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My Maternal Grandfather Who Was a Master Puppeteer

The life of this man, was as with many twists and turns, as the puppet shows he’d, performed in…translated…

This year at the before-the-New-Year Cleaning, I’d started sorting through the stacks of photo albums on the shelves, in the messy, not ordered by dates old photos, I’d found my long ago, already forgotten maternal grandfather.  If he were still around, he would be, a hundred and eleven this year.

When I was in the elementary years, he was already, elderly, but every now and then, he’d taken the train from Changwha by himself to Kaohsiung to stay with us.  Remembered how one time during the summer vacations, after we’d finished the tape of the puppet shows we’d rented, he’d started, telling the stories of old.

His father died young, his mother remarried, and so, at a very young age, he’d started, drifting around, thankfully, there was a man who’d, taken him in—a master puppeteer in Yunlin, saw that he was young, but quite intelligent, and learned really quickly, he’d, taken him in as his apprentice, and passed the skills of puppeteering to him.

the master puppeteer, performing with the puppets…photo from online

My maternal grandfather was illiterate, and had hired those who can read, to read the books to him, to tell him the tales, anything from the Tri-Kingdoms, the Seven Swordsmen, as he’d listened to those tales once, and, he could, recall the details, and put on the shows, and made the puppets perform the actions, in those days when the mic hadn’t been invented, using his diaphragm, he was able to star in the performances at the temple celebrations, and used this skill of his, to make a lot of, money, became quite famous in the central regions.

I’d privately asked mom out of curiosity, why he’d suddenly, retired, and stopped, putting on the, acts?  Turned out, every time he’d done a performance, he’d gambled his earnings on the dices, and, lost almost, all of his earnings for the shows, he’d, performed to gambling, rarely brought home any of what he’d, earned in the performances.  And, my maternal grandfather’s mother-in-law was quite intelligent, every time she received the news of him coming home, she’d immediately, cleared out the storages of rice, stashed the rice at another location in the kitchens, with only a bowl of salted water on the supper tables, and a few yams, to show how bad the situation at home is to my maternal grandfather, showed, that “this is the only things we had to eat”.

Later on, one day, when my eldest aunt was still quite young, she’d stolen a salted fish from the vendor when he wasn’t looking, took it home, and started eating it like it was, gourmet.  This was sighted by my maternal grandfather, and he’d immediately taken her to the fish vendor, to pay for the fish and to have my eldest aunt to apologize to the man for stealing.  At the same time, he’d, examined himself, that it was his addictions to gambling, that’s caused his families to be in poverty stricken means.  He’d cried those tears of remorse, of regret, and sworn to stop being addicted to gambling, and had, sold off the boxes of delicate puppets at a very cheap price to a Japanese collector, and started up in his business since, walked all over the island, to sell the fabrics.

Thinking on my maternal grandfather’s life, it was, like those, puppet shows he’d, performed, with the ups, downs, the highs and the, lows, and, until before the curtains fell, the show still, played on, he’d had, the hardships of his life, handed, to him then.

And so, this is, a showman’s life, he’d toured around with the troupes, and, gambled away all of his earnings, and it wasn’t until he saw his own young, stealing and eating that fish, did he, finally realize, that he needed to cut his addiction off, and that was all that it took, for this man, to turn over a new leaf, to start acting responsibly, to provide for his own, families.

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Do We Really Want to be Led by the Internet?  To Get the Right of Our Lives, Back

How we humans are, driven to become, more and more, addicted to high-tech devices, the internet here, with the outbreaks, adding to our needs to use the internet, because we have to, to keep ourselves out of, MERS-CoV’s ways???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What do you want your futures to be composed of?  More and more convenient, safer, and more, secure that’s a given!  But, do you want that tighter knit relationship with the internet, or, more of the physical, face-to-face, human interactions, and getting into the natural world?

Scientific research had already proven, that physical interactions with others and being close to nature, is good for our physical and mental, health, but, the internet surely, does make life, more, convenient, safer, and the key here is are technologies being used by the people, or, are we the people, being, used by, technologies?  A food for thought, for all the consumers in the world!

“Metaverse”, surely, everybody’s heard of it, it’d made its way onto the various forms of media, and in print, described how the internet world will be filled with so many brand new things we can, experience, at our, fingertips, but how much of what’s on the internet, is truly, practical, that offered the people the ways of life they want to have?  And, how much of the population would want to, live in this, virtual, reality?

The virtual reality surely can, bring more fun and applications to human living, it can be used in gaming, travel, education training, safety, an assortment of modes of businesses………………, these technologies are used by people, they can make our futures more convenient, safer, and full of more practical operations.

But, the major companies of technologies hold a different view of the practical means of technology, the C.E.O. of Tesla, Musk once mocked, “nobody wants to tie a god damn screen to one’s head all day long”, and he’d wanted to develop “a chip that’s implanted into the brains, that can, help improve our physical abilities.”, but this also has the risk of moral, as well as the issues of practicality as well.

what we all, become…

as we are, highly, addicted, and, lacked, that needed, self-control! Illustration from online

The advancements in technologies, and the usefulness of the internet, surely, gave people  a ton of convenience, made our lives more efficient, it’s a must-have tool for everybody, but, the sources of our happiness, is not from the internet, but from the face-to-face interactions we share with others around us, and being able to enjoying the beauties of, nature, so it’s the consumers who need to become, fully aware, of what it is that they are, searching for.

The consumers should use the internet and technologies available to us, to make a safer, and more convenient, and healthier world for us all to live in, instead of trapping ourselves, in the virtual realities, that we can’t, get back out again.

And, this showed, how easily it is, that we all become, addicted to these, high-tech devices, these social networking means, and we feel compelled to update our profiles, to let the rest of the world know what’s happening to us in our separate lives (oh wow, I just made a “doo-doo” out of my ASS!), and it’s this state of mind of wanting to be in the SPOTLIGHT, and I want the world’s attention on ME, that’s drive the internet to become so widely variable, and we’d lost sight of what’s truly important, getting into the world, physically, to INTERACT with each other, face-to-face, especially, with MERS-CoV, rolling around currently, it’s safer, for us to, keep ourselves home, to reduce the risk of getting exposed, and, all of these, added to the addiction of using the internet, and our separate, high-tech devices, and it’s still not good!

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Sold One Gram of Heroin, Sentenced to Fifteen-and-a-Half Years

A CRACKDOWN on drugs, the government is now, punishing the dealers, the users, more severely, than E-V-E-R before!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu bought heroin from a man nicknamed, “Health Man” last year, then, he’d used the cost of $3,000N.T. per gram and sold it to another man, Huang, Huang thought that the heroin wasn’t high in quality, demanded a refund, Hsu offered him the brand new drugs, and the police was able to catch him, he’d denied having sold drugs, claimed that he and Huang had rounded up their money and bought from a man, “Health Man”, the judge didn’t believe him, sentenced him to fifteen years six months, and took the illegally gained money of $3,000N.T.s.  This can still be appealed.

The verdict stated, the Hsu (age 52) received Huang’s call last year, wanted to buy the A class drug, heroin, Hus first contacted the man nicknamed Ken, to get the deals going, last year at noon on June 15th, he’d taken the $3,000N.T. from Huang, and rode in Huang’s car to the east side of Taichung to meet up with “Ken”.

查看來源圖片from this…photo found online

The two, upon arriving, Hsu went alone upstairs to meet “Ken”, bought a bag of heroin, then, took Huang’s car back to his rental stay on the west side of Taichung, he’d entered alone into his own residence, split up the heroin he bought into two separate bags, handed one bag to Huang.

And so, this, is the government’s, CRACKING down on the drug deals, and, hopefully, this will, deter all the dealers, from selling, because if the rest of the drug-dealing community saw how sever this man’s sentence for dealing just ONE gram of heroin is, maybe, it’s enough, to STOP them from selling too, hopefully.

to this…查看來源圖片mug shot!!!  Photo from online





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Soliciting Sex, and Died, the Police Busted the Call Stations: a Small Pill that, Caused Huge Troubles

This LOSER got what’s coming all right, if you ask me, but heck who asked, Y-O-U, right???  A man who’d died, with his, PANTS off!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-five-year-old man, Yu was found naked and dead, on the bed of a certain motel in Sanchong District in Hsinbei City on the 20th of this month, the police found Viagra and condom in the room, they’d found, that the man died when he was, having sex with a hired hooker, who’s Thai, and, they’d traced the leads, and arrested two members of the sex trafficking ring, along with four Thai women who’d come here on a tourist visa, charged them with public indecency and obstruction of social order, and the police are, currently, tracking to the higher up members of this sex trafficking ring.

Based off of understanding, at two in the afternoon on the 20th of this month, the motel where the dead body was found in received an unknown male’s call, that someone in the room needed medical assistance, the motel workers opened up the room, found Yu lying in the bed naked, no longer with signs of life intact.

As the paramedics arrived, they’d, confirmed that Yu was, already deceased, that there was, no physical or external injuries, with the snotlike mucus flowing out of his nose and mouth, they’d suspected that he’d died of natural causes suddenly, the police then found a used condom next to the victim’s body, with a bottle of performance enhancement pills manufactured in Germany on the labels inside the bag, along with the identification card of the victim.

Based off of understanding, the deceased, Yu was heavyset, has histories of heart problems, hypertension; the surveillance of the motel showed that he’d entered into the suite at one in the afternoon, and forty minutes, a slightly chubby and stout young woman went in, dragged the suitcases, and, scurried out of the room, she got into the elevator, rode down to the ground floor, left in a hurry in a sedan.

The police first found the 36-year-old woman who’d made the reservations to the hotel, then, chased down the license plate of the driver, the fifty-year-old male, Ou, then, they police busted three Thai women in their twenties at a hotel in Sanchong, and the twenty-six-year-old Thai woman who was having sex with the deceased man, Yu who’d died, was hiding in another hotel in Banciao, and was caught in the end.

This Thai woman stated, Yu entered into the motel room, swallowed the pills, took a shower, then got into bed with her to have sex, he was originally, very high, but, shortly afterwards, his face turned red, started panting hard, then, fell down, and, stopped breathing.  She was so thrilled then, she’d called the call station, told them, “My john had died!”, then, she rode off in the car, driven by the man, Ou, on the way away from the motel, Ou called for the paramedics to the hotel to rescue Yu, but it was too late, he was, already, dead.

The police, after the interrogations, took all six people in on obstruction of social order, then, notified immigrations to arrange for the extradition of the foreign hookers.

And so, this still just showed, how men are, willing to, RISK their lives, to get HARD!  That’s just, STUPID, because those mother fuckers (no need to pardon me here this time!) are willing to, risk their own lives, to have one last FUCK, to get HARD, inside a woman, and maybe, firing off that SHOT meant something to them, I wouldn’t know, but heck, this LOSER who’d, solicited SEX got exactly what he deserved, DEATH!

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The Guide for Their Graduation Trip Turned Out to be the Wolf Who Was Filming Them without Their Consent

A VERY bad example here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A tour guide, Yang utilized the chance that he was leading a group of students who graduated, set up cameras in the hotel showers and bathrooms on the trains, to secretly film the footages of the teachers and students without their knowledge or consent, afterwards, when he was found, he’d deleted the files on his computer, but the D.A. still managed to get the files of eighty-seven shots back, there were at least five hundred kids and teachers who were victims, from at least twenty-four schools, and the victims include kids in the elementary years as well.

The Hsinbei District Court gave him one crime one punishment, and found him guilty for obstructions of secret, gave him five years six months jail sentence, that he could pay a fine and not serve any hard time, but if he paid the fines, he would have to pay over two million dollars worth of it.

The courts investigated, that Yang (age 33) the tour guide, was a freelance, had been selected by multiple travel agencies, to lead the student groups.  Last year on July seventh, Yang took a certain business technical high school’s salon department to Taichung, Kaohsiung, and the beaches in Kenting for their graduation trip, a female student, while she was taking a shower in the hotel in Kaohsiung, shockingly discovered that there was a needle cam, with memory card, she’d immediately told her instructor.

The school immediately checked into the matter, and found that there was another room, with the needle cam installed too, so they’d contacted Yang, but Yang refused to meet up with them.  After reviewing the surveillance footage of the hotel, the school realized, that Yang took the time when the students went out to dine, and went into their suites, and the school started suspecting, that Yang was the one who’d installed the cameras, and called the police, Yang also admitted, that he was taping them without their consents.

The detectives took Yang’s USB and laptop into custody, but they’d not discovered any footages, and believed, that Yang must’ve deleted the files after he was discovered.

After taking the laptop into the computer department of the police stations, they were able to get the deleted files back again, and found that Yang took a total of eighty-seven segments of the teachers and students using the restrooms, showering, and changing.

The detectives also found, that since 2011, when Yang took the graduation groups to the mid-southern parts or in Hualien, Pingdong regions, he’d often used the excuse of keeping an eye on the keys of the students’ and instructors’, to use the time that they’re out dining, to get into their bathrooms, to install the spy cams, and he’d even install the cameras in the restrooms on the trains, to tape down footages of them, using the bathrooms.

Yeah, this, is how bad it got, and, this time, the wolf was one of the “professionals”, he’d only POSED as a tour guide, and, he was able to take advantage of so many people without their ever knowing that he was secretly filming them too, that still just shows, that wolves are all around you, and, sometimes, because they’d masked themselves up so well, you can’t even tell it’s them.

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Empty-Mindedness, One’s Own Worst Enemy


Since I wrote, “Walking Out of the Confusions”, on how I was drawn into the net cafés for nine months back in my early twenties, and how it’d taken me nine years afterwards, to completely detox, I’d often received letters from parents, asking what to do when their own children were drawn in by the online games?

For instance, a short while ago, a mother wrote me, that her child is in high school, and had, skipped an entire month of classes, she knew her son was trying to escape, that after he’d come home, he’d locked himself up in his room, and logged online, to play the online games, and, no matter what she used, threats, or kind words to console him, it didn’t work, she’d asked me what to do?  And, I’d received so many letters like hers.

I’d told her flat out, that there’s no “formula” to deal with this matter, because everybody is in a different situation.  I’d written out my story, and, it was more beneficial, for those whose family members were drawn in by the online world.  Because I knew, that many of those who were addicted to the online games know that they’re addicted and know, that they shouldn’t be, but, this sort of “knowing”, can it be strong enough, to help the person stop her/his own addictions?

In this world, our strongest opponents is nobody else but ourselves.  They couldn’t fight off their own addictions, I knew, because I’d once lived like they are living right now.

So, I hoped that my story can be used as a bridge, to help the families of those who were addicted to those online games, get a closer look inside the hearts and minds of the addicted people, as for whether or not my words will help, then, it would change based off of the various people and circumstances.

But if, I must give an important key, to think about helping those who were drawn in.  I think, I’d probably say: that in this hard-to-master problem, the biggest opponent is actually not the “addiction” but the “emptiness of the hearts.”

The reason why one is drawn in by the internet, addicted to the games, is because they have emptiness of the hearts, if you just take away the addiction, it won’t work, if there’s that emptiness inside still, then, the person will surely find something ELSE to get addicted into.  You must fill up that void, so, there’s no room for the addictions to take up roots.

After clarifying this point, the most important work became clearer: find out the “source” of what you’re trying to distract yourselves from, it can be a job, a love, an interest, a goal, a faith, or, the combination of any and all of the above.

And because of this, you may treat the addictions, by telling the person who’s addicted to level off, but, the real way of treating the roots of addiction is still helping them fill up that void inside, help them find a new hobby, something to occupy their minds, some goals or directions to work towards.

Anyway, getting out from the addictions, it’s not about the speedy recovery, and you must prepare yourselves mentally, because the road to discovery will be long, AND hard, and, the members of one’s family must be willing to, work with the person long-term, in order to see the effects.

And so, overcoming addiction is what this one is about, and, the writer’s right about how people often used their addictions (whether if it’s unproductive or productive), to fill up some void on the inside, and, until you CAN find out what that void is, where it came from, the roots of it all, you will NEVER fully make the recoveries.

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Constantly Sliding on His Cell Phone, His Cell Slid into the Toilet, Kept Her Phones on Hold While She Showered, Mistook the Sound of the Water from the Shower for the LINE Alerts

The addictions, continued, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The on-the-move and online is swift and convenient, and, all you “lowered heads” need to beware that the web anxieties are creeping up on you.  The research institute of the nation did an investigation awhile ago, and showed that one out of four people in Taiwan shows “anxiety, worries” if they’re not logged online for a day; and, separated into occupations, it’d shown that those in the real estate business showed the heaviest dependencies on the web, over a-third.

“My life is closely related to the web, even when I’m abroad, I’d still needed to log on, or I’ll feel unnatural!”, a regular nine-to-fiver, Ms. Huang stated, that she couldn’t imagine one day without the internet available to her, including how her superiors at work would specify her workload using the internet, when she’s waiting for the MRT, or when she wanted to look up that restaurant where she’s scheduled to meet up with her girlfriends, and even for the sake of looking up an address abroad, sharing her photos, “I must have the access to the internet.”

The onset of the WWW made life more convenient, but, there are more in the public, showing the side-effects from using the WWW too, these people would start to show anxiousness when they don’t have the WWW available to them for just one day, and, the number of these individuals is on a steady rise, the ratio is almost one-fourth of the entire population now.

This, is the BAD side of the innovations of technologies, sure, technologies made our lives more convenient, but, getting too into these things can also be bad for you, so, too much of this “good” thing is very bad.

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A Son Who Did Nothing All Day Long for 26 Years, His Father Finally Couldn’t Stand it Anymore, Hacked at His Drug-Addicted Son

Finally the father’s had ENOUGH!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Kuo had been abusing drugs long-term, and does nothing to make his own living, his seventy-two year old father blamed himself for not teaching his son the right kinds of values, yesterday, he’d left a note, saying that they are going to die together, used a knife, hacked up his own son, but, his daughter came home in time, called the police, after the police interrogated the elderly man, they’d booked him for attempted murder.

“There’s nothing more that I can do, just take him away, before he hurts anybody else.”, Kuo’s father blamed himself, for spoiling his own son rotten, and was angry at how his son won’t listen to him to stop using, he’s elderly, with high blood pressure, diabetes, and, the past couple of days, he’d gotten really annoyed at how his son got very loud, causing him to be unable to sleep for four days continuously, early yesterday morn, he’d written out a note, planned to murder his son first, then, commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The police said, that after the father and son had a serious argument, the father hacked the son with the knife, but in the end, he just couldn’t kill him, seeing how his son was bleeding in the head, he’d stopped hacking, but, it’d waken up his daughter and his grandson who live with him.

Kuo who was hurt refused to get treated, the officers had to tie him down to get him on the ambulance, but he’d jumped off, screamed, “I was the one cutting myself up, it has nothing to do with my father!”, after a very long time, the paramedics finally got him to Shinko Hospital for treatment, the four knife wounds from the top of his head caused his skull to fracture, but after the surgery, he’s in stable conditions.

Kuo’s father, when being interrogated, pointed out that at age seventeen, his son had started using drugs, and from his technical high school graduation to now he’s forty-three, he still doesn’t have a stable job, does nothing all day, and he’d been jailed for drug abuse multiple times and still hadn’t changed a bit.  He’d camped out on his couch for the last twenty years, fearing that his son would go out and create trouble in the middle of the night.

And so, the father had finally had it, huh?  Because this son just won’t get cleaned, and that, is just how finally the parents cracked, after putting up with a drug-addicted son for so very long.

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A Pedophile Falsified Himself as a Doctor, and Asked a Child for Directions, the Last Time He’d Gotten Beaten Up, This Time, He Was Caught by the Police

Pedophile ALERT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“A stranger took a boy away”, the words are actually realistic!  A man, Hsu a few days ago, enticed a little boy in the elementary school years, he’d brought the child to his place and had fellated him, the detectives chased the lead, and made an arrest, and, they’d discovered, that in March, he’d used the same methods, to get another little boy to go home with him, and got a delayed sentence of two years, and yesterday, he’d offended again, and this time, the D.A. asked for incarceration, which was granted.

The unemployed Hsu (age 23), during the month of March, rode his motorcycle across a local elementary school, and found that a little boy wasn’t with the group, and started up conversation with him, said he’ll give him a ride home, and instead, he’d taken the child to his home; back then, the boy didn’t say he was raped, and Hsu had no priors, the Changhwa District Courts gave him seven months in prison for enticing children, and allowed him to serve it two years from then.

And the news of Hsu, enticing little boys spread too quickly, it’d made the local parents panicky.  And, on October 31, Lee rode his motorcycle to another local school, and was striking up a conversation with a little boy, and was discovered by the parents there, he was beaten by the parents, and nobody reported this incident to the police.

A few days ago, a parent reported to the police that her son would get scared every time around the time school lets out, the school teachers got the child to tell her about it, he’d told her he was raped by a stranger uncle, and, after his sexual molestations of that young child, Hsu still scouted around the school.

The police reviewed the surveillance footage around the surrounding areas of the school, and found, that the child was forced onto Hsu motorcycle and driven off, and the victim children also identified him in the pictures of ex-cons that the police showed.

After Hsu turned himself in, he’d admitted, that he’d pretended to be a doctor, and asked the little boy for directions, asked him to lead the way, and after he’d enticed the child onto his motorcycle, he’d taken the child to his resident to rape, then, dropped him off close to the school afterwards.

The D.A. realized that Hsu was a multiple offender, and that there may have been other victims, and were considering sending him to get evaluated, and they’re chasing the leads to see if there had been other victims as well.

Yeah, and so, apparently that first time he got caught, the punishment wasn’t severe enough at all, and this time, something AWFUL happened to another little boy, and the police had zoomed in, and, there will be MORE pedophiles who are released, back into the “wild”, and, they will continue to DO damages into the world, because you CANNOT reform a sexual predator, a predator will always be a predator, just like in the animal world, the hunter will always be the hunter, and the preys, will always and forever BE the preys!

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He Only Wanted a Bed Buddy

As do MOST L-O-S-E-R-S, a Q&A, translated…

The man Ms. EP is dating is really causing a lot of confusions for her…

This man is already married, and, at the start of their relationship, he’d told her that bluntly, that he has a wife and kids.  The man is fifty-three years old, his wife, fifty-two, didn’t like having sex, said it was uncomfortable.  At first, the man had set up a line of defense with EP, “the protectiveness boundary for his family”, stressed that he was in love with his wife, his family, that he is never going to consider divorcing, that he’d only wanted a girlfriend he can have sex with, so, the purpose of him being with EP is quite clear, a bed buddy.

At first, EP’s morality struggled a bit, but later on, she’d gotten so used to his body, and, she’d fallen.

The man matched well with EP in sex, at the start of their relationship, they’d gone out on weekday evenings, after she’d fought hard, then, she’d have him for a weekend, when they’re out, he’d carried her luggage, and would save her some leftovers from his dinners, and would give her allowances for spending each and every month; he’d LINED her a picture a day, and, would reply to her messages too.

When they first had sex, he’d told her, she is all he wanted, and swear that he is saved, for just her.  It’d moved her, she’d asked him, “Do you love me?”, the boyfriend answered honestly, “I might infect you with something!”, and EP mistook it for his kindness toward her, so that, is why she’s confused, and she wanted to know, “is my boyfriend really in love with me, or, am I just his fuck buddy?”

A My Opinion

Sometimes, when the sex is amazing, it’d mislead the woman into believing, that there’s something more.  I’m thinking, that EP is well-matched in sex with the guy, up to now, EP didn’t ask for an alternative role other than his bed buddy, and, this, is precisely why the man is still very enjoying their time together, why he is still so gentle and kind toward her.

But, EP is already letting her mind take over, and thought that she’s deserving of his love.  And, when she starts to ask more than she has right now, maybe, they will have a spat, and, if his wife learned about her, and decides to sue, what can she do? Saving her happiness on a man who only wanted her as a fuck buddy, is like building a castle in the sand, it will be destroyed, relatively quick, go find another man who’s suitable for marriage, who can treat you like his real lover!

And so, this woman is trapped, by the AMAZING sex, and, she still doesn’t see the man’s words as excuses, and that, is how B-L-I-N-D infatuated people can and WILL be, but, after that infatuation wears off, what are you left with?  A TON of regrets, a big and empty bed, without that man that you thought loved you…


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