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What if, the Legalities of Your Marriages, Rests on Someone Like Me?

Uh, this is, what’s, up for “grabs” in the election coming up this weekend!

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone like me, and I just happen, to be a HOMOPHOBE (not that I am or anything like that!!!), and, what IF, the rest of the majority of the population in this country, ARE just like me, haters of homosexuals?  Then, you, who’s a homosexual, would be, totally, SCREWED!!!

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone else, other than the two of you, huh?  If you were, born a certain way, you should NOT be made, to PAY for it, that is, how you were born, it wasn’t, your fault, and yet, this voting session is, penalizing those who are, DIFFERENT, with an alternative, SEXUAL orientation, so, how’s that fair, huh?

I mean, I would HATE it, if someone tells ME who I can, or can not love, or marry!  After all, it’s, MY life, my choice, and NOBODY ELSE should have a say in it.

What if, the legalities of your marriages, rests on someone else?  Is that even fair?  And no, I’m still, NOT begging all of you, to vote for or against GAY rights, I’m merely, presenting a “case” here, think about it, if it were you, how would you feel, if someone tells you, who you can or can not fall in love with, huh???

But, I’m still, voting this Saturday, and guess which way I’m voting?  FOR HUMAN rights!  That’s, how I shall, always BE voting!!!

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Not Free to Love, as We Chose

We have here, uh, an ODD couple!

Not free to love, as we chose, because we’re of the same gender, and, although laws are currently being passed, to okay same-sex marriages all over the places, we’re still, SHUNNED, by the public, like when we’d gone strolling, we held hands, and, people would look at us weird, making us both uneasy.

Not free to love, as we chose, well, you know what, I NEVER chose my sexual preferences, it’s just how I was born, and, there’s NO way, I can change, what’s already, genetically prewired.

Not free to love, as we chose, sure, there are so many countries that are currently passing laws, to okay same-sex marriage, but, would we all be considered, equals?  Of course N-O-T, and, what IF me and my partner are both Catholics, and we wanted to be married, by a Catholic priest, in a Catholic church, oh no, no, I can already see their shocking faces: we’re NOT allowing GAYS or LESBIANS, to marry here, in this HOUSE of G-O-D!

Well, if God really, loved all of HIS children (there’s still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways I can argue that!), then, why are we being given a hard time, in trying to marry who we love?

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The Homosexuals Talked About Coming Out of the Closet, Parents Are the Hardest

From someone’s firsthand experiences, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday was the “No More Fears for Homosexuals Day”, the Taiwan Partnerships League had asked seven homosexual couples to share their stories with the public, and, “coming out of the closets” became the focus of the discussion.

There were over hundreds of the public who’d attended the forum, there were mothers with their children, and four members of the Taipei’s First All-Girls’ High School who came, in their school uniform, to conduct an interview.  The very first gay couple who had an ad on their union, He, Wang, celebrated their third anniversary on May 19th, even bought the prepared cakes to share their joys with everybody else there.

A gay man, Lai who already received the blessings from his own father, had difficulties, coming out to his father two years ago, his father was the one who asked him if he was homosexual.  Lai said, most homosexuals would hid for ten, twenty years, gained acceptance of who they are themselves, then, come out to their parents, and yet, the parents had no other choice, but to face the realities, “the parents of homosexual individuals in accepting their children, is harder than the homosexual individuals themselves; it is, a hard, and long road, taking the parents out of the closets with us.”

Lai’s father suggested that as the homosexual children come out, they’d wanted their parents to feel at ease, in the areas of health, academia, and life in general; but, coming out of the closets is only the first step, they’d still need to know and understand one another.  He’d spoken truthfully, from before he didn’t interact with his son that much, when his son came out, he’d thought to himself, “Would I keep watching his backside, or, will I NOT even see the shadows he’d casted?”, after he’d accepted his son as he was, they’d become closer to one another.

Hsiang He, Tien-Ming Wang said, they’d treated one another’s parents with respect and filial piety since the very start, and so, they’d gained their supports from earlier on, and, each other’s parents and relatives had even turned into what made them so close to one another.  They’d called out to the homosexuals who’d attended the forum, that they should all come out, “If you don’t come out, you’re not truthful to your own lives, you don’t take the responsibilities for yourselves, you’d interacted with your parents, through a screen.”

A physically handicapped homosexual, Vincent told, that he and his partner had introduced each other to one another’s families a very long time ago, it’s just that they didn’t tell the families that they are lovers, and the family was so grateful at how Wei-Wei is so kind to Vincent.  Until once, his mother told others, “if something were to happen to Vincent in the future, ALL of his assets go to Wei-Wei, you all can’t fight him over it!”, that, was when Vincent learned, that his family had already accepted them, as a couple.

From this, you can see, that the support from the families is all too important, because families are the people whom you’re closest to, and, to disclose a part of who you are, is the hardest part, but, these homosexual couples had amazing members of their families who’d given them all the support they needed.

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The Story of His Marriage

Let’s see what happened here, shall we???  Translated…

My male coworker, Yo is married, his long-running eight years of love finally became fruitful, but, almost nobody knew about his marriage, including his parents, because his better half is not a woman, but a man.

Yo is a rare gem in all our views, not only is he handsome-looking, his maturity in thought, knowledge, and abilities, are all commended by us, his coworkers, and his superiors from work, and so, whenever there’s something important that needed to be accomplished, he’s always the first we’d named.

I’d worked with him for over a decade, but, I’d never seen him, who’s already over forty, with a girl by his side.  There were a TON of colleagues or friends who wanted to match him up with someone, and, he’d turned all their offers down.  Slowly, there were speculations about him that flowed around the office, but because none of us wanted to pry, his sexuality was still an enigma to us all.

Until many months ago, he’d gone on a trip with a friend to San Francisco for a month, after his return, he’d shared with me excitedly a certificate of partnership, and so, my question for multiple years had finally found the answers.

Yo said, he was once troubled by his own sexuality.  Back when he was younger, in order to gain the acceptance, he’d dated ladies too, but, because he couldn’t put real emotion into the relationship, all of his heterosexual loves ended; he’d once gotten involved in a religious group, hoped that he could use “faith”, to correct his own sexual preferences, but, it’d only brought on more and more pains and sufferings for himself.

Yo met his better half online, on a social networking site, and because of their shared interests, similar values, and how they’d complemented one another, they’d become a couple for eight years now.  Although like regular couples, arguments sometimes just can’t be avoided, but, they’d known one another by heart, it’d made them decide, to marry, and so, in the secrecy, of not many who knew about them together, they’d gone to San Francisco, a city that gives blessing to homosexual marriages.  Without the blessings of friends and families, without the expensive wedding plans, Yo and his better half enjoyed this simple and sweet marital bliss.

In this day and age, when they’d ranted on and on about gay marriages, maybe, Yo’s marriage to his partner would be difficult, but I believe, that with their persistence and love for one another, they can, conquer the world.

So, this, is a success story, of how a man chased after his own love, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with homosexuality, after all, that, was predisposed, when we were still, in utero, and, this man had finally found his happiness, and, his bravery should be applauded, shouldn’t it?

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Two Brides and NO Groom

We got this wedding invitation, from a fourth cousin, THREE-TIMES removed, maybe???, and, we were so happy, to meet the couple, and, when we showed up at the reception, and the wedding, we were totally S-H-O-C-K-E-D!

There were, two brides, AND no groom!  How could this be?  Everybody started wondering…Two brides, and NO groom, that’s just NOT right, is it?  That, wasn’t the way that God intended it, and here we are, about to bear witness, to this SATANIC union (as we’re all very conservative).

Two brides and NO groom!  Whoa, they are, getting more and more open these days, aren’t they?  And, how, I wonder, are they going to have an offspring on their own?  Two brides and NO groom, just like two grooms and NO bride, is quite natural now, because we each have the right, to CHOOSE who we love, and, we’re destined to love who we are supposed to love, and, there’s NO bargaining with destiny when it comes to that…so, STOP asking W-H-Y things like this are happening to Y-O-U, think of it as gaining an extra daughter/son who will treat you, just like your own would.





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When Your Sexual Orientation Became a “Medical Diagnosis”

When being Y-O-U is “illegal”…

When your sexual orientation became a “medical diagnosis”, I mean, what the HELL are those medical professionals thinking?  Can they cure whichever way the patient identifies her/himself?  Of course N-O-T, unless they had a surgeon, cut OPEN the patients’ brains, and, remove a certain part (don’t know which one) that’s in control of the identification that one has for oneself.

When your sexual orientation became a “medical diagnosis”, this just shows how B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D the world still is, I mean, sure, there are states that are legalizing same-sex marriages, but, the general way the “public” (hey, speak for YOURSELF!!!) feels about same-sex marriage is still quite biased.

When your sexual orientation became a “medical diagnosis”, then, what do you do?  Have your sexual orientation surgically removed, the way you would a cancer, get some antibiotics they way you would, for an infections?  Or, do you get a SHOT, inoculating yourselves from your own sexual orientation the way you would flu shots?

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When You Can’t Even Give Your Son a Proper Burial

It’s sad enough, that you’d lost your son, and now this!

Your son was unaccepted by the church, because of his homosexuality, and so, when he’d died, the church you normally goes to tell you, that you can’t have a funeral service inside their facility, and you’d put in your fair share of that hard-earned dollar into that FUCKING collection plate every single Sunday morn too.

When you can’t even give your son a proper burial, that, is the hardest part, because you can’t lay him to rest, now that he’s dead, and, unlike all the parents who’d buried their own offspring before you, I mean, at least, they’d gotten the chance, to bury their children, but NOT you, and it’s still because your son was gay…

When you can’t even give your son HIS proper burial, I mean, how is that right?  I know, that it’s already WRONG for a parent, to bury HER/HIS own offspring, but this, it’s just way too full of FUCKING shit, don’t you think???





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A Hard-to-Come-by Happiness


After college, I’d gone to my eldest cousin’s place to hang out, actually, I’d only wanted a free meal, because my older cousin’s “partner” is a great cook!

When I saw them at night, after work, working alongside one another in the kitchen, I couldn’t help, but sigh on how hard their love was, and how happy they now are.

Two years ago, when my eldest cousin came out of the closets to the family, it had shaken up the household for an entire year.  My oldest aunt, for the time being, couldn’t accept that her son was gay, she’d gotten so mad that she’d gotten hospitalized for heart trouble, and, my mother, along with my other aunts would go to the hospitals to look after her.  At first, I’d heard, that whenever my uncle saw my eldest cousin, he’d screamed at him, but, after my cousin left the house, he’d cried in silence.  Back then, the elders told us, younger generations to BACK off on intervening, and that we were forbidden to talk about this “topic in the warzones” in front of her presence.

My cousin and his partner, naturally, they’d had a tough time too.  My uncle stated it so clear, that if they didn’t break up, then, he was to disown my eldest cousin, and because he didn’t want to accept that his son was gay, therefore, he’d done it that he doesn’t have a son.  As for my cousin’s partner, it’s the same thing, the only ones who’d secretively supported them, were the same generations of cousins, us, if we don’t stand up for them, then, who will?  And so, we’d often LINED our encouragements to them.

And, all of a sudden, both sides of the families didn’t know them anymore, can you imagine the pressure that the two of them must’ve gone through?  But, no matter how hard it’d gotten, the two of them were insistent on staying by one another’s sides.

Time became the best medicine, like the wars that raged on for a year, there had been too many difficulties and changed that drained everybody out.  The only thing that’s changed, was my aunt and uncle’s attitudes.  My cousin and his partner’s persistence had moved them, plus during the time when my aunt was hospitalized, my cousin’s partner took good care of her, it’d finally moved my aunt.  They’d finally persuaded my aunt and uncle who were originally stubborn in their ways now, and it’d softened the older generations’ hearts as well.

As I slouched on the couch, eating the tiramisu made by my “cousin’s wife”, I’d gotten reminded of a line from “Dearest Andre”: The partner you need, had best be able to stand beside you at the edge of the ship, and the two of you should be able to take in the scenes, at the same time, the person should be the one, holding your hands tight when the strong waves hit.”  Being able to find someone like that, no matter the sex, is a blessed thing, I suppose! And so, the two men who were in love moved the parents, by using their actions, and sometimes, it’s that easy, for the older generations to accept that the younger generation’s homosexuality, but sometimes, it’s not, this, is one of the better cases.

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Bravely Admit to the Relationship, and No Matter the Sexes, You Must Be Brave


If there is a couple, on the eve of their marriage, had NO second thoughts or wanting to back out, then, I give them my commend!

If there are classifications, I should be among those who had set up their minds to DIE, and not the kind that must have a prince charming and a princess, riding into the sunset, to their happily ever afters, meaning, that I’m someone who’d considered the WORST case scenario, even so, I’d still hesitated a bit before my own wedding.

At which time, my friend, also, the only one who didn’t stop me from jumping on the “wagon”, Sabrina stated, “What are you afraid of?  Divorce is the answer to ending a bad marriage, isn’t it?  Why are you afraid of something that already has a preset answer already?”

Isn’t it so?  If the marriage really gets to the very end, I’m still NOT the first person who’d ever gotten divorced, and, I wouldn’t have strayed from the right roads, after that’s gotten through to me, I’d become a happy bride again.

Very shortly after we wed, as I’d seen other men, I’d felt ecstatic when I saw other men, and that, was when I realized, that the hardest part of a marriage is NOT marrying just one other person, it’s the fact, that you’re still moved by someone else other than your spouse.

Sometimes, I’d looked over at my husband who’s sound asleep next to me, and I’d thought to myself, “Holy!  If one day, someone else appeared, and no matter the prices, I’d want to follow him, and, based off of how much this man lying next to me loves me, he would totally let me go; but God, these cruel words, how can I manage to let them flow from my lips?”

Don’t know if it’s the heavens are treating this man who loves me more than himself or what?  Or, did He hear my “prayers”?  Anyway, my husband still had yet to hear those awful words from my lips.

There is a perfectly matched up couple in my friends, they are both very popular to their opposite sex peers, but, there hadn’t been anything improper that I’d heard about, the “male lead” of this perfect couple had once told me, they’d worked real hard to prevent the instances of “what if”, and that it’s become second nature to them.  This couple friend of mine moved overseas earlier on, without religion, “self-knowledge, self-control and a persistent nature” is what kept this monogamous relationship intact.

Since 2001, there were nations that allowed the same-sex couples to register and to legalize their marriage to one another, and now, there is still JUST sixteen nations where this is permitted, and it’s because most homosexual couples are facing too much difficulties from the outside world, and the issues of keeping the love alive became unimportant, because they have bigger battles to fight.

Every time I’d heard that those who’d gotten the approvals and blessings from the parents to marry, even though homosexual people who’d come out of the closets, had committed suicide because they couldn’t be with the ones they loved, I’d had to remind myself all over again: any person in a relationship, whether it be heterosexual or homosexual, they all need a brave mind for support, with regardless of gender.

Because that, is how hard love is, and, love still doesn’t come easily, but, you still see a TON of people who’d thrown that hard-to-get love away, and for what?  Thrills that last but no more than a few seconds time?  Is that even worth it?  Of course N-O-T!!!

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When Your Sexual Orientation is Considered “Immoral”

It’s the same as saying that it’s WRONG to be black, yellow-skinned, or red-skinned, are you FUCKING kidding me here?

When your sexual orientations are considered “immoral”, who CAN you blame?  Oh, I know, BLAME your own amniotic fluids, because there must be something that happened in there (yo mamas’ wombs???) while they were pregnant with you, so you turned out this way.

When your sexual orientations are considered “immoral”, why do you think that is?  Oh yeah, because the NARROW-MINDEDNESS of religion, we’re taught to fear, even HATE those who are NOT like us, after all, that, is what is said, by G-O-D, right?  When your sexual orientations are considered “immoral”, how can you possibly become “moral” again?  Oh yeah, you won’t BE able to, because your sexual orientations are already “set” for life, and, NO amount of medications, therapies, or those behavioral techniques is ever going to successfully change the “essence” of who you R-E-A-L-L-Y are, so, all in all, you’re totally S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!!

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