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The Man Who’d Stalked the Woman & Threatened to Go Public with the Intimate Photos Gets Four Months after Being Caught

The “magic” of the anti-stalking laws still, “in effect” here, so, this ex got???  NOT long enough if you ask me, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former temp from the city government of Taoyuan, Lee started dating a female coworker last year, became upset that she wanted to break up with him, threatened her for an entire month, and showed her the secretly filmed sex footages that they had together, threatened that he will leak it out, and told her to “finish yourself off”.  The Taoyuan District Court found that he’d impacted the woman’s mental and physical wellbeing, considered how he’d plead guilty to the charges, and had deleted the footage, sentenced him to four months on obstruction of privacy, obstruction of freedom, this can be appealed.

The investigations found, that the forty-four year-old Lee and his ex were both once temps for hire at the city government of Taoyuan, Lee became upset of how the woman told him she wanted to break up, and blocked all his calls, at 8:24 in the morn on April 27th, he’d started flash calling her at work, threatened her to quit, claimed, “if you don’t listen, then, I will have someone go to your home, and guard your place from morning until late”, demanded the woman “move away from Bade at the end of April”, otherwise, he will post the articles, disclosing their intimate relationship to the world, even posted the photos of them having sex together online.

As Lee hung up, the threats in texts came repeatedly, and seeing how the victim didn’t respond, he’d sent the GIF files of the two of them at the motel, threatened, “do you want it in high-def”, and that was when the woman was shocked, in realizing, that she’d been, filmed, without her consent.

Lee continued with his threats until the end of May, other than threats to spread the photos and footages, he’d also mentioned of killing her and committing suicide afterwards, told the victim to kill herself, and other words, the victim finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and called the cops.

After Lee was arrested, he’d admitted to harassing the woman, deleted the footage that he’d shot without her consent, and as the preparations for trial started, he’d written his confessions of what he did; the courts criticized that he should respect the woman as they were exes, but instead, he’d used verbal threats, and made the woman live in fear.  Lee was sentenced to two months for secretly taping of the private matters, and of the privates of the body, the threats on the woman, he was given three months, and he will be serving a total of FOUR months at least in prison.

This is, if not, just that slap on the wrist of this, loser who got upset that the woman broke up with him, and guess what’s gonna happen, after he is, released, he will surely, find a wat to “get back in touch” with his victim, and start, threatening her, harassing her, because losers like this one, they just, can’t learn well enough at all, and, besides, four SHORT months, is too lenient, as he has a chances of, becoming a repeated offender, to every single woman he will be dating, and selected to break up with him.

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Is the President, Okay?

How soon, there will be nothing, but that, hollow shell of what this “popularly voted” president of this country left, as she still stayed, CLUELESS of what we the people are in need of, what we want our government to do, she’d still, abused her power as president, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tsai, the president started going around, vouching for the candidates of her party for the mayors in the cities all around Taiwan, she was very, energetic.  The expert in public opinion survey, Yo stated, that she looked like she was “possessed by a deity of the Tao religion”, quite brave, but, disregarding the feelings of society.  The online community booed her, that she was way too passive toward how the Communist planes started drilling in Taiwanese air and seas, how she’d done nothing for the worsening of the public safety, that she only showed her face in the visits to the temples, to offer the condolences to those who’d died, and when there’s food offered.  As the major elections are coming up, Tsai worked hard, helping to vouch for the candidates of her political party, does she still care, about the business of this country?

As the internal and foreign affairs are a mess, the president took a break from her duties of position, it’s a wonder, Hsu, and Tsai both felt that they’d not not fulfilled the requirements of their own positions in the government.  As the drones from China breached into Taiwanese air, the government was clueless on how to cope; but, calling on the net armies, to gang up on Cheng, that happened, in a moment’s time.  It’s a wonder the online communities are wondering: if the president’s, okay?

Tsai’s vouching for Lin, it’d made the outside world worried that she could no longer tell right from wrong anymore.  Shen called her, “tyrannical and BLIND!”, Chiao, the former news anchor criticized her on how her beliefs were totally opposite to what the people may think in dealing with Communist drones breaching over Taiwanese aerial border as well as the politics of personnel of her own party.  While Lin spoke more bluntly, that she’d lost judgments on the right values, and the trends of the public opinions, and only has her sight set on the pursuit of totalitarian rulership.

her dreams of forever sitting on the throne, like that, Empress

the cover of a magazine, from online

Before the leaders are off their positions of leadership, they would try to establish their statuses in history, only Tsai, kept getting into the dead-ends.  The people started going over the mottos of Tsai in volumes, and it’d proven, that she doesn’t act as she preached, going backwards in democracy, but, she seemed to not care one bit about how she’d lost her credibility at all, not trying to get back on the right tracks of things, with her mind on being the chairperson of her political party, forgetting, that she’s still, the president.

Using her power as the president, to make the DDP stronger, it’s not just mixing the personal with the professional, but also, selfish.  We the majority voted you into office, but you’d not treated this as a country, only looked out for your own political party, how can you possibly win our, respect?  As “Tsai lights up Taiwan!” and “the Hottie who’d stood up against the Communist Chinese government”, all of these lies went bust, she will only have the evaluations of how “she’d been corrupted by too much power in her hands”.

And so, this is how this president that’s been voted by popular votes screw we the people up, due to her only looking out for her own party, making it harder, for the cities and counties that are ruled by mayors who aren’t of the DDP affiliations, she’d, ruined us all, and, this country is falling, deeper, into HELL, under the rulership of Tsai, and the DDP party here, and there’s still NOTHING that WE the people CAN, do about it, because like the last issues votes showed, how the DDP tossed away the voices of the people, and still DID what they wanted to do!

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The Amendments on Gun Usage for the Police isn’t a “Fix-All”

How the government is still just treating the “symptoms” instead of the root causes here, how there’s nothing done for the sake of helping the police officers who are putting their lives out on the line to keep us, the people, safe from harm every single day, another one of the, many unfulfilled false promises that this DDP government makes to we the people, and it can’t even protect their own officials from getting STABBED by escaped convicts to DEATH, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of two officers getting gunned down in the line of duty in Tainan was the perp grabbed the gun and shot them, the debate of loosening the rules of the timing of police gun usage started back up, but, the police gun use isn’t a fix-all, the government officials can no longer call aloud: use the guns as you needed, but ignored the lacking of the first line of defense officers’ safety usage of the firearms, a knife that’s stabbed two officers to death, it’d made the people wanted more training, more rehearsals, more drills on the means so the police can be adept in these situations, instead of how the government is still performing in that circus show.

The case had zoomed in on the escaped convict, Chen, that was the first mistake, had the officers gone out baldly, and used the gun like the head of internal affairs, Hsu stated, the suspect, Chen getting gunned down, and who will pay for that, as he wasn’t the man?

The Tainan police finally zoomed in on the right escaped convict, Lin, and in the process of clarifying, someone had, intentionally leaked the photos of Chen and other escaped convict to the press, and it’d put the city police department of Tainan on a difficult spot, and they can only work really hard to try and catch the escaped convict, and not said another word.

But the higher up officials of police policies came to take turns to “sit in” on Tainan, the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu made the trip down south especially to hold his press conferences, and stated that after the coroners conducted the autopsies, they’d found NO bullet holes in the officers who’d died, while they both had knife wounds, more than a dozen on their bodies, each cut was deep, and hit the important arteries, which showed how much force the escaped convict took to murder the police officers, and it’d made the entry level police officers wondered: are the officials there to help with arresting the escaped convict who’d murdered their own, or are they there, to make the investigation process ever the more, difficult?

As for the amendment that was started up of the armed weapons used to protect the police from attacks had lain in the legislature or over two whole years to date, and compared to the multiple cases of police deaths in pursuits of convicts, nothing’s been done, “What is justice?”, other than using the mottos, the government does, absolutely NOTHING.  The politicians should do more, and talk less, that is the only way that will keep Taiwan safe.

So, this still just showed, of how the DDP is still, full of huffle and puff, they talked about the amendments to protect the police, since the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty, and that was what???  Two years back, and, the drafts of that police protection bill hadn’t seen the light of day, it stayed inside those, boxes of forgotten documents, deep in the basement of the legislative department of this DDP government!

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A Novel Caused Him to be in Exile Half of His Life Rushdie Fought Hard to Keep His Own Freedom of Speech

How this writer was, outspoken, fearless of getting murdered, making his viewpoint declared to the world, and the legacy he’d left for those who came after him is this: to be fearless, to be able to express oneself freely, unafraid of persecution from the government, to make one’s own life count, and meaningful, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventy-five year-old Indian-British fantasy realistic novelist, Rushdie was assassinated on the twelfth in a public speaking event in New York.  Rushdie’s novel caused anger in the Muslim communities, which caused him to escape his whole life, to dodge from getting killed, and yet, he’d still continued to write, and stood up for his own right to free speech.

Rushdie’s fame came with his second published novel “Midnight’s Children”.  It was on India, after it’d won its independence from British rule, it’d gained international acclaim, and the Booker Prize of England.

More that Sixty Were Assassinated, Including the Publishers, the Translators

But, his fourth publication, “The Satanic Verses”, was interpreted by many Muslims as blasphemy toward Mohammed, and the book was banned in Iran, and the following year, the spiritual leader in Iran ordered the assassination of Rushdie worldwide, and ever since, Rushdie was under the protection of British police, and began his life on the run.  Of the translator and publishers of “The Satanic Verses” worldwide, more than sixty had been assassinated in the attacks.

As He’d Gone to See the Dentist, His Bodyguard Told Him to Hide in the Body Bags

Rushdie had gone into hiding for close to a decade, moved multiple times, couldn’t even tell his own children where he lived.  And, the kill order did NOT make Rushdie stop writing, instead, it’d helped him come up with his own memoir, “Joseph Anton”, the name he took when he was in hiding.  He’d written in the third-person narrative, recollected, how he’d needed to go see the dentist, and his bodyguard told him to hide in the body bags, to stay off of the public’s eyes, and that as he’d wanted to play with his own son, he’d had to make an appointment with the police first.

Rushdie, after he was gunned down, getting lifted by the paramedics, photo from online

Until 1998, the Iranian government became unsupportive of the assassination orders, that was when Rushdie stopped hiding.  But the government owned news media in 2006 reported, that the kill order can only be cancelled by the one who’d started it, while the man who’d ordered the assassination of Rushdie already died, therefore, the assassination order will forever be active, and by then, the bounty on Rushdie’s head is already close to three million dollars U.S.

Rushdie started getting active in the social circles internationally, to the point of taking roles in movies of Bridget Jones’s Diary and the American T.V. comedy.  He’d been married four times, with two children who are now, living in New York.

He Supported the Satirical Art and the Criticisms of Religions

In 2015, he’d started writing the satires, he’d stood up in support of  the Charlie Hebdo Publisher shooting in Paris, “I support the Charlie Hebdo Periodicals, and am for the sarcastic art, this is the power to stand up against the tyrannies, the dishonest, and the blindly pursuits of power I have.”

Rushdie stated, “ ‘Respecting religion became synonymous to ‘fearing religion’.  Religions are just like any concepts, that we can, criticize, and, surely, like us, fearless of them, and, disrespecting them.”

And, so, this was how this controversial man’s life, ended, by assassination, and, it was these brash statements that this man made, that’s, outspoken, that’s, pissed off someone who’d assassinated him, and even though he’s now dead by assassination, he’d left that legacy, telling us to not fear anything, if our opinions don’t corresponded with what the masses believed, that we need to stand up for what we believe in, and not feared getting shot down.

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The Hushed in the Criticisms of Taiwanese Government

Corruption, from the top, down!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The election campaigns started warming up in the seemingly steady pandemic, the people’s voices should be heard.

But instead, we see this, as the commander of CDC, Chen switched tracks to enter into the mayoral race of Taipei, when he’d gone to Longshan Temple on the calls, he’d apologized sincerely to how the team’s calling the “broken entry wound” of Wanhwa being too brash to the locals, and, there were those who were objecting to Chen’s running who were taken away by force, and later apologized to him for being, out of sorts; the city government of Taoyuan had the ads of Lin’s theses in question, and the city government’s doings-wrong got pulled off, the company who’d set up the ads stated, that they took it off because they were worried that the political radicals were going to go to the location, make a scene; the DDP legislator, Kao because she’d stated the more pessimistic outlooks of the DDP in the election, she got attacked by those in the DDP.

what the people, became, under the DICTATORSHIP rule of the DDP! Photo from online

And, from all of these you can see the chilling effects of the society, the people AND the politicians all needed to be really careful what they say and do, to avoid getting labeled, their names smeared, they would have to avoid, getting on the bad side of those in power, and the moral standards needed to shift with the times as well too.

While “Trust”, is like the recent case of debate on the dissertations of the mayor of Hsinchu, Lin, the politicians’ standards of “honesty”, both are what the politicians needed to fight hard to earn from the voters.  And now, the atmosphere of politics, even the scholarly turned like the movie, “Silence of the Lambs”, when there’s that tiny peep, we are immediately attacked by extraterrestrials, and for the sake of our own survivals, we must, keep everything to ourselves.

The president kept boasting to the world how “free” Taiwan is, and her words moved those in other countries, but ironically, the party in power, and the side wings of the DDP, once they’d heard something that didn’t fit their likings, they’d, immediately, started, attacking, like in the movie, “A Quiet Place”.  Claiming that those who’d criticized had blackened the reputations, that it’s the conspiracies of the KMT or Communist China.  Like how Chen asked those who’d criticized his policies, how much had they contributed to the defense of MERS-CoV, he’d not just forgotten the “humbling words” of the president, Tsai, also forgotten how he’d refused to admit how we’d run short of the supplies of masks, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, even the life-saving medications that we are in dire need of, all of these are, factual; while, as the mayor of Taoyuan, Lin’s thesis came under questions, similar things had been stated, tried to suppress the voices of those who doubted them.

Like the words spoken from the heart of the Korean Soap lead in “Anna”: “man, even in the diaries that’s for one’s own eyes only, will write down the lies.”  Those in power need to be able to introspect themselves, to be truthful to oneself first, then, they will naturally have that sense of ingenuity, that sense of honesty, to gain the people’s “trust”, so they can have a long career in politics.  From the cases of the gates of the fields of sports, the questioning of the theses, it showed, that “time will bring about karma!”

We should also, use our votes, to show this current government, “we’re ashamed of all of you, politicians!”

And so, this is the lack of morality, the indecency of the party controlling this country, and because the head of the country, the president didn’t have enough morals to begin with, certain, all who’s beneath her from the head of state, to the heads of various departments, to the heads of cities, counties, districts, etc., etc., etc., all are, slanted, because crooked stick crooked shadow, and the DDP still doesn’t change its means, because it’d lacked that sense of right and wrong, and, because the leaders of this country lacked a strong sense of morality, how do you think we the people would behave???  In the same level of immorality too!

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Not Recognizing the Rights of the Spouse, the Other Woman/Man’s Not Paying for the Adultery Getting Tossed Out

The rights of the spouses, OUT the window, because, adultery is no longer, a “criminal” offense!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the Grand Justice tossed back adultery as a criminal offense, the woman, Chen asked the woman, Hong who got between her and her husband to pay her $800,000N.T.s in civil claims.  The Taipei District Court justice, Wu used the definitions of the Grand Justices’ mandating that the respect of personal choice rulings, tossed back Chen’s claims, it’d started up discussion in the society; the case is appealed, the Taiwan High Courts found that the paperwork of the case had not been sent legally to Hong, that the proceedings were, flawed, tossed back the verdict of the first trial, sent the case to be retried, and, skillfully, avoided the debatable issue of the rights of the spouses.

Because there was the verdict from the first trial, that the case was sent back, not due to flawed procedures, based off of the rules, the district court will assign a different judge to the case to rule it.  The legal realms analyzed, that the justice, Wu had long-term been different in opinions with the practicalities of the cases, that most would deem him as a “minority”, but there’d been multiple differences of opinions on ruling that’s become, the mainstream interpretations, and the outside world is interested in how the verdict will turn.

In the verdict, Wu pointed out, that based off of the Grand Justices’ announcing the adultery claims as a noncriminal offense, the stresses of the constitution of protection of marriage, of families, is now, turned into the individuals’ choice.

In the ruling, she’d quoted the point of view of the grand justice, that the spouses are independent of one another, that there shall be no restriction on the individuals’ behaviors based off of the marriage, that each is independent in the way s/he acts, that in the changes of the constitution, the rights of spouses should NOT exist, therefore, in the first trial, Hong wasn’t mandated to fine.

And so, here, adultery became, legalized, and, the spouses, can’t go after their cheating husbands or wives for sleeping, fucking around, because hey, that’s our, personal choice, to FUCK whoever we want to, I mean, the LAW can’t make us be faithful to just that one other person, for life, ‘til death!

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Is it Statutory Rape, or, Abortion?

Or, could it, possibly (humor me here, even though, this had, gone, way, WAY, W-A-Y, past, funny!) be…

Is it, statutory rape, or, abortion, as the brand new ban on abortion is now, enforced, by the overturn or RvW.

And, where’s the rights to, OUR bodies, I mean, it is, our bodies that will be, carryin’ them all, little ones, unless, you would like to shapeshift, into, one of them, seahorse or leaf dragon daddies to carry your own children full term, and popping ‘em all out, or, are you guys, one of those, species of fishes that keeps the eggs inside of their mouths, until they hatched now, huh???

Is it, statutory rape, or is it, abortion?  It is, statutory rape, because the U.S. federal government now, imposes that BAN, on WHAT we women do with OUR bodies, and thus, that’s, equivalent to, violating, all our, rights.

It doesn’t matter what it’s called, a violation, is a violation, IS, a VIOLATION, and, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of, all conservatives are, allowing for it.

And, we women are, totally, FUCKED (and your point being???) up, by the HIGHEST of the judiciary branch of, the good ol’, glory…

Where’s the glory in that, huh???  When you, violate our rights to, our bodies, huh???

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Gone, is the Last Liberal…

Gone, is the last liberal, so y’all can forget about getting them laws on same-sex marriages, abortions, women’s rights to their bodies, passed!

Gone, is the last liberal, as the courts are, taken over by, nothing but, conservatives, too outdated in their beliefs, ideals, firmly insistent, that we women, are lesser than men, stripping the rights of our bodies away.

Gone, is the last liberal, the only one who will, speak out, on our, behalf, and, there’s nothing we can do about it, this final liberal, was the ONLY chance we will have, of, close to, evening the votes, and yet, s/he got, struck off the rosters already.

Gone, is the last liberal, and, we all must, fall down, to all those, conservatives’ rules, because, they’d outnumbered us, and they are going to, keep on, silencing us all, because we are, more, liberal than they are…

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Women Turned into, Livestock

And yes, ladies, THAT, is what, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of ALL conservatives had, turned us all, women, into…

Women turned into, livestock, we’re nothing but the animals, cramped inside those bins, corrals, etc., etc., etc., those places where the livestock are kept, your swine, your pigs, your cows for milking and meat too.

And, by turning us, women into, livestock, men would be allowed to do whatever the FUCK (so???) they want to do with us, hump us, knock us up, knowing that we ain’t never gonna be able to get rid of these, unwanted pregnancies legally (but hey, who’s to say, you mother FUCKERS, that we won’t just take the paring knife out of the kitchen drawers and perform the UNSANITIZED HYSTERECTOMIES of our own bodies, huh???)

photo from online

Based off of the abortion bans in the U.S., the law turned us all women into, less than animals, nothing more than those incubators of where the babies are, “hatched out” of (I do believe, that there’s a reproduction center somewhere in the world, where babies are made, inside those, artificial, simulator, women’s wombs!”

And so, this is still, how U.S., which is one of the frontiersman (yeah, uh, right!) of women’s rights, dropped, to taking the MOST basic of all human rights away, from us, WOMEN!

And no, we’re still NOT (well, I know I’m not, but don’t know ‘bout all you other ladies out there!) NOT, taking THIS shit, lying down, are we, ladies?

HELL no!

and here, is what the U.S. Federal Government had, turned us women all, into!

swine! Photo from online

Back to being them, iron jawed angels again…

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Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen”  — Scottie’s Playtime

Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen” [Video] The Salt Lake Tribune reports: Republican lawmakers and Utah politicos celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday, with one legislator saying she trusted Utah women “to control [their] intake of semen.” Rep. Karianne Lisonbee […]

Utah GOP State Rep On Roe Overturn: I Trust Women Enough To Control Their “Intake Of Semen”  — Scottie’s Playtime

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