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Turn the Corners, Life Would be Better, Changing the Difficulties into Opportunities


My friend, Wu was a graduate from a certain technical university, he’d worked in designing the machines in a machine manufacturer, he’d had trouble, making more wages, and, lived off of his 22K a month.  Later on, because there was trouble with the finances of the company, they’d downsized, and, Wu was laid off.

After Wu was laid off, he didn’t blame anyone, he believed, that life will keep going, he’d first filed for unemployment compensations with the labor development unit, and signed up for the trainings at the job center, “Machinery and Computer Designs”.

After working hard for a while, he’d gotten his certifications, and was matched by the organizations, and started working as a  mechanical drawing engineer for a certain company, and is now, earning, a time MORE than what he was earning.

Had he not been laid off because of the downsizing of his company, I imagine, that he would still be, working his life away, getting just 22K, so, “there’s NO need to fear the unknown futures, what should be feared, is one’s own mind”, the roads hadn’t ended, it’s just a turn at the corners, and, when you made the turn, you will see, a brand new scenery.

So, this, is how someone ACTIVELY worked on oneself, after getting laid off, and, his hard work paid off, because he didn’t let getting laid off get him down, and, this still showed, how attitude IS the determinant of success!


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My Son’s Swift Hands, on the Education of Children


When my son was just three or four, I’d found, that he had extremely swift hands, he could build a set of Legos into something very complex, a small robot or a small car, whereas the other kids can only stack the pieces, one, on top of the next, sometimes, he’d kept his older brother by three years in awe too.

He was happiest when a toy broke, because then, he could tear it apart, and, what’s more impressive was, he could mix and match the broken toy pieces, made it into a brand new toy.  When he was in the third grade, he’d started taking the motors out of his toy cars, and, remodeled the parts, turned them into other cars’ wheels and bodywork, and, connecting a wire and batteries are super easy for him, he’d even redid the remote controls, then, it’d become, a weird shaped, brand new, race car.

The chairs of our supper table would become unstable because the nails became loose, and, all I could do, was to hammer them all back in again.  He was just in the fifth grade, found a steel keychain ring, he’d wrapped the ring around the body and the leg of the chair, then, used two nails, to stabilize the two ends, solved that problem at once, very impressive.

He’d already known, that he will enter into technical high school that allows him to have hands-on experiences.  Although my youngest son didn’t have the outstanding grades, but he does have a pair of swift hands, and has a set direction toward the future, so, I’m totally, not worried at all, about his future!

So, this child showed HIS areas of expertise and interests very early on in life, doesn’t he, and, his parents encouraged the developments too, allowed him to go off freely on his own, they don’t force him to enter the traditional school where there are just books, tests, more books, AND more examinations to follow…


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Giving Up on Becoming a Doctor

I wonder W-H-Y, as being a doctor is a prestigious job, translated…

Wang is the janitor at our office, he is very kind, honest, and is very popular.  We’d all known, that he has a son, who’s the pride and joy of his life.

Although Wang wasn’t that educated, but he’d worked hard, cultivating his own son, would accompany his son in his studies every single day, and his son didn’t let him down either, gotten into his first choice high school, but, he didn’t get a good enough grade, for this, Wang took a week off, to take his son around the island, to help lift up his moods.  And, later on, the son worked hard in taking his secondary entrance exams, after the grades were posted, Wang had proudly showed us his grade sheets, every single subjects he’d scored over ninety, and there was also a perfect score too, and, naturally, he’d gotten into the medical school of N.T.U.  Everybody congratulated Wang, said that his hard times are over, although the cost will be very expensive, for the medical degree, but Wang said, that no matter what, he will help his son through his education.

Finally, he’d waited, and waited, to his son’s graduation from the medical school, but the son told him a shocking news, that he didn’t want to be a patient-seeing doctor, but wanted to go into pathology.  Wang almost passed out, naturally, he was, against his son’s decisions, he’d told his son, that he’d worked so very hard, to want his son to become a doctor, so he could live off easy.

His son’s choice made him mad and disappointed, and he’d come to us to complain.  Although we all knew how Wang felt, but, we are all very in awe with his son’s decision.

We’d told Wang that he should be proud at his son’s decision, because as a pathologist, his son may be able to help more people, and maybe, we will all benefit from his research in the future, as we’d consoled with him, Wang’s eyes started glowing, showing his pride once more.

Such a great kid, he deserved the applauses, I’m really happy for Wang.

So, although he’d graduated from the medical schools, he’d wanted to do the research, instead of becoming a doctor, and this made his father angry, because the father had slaved his life, saving up the money, to put the son through school, in hopes, that he could become a doctor, so the father could retire and live off easy, but the son wanted to become a pathologist, to research on the illnesses, so he can help find a cure, which will help more people in the end, and that’s something to be proud of, and here we have, a young man, with his own ideals on life, and nobody’s going to influence his decisions at all.

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A Perfect Hell

Making Ends Meet, Doing Something that Turns into a Drag…

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The Deans of Universities are Calling Out: Development is WAY More Important than Your Starting Salaries

Resetting those values here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The universities are now, setting up forums for hire one by one, because as the economics got better, there are more, and more positions opening up in the workforce, giving chances to the fresh-off-the-farm recent graduates.  A lot of the graduates cared a lot about the starting salaries, but the university officials believed, that the developments of one’s work is way more important than starting salaries, hoped that the newly graduated students can find a job that fitted with their interest profiles, and that they should NOT reject the idea of going abroad to work either.

The Expo held by the big corporations, sponsored by NTU and Taipei Tech Universities are over recently, the Taipei Tech U will have a series of a total of thirty-three companies going to the schools, including a ton of names in the electronic industries and computer front too, to offer the students more choices.

A lot of the newly graduated students cared a lot about their starting salaries, they don’t want to go too far from home to work, but, the principal of Taipei Tech, Liao believed, that the newly graduates should NOT care that much about the starting salaries, instead, they should be more focused on whether or not the jobs they’re taking has chances of developing further; and, a lot of the work opportunities that surface are all abroad, and that students should NOT reject the idea of working abroad at all, if the student only set their eye sights in Taiwan, they will lose a lot of good opportunities.

The Dean from Taiwan Shofu University, Chen stated, that the new graduates should find jobs that fitted with their interests, not only would the work be meaningful to them, and they can shine too, there are a lot of jobs, for instance, in the restaurant industries, there are more opportunities in Southeast Asia as well as in China, it would be good, if the graduates can take chances.

And so, this, is someone’s views on the current job-hunting front, and, so long as you’re willing to work hard, not afraid of the challenges that gets thrown at you (b/c there will be MANY, MANY, M-A-N-Y) challenges that gets THROWN AT you, you will excel in the workforce, and, this merely states, that because there’s NO job openings where you live, that still doesn’t mean, that you can’t travel a bit farther off, to find a good job for you, but hey, these days, kids are all looking for easy work that pays well, and is located close to home, so…

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If Money is Your Primary Concern in Your Job Search

This, is practical, isn’t it?  I mean, think about it, you must have money, to get the food, the drinks, the clothes, etc., etc., etc., you need, and, without that, then, you’d end up, on the streets, perhaps, right?

If money is the primary concern in your job search, then, you will NEVER find a job, because, at the start of EVERYBODY’s career, the person had NO experiences, and thus, the person is only able, to get those entry-level positions out there, and, you gotta start somewhere, in order, to end up, some place, and, if you don’t start off, at the very bottom, how the HELL you gonna be able to find your way, UP that corporate ladder?

If money is the primary concern in your job search, then, you will NEVER find a job, because, the money offered to someone like you, with absolutely NO working experiences, as you’d focused on, getting those straight-A’s those six to eight years of higher ed…

If money is the primary concern in your job search, then, you can, forget about it, because, with that mindset, you will NEVER be able to, get that job that you want, after all, those big-shot corporations, you know, those Fortune 500s?  I’m sure, that they’d be looking for someone who’s acutally, hardworking, someone who’s willing, to put in the hours, to EARN what they deserved, instead of someone who’d just looking for a smooth AND free ride to the top!

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In the Right Place, You Will Shine, Brightly, Like a Star, on Changing Tracks


Had it not been the instructor’s name being too familiar, too unique, I may not have known, that this famous instructor in the cramming world, was my father’s former colleague.

Heard my dad said, that Uncle Woo was a total “troublemaker” in his unit back then, because in the public facilities from twenty some years ago, all you need, is to manage the workload that you have, and, nobody will bug you about it, but, Uncle Wu had, made a ton of errors, don’t know what’s wrong with him, but, he’d always been the one that the superiors zoomed in on, and had always gotten the lowest markers for his evaluations.

Turns out, Uncle Wu was a natural born chatterbox, every day he’d talked of everything at work, he knew a lot about everything, and, when you got him to start talking, there’s NO end, but, when he’s faced with the boring documents from work, well, he just, couldn’t, hold his horses down to finish the work, and so, the superiors and the people whom he manages, all hated him so.

Asked him why he’d entered into a public office?  He said that it was by his family members’ arrangements, plus since he was younger, he was excellent in “test-taking”, and so, he’d stepped, right into what everybody envies most about, an “ironclad meal ticket”, and because a public service person.

After over ten years of working as a public office worker, he’d gotten a retirement pension, one day, he’d met a former elementary school classmate.  The classmate saw his abilities: very articulate, the desires to “perform”, and he’d invited Uncle Wu to the cram school he opened up.  At first, Uncle Wu was still doubtful, but because of his optimistic temperament, and his loving a challenge, he’d accepted the friend’s offer.

He’d worked hard in preparing the class sessions and in teaching his classes, in a short two, to three years, he’d become a popular teacher.  Later, he’d found this elementary school classmate, the person who helped him realized his potential in life, and opened up a cram school to help the test takers for government positions, he was responsible for the classroom instructions, his friend, all the paperwork and administrative duties, the two of them worked very well together, and made the business run well.

It’s hard to say about the happenings in life, maybe, perhaps, my Uncle Wu who’d done quite well back in the day had picked the wrong paths, that, was why he wasn’t able to use his abilities to their fullest extent, and still, changing an angle, turn the corner, finding what one is good at, put oneself onto the right spot, and, you can shine through!  Like how now, on the podium, Uncle Wu would become really animated, and energetic.

And so, maybe, working AT a government office, dealing with the paper works and everything did not fit this man’s personality, because he’s naturally talkative, outgoing, loved socializing with others, so, he’d be better off, teaching a class, plus, he gets to pass along the knowledge he already has.

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