  The plans of the process are like the architecture designs when you build houses, needing the logical thoughts when drawing it out, and, making the well-rounded engineers who are agile in writing the computer programs, that’s helping the engineering students increase their logic thinking abilities.  And once the plans of the process are drawn out correctly, then, it became, quite easy, for the programs to get, written out.  In other words, if students can’t draw the process maps, they will never know how to write the computer programs.

And so, here’s what I can’t understand, why are the professors using ChatGPT to teach the students to write the computer programs?  Because the designs of the processing maps, are definitely to be written and drawn out by the students on their own.  A lot of professors, when teaching the students to write the programs, will emphasize the ability of the mapping process of the students’, meaning, that if the professors find, that a student can’t draw the processing maps well enough, the professors will then, work really hard, to help the student gain the logical thinking, skills.

Having the skills in logical thinking, that’s a most important asset of the individual.  We’d gone astray in the education of the next generations here, the exams are primarily multiple-choice type questions, ignoring the key of critical thinking skills in the students.  We can imagine, that when a student in taking her/his math exams, the logic was correct, but miscalculated the answers, and surely, that would be, a deduction of the points scored.

the WWF showdown of the high-tech era is on! Photo from online

In middle school when we’d learned algebra, we naturally used the application-style questions to teach the students.  And this is a two-step solving process, the first, set up a formula with the variables, second, find the solution to this formula.  The Bo-Yo Foundation stressed the ability to use these skills, and there are the websites that helped the students learn to write out the formulas first before plugging in the numbers.  And this, is training the students’ logic abilities, because if the students can’t write out the formulas, surely, s/he couldn’t, plug in the digits, to find the answers to the, problems.

And, if the students are having troubles with the uses of words, surely, they can refer back to their textbooks, Google, ask the instructors to explain, or use ChatGPT, because this has nothing to do with acquiring the logical thinking skills.  But, I’m truly, worried that a lot of the instructors disregarded the students’ critical thinking abilities, they’d encouraged the students, to “go ask ChatGPT” on everything, and, this is the means, of creating the next generations of, nonthinkers, which may be disastrous to the country.

And so, this still reiterates, how as the technologies got more and more intelligent, humans became, dumber, dumber, and, dumber, like this new (maybe it wasn’t!) invention of this A.I. program, ChatGPT, it’d, taken away the chance of the students to look up what they wanted to understand, and just, BREASTFEED the answers to the students, which in turn, will cause this, younger generation of tomorrow, to have NO critical thinking skills, and, if we’re looking at these younger generations, ruling over us, boy oh boy, are we, SCREWED???

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Dad, Can I Use ChatGPT to Do My Homework?

Yeah uh, these, modern day technological advances, are making sure, that the kids do NOT turn in their own work, which means, that they won’t be using their BRAINS at all, and that would then, ultimately lead to???  Yeah, a bunch of BRAINLESS idiots that became the “losers” (instead of leaders???) of TOMORROW, and the fate of all mankind gets, FUCKED up!  The artificial intelligence program (is it now???) that made the leaders of tomorrow into, LAZY IDIOTS, taking away their ability to think FOR themselves! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My middle-school age daughter came home a few days ago, told me, that all her classmates had ChatGPT to do their assignments for them, and asked if she could too?

I was stunned at the moment, and all I could tell her was, “I’ll…think……about………it…………”

The instinctive dialogue, made the users who are using ChatGPT feel like they’re talking to a friend, or asking a teacher a question, more importantly, it’d helped resolved the problems that the users may, have, analyzes the conditions, and offer a workable resolve, this is how ChatGPT can attract more than 13 million users per day.

Now, the children are raised digitally, plus every student has an iPad, the push forth of the digital learning policies, and this means of learning, will take over the elementary, the middle school years soon, and the parents and instructors will be split into two minds: do we worry about how the kids can get the answers to the problems from ChatGPT or are we, happy, that ChatGPT can be used, as a helper in learning?  With using ChatGPT risked, lowering the logical thinking ability in children?

Here, I have summed up FIVE positive ways that the adults can see ChatGPT:

First, the adults need to learn: the twelve-year national education mandates stressed that the students will acquire the ability to learn on their own, to find their own means to learn things, and the parents, educators, growing with the technological advances, would be, the BEST way to teach as role models to the students.  Therefore, the instructors, the parents need to get acquainted with the program of ChatGPT, the principle which ChatGPT is based off of, the scenarios where the program is used, so they can understand, under what circumstances, their young go t ChatGPT to get the answers.

Secondly, focus more on the process of learning, encourage the children to enjoy the process of knowledge acquisition, to explore, to discover, to think, instead of trying to get the answer only.  Reminding the children, that ChatGPT is merely, a tool, that it’s not a database of answers they need, that they need to use the program to understand the problems, and use their own thinking processes, their creativity, to come up with the answers.

Third, focus on the honesty in learning: reminding the children, that copying someone else’s answer is immoral, that it would damage their reputation.  And guide them, to know that using ChatGPT to find the answers is okay, but they have to use their own understanding, and creativity, to restate the answers they get from the programming.

Fourth, teach them the techniques of usage: teaching the children to effectively use ChatGPT.  For instance, help them clarify the questions they wanted to ask, select the fitting key terms for the searches, and, know how to tell if the responses from ChatGPT is accurate and real and factual.

Fifth, restrict the usage: set up the limits and restrictions that your children will use ChatGPT, only allow them to use the program to resolve a certain type of problems.  For instance: you can use the outlines given by ChatGPT when writing, but you can’t use the program, to get the entire essay written for you.

The tools aren’t good or bad, it’s all up to the users’ states of mind, as a tool to help learning, ChatGPT can increase the efficiency of learning for students, making learning more convenient, but, at the very start of how to operate the program, the adults need to guide the children how to use the program correctly, through the parents and teachers using the program alongside the children, helping them with acquire the right, morally responsible values of use.  ChatGPT is a tool that has a huge effect, it can assist children in their learning, then, through the children’s own abilities for thought, creativity, and judgments, to help them resolve the problems.  Artificial intelligence cannot, and should NOT replace the children’s critical thinking skills, creativity, and, their learning to socialize, to interact with the world around them.

And so, this is a program (I think!) that’s devised, to answer ALL our questions for us, and, if the kids are allowed to use this program to do their assignments, then, why the @$%# would they still have use for their brains?  I mean, just ask ChatGPT (like how we adults, just “ask Google” too!), and ye shall, receive!

Wow, so ChatGPT IS god of the 21st, Century then???

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Enormous Firepower, the Police Busted the Very First Case of 3-D Printing Shop of Rifles

We can now, print out own ARMS, inside the “comfort” of our own homes now, and, that just make these dangerous arms, even MORE easily, accessible, and imagine if this technology gets into, the “wrong hands”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

the forklift driver, Lee was suspected of buying equipment including a 3D printer and other materials to print out the guns, as the police searched his place, he was printing out the body of a rifle, the police confiscated two fully printed rifles at his place, this was the very first case of rifles confiscated from 3-D printing; as Lee heard that the police was sending his guns in for testing to see if it can be used as a weapon, he’d told them there wasn’t a need, he’d already, successfully, fired the guns sixty-five times.  The D.A. set his bail at $50,000N.T. after they interrogated him.

There are already cases of printing guns using 3D printers from other countries, the sixth of the investigations unit of the Detective Agency received the intel last September online, that the thirty-six-year-old man, Lee bought the needed supplies to print out a gun, that he was suspected of making the weapons on his own, and called it in to the Chiayi District Attorney’s Office to have them sign off on a search.

and the step-by-step “how-to” from online…with all the parts, labeled, and the assembling means on the “next page”…from online

The Detective Agency tagged along the Chiayi Police to surveil Lee, found that he worked as a forklift operator, that he’d not gotten into close contact with anybody in his family, or at work, that he had a simple style of life, and already bought the 3D printers, the metal barrels, the prop bullets and other items needed to print out the three-dimensional guns,, they suspected that he may have other skills needed to print out guns.

On the ninth, the police went to Lee’s residence, with a search warrant, at the time, Lee was printing the gun barrel of a rifle using the 3-D printer, and was caught right in the act, the police found two already-printed rifles, three semi-made rifles, an altered gun, a mock gun, and semi-completed handgun, eleven more gun barrels, seventy-one bullets, sixty-five shell casings, and the three-dimensional printers, the raw materials used to print the weapons, and other viable evidence.

The police stated that they are to take the guns to the criminal investigations unit for forensics, Lee told them on site, “No need, already tested them, they have, firepower!”, claimed that the sixty-five shell casings the police confiscated was from the two rifles he’d printed out, and tested.

the “end product”…

photo from online

Lee told, that what drove him to print the firearms was because he was “picked on” by someone, that with a gun gains you the respect; the police suspected that Lee printed the arms to sell them, and the case is viewed as laws against possessions of dangerous firearms, the D.A. set his bail at fifty-thousand dollars N.T.

The police told, it costs around ten thousand dollars N.T.s to buy a 3D printer, there are the multiple diagrams of gun assembling, gun printing formatting, that it is easy for someone who wanted them to download, and it only takes around four days for a rifle to get printed out, that it’s usable, like the rifles bought in the gun shops, that this may turn into a cause of concern of possessions of dangerous firearms in the local communities.

And so, thanks to the modern day advances of technology, you can print anything, if you know where to download the pictures, and that’s just really bad, because, everybody can own a dangerous firearm, with enough firepower to commit murder, making this world, that much more, dangerous than ever before.

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In the Face-Switch Case, the Primary Suspect, Yu Pleaded Guilty & Sought Mediation in Her Sentencing

The verdict, of the woman, who’d, used someone else’s face in a photo, with the nude bodies that’s of another, and, the hammer came down on her!  On crimes and punishment, cyberbullying here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and his twenty-two-year-old assistant, Chuang, used the face-switch capabilities of high tech devices, produced the pornographic footages, putting the famed actresses, youtubers, politicians, and sold the footages for a huge profit of over $13.38 million N.T.s, they were charged on aggravated slander, obstruction of social order, and violating the personal data protection act, indicted.  Yesterday was the first day of the trial at Hsinbei District Court, Chu admitted to the guilty pleas, the case went into simplified trial mode, because there were too many victims, the judge decided to call them all one by one to the stand, to see if mediation can be achieved.

with this sort of an effect

photo found online, only with the sexually illicit images in this particular case!

After the court ended the sessions, “Yu” walked out of the courthouse, and faced the pressed, “I’d admitted to my own wrongdoings, and I want to offer my most sincere apologies to all of my victims”, and bowed to apologize to all the victims.

The district attorneys believed, “Yu” and Chuang, for their own personal profits, abused the technology, made the pictures of 119 women into sexually illicit footages via cut and paste, and, shared the photos online repeatedly, causing even more damages to the victims, and had, selected their victims via a voting call online, objectifying women; but, considering how the two suspects admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A. advised the courts to confiscate all the earnings from their crimes, and charged them with violation of other people’s privacy, asked the courts to give them both a sentence that fitted to their, crimes.

The victims included Kao, the legislator, the city councilwoman from Kaohsiung, Huang, Huang, who was a former spokeswoman for the mayor’s office of Taipei, and there were those in the movie/entertainment industries, Jolin Tsai, Cheng, Kuo, as well as YouTubers too.  But the president, Tsai, who was said as a previous victim wasn’t among those who’s photos were misused.

The Hsinbei District Court prepared the case, with “Yu” pleading guilty in court, hoping to reach a settlement agreement with all of the victims; the judge presiding told “Yu”, the next time the court is in session all the victims will all get called to come up all at once, to see which ones are willing to settle through mediation.  “if the perpetrator receives enough forgiveness from the victims, the sentences will reduce by a great deal”.  The next hearing is scheduled for June third.

And hopefully, these “victims”, don’t forgive this individual easily, after all, this, is easily done all over again, I mean, you can, just, cut and paste someone’s head onto someone (or something!) else’s body, and, spread it out online, and, there’s no set law, to prevent this sort of using the internet to bully, to defame, to paste some famous person’s head to a naked woman (or a man)’s, body here.

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The Students Angered, on How the Server of the Learning Profiles Upload Lost Their Data and that the Department of Education’s Telling Them to Reupload the Data, Too Easy for the Department of Education to Blurt that Out

The system DOWN, and all of those “tiny little children” who FAILED to BACK up their work, got totally, SCREWED over!!!  And, woe is, T-H-E-M, due to NO backup, they’re, totally, @#$%ED up that’s for sure…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the 7,854 high school students from eighty-one schools, September 25 WAS, a total, NIGHTMARE.  On that day, the media disclosed that the system of learning profile because of moving onto an alternative server, and there was a glitch, and due to, no backup, 25,000 already uploaded learning process profiles had been, damaged and can’t be, recovered back.

the students who got, @#$%ED up, because they can’t, possibly, duplicate, this…

working hard on their projects of the learning process profiles! Photo from online

Taoyuan’s Wuling High School senior, En-En (a false name) was one of the “victims” of this, system glitch, he’d pointed out, that the college admissions committees in the past stated that the projects are weighed n quality, not quantity, he’d put everything he had into every file he’d uploaded, and yet, in just one night, all of his second semester of this second-to-last year of high school, gone in one night.

The last year student from Zhongshan All-Girls’ High School, Ming-Ya (a false name) also testified, that although her school wasn’t affected by the glitch, but, there were friends of hers from other schools, because they’d not backed up their work, they’d decided, to give up on the admissions using the applications, and focused on the academic exams; the Department of Education doesn’t have a CLUE of how hard it would be for the students to REUPLOAD their files, “we’re preparing for our college entrance exams in our final year of high school, we do NOT have the time to do all of that all over again.  And, the learning process results, after we’d uploaded it, it’s done, it’s, not possible for us to return the files back to what we’d sent it in as that first time.”

En-En stated, that even as the Department of Education pays the instructors by the hours now, to help the students reupload their work, there were many students who’d gone to the instructors to discuss the matters by themselves, most would rather just, bury their heads down and work it again, or, do the reports on ones own, or with a group, the assistance wasn’t helpful enough one bit.

The National Guild of High School Education’s secretary, Hsu called out to the Department of National Education, try and finish inventory of what’s lost per school, and if the students had the backups of their own files, back it up, and, those who couldn’t find their work, set up the specialty cases with the schools independently to try and recover, so the instructors who are on the frontlines can know which students are in need of the re-counseling, to prevent the kids giving up on themselves, because they don’t want to redo the projects again, which will cause even more unfairness.

And so this is still why, we ALWAYS and FOREVER, BACK UP our files, and, back up THAT backup files, because if we don’t, this can happen, and, it’s just, a tiny little blip in the system, that’s, going to screw, ALL these, high school last year students over, and, to think, that they originally had the opportunities, to get into, the topnotch universities, but, because of that tiny glitch, they’d, lost that, and it’s still the fault of???  Oh yeah, the DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION here, and boy oh boy, am I glad, that I’m out of the school setting already here.

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With National Security as a Call of the Information Leaks, There Would Only be Many More of the Elementary, Mistakes Made

It’s only, that tiny “blip” that’s caused a ton of high schoolers’ data getting lost, kinda like how it was only a “touch” of the buttons by the employee of Taipower that’s, caused, that huge, blackout, and next time, who knows, it might be, a hacker, who gets her/his hands, on all our, personal data, and we the people can do nothing, because we all became, pigs to the slaughter!  The government really needs to tighten up on information security here, but, does it?  HECK no, it’d rather, spend all our money, on shits like, the five-times vouchers, the “freebie” vouchers for the drawings, and there’s nothing WE the people can do ‘bout it!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translate…

The government here viewed information security as matter of national security, and more than 20,000 uploaded learning process case files went missing, the experts believed, that the central government was lacking in its means of supervising the systems well, not listed the “loss of data” into the costs of the program set up, the information security budget of the Legislative Department hadn’t increased for many years, that “national security” is, nothing more than, a motto only, and similar things will keep on recurring.


photo from online

The anonymous experts in information security stated, “the department of education’s failure to backup this sensitive, and vital data, had it been a well-known electronic company that’s done this, losing the clients’ information, and asked the clients to resubmit the data, the company would’ve already gotten, bankrupt.”, he’d spoken straight, that the attitude of uncaring enough toward the matter of information security, it’s a microcosm of this government, and “things like this will only keep on, recurring.”

The security expert observed, that the banking industries with huge amounts of personal data, is kept on a tight watch by the board of committee members of the industry, the telecommunications, the cable companies, under the NCC, once there’s a leak of personal data, the loss of data, a huge fine will be enforced, “not just talking about the fines, but really the fines will get, enforced!”

The government’s viewing data security as national security, adding the security updates to the various department, but the department responsible for the whole of the information security of the country, for these past three years, the budgets allotted stayed at $3.31 million N.T.s.  There’s the higher risks of data security by the days, to the point of having too much information into the systems, and the budgets of the department, and the tasks the department had been required to handle, doesn’t, even out.

or worse, this…

and, all your information, without the backup files, gone, and you got, NO way, of recovering them again!

Mr. Lee, who’s familiar with the innerworkings of the information technology system used by the government believed, that the budgets in the sales department had been cut each and every year, causing the budget to focus on the information communications only, and not the backup files, the “low end” mistakes of losing the data of the students’ learning process profiles, will be other departments’ example to take from too.

A government worker told the press reporter of this paper, that after buying in more of the communication software, the information accumulated, but the public department’s equipment only has a five to ten year usage rate, and before that date expires, the systems of operations, the equipment can’t be switched out, “so what happens when there’s not enough storage space?  We can only, ask for the funds from the specialty projects, but this is not a long-term solution to this problem.”, the worker said with a worrisome tone of voice, that this time, it was only the learning process profiles that got lost in the systems, and who can guarantee, that what’s lost the next time it happens, won’t be the people’s, personal, information?

And so, this is still, only, a “tiny blip”, in the, bigger system that’s, the problems here.  The systems aren’t up-to-date, and, naturally, when something gets used for a long, long time, it fries, and, this time, it was only, the high schoolers’ learning process profiles that “got lost” in the server, and, who knows, the next time, it may be that file of all of our, health insurance cards, our identification numbers that got, “eaten” by the, system, and what’s worse, is that hackers can hack into the systems, and, get their hands on all of that, and, voila, the information, leaked!!!

And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do about it, because the government still doesn’t, budget enough of our taxes, on the matter of, information technology safety here…

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The Ambassador of Peace on LINE

Trying to keep the peace, when members in your group are at each other’s throats, when they get on each other’s nerves, what can you do?  Try to mediate, in a round-and-about sort of a way, so you don’t end up, as the common enemies, but it’s, not that easy!  Translated…

My daughter-in-law one day, chimed excitedly, to the Family LINE group, how there’s, a night market close to her home, and the photo she’d sent to the group was a street, lit up with the lights during the nights, with a world of fried food stands, the arcades, I’d immediately replied back, “be careful as you don’t know the quality of oils the owners used to fry the foods, and the kids shouldn’t be allowed to play those arcades, as they may be easily addicted to these games…………”

As soon as I’d typed all of that, my daughter who’s away on another continent immediately added on, “it’s fine that you go and take that stroll every now and then.”  I was shocked, I’d, immediately recycled my message back.  Thinking about this calmly, if someone rained on my parade, it naturally would, make me feel, awful, and it wouldn’t matter if the words that someone was saying to me was right!  I’d, contemplated, and felt grateful for my daughter’s round-and-about-way of reminding me, so I slammed on the brakes before damages are done.

My friend was once the head of a certain club, he’d shared things on LINE quite a lot.  He’d told, that often, as a subject of discussion was opened for debate, some of the group had started, firing those cannons, some, quite stubborn, to one’s own beliefs, some swayed with how the winds were blowing, some agreed to others’ words, and the words were sharpened, ready for war.  The most often was the fight for the parties in the politics, some debated on the policies, some toward the incumbents, and, it’d, made it difficult, for my friend, who wanted to try and mediate between those who are then, engaged, and, he’d, spoken of his “New Year’s Resolution” aloud via LINE.

He’d said, “from here on out, no talks of politics, no personal attacks.  When we have a difference of opinions, DO delete those emotional words, to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, rationally”, and, for the six months that followed, there’s, more harmony within the group of LINE.

getting into an argument on LINE

illustration found online

With the inventions of the high-tech gadgets, it’d, made people leap into an alternative world, the parents are, disregarding the needs of their children more now, and the problems between the couples, the parents and children, worsened, as our heads, lowered to our high-tech gadgets these days.

But, think on it, it’s not the gadgets that are awful, it’s the mindsets of the users, and the timing.  If one can use the gadgets, and not let these high-tech devices control us, then, we won’t become, slaves.  Like how those who’d retired who don’t live with their children, sliding on their tablets or cell phones, sending the messages, their emotions found a viable outlet, and they’re, able to get some news and new information from everywhere around.  Sometimes, they’re even, having a webcam conference with the children and grandchildren who don’t live close by, the comfort from interaction with one’s own loved ones, although they’re, separated physically, but they’d become, more than, connected psychologically.  To the point when there’s an emergency, the high-tech devices are, very good for sounding off the alarms.

illustration from

圖/Tai Pera

My friend’s older sister-in-law didn’t get along with her parents, although one live up north, the other, south, they’d still gotten on each other’s bad side over miniscule matters, and, as the two sides were getting heated on the group on LINE, she’d, privately texted her youngest nephew, told him to commend his mother on her cooing, how he’s, looked after so well, so the grandparents who lived faraway, in the southern parts of the island know, that they have a good daughter-in-law.  And, other than posting the messages on how to live well, my friend told her older sister-in-law that her parents had, commended her in their circles of friends, how they’re, so proud of her.  And naturally, the problems between this mother and daughter-in-law pair, slowly, resolved on their own.

Working hard, being the middleman of peace, at first, you may feel, tried, because you couldn’t make the results of the changes you want to see happen faster, but, after awhile, the results will, show.  The communications apps are of various sorts and kinds, with the members numerous, and, it certainly isn’t by chance, that we’d, found each other, in the vastness of the ocean-full of people.  If you can cherish this affinity, and, work hard, as a connector in every group you’re involved in, keeping the peace, for everybody’s sake, as you turn on the apps, it can only bring you joys in the days.

This is on, being, THE middleman, and, this woman has some valid points, but, I don’t, necessarily agree with her on everything.  I mean, it’s important, that you want to keep the peaceful flow of conversations on your LINE accounts, sure, but sometimes, you just, can’t ignore how someone’s words made you flare up, and, if you don’t find a valid way to get the angers you feel out, then, it will surely, damage you, and not just your relationship with that other person.  And yeah, a middleman who will help, diffuse this, lit up bomb, may be necessary in these cases, but not always.

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Purpose of Age-Progressing One’s Child

Thanks to the modern day technologies, now, you can get a first look at what your infants will look like when they’re ADULTS, but, why the HELL would anybody want to do that?

The purpose of age-progressing one’s child is, uh, let me think, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wow, I’m STUMPED!  And, you have to ask yourselves: What the HELL are those god DAMN parents thinking of?  And, don’t they KNOW, that the childhood years are the most precious of all, so, why the HELL are they, RUSHING to see what their kid would look like AT age eighteen (as that, is the “marker” for adulthood?).

It’s just one of those POINTLESS things that people do, like use that photoshop program, to see what the two of your children will look like, when you have yet to tie the knot!


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Note-Taking on the Laptops, the College Students’ Writing Abilities Had Deteriorated

Just like I had said before: as the technologies got smarter, people become DUMBER!!! From the Newspapers, translated…

The electronics had invaded the college campuses, in class, the students no longer put their pens to paper, instead, they’d lowered their heads, kept their eyes on their laptops, as they took notes, as they’d gone into the classrooms, they’d sat down, take out their laptops, iPads, cell phones, those who were typing, “sliding”, filming are all in action. There are even college students who pointed out that almost HALF of their classes are now, composed of those who used electronic devices to take notes in class.

The technical university student, Yang stated, that there are almost half of the members of his class who are using cell phones, to record the professors’ lectures, or used their iPads, their laptops, to take notes, and, only a quarter of his classmates are still writing the notes by hand.

A student from Danjian University, Wu pointed out, that out her class of ten, only three are still taking notes by hand in class, the rest are using iPads or laptops to do it. But now, some of the professors had stated that the students can’t use their laptops for their research reports, and even IF you’d found the answers on google, you still must write the answers down by hand, “at least, go through the processes of reading, and recording down one’s findings.”

The Taiwanese Teacher’s University grad student, Huang said, some of the instructors at the graduate level would NOT allow their students to bring a laptop to class, fearing that they might be working on something unrelated to the class, or, surfing on Facebook, but, on the undergrad level, it would be harder, for the professors to keep track.

The student, Chen from Poli-Sci University, said, the students who are easily distracted in class, it wouldn’t matter IF they have a laptop or not, using a laptop to take notes in class, it’s easier, to e-mail it to the classmates, and, one can look up materials that the professor’s lecturing on for further understanding, “back then, we’d lowered our heads to take notes, and, every time we’re done writing, we’d forgotten, what the professor just lectured us on.”

The NTU graduate student, Jiang stated, that in graduate course, half of his classmates are typing up the notes, and, in the in-class presentations, they’d used powerpoint. After you’d gotten used to typing, it would take you longer, to write every single word out, other than not being familiar with the writing tools, you must think hard, on how to write some of the characters too.

We’re writing less and less by hand, a lot of college students don’t have great penmanship. A student, Wu, from a private university in the southern strips told, that over seventy-percent of her classmates are using laptops to take the notes in class, and, during the day, other than signing for the delivered packages or filling out the doctor’s slips at the health center, there is little opportunity, for one, to write, “My hands would start to tremble when I write, and I’d write so illegibly.”

Yang told, that typing up the characters will cause the handwritings to become slow, and it’d made our language abilities deteriorate too.

He’d stated, that some friends’ writing are truly illegible, and the fonts are varied, “they wrote like kids who’d just begun to learn how to write”. A lot of college students loved writing online, but, they couldn’t use the characters in the right ways.

And once again, this, is the EFFECTS of being TOO reliant on modern day technologies, you’d become DETERIORATED, in what you should know how to do, and, if this “trend” keeps going, then, the world is totally SCREWED here!

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