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The Coach of a Gaming Competition and His Girlfriend Made a Death Pact, He’d Survived, the High Courts Changed His Sentence to a Year

Because this is a case of “let’s commit suicide together”, and he’d survived, so he’s not charged with MURDER!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The gaming competition coach, Du seven years ago, made a death pact with his girlfriend at their shared rental home, Wang died, and Du lived; the first trial found Du guilty of assistance suicide, he received a two year eight months sentence, the second trial gave him an added four more years on Du’s “not keeping the promises he’d made with the woman, causing her to die”; the first retrial by the High Courts found, that as Du was taken into the hospital, he suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, and refused resuscitation, left a final note, which helped his case, yesterday, he was sentenced to a year for helping someone to commit suicide, this can be appealed.

The case lasted seven whole years, on the seventh, the first retrial, the statements argued that Wang’s father blamed himself for telling his daughter to “Study in high school and college, to NOT get involved with a man”, causing her to not tell him what was going on; while Du spoke on behalf of himself, unlike how he’d maintained silence for the past seven years.

Du and Wang started dating and cohabited started in April of 2015, on August 17th of the same year, Wang told that “there’s nothing I have to live for”, started contemplating suicide, although Du didn’t feel he had nothing to live but, but was willing to commit suicide with her, took Wang to buy the sleeping pills, the charcoal; Wang fell into a coma after she took the drugs, died of carbon monoxide poisoning, at around eleven in the late night, Du called his mother, and called the emergency services for help.

Du took twelve pills himself, then started the fire, they embraced and sang the songs, then, fell asleep; at nine in the evening, he woke up vomiting, and his girlfriend was already cold, he’d wanted to “try killing himself again”, that’s why he’d not called the emergency services in the time being.

The Shihlin District Court gave Du a two year eight months sentence on assisting suicide, the High Courts criticized Du for “not keeping up his promise, causing the woman to die”, added more to his sentence, gave him a total of four years.  The High Courts tossed the verdict, passed it back down to retrial.

The judge of the first retrial of the High Courts stated, that as Du was taken into the hospital, he’d shown signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, he’d refused treatment multiple times, and there was a final note left on site, all of these benefitted the defendant, and gave him a year for helping another to commit suicide by conspiracy.

And so, this is how it goes, killing themselves for love, but one survived, and the one who lives is now, charged with a crime, and this man still went along with his girlfriend’s wishes of wanting to commit suicide, instead of telling her she has so much to live for.

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The Death Rates from MERS-CoV Increased by Fifteen Times in the Nursing Homes

How this DDP government still, attempted to BULLSHIT its way out of being responsible in the delayed policies that’s caused to many elderly in the nursing homes to DIE from contraction!  And they still won’t admit that they were wrong, believe it or don’t…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The KMT Criticized the Guidelines of Administering the Medications Came Too Slowly, the Long-Term Care Facility Residents Became the Sacrificed Under the Means of Coexisting with the Virus

As the pandemic started slowing down in the country, but the residential facilities’ number of contracted individuals continued to rise up, the residents of long-term care facilities have a 15.7 times morbidity rate compared to ordinary citizens’.  The legislative group from the KMT criticized, that the CDC had been too slow in everything, the lacking in availabilities of vaccines, the quick scan kits, the oral medications, the CDC’s guidelines of caretaking of patients who’d contracted MERS-CoV in the long-term care facilities had been too slow to come, that it’s the “bureaucracy, the system that’s, murdered the residents”.  The head of the DDP group, Cheng barked back, that the KMT was merely, trying to, divert the case of the young child in Hsinbei who’d died, the case of “En-En”.

Based off of the center of statistics, from January up to June 19th, the local cases accumulated to 3.35 million, with 4,789 deaths, about 0.14-percent; of these, there were a total of 34,943 in the residential nursing homes who’d contracted MERS, 754 deaths, 2.2-percent of rate of death, 15.7 times of ordinary people.

The secretary, Wan pointed out, that a lot of the long-term residents, due to their age, their illnesses, couldn’t tell the caretakers that they are ill, which may delay treatment.  There were many of the long-term care facilities that’d reflected on the shortages of the quick scan kits, and it was during the time when there’s a short supply of the quick scan kits, and the CDC told the nursing homes to go to the local offices of sanitation, but, how would the local government have enough supplies of the quick scan kits, to give to all the long-term care facilities’ residents?

Wan told, that the medications of the residents in the nursing homes, from April 14th to end of May only reached to fifty-six percent, and from May 30th to June 5th, seventy-six percent, and from June thirteenth to the nineteenth it’d finally gotten up to eighty-nine percent.  By mid-May, the orally administered medications finally arrived in shipments, and, it’d made the people wondered, if the death rate is related to the lacking in the medicines being available.  The CDC told, that those who were asymptomatic, or lightly symptomatic can be placed in quarantine where they are, or placed in a collective care unit; but there’s NO set up for this, it’s letting the nursing homes live and die on their own.

The head recruit of the KMT gru9p, Tseng stated, that the long-term care facility residents became the scapegoats of the government’s means of coexisting with the virus, that the DDP government only had the sights on the election, with the unclear policies from the CDC, the guidelines that came too late, that it’s the bureaucracy that’s, murdered these nursing home residents.

Cheng rebutted, that the KMT aimed at destroying the CDC, so they can win the end-of-year elections.  He’d told, the residential homes medication administration is already up to eighty-nine-percent, that there’s not been any delays.

Yeah, uh that’s, how this DICTATOR party still, tried evading its responsibilities for the lives lost in these nursing homes, just like how at the start, it’d delayed the importing of the vaccines that worked, relied on the donations of foreign countries, and it’d become johnny-come-lately in everything, and, johnny-come-lately, became, the hand that’s caused all these deaths that could’ve been avoided in the nursing homes, and, guess who johnny-come-lately is puppeted by?  The DDP!

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How @#$%ED (maxed out!) up the policies of quarantine set forth by the CDC is here, and how this god damn government still can’t make up its own mind of setting up just ONE set of rules that applied to all here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The newly set quarantine of three plus four policy started up, before the very first case of “getting released”, the mayor of Taipei, Ke shouted at Central Government, “the Central Government is making a mess, again!”.  Although, it’s unseen, if the cases will hike back up again, but the messes from the policies, the holes, we can be absolute, that “three plus for does NOT equal seven!”

As the single day’s confirmed cases kept exceeding toward “how can the world catch up to Taiwan”, toward the situations of all the countries around us are opening up their borders, the experts found, that controlling the borders strictly is now, pointless, and naturally, the days of quarantines are reduced.  But, as another mutated strain of MERS-CoV is hitting close, the new policies that are too far from humanity and completely too far-fetched from reality, rather than it’s for the sake of preventing the virus from spreading, it’s more like the preventive shots that the government wants the country to get, to not take responsibilities for what might occur.

The wounds of “three-plus-eleven” of last year still fresh in our minds.  And, as we desperately needed to block off our borders, the CDC had, loosened the means of quarantines for the pilots, causing that opening of the pandemic.  And as we’d complied with the rules of scanning the barcodes, the government enforced the strict punishments of fines, “plus eleven” still can’t keep the behaviors of minority of pilots in check; and now, the government wanted to use the “plus four” mandates to block off the mutated strains, the government’s totally, delusional now!

Although the CDC set up the guidelines of “Getting outside when it’s absolutely necessary, can’t stay out all night”, etc. etc., etc., but, this is a challenge for the management, of human nature.  No limits to the number of times people get to go out, then why would it be “necessary” as a mandate, and this rule set forth by the CDC is bound to get not followed by the people here.  Like the mayor, Ke stated, “You go out every day, you can infect your fellow coworkers from the office, but you can’t bring the virus home and infect your families with it,” totally ironic, and a huge hole punctured by the CDC.

Toward the doubts, the head of State, Su stated, as the Central Government, and the people all working together to block off the mutated strains, then we can be successful in this war with MERS-CoV.  But, the central government’s ambiguous policies, without means to ensure the enforcement of the policies, they’d written the equation of “three plus four equals three”, but had the locals and people write down the equations of “three plus four equals seven”.  And thus, the key to working together successfully, lies in how when everything goes right, it’s on me, but when things go wrong, it’s, on you!

And, this still just showed how irresponsible this government truly had been, since the very start of the pandemic, and this government still does NOT give a flying FUCK about the welfare of we the people, but hey, what can we do?  We’d been, enslaved by the DDP too god damn long here, we can’t even fight it in us to fight anymore, so yeah, people of this “free” country gets, FUCKED (no need to pardon me!) here completely.

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En-En’s Father’s, Unanswered, Call

How the CENTRAL government’s set up for the whole defense against MERS-CoV went bust, and it runs down the line, to the local government levels, to causing the lives of young children to get lost, the IMPOTENCE of this DDP government, and there’s nothing WE the people can do about it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The toddler, from Zhonghe, “En-En” died of contraction, the father kept prying and prodding the city how why was it that no help ever came to the family, as they’d dialed up emergency services.  He’d questioned the two “empty time frames”: of one, he’d called up the 1922 hotlines for help, and yet, the central government took a total of 143 minutes to “horizontally connect”; secondly, he’d called 199 to the Hsinbei Fire Department Emergency Services, and yet, it took his child a wait of eighty-one minutes to finally get taken away in an ambulance.

The child died, and the parents needed the facts, this was what made “En-En’s” father angry.  But, after the many days of calling, calling, calling in to the government offices, he seemed to not get closer to the truth.  The city of Hsinbei first used the “right to privacy”, to not allowed him to have the recorded call; later on, the government’s press conference stated that it was only, a “model”.  And, what the father could feel, is probably how the entry level workers of the local government’s giving him the run-around.

The responses of the 1922 hotline is even more, ambiguous.  The CDC’s explanations, too simplistic, there’s no records of the calls getting transferred to the various agencies on record as proof, the families entered into that labyrinth with the fog.  What’s funny was, the 1922 had, labeled itself as “expert in MERS-CoV defense”, with call availabilities in and out of the country, twenty-four seven in operations; but in that moment of need, the CDC claimed, that the 1922 hotlines does NOT have the powers to get the ambulance or the taxis sent, it’d, evaded ALL its, responsibilities.  Meaning, that in this sort of a case we should just, all dial, 119, is that it?

The young child, En-En was only the FIRST child who’d died in all of Taiwan, it was April 14th, there were only a little more than 800 confirmed contraction cases that day; but, due to the lacking of the government agencies, the country fell into, that, huge, mess.  And now, there’s, a total of SEVENTEEN children deaths of contraction of MERS-CoV but, the child, En-En’s loss of life, and what caused the delays is still, fogged up, and the 1922 hotlines is still, not working well enough.  And now, the government that’s been, exaggerating on its, achievements in the defense against the outbreak, falls, silent.

And that, is how this government of this country is, completely, USELESS, in serving we the people, and from this, we learn, that we can’t count on the government, to provide the emergency services that we are in need of during the outbreaks, and so, those of who fall into, critical condition from contracting the virus should just, go HIDE out underneath our separate covers, and wait for Mr. Ripper, G!

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When the Saliva Tests Lacked the Efficacy, the DDP Still Blamed it on the Virus

How corrupt the DDP is, from the inside out, rotten, to the core, and we the people are still, allowing it, to ABUSE us all?  Wow, we are, stupid, aren’t we???  These are the FACTS, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Sanitation Welfares approved the import of the Gmate Covid-19 Saliva Test by Medigenvac, and was suspected of benefiting the manufacturers.  Recently, the KMT caught that the brand of saliva test isn’t effective in finding if the Omicron strain was present, and the manual by the manufacturer already stated so, so why had the Department of Health Welfare Sanitations still imported it?  Chen’s response was direct and to the point: “the virus can only be detected if the cycle threshold value is under twenty-four, that it’d fitted to the national regulations.

And, translating what Chen stated to layman’s terms: your readings came back negative, it’s because you don’t have a high enough concentration of the virus in you, you’re not, sick enough yet.  The magical number of twenty-four, don’t know how Chen came about setting that; if people used this brand of saliva test, they may have contracted the virus, but thought they didn’t.  It’s a wonder, that Chen stated that, there is a three-times underreported number of the confirmed contractions; must be that too many people had used this brand of, ineffective saliva test, that they can’t tell if they contracted MERS-CoV or not.

Problem being, this Korean manufacturer stated that the test can’t be tested for Omicron strain, and yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not only allowed it to get imported, it’d used us, as lab rats to test its, efficacy, said that the cycle threshold of twenty-four under will be tested.  Chen’s “considerations” also went up, to a, whole new, level.  And yet the Department of Health Sanitation & Welfares had been blocking all the vaccines, the medications, and other brands of quick scan kits, how did it set up such, double standards?

Had it not been this current outbreak, the people may still be in the dark about just how bureaucratic, how incompetent the Department of Sanitation & Welfares is, and how it’d, abused its powers completely.  Last year, the Tsai government’s wrong love for the Medigenvac Vaccines, everybody was here, to witness how the person in power, disregarded the health, the welfare of the people, and, favored the company, and falsified the records to help its case.  And yet, we never imagined, that this scandal is still continuing on, while Chen is, ever the more, shameless, lying his ass off.

Chen’s most widely used motto is, “blame it on the virus”; when you can’t test it, it’s still, the virus’s, fault!

This still just showed, how the DDP abused its powers, made us all, into, sacrificial goats of its, rule, and this government could care LESS about the welfare of we the people, and, we’re, allowing the DDP to keep on abusing power, screwing our lives over, are we stupid, or are we, stupid here???

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Do We Have Enough Space for Quarantines?  Is the Medical Care Provisions Fully Set Up?  Did the Young Children All Have Their Vaccinations?

The impotence, the incompetence, of this, government, that’s still, ruining ALL the people’s, lives here, and there’s, nothing that WE the people, CAN do, as the DDP still, runs this, god damn country toward SIX feet UNDER!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another Two Infants Died, We Don’t Want to Coexist with Death

Seeing the digits that the CDC posted yesterday, of the 122 who’d died from contraction, there were two infants of not yet a year old, and I can only imagine that the pains, being, too difficult, for their parents, to bear.

The policies switched from clearing off all the contractions suddenly, to coexisting with the virus, and the CDC still presented the data the statistics in its daily press meetings at noon sharp, and all we see, is the digits rising up sharply, and yet, in the policies, the CDC seemed to only want the people to get used to the idea of coexisting with the virus, and accept, that the number of those who’d died under the confirmed contraction cases is, a norm, and, mentioned, that so long as our rates of death is lower than our neighboring countries, then, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is considered, successful!

And every time the CDC showed that diagram of those who’d died, it would always indicate, that the individuals who’d died from contraction had other previously existing medical conditions, I really don’t know what this is for?  We’d found, that there are, less-than one-percent of the contracted who’d died, who’d not been found with the, preexisting, medical conditions, is the CDC hinting at how these individuals who’d died, who’d been found with other preexisting conditions, has other progressive conditions, that’s what’s made them harder to treat, that’s led to, their, deaths?  Is this a reminder, or is this, scapegoating?  Does this mean, that these individuals who’d, been confirmed of contraction, couldn’t coexist with the virus?  Is there, any, scientific meaning, to these sorts of, a memo that the CDC is, giving, to the people?

Is coexisting with the virus, a motto, a trend, a fact, or, is it, a policy?  And, at the same time, how do we, coexist with the virus?  What’s the most fundamental of prerequisites of this?  The end goal being?  The cost?

Recently, the daily confirmed contraction cases had been over 60,000 per day, and based off of this trend, we are, to coexist with this virus, for a long, long, long time, to come, but how, do we, coexist with it?  There are, still, a ton of, unanswered questions regarding this.  In the past month, there were those who’d coexisted with the virus under the lacking of the quick scan kits; some, after being confirmed of contractions, didn’t have enough space to quarantine in, forced to coexist with the virus; and there were more who are moderately to severely symptomatic, who couldn’t get the medical provisions they are in need of, who’d, coexisted with the virus.  And, based off of these two, unfortunate, infant deaths, there’s nothing we can do, how do the children, coexist with the virus, without the antibodies they are in need of? And how many more children in the future, will be forced to, coexist with the virus, who’d not been, fully, vaccinated?  Is this sort of, coexisting with the virus, really, unavoidable?

In this past week, the total number of death by contraction had been closed to a hundred or over a hundred, but is this, merely, a statistic?  As the CDC used the charts to show in the press conferences, making a note of these individuals’ who’d died, who had prior medical conditions, can the CDC go a step further, trying to understand, how they, contracted the virus in the first place?  Could these deaths have been, avoided?  And what’s the progression, of their path to contracting the virus?  Are there things that the individuals failed to pay enough attention about?

Life is, priceless, for every family that’s lost a loved one, it’s not easily, waved off by the death rate of one in tens of thousands, the pains will, follow them for life!  Everybody dies, there’s no need to live in fear, and worries, about our, timely, demises!

Nobody can be positive, that after s/he contracts MERS, s/he will be mildly symptomatic, and on the one in a thousand death rate, we the people still want to, try to get away from, as much as we possibly, can!  The people can’t avoid from contracting the virus, but the government can, do everything in its power, to help people out, to get us away, from coexisting with the morbidity rate from MERS, reducing the number of those who died, best as it can!

We need a scientific approach to defending ourselves, but the scientific means does NOT including, explaining of the statistics of the contractions, but to try and predict, how to avoid these deaths, and find a way to coexist with the virus, that is, the direction to which, this government needs to work towards, to protect we the people here!

Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, you still don’t get THAT CRACKER!), repeating the statistics, but not doing anything, to help us, defend ourselves, and we are all, on our own, under this, incompetent, government of ours here!

And there’s, nothing that we the people, CAN, do!

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The Storms of Death: Those Who’d Died in Vain, in Front of the Head of the CDC

Hear those FARTS, still, coming out of the head of CDC, Chen’s mouth here???  Yeah, someone, put that SOCK in him already, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pandemic continued spreading in the country, the confirmed contraction stayed at the plateau range, with the total deaths, tripled, for three consecutive days, there are over hundreds of morbidity per day.  The rate of thousands dead from contraction since the start of this year, already exceeded the total number of deaths from these past two years’ confirmed of contractions; the experts had estimated, that this current wave will cause tens of thousands in the population to die.  But, since the storms of deaths hit, the CDC seemed to be, unaffected.

Toward the problem of the high morbidity rate of contraction, the CDC had emphasized how they were mostly the unvaccinated, with the progressive conditions, those who’d signed the DNR, or focused on the ninety-nine-percent of mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, stressed that “we’re doing well, keeping the contraction numbers down”; and now, it’d only admitted, that “this is a warning sign” at the most, “we shall see”.  The CDC stated it too lightly, but behind that, it’s the tragedies of the people’s, losing their lives.

The pandemic hits the people of all ages, especially the elderly population.  The Public Health Department experts of N.T.U. pointed out, that this wave of pandemic had caused the morbidity rate of individuals over seventy to grow higher than the same time last year, showing that the lacking in provision of medical help had caused the “number of deaths to exceed” in the elderly population, to the point of twenty-eight extra lives gone every 10,000 in the population.  Yet, the commander of the CDC, Chen only brushed it off lightly, that MERS-CoV is especially dangerous for the older populations, we’d not needed to compare the statistical measures to know that.  But even if Chen doesn’t want to compare the stats, countries such as South Korea, New Zealand all gave the same lessons, and so, why does Taiwan still suffer from the lack of needed medical provision?

The CDC’s not admitting that the lacking of medical provisions existed, is because it would BUST the huge bubble of the CDC’s claims of “getting ahead”; Chen stressed furthermore, that the medical provision systems aren’t on the verge of collapse, otherwise, he couldn’t, continue, performing on this stage of his.  But, the medical workers criticized how Chen had, boasted about the vacancies of the hospital beds, ignoring that there’s not enough medical staff on duty in the hospitals.  If it weren’t due to the lacking of medical workers on duty at the hospitals, why would Chen’s adding more patient per nurse in a hospital cause the entry level nurses upset?  Until a nurse who’d contracted the virus, who got called back to her post, and, at resting time, she could only, line the floors with cardboard box to sleep in a photo got shown to Chen, then, he’d started, exclaiming, “How did this happen?”

And yet, “how did this happen?”, is not a question that should be posed by Chen.  This question, we all want to ask Chen.  The rate of morbidity getting higher in the older age groups, the younger generations dying because they couldn’t get their needed medications on time, the infants who’d contracted the virus, who couldn’t be saved, because of lack of hospital provisions, along with the inconvenience of the testing, the delays of medical treatment measures which were necessary, all caused this speed up of rate of morbidity, shocking.  But, how, did this, happen?

Now, let’s look at the increased number of morbidity in the long-term care systems.  The long-term care facilities, the nursing homes, they’re, the hardest hit areas of the current wave of the pandemic, the CDC only offered us a simple estimate, to the twenty-sixth, there were the total of 919 homes with confirmed contractions found, with a total of close to 9,000 residents, and 3,500 workers confirmed of contraction.  But, based off of the statistics posted by the Department of Sanitation & Social Welfare from April, there are a total of 1,077 homes, about a total of 52,000 elderly residents; in other words, if the statistics are correct, there are already eighty-five percent of the facilities with the confirmed contraction cases, seventeen-percent of the residents living there contracted.  Especially, of the daily deaths, the rate of those in the assisted living facilities went from fifteen-percent to twenty-six percent in a matter of only a few days, to thirty-five percent in a single day.

and, this is what someone SHOULD do, to the head of CDC !

photo from online

Actually, during the pandemic of MERS-CoV, two years ago, the nursing homes of U.S. became the graveyards of elderly population first, so tragic; and this year, Korea also, couldn’t keep the assisted living facilities safe, with the confirmed contraction rate of death of thirty-five percent; and, more than half of the deaths by contraction of MERS-CoV in Hong Kong were out of assisted living.  All of these lessons, the CDC hadn’t taken heed.  At the height of this pandemic, the only way to reduce the rate of morbidity of this particular group is by increasing the coverage of the vaccinations, the quick-scans being done regularly, and, the medications administered on time, that’s the only way, we have, of protecting this high-risk group; but the CDC still lagged behind, and it’d taken it to finally realize, that we don’t have enough of what’s needed, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the process of getting treated by the medical professionals, had finally caught up, but it’s still not, running smoothly enough yet.

In the long-term care policies of Tsai, the residents of assisted living facilities had long been neglected, to the point that they weren’t, included in the programs of Long-Term Care 2.0 at the very start, until the president, Tsai fought for her stay in office, then, the programs were upgraded, and made up for the lacking.  In the outbreaks, the residents are still, ignored in the assisted living facilities, in need of more support, but not getting any at all.  What’s ironic was, Chen kept boasting, that the morbidity rate in the long-term care facilities had stayed at about one-percent, that we’d not followed in Hong Kong’s footsteps, “we are doing, all right!”

Doing all right?  Not only those in the assisted living facilities, including the elderly population, the younger generations, the parents of young children, the words of Chen, in the ears of those who’d lost someone to the outbreaks, they feel, the more, upset.  So what of, those who got, sacrificed by the system that’s, not set up, correctly, and fully operational, do they deserve to die?

And yet, this, is what the head of the CDC does, to cover his own inability, trying to, paint the stats over, but he couldn’t anymore, from before, the outbreaks are far, far away, we are still, trusting his lies, but now, we are hit, locally, in our communities, with children, elderly, the younger generations, dying left and right, and this LOSER still bullshit the people, but we’re, no longer, buying it here!


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The Messiness of the CDC, as the Death Rate Skyrockets, then, the Tunes are Changed by the Government Agencies

How the pride of this government that’s ruling over us all, managed to, ruin everybody in this place, and we were, once, long, long, long, long, long (5 longs, oughta be, long, ‘nough!), ago too!  Because this is a government that lacked the foresight, and too egotistical, too, proud of itself, people are all, dead!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bloomberg issued the flexibility of countries in the rating of defense against MERS-CoV in May, in the fifty-three countries evaluated, Taiwan went down nineteen places to fifty-one, this showed, that since Omicron started taking over, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV, Taiwan had been, totally, incompetent!

In the past two years, the people fought over the vaccines, the masks, and recently, the test strips, and fought over getting their PCR at the hospitals too; since May, not only had the confirmed cases of contraction skyrocketed, the morbidity rate also increased to very high, thinking of those who’d died, especially those innocent children, I’m sure, that they’d felt, upset; what the HECK had this government been doing, to cause the means of protecting the people, a total, mess?

Both mayors of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei already called out to the Central government, that to administer the medications to those who’d tested positive, otherwise, more will, die, but the CDC still pretended that everything was fine, until the cases of morbidity skyrocketed, then, it’d started, readjusting the means, but it’s already, too slow to react; and, upon seeing the cases of children’s morbidity rate hiking up, the Executive Department started issuing the five quick-scan doses per child from birth to six years of age, hoping that it’s not too late, to help; seeing how the parents had lined up in the middle of the nights in Pingdong, Kaohsiung outside the hospitals to ensure the BioNTech vaccines for their children and grandchildren, only, that after the vaccinations, it takes, two weeks for the antibodies to start up the immunodefense in young children’s, systems, had the CDC gotten ahead like it preached, and purchased enough vaccines for all, then, none of this that’s happening today, would be, happening right now!

So, this still just showed, how incompetent this DDP government is, since the beginning of the outbreaks from…two whole years ago (was it???) back then, we had the opportunities to get ahead, as the cases aren’t getting higher and higher like it currently is, but the government missed out on the opportunities to get ahead, because it got too proud of itself, gloating about wow, look at the world, and look at how, there’s not even that many cases, and it’d lost the opportunities to get ahead, and, since then, the country’s been playing that game of catching up, and it can’t, this is why, the rate of morbidity in this god DAMN country is way too, @#$%ING high, close to the, third-world countries, rates of contraction and death, because whatever the people needed, we don’t get, because this government is way too @#$%ING retarded!

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The Young Toddler in Critical Condition after Just ONE Day of Being Placed with the Nanny

Because the kid’s only been left with the nanny for one day, and this became of him, and so, we are bound to deduct, that it’s the nanny who’d not looked after this young infant boy closely enough, but, the real facts hadn’t come out yet, so…but, someone IS, responsible for what happened to this young boy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hospital Found Signs of Abuse, the Nanny Claimed that the Toddler Choked on the Formula then Fell into a Coma, the D.A. & Police Checked the Child, Found Him to Have Old & New Injuries, and is Now Looking into Who Abused Him

A young boy, Yi, of a year and ten months of age, two evenings ago, fell into a coma two evenings ago, was rushed into the E.R. by his nanny, Hsia, he was found with multiple bruises on his body, subdural hematoma.  The police investigated, Hsia claimed that the infant had choked on the formula, that was why she’d rushed him in, and was unclear as to how he came to have the bruises over him, but the parents of the boy told, that when they’d handed their son to the nanny, he didn’t have any injuries on him, pressed charges of physical assault on the nanny. The investigators found the young boy to have multiple injuries on him old and new, but, who had abused him, they will clarify that through investigations after the hospital evaluations come out.

The police found, that the nanny, Hsia started looking after the one year-old boy Yi, started on the evening of the 24th this month, on the evening of the 25th, the boy was taken in, it was only, a day’s time, the police questioned about the time of the injuries, and the results are pending until the hospital’s reports come out.

Based off of understanding, the boy sustained the injuries of subdural hematoma, a fractured skull, retinal hematoma, redness, bruising on the lips, body, the wounds were numerous, and some were old, while others are, new, and, if the boy’s injuries were caused by the nanny, or someone else, is the focus of the police investigations right now.

After the interrogations at the D.A.s office, the nanny was listed as a defendant, the toddler’s persons as related individuals, the police aren’t ruling out a third person who’s involved, and will be comparing the evidence, the statements made by both sides, to clarify the facts of the case.

An individual, Chen who claimed he was related to the family disclosed, that two afternoons ago, the nanny, Hsia had texted the parents the photo of their child, and at ten in the evening, she’d notified the parents, that the boy choked on his formula, and was in the E.R.; the families rushed to the hospital, and the nanny had, left, and not told them exactly what had happened.

The individual from online, Chen told, that the nanny stated that the injuries weren’t caused by her, that he’d bitten his own tongue when she fed him the bottle, that she’d not called an ambulance, but drove him to the hospital herself.

The Social Services of Taichung told, that Hsia didn’t have a certification of operation for a daycare center, that if she’d taken in the children unlawfully, she will be fined anywhere from $6,000N.T. to $30,000N.T.s.

And so, let’s put aside, whether or not this nanny was certified, and the facts are this, a child is injured, and someone should be held accountable for that, it’s just that as all the details of the case hadn’t come out in the open yet, we still can’t tell, who’s fault it is, but the least, neglect, and maybe, abuse too.

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Prioritizing the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV?  The New Rules of Coexisting with the Virus is Too Wayward for Us to Follow

The policies of the CDC is still, ambiguous here, and, we the people, got NO clue of what we should do, because, the heads are, bobbing right now, as the head of the CDC has his own, agenda, of running for MAYOR of the city of Taipei at the end of the year this year, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The commander of the CDC, Chen finally stated that in all of Taiwan’s total population, there may be fifteen-percent who will end up, contracting MERS-CoV, and, doing the math, that comes up to, 3.45 million of the public.

That’s, almost, one in, every six person, based off of this percentage, in a classroom of twenty-nine, there would be four, to five children who contracted the virus; in a university with 10,000, there will be over 1,500 professors, students who are confirmed of contracting MERS-CoV; and in the army population of 200,000, there would be, three whole platoons contracting the virus.  In the nearly 70,000 police forces, over 10,000 who’d contracted the virus.  And if they all went away for quarantine of the week’s, ten days’, or, fourteen days’ terms, how will the orders be maintained in the society?

And, all of these, supposedly contracted, to avoid taking up the medical resources, they would surely, start from the at-home quarantines, who will help supervise them?  Who will assist them?  And if these individuals have elderly, and young children of twelve and under to care for, who will offer assistance to them, how do they get their leaves of absence filed in?  How do you confirm who’s served their full quarantine days, and are now, safe to return back to their, normal, lives?  Not mentioning yet, the statistics of those who might progress into moderate and severe symptoms, even if it’s only, 0.1-percent, it’s the deaths of, 3,450 members of the public.  This government who boasted itself on its capabilities, showed us, that in this week’s time, it’s preparation of enough medications, the handing out of the fast-scans, how the sixth of the population should, coexist with the rest of the population, had all been, too wayward, and, is our government, really, ready?

In the past two years, the other countries, as far as the U.S. and Europe, and as near as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea, they’d all, demonstrated to us the proceedings, and slowly, headed toward, opening up their borders now, and formally announce the era of coexisting with the virus, and, our government had already, sorted through, the other countries’ responses, and saw how other countries had, dealt with this matter, and yet, it’s still, confused, as to how it will, answer this, million-dollar, question.

And, the head of the C.D.C., Chen had already, put out the words, that he will be up for the mayoral race of Taipei this year, and, this sort of a government still, kept, propagandizing how we’re, number one in defense against MERS-CoV.  The distances of the officials’ level of confidence, and the people’s worries, are, farther, farther, farther apart by the days now.

And so, this is still how when the HEADS of these god damn, mother @#$%ING (must refrain my self from “swearing” here!) government got sidetracked, with their own, agendas, how we the people can’t adapt, because, these heads of the departments that should be setting up the rules correctly, don’t, and, it’s still corruption, from the head, all the way, downward, and we the people, still, end up FUCKED (don’t pardon me this time here!) up in the very, end of all of this shit.

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