Chew Toy…

That, is what, you’ll, become, after I’m done, RIPPING you, to S-H-R-E-D-S!!!

How would you like, a brand new, chew toy???  She’d, asked, then, without hearing the replies back yes or no, she’d, tossed that cheating boyfriend of her, into, the kennels…

Chew toy, that, is what you’ll become to me already, and, I play ROUGH!  I don’t play gentle with my toys, in fact, I’m, more of a cat that plays, with its food (and we all know, how we’d been taught, to, NEVER play with OUR foods here, haven’t we???), before I, gobble it up whole.

like this…

what you’d, become! Photo from online

Chew toy, that, is what you’ll become, by the time I’m done with you, and I still eat everything, without, spitting out the bone fragments here.  Chew toy, see how you no longer, “squeaked” (that’s what chew toys do, they, S-Q-U-E-A-K!!!), when I, GNASH you down, and, you become, no fun to “play” with, so yeah, I, DROP you, and no, I’m still NOT inclined, to pick up the toys I played with, oh no, I left everything, on the floors, ‘cuz that, is how I, the spoiled BRAT do it!

Chew toy, do you want to become my chew toy?  Well, not that I’m, “hiring” one, I mean, buying me one would be, way, way, way easier, skipping all those, unnecessary, formalities of, interviewing the “applicants”, yada, yada, yada……………


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Mixing Medigenvac Vaccines, without Learning to Walk Yet, & the Pharmaceutical is Wanting to Fly

There’s NO research data to back THIS up, and yet, the government tells us, it’ll work, but, do WE the people, believe?  God I hope N-O-T!!!  The government is still, looking for, LABRATS for its, vaccine trials here, and do WE the people want, to get, injected???  Yeah, you do the math, and, keep your own “answers” to yourselves, why don’t you!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The N.T.U. Hospital will be conducting the mixing-vaccine trials of Medigenvac with Moderna soon, it’d initiated doubt in the communities.  The EUA of Medigenvac was already, questionable enough, and now, it’s going to be used, in the never-before mix-vaccine experimentation studies, and I can only describe the process of: before you learn to walk, you’re trying to fly!

Novavax in the U.S., that’s made with the same technologies already done the third stage clinical trials from before, and the pharmaceutical company also stated that it’s filing for the EUA, but the news of whether it was allowed, kept being, delayed.  The testing subjects had already had their second vaccines, but the level protection isn’t enough, to get the certification of the American government yet, and, those who are tested can only, watch as the Delta strain slowly takes over, and not allowed for any other vaccines, because it can’t be mixed with any other already developed vaccines.

It was a smooth-sailing passage for Medigenvac since it made the markets, and now, the second, dose, about to be, administered, but the actual protection is still, yet to be known, because the epidemic is now, under control, most of the test subjects for Medigenvac vaccines couldn’t have the opportunities to come into contact with MERS-CoV.  And, with that lacking of data showing its efficacy, combined with an already proven effective to work vaccine, even if there are the positive results on paper, it still, can’t get rid of the doubts in many of the citizens here in this country.

Some experts said, that Moderna with Medigenvac, with the myocarditis occurring by the second dose, so, we can avoid the risks, if we get Medigenvac as our second vaccines, those of us who already had our first Moderna vaccines.  But, when was, the side effects of myocarditis detected as a side effect of the mRNA vaccines again?  During the second, and third stage trials, this wasn’t, discovered, but after the shots were, administered in over millions, the follow-ups of those who received the vaccinations, over months, with millions of the populations, then, the researchers found this abnormality in the data that’s, collected, and confirmed myocarditis as a rare side effect of the vaccines.  Looking now, at Medigenvac vaccines, how many injections given?  For how long?  Will there be, unforeseeable, rare side effects that come much later after the inoculations, nobody can, predict for certain.

what we the people, become…

R-A-T-S, for the government’s, unproven to be effective, vaccines…photo from online

The command center said, that the experiment was brought up by N.T.U. Hospital, and yet, they still needed to get the sign off on it with the Command Center, and, because of the allocation of vaccines, not enough for all the people who needed, had come under the bus, and so, if we leave it up to get evaluated by the command center, there’s, that huge, conflict of interest to be noted.  The doubts of the external world is, not blank accusations.

Although, the president and the vice president vouched for Medigenvac, there’s only, 100,000 who’d gotten their Medigenvac vaccines in the entire population, which suggested to how most people are in doubt, of its, efficacy, and those who’d, insisted on their first vaccination of Moderna, they are, really careful in considering the safety and the amount of protection that the vaccines can give them, and I’m sure, that none of whom will be willing to get their second doses in Medigenvac.

Actually, for the mix trials of vaccines, we can work with Novavax, with Moderna and Novavax vaccines together, that’s what England is currently doing.  Or, we can wait until the results come out in other countries, this would be, more credible than having Medigenvac with Moderna.

If we want to solve the matter of not having enough Moderna as second doses, for the concerns of mixing the vaccines, what should currently be mixed should be Moderna with BioNTech/Pfizer, because BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine shipments are, coming in soon.  This is not a problem in the international realm, because, there’s not an issue of the sort.

The original mind to mix the vaccines, is to avoid the rare complication of blood clot from the AZ vaccines, later, there’s the finding of boosting in the immune systems by mixing the vaccines, and so, that’s why, other countries are, using this, measure now.  And yet, as there’s no data proven the efficacy of mixing of vaccines, it can only, be treated, as an “accidental” result.  The currently proven to work best are still the mRNA vaccines, with the most ideal being two doses of mRNA vaccines, next, Astra-Zeneca with mRNA, or, two doses of AZ with an mRNA.  Taiwan should be working toward this, instead of, trying to, open up the backdoor for the country’s own vaccines.

And so, this government is still, too eager, to use we the people, AS its, LABRATS, and we the people, still don’t have a say, because, the government is now, the VOICE that speaks, for all of us, well, that’s what we get, for voting, that DICTATOR into office, and unfortunately, we’d all been, enslaved, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y too long, we can’t, rise up and rebel against the rules of, this dictatorship of ours anymore!

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The Wills are, Good, of Course

Taiwan is still that, DUMB bat, in the war of the mammals, and the birds here, and it’s all the head of chair of Mainland Affairs, Council, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tai-San Chiu, is an odd duck, a, “pigeon” of Tsai’s government, always spoken mildly, but, his words, were, mostly, pointless.  And, as China heard, maybe, they take his words, as a joke, or maybe, they would, roll their, eyes.  Like these past couple of days he’d suddenly, commended China and Taiwan, as best in the defenses against MERS-CoV outbreaks, and stated that the “five rules of Xi” of the head of Chinese Communist Government’s “Xi’s Five”, was of goodwill.  It’d, made people confused, as to, where he found the evidence to claim such!

with Chiu, as the “bat” in the, “production” here, video from

The Bat, the Beast, and the Bird | Aesop’s Fables | PINKFONG Story Time for Children – YouTube

(and yes, the link works!!!)

These words, sounded, pleasant enough to the ears sure, but, it’d, sounded, not quite right.  For instance, take that first line, the Chinese government, would never agree on.  As in China, as soon as there’s a local case of contraction, the general scans were performed, without a second word, and, the total number of administered vaccines was up to two billion to date already.  While Taiwan still relied on the donations of another country, so, who is Chiu sucking up to, stating that “both sides of the straits are, best!”?

The second line, even more, classic.  Chiu stated that the five rules of Xi were originally intended goodwill, hoping, that both sides will unify in peace one day; but two years ago, Tsai talked it down, to worthless, and equated the agreements of “the unofficial agreement between Taiwan & China through Hong Kong”, told the people NEVER to speak of it again, then, stepped on it, as a stepping stone, to her becoming the re-elected president.  Now, Chiu said that it was, goodwill, and made it looked like, Taiwan is willing with the peaceful, unification; is he giving commend to Xi, or, is it, in opposition to Tsai?

And, his ambiguous words, only he knew, that he wasn’t, directing his speech to those in Beijing, but Biden instead.  Last time he’d spoken of how the two sides are to, interact amicably with each other, right after New Year’s Eve after the long phone call Biden had with Xi;; and this time, he’d, placed Xi on that, high pedestal, perhaps, he saw Biden and Xi, talking through the nights, under the candle  lights again.

The Five of Xi is goodwill it’s no lie, the words of Xi, turned Tsai from losing, to winning instantly, of course, Xi’s words, are, beneficial to the party in power.  Chiu may be, only, using the signal words in politics, to say “thank you!”

And so, this still just showed, of how Taiwan is now, caught in the middle, like that BAT in Aesop’s fable (I think it was), was the bat a mammal or an avian?  It tried playing both sides, but in the end, after the avian and the mammals decided on hey, let’s have peace, the bat got, cast out, because it tried to “play both sides” for fools, and finally, both of the sides, wake up and see that, and that, is how this country will end too!

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Drawing Out Monsters

Monsters, they started, spilling out from the ink of the artist’s pen…

He’d, taken out that sketchpad, and then, his hand took on a life of, its own, and, the monsters, they came out, one by one, faster, than the, speed of life, he’d, sketched, page after page, after page, after page, and his monsters are still, nowhere NEAR, done with him, not by, a long, long, shot!

like this…found online

Drawing out monsters, she started, coloring up those pages, of her childhood life, and, the monsters, made scary noises, thrilled her, she thought Teddy was her, best mate, until, the monsters, took him away, and she was, left, without, the protections of him (the Teddy bear???).  Drawing out monsters, it seemed, that there are, always, more monsters that, longed to, come out, onto the pages, that she will, NEVER be done, like those princesses that danced, through the nights, and, it’d, made her, so tired…

Drawing out monsters, she’s, finally, finished, she’s, now an adult, and, became a mother, to her own, lost, child, and, as those monsters, started, getting restless again, in her memories of her childhood, she’d, told them, to be quiet, baby needs to sleep, and, sometimes, the monsters, they became, better behaved, listened, but sometimes, they still, acted up, every now and then, and that, is where, those, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications came in……………

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The Government LIES, What is the Priorities of We, the People’s, Health?

How the government is, ABUSING all of us, who lives in, this god damn, @#$%ING country here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Instead of Encouraging “Mixing of Moderna with BioNTech”, the Government Opened up a Backdoor for Medigenvac, Disappointing the Public

The sixth round of Astra-Zeneca vaccines started yesterday, the second doses, but there are still, 600,000 members of the public who are insistent on Moderna, but the Moderna vaccines are, near, extinction.  The Command Center told us often, “we can choose our desired vaccines and get it”, but it’d already known, that Moderna vaccines in the supplies, and the shipment time frames, couldn’t match up to our expectations, but refused to tell us the truths, just kept changing the rules of the games, over, over, and over, disappointment the members of the public, repeatedly.

As the platform for vaccine registry came online this July, the solid fans of Moderna got disappointed repeatedly, the CDC kept using the claims of, “we will allot as the shipments arrive”, a gift of 2.5 million doses from the U.S., were like the rain that finally came on time, allowing the over three million of the public to receive their first vaccines, and allowed some of the people got their second doses; but, the Moderna vaccines the country bought on its own weren’t quite enough, and the deliver dates were dragged out repeatedly, the command center that already had the information of the dates of delivery dates knew how many are able to receive, but the command center would rather let the solid fans of Moderna wait, and not opened up the information to the public, to the point of ignoring the already suggested by the experts, to mix the vaccines of Moderna with BioNTech to help reduce the short supplies of the vaccines.

Until yesterday, the command center sent out its, ultimatum, that the solid fans of Moderna, if they don’t add the choice of BioNTech by the seventeenth, they may have to wait until the end of the year before they get their mRNA vaccines, how do you think this made the solid fans feel, didn’t they government tell us, that we “Get to choose which vaccines we are getting”?

What’s even odder to the outside world, was that at this same time, N.T.U. will be conducting the “mixing of vaccines of Medigenvac with Moderna”, the clinical trials, and, the data will start to come in as soon as next week, and this made us think, did the command center want to, try to, sell off more Medigenvac vaccines again.  It’s only passed the EUA in Taiwan, and it is supposedly to be used, as a backup, unless there are, no other vaccines available to us, then, we must, get it, but, Medigenvac, with the president’s backing it up, drove fast all the way, lost the measures that a real drug or vaccine trials should have, and the commander of the C.D.C. even boasted, “the related drug trials don’t need to be conducted externally, otherwise, how can Taiwan, get ahead.”

But in actuality, we can expect that for the next few months, the BioNTech vaccines are due to arrive in time, and the people are more confident of this vaccine, if the government really wanted to up the second-dose coverage rate, it should be encouraging “Moderna with BioNTech” clinical trials; but instead, it’s, opening up that tiny door to Medigenvac, and called out to the members of the public who had already had their first Moderna vaccinations, to “give Medigenvac a chance”, this sort of a CDC, where does it place the people’s health welfare, wellbeing, on the scales?

And, this still just showed, how FUCKED (don’t pardon me!) up this government is, it’d been, trying, to SELL the people the “homegrown” vaccines, pushing forth its EUA, when it hadn’t even gone past the stage three trials yet, and, now, due to the shortages of Moderna vaccines, they’re, advocating, that it’s okay to mix and match Moderna with the country’s own, Medigenvac vaccines, but, who’s buying it?  The members, the followers, of the DDP, maybe, but NOT the rest of us!

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Waiting Hard on My Second Dose of Moderna, I’d Not Dared Consider the Option of Mix-and-Match with Medigenvac Vaccines

The heart of a member of the community, who’d already, gotten her/his, first vaccination of Moderna, and is now, waiting hard, on that second dose, and, these who’d already had their very first Moderna shots are more than likely, to become, the LABRATS of the government’s Medigenvac human trials, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are currently, more than three million members of the public who are, waiting hard, for their, second doses of Moderna vaccines, which caused the local communities to concern.

Those who’d gotten their first vaccinations of Moderna is currently already at week ten, or approaching week ten since their first, and now, they’re all, faced with not knowing where their second doses are.  Looking now, at the second type government officials locally, and central, the rate of their vaccination is as high as sixty-five percent, look at, this, sharp, contrast!

what those older generations are, waiting on…

photo from online

The impotence of the department overseeing the vaccines, made the elderly populations wait hard on their second doses of Moderna.  The news yesterday printed, that the clinical trials of Moderna vaccines with the country’s own Medigenvac vaccines had passed the moral committee’s signing off, and it’s now, in motion, and, the government will take in more than two hundred volunteers who’d already had their first Moderna vaccines, to conduct the double-blind experiment, and the results of the trials is due by the end of October soonest.

Wow!  Not only did the country’s own vaccines start off fast, the blind reveal is also, supersonic in speed, it’s quite, an attention-getter all right.  Moderna mixed with Medigenvac, the world’s one and only, clinical trial; but, Medigenvac had conducted its stage three experiments, and the effects of the vaccine for the human body still unknow, can it, be used as a mixed vaccine option?

The government told, that we’d bought over five million doses of Moderna ourselves.  To date, we’d received around 1.5 million doses, less than, thirty-percent!  Korea sent its government officials to the headquarters of Moderna in the U.S. to get their vaccines quicker, and in two short weeks, they’d received, over eight million doses provided to them.  Why can the Korean government press for the deliveries, and we can’t?  If our country can get over eight million doses like Korea had, then, we wouldn’t need to be, mixing the vaccines with Medigenvac anymore.

and are, more than likely, to become, this…

photo from online

My wife and I both had our first dose of Moderna in July, and we’re both, waiting on our second.  The country’s own, not-yet conducted stage three trial experimental vaccines, we don’t want, nor do we dare, become, the “testing subjects” for!

And so, this was, the government’s plans all along, to make all those who’d received their first Moderna vaccines, to get injected with the country’s own, and this is still just, bullshit, this government does NOT care about the wellbeing of we the people, it just, cared about, its gains: printing out those, bullshitting vouchers, spending billions of our, the taxpayers money, dollars, keep on, delaying the deliveries of the vaccines, and, pushing through the passing of the country’s own vaccines, without a stage three trial, and there’s, nothing WE the people (we are, the people, are we not???), can do about it!

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Is Green the Color of Democracy?

Green is the color of, COMMUNISM, or, DICTATORSHIP, shall I say, seeing how the DDP is, screwing this country over still!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

This year, the celebration of National Day, the visuals, just as expected, the colors of our flag “red, white and blue” are, taken off, once again.  Since Tsai’s party took office, the colors on the celebration of National Day had always been different, with the set color green, and this year, they called it “Democracy Green” too.  Green is assigned to springtime, earth, biodomes, peace, it’s also, the traditional colors of the Islamic religion too; but, Tsai is a first, to connect the color green with democracy.

Tsai government avoided the colors of our flag in its uses of colors in celebration of National Day, in the name of becoming more creative, but, the government’s selecting the color green gave it away.  Green is the color representing the DDP, meaning, that they wanted green to be our national color; adding the title, “Democracy Green”, hinting, that only the DDP, ruling this country will, make this country “free”.

But, does the DDP really, stand for democracy?  The government called out “democracy”, but, its actions marched, leaned towards an authoritarian kind of ruling.  Using the claims of “changing the system”, going after the party not in power; using the name of “national security”, and, demolishing all other beliefs, not in line, with the party’s own; using the excuses of fighting off false news, to take away our rights to free speech; and, turning all the independently operating facilities, into their own, and they’d even, locked that public voting session, back inside, the bird cages too, all of this showed, “using the claims of democracy, and going against what democracy entailed!”

the colors of the party in power of this country currently…

found online

Rather than calling it “democracy green”, it’s the DDP who has the ultimate right, to define, WHAT democracy IS.  During the rule of the DDP, democracy is only a false front, to fend for one’s power of office, instead of something the government should fight hard to achieve.  The “Green Fears” had taken place of the “White Fear” since the over thirty year long democratizing of Taiwan; and, the “Democracy Green” became, its, biggest, irony!

The colors aren’t right or wrong, but the government used an assortment of manipulative measures, to add that positive overtone to the party’s colors; it’s just, that even if the adjectives stacked up, it won’t change a fact, that the DDP did NOT make the color green into the color of democracy, it’d made the color green, into, a huge, joke of, democracy instead.

And so, this, is how hard the government is, trying, to turn the country’s people, by, feeding them all the party-related news, by brainwashing us, and we got no choice, as the freedom of the press is already slashed (from the T.V. news station getting pulled off the air awhile ago!), the news media is now, one solitary color: green, and there’s, nothing that we the people can do about it, because the government is growing too powerful, and we the people, gave up our right to free speech, right to free press, to the government here.


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The Balancing Points of Defending Against the Spread of MERS-CoV and Economics

The fate of the nation, as a whole, not as the north vs. the south, vs. the central regions here, we’re all on the same boat here!  Written by a college student, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently because of the delta strain coming in, a lot of people are worried about how we may have another epidemic like the one we’d experienced back in May, to get Taiwan back up to level three alert again, our lives, greatly impacted, the markets hit hard, and there are those who thought of, whether or not the shops can, withstand, another huge hit of the raising of the alert levels.

But, as the Hsinbei City’s no dine-in rules were implemented, and Taipei didn’t follow, I’d thought of, the methods of combatting MERS-CoV, should it be that we learn to, coexist with it, as the epidemic are under control, we’d, stopped the spread as well as we possibly can, keeping the economical activities going, without much impacts on our daily living, or, should we, set the goals, of getting that zero diagnosis?

Because there are the millions of text messages sent out, there are the members of the communities who are going to the quick scan stations voluntarily, and, this gathering, other than getting as high as thirteen local cases of contraction on August 29th, the confirmed diagnoses per day hadn’t exceeded to past ten cases on average, it doesn’t look like the epidemic’s out of control, but, the society still called out to raise the alert levels.

In this time of the epidemic, on the spread, we saw the differences of means of facing the epidemic of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, it’d, made us think on: how do we, find that balancing point between trying to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, and at the same time, not impacting the economy too much?

I pray, that the government can truly, get ahead, to decide on the general direction to which it’s leading us in the epidemic, that way, if there’s another wave of epidemic, then the leaders of the local governments will once again, face the hard choices of prioritizing the economics, or keeping people safe, to try and stop the spread of the epidemic again, and, we the people are also, flustered, and unsettled, due to, the lack of unification of measures the local government employs in the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV.

And so, this, is on how the local governments aren’t on the same page, because, the outbreaks are primarily, happening here up in the north, and, the local governments in the southern parts complained, of how the entire country is under lockdown with both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, without knowing, that we shared one fate, the fate of this country.

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The Distance-Education Classes are Burning Money, with the Students from Lower Economic Statuses, Fighting Hard, to Stay Alive, the Taiwan Fund for Family & Children Stepped in to Help Out

Call this, the, schooling, GAP if you will!  How the students from not-well-enough economically backgrounds are, suffering because of the outbreaks here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Distance education had become the primary means to teach and learn due to the outbreaks now, comparing to how the children in the elementary and middle school years in the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses, the government helps out, giving them the giving them the technologies, but for the college students from the lesser m the lesser backgrounds, they can only, rely on themselves.  The Taiwan Fund for Children & Families found, that for over a year, a lot of the students in the college levels receiving the sponsorship told, that the original laptop they were using for their papers, are growing old, and couldn’t handle the means of online education classes, and now, they’d had to, come up with the money they needed, for the new laptops, to up the charges on their cell phone plans too.

The college student, Chang told, that the laptop he used from before, was okay for the research papers he had for university, but, as the classes, the lectures are all online, the webcam, the typing of his papers, multiple functions at the same time, causing his laptop to freeze up a lot often, making it hard for him to get caught up with the classes, and, all the money he’d earned from his part-time jobs, already went to pay for his living and school costs, there’s, not that much that he has left.

The manager of Taipei’s Taiwan Fund for Children & Families, Hsieh told, that based off of statistics, there are about eighty-percent of college level students who received the help, for paying their tuitions, their fees of living, started part-timing, but since the outbreaks, a lot of the classes went online, and it’d, caused the digital difference to become ever the more apparent, a lot of the students who are receiving the foundation’s help are troubled, because their laptops are, too old to function.

Hsieh said, that “education is the best means of getting out of poverty”, but for over a year since the outbreaks occurred, the college students from lower end of the socioeconomic statuses are, having it, harder than ever, especially in times of the epidemic, learning online became what’s trending now, it’d, added to the economic burdens of the students from lesser backgrounds, she’d called out to the public, to help support these kids on their, last mile of education, to help them, get on the starting lines, evenly with the rest of the students.

And so, this, is how the epidemic, tries people on all levels, because, there are those students from lesser backgrounds, who are, in school, and, with their laptops being, used for, five, six years on end the systems bound to, run slower, and, they can’t, catch up, because they don’t have the extra money, to get a new laptop, they’re, having it hard enough as is, making their own tuition payments, their rents, utilities, etc., etc., etc., etc.

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Uncle Sam’s “Getting Ahead Program”

How after the U.S. left the Middle East in a HUGE mess, and, ran!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In less than two weeks, more than 120,000 military personnel departed the airports of Kabul, left a record in transportation by air in history.

American’s abandonment of Afghanistan left the country in a mess, chaos.  Earlier, Biden announced: the American military services plans to retreat out of Afghanistan completely on September 11th of this year, on the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on New York World Trade Center, symbolizing, that the mission of stopping terrorist actions had been completed.  The press asked, “can the local Afghani government fight off the Taliban on their own after the American armed services and N.A.T.O. withdraw the troops completely?

Biden’s answer was affirmative: the U.S. set up the foundations of democracy, with the popularly voted president and the congress; setting up the three hundred thousand modern military supplies from the U.S., it’s more than enough to fight off the Taliban.  Before he finished, the news of the major cities in Afghanistan, fallen to the terrorists, even the capital of Kabul too.  The places of gathering for the members of the public, is the ideal places of terrorists for the attacks; the members of ISIS-K guarded the gates of the airports locally, and, a suicide bomber detonated, killing thirteen of the American servicepeople, with fifteen injured, and, the locals who died outside of the airport numbed up to ninety, then, the number was, recounted, and reported to 175.

the foreign policies of Uncle Sam…found online


The death and injuries of American citizens on foreign soils is something major, and Biden went under the bus by the American public for it; the pregnant wife of a deceased military serviceman, on Fox, cussed the president she’d voted for out; the congressmen of the Democratic Party started up the petition to impeach.  And yet, no U.S. president had been, successfully, impeached in history.

To get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible, setting up a sturdy foundation for democracy.  During Obama’s term, he’d set up the plans to withdraw the military services out, Trump set up a contract with the Taliban, by this May, all armed services stationed in Afghanistan came back home.  Biden was the one, seeing everything through, it’s, a good thing.

But, the “getting ahead” of the withdrawal of the military services was too awful to witness!  Estimating the conditions incorrectly, false intel, leaving in a hurry, leaving massive amounts of weapons behind, in and out of the airports of Kabul, a huge chaos, with deaths, and those who got, severely, injured; then, run away, with the tail between the legs.

Uncle Sam had trained the armies in Afghanistan for many years, setting up a democracy, claimed the human rights beliefs; the Taliban destroyed all of that, in an, instant.  The U.S. spent a total of two hundred billion dollars in Afghanistan, it’s, a loss from the very start.  The capitalists are good in keeping the books, and, if they can’t afford the costs, then, they quickly, abandons ship, and the promises, the pacts, the agreements for peace, all left behind, like they’re, nothing.

Biden stated, “the war the Afghani soldiers wouldn’t even fight, why do we sent the American armed forces to die!  The U.S. will NOT bleed for the cowards!” so, who else are, cowards?  Taiwan?  South Korea?  My good friend in Korean worried, that how would Uncle Sam handle it, if the stubborn, just as poor Korean armed forces like the Taliban came over to fight?

The U.S. advised Taiwan, to: buy massive amounts of weapons, torpedoes, drones, the grenade launchers, and other forms of weapons with great precisions, to train the armed services to fight guerrilla in the jungles, the cities, and the mountains here.  Guerrilla warfare was the “getting ahead program” that Uncle Sam designed for Taiwan?  But, with this younger generation who are focused on the tiny blessings of life, I’m afraid, none of them are willing to, engage, in guerrilla warfare, are they, cowards too?

No, we just, want to, keep our selves alive, after all, that is, what it’s, all about, isn’t it?  SURVIVAL!  And with the U.S.’s constantly, making ITS, empty promises to protect the rest of the world from terrorist attacks, yada, yada, yada, look how scattered, it’d, left, abandoned the “ship” called Afghanistan, not to mention, Iraq, Vietnam, from the sixties, and, history is still, repeating itself, it’s just, that the players are not the exact same, there are, the newly entered into the ring: Taiwan, China, etc., etc., etc., etc., and yeah, it’s still, a total, circus scene all right!!!


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