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The Five-Times Voucher, is Five-Times Environmentally, Unfriendly

the guy, getting his, however many minutes under the SPOTLIGHT! Photo from online

The STUPIDITY of this government of ours, still waiting our (I PAID my taxes too here, you know???) money!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of legislation, Su introduced to the people, the blown up copied version of the five-times voucher: where the glow-in-the-dark fibers are used, where are the watermarks, etc., etc., etc., and the places where the color-changing prints were used.  He was really, enthusiastic, which showed, exactly, why the five-times vouchers are, impractical; and, there are, a lot of the vouchers that won’t even, touch our hands yet, and get sent into, the shredders.

The three-times vouchers, and the five-times vouchers, are all short-lived products that can only be used once, and tossed out, totally against the environmentally-friendly claims.  The more pretty the printing looked, the more costly, which goes to show, how the government is, waste even more of the taxpayers, money.  The printed bills by the Central bank on average, gets twenty-two exchanges of hands per bill, the thousand dollar bills about two and a half years.  But, the five-times, and the three-times vouchers are all used, only once, for some, they don’t even get touched by our hands, and, get send into the shredders.

and, here are, what those, costly, environmentally, UNfriendly, cash vouchers look like…

in the amounts of $200 and $500 N.T.s

For two consecutive years, Su pushed for the vouchers program, it doesn’t mean that he cared a bit about the economy, what he enjoyed, was being under that spotlight, gaining everybody’s, attention.  It’s the preshow advertisements now, and, as the vouchers get passed out, another round, watching how we have to, stand in the line, to get the vouchers, it make him, ecstatic, how many shows of getting him self onstage, how could he possibly be willing to, just WIRE the five-thousand dollars CASH into our accounts?

The Five-Times Vouchers are printed on the high-end papers imported from Europe, the printing on each sheet is three dollars, and the cost of the entire program is over $20 billion N.T.s.  And although, it wasn’t our trees that were being chopped down, but Taiwan is chopping the trees from the rest of the world, on EARTH, and, as the Taiwanese only used the vouchers once, they get sent to the shredders, isn’t it, completely, insane?  What’s ironic is, the printing and the shredding of the vouchers are done by ONE single agency, one hand, in life, and death.

Su does NOT have the concepts of sustainability, and environmentalism, and, who will, appreciate his means?

And yeah, this is, the STUPIDITY of this, god damn, FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!) government of ours, and there’s, NOTHING we the people CAN do about it, because we are, ENSLAVED here, hello, hello, hello???  Am I the ONLY one who gets this???

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Is it the Fault of the Holes of Quarantine that Caused the Delta Strain to Break into the Communities?

It’s still, the system set up by the CDC that’s, to blame and those who tried to, fudge the rules of their, quarantine, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cases of the gathering cluster had expanded, with three more individuals added, and the virus had, entered, into the, local communities now too.  Because it’s confirmed that it’s the delta strain, the Hsinbei City government didn’t DARE relax, immediately, cleared out the residential building, and sanitized the building, and quarantined all of the residents living there.  Turns out, the father of a young child just returned from Egypt in August, he is suspected to have been the source of the cluster; another female anesthesiologist who was confirmed of diagnosis also lives in the same building.

If this man who’d returned here from Egypt was the source, then, there’s something relaxable about the kindergarten contraction clusters.  The readings showed, that the family had had the virus for a while now.  But, what’s odd was, the anesthesiologist who lives in the same building also had a higher virus content in her, there’s need for clarification of the chain of contraction with the man who returned from Egypt.

This man came to Taiwan from Egypt at the start of August, the two scans when he was in quarantines showed negative for contraction, that was why he was able to go home successfully.  But, there’s the antibodies from his high virus concentration in his blood, that’s, really, confusing.  This was the standards set by the Command Center that’s problematic, or the tests not precise enough, and both should be, evaluated as soon as possible, to NOT make the admitting of people into this country to become a point of entry for the virus.

A few days ago, there was a similar case in the city of Taipei.  A member of the community returned to the country on August 11th, and after his twenty-eight days’ quarantine, returned home on the 28th.  But, three days later, he received a call from the CDC, that he’d contracted the delta strain, that he’d needed to get hospitalized, in the quarantine wards.  But, for the few days he’d been home, he’d already came into contact with multiple members of his relatives, friends, and families, which caused all of whom he’d been in contact with, needing to be, quarantined as well.

The pilot case was a hole in the policies, and, there’s also, the holes in the quarantines upon entry into the country, and the government should NOT escape the blames for it.

And this still showed, how it is, how you may not know if you’d, caught MERS, and, you may not be showing the symptoms, but the virus is active in you, and you can, pass it, to all whom you came into, contact with, and, the number of whom you may have infected, multiplies, too fast still.

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The Clusters of Contractions in the Preschool Level, Showed the Mistakes in Policies of the Vaccines of the Government

“I promise!”, the L-I-E-S, of this, government of ours, that’s added to the current wave of delta outbreak, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d only been a week since the start of school, there’s already the clusters of hoard contractions in the city of Hsinbei, and because the preschool where it’d happened had set up an illegally-run afterschool program, it’d caused the epidemic to spread through multiple local schools.  The head of Public Health Welfare Chen stated, that it looked like it’s the delta strain, or another mutated strain, which showed the severity of this hoard of contraction in the school campuses.

From the foreign examples, as the alerts are lifted, what accompanies, are the clusters of contractions from the schools, other than upping the rate of vaccination to prevent the spread, there’s also the need to not go from classroom to classroom.  From this currently break in the preschool clusters, the government is lacking in its mandates of the various facilities’ defense measures against the spread of MERS-CoV, also, the government needs to up its ability to keep an eye on the procedural mandates of the various regulations too.

serves up!!! Illustration from online

Another thing from this outbreak still showed that same problem the country’s had since the beginning of the epidemic, NOT enough vaccines.  There are the parents who were confirmed of contraction in the preschool’s children’s lives, the parents may have been infected by the children.  And, the parents are the age group that’s not due for their vaccination yet, the primary workforce, which showed, how as we’re slow on the coverage of people, not giving the inoculations fast enough, it’d increase the risks of contraction.

And, the policies of priorities the government set up, also amiss.  As the instructors received the vaccines from before, due to not enough Moderna vaccines being limited, the deliveries can’t get here on time, there’s no set date to when these school instructors are due for their second booster vaccines, and they couldn’t get vaccinated any other vaccines either.

The command center made its goal in coverage, to expand the masses, to fulfill Tsai’s promise of seventy-percent population getting  vaccinated for a first shot by end of October, a bounced check, a blank promise to the people that she can’t possibly fulfill.  But, there’s the changes in the epidemic in the country now, a single-dose is no longer enough to defend us against the delta strain, the government should hasten up its pace to get those in higher-risk environments of work, and those who lacked the defenses their second doses, then we might be able to, tackle the challenges that the delta strain brings to us as a population.

Yeah uh, unfortunately, because the government started LATE in this race, therefore, it’d been playing that game of, catchup since, and it never, catches up, with the promises of more AZ, more MODERNA, more newly ordered BioNTech coming our ways in October, but the problem is, this IS currently in September, and with school already starting, this is a heightened period of alert, and the government, because we the people are getting TIRED of the lockdowns, downgraded the alert levels to two, and now, it’s, telling us that it will be, raising it up to three again, without any changes in the vaccine policies, and that’s why and how, we the people are all going to get SCREWED over, by the government here, and the sad thing is, there’s NOTHING that any of us CAN do about it!

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Were the Pilots a Hole in the System, or is it Chen’s Conscience that’s the Hole?

The EGO of the government is what SCREWED us, then, the policies regarding the quarantine periods, the vaccination orders and, it all, snowballed, and that is how, the government, managed to screw, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  Political observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pilots of EVAAIR contracted the delta strain, one of them had, passed it to his son, causing the technical university his son attended to shut down for two whole weeks.  From before, the China-Air initiated local epidemic only started settling, now, Eva Air was the one, causing this current restart of the outbreaks, tracing to the roots, it’s all due to the carelessness of the CDC’s regulations of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  From before, a total of eight hundred in the population had died, while Chen insisted that the China-Airlines, the quarantine hotels aren’t a “clear cause”; it’s all because of the commander’s inability to introspect, that’s why he kept making the same mistakes.

From our knowledge, the breakthrough of the virus came from the “Three-plus-Eleven” quarantine rule mistake.  Because of the DDP legislator, Fang’s pushing through the rules, the Command Center relaxed on the rules, allowing the pilots to only quarantine at home for just three days only, then, eleven days more of self- health management.  By this, this was way shorter than normal citizens’ fourteen plus seven days of quarantine.  And because the term is too short, to see if the virus is present, it’d caused the pilots with the contractions in the hibernation period to go out to their communities, and spread the virus all across Taiwan, causing the downfall of the breaking down of the systems as the local epidemics occurred on a grander scale in May.

But, Chen hadn’t learned from this lesson, nor admitted that the hotel quarantine of China-Airlines is the “hole” in the systems, in June, July, he’d opened up the “three-plus eleven”, the “five-plus-nine” quarantines to the pilots.  Of these, to all the pilots who had two full vaccines, the “demands” of “Self-management for seven days” are made of them, deleting the at-home quarantine terms completely.  The assumptions of the Command Center was: as the pilots received two vaccines for over two weeks, they have the protections, so there’s no need for the stricter rules of quarantines then.  Unfortunately, the three pilots who contracted the virus all had their, two doses of Astra-Zeneca, and yet, there’s, no “protective wear” to their systems’ defenses, they were both attacked by the Delta strain in other countries, then, returned home, and passed it to other members of their own, families.

From the Command Center’s perspectives, the government believes that two vaccinations means complete defense, that the pilots don’t need to quarantine, this was, completely, backwards, and incorrect cognition.  In actuality, from July to date, there were more than forty cases from internationally who’d shown “breakthrough sort of contraction”, there were eight cases locally too, and of them, there were an assortments of brands of vaccines, AZ being the most.  This showed, that two doses doesn’t guarantee the human bodies from being invaded by the virus, especially the delta strain.  With the forefronts of the China-Airline/quarantine hotel cases, the command center had, loosen up the rules of pilots’ quarantine terms; and, we’d fallen twice, on the, exact, same locations, could Chen be only, amnesic?  Or did he, lose his abilities to learn from his own mistakes, to employ a different method? 

There are the mutations coming currently, and the vaccines needed to be updated again, again, and again, there’s a need to improve the methods of treatments for the patients, including the tactics of defense against the spread for the whole country needed advancing too.  But on Chen, people saw no evolution in his management, and his thought, he kept using that last year mindset of “wow, we stopped the spread”!, not seen how we are all, depressed in the currently outbreak, how the lives are, lost daily, not seen how hard the medical professionals are working their lives away.  He’d only reported on the numbers, reading from the scripts on T.V., and, talked down to members of the press who’d questioned his ways, and started arguing for how he did right.  As for why there are not enough vaccines in the country, Chen felt no need to reply to.

And, let’s look at the special treatment of the pilots the government allowed, it’d become their supposed “special rights”.  Even if there’s only a shortened week-long quarantine, some of the pilots still found holes.  In these past two days, there was a pilot who was supposed to be in self-quarantine, who was sighted at a populated restaurant to dine, and, lied about his status at the filling out of the forms, lied about his situation when asked.  With the special rights to them, and not fulfilling their obligated terms of quarantines, these are the holes in the systems that the government made, especially for these personnel, who can possibly, stop it?

The outbreak in May was caused by China Airlines, the September outbreaks, by Eva Air, it showed, of how egotistical, how foolish the Tsai government and the center for disease control are.  Egotistical in, that they’d, overestimated their own abilities, couldn’t manage the systems effectively, that’s why they’d fallen, on the, exact, same spots, TWICE!  The stubborn part is, they don’t want to learn from their mistakes, allowing their asses to think for their actions, and putting, ALL our lives, in harms’ way!

And so, there’s still, NOTHING that we can do, about this, shitty government of ours, it’d started screwing us all over, with the vaccine policies first, not enough are coming in, everything is delayed here, what we’d “ordered”, hadn’t even come in by half, and now, schools are starting, and we working class people in our thirties, forties, are pushed back on the vaccine orders, because the government was too ill-prepared for the epidemic, because the government still lived in that stupid mindset of, “We’re all alright!”, thus, screwing, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  And, unfortunately, there’s still, NOTHING we can do about it…

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How the Government ENSLAVE, “We” the People…

“We”, are they people, are we not?  And, isn’t, a DEMOCRAZY, supposed to “work”, in our “We the people’s”???, favors???

How the government ENSLAVE, “We” the people, well, that’s not that hard, we all, turn in our rights of life to whoever the HECK’s in charge in the government, and allowing them to lead us, make up those, restrictive, policies, for “our own” good!

How the government ENSLAVE, “We” the people, it’s, much, much easier, in the time of the current, epidemic, the government places restrictions on our lives, how many times we can go out to shop for our groceries, how many people in a gathering of a wedding, of a family, etc., etc., etc., not to mention how every time we enter into a shop, we scan those, barcodes by the door too.

like this…cartoon found online

The government keeps tabs on us all, and we must, allow it, because, it’s, for the sake of “preventing the spread of MERS”, that sounds right, doesn’t it?  The government’s restrictions on us, is actually, for our, benefits!

And yet, there are, more in the population here, who’s not had their, very first, vaccines yet, still waiting for that, Moderna, or BioNTech, because the government bought up all those, AZ, and there’s the news stories of how, AZ is related to death by blood clots, and so, everybody here (me excluded, I’d already had my first???) is waiting for that alternative of BioNTech/Pfizer, or Moderna vaccines, which still hadn’t come in by enough numbers yet…

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The Government that Only Knew How to Text its People with the Alerts

BEEP!  Or, DING-DONG (depending on what alert tones you set???) you’d been in contact with someone who’d contracted MERS!!!  SHIT!  What this government is doing right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Due to the Eva Air father-son pair having contracted MERS, the government sent more than a million “cell texts” to those who crossed path with the two.  Those who received the texts thought they caught MERS, rushed over to the hospitals to get checked, and when they got there, they found long lines of people lining up outside the E.R.  Some complained, that they’d not even gone to the places, why they’d received the texts, they have, no clue!  “The messiness of the texts”, became a page-turner of Taiwan’s defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.

what the government “registry” system looked like, from online


Bluntly stated, it’s a government that couldn’t handle the information that sent out these, random text alerts.  Had the government the ability to filter through all the data, from all the tracks, and collected a couple of hundreds of individuals who were in contact, then, scan this group of the population with precision, that, is the right ways to handle.  Especially, when Chen only announced that there was a case that came from out the country on the press conference that day, and had the systems sent out millions of texts to bother the people.  Which clearly showed, that his relaxed manners in front of the camera was, all for show, he’s actually, panicky now, and delegated the responsibilities of the spread of MERS-CoV to the people.  This, is the behaviors of a two-faced liar.

The second-in-command of the Department of Welfare Sanitations, Shih told, that those who received the texts, need only to get scanned when they started experiencing the symptoms, there’s no need to rush to the hospitals.  The problem is, when the members of the public started receiving these random texts from the government, how can they not panic?  How were they supposed to know, that there are, an extra million of the members of their local communities who’d also, received the same texts from the government?  Ironically, this text-alert program, sent out to over a million of the public, showed, of how slow the government’s policies for the scans are not up to standards.

Since Tang designed the signing in system, people are forced to scan the barcodes, or, they wouldn’t be allowed entrance.  And yet, as we scanned away hard every day, what good did it to, to prevent the spread?  From the mess of the text systems, it’s just, convenient for the government, to NOT take the responsibilities, nothing more!

And so, this still showed, just how, incompetent, this god damn government is, in its defense against MERS, instead of getting everybody the vaccines they are desperately in need of, there’s not enough, many of us still are waiting, for our, very first, while those of us who’d gotten our first vaccinations, well, we’re, still waiting for our seconds, while a lot of the government officials already had, their second shots, or even, third!  What sort of a government is this, huh?

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A Name, SCREWING the Entire Population of a Country Over

Because of this FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!!!) government’s, IDEOLOGIES here, we’re all, dying, left and right, especially with Delta hitting us, hard as hell right now.

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, odd, isn’t it, how a simple, single name of something, can have that sort of, an adverse effect?  Well, you better believe it, as this government where I’m residing, is led and run by, IDIOTS, by a DICTATOR, that got, publicly, voted into office, and, she’d, run all our lives down!

A name, SCREWING, the entire population of a country over, as the BioNTech vaccines finally arrived, it got, halted at the gates, because, the Chinese label of the agent is still taped (stapled, glued, how the HECK should I know how they put it on there, huh???) around the “packaging”, even though it was, manufactured in Germany (I think it was, but because Fosun Pharma is the agent of BioNTech in Asia east, that’s why it got the label of Fosun Pharm on it!).

like the name, Voldemort is to Harry Potter

arch nemeses…from online

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, and, the vaccines are still, delayed eternally, because the government here is full of SHIT, it does NOT care how many of the population had died due to contraction of MERS-CoV, that’s NOT its, ultimate goal.  Its, ultimate goal, is, SEVER the country off from China, no matter what, and, in this country of, over about 30 million, there would need to be at least, 15 million who’d DIED of contract, for the deaths to matter to them.

Run by a popularly voted (yeah, a lot of us don’t even go to the polls anymore, ‘cuz, why the @#$% bother???) into office, DICTATOR!  And, there’s NOTHING we the people (I mean, we ARE, still, the people right, or, did we all get, “reduced” down to nothing but, MAGGOTS here, huh???) can do ‘bout it!

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The KMTs: Don’t Let the Students in the Universities Become Orphans of Vaccines

Orphans who will get, SACRIFICED by the ideologies of the DDP in the rules of defense against MERS-CoV, schools’ starting, and yet, not everybody at that age group had had their, vaccinations, and you DO see, how this, is going to be, a huge CESSPOLL of infection, right???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

School had started two days ago for high school and younger, the legislators of the KMT stated yesterday, that there are still a lot of issues regarding the prevention of the spread of MERS-CoV, for instance, there are the teaching staffs who had yet to get vaccinated, the leftover lunch foods in school, another important issue; and, the colleges and universities are about to begin the lectures soon, but, take for example of N.T.U., there is less than a hundred dollars N.T. of funding for each student’s defense against MER-CoV, the KMT called out to our current government to NOT turn the students in the universities into orphans of defense against MERS-CoV.

and this, is what that, HUGE CESSPOOL, look like!

and all you need is, every OTHER student having the virus, and, voila!!! Photo from online

The head recruit of KMT, Fei stated, that there’s a total of three million dollars N.T. allotted to N.T.U. by the government in the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV, there are about a little over 30,000 students who are enrolled, and, on average, each student only receives about $92N.T.s in protection against the spread of MERS-CoV.  He’d estimated, that if the full measures of protection of every student is met, there would need to be at least $500N.T. per student, that the Department of Education should get the funding for this from the legislative branch, that there’s the need to meet the needs of the DNA tests and the fast scans of the virus in the high school systems and younger too.

And so, there’s not just this problem of not all the students starting their college years having been vaccinated, there’s also, the lacking in the resources, of the plastic separating boards in school that are absolutely necessary like in the K~12 levels that the colleges and universities aren’t getting, and it’s still all caused by how our government LACKED the foresight, of not expecting how hard-hitting the outbreaks are, and was too ill-prepared for it, and not all of these students had had their first shots either, so, they’re still, waiting on the BioNTech that’s still, getting checked right now!

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The Labels on the Vaccines, to the Policies of Inoculation for the People…All Full of, Politics

We the people are still, getting P-L-A-Y-E-D, for FOOLS by this god damn government of ours here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first shipments of about a little over 933,000 doses of BioNTech vaccines finally arrived to Taiwan yesterday, and we’re all, looking forward to them.  But, from the live-streams of the shipment receiving showed, that the Fosun Pharma banner was on the packaging, as a worker from the airport gone into the plane, when the airplane gates opened back up, the banner was, gone.  Toward the labeling of the vaccines, the command center’s director, Chen once stated that it was, the simplest matter, but now, it doesn’t, seem as, easily resolved as he stated it was.

Chen made the statements yesterday, that the banner with the Fosun Pharma labels on the outside wasn’t as was agreed upon with the facility the vaccines were shipped out from, after discussing the matter with TMSC, they’d removed the banners before the shipments were moved.  But toward the “taking down of the labels” being a breaking of the “customs’ private use laws”? Chen told, that the banners were an exterior item, not the contents, that it wasn’t agreed upon as the donations, that the matter is quite understandably, simple.

In actuality however, it’s never as simple as that, the 933000 units that was imported, from the bottles and the packaging, all had Fosun Pharma on the exterior in simplified Chinese written on it, just last week, Chen stressed, that he’d heard there are the availabilities of the vaccines, “the content’s safety is what’s most important.”, but this caused the outside world to question, if this is so, then, why is it that we only started buying up the BioNTech vaccines?  The banner that the Tsai government removed yesterday, it’d proven further, that the purchasing of the vaccines IS, directly related to politics.  All of these, political considerations were like the brambles sticking to the backs, and we can’t allow it to “harm our own self-governing state”.  For a year now, the buying, the donating of the BioNTech vaccines, to the failure or successes of the policies, none of it involved the needs of the people of the vaccines, but all on the political considerations of the government.  And these vaccines’ arriving finally, showed how no matter hard it is to get past the politics, due to the realities of the outbreaks, it was, allowed, finally!

it’s the hand of the government up there, pulling, ALL our, strings…

illustration from online

While the command center had its hand in the political manipulations in the BioNTech vaccination orders, offered these to the younger generations, not only did it break the order of the “elderly populations first”, it’d trapped the locals who waited a long time for the BioNTech vaccines in that never-ending karmic cycle; those who’d received their first doses about twelve weeks ago, they have no clue where their second doses are, and the only reasonable explanation, is politics, not scientific.

Every single action of the command center showed, the lacking in foresight in the purchasing of the vaccines, and the policies against the defenses of MERS-CoV, we’d been too disciplined to keep the viruses away.  While the enterprises such as FoxConn and Tzu-Chi Hospital and other foundations worked their hardest to get the vaccines donated, and, the government’s giving the priorities of the vaccinations to the younger generations, clearly proves its considerations of the votes, weighing it heavier than the health and wellbeing of the population here.

And so, this, is how the government still, manipulates the people, by giving these vaccines to the younger generations, as they are the next generations of voters in these upcoming rounds, and they’re hoping, that if the government allowed these younger “children” to have the “dibs” on the vaccines first, then, that would be a guarantee of the votes, but is it?  Or maybe it is, because, we the people still, forgets too easily, how hard hitting this outbreak had been, due to the lacking of vaccines, and it’s still all the government’s fault, and yet, would ANY of us remember that?  Not likely!  Because we the people still only have, the attention-span of a QUARTER size of a P-E-A (and you DO realize, how tiny those peas are, and split one solitary pea into “fours”, and, one of that fourth is a symbol of the people’s attention-span!).

We the people are still played for STUPID here, and there’s NOTHING we can do about it!!!

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The Regrets, Not Allowed Chen

Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, on the Head of Public Health Defense’s bad policies for the vaccines here, translated…

Just as the Tsai government took that sharp turn, to take down the BioNTech vaccine shipments, Bloomberg posted its August defense against MERS-CoV list, of the fifty-three independent economic systems, Taiwan ranked 41st, and it’s, a place back from July’s list.  Taiwan’s outbreaks is slowly on the decline, so why are we, still, ranked toward the bottom?  We can get partial of what caused this, from the Commander of Defense, Chen’s stating that he was “regretless” toward last year’s BioNTech deals in Asia-East.

The Tsai government’s refusing the Fosun Pharmaceutical Agent for BioNTech, Chen stated, that back then, it was “to go along with people’s expectations”; actually this, was the result of how the government was taken hostage by the populists after it’d manipulated the public to go against China.  And now, turning back, eight hundred lives, as well as the losses in economy, gone like smoke and ashes, Chen still, don’t hold a single regret; but, the international world remembers it, Taiwan can only demonstrate for the world just once: how the “best-in-class”, fall to the bottom so quickly.

The rankings of the flexibility toward the defenses against MERS-CoV signaled, that the mutated strains made the future ever the more, uncertain, and the lowered rates of infectiousness is no longer enough, because of the low vaccination rates, the sealing up the countries, elevating the alert levels, reducing the number of flights coming in to the country, and other causes, losing the flexibility of the defense systems, that, is what caused the economy to fall.  Especially, the flexibility of defense isn’t just related to the spread of the virus, it also involved the tactics of the country’s international strategies as well; when fighting against MERS-CoV meets politics, it’d shown, just how weak Taiwan became.

The researchers from Central Research Agency, Wu pointed out, that the defense against MERS-CoV is now, the new warzone for the countries collective competition of this new Cold War, that we got, stuck in now.

So, it was, Tsai, deciding on Taiwan’s strategic place of war, that won’t allow Chen any regrets; but, as nothing more than a pawn in the U.S.’s chess game against China, Taiwan not only lost its flexibility to defend against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the country had, also, lost its, ability to fight and to survive.

And to sum all of that up: yay, we’re all, gonna D-I-E! (high-fives all around for all of us, still living on this, god forsaken, island here!), and it’s all because of the leader, Tsai’s beliefs of taking Taiwan as an INDEPENDENT country, well, can the country stand on its own???  HECK no!  We’re still, reliant, on other nations’ aide, in the vaccines, because the god damn government lacked the FORESIGHT, from ‘bout a year ago, when the outbreaks aren’t this hard yet, it’d, spent its money…wait, where the @#$%, did the government spend ALL our taxes again?  How the HELL should I know, I don’t do the books for the government here!

And, instead of focusing on how to get WE the people (more like WE the STUPID people!) through this hard time of MERS-CoV outbreak, the government is playing that game of politics here, and it still hadn’t learned ITS lessons, Y-E-T!

We’re all, screwed here!!!

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