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A Year in Jail for Faking Breast Cancer to Get Breast Implants

Man, the EXTENT to which some people will go here, found on…

A woman in Phoenix was sentenced to a year in prison for faking cancer to raise money for her breast implants.  The woman in JUST twenty-seven years old.  The mother of the woman created a

website to ask for monetary donations, and people from all around donated over $8000 to this FAKE cause too.

See, this IS what you will end up, IF you have a bleeding heart, like I used to, but gladly, I’d stopped the bleeding in my heart already.  That just shows you, that people WILL use your sympathies for their own benefits, and this woman got ONLY a year in prison for abusing the kindness of others?  Wow, the punishment still doesn’t fit the crimes, and, in future cases, if someone asks for monetary donations for whatever cause that is REAL, guess what?  I’m betting on that people would be LESS likely to respond, after all, they DID get cheated, and, NOBODY wants that sign with “I’m STUPID” plastered to their backs, do we?  Hell NO!!!

That just shows you how they’re (the scammers???) are aiming for S-U-C-K-E-R-S out there, so, don’t be one.


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