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Is the Tsai Government, Too Zoomed in on the Issues Voting that it’d Not Seen the Coming of the Mutated Strains?

How this government voted by the people (which WE make up!!!), does NOT think on behalf of we the people, but cared only of its, benefits, and screwing, ALL of us, over!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In just a week’s time, the mutated Omicron strain spread from Africa to all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia too, the speed of which the virus is spreading, caused global panic, causing the stock markets all around the world to CRASH.  In the sounding of the red alerts, the various nations started fearing the Omicron strain may cause yet, another, wave of contractions, and started tightening up the defenses, fighting against time, to set up the barriers.  Only the government run by Tsai, still focused on the defense of “Anti-Public Opinion Voting”, she’s totally oblivious toward the new strain of MERS-CoV.

this is, what most other countries are, doing, to prevent the newest mutated strains from getting in, photo from online

The W.H.O. stated, that the massive amounts of mutations on the Omicron virus is never-seen before.  Evidence showed, that not only are the chances of repeatedly infected heightened, there was a physician in Israel who’d received three vaccinations, and still caught it, showing the higher risks of contraction of the Omicron strain.  The various nations around the world are now, confirming the rates of death, and the chances of having serious health problems of this new strain, with the two weeks in the future being the key periods, and, the time just matched up to the start of the New Year’s quarantine plans that we have here.  Toward this, the local heads of government doubted that the “seven-plus-seven” quarantines won’t be easy to enforce, worried, that seven days’ worth of quarantine won’t be enough, and the seven more days of the at-home quarantine may cause the breakages of defense against the spread in the local communities.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou, and all the experts advised central government, to adjust this.

And yet, Chen was, calm as ever, claimed that the new mutated strain had recently been found out, and, that we need to wait to see how it will develop, that it would work better, than, preparing for the worst, and he’d, insisted on the seven-plus-seven term of quarantine of the polices.  For this, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen suggested to the members of his public to stay for a full fourteen days at the quarantine hotels, to reduce the risk of contact with one’s own, families.

The worries of the local government officials are, warranted.  Other than the city of Taipei, Keelung, and the three counties away from the island, all the other cities and counties have a less-than-sixty-percent rate of having been vaccinated with two doses, while the rate of elderly seventy-five and older who’d gotten fully vaccinated is only, sixty-five, and it’d not gotten any higher.  If the mutated strain came, with the speedy infectious rate, surely, it would, cripple the medical resources, and the effects, unimaginable.  Japan who’s near to us, saw that the enemies are coming fast, and, locked up the nation’s gates, to wait until the epidemic slows back down.

Chen told bluntly, that Omicron may enter into the country, but other than calling out to the public to get vaccinated, he’d not, done anything else more.  The command center knew, that the coverage rate of vaccination is not quite enough, with the enemies at our gates, toward the citizens flying back for the New Years, matching up to the dates of the public voting too; but, it didn’t matter how many experts warned against this, it’d not, gotten louder than the political callings of voting against the public voting issues.

We’d gone through the hardships of stage three alerts, with economy getting hit hard, we’re still, in recovery right now.  But, the Tsai government, to BLOCK the public voting policies from passing into law, masqueraded the deaths of the outbreak into the efforts of the government in the defense against MERS-CoV; the head of legislature, Su, spoke so lightly of how the mutated strain is on our door steps, said that he’d, already, set up the plans for the teens to get their second vaccinations, the adults, their, third.  The boosting of the hoard immunity that the government spoke on, but, they’d ignored how the vaccination rates are, dying off currently, not done a thing about it, fearing, that they may cause the public to get mad, right before, the public issue voting.

Su had not only been calculated in the directives, but also, missing the boat too.  First, the rate of complete vaccinations of elderly over seventy-five can’t get higher, because the members of the public are fearful of the side effects, and gave up on getting the vaccinations completely.  Europe, the U.S., as well as China are now, offering incentives to those who get vaccinated, to up the fully vaccination rates; while the government run by Tsai, used the foreigners who come into the country, to “falsify the data” of the vaccination statistics, to give off that look, that the majority had been, vaccinated.

Secondly, the Omicron strain is also, a test of preparation of vaccines for Taiwan.  The European nations, and U.S. are already, making the people get their third, while, the Moderna shipments are, almost, used up, although the government ordered up 20 million more doses, but, it’s scheduled to arrive next year, and the year after, and we don’t know if that’s enough, to keep Omicron from taking over.  If Moderna is delayed in shipment still, how will those in the public who’d gotten vaccinated with Astra-Zeneca for their first doses, be able to, have a choice in vaccines for the third?  As for BioNTech vaccines, the shipments had arrived in ten million doses, and there are, over eight million of whom who’s hade the vaccinations, and if all the teens get their needed one-dose, then, the 15 million doses donated by the private sectors won’t have that much left.  And yet, Chen used the excuse of “we have more than enough”, and refused to purchase more, and, what will these eight million individuals in the public have for their, third doses?  And so even as the head of the State, Su had, instructed that people get a third vaccine, we have to question: of what?  Where will all the vaccines come from?

comparing to WHAT, this government ruling over us is doing…

and, this is what, our, @#$%ING heads of governments are, doing…photo from online

In the purchasing of the vaccines, the Tsai government still puts politics ahead of the people’s needs, ideologies ruling over science and reason, that’s why, the holes keep on, busting, open.  Once Omicron breaks into Taiwan, the lives of we the people will totally get, altered for sure, and so, we need to get ahead, to NOT have a replay of not enough vaccines.  Last year, due to black box operations, the government missed out on the opportunities to buy the vaccines that the general public needs, which put Taiwan under; and now, are we still, hoping that Terry Go, and other countries, to donate to us still???

Yeah, this just showed how brainless the government is, how it does NOT, CARE, one bit, about the wellbeing of, WE the people, and WE, are a people, ENSLAVED, destined to be, sacrificed, by the bad ideologies of this, god damn, @#$%ING government of ours.  And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do, because, we are, enslaved by the government, and, we got, too comfy, in living as SLAVES here…


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Seeking Assistance

How did it end like this?  Why did she put up with it this long, and no, abuse is NOTHING to “get used to”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao’s abuse by her boyfriend shocked the communities here.  At the same time, the Department of Welfare Sanitations posted its survey results of women living under violence, one out of every five female had been abused, most frequently occurring is the emotional abuse, which showed, that the battered women population are, taking up the majority.  Kao is a public figure, and her being abused got the sympathies of the society.  And yet, there are, many women who are without the abilities, the drives who’d been abused living in the darkened corners, not known where to get the assistance they needed, nor dared to speak up and out about their abuse, and can only, cry in the nights.

It hurts us, seeing the bruises and scars of Kao; but those bruises will eventually heal, and yet, the psychological traumas, not so, easy.  The damages from the verbal abuse normally exceed the effects of the physical abuses, like a dagger that stabbed into the hearts, hard to recover from.  A lot of women, when they’d been abused verbally, chose to keep it muffled up, which led the abuse to worsen, into physical eventually.

here’s trailer, and you can find the full-length movie from YouTube

The American movie, “A Fall from Grace”, about the middle aged woman, Grace, who’d been divorced, and, met a handsome, gentle, younger man, at first, he’d treated her like she’s a goddess, fooled her into believing that she’d found a good man, not known, that that, was the start of her, nightmare, the man cheated her out of her money, and insulted her verbally too, and, Grace had, fallen into the traps of love the man set for her, to the end, she’d become, a murderer, killed her abusive husband.

Do NOT let the love turn into a worst nightmare, I hope, that you will meet the right person, a kind man or woman, to be with you for the rest of your lives.

And so, this, is on how the victims (enablers) of abuse usually chose to, put up with the abuse, due to, whatever BULLSHITTING excuses they can come up with, and, by not going to the cops that first time you got beaten, or screamed at and apologized to (verbal abuse???) , or emotionally blackmailed by someone, you’d gone from a poor, pitiful VIC, into an ENABLER, and the reason why the other person gets away with abusing you, it’s still because you’re, allowing them to, because, you CAN’T work up the courage, to ask for the help you need, to BREAK free!

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How Did She Put Up with it, Getting Beaten from When She Was Younger, into the Elderly Years, How Did She Ever, Get “Used to It”?

On how the abuser/enabler relationship just, NEVER, ends, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator Kao, of the DDP had been abused by her boyfriend, causing the citizens in this country to get angry over how the loser behaved, because of Kao’s status as a politician, that was what helped her bring out the matter of domestic violence in the society.

I’d been volunteering at the hospital for a decade, and had seen a ton of battered women, whose abusers are normally, their partners, what’s worse was, these batterers chased them to the E.R., then, DRAGGED the victims out the back door, and started, beating on them again.  These abusers are, the bullies of their families, only abused their own wives, the weaker women, and young children, very shameful; picking on the elderly, the women, and children, it’s a show of inferiority, but it’d become, a nightmare of, the families.

While the victims of domestic violence, feared that the bad news of the families might get out, or maybe, due to economics, or to keep a family together, and one’s own image, and so, they’d put up with the abuse for many years on end, then, headed over to the hospital to get their injuries documented, to file a restraining order with the courts.  There’s a woman who’d come to get treated for abuse, she’d told me that she’d been beaten from when she was younger, I’d asked, “how could you have put up with it this long?”  she’d told me, “got used to it”, it was heart wrenching to hear, I couldn’t imagine how she lived through all those, years.

I’m supportive of Kao’s suing her boyfriend, and hoped that the members of the public will be braver, to stand UP and OUT in these situations, because only by reporting the cases, to fight for the rights of our own bodies, will we be able to, put an end to these threats in our lives, to terminate domestic violence.

So, even though, abuse is NEVER anything we should get used to, but, because the victims got trapped in that situation too long, they took it to be the norm, and, stopped fighting, and thus, stopped asking for help, which is precisely W-H-Y, these cases are still, underreported by the victims right now, and besides, it’s usually the spouses, the boyfriends/girlfriends who are hurting the victims, and, as the abusers pouted up their lips, faked that one tiny teardrop out of her/his eyes, then, the abused victims, soften down, and NOT pressed charges, and they’re all, STUCK, in that, vicious cycle, as ENABLERS of their own, ABUSE.

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Kao: When We First Started Dating, He’d Made Me Get Down on My Knees & Begged

The signs of trapped in an abusive relationship that she ignored at first!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

She Was Threatened to Have a Funeral for Her by Her Own Boyfriend, Otherwise, He’ll Use the Net Armies Against Her, Grateful for Her Ex Who’d Stepped Up to Fend for Her

The legislator, Kao told, that after just two, three months she’d started dating Lin, she’d found, that he would lose his temper too easily, that he’d threatened her, forced her to get down on her knees, and would secretly film her, tape-recorded her too, threatened that she’d better stay the whole time through his own mother’s funeral, or he’ll get the net armies after her, to spread the rumors, that when he was upset, he’d barred her from her itinerary, stopped her from going out, and questioned her; she’d told, that Lin claimed that he was medicated with antipsychotic, that the law can’t do anything about him.

Kao told, that as she went up for a seat in the legislation, Lin came to her, offered her advice, and after they were in close conversation for over six months, they started dating.  Lin told, that he knew a lot of professionals in the political, academia, and business fields, but, she’d rarely come into contact with the businesses, didn’t check the facts.  Lin claimed that he knew a lot of the newer political realms, and there were photos of him with the famed from his FB, with the messages left by the members of the academia, arts and performance realms, he seemed to be well connected, and, a lot of women may have been fooled by him using this, “he’d hurt too many, lied too many times, his world is, constructed with the lies”.

After that first time Lin beat her, he told, “This was the first time I’d ever, beaten a woman”, that he’d not known why he’d behaved  like so, that he’d just lost his mother, and had been on medication from the psychiatric department, didn’t know what took over him, apologized repeatedly, “Thankfully the heavens helped me out there, otherwise, I don’t know how much of this life will I be, putting up, with.”

“My ex, Ma was taken too, he’d helped me by stepping up to protect me,” Kao told, that after her ex learned of how she got beaten up, he couldn’t accept it, and, demanded that he deleted the photos, the sex tapes immediately, Lin told that he was only, leading the trends, and, gone to her mother’s funeral to make a scene.  She said, that as a councilwoman, legislator, Ma was her constant advisor, that he was really nice to her, but as she’d broken up with him, and found her a new boyfriend like Lin, “Or maybe, I was, too covered up in my relationship with Ma, that I’d not known, the sorts of evils that are, in this, world.”

On the press conference, Kao cried and described the process of her being abused, the DDP legislator, Wang came to give her a hug and encouragements, a lot of abused women, for the sakes of their young, their families, just, held it all in, that there’s a need for the battered to voice out loud, to put an end to this sort of a bad behavior; the DDP legislator He handed her a bouquet of pink roses, told that when he saw the footages of Kao’s being abused, he’d started, tearing up, that he needed to be there, to offer her some encouragements.  The legislator, Wang from Times Power called out to Kao, “You didn’t do anything wrong, don’t blame yourself!”, and called out to the public, to not be overly critical of the victims of abuse.

The legislator of the Popular Party, Tsai told, that last week, Kao bear hugged her, then, without a word, just, walked, away, “Thinking to it, she’s, really strong, and it’d, ached my heart seeing her like that.”, called out to every victim who is living under the shadows of domestic violence, “For those who love you, treat yourselves well, to NOT fear, to STEP up, to say NO to the abusers!”

And so, this, is how much support this abused legislator is getting, and the signs were already there, as they first begun dating, and, these are, the tell signs that this woman, chose to ignore, which was exactly how she’d, ended up where she currently is right now, and, it’s NEVER right, to use violence on anyone, man, or woman, and this should NOT be, encouraged, and this woman finally, stepped out, and told her stories, in hopes, to prevent the future cases of domestic violence.

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The Need for Evolution of Traditional Testing Means Aside from Preventing Uses of High-Tech Gadgets to Cheat

Due to how many of the colleges, universities had been found of students, cheating on their exams recently, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been many universities with the cheating of the mid-term exams of late, the natives of the digital age knew more than their professors, how to get a higher grade from technologies, the pure moral lectures are, no longer enough, to block of these trends in cheating now.  In the online learning age, smartphones are, a part of, daily lives now, and, the digital became, an asset in cheating, and the traditional evaluation measures, and the rules needed, to adapt, and adjust, and amend to prevent this.

from before…

photo from online

The university lecturers used the never-amended textbooks to teach, whether the notes, the test questions, and even the reports for the classes are, easily, accessible, which allows the students to easily copy and cheat.  As I’d gone to my doctoral course, the classes are, smaller, and, the teaching assistant would find the newest English international publications, have the students read them, and the professor would evaluate, the materials for the courses are, innovative, and the students don’t dare slack off.

But, in the undergraduate level, when there are over hundreds of students per course, how can the professors resolve the matter of understanding of the materials?  The written reports, the exams by pencil and Scantrons, why aren’t they, effective?

The high-tech devices are the best tools for communication between us, also, a good device for cheating, the smartphones, the smart watches, glasses, iPads, Bluetooth, glasses, or even, watches too, not only are they, ever the more, advanced, and their sizes are, getting smaller too.

and now…

the watches, the glasses you wear are, the “best-used”, tools…photo from online

It seemed natural, to use the cell phones in class at the university levels, but, during the mid-term exams, the rules of the middle school exams, the college entrance should be followed, NO high tech devices allowed into the testing classrooms; even if there’s the limitation of space for storage of these devices, the high-tech devices should be placed aside, in a plastic bag that the schools can provide, to prevent the students from cheating using the high-tech devise, to set up the cheating prevention of the high-tech devise.

And so, these smart phones, smart watches, whatever became, a good tools for students to cheat with, unlike how we were to cheat back then, we only had slips of papers to write the answers on, over, writing of the answers over our hands to look at when we take the exams, and, the means to prevent cheating does need to evolve, because these high-tech devices are evolving too.

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The Female Legislator Being Abused by Her Boyfriend…She Should’ve Calle the Cops and Filed for a Restraining Order Sooner

What the law is, being set up, to prevent this from recurring again, out of the case of the female legislator’s getting physically abused by her boyfriend here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news medias are taking the sides of the case of the legislator, Kao being physically abused by her boyfriend, although, as a voter, I’d, hoped that this is only, a misunderstanding; but, the problems of legality is involved.

Looking at the legislator, Kao’s boyfriend, tall, handsome, with a higher degree, and had he been found to have been physically abusive toward Kao, then, the world would gang up on him for sure.  Using the fists, controlling her movement, instilling fear in her, that is, nowhere NEAR, respecting her.

But, is Kao’s case eligible for the domestic violence prevention laws?   Based off of the words of Domestic Violence Prevention Legislation, No. 3, they weren’t married, and there’s no evidence of cohabitation, nor how they were, living, their lives together, and, based off of that, it doesn’t seem, that the legislator would be, eligible for the restraining order. Then, one of the amendments of the same law, it’d, listed man and woman, who shared acts of intimacy as the “boundaries”, and, it’d, made up for the lacking of the before stated, “a married couple”; stated simply, this qualified all who are over sixteen, who had had sexual intercourse, or physical relations, would be qualified for the protections under the law of domestic violence.

For Kao’s sake, she should, file for a restraining order, to, protect herself.

As the passing of the legislation of the “stalking, harassment prevention laws”, based off of media disclosure, Kao seemed to have footages of intimacy in her boyfriend’s possessions, based off of the newly passed law, it’d qualified as “having damaging message or items that belonged to certain individuals”, that there are the set up punishments; and yet, the above mentioned amendments had to get pass the voting, and six months afterwards, it would, finally be, enforced, and, based off of the “precedence” rule, before the law is signed, it wouldn’t be, applicable, and, the case should be filed under Penal Code 302, 304, 305, etc., with the specifications of holding someone against her/his will, threatening the lives, and the laws of endangering personal wellbeing.

The legislator, Kao sang loudly, and presented herself properly at the Lawyer Day last year needed to speak up, “I’m a good woman, I don’t deserve this!”, she needed the cares, the love and the concerns, and moreover, she needed the laws to protect her.

And so, this, is on how the lacking of domestic violence doesn’t make up for it, because, the wordings of the law, it set up those cracks, which the abusers can, easily, escape from, and we need to amend the laws on domestic violence very quickly, because, there are too many holes right now, and, those defense attorneys will, find ways, to get their guilty clients off easy, with nothing more, than, a slap on the wrist.

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For Seventy-Four Days, the Case Went Unprosecuted, the District Attorney Indicted

The D.A. was thrown UNDER the BUS here, and, they’re not, exactly, “victims” either, they’d NOT done their jobs properly, that’s why, the office had been, thrown, UNDER the B-U-S here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 25-year-old African American male, Arbery went out jogging, was chased down by three white men driving pickups, gunned down, the three defendants are all charged with murder on the twenty-fourth.  The Washington Post analyzed, that this case was shocking enough for the local residents in the state, but the district attorneys, for seventy-four days after the brutal murder, hadn’t charged the suspects yet, which puts the D.A.s office under the microscope too, the D.A.s office was indicted by the grand jury, which was, extremely, rare.

Washington Post pointed out, that the powers, the roles of the district attorney’s offices played in these cases, how they should weigh and measure, maintain balance, already struck up the debates.

As the activist groups, the congresspersons, along with attorneys, working together, to push forth the reforms of the district attorney’s department in Georgia, the jurors of the Arbery case began agreeing; and yet, a district attorney ruled the firing of the gun as legal from before.

On February 23rd of last year, Arbery went out jogging locally, and was pursued by Gregory McMichael, and Travis McMichael on their truck, and gunned down; later the neighbor of McMichael, Bryan also joined in the pursue, and captured the footages fo the father son, shooting down Arbery.

After Arbery was murdered, the residents of Georgia demanded the state government set up an investigation committee, to find if the district attorney’s offices had done their jobs; the attorney association of Georgia is supportive of amending the law, to allow the supervisors to revoke the license to practice law of the district attorneys who don’t follow the moral standards, to not just give them slaps on the wrists.

Jackie Jackson, the Georgia district attorney assigned to the case had been indicted this October.

Cunningham, the professor of law at Georgia State pointed out, that the shocking details of how Arbery was murdered heightened the sense of awareness of the public, and it’d made them think, that if there’s an immoral district attorney, what would, happen.

Cunningham stated, that unless there’s a fuller evaluation system for the D.A.’s office, otherwise, the people’s faith in the district attorney’s offices are already, in crisis.

The reports mentioned, that the district attorney of the Arbery case coming under the bus is quite rare; because district attorneys around the nation rarely gets reprimanded, and, can easily get voted again as the incumbents.

And so this case brought out public awareness, how we the people can affect changes in the systems, because this particular district attorney didn’t do her/his job completely, that’s why the suspects weren’t arrested right away, and that made the public angry, and, to soothe the general public, the state government FIRED the district attorneys of the case, but this is still just, scapegoating, because, you’re only, treating the symptoms here, NOT the illnesses still.

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The New FOUR-DOSE Medigenvac Warriors, the First in the Country

So, getting vaccinated, became, like that mix-and-match of, dress shirts, with slacks, or the shoes, with the, varied kinds of, socks here then???  The government’s abuse of power, using WE the people, AS, labrats of the vaccines that it produced, and what’s worse, is that these, “medical professionals” are still, making EXCUSES, for the government to cover up its own, incompetence, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Two Doses of Medigenvac, the Antibodies Tested Negative, After Mixing the Vaccines of Astra-Zeneca and Moderna, the Antibodies Tested, Positive

There’s, a first “New Fourth Dose Medigenvac Warrior” born in the country, and it’d, caused the debates on the effectiveness of the vaccines from Medigenvac.  After two doses of Medigenvac, the individual tested negative for the antibodies, then, after mixing the vaccines of AZ and Moderna later, the antibodies tested positive.  The experts told, that having a high percentage of antibody doesn’t mean having the complete protection from the vaccines, it’s just, that Medigenvac vaccines didn’t even get past its third-stage research and trials, the efficacy is unknown as is, and, recently, the country is heated up in debating about opening up the country’s borders, the experts called out, that no matter the brands of vaccines, the people should follow the lead of Medigenvac, to get a third, even, a fourth vaccine, then we can consider, opening up the borders of the country.

like this, only, there’s, NO olive, and the effects include, MORE than that “temporary lapse of, judgement”, “delayed reaction time”, etc., etc., etc., photo found online

The psychiatrist of Wanfang Hospital, Pan shared the story of the very first, fourth-dose Medigenvac warrior, it’s a medical staff in the thirties, gotten involved in the clinical trials of Medigenvac, and because he qualified for the vaccines provided by the government, he’d gotten his antibodies tested, it showed negative, thought he was in the placebo group, and gotten the AZ and Moderna vaccines, as Medigenvac posted the second-stage experimental results, he was in the experimental group.  After four doses of different kinds of vaccines, he’s currently still, healthy, no embolism, no myocarditis.

The researcher of the Central Research Agency, Chen stated, that the low and high of the amount of antibodies does NOT correlate to the efficacies of the vaccines, that the total rate of protection is only known, after the stage-three trials are, completed, and the clinical trials of the third-stage of Medigenvac is still continuing, and, there’s NO way of knowing IF Medigenvac is effective or not, plus, Medigenvac isn’t certified internationally, and, as the other countries used the vaccinations as the “foot in the door” to the countries, those who received the Medigenvac vaccines are, stuck unfairly.

The debate of antibodies of Medigenvac, the spokesperson of the CDC here, Chuang explained the matter that Medigenvac published on “Lancet”, the 903 subjects were tested for the antibodies, followed up for fifty-seven days, and, only two showed NO antibodies, the positive antibodies rate is 99.8-percent.

The head of the clinical research center of the Taipei Medical School, Liu stated, the cases of no positive show of antibodies can happen with any available vaccines, not just for Medigenvac.

Chen told, that the problem that Medigenvac currently faces is, that “it’s not internationally certified”.  Taiwan is now discussing the risks, the side effects of having the fourth vaccinations, he believed, that it’s not at all impossible, for everybody to get at least FOUR vaccinations in the near future, especially how internationally, the outbreaks are, heating back up again, not just a third booster, a fourth may eventually be, needed too.

And so, this government’s still, making, all its, BULLSHITTING excuses, NOT admitting to how this “homegrown” vaccine is, ineffective, and we the people are still, getting, totally FUCKED (don’t pardon me on this one!) here, because all our government cares about, is, ITS own, benefits, with a total disregard of the welfare of, its people, and we the people, are STUPID (yes we are!!!), for letting these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) rule over us, we are, a people, enslaved now.

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The “Fruits” of Education, the Coffees that Turned Up White

The encounters of a school instructor, on a graduation trip, on how the government, @#$%ED up, in its, attempt to, “connect” with the rest of the world, advocating the importance of English education, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d gone for the room checks during the graduation trip I’d taken my students on, my students asked me with his confusion, “Mr. Lin, is it normal, for coffees to turn out white after I poured in the hot water?”

I looked at the wrap, it had “Coffee Mate” on it, and I was, stunned, as his, instructor… “this is, not coffee!”, as he heard, he’d become, “ecstatic”, chimed in, “told you this is, milk tea!”, and I don’t know HOW I should or, could, react to that!

This odd scenario, is a true story that’s happened, in one of the, most, prestigious middle school graduating student, and, it’d made me think, of the reforms of education the government is pushing forth, and the blind goal of, dual-language country policies, so ironical.

The dual-language education allowed the schools to hire the instructors, certified in English language, and so, instead of counting out the numbers in Chinese, it’d become, a recitation of the numbers in English.  And yet, the students can’t even read “Coffee Mate”.

and, can we, blame the student, for his, mis-interpretation??? After all, there’s the word, “Coffee” on the pack! Photo from online

I’d remembered the school song from Teacher’s University, that first line, “The foundation of a country of education, Teacher’s University ranks at the top”, and now, the “foundations” of this country isn’t even set, it got, reformed out of WHACK, by the “expert scholars” inside those, ivory, towers, plus the politicians doing what they wished and willed, short-sighted, only wanted what benefited them, “Someone else’s child will die instead of our own”, pages after pages, of whacked out public policies, and what’s sacrificed, was the futures of, our own, future, generations.  We can’t even keep the foundations of this country, education rooted down firmly, and only, tried to, embellish the externals, wasting taxpayers’ hard earned money, and, damaging the citizens.  Looking at the frequently occurring acts of violence on the news, most of the perpetrators are younger generations, and it’d, alerted us: here comes, the consequences now!

I hope, that the individual in power, who truly cared about the wellbeing of the next generations can pull that stopping plug now, to stop using the excuse of “we won’t go backwards”, to refuse to examine the fails of the current reforms of education.  Walking down the wrong path, and keep going down this wrong path, it’ll, only, trap the country deeper, into, its own, mistakes, to the point of, never, turning back onto, the right paths again.

This is how education is, FAILING this next generation, of children, and, we are, going to be, ruled by them some day, and, we’re, totally, SCREWED, because this @#$%ED up government, messed up the reforms of, education here, thinking, that wow, we need to connect with the international fronts, so, let’s teach and learn in ALL-English, without realizing, that HEY, this is NOT an English speaking country to begin with, and English is, a second language here, for all of us, who’d been, raised in, this country!

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Mixing Medigenvac Vaccines, Chen: the Adjustment that Must Happen, Out of, Necessity

Trying to work HIS way around, the ineffectiveness of the government-sponsored, vaccines of Medigenvac, killing the people who were, STUPID (b/c they were!) enough, to get vaccinated with it, and, woe is us, for getting SHOT, for absolutely, NOTHING!!! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eight more new cases of MERS-CoV came in from out of country yesterday, no local cases, no deaths.  As for those who’d gotten vaccinated with Medigenvac vaccines, with the needs to go abroad, are allowed to get alternative vaccines, this was said to be “double-standards” by the government, the head of Department of Sanitation Welfares, Chen reiterated, that after discussing with the experts, this was, the necessary evil.  And, the only country that accepts the vaccines from Medigenvac had been reduced to only New Zealand, Palau, Indonesia, and Belize, only four more countries, Chen stated, at first, Israel and Argentina validated the vaccinations at first, but dropped it later, that he will push forth for approval of Medigenvac vaccines at the W.H.O., to get more countries to approve it as a valid vaccine.

The legislator, Lee of K.M.T. told, this is NOT opening for the “mixing of the vaccines”, but “revaccinations”, the one to two shots that the members of the public had received, were, for naught, “The scams of Medigenvac should get OFF stage now!”, the Command Center bluntly stated, that they’d not done the related researches, of the effects of Medigenvac, mixing with another vaccine, and, what sort of a risk would be there, for the human systems after four doses, this is, an unforgivable, matter of trading lives for money.

these are the four brands, currently, approved, and verified internationally! And all others, produced by the other countries locally, aren’t…photo from online

The People’s Party legislator, Chang told, that the vaccinations are a problem of reality of the world, that the DDP can’t just go by the patriotic feelings of the country, if Medigenvac vaccines can’t be approved internationally, nor is it certified by the rest of the world, then, the government should NOT keep on, advocating it.  The Times Power legislator, Chen called out to amend the policies of vaccinations, to use the international standards.

During Chen’s appearance at the grounds breaking ceremony of Health Industrial Park of Pingdong, he’d stated, that there’s “no double-standards in mixing the vaccinations of Medigenvac with another brand”, that the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitation is thinking on behalf of those who are in need of getting out of the country, that this was the only way after the discussions of the experts had been made.

Chen told, that from before, Israel and Argentine had allowed the vaccines of Medigenvac to get through, and now, the two countries wouldn’t allow it, that the Department of Welfare & Sanitations will work harder, to get more international certifications, and believe that with the help of W.H.O., this is going to happen, very soon.

And so, these, labrats are still SCREWED, because they can’t get out of the country, for whatever purpose, because the “homegrown” brand of vaccine that’s made by this country is NOT accepted elsewhere, at least, NO in the other major world countries, and so, basically, those individuals who are all up for the Medigenvac vaccines, got SHOT for nothing, suit them right, for blindly, following the leadership of the DDP!

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