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Women Turned into, Livestock

And yes, ladies, THAT, is what, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of ALL conservatives had, turned us all, women, into…

Women turned into, livestock, we’re nothing but the animals, cramped inside those bins, corrals, etc., etc., etc., those places where the livestock are kept, your swine, your pigs, your cows for milking and meat too.

And, by turning us, women into, livestock, men would be allowed to do whatever the FUCK (so???) they want to do with us, hump us, knock us up, knowing that we ain’t never gonna be able to get rid of these, unwanted pregnancies legally (but hey, who’s to say, you mother FUCKERS, that we won’t just take the paring knife out of the kitchen drawers and perform the UNSANITIZED HYSTERECTOMIES of our own bodies, huh???)

photo from online

Based off of the abortion bans in the U.S., the law turned us all women into, less than animals, nothing more than those incubators of where the babies are, “hatched out” of (I do believe, that there’s a reproduction center somewhere in the world, where babies are made, inside those, artificial, simulator, women’s wombs!”

And so, this is still, how U.S., which is one of the frontiersman (yeah, uh, right!) of women’s rights, dropped, to taking the MOST basic of all human rights away, from us, WOMEN!

And no, we’re still NOT (well, I know I’m not, but don’t know ‘bout all you other ladies out there!) NOT, taking THIS shit, lying down, are we, ladies?

HELL no!

and here, is what the U.S. Federal Government had, turned us women all, into!

swine! Photo from online

Back to being them, iron jawed angels again…

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Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen”  — Scottie’s Playtime

Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen” [Video] The Salt Lake Tribune reports: Republican lawmakers and Utah politicos celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday, with one legislator saying she trusted Utah women “to control [their] intake of semen.” Rep. Karianne Lisonbee […]

Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen”  — Scottie’s Playtime

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The Eldest Son Inherited the Mother’s Assets, the Younger Sisters Fought in Court for the Money They Put up in Taking Care of the Mother During Her Final Days, Lost

After the parents are dead, the fight over the assets, began, thank GOD that the parents aren’t around, to see these children fight over what they’d, left, behind…and so, after this case, the children won’t be so willing, to pay for their parents’, elderly cares, because this is a precedence that’s been, set, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There was an elderly woman in Changwha with one son, five daughters, originally, she’d made up her will that her son was the sole inheritor of all of her, assets, to exchange for him to care for her until her end, but later, the mother-son relationship went bad, she’d started, living with her daughter; after she’d passed, the four daugthers believed, that they’d, spent a lot of money, taking care of their mother during her final years, sued their eldest brother to get over a million dollars of what he’d inherited from their mother back, but the judge tossed back the case, the experts in the legal field said, that although, asking for what was owed back is just, but sometimes, some money you’d spent, you just, will, NEVER get it back again.

The legal experts analyzed, this case is based off of the civil rules of “improperly gained assets”, that the daughters who’d cared for the mother until she died believed, that seeing how the mother left all her assets to their eldest brother, then, naturally, the means of caretaking shall be shouldered solely by their, eldest brother, that as he’d, inherited all of her assets, he’d had to, give what’s owed to them back, and found that the eldest brother had, gained the inheritance improperly, that was why they’d, sued.

The elderly woman, Lu in Changwha had an eldest son and five daughters, in 2011, the eldest son promised to take care of their mother until she dies, and took the mother and a witness to the courts to notarize the inheritance papers, that other than the eldest being the sole heir to the properties, all of the elderly woman’s money, and assigned him as the executioner of her last will.

But the four younger sisters (of them, one wasn’t a part of the suit) accused, that the eldest brother, after he was appointed as the sole heir of their mother’s assets, started treating their mother worse and worse, and so, their mother can only move up north to live with them.  And yet, their eldest brother had their mother pay for the living expenses of his household by the month, and as their mother became demented, he’d gone to the banks to falsely report that her bank books were lost, causing their mother’s assets to get frozen, and, in 2016 to 2019, they’d had to, pay a total of $1.32 million N.T.s

After their mother died, they’d demanded that their eldest brother pay back the $1.32 million that they’d paid in caring for their mother.  But the eldest brother rebutted, that after their father died back in 1996, he’d cared for their mother for sixteen years on end, lived with him, that there was a total of over eight million dollars N.T. in money that’s left after their mother died, that she’d not needed his younger sisters to care for her, that they’d paid for the care of their mother was out of moral responsibilities, that it can’t be demanded back in the court of law.

The judge noted, that although there’s the rule of returning the illegally gained profits, btu there were the four conditions that were the exceptions, including the money paid to fulfill the moral responsibilities, or paying the debts that were owed, or the money that you knew you didn’t need to pay, but still paid, you can’t, get any of these back.

If the four sisters were unaware, that caring for their mother wasn’t their responsibilities legally, then, the one who’d put up the money put up the money based off of the moral responsibilities of filial piety, and so, they can’t get the amount back, found the four daughters lost.

And so, take a note of this, in the Asian countries, the daughters do NOT have the responsibilities, to care for their elderly parents, because they’d been, disinherited, so, ladies, do be aware, of these things that are, written in the fine print sections, because, you don’t want to end up like these sisters, putting in the time, and the energies, the money too, and, not gotten even, a thank you for caring for our mother, and getting SUED!

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I Can’t Stop 🤬 … Luckily, Max Boot Can! — Filosofa’s Word

For over 24 hours I have been alternately growling, grumbling, and had @#$%& coming from my mouth over Tuesday’s school massacre in Texas and the horrid responses of some public figures.  I tried twice to put my words to paper, but I ran out of symbols 🤬 and quickly realized that my anger might be […]

I Can’t Stop 🤬 … Luckily, Max Boot Can! — Filosofa’s Word

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The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Our (women’s) bodies, are, no longer, OURS, it’s, the government’s!

The political news website, Politico disclosed that the supreme court justice in an unpublished draft of the primary opinions, that the Supreme Court is going to overturn the 1973 landmark case on abortion, “Roe vs. Wade”.  If this gets through, then, in twenty-two states, abortions would become, illegal, and this was the very first time that the opinions of the Supreme Court had “leaked out” before the ruling had become, publicized.

Out of the expectations of the general public, the Supreme Court took the case of Mississippi’s banning a fifteen-week pregnant woman’s right to terminate her own pregnancy, in this case, the state demanded that the Supreme Court overturn the decision of Roe vs. Wade.

The website Politico since February started rumoring about the decisions of the Supreme Court, the head justice, Alito wrote: “Roe vs. Wade was wrong from the start, the theory was weak, this decision had led to serious consequences, not only did it not resolve the controversies of abortion nationally, it’d even, caused the debates to split the people up.”

The person who’d disclosed this stated, that the other four Republican Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republican presidents, after hearing the debates last December, supported Alito in overturning Roe vs. Wade, and, the opinions of all five Supreme Court Justices stayed unchanged to this week.

women in the U.S., protesting this! Photo from online

The other three justices appointed by Republican presidents, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan, voted not to overturn Roe vs. Wade, of these, the liberal, Roberts will hold the deciding vote, it’s still unsure, which side he will rule for.

And so, by declaring Roe vs. Wade unconstitutional, the U.S. Supreme Court is saying that we women don’t have the right over our bodies, that our bodies belonged to the government, that if we get pregnant, we need to give birth, and that’s, a total violation of our, personal freedom and rights, and, as this ruling finalized, there would be a ton of those, abortion clinics that operate in the darkness, because that, is how this happens, because there will always be those of us who don’t want our pregnancies, and, because the U.S. is now, illegalizing abortion, we will all, find alternative ways, to get that done, and, putting our lives in danger in return.

Taking AWAY we women’s right of choice, and, pro life is still, pro choice, we are the ones, with the rights of our bodies here, not you, men, God, Supreme Court justices of the United States of America!

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A Brand New Way, for the Government to Spy on, Keep Tabs on, We the People…

The CDC announced, that it’ll be, doing away with the barcode scanning systems, and, in its place, there’s, a brand new, more precise system, that gets the information out faster, and all of that translates to?

The government’s found a brand new way, to keep tabs on the people, as we the people are already, fatigued, being on guard all the time, with the spread of MERS-CoV starting back up again, and, the government came up with, a brand new way, to keep tabs on we the people (‘cuz not all of us scan those barcodes, because we are afraid, about our information, leaking out?  Some of us still use these, handwritten forms provided by the shops here!), and, this brand new system, that the CDC is switching to, uses, an ever more precise mean, to keep tabs on its people, and there’s nothing WE the people CAN do because we are, enslaved (like I’d already mentioned that, god knows how many times already???) by the government, and now, the government’s gotten its taste of absolute power, do you think it’s going to, let it go???  HECK no!

what we the people become, under the rule of DDP! photo from online

And no, this still, ain’t NO conspiracy theory that I’m currently, “operating under” right now………

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Another Way the Government Has, of Tracking Our, Whereabouts

And no, I’m still NOT, a CONSPIRACY T-H-E-O-R-I-S-T here…

Call this, the next, “installment” of the government’s plans of, keeping track of, we the people’s, whereabouts.

They got us registering these vaccine records, and, we are supposed to get our own separate, barcodes, in order, to enter into, the public places (i.e. restaurants, shops, etc., etc., etc.), and, apparently, the CDC’s making us scan those barcodes isn’t enough, we’re made to, get our personal data out there (don’t ask where “there” is), that starting next month (wouldn’t know here!) when we enter into any public place, we’re supposed to use those unique barcodes assigned to us by the CDC, and register ourselves for being at that location.

That’s just bad because, where would our privacy be, and, how easy, can the government, track its people down by doing this, and yet, there’s a justified reason: MERS-CoV.

The government stated, that it’s for the sake of all of our securities, our safeties (fearing being in the vicinity of those who are asymptomatic???), that we need to register ourselves everywhere we go, with our, separate barcodes.

what these things look like

and we’re, suppose to, scan it everywhere we go soon giving government easy access to our, whereabouts…photo from online

And, I’m guessing, that these brand new babies getting born right now (in the maternity wards as we speak!), are all going to pop out of their mommies, with that, assigned BARCODE to their lives, and the government can access these newborns’ status (i.e. D.O.B., etc., etc., etc.) by scanning their HEADS, ‘cuz I’m guessing, that these barcodes the government made us get will come as a preset, for all those itty bitty ones that are, on their ways here.

You have GOT to be shitting me here, and yet, we the people have no way of defying the government’s authorities, as these are exigent circumstances (MERS-CoV is here, as opposed to the Red Coats are Coming???), and there’s NOTHING we can do about it, and, I’m positive that even AS the epidemic finally halts (however many years from now!), the system of “checking in using our separate barcodes” will still be intact!

And there’s, NOTHING that we the people can do, we’re all, ENSLAVED, remember???  Oh right…

No. 2, go BACK to your cell!  No. 8 there, come out for your body check (not the kind that my dog used to conduct on me, but a really, thorough, “pat down” there!!!)

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The Case of Arson in the Buddhist Shrine Killing Seven the Man Received Life-Term Instead of the Death Penalty

It took the justice systems, THREE whole YEARS, to decide what to do with this man who’d, committed arson, and murdered his own elders in cold blood, well, that took, long enough, and to the families of the victims, this does not seem like, justice at all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The arson case of Yujing, Tainan from three years ago that resulted in seven deaths, two injuries, the first trial the courts found that the suspect, Tseng had premeditation of committing arson and murdering, used an extremely cruel measure, had no humanities, sentenced him to death; the second trial considered that Tseng had been diagnosed with a severe mental condition that was left untreated from his younger years, causing his bad behaviors, yesterday, the death penalty was overturned, and life-in-prison was given to him as punishment.  This can still be appealed.

The man in charge of the Buddhist Shrine, Chang stated, that the tragedies happened, and, Tseng shall be judged for his crimes; for the three years, the families of those who’d died worked hard to let go of their hate, hoping, to return themselves back to their, original, peaceful state of mind in living.

Tseng was taken by eight bailiffs to the courts to hear his verdict, during the verdict of his first trial, he’d gotten worked up and started gesturing to the news media, as he’d learned he got life in prison yesterday, he’d remained, silent.  The seven members of the families of those who died weren’t present, only stated their opinions on paper, they’re still not done, grieving for the losses of their loved ones yet.

The Collectivist Courts believed, that Tseng was fitted to the U.N.’s laws to get punished, considering how he’d started showing severe psychological disorders, and didn’t get the proper treatment, “it’s necessary, to avoid passing down the death penalty to those who are inept.”

And besides, after Tseng committed the murders, he’d, immediately called it in, subjectively, his turning himself in helped the investigators quickly get to the case to understand what had happened; Tseng’s parents blamed themselves for the outcomes of his behaviors, had already directly or indirectly, paid the sums of the victims of their son’s crime already.

And so, this man should’ve received the DEATH penalty, but due too his mental conditions, he’d, escaped death, instead, he received a life-sentence, which is just as well, because now, he is going to get tortured by his own guilty conscience over what he did, but to the families of victims, I’m sure, they would much rather see him get executed.

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The Husband Disallowed the Wife to Have a Religious Belief, the Marriage of Twenty-Seven Years, Put to an End by the Courts

And, this woman, actually, put up with this LOSER for, TWENTY-SEVEN whole years too!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, May (a false name), filed for divorce with the courts, on the means that her husband, Yong (a false name) is way too macho, and emotional abuse on her, restricting her religious beliefs, and such to file for divorce, as the family court held its trial, the husband denied the accusations, but the daughter testified, that her father had, rejected her mother for having a religious belief, the judge considered, that the two couldn’t make up anymore, and allowed for the divorce.

May stat4ed, that she and her husband Yong had been married twenty-seven years, has two adult children together, that after they were wed, Yong behaved like a macho man, not only did he get loud with her often, and, he’d, smacked the tables whenever things displeased him, and, sometimes, ignored her existence altogether, he’d even, shut down her FB, as well as LINE accounts too, and they have too different a religious belief systems.

May told, that once, as she was headed over to the dojo for her retreat, her husband threatened to “show her”, and when she’d returned home, she’d found the kitchen floor covered with the shattered chinaware, and the dish dryer also got, thrown out too, her husband disallowed her to have a belief system, and, barred her from going to the religious retreats, and she’d, decided, to file for divorce.

And so, this man thought he could control this woman, by barring her from her freedom of religions, and this IS, the most basic rights of humans, to believe what we all want to believe, and, this LOSER tried stopping his wife from attending the religious gatherings, and this, is illegal, because nobody should have a control on what someone else believes, or if someone selected to practices some sort of a religions.  And the judge had finally signed off on the divorce of this woman from this woman.

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Ignorance: Turning Taiwan into, a Begging Country for the Vaccines

Tada, and it’s all, the government’s, FAULTS here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As I was sorting through my bookshelves, I found an old piece of news from a fellow newspaper with the bold red print of, “A Brand New Four-Years, Captain Tsai is now, at the Helm”, with the subtitle “warmth, closer to the people’s heart, an untraditional sort of a leader”, back then, I was moved when I thumbed across it, which was why I’d, clipped it and saved it.

Recently, because of the spread of the epidemic of MERS-CoV, causing the citizens to contract the virus by huge numbers, and more are dying.  In the impacts of this, it’d, lowered the polls of Tsai considerably.  The entire political party, if they can see this, and start doing things, more actively, then, it could, advocate the pros of this political party; but, with the mistakes that are being made, the party, the leaders needed to shoulder up the responsibilities, to adjust, to, not, evade the responsibilities by, pointing fingers.

Looking at around me, some said, “The president is no longer who she was, and we can’t get back to before”, some felt, “we need to give the government some time, to finally, contain the spread of MERS-CoV, we shouldn’t, demand immediate results!” and that title of the story from the newspapers from way back “President Tsai, leading Taiwan to be better than before” now became “President Tsai, leading the population to be healthier”.

I beckon the president, to NOT forget your promise to the people of how “the country won’t hurt you!”, and please, DO take mind, over how your people are in dire need of the vaccines, and buy more of the internationally, certified, vaccines for us, instead of what you’re doing now: “begging for leftovers, without enough for all”, relying on the donations of other nations’ supplies, then, embellish how we still are in good terms with the other countries, as most people are being tried under the difficulties of not been given enough vaccines, this is the sorts of news that we the people, need the least of.

And so, you were, once a strong supporter of the president, but, seeing how the policies of vaccines had, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here) us all up, you’d, started, changing your mind about this god damn, popularly elected president of the country, and, the president still didn’t upkeep her promise to all of us, “WE”, the people, and yet, there’s, NOTHING WE the people CAN do about it, but to, let this god damn BITCH (not name calling here!) RUIN us, for the rest of the remainder of her four year-term!

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