The Vaccine Economics

The stupidity of the government putting ALL its eggs, inside, that basket of, too-advanced biotechnology developmental methods of vaccines, and, we the people still, all get, @#$%ED up, not to mention, how we will all become, the government’s, LABRATS, in the testing trials here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are currently, SIX vaccines approved by the W.H.O., the BioNTech of Germany with Pfizer, Moderna from the U.S., J&J from the U.S., and AZ from Great Britain.  And, although there are many marketed companies of the National Pharmaceutical Company, but, the Chinese Bio-Tech Company isn’t among one of the publicly traded companies.  The Sinova Company doesn’t belong to any of the subsidiaries, it was once publicly traded in the U.S., but got its plugs pulled.  So, I can only, discuss the matter of vaccine economics based off of the public records of the first four mentioned companies.

Of the four, BNT and Moderna are vaccines for MERS-CoV only, before the developments of the vaccines, the companies made almost, NO income, not made any sales at all.  But, before Astra-Zeneca had developed the MERS-CoV vaccines from last year, the company already have about $26 billion U.S. from all its other drugs, while Johnson & Johnson is among the biggest pharmaceutical, medical equipment and beauty products, making over $85 billion U.S a year, of them, the drugs made $45 billion a year.

Did the success of the vaccines reflect on the stock prices of these companies?  Since December of last when BioNTech got the approval from FDA in the U.S., the stock prices doubled to the current $240 from the original $120, the worth of the company rose up to $58 billion U.S., seventeen times the price that it’d started trading at when it first came to the markets back in October of 2015.  Moderna rose about fifty-five-percent since last year’s FDA approval on December 18th of last, and the stock prices rose twelve times since its debut trading days in December, 2018, to $87 billion U.S.

The other two pharmaceutical companies, the stock prices didn’t leap up like those newer company that surfaced, the prices of Astra-Zeneca since last December when Great Britain okayed its emergency use rose about twenty-percent while the giant Johnson and Johnson, after FDA approval, only rose about five-percent.  Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s milder stock performances showed how the vaccines were, only, a tiny portion of the companies total products.  By first quarter this year, AZ vaccines only made $275million, about four-percent of its total, the prices for total sale of Johnson & Johnson vaccines were only about $10 million, not even 1.5-percent of the company total.

BNT announced that at the start of June, it’d already sold 700 million vaccines, and received the orders of 1.8 million doses this year, and that it, with Pfizer will be able to make more than 30 billion doses by the end of the year.  In the first quarter, Moderna sent out 10 million doses by first quarter, and the goals of its total doses are eighty to a hundred million doses by the end of the yea, by next year, it hoped to produce three billion doses.  Although Moderna was slow to start compared to other pharmaceutical companies, but because the vaccines are made independently of BioNTech and Pfizer, and needed to share the costs and profits with Pfizer, the markets gave it a higher ranking than the other companies.  These two companies large-scale mass producing the vaccines also pointed to how MERS-CoV Vaccines will work like the flu vaccines, administered every year.

The data from the stock information don’t have the direct prices or costs of the vaccines, but, from the sales of the company, and the number of vaccines sold, BioNTech and Moderna costs about $17U.S. per shot, AZ at $4, Johnson & Johnson at $15.  This was, similar to the prices flowing around Taiwan on the international vaccines.

The publicly traded vaccine company here hit the highs of $85 billion N.T.s, only one-twentieth of BioNTech worth and one-thirtieth of Moderna.  Let’s say, that the company is set up for the market here in Taiwan, and, it makes about 50 million doses a year, twice the population, it’s only, one-sixtieth of BNT and Moderna.  And, comparing the protein methods the vaccines are made with, it’s looked pale by comparison with Novavax that’s going up for international approval by third quarter of this year, while the stock prices of the vaccine company here is only one-fifth of Novavax’s.  You can all decide for yourselves, if the hike in the stock price of the vaccine company here is reasonable or not.

And so, this still just showed, how it’s all, a H-O-A-X, this hike in the vaccine manufacturing company here, it’s because the government has its hands, dipped into the manufacturing of the vaccines, so, of course the prices are hiking up now, but, the technologies, are too advanced, and, not yet proven, and this country had, put all its eggs in that one basket, betting that it will work, but, what if it doesn’t work as well, then, the company will surely, CRASH, then what???  Oh yeah, the government loses all its, investments, and, WHO pays for the workings, the functioning of the government here again???  Oh yeah, WE do, and yet, “We the people”, are allowing this government of ours, to BULLSHIT us!!!  And, instead of buying as many doses of vaccines that’s already been proven by the WHO to help its people, the government’s, SCREWING us all over, and there’s nothing we can do about that, ‘cuz “we the people” are just, way too, god damn, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) stupid, that we’d, elected this president who only has HER own agenda in mind!

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The Story of Love & Giving: a Pair of Young Siblings Pulled Money from Their Own Allowances to Donate to Buy 10,000 Masks Used for Medical Purposes in Defenses Against MERS-CoV

Finally, a little bit of sunshine, that came through, these, dark clouds we’re, currently, living under right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“My older brother and I put up our allowances, to buy 10,000 protective masks, hoping that our masks can help Mayor Hou and those working as the frontline defense, the medical workers.”

The Good-Day Compassion Platform set up by the government of Hsinbei City, received the 10,000 donated certified masks for medical personnel by a pair of elementary school young siblings, they’d saved up all of their allowances for too long to buy, and given these masks to the frontline medical workers.

like these…

packages of love and care and kindness! Photo from online

The young children also wrote a letter to the mayor by hand, said that they will be onboard in the fight, and that they will defeat the virus together, their childish words are, so very, heartwarming, made a lot of the members of the public moved.

The head of Social Services of Hsinbei City, Chang shared this noe, other than mentioning of how the young child and her older brother used their allowances to buy the protective masks for the medical workers, it’d also mentioned how they’d finally noted how wonderful freedom is, after they started schooling at home and being kept away from all their friends” and, “I know that the defense against the outbreaks are a war, I’m glad to be helping the mayor, pulling in our share, let’s hold hands together, and, defeat CoVid-19.” At the end of the letter, the children drew a bit hand with a smaller hand, and wrote, “if we work together, we shall, conquer anything!”

Hou told, that the two children are truly, cute, that they’d mentioned to him to call them back after he’d received the donated masks, because they’re afraid that their uncle who was in need of money, will take the money for himself, the childish words of these children, it’d made Hou feel heartwarming, he’d thanked these two elementary age young children personally.  The accumulated donations are up to $36.964 million N.T.s to date on the platform currently.

So, this showed, how much these young children cared, and if children showed so much care for others not themselves, shouldn’t we, adults take their examples to follow too?  This is a truly, heartwarming story here.

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What Color is, Our Lives? A Question to the Head of CDC

Black and white, and, all shades of, gray???  The importance of our lives, based off of, our, party, affiliations here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC’s inability to make everybody listen to it is in its calls of “we’re all the same”, but deep down, the heads separated by the party affiliations.  The rationing of the vaccines this time, the hardest hit region Hsinbei City didn’t get as many as Kaohsiung.  While the mayor of the city of Taipei, Ke questioned, that a week ago, notices had been sent to Kaohsiung, but Taipei wasn’t aware, this is, the “internal trading of politics”.  As the outbreaks are ever the more serious, the central government are still, playing the sides, it’s, incredible.

if your cities are ruled by

then, you get, more than enough vaccines provided to your cities!

As Chen was called out, he’d, explained, that the way the rationing of the vaccines is based off of the regions’ various types of workers, in percentages.  This answer, is, the least bit, persuasive.  think on it, the population in Hsinbei City is forty-five percent more than the city of Kaohsiung’s and, the confirmed diagnoses are close to a hundred times more; while the CDC didn’t factor this in, in the rationing of the vaccines, is the CDC blind, or is it, colorblind?

After the shouts were made, Chen changed his claims, that he shall give ten-percent MORE vaccines to the hotzones of Hsinbei City and Taipei too.  Based off understanding, this order was mandated by the head of legislation, Su himself; this didn’t mean that Su understood what the people are being tried over, but the government’s favoring the south more than the north got called out.

The policy of Tsai, had been favoring the DDP over the KMT.  She posted on FB before on the local areas defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV, she’d told that the “central government shall support” to the regions of Miaoli and Hsinbei, which the heads of the mayors’ offices are members of KMT; while toward the mayors of the cities that are of the DDP denominations, she’d, boasted on how good a job they all did, for helping their nearby areas, to relieve the stresses of the central government, etc., etc., etc.  with the President’s leading the way in discriminating the city that aren’t ruled by her party, why wouldn’t the head of CDC, Chen, follow her lead?

but if your mayors are

then you DESERVE to, D-I-E! Based off of the current government’s way of, doing things…image from online

The way of defense against the spread is based off of party-affiliations, not regarding the people’s lives as worth something.  And, the allocation of the vaccines is reliant on the heads of the cities’ party affiliations, are our lives, divided based off colors too?

Yeah uh, this is how FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) the president is!  Not viewing EVERYBODY’s LIVES on equal basis, and I’m guessing, that she would wish that those who aren’t her party affiliations all DIE off during the outbreaks, that way, this entire island will be run by the greens, and she would have everything her way, becoming, a full-blown, dictator, like she isn’t one already???

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Holding on, to a Life that’s, Already, Gone…

Funny (not to mention WEIRD!), how those, souls go, holding on, to a life that’s, already, gone, allowing, those memories of their pasts, to haunt us.

Holding on, to a life that’s, already, gone, that, is how the DEAD, won’t let go of the living, the DEAD, hangs on tightly, like that bite of that pit bull with a DEAD WISH, never, letting go!  Holding on, to a life that’s, already, gone, why?  Why can’t they dead, just, DIE, when the bodies stopped, their, biological, functions, huh?  Why do those memories of those whom we cared too much of, still hang around?

these, earthbound, spirits, like this???

not yet, completely, detached, from her, body there…photo from online

Holding on, to a life that’s, already, gone, why?  I mean, why can’t you, just, move on?  ‘Cuz of, all those regrets that surfaced up to your mind right before you died?  Was that it?  Well, it’s too late, you’re, already D-E-A-D, like it or don’t, your life, it no longer, wanted you, NO (and your point being???) more!

And as you lay dying…well, it’s, over, ‘cuz in, three-two-one you’re, D-E-A-D!

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The Fire the Head of the Department of Transportation Had Set

The HEADS of government offices that lacked, the H-E-A-D-S, to come up, with a better plan, and this, is who’s been, ruling this, country of ours, and yeah, the country is getting, RUN, to the ground, oh wait, SIX feet under the GROUND, that, is what these government officials had, run the country down to all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s like, the government wanted to, anger the people ever the more, the head of public transportations, Wang added the gas to an already, burning stove.  To discourage people from heading home for the long weekend of Dragon Boat Festivals, Wang gave the government his, “genius” inventions of “blocking the entrance ramps, but not the highways”, used the machines, to control the lights, to stop the traffic from getting on the freeways all around.  He was, successful sure!  But, all the complaints started sounding off loudly, all around, the highways and freeways across the entire, island.

In stage-three alert, a lot of the members of the public had, canceled their trips from the trains to head home for the holidays, and, the holidays, are done away, with here.  The local government of Yilan had even suggested that the Dragon Boat Festivals, should get combined with the Mid-Autumn Festivals, reasonable, enough.  But the Tsai “regime” couldn’t turn its mind fast enough to go with the “flow” of things.  And thus, Wang came up with his genius plan of “closing down the entrance and exit ramps”, with the sole purpose, of barring the citizens from getting on the freeways.

and this, would be the what the BRAINS of the government officials on the X-ray show

brainless, with that hollowed cavity inside the heads!

But here’s the new problem: blocking the entrance ramps like this, those who are heading off to go home didn’t get to go, while, those who aren’t planning to leave to go home got stuck too.  And, it’s, too rare, a sight, that there’s not a single car on the freeways, while, the traffic’s clogged up completely by the entrance and exit ramps, all the way, BACK, to the cities’ streets.  If this is the effect that Wang wanted, then he’s, simply, AMAZING!  But, we’re now in doubt, if Wang felt the least bit, ill-at-ease, worried, that he’d made, too huge a mess, that was why he’d, secretly, opened up, a dozen more ramps for the traffic then.

As Wuhan shut the city down last year, we saw a ton of the close by regions started blocking up the roads with the bricks, or the people dug the roads until they were broken off, to prevent those from the city of Wuhan to cross over.  Those are, the low means of the ordinary citizens who aren’t “educated” enough at all.  Unlike how Wang could holler aloud, then, the freeway systems became, totally, PARALYZED here, he was, the highest edict, of what being the head of public transportation is, all about here!

Different times bring about different characters, Wang’s “blocking off the roads during the Dragon Boat Festival Holidays” will surely, have all the people, talk about him for a long, long, long, long time all right!

And so, instead of educating the masses that they should NOT be on the roads for the holidays, this IDIOT government official thought of the ways of, blocking off the entrance and exit ramps on the freeway, are you sure that all of these, public services officials have BRAINS???  Of course not, as we’re still, being ruled, by the MOST incompetent bunch of government officials here!

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We the People, Just Want the Vaccines, WHAT are the HEADS of the Offices Doing?

With the lacking in vaccines, we’re all, going to get, KILLED here!  Well, look on the bright side, those of who survives, will, be proven that we are, STRONG enough to live on this EARTH, by process of elimination, from the “branch of science” of, EVOLUTION!  How this government is doing absolutely, NOTHING, to speed up the inoculation process, so we can have at least, a set amount of immunity as a whole here.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

MERS-CoV had spread throughout the island now, and finally, the long-awaited donated to us 124 million vaccines from Japan had finally arrived, but the local governments started fighting over the measly number of vaccines available to each and every city.  It’s a simple problem of mathematics, but, it’d become, the chip of which the local governments bargained with.  The people only wanted to get vaccinated soon, while the central government and local governments seemed to ignore the cries of all the people here, how much, do we, the people, weight to them?  The first shipment of donated vaccines to us by Japan, Kaohsiung had received 9,1000 doses, way more than both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities which had been hit the hardest during this outbreak.  Although the command center reiterated that the rationing of the doses included the amount given to the military services, that the actual number that Kaohsiung allotted was only 80,000 doses, but this number was only mildly lower than Hsinbei City, and higher than Taipei’s.  This doesn’t seem reasonable no matter how you looked at i

And so, the commanding center posted out the “complicated calculation methods” to clarify its claims of how the doses were, allotted.  That the number of doses allotted is based off of sixty percent of the personnel from Type one to Type Three who hadn’t been vaccinated yet”, plus “sixty-percent of those who received the vaccines in the long-term care programs”, plus about thirty-percent of elders older than seventy-five years of age”, and minus the amount that they received from Moderna.

The calculations should be clear cut based off of sixty-percent of the type one to type three government personnel, minutes those that already received the vaccinations, this is a clear cut calculation, and people can understand it easily.  But the command center didn’t factor in the ratios nor considered the immune population of the cities to calculate the immunities, instead, “calculating based off of the number of those individuals who hadn’t gotten the vaccines”, it’s odd why they’re calculating in this manner.  Based off of the statistics of the outbreaks in all realms, there’s need for the “recount numbers”, and, it’s questionable of the Command Center’s “number sense”, and now, there’s, the “black box operations” being accused from it, it’s not overboard at all.

Not only that, the experts kept on calling out, that the population clusters that are easily infected, not as healthy should get the first vaccinations, the group that can easily fallen to the severely ill first.  But the Command Center is treating everybody as “equals”, disregarded the numbers of death every day in Hsinbei and Taipei cities to add more doses to send to these places, and just, calculated based off of ten-percent of the dosages received total, nobody knows what their bases for this “equation” come from.

While the plans of vaccinations for those at high-risks are even more hurtful to the members of the public, Kaohsiung could make the rosters for the elders in the cities to get inoculated, but the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei are waiting for the vaccine systems to start operating, and this made the elderly population who couldn’t use the high-tech gadgets live in the twilight zone.  The commander, Chen stated, that the vaccines getting used is not a “race, it’s how complete the systems are and how well the systems of inoculation worked”, and said, “unifying the policies is continually telling the people WHOSE turns is it to get the vaccines”, while the local citizens are, running around like headless chickens, because the government is trying to set up the systems of getting the people their inoculations up and running, how can those high up in the government understand the trials of life that we, ordinary, citizens, are going through?

And so, this, is what happens, when those, high up government officials stayed inside their, IVORY TOWERS (unlike the ivory tower of MY freakin’ mind here!) too long, they can’t see how us, ordinary citizens are, suffering, I mean, it’s NOT their loved ones who are dying of contraction, so it does NOT alert them one bit, and it’s this manner of “hey, I really could care LESS about the people out there, down below!” that’s going to, kill us all, and yet, this entire island is unlikely, to get, WIPED out due to MERS, unlike that final member of that South America tribe who’d contracted the virus and died, the end of that “race” of people there, because there are still, too many people on this, god DAMN @#$%ING island, that’s why, it won’t be until the virus wipes out ninety-nine-percent of this populations, that the government finally takes notice, and we the people are still, too, @#$%ED, up!  And, there’s NOTHING YOU can do ‘bout it!!!

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The Rates of Death Spiked, the Incompetence of the Government, Noted

Oh, and what says, the government???  “we’re, fixing this problem, FAST as we can!”, and nothing IS being done, no vaccines, no quick scans set up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most upsetting statistic for the numbers announced by the command center is, the confirmed deaths of the cases of MERS-CoV.  Up to the twelfth, there were, 411 individuals, who’d, died of contraction, the rate of death at 3.2-percent, so much higher than the world’s 2.17-percent.  Taiwan had, always, prided itself, on the medical care provisions, at the height of this outbreaks, the commander, Chen also stated, that Taiwan’s medical care systems won’t collapse.  If this is so, then, how come the rates of death still, spiked up high?

Toward this, the head of the legislative branch, as well as the commander of the CDC both stated, that it’s because those who’d contracted the virus are of the elderly populations, and there were a high percentage of these elderly with the progressive conditions too.  This is, liking throwing that boomerang at the dead, attempted to, get away from the responsibilities of taking the blames.

Japan is claimed to be the “World’s Oldest Country”, with elderly sixty-five and older taking up twenty-nine-percent of the population, but, the rates of death from MERS-CoV is only about 1.78-percent; the elderly population in U.S. takes up about sixteen-percent, with the rate of death from MERS-CoV being 1.74-percent.  The elderly population here is similar to the U.S., but the rate of death is, as high as 3.2-percent, sixty times of that of Singapore’s.  Could it be, that MERS-CoV is discriminatorily, selecting only the elderly in the population to “attack”, while it’d, spread out evenly, in America, and Japan too?  Those of us with the sense, knows that this, is a FALSE statement.

A lot of those I know who worked in the medical field believed, that the rates of death being so high is due to the government’s refusing to implement the general scans for the populations, causing those who are asymptomatic passing the virus along within their communities without knowing it.  And, when the symptoms started showing, those who are lucky, only suffered from the moderate to severe symptoms, while those who are not as lucky, don’t even get to see a doctor at all.  In other words, the command center only used the numbers presented to the office by the major media, ignored the fact, that, there is, a larger number of the population that aren’t, noted, it’s a wonder the death rates are, hiking up higher by the day.

With the numbers not noticed, it’d, explained how the rates of those who are severely symptomatic, and confirmed diagnoses after death are so high compared to other developed countries in the world.  By the average number of population, the severe symptoms found in the people are twice as much as Japan’s.  As the outbreaks got hard, there were half of the number of who’d died in the total, to the point of finding the dead bodies afloat in the rivers, the car crash being injured, those who’d lived alone and died, there were, a lot from these who’d gotten the confirmed diagnoses after death, which puts those paramedics, the police officers under great stress.  Toward their panic, Chen only stated, “These law enforcement officials need to be more careful”, like he wasn’t the least bit responsible for how fast and hard the epidemic is, hitting us all.

How many of those who contracted the virus are still running around?  We can, make a rough calculation, based off of those confirmed diagnoses after death.  It would be reasonable, to estimate the total number of contracted individual to 20,000, based off of the measures the rest of the world uses to calculate, which means, that there are still, close to eight thousand who had the virus, and not known it, running around.

This showed, how the estimates by the government came too delayed, and even as the vaccines are started to get out, we still, don’t have the ability to be, optimistic.  We’re, extending the stage three alerts, giving up our freedoms, to the end of, June here.  Because our government knew well, that with those, 8,000 undetonated bombs, their powers, are not to be, reckoned with.

Before May, the CDC refused to implement the measures of the general scans, this is the reason that caused the unknown large numbers of contractions.  Since the outbreaks started, the CDC boasted about how Taiwan had enough medical provisions, it wasn’t until the systems were, overloaded, they’d told those who are without the severity of the symptoms to go home on their own, which caused many of these cases to die.  A lot of people commended the Taiwanese public of being alerted enough, that we’d, quarantined ourselves to keep the outbreaks from spreading out.  But, from an alternative angle, this showed, how the people lacked trust in the government’s policies to protect against the spread, otherwise, why would we feel compelled, to give up our freedoms to move about and around, with just a few hundreds of confirmed cases of MERS-CoV?

The epidemic is out of control right now, and clearly, this reflected on the failed policies of disease prevention, and, toward the lacking of enough provisions of medical care, and the vaccine availabilities, the government is, at question on its, methods.  For instance, to implement the vast scanning systems, to set up the temporary hospitals, to buy the vaccines, and, enforce the rates and speeds of the people’s being, vaccinated, they should all be the focal points of this new, elevated stage of defense.  As for if the current system works, I’m afraid, that those making the policies, those in power, need to, think it over.

And so, the incompetence of this government is, what SCREWED, “we the people” over, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, CAN, do about it!  And, we’re going to become that tribe in South American, with our, final “member”, DYING of the contraction of MERS-CoV, and thus, ends, ALL of us, as, a “country” of people here!

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Disregarding the Words of Advice, Getting Ahead of the Outbreaks Became Hindsight

This is still, DISSECTING the government on how it only, had, hindsight and still not gained, foresight, nor insight from its own, mistakes, and “we the people”, still get @#$%ED, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, the outbreaks still hadn’t gotten out of hand, because the government’s taking the measures of precautions, which made our country get noticed by the foreign presses, a lot of YouTubers used their channels stating how they’d envied the lives of Taiwanese people, the former vice president went as far as commanding the “getting head” program of Taiwan’s defenses against MERS-CoV then.  But, since there were the instances of the community outbreaks, the command center seemed to be, haunted by the “vaccine spirits”, whenever the subject of vaccines came up, the word, “mess” is associated with it, and now, blaming it on the lack of buying powers, the commander, Chen stated, “all of what you’re saying is, hindsight!”

It took, only, ONE short month, for Taiwan’s system of defense against MERS to go from “ahead of the rest”, to “hindsight”, in the past year, MERS-CoV became our, most familiar stranger, with Taiwan, on the side of glory, raising that trophy of barring away the MERS-CoV, but, as we’d, relaxed a bit, the virus broke the glory of the country, and we’re all now, in dangers of, exposure here.

what “we the people” are currently, being, ruled, under! Photo from online

The virus came at us like that flash flood, fast and hard-hitting, the people couldn’t adjust to the mindset quickly enough, the command center started, panicking too, slurred its speech in barking out the orders, the central government and the local governments were disagreeing on matters, the large scale of criticisms came, and, it all worlds down to one thing: “President, give US the VACCINES we NEED!”

In the past, the commander, Chen stated, “We’d, prepared, for the worst” when asked about the plans of attack toward the virus, but, the planning of the vaccines, didn’t follow this, last September, the country was still too conservative in buying up the vaccines, even as the scholars called aloud, all those words of advices, fell to, deafen ears.  And now, Chen could use “hindsight” to BARK back, at the claims of how the CDC wasn’t active enough in buying up the vaccines, it’s, such, an, irony.

Had the command center taken the words of advice from all around it, and, listen to the words of advice spoken by those scholars, instead of believing that the scholars are “against the command center because they’re against it!”, and it would be able to, deal with the community outbreaks more easily too.  The outbreaks are, ongoing, while the officials of the government still can’t agree on one method to fight it off, but, someone mentioned how during the SARS outbreaks from before, the President, Chen called on the leaders of the other political party, let go of their, differences, and, opened up his mind, and listened to other parties’ opinions of how to fight the spread of SARS, can the Tsai government, also, do the same right now?  Turning the situations around, that, is the right attitude of, defending against the spread here.

And yes this is still on how the popular voted DICTATOR had, SCREWED, “We the people”, over, and this government lacked the hindsight, because it got ITS head, UP its ass, basking in the glory of how, wow, the rest of the world is reliant on the masks we produce, we must be so amazing, instead of taking the measures, to prepare for something that will, hit us harder, it’s still, BAD leadership, and, do we the people, see that?  Of course N-O-T, because, we shall, follow our leader, DOWN that CLIFF!

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Giving People Here the Options, to Allow for the Flows of the Nation’s Own Vaccines

Lab rats, (ouch!  Someone just, SHOT something into my ASS!!!) listen up, ready yourselves, for the, INJECTIONS here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nation’s manufactured vaccines just posted its second-stage trial blind reveal, it’s, full of, confidence filing for the emergent use certifications (EUA), but, the people are, in doubts.

The most debatable thing of the nation’s own vaccines is that it’d not had a third-stage trial.  As the epidemic spread too quickly throughout U.S. and Europe, the number of cases of diagnosis hiked up to tens of thousands per day, with the death rate hiking up too, to speed up the process of developing a working vaccine (which usually takes many years!), the EUA was signed, so Moderna and Pfizer, and AZ vaccines got only to mid-third stage trials, and the results were published in the well-known medical journals, and were signed into use.

And yet, there are hundreds of new cases of contraction here in Taiwan, and the Command Center told us, that when the Rt rate dropped to 0.7 (under one, the virus will be killed off in an instant!), so why is it, that the nation’s own manufactured vaccines didn’t even get to the experimental trials of the third stage, and it’s filed for the EUA uses?  Are we, in that big a, hurry?

With the epidemic hitting the world hard now, all the nations in the world, with WHO are all, developing, discussing to replace the third-stage trials with the immuno-bridging, to replace the third-stage trials, meaning, that as long as the developing vaccines can get to a certain level, then, it’s deemed, effective, no need to test trial on thousands of people to be sure.  And yet, the conference by the W.H.O. at the end of May is quite clear, that the immuno-bridging of MERS-CoV has problems: one, there’s no unified methods of making the vaccines agreed upon by all countries, it would be hard to get a unified standard.  Secondly, the standards of the vaccines are made from the original strand, and now, there are, the mutated strands.

The vaccines from China, had the same pretty numbers with the Moderna and AZ vaccines too, and the stage three trials achieved up to seventy-percent protection, but, as the vaccines were introduced to the other countries, the results showed, different.  And, the mutualized antigen in those who’d already contracted the virus, paled by comparisons to the vaccines’ ability to defend against it, but it makes the chances of contracting the virus again, reduce greatly, which showed, how by neutralizing the antibodies, does NOT defend against the contractions of the virus.

what “we the people” became…

shit, did you, just, SHOT me with that???” and unfortunately, there’s, NOTHING any one of us can do! Photo from online

The two developing vaccines here, are protein based, and the vaccines using this means that are used, is ZERO, including the U.S., and Novavax who got ahead, is still, testing out this, technology, in the stage-three trials, while Sanofi from France didn’t pass the certifications at all, and the test trials needed to be, redone.  Too much, uncertainties, and, if America and European nations are having the trying times getting this to work, how do you suppose, the manufacturers in Taiwan will receive the certifications, that easily?

A few months back, there were only, forty-percent of citizen here who are willing, to get the inoculations, but since the epidemic bust out of Wanhwa, the number rose to more than eighty-percent, which showed, how we’re all, beginning to, feel, panic; which is why, even if the trial phases of the developing vaccines hadn’t gone through the measures completely, people are, fighting to get, inoculated.  At this time, the government should keep watch for the people, instead of using the “Drive-Thru” methods of the vaccines developed here.  If we want to advocate the vaccines manufactured here, we need to get the tests done completely, go through all the trial stages, for the vaccines to get approved, internationally.

The president and the vice president rolling up their sleeves to get the first shot of nation’s manufactured vaccines, that’s a wrong demonstration!  Because, just because it works on you, that doesn’t mean, that it will work, for all of us.  The way that will work, is by using methods of unrelated to the vaccines, to contain the spread, to reduce that urgency of getting the vaccines.  And, the polls showed, close to sixty-percent of the public were displeased at the pace of the governments getting the vaccines, and hoped to get the BionTech vaccines manufactured in China to us.  The government should go ahead, and start importing the vaccines from international realms, so the people can have the choices, then, it can, consider, releasing the nation’s own, manufactured, vaccines.

So, this, is what’s going on, the government endorses the vaccines made here, but, the technologies are way too new, without the research verifications that it will work, and, getting certified internationally, that will totally, be a huge problem, and so, by advocating this “made-in-Taiwan” vaccine, instead of getting their hands on the certified already, international brands, we’re all, still SCREWED, because the government only has ITS, best interest in mind (making money off of the vaccines) and WE the people, become, lab rats for testing purpose here!

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The Mirrors of Truth of Vaccines, Reflected on How Incompetent the Government Truly is

The government, TOO incompetent, and “we” the people (still not included in “we” here though), way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded!  Another, ABUSER/ENABLER relationship style, in the federal, level here, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the government just sent out the “news” of the vaccines being available to every citizen here, there came, the case of the clinic’s workers, getting the shots ahead of the rest, and all around, there’s, the claims of how people should not have priorities over each other, clearly showed, that people are, panicky, by the limited supplies of the vaccines here; at this time, the city of Kaohsiung sent out the memo, “forcing” the medical workers to get shot, and claimed, that if the hospital workers don’t receive their shots, fines will be, enforced, which clearly, showed, once more, that the government abused its, powers, the vaccines became a mirror of truth, and now, it’d, reflected, just how, incompetent this government, truly, is.

Level three alerted continued throughout the whole of Taiwan right now, over hundreds of confirmed diagnoses daily, the number won’t drop down; since yesterday, there are, a total of 385 deaths, and you can imagine, how the people are, starting to, panic; but, the lacking in the provisions of vaccines, and we’d had to get, categorized by groups, to wait for our turns, and we’re all worried now, that we won’t get at least, one injection, and, there would be the “specialty relations” of the vaccines, using the connections, the means that comes into form.

Providing enough vaccines for every citizen, that’s, the government’s, responsibilities, to free the people of panic, rather than severely criticizing the people for getting in line for the vaccines when it wasn’t their turns, we should trace back to why there aren’t enough supplies for all.  Like the famous man of culture, Jeng stated yesterday, he’d hoped, that Taiwan will have enough vaccines soon, to free us all, from the panics and the fears.

Tsai spoke on a press conference yesterday that she will, “Do all she could, to contain the spread”, but, since the start of the epidemic here, the government leaned toward the “benefitting of the party members”, the “special rights to get vaccinated”, and so, it’s only naturally, that based off of the government’s means of preventing the spread, everybody’s, fighting for the vaccines.  But, the roots of the problem lies in how the government “couldn’t get ahead”, and buy the vaccines in advance, because of how fast the virus is mutating, the distributions of the vaccines, the inoculations, that’s what’s caused this great scare, this, witch hunt.

And, the people were originally given the rights to choose the brand of the vaccines, to have their shots or not, but the Kaohsiung City Government announced that it will fine the hospital workers, the nurses, the doctors who didn’t get their injections.  This showed, how passive the government is handling the matter of vaccinations, and that, they’d, expand the rules at their wishes, when they want the people to fear, they’d, used the means of the punishments, the fines, and, this made people lose respect, and faith in our government, it’d showed, how the person in power lacked the basic means of ruling the country correctly.

We the people, don’t need the verbal encouragements from our president, we just want, when can we live free, healthy, of worries of the epidemic?  And rather than enforcing the law, the government should reassign its, resources, and manpower, to something it should be doing in the first place.

This is how, the government goes, AFTER its, people!  Because of the shortages of the vaccines here, we’re all, freaked out (hey, speak for your self!!!), and, because the number of contraction, number of death still, rises, that’s why, everybody’s, freaked out, which leads to those private workers of clinics, getting the inoculations, ahead of their turns.

It still all goes to how INCOMPETENT this majority-voted government, and its, president truly is!  And, there’s still, NOTHING we can do, as we’re all, too, CIVILIZED, to OVERTHROW the government, like that angry mob gathering outside someone’s house, with those, lit-up, fire torches here!

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