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After Curfew

How this instructor’s lending the student a helpful ear, to offer her the assistance, to assist this young woman in getting the help she needed, had made, all the, difference  in her life, translated…

The curfew of my dorm was from one at midnight to six in the morn, and as soon as the time comes, we get, locked down, and of course, traffic accidents, or things that came up abruptly won’t count.  It was past the curfew that night, I was about to call it a night, then my doorbell rang, a female classmate, looking pale, and sounded winded told me, “I’m sorry professor, to have called you up this late, but I am dizzy, and having a headache, I’m completely out of it, I need to get to the E.R.”

As a dorm super, what I’d hoped that I don’t encounter are these, midnight crises.  But, this student’s manners was, very well, and I’d immediately started up the S.O.P. of dealing with these sorts of emergencies.  “Why do you have a headache, do you know?”, finding the reasons, she’d not covered up, responded, “I’m on medication from the psychiatric department, and I’d had the side effects of headache, dizziness, and this time, it’s my body that feels, completely, limp.”  “It’s already this late, do you have someone to go with you?”, and, I’d calculated, that the female officers of the dormitories are already, asleep, that I am the only one she has, to take her to the hospitals.  “I’d already asked my classmate to go to the E.R. to sign me up, and there’s a classmate who’s waiting out by the front gates to take me to the hospital.”  “Okay, you’d handled that very well”.  And, I’d calculated, that because this wasn’t a solitary occurrence, it should be no problem, and I’d not forgotten to commend her on how well she’d, handled herself.

“Would you like me to wait up for you?”  Waiting up for someone who’s coming after curfew is no easy task.  “It’ll be too late, I’m worried it might impact your sleep, so after the E.R. visit, I shall go sleep at my classmate’s home”, such a courteous, and empathetic young woman, truly rare.  “Then, watch for safety on the roads, and, tell me the results of your checks.”  As I saw her off, I’d, started filling up the paperwork, and I’d gotten a text from her, “professor, I’m already done seeing the doctor and called my families, and after I’m done with the drips, I shall be staying overnight at my classmate’s”, so that was that, she’s at the hospital, and someone was there for her, and I’d felt better, and went to bed.

At eight in the morn the following, I saw her dressed up, readied to go out, I was surprised, and concerned, “why don’t you take a day off?  Where are you going this early?”, “to work, and I’m all right now, I’m sorry for the intrusions last night.”  She became very spirited and talkative today.  “Aren’t you going to take a day off work?”, and, in the words we’d exchanged, she’d told me that her mother had left home, and now, the household relied solely on her father’s measly wages, and, it was hard enough for him to make the pay to raise up her own younger siblings who are still in school.  “I’d taken out the student loans, and made my own allowances through part-time jobs”, although, she’d looked a bit, taken, but, she’d, expressed herself with that sturdiness, that bravery about her.

My heart went to this girl, don’t know why she’s on the medications from the psychiatric department?  And she’d, slowly let her guards down, told me, “I was once, sexually harassed.”, then she’d stopped talking, because this was a sensitive, personal matter, I’d, nodded, to show her that I’d understood, “I hope you can heal up soon, so you won’t need to rely on the medications anymore, if ever you need help, or just want to talk, my door is always open.”

Watching her leave, I’d thought of the yearly counseling seminar I’d signed up for, and the lecturers would always sum up at the very end, “the instructors at school can all become, counselors, taking actions in time, visiting with the students, to listen to them tell you what’s going on in their lives, all of these might be able to prevent something tragic that may occur.”

I’m truly glad, that I can, help this, young woman out.

So, this is how lending a helping hand made you realized, the importance of lending someone that needed ear, and, had this dorm supervisor just, brushed this young woman off, she may feel helpless, and, she may become, withdrawn, because, what she’d experienced, wasn’t, easy, getting sexually harassed in her past.

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Sexual Harassment is Rightfully Reasoned Should Get Written in the Outlines of What the DDP Operates by

How the DDP became, the ENABLER of this abuse of the women in the population, but not going HARD after the perps, the higher up male officials of the cases of sexual harassments which are, surfacing right now, the sexism, rooted, since the start of time, and it would be next to impossible, getting it, rooted, up…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there’d been, “another and another” case of sexual harassment in the DDP, first, it was the former worker of the party’s office claiming she’d been sexually harassed, that the case was not taken seriously by the manager of the department of the Women’s offices, and the individual asked the victim of the harassment, “Why didn’t you just jump out of the car then?”, and what’s worse was, this manager had gotten promoted to the assistant secretary for the entire party; yesterday, there was another former employee of the party’s headquarters who’d disclosed, that the former manager of the youth department had tolerated his subordinates in sexually harassing her, and made an example of her, and bullied her in the workplace again and again.

Why is it again?  Because, there’d been, cases of how the DDP related offices are, involved in the matters of sexual harassment.  From forcibly kissing the part-timing student worker at the headquarters, to holding hands with a married woman, how the sexual harassment cases in Germany, and how the representatives from this country didn’t do a thing to investigate, it seemed, that there are, the Chauvinistic beliefs that runs the party’s ideologies.

What is, “Chauvinistic”?  Chauvinism was originally used to describe an extremist system of belief about a certain racial background, in 1960, it was reinterpreted by the Women’s movement into how “men are better than women” sexist beliefs, and so, those men who act according to Chauvinism are all called “Chauvinistic pigs”.

how we women are often, ignored…illustration from online

The DDP inherited the Taiwanese Asian traditional Chauvinism, through the Taiwanese local movements, and started a like-Cultural Revolution, in the time, those who can’t speak Taiwanese, aren’t patriotic enough toward Taiwan, and not agreeing with the culture of Taiwan, and are, Communist Chinese supporters.

And, of these, the most atrocious was the brute “Da-Fu”, Chauvinistic beliefs, and this is related to the karaoke shops in the Japanese rule era, and the “Grandpa shops”, the teashops, along with the bar cultures.  These macho Taiwanese believed, that by putting out the cash makes them kings, and after a few drinks, the cuss words come out, and they’d started, getting handsy with the ladies, with a total lack of respect toward women.

And so, as a female working for the party’s office, not getting sexually harassed by them males they worked alongside of, would be, next to, impossible, and, chances are, the victims are going to become the “president’s favorite”, Chen, who’d had to, change her name, and, made herself, hidden.

and yes, this SHIT is still happening in today’s societies, right now! Illustration from online

And so, this is how it goes, because we are still living in the deeply rooted beliefs of women are lesser to men, that’s what made us into targets, despite how much advances in women’s rights we already made (hello, hello, hello, in the U.S. women’s rights to vote came AFTER the African Americans’ right to vote, didn’t it???), and, we may think that we’d come a long way, but, we actually hadn’t, look at how women are called as WHORES, BIMBOS (and other derogatory terms) by men!

And what’s worse is that the ideologies of these political parties, of these various cultures around the global community are actually, advocating the discrimination against us, women…

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The Reality of the Politicians in Office from Winning the Popular Votes: the DDP Apologizes for the Sexual Harassment Cases in the Women’s Division of Its Party Headquarters

So, we got these, misogynistic members who can’t even respect women, leading the country?  Wow, are we the people, FUCKING retarded or what?  ‘cuz we’re the ones, who’d, voted these, FUCKERS (don’t pardon me!) into office here!  And this SHIT happened, in the, WOMEN’s D-E-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T too, if you can believe it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The post of a woman who originally worked for the Women’s Department of the DDP posted last night on FB, “it may bee too late, but, this letter of call for help should be taken seriously” quoted the play “Chosen by the People-the Wave Makers”, “We should not just let it slide, okay?  A lot of things, we simply, can’t, let them, all, slide”, the woman told of the similar experiences she’d endured as the character in the play, of how she got sexually harassed, and had told the manager of the unit she worked under, “I feel sorry, that the manager of the Women’s Department, Hsu chosen to leave her post, as she should’ve been my firmest, back up when I needed her to stand up for me!”

Hsu is currently the assistant secretary of the DDP.  And, this caught the attention of the main officials of the DDP, last night, the party issued a statement, on how the former employee of the Women’s Department of the party, was sexually harassed by the company that’s hired to work within the party’s offices, the DDP is severe in catching and punishing any cases of power rape, and offered up its deepest condolences, toward all who’d been, taken advantage of in this.

The statement said, that the party feels nothing but regret over how the manager of the Women’s Department at the time, not taking the claims seriously enough, and handling the matter as emergent, that it’d caused the emotional upsets toward the victims; as the secretary of the party’s central office learned of this, this was taken seriously, and the party already pulled the plug on all business with the specified business, and pulled the higher up of the office, and started the gender evaluation committee, the chair of the committee, the manager of the offices, to investigate the matter.

The DDP stated, that the committees set up to investigate this matter already called up the victim, to personally understand what had, happened.  Other than offering the needed assistance to those who were harassed, the party promises, that it will keep on investigating the matter, and enforce the punishment needed to the individuals responsible.

Toward the case, the woman stated, “it’d been many months, I thought I can let myself slide, as I watched the elected officials, I’d, started, breaking down again.”

what the political party did, but now it can’t do this anymore!!! Photo from online

“I’m only, beginning to find my courage to, sort through all that I’d been put through, to tell it out in the open.  That was a case that was assigned to me, on the way back with the filming team, the director, while everybody else was getting on that van, sexually harassed me as I was, drowsy and falling, asleep.  He’d placed my head on his shoulder, allowing me to lean on him to sleep, I was thrilled, not known how to interpret what had happened in that moment, was he doing it out of care, seeing how tired I am?  He knows that I’m only a student, did it offer his shoulder out of care for me, like an elder would?  I’d, subconsciously, rationalized it as such, to settle myself down; no, that wasn’t it, it must be me, dreaming what had, happened.”

I shall become the character, Weng in the play, as the Women’s Rights Advocates waved that banner of women’s rights were supposed to have become the character, Weng for, me!”

And so, just like the Republican Party, all the nuts and bolts, screws too are coming loose in this party, and, this is the political party that’s, “preached” on women’s rights, it’d passed the anti-stalking laws, to prevent us women from being, harassed by those who tried to, hurt us, and yet, in a, subunit, a subsidiary of the party the WOMEN’s Department, this case was, blown, wide open!

Wow, how’s that for, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y???

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Church accused of adding to trauma of survivor by trying to thwart case involving paedophile priest

Excuses of the Catholic Church When Someone Accuse the Officials for Sexual Abuse…

Stigmatis News

Catholic church’s claim he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised Anglican proved to be incorrect but delayed case for a year, in a legal move being heavily criticised

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being utilised by the Catholic church in Australia for abuse cases. Photograph: Roman Milert/Alamy

Christopher Knaus

The Catholic church has been accused of causing added trauma to a survivor after it tried to thwart his case involving a notorious jailed paedophile priest by claiming he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised in the Anglican church, a move that delayed the case for a year.

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being employed by the church in abuse cases, including its repeated attempts to permanently halt cases where paedophile clergy have died, a practice first revealed…

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The Freeway Police Asked Twenty-Two Adolescents to Come & Meet Up, Raped Them All, Received the “Heavy Sentence” of Nine Years

And that’s still not even, a year’s prison term PER VIC, how’s that “heavy”, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, on how punishment still doesn’t quite, fit the, crimes here, translated…

The Freeway Police Station’s Nineth former officer, Cheng was suspected of meeting and raping a total of twenty-two teens, the D.A. charged him on aggravated sexual assault, exploitation of children and adolescents; the Taipei District court found him guilty on the counts, gave him nine years, and there were the lighter six-months which he can pay the fines and escape the time.  This can still be appealed.

In September of 2022, Cheng was taken into custody, admitted to having sexual intercourse with the adolescents but denied the allegations of rape, but the investigators found on Cheng’s laptop, more than a dozen of sexually-illicit photographs of adolescents in middle school, in November of 2022, they charged him on nine more counts of aggravated rape, the laws against exploitation of teens and children, Cheng was indicted.

The investigations continued, and the D.A. found another thirteen more adolescent victims who also, got raped or molested by Cheng, and added on to the charges, asked the courts to combine the cases he was involved in from the Taipei District Court, and this was, allowed.

As the scandal busted wide open, the Freeway Police Station believed that this had damaged the reputations of the police department, immediately called up the evaluations, and decided to give Cheng two major reprimands, and, fired him from the police forces, and the department also went after the related officials who’d supervised Cheng, Cheng’s direct superiors received anywhere from one to two writeups.

Based off of what’s known by the investigations, the former officer, Cheng was suspected of using the internet to make friends in September of 2022,took a fifteen-year-old adolescent to the public restrooms to rape, the police and D.A. were notified, and based off of what the families of this victim stated, they’d chased the leads, and arrested Cheng, he’d admitted to sexual intercourse with the teen, but denied ALL allegations of, sexual assault.

The investigators expanded the investigations, went to search at Cheng’s residence, to collect the evidence, confiscated his personal home laptop, after they logged in, they’d found too many sexually illicit photos of young boys, the district attorneys believed, that Cheng is a felon, that he is involved, and in their interrogations, they’d, asked the courts to keep him in custody, and the courts signed off on this.

So, a pedophile is a pedophile IS, a pedophile, a SEX predator is a sex predator, IS, a SEX PREDATOR, NO matter what kind of work he does, even IF he was the highway police, and, it’s, next to impossible to reform these, dangerous people, so, it’s best, that they keep him locked up, for as long as the laws would, allow, and, no amount of therapies will help!

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Trauma is, a, Time Machine

From the blog, of a man, who’d been, raped, molested, by his nanny and her family, with nobody believing in him, on slowly, coming to the knowing, the acceptance of what had, happened, in his own, childhood MISERY, translated by me…

Trauma is, a, time, machine, instantly, transporting our souls into the past.

The sorrows are far away, distant, but, I’m, right, HERE.

The me that’s, traveled through time from the present, to the moments of the, past, am I, still, me?

With my soul, extracted out of my body, am I, still me?

Trampled down by the memories of trauma of my younger years, here, this moment in time, am I still, me?

Everyone asks the questions of the self: am I, okay, now?

But most of the time, the expected response, was the, question of have I been, returned, to the, present?  Can I start living now?  Can I, find a job now?  Don’t get me wrong, these are, all vital questions about being.

But, if you want my answer, I want to share:

What defines “I”, or me, and what constitutes as “okay”.

imaging living in this as a young, child…and you’re so little, and can’t, escape…

photo from online

Included in the “I”, were the moments of being overwhelmed with the fears of being abandoned by my own parents.

Along with my own hypervigilance of staying with, those who’d, raped me, with the stamina I’d gained, having, survived through, all of, these moments of time.

Nothing is as it actually is by reference.  The milk tea here in Taiwan, is not the milk tea in Hong Kong.  The prototype of mothers in the textbooks, aren’t like our own mothers.

Your pains, not identical to mine.

If you really care for another person, you need to put in a lot of time, to understand where the individual comes from, the meanings, the symbolisms of every word that’s used by the individual.

Then, you can finally get, closer to the real, “me”.

As we were writing our columns, we always come across of a ton of cases of child abuse from other countries, with too many of these cases, too cruel, too, unimaginable.  But the words we read, can’t even come close to what the children growing up in those backgrounds were, weathering, through.

The pains of the survivors, the next-of-kin of the survivors, are, in every single details of their day, accumulating in the sleep, the meals, the relationships with others, the, trust, accumulating into a large, mass.

As these young children come before you through the passages of time, how do you explain to them, what “I”, is?

If s/he is hurt by a parent, or a caretaker, a relative, a school instructor, the “me” would’ve gotten damaged even more.  But how do we explain it, to, others? 

What’s hidden behind the “okay”, are, oftentimes, the society’s expectations, the judgments of the values of the, “damaged” person.

But, if we get down to the core of “me”, then, we will come to know, that this “okay” that’s agreed upon, is, absolutely a, LIE.

But there are, a lot of people who cared about the psychological wellbeing too.

Are you now, considered, “okay”. 

Then, naturally a child (or an adult) who’d been, hurt, will take you on the ride on the, time machine.  Back to the “I’m okay” from the past, then, suddenly, drops us into, the, “I’m NOT okay”.

Along with all the selves that came, after that that are, in need of, care, that feeling of, being, isolated, with no one who understands, what we’re, going, through. 

This is a very long journey, with our bodies, right here, and our psyches, far, far, away.  And, return back to this, present moment, you will no longer be you, and I, no longer, me, anymore.

Will you be willing, to strap yourselves, under that, safety belt, and take this, journey, with, me???  The adventures of your own, individual, lifetimes.

And so, yeah, we are, in, desperate need of, that, “traveling companion” on this, journey, to healing our own selves, from our separate traumas of the childhood years, but, who can take this journey FOR us?  Uh, nobody, that’s W-H-O, this is something we must, weather through, ALONE, and it will be difficult (trust me, ‘cuz I’d already, been there, and, oh yeah, done THAT too, ‘k???  So, do NOT doubt my authority on this).  And, it’s only going to get really hard, because you (whoever YOU may be out there???), still ain’t come to your own senses, in ADMITTING to your selves, that heck, mommy and daddy they NEVER loved me, and I’m, damaged as a kid.

End of “therapy session” here, pay my secretaries!

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The Coach Had Molested the Young Girl in School, the School Needed to Pay

The school is getting sued, because this happened, in the school’s sports’ equipment room, where the coach led the female student in to molest her!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Coach Had Grabbed the Twelve-Year-Old Girl’s Breasts, and that This Occurred During the Teaching Sessions, the School Mandated to Pay the Victim of the Sexual Molestations Millions

The sports coach, Huang had multiple times taken the twelve-year-old female student into the equipment room, to kiss her, to caress her breast, driven her to the riverside park to rape her too, the first trial gave him three years eight months, the second trial is currently being processed; the civil front, Huang is made to pay the female student and her parents a total of over $1.42 million N.T.s, and the victim also asked the country to pay too, the Taipei District Court found that the school need to pay the female student a million dollars N.T.

Huang is an elementary school teacher and a coach for a school sports team, the two between 2016 and 2017 had gone to the P.E. equipment room to date, Huang had kissed and caressed the girl’s breasts, and drove her to the riverside park to rape her too.

On the civil front, the courts mandated that Huang needed to pay the female student and her parents a total of over $1.42 million N.T.’s; the student and her parents also stated, that the school did NOT send the case to be reviewed at the gender equality commissions of the school, and didn’t report it to the government, didn’t offer counseling, there’s no surveillance installed in the equipment room, that this was a dead end of the safety of the school, demanded the school pay over $5.38 million N.T.s.

The school rebutted, that Huang’s molesting the female student was his own bad behavior, that it had nothing to do with the school, that they had sex together AFTER the student had graduated, that it wasn’t within the realms of the school official’s means, that the school didn’t not report the matter, that the equipment room’s without the video surveillance isn’t directly related to Huang’s molestation of the female student.

The attorney, Chen pointed out, based off of the educator employment regulations, the public school’s instructors are lawfully hired government officials, the instructors in school, are bound by the application of laws, if the instructors used the opportunities of teaching to rape or to molest a student, based off of the second rule of the government repatriations, the school should pay.

The courts pointed out, Huang started having sex with the female student after she graduated, that it had nothing to do with his teaching, that it’d not qualified as the abuse of his status, during his time of a hired school instructor, but Huang’s molesting the student in the sports equipment room, has direct relations with his role as an instructor, and teaching, that it’d, fitted to the mandates of the victims demanding the country for payment, the school should pay for the asking of the student and her parents.

And so, there’s, that gray line, of where and how it’d happened, and if the person getting molested or raped was still a student or not, but the fact of this is, this instructor had an improper SEXUAL relation with a student, and he has to pay for that, and the school needed to pay for what happened on campus too, because, it’s in the territory where this SHIT had, gone down.

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The Predatory Gold-Medal Coach Forced the Female Competitors to Repent Using Their Bodies

What the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), another #MeToo, and it’s still, happening, out in the open these days, instead, getting covered up by the curtains, because the survivors are now, coming out!  The RAPE of her coach, and she’d not realized that something was, wrong, and, there’s still, NO victim in this…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A gymnastic coach in Hsinchu, Ni had trained many Olympic medal-winning gymnasts, was with good reputation in the field, the locals called him, “Gold Medalist Coach”.  But he’d been found to have, assaulted the underage adolescent girls he’d trained, a female student, “Ting” (a false name) started getting sexually assaulted by Ni since she was in her last year of middle school, and when she’d not done well enough in the competitions, her coach made her “repent” using her body too, it wasn’t until her sophomore year in university, she’d had enough, and finally, pressed charges; the Hsinchu District Court found, that as a coach, Ni had gone against the ethics of his responsibilities toward his pupils, that the degree of maliciousness was quite severe, sentenced him to two years three months for opportune rape of underage minors and breaking the laws of children & adolescent welfare, and he can’t get probation for the term.

The verdict pointed out, that in 2010, “Ting” competed in the Taidong “All-Gymnastic Meet”, because she’d not made high enough marks, it’d, upset Ni, Ting went to the coach’s office to apologize, claimed, “to not make him so angry anymore, I’d, had sex with him.”

Ting testified in court, that in her last year of middle school, he’d been called into Ni’s office multiple times to have sex with him, “the most frequent, he’d called me in, two, three times a week, at least once per month.”, to the point, that when she was at the lunch hour breaks, she’d still gotten called in by him, to “talk”, and “I knew what he’d wanted”, Ni would lock the door to the lounge, and, had sex with her on the L-shaped couch in the breakroom.

Ting pointed out, that in the process, she’d not refused to have sex with him, that reason why she’d continued to have sex with him was because he was her coach, and hoped that she could, do better, in her reasoning, so long as she’d not defied her coach, she could get a less severe physical punishment, and wouldn’t have a hard time, using the equipment to train either, and, since she started having sex with him, Ni became, easier on her.  The teammates testified, that they’d seen Ni, hugging Ting in the breakroom, that in the middle school competitions, they’d seen Ting stay a long time in the coach’s, room too.

Ting stated, from her last year of middle school, all the way, into her sophomore year of university, she’d continued having sex with Ni, first, it was because she’d feared him, and not dared to defy him, but, as she entered into high school, she wasn’t, so scared anymore, “because I believe, I was, dating him”.  Ting told that she liked Ni, but also, because her coach promised her, that maintaining this sort of a relationship with him, he could help her have better developments in gymnastics, that she’d worried, that if she’d told him no, he could find ways, to put an end to her career as a gymnast.

As the incidents busted last year, Ni’s coaching career ended by the National Training Institution, and the school also decided to fire him, to NEVER allow him to work in the schools, again.

Yeah, this is still, POWER RAPE!  The coach used his status as the young lady’s coach, and used her career as a gymnast to threaten her, and, this young woman was fearful, and allowed him to get away with raping her, and she actually thought that she was, doing herself a favor, by allowing the coach, to have sex with her, and there is still, NO victim here, only abuser AND enabler, and these predatory men are still, preying on, those innocent, naïve, fearful, young girls, and there’s nothing anybody could’ve done, to PREVENT this sort of SHIT from recurring, again, again, and again!

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The Taiwanese Version of #MeToo, the Gymnastic Coach Died of Illness Two Weeks After He Started Serving His Prison Term

Now that this perps is dead, he no longer had to pay for what he did, to the victims, that’s still, not fair, is it?  Of course not!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Gold Medal Gymnastic male coach, Liang from Kaohsiung was sentenced to six years ten months for sexually assaulting and molesting underage female competitors he was training, sentenced to six years ten months.  And yet, it’d only been two weeks since he’d started serving his sentence, he’d died of an illness he’d had, his conditions worsened, and was rushed to the hospital, and died at the midnight hours of the nineth this month.  The district attorney is scheduling an autopsy today to clarify his cause of death.

The #MeToo started trending at the end of 2017 globally, the following year, there was a Taiwanese female student who’d posted anonymously on FB, that she’d been raped and molested long-term by her gymnastic coach, Liang, started up the Taiwanese version of #MeToo, later, there were, four more victims who’d accused the coach too, and Liang was sentenced to six years ten months, he’d started serving his time at Kaohsiung Second Penitentiary on February 23rd this year.

The penitentiary officials stated, that as Liang started serving, he already had the preexisting conditions of progressive disorders, and hip injuries and other physical ailments, he could care for himself still, and after he was put through a health examination, he got the okay to serve the time, but on the twenty-fourth, the officials found that his oxygen level, his blood pressures were, unstable, the prison, to be careful, sent him to the infirmary of the penitentiary to observe just to be careful.

Liang was assigned to a room with three other roommates, during the time of his stay in the infirmary, Liang went to the treatment clinics twice in a week.  Until March 8th, his cellmate told, that Liang was lethargic, not having any appetite, that his blood pressure had dropped suddenly, he was referred to the bigger treatment infirmary to get his ECG, and on the same afternoon, after the evaluation of the physicians stationed there, they’d believed that it was necessary to get him to a larger local hospital, he was then, rushed over to the National Military Hospital in Zuoying immediately.

As he was admitted in, Liang originally stayed at the normal patient ward, and at ten in the same evening, he was still, lucid, but his vital signs continued dropping, the hospital immediately notified his next of kin, at eleven, he’d worsened to the point that he was admitted to the I.C.U., and the emergency room staff attempted to resuscitate him until one o’clock in the following morn, and he was then, declared, dead.

The penitentiary stated, that there were those who were ailing in their health status in the systems, and the officials would keep close eye on the health status of these inmates, and had followed the protocols for treatment too.  The precise cause of Liang’s death will be clarified after they’d conducted an autopsy on him later on today.

And so, this man had escaped serving ANY time, due to death, and that’s just, way too, easy for him, because think about the effects of what he’d done to all those victims who got raped, sexually assaulted and/or molested by him, they’re the ones who will have the hardest time, recovering, while this loser just, drops, DEAD, how’s that justice?  It still, isn’t!

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The Forty-Nine-Year-Old Male “Tricked” an Adolescent to Sleep with Him Got Sued, Had His Wife Write Him a Letter to Beg for a Lighter Sentence

How CLASSIC, wanting HIS M-A-M-A (aka his own WIFE!), to wipe HIS, ASS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-nine-year-old sales agent, Kuan used social networking software, met a middle school age adolescent girl of only twelve, Kuan didn’t care that they were thirty-seven years apart, started pursuing the teen like crazy, he’d even driven his car to her school many times, to pick her up to go to the motel, and he’d filmed them having sex together too, recently the Hsinbei District Court sentenced Kuan to four years six months on charges including having sex with an underage minor, and other charges.

The verdict pointed out, that Kuan who was already married with two young children, met the twelve-year-old first year middle school girl through FB in 2020, he’d used the longing for love of the adolescent years, leaving the messages to pursue and interact with her, not only did they call one another “honey,” “baby”, Kuan knew that the girl was a minor, he’d had sex with her, multiple times.

As the families of the adolescent girl found that she’d started behaving weird, they’d prodded her about, that was when this “romance between the older man” got found out, the families were angered, and sued.

The investigators reviewed that during the time, Kuan took the adolescent to the motels, and shot the footages of them having sexual intercourse, that he’d become, evasive in telling them exactly what happened, the D.A. indicted him; during the trial, Kuan admitted to what he’d done was wrong, but, couldn’t get into contact with the victim’s families, to get them to forgive him, so he’d had his wife fight for him, asked her to write a letter of apology to the judge on his behave, hoping that this can get him a lesser sentence.

The letter of apology had, “this is the hardest letter I’d ever had to write this lifetime, from before, I’d hurt someone deeply, and I had been gnawed by my own, guilty conscience, as his wife, I take the responsibilities, as a mother, I’d felt sorry toward that young girl, I wanted to hug her, to apologize to her, begging her to forgive me, for having her lose her innocence so early in life.”

The judge reviewed over the messages in the man’s communication app, found that he’d had many conversations with underage minor girls, and in one of the conversations with a minor, he’d mentioned, “Every time we met, we’d made love”, which showed that he was a pedophile, and had the sexual fantasies for underage minors.  The courts believed, that Kuan’s having his wife write that letter of apology on his behalf, was his trying to weasel out of his jail sentence, there was no remorse in him, that he’d not apologized from the heart at all, there was, NO pity tow;ard him.

And so, by writing that letter of apology on her husband’s behalf, this woman became this LOSER’s, ASS-wipe, and why on earth would a woman do that?  He’d CHEATED on you, and had SEX with minors, which made him properly defined as, a PEDOPHILE, and you, as his wife, still covered for him?

This still just showed, how when a man @#$%ED (maxed out!) up, he only needed to have the women in his life to WIPE his sorry ass, and this man asked his wife to clean up his mess, and she just went, and did it.  Wow, are you stupid or what, lady???

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