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The Landlady of the Rao River Night Market Beaten into a Coma by Her Own Son

Another BLOOD-SUCKING L-E-E-C-H we have here, as his families finally, CUT him off, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Man Couldn’t Get His Mother to Hand Over the Deeds to the Properties, the Neighbors Heard the Shrilling Cries, Called the Police.  The Police & Fire Department Broke in to Save the Woman, the Son Taken into Custody.

A man in Taipei, Jeng, couldn’t get his mother to sign over the deeds to the properties that she owned, in the midnight hours of last, he took a huge nail puller, hit his mother in her seventies until she was in a coma, his younger brother was beaten up by him too, the locals heard the shrilling “help us!”, they’d called the police, the police and fire department broke down the door and saved the injured mother and son pair, Jeng’s mother lost consciousness, was taken to the I.C.U. for observations, the district attorneys charged Jeng on domestic violence and attempted murder, and the courts mandated for his being taken into custody.

Based off of understanding, Jeng’s mother collected the rents from the Rao River Night Markets, has two sons and a daughter, after her husband died, she inherited the properties, the first floor, she’d rented the space to the shops, and lived on the second floor with her second son, and rented out the first and third floors to tenants.

Based off of understanding both of Jeng’s sons are unemployed, the eldest who was involved lives on the boundaries of Songshan and Xinyi District, at Huling Street, because he got into drugs, and had priors in drugs, he’d gone home often to ask for money, and demanded that his mother signed over the deeds to the properties, to attempt to get his hands on the family’s assets.

The fifty-year-old eldest son at around one in the morn, returned to his mother’s home, demanded that she signs over the deeds of the property that’s worth $20,000N.T.s, but the mother was already in bed, and not paid him any heed, and this caused Jeng to feel upset, he’d used the large nail puller, and attacked his mother’s head, hands, his mother lost consciousness.

This tragedy happened late at night, because the elderly screamed out the shrilling “HELP!”, the neighbors heard, and called the police immediately, as the officers arrived, nobody answered the door, but due to safety considerations, the police called over the fire department to break down the door to save the elderly.

As the police and firefighters entered, they’d found Jeng’s mother on the ground of the second floor bedroom, suffered severe head injuries, with blood over her, she’d lost consciousness, they’d sent her to the E.R. immediately, she regained consciousness, and is now, in the I.C.U., the second son who was injured, and ran to the balcony to call for help, suffered fractures on his wrist and hand, and arm.

The police subdued Jeng and arrested him, confiscated the nail puller that he used, the case is being reviewed as attempted murder from domestic violence.  The neighbors told, that Jeng was unemployed, not gotten along with his families, only when he ran out of money, would he return home, and asked for valuables from his own mother, and, they couldn’t imagine that as he got home late last night to get more money, that he’d, beaten up his family members when they refused to give him the money he asked for.

The attorneys said, that in the more severe cases of domestic violence, the families can file for an emergency protective order, and after the courts reviewed over the facts and believed that the abused are in immediate danger, then, they will issue the restraining orders in four hours, and contact the local stations to keep the records of the case on file.

And so, this, is what happens, because you allowed this son of yours to SUCK you dry all those years, and now, you’d finally decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and he couldn’t get the money from you this time, and, he flew into a rage, and, started attacking you, and this is still caused by the parents’ spoiling their own young, because you allowed him to SUCK you dry before, so why would this time be any different?  That I think, was the main reason why this man had, blown up and attacked his family members.


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The Son is a Driver, and Had His Poverty-Stricken Parents Pick Up After His Mess

We have here, a SPOILED ROTTEN B-R-A-T who needs his mama and papa to CLEAN up HIS bad mess, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old youth, Deng worked as a driver for a scam ring, followed the orders and collected one million dollars totally, from the two victims, after he’d received $3,000N.T. for his work, he was arrested; although Deng was from a poverty-stricken background, his parents kept apologizing to the victims and paid for the damages their son had caused in installments, the Shilin District Courts, after reprimanding Deng, gave him the lightest sentence for the crimes, just one year in jail, hoped that he could really turn over a new leaf.

The judge pointed out, that the last year amended fraud of “over three accomplices” are over one, and under seven years of prison terms, and considered that Deng was still quite young, and was at the bottommost level of the scam ring, and that, was why the judge was willing to reduce his sentence.  Lu and Chen fell prey to the overly used scam of “We have Your Son”, and had paid Deng $200,000N.T. and $800,000 in ransom to Deng, after Deng got his $3,000 in payment for his work, he was caught.

Last year, the woman Lu got a call said that her son signed for someone, but couldn’t make the payments, and had been taken away, she’d quickly made withdraws of $200,000N.T.; five days later, a retired man, Chen got a similar call, he’d placed the $800,000N.T. by the MRT station in Danshui, but the caller stated, “You still need to pay us $500,000N.T. in interests”, he felt that it was odd, immediately called the police, and, the police caught Deng, who was there, to pick up the cash drop.

Deng said, that his friends told him, “just pick up the cash, and you’d earned some money”, that, was why he’d become a driver; Deng said, that a man named, “Stinky” only gave him a cell phone, and that the headquarter of this scam ring is located in China, and had remote controlled him by phone, telling him what to do, he was unclear who was responsible for doing what in the ring.

Their son had helped scammed someone and got into trouble, the parents are heartbroken, continually apologized to the two victims, and promised to pay up the money.  The victims saw how stressed out the parents of Deng was, said, “we’re worried that our son was abducted, that, was why we were scammed, and you worried about your son getting jailed”, all parents are the same, so, they’d taken pity on Deng’s parents and agreed to settle with them.

The courts investigated, that Deng was given a two month sentence for public endangerment for drunk driving, he was also involved in another case of fraud, and was being overseen by the district court of Taipei; awhile ago, when the judge of the Shihlin District Court opened the courts, he’d scolded the teen, “You really don’t have a clue”, Deng replied, “I didn’t know that the laws were this strict!”

And that, is how this young criminal got, BUT that minor SLAP on his wrists, and, because he had yet to learn his lessons the HARD way, he will surely return to his old ways of being bad after he’s released from jail, and, it’s all because the victims took pity on the parents, who spoiled their son rotten!

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Allowing the Children to Learn to Become Independent

Observations from the workforce, translated…

I work in a food manufacturing factory, every time around the New Year’s, we’re the busiest, and so, the company would hire some temporary employees, to increase the help, so we can become better adapted to this busiest time of year.

Recently, there was a new part-timing kid, tall and strong, and, perhaps, this was his first job, he’d worked very slowly, but that could slowly be trained, but if he didn’t have the energies, everything he did, becomes, dead and boring too.

This kid has a very BAD level of comprehension, it’s hard for me to imagine, that he’s going to college, he’d repeated the same actions for the work, and still, he didn’t have a CLUE what he was doing now.

Every day around lunch, he’d received a call like clockwork, it was from him mom, asked him if he’d eaten yet, and what he’s doing now!  And that, was when I first gained the perspective, of what a “mama’s boy” actually looked like!

He’d already in college, and his mother still hovered over him, when will the child become truly independent?  Seeing how many blood suckers there are in the world today, are they all caused by the parents’ unwillingness and inability to let go too?

Yes, that, is the “creation process” of blood suckers, because you keep on hovering over your kids, you’d taken away the ability to fend for themselves, and, unless you stupid parents CAN outlive your own offspring, there’s NO way you can possibly watch over your young 24/7, and, the process of letting go SHOULD start early, because the later it got, the harder it would be, to WEAN them ALL!!!

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The Plans of a Birthday Party Didn’t Fall Through

On the education of the young, translated…

One day, as I’d picked my sixth grade daughter up from school, she’d told me happily, that a classmate was having a birthday party, that he’s taking everybody in the class out for steaks next Wednesday.

I thought, which parents have the money, to take out an entire class, the cost must run up high.  A few of the parents from the same community, after learning about this, started discussing, whether or not to shop for presents, and whether or not they should allow their children to go.

The birthday party came quick, on Tuesday, I’d gone to pick out a present, and picked my daughter up afterschool, she’d told me in disappointment, that the birthday party was delayed until after mid-terms, because the parents were sending her older sister to France to study, it was canceled.

After I’d heard, I started wondering, that the dates for sending the daughter aboard should’ve already been set, plus, can you cancel the reservations at the restaurant instantaneously?

After the mid-terms, the kids started discussing when they’re going out for steak again, the teacher called the parents who were supposedly throwing this party, and the parents said, that the child didn’t have an older sister, that he wasn’t going to France, nor was the throwing of the birthday party discussed.  Turns out, that the child made the whole thing up, and he managed to trick the rest of his classmates, his teachers, along with the other kids’ parents as well.

Later on, one day, this student who’d lied to everybody had an early leave, the teacher asked around the class, to see how many of the classmates had been in the same class as the child, and, a few of them raised their hands, and told everybody else, that this, was not the first time that this kid had done something like this.  The entire class got mad at the few of them, “Why didn’t you tell us?  Allowing us to get tricked like that.”  Actually, nobody lost any money, it’s just that all the kids’ expectations fell out.  And, some of the parents claimed that it’s great that the party wasn’t thrown, due to the recent food crises.

My daughter couldn’t believe, that she was scammed in school, that her expectations fell out.  I’d reminded her, that school is a microcosm of the world, that after she goes out into the world, there would be, more scams like this, that she must have a good heart, and to not want anything that doesn’t belong to her, and maybe, she could, reduce the chances of getting scammed.

And so, it’s still the parents’ fault, perhaps, the parents spoiled the kid, made him think that he could get away with murder, and so, he blurted out that promise, got the whole class going, and he became the center of everybody’s attention, and that made him feel special, who knows, but, it’s this bad behavior that the parents overlooked that will, end up, screwing this kid over in the future, and the parents doesn’t seem to pay any heed to their son’s bad behaviors.


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A Son Who Did Nothing All Day Long for 26 Years, His Father Finally Couldn’t Stand it Anymore, Hacked at His Drug-Addicted Son

Finally the father’s had ENOUGH!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Kuo had been abusing drugs long-term, and does nothing to make his own living, his seventy-two year old father blamed himself for not teaching his son the right kinds of values, yesterday, he’d left a note, saying that they are going to die together, used a knife, hacked up his own son, but, his daughter came home in time, called the police, after the police interrogated the elderly man, they’d booked him for attempted murder.

“There’s nothing more that I can do, just take him away, before he hurts anybody else.”, Kuo’s father blamed himself, for spoiling his own son rotten, and was angry at how his son won’t listen to him to stop using, he’s elderly, with high blood pressure, diabetes, and, the past couple of days, he’d gotten really annoyed at how his son got very loud, causing him to be unable to sleep for four days continuously, early yesterday morn, he’d written out a note, planned to murder his son first, then, commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The police said, that after the father and son had a serious argument, the father hacked the son with the knife, but in the end, he just couldn’t kill him, seeing how his son was bleeding in the head, he’d stopped hacking, but, it’d waken up his daughter and his grandson who live with him.

Kuo who was hurt refused to get treated, the officers had to tie him down to get him on the ambulance, but he’d jumped off, screamed, “I was the one cutting myself up, it has nothing to do with my father!”, after a very long time, the paramedics finally got him to Shinko Hospital for treatment, the four knife wounds from the top of his head caused his skull to fracture, but after the surgery, he’s in stable conditions.

Kuo’s father, when being interrogated, pointed out that at age seventeen, his son had started using drugs, and from his technical high school graduation to now he’s forty-three, he still doesn’t have a stable job, does nothing all day, and he’d been jailed for drug abuse multiple times and still hadn’t changed a bit.  He’d camped out on his couch for the last twenty years, fearing that his son would go out and create trouble in the middle of the night.

And so, the father had finally had it, huh?  Because this son just won’t get cleaned, and that, is just how finally the parents cracked, after putting up with a drug-addicted son for so very long.

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From Tall, Dark & Handsome to Owing Too Much Debts

From someone’s observations, translated…

My classmate’s older brother is tall and handsome, right after military school, he’d had a smooth ride to the top, and because he hadn’t found a wife, and saved up on every dollar he’d earned, he’d accumulated quite a large amount of money in his bank accounts.

And, his characters of being tall, handsome, and rich had indeed, attracted a ton of ladies, and, there were a lot of the ladies who’d pursued him, and, we’d all nicknamed him, “Mr. Rich, Tall & Handsome”.

Later on, he married, and, we’d heard that his “spoiled” wife had indeed been the one who pursued after him.  After they married, they lived on happily, and Mr. Tall, Rich & Handsome had a reputation of spoiling his own wife in his area, it’d not only allowed him to let her dress up to the nines when she’d gone out, not do anything at home, and, anytime she goes out, there would be name brand cars, waiting, to give her a ride.

But, the fairytale didn’t last, recently I’d heard my classmate told of how his brother was faring, awfully, and would often call home, to borrow some money, or to ask for handouts, turns out, he’d given all his cash to his wife to put into the stock markets.

And, the woman became too spoiled rotten, with too big an ambitions, she didn’t know when to quit, she’d started buying up a high-cost bank bond, ended up losing their house, and even Mr. Tall, Rich & Handsome’s retirement funds wouldn’t suffice is filling up the holes, and caused him to still slaved his life away after he’d retired.

And what’s more infuriating is that the woman still does as she pleases, dressed herself up real well, rode out in the name brand car daily, and, let her husband worry about the money being spent up.  Her good fortune had us all in awe.

And now, Mr. Tall, Rich & Handsome is no longer who he used to be, he was crushed by his debts, and, we’d nicknamed him Mr. Owed-Too-Much Debts instead.

When I saw him again, I barely recognized him.  Some of his friends and relatives couldn’t withstand to see him suffer, gave him words of advice, to not keep on spoiling his own wife.

And, Mr. In-Too-Much Debt shook his head continuously, and, we believed, that he’s still trapped, he’d rather have it hard, than allowing his spoiled wife to take the responsibilities.  This, reminded me of a saying, “there are, people, from all walks of life.”

And so, this, is how a woman CAN and is able to RUIN a man completely, and this also shows you just how blind people become in love too.


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Her Son Stole Money Continuously the Eighty-Year-Old Mother Paid it Back for Him Each & Every Time

Guess WHO is the ENABLER in this story???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A forty-year old man, Deng was under great economic duress, and, in order to pay the debts he’d owed, he stole a lot, and each and every time, he had his eighty-year-old mother take care of it for him, awhile back, he’d gone to the local guardian’s temples, and stole away Liu’s over $140,000N.T’s lotto tickets, in the end, his mother took the cash, and went to the subprecinct, got down on her knees, and begged, for a favor for her son, all the officers felt bad for her.

Based off of understanding, the seventy-year-old woman, Liu would set up scratch off stand at the local guardian’s temple until the early morning hours, the forty-year-old man, Deng on the early morning of the 7th, went to the temple, to ask for money, saw how Liu was putting up her tickets into her handbag, he’d taken the advantage of the time she’d turned away, and managed to steal away all the tickets, with the total worth of well over $145,000N.T.s.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and followed the leads, and managed to find Deng on the 11th, Deng told the police, that the $56,000N.T. he’d won, he’d used it to pay off his debts.  Based off of the investigations, Deng had multiple charges of theft, and accumulated a ton of credit card debts, and because he couldn’t pay off all his debts on a $23,000N.T. a month salary from the printing company, that, was why he’d stolen.

As Deng’s mother got notified by the police, she’d rushed to subprecinct, his mother said, that she has three children, and this middle child had gotten her worried the most, would often steal, and was unable to pay back what he’d stolen, and would need her to pay for him, every time he’d done it.

Deng’s mother begged on her knees to Liu, and gave the $145,000N.T.s back to Liu, and cried, “Do forgive my son”, the officers there felt bad too, and, Deng said, that he knew what he’d done was wrong.

Liu said, that she too, lived off hard, and was willing to forgive the man.  But stealing is a prosecutory crime, after the police interrogated the man, they booked Deng to be processed in court.

And so, because you couldn’t pay your bills, you’d stolen the lotto tickets that someone sold, well, did you NOT consider that the person who’s stand you sold from has to make a living too, and, you still had your mama come and WIPE your ass for you?  You’re a GROWN man, are you FUCKING shitting me here?  And, the mother is at fault too, because she’d not cut her son off, which caused her son to SUCK onto her like a LEECH!

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A Mother’s Blindness

The INABILITIES of you, ladies, to see, that your sons are BAD, instead of good, because you’d always allowed your god DAMN maternal instincts to spoil them losers rotten!

A mother’s blindness, is caused by what she believed to be unconditional love toward her son, and she will keep on, letting his grown ass adult son SUCK on her TITS, whenever he came back to her, crying about whatever!

A mother’s blindness, caused by her maternal instinct, her protective instincts toward her young, and it’s gonna screw HER, along with other women of the younger generations over, and the mother doesn’t even realize this, she still keeps on blindly believing, that I’m only giving my “baby boy” what he needs, even IF he’s about thirty, forty, fifty, OR sixty years old.  For as long as the mother shall live, she will keep on, letting her sons, SUCK her dry.

A mother’s blindness, there is, unfortunately, NO known cure, and, the mother will end up, paying for her SINS (b/c it is one!) for spoiling her adult sons ROTTEN!

When, can a blind mother sees?  At the precise moment, RIGHT before the angels called her up?  Not even, a mother will always and forever BE blind, there’s NO other way ‘round that…

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Grandma Didn’t Love Me Like She Used to…a Spoiled Grandson Ran Away from Home

You have GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A physically handicapped high school student recently felt that his grandmother whom he lived with, the only one he has to rely on, had been ignoring him, and not want him anymore, he’d run away from home for two days; the grandmother couldn’t find him, so she’d notified the police, an hour later, the police reunited the grandmother and grandson.  After the grandmother learned why the grandson ran away, she’d told him, “You dumb kid!  Your older sister is leaving home for college, I’d helped her pack up, that, was why I didn’t have enough time for you, which grandmother wouldn’t love her grandson?”, the high schooler realized that he’d mistakenly blamed his grandmother, and started apologizing to her profusely.  This sixty-year-old woman refused to talk more about her grandson’s parents, and said that her 17-year-old grandson is handicapped, and she’d raised him up until now; she was thankful, that the police were able to use GPS on his cell to track him down.

The woman returned home last Wednesday evening, and found her grandson missing, she thought “he’d gone out to play”, so she didn’t think too much about it, continued sorting through the recycling materials, at the same time, she’d helped her granddaughter pack up for college; but, the grandson still hadn’t come home until late in the night, and the very next day, he still wasn’t found, she’d started looking for him at school.  The classmates disclosed, “he’s at the net café at Sec. 4, Cheng-De Road!” she’d gone there too, to look for him, but still didn’t see him.

On the evening of the seventh, she’d gone to the subprecinct in Shihlin to report him missing, she’d cried, as she told the police that her grandson was bullied by his classmates, and she’d feared for his safety; the manager of the station put the case as a priority and immediately started the search, and, the police found that the high school student made a last call in Shih-Shang Road in Shihlin, and had the officers take his photograph to the neighborhood and ask, and shortly thereafter, they’d found him at a super convenience shop.

This high school student denied that he was the one that the police was looking for, five minutes ago, went into the alleys, to get his motorcycle, the officer had his colleagues hauled him back to the station; the high school student stated, “It’s not like grandma gave a damn about me, she’d been ignoring me.” After the woman heard, she’d called her grandson childish.

Uh, are you FUCKING kidding me here???  We still have here, a “strawberry”, his grandmother just showed him a little bit LESS concerns, because she’s helping his older sister pack for college, hello, hello, hello???  And this HIGH SCHOOL student just skipped home?  Yeah, something’s WRONG with him all right!  He’s way too EMOTIONALLY I-M-M-A-T-U-R-E!

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We are: the Spoiled Brats of Rich Second Generations

Is this, a C-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N???  Uh, I dunno!!!  Translated…

I had taught in the Complete Middle School of the Seventh District of Taichung, and all the cars that picked up the students looked like they came out of a car show.  And so, there would be voices that called out, “This student is a second generation spoiled brat of a rich family, he’d been spoiled rotten, to the point, that NOBODY can steer him straight again.” In this day and age, people have nothing but deprivation, or hatred toward the term, “rich second generation”.

I too, was once, a second-generation rich family child.

As I was in the elementary school, my grandfather was the honorary member of the PTA, my father drove a Cadillac.  When I was in the fourth grade, the teachers asked us for the money for our fieldtrips, $150N.T.s.

“Those of you who are not going, raise your hands.”, the girl sitting next to me raised her hands.

“Why won’t you just be a part of the group, and head out with us all?”, I’d blamed her quietly.

“My dad says we don’t have the extra cash for me to spend like that.”

“It’s only $150 N.T.s, you’re lying!”, I actually believed that back then.

Yes, trust me, those of you who had not been poor, doesn’t know what it’s like to BE poor.  Very shortly thereafter, I’d gotten a taste of what poor feels like.

The week before my college entrance exams, my father who had always been up to no good, finally fell, and, our old home was repossessed by the banks, and so, I’d worked hard, and not complained, done anything from cleaning, never stopped part-timing.

Once, I’d forgotten I’d spent all of my money, and had to wait until my roommate comes home, and asked him for a loan, to help me through.  That night, I was so hungry, I sat, faced to the food, but I couldn’t manage to swallow it down.  I’d used a little more force and, broke the sanitary chopsticks in half.

“In this lifetime, I don’t EVER want to be poor again.” That very evening, I’d made this solemn vow to myself.  Of course, I’d understood, that $150N.T., is such a huge number too.

I also gained the understanding of how, rolling up my sleeves to experience, is the passageway to internalizing the values.  If we could understand the heart of the education reforms at the beginning, other than cussing out the systems, and made our escapes from pointing fingers, placing blames, and design the courses that can help the children experience life, to allow the kids from well-to-do families, to live with a family in distant regions, or to help the farmers plant their crops for a few short days, then, have a meal, that’s made possible by one’s own hard work, I believe, that the child will totally learn empathy and responsibility in feeling moved by this life experience.

“The Rich Second Generations”, that’s not the children’s choices, the influences of the “first generation rich people” is also NOT turned away by the kids, but, as we, the teachers and friends, when disciplining children, we can guide them with more patience, and, perhaps, the “rich second generations” can one day, become the pillars that builds this country up.

If the “rich second generations” managed to learn the value of hard work, then, the enterprises in Taiwan will have more of a competitive edge; if the rich second generations learned the value of giving to others, the less well-to-do here would have more resources available to them; if the “second rich generations” learned to share,, then, their employees would get a bigger paycheck.

Actually, most of the people in Taiwan are all spoiled rotten second generation rich kids, we’re now enjoying the fruits of the hardships from the seventies and eighties right now, and, at the same time the quality of things are reduced, the first reaction was to blame how we were born in the wrong generation, blame the government, (while we’re the ones who’d elected them into office), but we rarely looked at ourselves, how the environment had caused us to have that lesser of the competitive edge.

Could we not manage to save the younger generations at all?  If we don’t change the way we educate, of course not.  But, we can’t not try, all of you, second generation rich children, other than the usual cussing out the systems, think about it, would you be willing, to roll up your sleeves, and promise, to make the rich generations continue to a third, a fourth………generation?

So, this, is on a bigger spectrum, we see so many problems in the world right now, and, we blamed the current times, the current generations, for screwing the world over, without looking AT ourselves, at how we are also the causes of those younger generations getting SPOILED rotten, and, until we can realize this for ourselves, and make changes, the world will NEVER improve.



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