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When the Lives Became, Pawns, in the Game of, Politics…

查看來源圖片what we the people, became…photo from online

This is, what’s, currently, happening right now, ALL around the world here!

Lives became, pawns, in the game of, politics, those god damn world leaders (i.e. presidents, kings/queens, monarchies, etc., etc., etc.) they don’t give a flying FUCK how the people down here (in the REAL world!!!) are living, they’re willing, to SACRIFICE us, pawns to them.  ‘Cuz that, is what we all, “little people” are to those people in their, high up status positions.

When the lives became pawns, in the game of, politics, this world had, gone to hell, and, this world had, already, sunk down too low right now.  You got your world leaders, refusing to participate in the world meetings that might give a solution to the current plague (and guess W-H-O got, sacrificed?  The PEOPLE!), and you got those, people who are sent to war as mercenaries, and they think they’re, fighting for justice and freedom, well, they’re, N-O-T, they’re, just the, SACRIFICED pawns, in the game of politics that the leaders are, playing, they’re, expandables, easily replaced, after all, so many little pieces are on the chess board, so long as the king and the queen don’t, get taken down!

And that, is how the chess game called life, on this chess board called, THE WORLD is, being played, and there’s, NOTHING we can do ‘bout it, because, we’re all, enslaved by these, false ideologies of freedom, democrazy, etc., etc., etc., etc.

And note: this is how the word: DEMOCRACY should be, spelled here!!!


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Why is it Important We Figure Out Where the Virus Came From???

Oh, I know, so these, unjustified, untested “proofs” of statements can finally be, valid.

Why is it important that we figure out where the virus came from???  It’s already been, “released”, and it’s, causing a whole lot more damage that we can contain, and, isn’t it more important, that we quickly, develop a working treatment, so nobody else, suffered?

Why is it important, that we figure out where the virus came from???  It’s already been, “released” in the world, and, causing, major damages here, there’d been rumors, that it came out of a laboratory setting from before, but this latest showed, that it’s, naturally, forming, and, we’re, unsettled on, which one to believe, and as we try to decide which version of the truth is, actually true, many more are, contaminated by it.

So, should it NOT be important, to start developing a working cure for it, I mean, it’s not like, we can, put that, genie, BACK in the bottle, now that the bottle’s been, cracked, wide open, is it?  No.

So why are the leaders of this, “free world”, still trying to, figure OUT exactly, where this virus came from?  I can’t think of a reason, other than, because we ALL need, someone to BLAME for what’s currently, happening…

But as I’d stated before, this is still just, ONE woman’s opinions, on “stuff”…

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Not Free to Love, as We Chose

We have here, uh, an ODD couple!

Not free to love, as we chose, because we’re of the same gender, and, although laws are currently being passed, to okay same-sex marriages all over the places, we’re still, SHUNNED, by the public, like when we’d gone strolling, we held hands, and, people would look at us weird, making us both uneasy.

Not free to love, as we chose, well, you know what, I NEVER chose my sexual preferences, it’s just how I was born, and, there’s NO way, I can change, what’s already, genetically prewired.

Not free to love, as we chose, sure, there are so many countries that are currently passing laws, to okay same-sex marriage, but, would we all be considered, equals?  Of course N-O-T, and, what IF me and my partner are both Catholics, and we wanted to be married, by a Catholic priest, in a Catholic church, oh no, no, I can already see their shocking faces: we’re NOT allowing GAYS or LESBIANS, to marry here, in this HOUSE of G-O-D!

Well, if God really, loved all of HIS children (there’s still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways I can argue that!), then, why are we being given a hard time, in trying to marry who we love?

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The Metamorphosis of a Prince


Ping Ping wondered to herself: how, is she to play the role of a queen well?  Or, a vicious stepmother.  She’d used her mother’s eyebrow pencils, and darkened her lips, and put her mother’s purple shawl, and draped it from her own head, and because of how petite her size, her mother’s shawl draped from her head down to her toes.  The shawl had round bat prints all over it, looked somewhat gloomy; Ping Ping knew, that bats are a symbol of luck, because of how synonymous the word “bat” is with “happiness”.

Yun, who played the role of Snow White, saw Ping-Ping, in a dark purplish black dress, and how her lips were black, she was so frightened that she’d cried.  Ping-Ping took out an apple, from under her shawl to hand it to Yun.

Ying-Ying ran out from behind the couch, and pulled out a tissue from the tissue box on the tea stand, to help Yun dry her tears.  Ping-Ping called out to her aloud, “Ying-Ying, return to BACK of the couch, it’s not time for the prince to show yet.  Yun, stop crying, just take the apple, and take a bite.” The next scene was the prince, kissing the princess, and waking her up, Ping-Ping directed her friends, “Quick!  My mother will be home in twenty minutes.  Yun, quit blinking already, close your eyes tight.  Now, enters the Prince, go kiss the princess.”

Yun lay on the ground, in a white lacy dress, looking like a doll, and Ying-Ying who acted as the Prince was the tallest of them all, dark skinned, with an oval face, single eyelids, with long black trousers, white shirt, she’d strutted over, looking like a man.  Ping-Ping knew how to assign the characters, as for when nobody wants to play the role of the Evil Queen, she’d taken that up.  Ying-Ying bent down, as her face got close to Yung, Yun spoke in a barely audible voice, “Can you not kiss me on the lips?”  Ying-Ying’s face stopped in midair, atop of Yun, she’d stopped moving.  Yun continued, “Hand me your MP3 player.”  Ying-Ying’s lips pecked Yun’s nose.  And, because of the angle, Ping-Ping couldn’t see where the kiss had happened.

Thirty years later, they’re all close to age forty.  Ping-Ping became a dean at a college, sitting next to her is Yun, who was JUST like herself back in childhood, still very quiet.  Ping-Ping asked what’s been happening in her life, Yun said that a decade ago, her father’s business venture failed, that she’s now, teaching in an elementary school, and her husband in a middle school.  Ping-Ping thought that she must not be feeling well, that, was why she looked so frail and tired.  At this time, a tall, fashionable woman walked in to the café, fashionable, because of her looks, she wore a pair of golden hoop earrings, her three inch golden heels, and her white dress, showing almost all of her thighs, she swayed as she walked to their table.  Oh my god!  It’s Ying-Ying!  All the classmates sitting there hollered out loud!  Wow!  Ying-Ying told them that she’d just gotten back last week from California, her husband is in real estate, an American.  Ping-Ping thought, that the Americans have a different standard of what beauty is, and so naturally, in their views, Ying-Ying MUST be a beauty.  And, because she was perceived as such, she must dress up.  Seeing how Ying-Ying had a light purple eye shadow, with a bright red lipsticks on.

A year later, Yun called Ping-Ping up, asked her to meet out at a café.  Ping-Ping saw how Yun was even thinner than the year before, became even more anxious, NOT knowing what happened.

Yun told her, “I’d lost my three million dollars worth of saving, all because of Ying-Ying!”

Ping-Ping exclaimed, “What?  Did Ying-Ying ask to borrow money from you, and not returned the loans?” Yun became unlike herself, started talking nonstop, perhaps, it’s how she didn’t have a person she could talk to that she’d kept everything in all this time, “No, not a loan.  Do you remember our last reunion?  Three days later, Ying-Ying asked me and three other female classmates to the café at a grand hotel.  She’d talked of how her ex had an investment opportunity, buying up land in California, that it was a company owned by her husband and his friend.  She’d shown her on the I-Pad to, entered into the website of the company, and showed us the pictures of that huge chunk of land, and, they saw how off in the distance, was a high-end community, she said, that a year after they’d bought it, they should sell it, and that will allow them a profit of forty percent.  She’d even shown us her land buying license from California too.  After three meetings, the four of us each bought a chunk of land from her, and we’d even received the deeds to the land.  But, a week ago, she’d called, that that real estate company had filed for bankruptcy.  Then, it’d come to my senses, that the three million dollars I’d invested are all gone now.  After that call, I couldn’t get back in touch with her again.  That, was the money I’d saved up, from my twenty years of teaching!”

Ping-Ping thought to herself about how bad human nature is, that Yun had taken advantage of those who trusted her the most; and how blind we all are, to trust the images we’d had of one another from before.

Because people DO change, and so, you CANNOT expect those good friends you’d had from your high school days to be exactly the same as you all were, and, people WILL take advantage of you because you let them.







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Addicted to Playing the Victim

Because I’d gotten too many PERKS in so doing, and, I got MORE of everything: attention, sympathy, etc., etc., etc., so yeah, I’m totally, ADDICTED (hey, I’m healing here, aren’t I???)

Addicted to playing the victim, because you’d gotten ALL the attention that you were lacking as a child growing up, and, BAD attention is still way, way, W-A-Y better than NO attention at all, isn’t it?

Addicted to playing the victim, you weren’t originally a victim, but, as you watched the interactions, the goings-on of the world, you soon realized, that hey, you could get MORE, IF you played your cards right. You could get the attention, the SPOTLIGHT that shines on you, to make you feel, oh so very special too.

Addicted to playing the victim, it’s like ALL kinds of addiction, to substances, or whatever, once you get addicted, you’d have a difficult time, de-toxing, and, more often than not, you will NEVER be able to get OFF fully, of that train that’s moving faster than ever, the ADDICTION EXPRESS!!!

Addicted to playing the victim, because it’d gotten me ALL the attention that I never received growing up, and, I will be willing to SELL my soul, for just a little bit MORE attention for you, my world, and so, you do SEE, how this, is still, FUELING to the bad behaviors, right???

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Taking Off the Fake Eye Lashes, and Wiping Off ALL the Mascara, the Eye Shadows, and the Lipsticks

Here I am, after a show, and yeah, I’m still doing THOSE too, okay!!! And, I’m sitting here, gazing, into that mirror in the dressing room, and NO, it still wasn’t one of those carnival mirrors that makes you appear all weird and stuff…

You see, the thing is, that I’d been wearing those fake eye lashes, my mascara (yeah right), the eye shadows, and the lipstick that makes me look more vibrant, which is complete, in contrast, of how I actually, really felt, I felt D-E-A-D!!!

But because, the world didn’t like the me that’s depressed, blue, or anything along the lines of the negatives, I must put my happy face on for the rest of y’all, and, it’d become tiring for me, and, I used to look forward to the nighttime, when all is quieted, and I finally get to take my false pretenses, my façade off, but now, I’d gotten so used to leaving the mascara, the eye shadows, the lipsticks, along with that extra “coat” of “paint” on my face here………








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To Get Back at the Spare’s Cheating, “Hon, I’ll Sue Her For Ya”

Look how this LOSER managed to WEASEL his way out of a J-A-M, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A French “Taiwanese son-in-law”, who works as an engineer for the MRT, was having an affair with his co-worker, Kao, they’d gone to a TON of motels to have sex, the French man’s wife, Hsu found pictures of them together, that, was when she realized, that she’d been cheated on.  Kao, the other woman had once gone to the house and wreaked havoc and told her, “we loved one another”, but the Frenchman suspected that Kao was seeing someone else, and had abortions for another man, turned back around to his wife, begged her for forgiveness, and provided the evidence of him and Kao’s stays at the motels, the judge ruled Kao to be guilty and gave her five months in prison, which she can pay a fine for.

The French man told, that in the eight months they’d seen one another, they’d committed adultery forty-six times, and provided the slips for the hotel stays, and the pictures of them together; the Shihlin District Court believed that out of the forty-six times, thirty times were valid, and that Kao was responsible for those thirty times of criminal offenses.

The French man works as a system engineer of the MRT station, twelve years ago, he’d married Hsu, they have a daughter together.  Starting in 2011, he had feelings for his coworker, Kao, which was reciprocated by her as well, they’d started going out every week, and, they’d texted and IM’d one another nonstop too.

Until Hsu discovered pictures of her husband’s whore in his briefcase, the plane tickets, along with the hotel receipts, she was shocked, to find this affair.  After Kao realized that their underground love affair couldn’t be kept in the darkness any longer, asked to see the wife, and told his wife, “I’m very close with your husband”, “We wanted to rent a place together”.  Hsu sued the two of them for obstructions of the family.

Kao denied having committed adultery, and that all the photos were taken, under “normal” circumstances.  But the judge suspected that Kao was in a tank top, lying on the lounge chair, playing her cell phone, that she didn’t at all look like she was at the hotel, to attend a high-class gathering.  And there are photos of Kao in a bath towel, and the Frenchman shaving, and Kao told the judge, “we were just getting our separate massages”.

But, the man suspected that Kao was seeing someone else, and had gone to a clinic to get an abortion, and, shortly after his wife sued, he’d admitted to wrongdoing, and so, his wife took back the case against him.

And so, you still have a CHEATING bastard, who weaseled his way out of getting SUED by his W-I-F-E, and that, is one weakness of women, we’re too easy to forgive, and, had the other woman not been suspected by the man for seeing someone ELSE, you THINK that the loser will tell his wife the truth?  I think N-O-T!!!

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The Mother Who Forced the Daughter to “Get a Transfer of Energy” from the Master Got Eleven Years in Prison for Allowing Her Own Child to Get Raped

The C-O-N-C-L-U-S-I-O-N of the report from days ago, here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The Entryway to Taoism, Living Lectures”, the initiator of this cult, was accused of raping the believer’s thirteen-year-old young daughter, even though, he’d claimed that the girl’s diaries are from her own imagination, a “romance novel”, but the judge doubted that “the young woman’s sentiments came from getting raped by an elderly person, along with her own mother?”, yesterday, the judge gave the man who was the cult leader fourteen years in prison, and the adolescent girl’s mother, eleven years.

The judge criticized, that the mother’s duty is to protect her own daughter, but instead, she took the false words of “rechanneling energy”, and allowed the man to sexually rape and molest her own child, that she should be severely reprimanded.  The young girl’s mother was out on bail of $300,000N.T., as she left, she kept silent; Xiang Ou-Yang, however, stayed the night at the Taipei Penitentiary.

The young girl’s mother more than ten years ago, joined the Ou-Yang’s (age 67) cult, two years ago, she’d told her daughter, that after she goes through “guided energy practices” she will become more popular, and would have multiple talents too, told the daughter to fellate the spiritual mentor, Ou-Yang.

The young woman wrote about what had happened to her in her diary, after her mother read it, she’d mocked the daughter, “nobody’s going to believe you”; and the young woman, got the advices from the online community, and started collecting her own evidence, and started suing the adults, and, when Ou-Yang was arrested, he’d claimed, that the youth was writing an X-rated novel, that there are nothing but made-up stories in the adolescent girl’s diaries, and that he was impotent, and so, he couldn’t have raped the girl.

The judge believed, that the hospitals diagnosed the young woman as having a deep laceration in her hymen, and that most romance novels are merely projections of love imagined by the authors, how would it detail the rapes of her own mother, along with a “grandfather-aged” man, that it must’ve really actually happened to her.

At the court sessions, the woman admitted to giving the “master” oral sex, that her daughter was watching her do it; but she believed, that it would be helpful to her own life, encourage the daughter to help the “master” fellate too.

And so, here, is a less-than-PERFECT (as there IS no way of ending this SHIT right!!!) ending to the suffering of this young woman, at the hands of her own mother, and this, is still DUE to the WEAKNESS in human nature, and that, was what the LOSER was counting on, the WEAKNESS in human nature, and so, this sort of SHIT will keep on happening ALL over, NOT just here, because there are those who are out there, taking advantage of the WEAKNESS in human nature.


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A Man Used the Name of God, Raped Three Women, and in the Eight Years, He’d Gotten His Ways with Them, Over a Thousand Times

Yes, we still have ANOTHER (and no, they’re still NOWHERE N-E-A-R “extinction”!!!) one of those, preacher of G-O-D (or some OTHER sort of “higher forces”) that RAPED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“In the eight years, he’d raped over a thousand times!”, the fifty-seven year old hoaxer used the excusing of helping people clearing out the bad cysts, and curing breast cancer, as the reason, forced three of his female followers to “get together with him”. Subtracting the days of their periods, their abortions, on average, the man had raped them once every three days; and, the total number was shocking, even to the judge.

Chen had committed rape a total of 967 times, and, based off of the punishment per crime, he would’ve had to serve a TOTAL of OVER 3500 years in prison; the Tainan District Courts mandated that he must serve a twenty-five year sentence behind bars.  Chen denied having raped, claimed that it was all consensual, that afterwards, there were displeasures, that, was why the women accused him; the woman who claimed to be Chen’s family said, that Chen is innocent, and that they will be appealing the case.

Chen is medium built, without much hair on his head, looked ordinary, is very articulate, worked as an operator of an incense shop in Tainan, on the topmost floor of his shop, he’d set up a place of worship, normally, he would offer room and broad to his followers to practice religion in, and had sold items he had blessed to the people as well.

On one evening in April of 2004, he’d used the excuse of how he was taken over by the gods, and kissed a woman until she woke, then, he’d lied to her about how there is a bad cyst in her body, and that if she didn’t have sex with him, not only would she lose her marriage, had to marry more than twice, and she won’t live until she’s forty years of age.  The female believer was panicky, and was forced to have sex with him by his coercion.

“During the day time, he’s a respected teacher of religion, but, at night, he was this awful man.”, the female follower accused, that the frequency that Chen had asked her to work with him increased from once a week to two, three times a week, and if she wouldn’t agree, he would pretend to be possessed and start cussing and screaming at her, and had roused up the crowd, to have them pound on her, and, in the four years, the woman had been raped for over two hundred times.

Later, Chen started going after a twenty-seven year old woman who’s there on her father’s behalf, claimed that there was a cyst in her uterus that will turn into cancer, and that her father would have something horrible happen to him, and he’d even knocked her up, and had her aborted.  This woman accused, that other than when her period came, and on the days after she’d had her abortions, Chen would come to her almost every single night, and in the three years, he’d raped her for over seven hundred times.

Chen told another woman that “There will be a tumor on your breasts”, that he must use Chihgong to help her break up the bad energy, for it to NOT become cancer, he’d taken her shirt of, and sexually molested her twice.

And you still don’t learn?  Are you FUCKING (oopsy, and my B-A-D!!!) kidding me?  How many CASES had there been already?  Oh yeah, it’s C-O-U-N-T-L-E-S-S, and, how many MORE will there be?  My guess would be INFINITE, because there will always BE those people who PREY on the weakness in human nature, and, because you’re way too FREAKIN’ weak, in need of something (how the hell would I know what???), that, is why, some of you out there, are still falling for these sorts of S-H-I-T-S!!!









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The Extradition of a Pator

Because of L-O-V-E, yet again, translated…

An American pastor found that his wife had been cheating on him with another man, a dentist named Yu, he hacked his wife’s lover to death, after serving a nineteen-year jail sentence, he was extradited by the U.S. back to Taiwan, the D.A. of the Taipei District charged him with violation of human rights.

The pastor was once a Master degree holder from a New York Theology School, had once baptized the inmates in Taipei, worked with the system for around forty years, had once acted as the main pastor of a Baptist Church in L.A. too; twenty years ago, he was not happy about his wife having an affair, so, he killed her lover, and since then, he’d become a fugitive.

When he was serving his sentence in the U.S., he had wrote a book in Taiwanese, confessing all the wrongdoings of his life.

Based off of investigation, in July of 1991, the man had found that his wife’s been sleeping with a dentist in the member of his congregation, and, the pastor was displeased at how the dentist was sleeping with a whole lot of other female members of the congregation, along with his own wife, he drove to the dentist’s office to try to get him to quit his church.

They got into an argument, the dentist had ax marks on his head, plus twenty-one other places on his body, Yu died right on the spot; afterwards, the pastor turned himself in to the police.  The L.A. Highest Courts gave him fifteen to life in prison, after serving an almost twenty-year sentence last year, the man returned to Taiwan.

Wow, I thought that “godly people” should NOT let their emotions cloud their judgments, but, apparently, when it came to one’s spouses, you can’t help but getting jealous, that just show you that preacher are humans too, and, as humans, we are ALL prone to give in to our emotions here.

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