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Thanks for Your Hard Work

Giving thanks, to something, too ordinary, noting that someone else, had been, working so hard, to keep the environment cleanly, so we can have a better place to, live in, an act of, kindness, shown, to a female janitor, translated…

Before I’d gone to the platforms to wait for the trains, I’d made my way into the restrooms, and, I’d often seen a woman in her fifties, arching her back, buried her head down, as she’d, cleaned up, the environment.  I took it as matter-of-face, and never gave her an extra look.

Once, as I was washing my hands outside of the restrooms, on the other side of the ladies’ rooms, a woman came out, and, courteously, told the woman who was mopping up, “thank you for working so hard!”, the woman seemed, a little, unprepared, but she’d responded, in a light voice, “thank you.”

Before I exited I’d, taken an extra look, at the cleaning lady closely, found that there was, that light smile that’s, curled up, from her lips then, that there was, some sort of joys that was inside of her heart then.

the hard work of these, men and women, often, taken, for granted…

photo from online

I’d, contemplated on it although, her job seemed, unimportant, but, as she’d, worked too hard, she’d needed, the encouragements from time to time too.

I’d watched the woman who thanked the janitor leave slowly, felt that her word, “thank you for working so very hard, entered into my heart, as that surge of, warmth too.

That plain warmth, the goings on of day-to-day the people still, coming and going, in, and out, of that, train station.

But, even if, it was, an ordinary day, you’d, bore witness, to a miracle, how that woman who’d cleaned up the restroom’s day got made, brighter, with an ordinary stranger’s commending her on how hard she’d, put in the energy, to keep the environment clean for the guests coming and going, in and out, of the stations, and these are the miniscule matters that we tend to, miss, because we’re all, running to and from, too quickly, that we normally, don’t, slow down, and notice, these, small acts of, kindness that can, have, a huge, effect on another’s life.

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The Most Beautiful Encounter on that Trip

The kindness of these strangers, of how they’re, all willing, to do everything they could, to help this woman, find back her misplaced cell phone that she’d left in a restroom, translated…

Upon thumbing across “Traveling is Meeting up with Something Interesting”, I’d recalled of the heartwarming story of the trip my daughter and I took a few years back.  That was a group tour to the middle strips, a one-day trip, we’d come to the Taichung Opera House as scheduled.  The opera house was beautiful, left us all in awe, but we were only allowed half an hour there, then, we’re to, rush to another location for lunch.  After the tour, as we settled ourselves in the tour bus, my daughter who sat in the back, came towards me, in a trembling voice, she’d told me, “mom, I’d left my cell phone on the second floor restrooms of the opera house.”, then, rushed off the tour bus, waited until I’d gotten it, I’d apologized to the tour guide, as well as the rest of the tour group, asked them to wait, so we can find the cell phone that my daughter had left by accident.

My daughter and I rushed toward the second-floor restrooms, but, the cell phone she’d placed on the counter was, already, gone.  She’d started crying, in a, close-to-howling voice, “gone!  Gone!  It’s, gone!  Someone took it!”, that was from her hard work in part-timing, saving up the money for, watching her in her sorrows, I’d not wanted to, blame her for her, carelessness, seeing how her heart was breaking, mine was too.  Neither one of us was giving up, so we’d, gone through every stall to look again, and then, we’d gone to the counter, to report that she’d, left her cell phone, hoping that someone had picked it up, and return it back to us.

On the bus, my daughter kept crying, and everybody came to console with her, and given her a ton of advices, for instance, go to the police station to report her cellphone missing, to the telecommunications company, to stop the use, and there were others on the bus who’d told us, to have faith, that the cell phone my daughter lost, will be returned back to her soon, that we shouldn’t, fret over it too hard.  At lunch, my daughter naturally, lost, all her appetite, and, those who sat at the table all consoled with her, and put the foods into her bowl and plate for her, but, the torus of the rest of that afternoon, we were both, troubled, and, just, couldn’t enjoy it.

There were, a total of eight tour buses of the tour we were on, there was a woman who saw how heartbroken my daughter was, she’d gone, bus-by-bus, talked to the tour leaders on the various buses, the drivers, to help see if they can track my daughter’s phone back to her.  As we are, on the ride on the way back home, the guide of our bus picked up the mic, and, delivered the good news: my daughter’s phone was, discovered!  It was someone from another tour bus who’d, found it.  Then suddenly, everybody on our bus started, applauding, my mother who’s sitting on the back patted her chest, kept saying, “So happy!  I’m so very, happy!  Seeing how the young one cried, my heart was wrenching!”, ahhhhhhhh, so, my daughter’s upset for misplacing her cell phone had, impacted everybody’s else’s emotions on the bus too.

There was that unspoken gratitude toward everybody, both my daughter and I started getting red in the eyes, what we’re moved by, wasn’t how the lost cell phone had been found, but also, of how these kind people we’d met, helped comforted her too, that was, the best encounter of this trip.  While, that woman who’d, led the tour of our particular bus, who’d gone bus by bus, to ask if someone from the other buses had picked up my daughter’s lost phone, lives in an alley adjacent to my home, and we’d become, best of friends too.

And so, this, is the kindness from strangers whom you just met on a tour, and, because you are sharing the same tours, that’s why, it’d, made you all connected, to the young woman who’d lost her cell phone, and the rest of the group started, actively asking around, and found the woman’s misplaced phone for her, this also showed, how help can come from strangers whom you only met.

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The Magical “Hand Outs”

Uh, do you have???  Yep, that’s, exactly what I needed, thanks!  How the friends and those the family know are more than willing, to help out here!  Translated…

“Mommy, can you get me the hat of ‘Agent P’?  I’m supposed to play Terry the platypus in the choir competition at school…………”, my daughter drew out the designs, as she’d asked me.

From her preschool years, on Halloween, the storytelling contests, the carnivals at school, Christmas, whether it be the young magical witch, princess, or duck, black cat, to the wind coat with the Christmas ornaments all over it…………everything she thought up of, I’d, used the spending NO money on it rule, either borrowed the items, or made it myself for her.  The do-it-yourself wasn’t hard at all, the hard was when there are the items we can’t, produce, and had to, rely on the “social network supports” or the “hand-outs community” to get!

There was my daughter’s first or second year in elementary when she was supposed to dress up as a princess to make her appearances, needed a fluffy dress, having just underwent the trials of getting her dressed up for the preschool graduation in that dress, we’d known, that that flower girl dress we’d rented and borrowed would be way too small in size for her, so we’d, called out for help on the social networks, a good friend saw, that she has the article available, and immediately, mailed it to us, saved the day.

illustration from


Another time, in her third-grade year, she’d entered into the interscholastic storytelling competitions, she was telling the story of the Chinese folktale of “Foolish Son-in-Law” there was a scene where the man saw a duck swimming across the rivers.  “if there’s a duck right here, it would be wonderful!”, she’d stated.  And, I’d, called for hands online, a friend had the rubber ducks on display in his toy shop, which fitted to my daughter’s requirements completely, the “hand-out method” got us out of trouble again.

And, as my daughter got into high school, I can’t believe that this sort of an inquiry surfaced, “Who was the hat of Agent P at home?”, I’d asked around on my classmates’ group, and, immediately, someone from it, raised his hand, many a year ago, as he went abroad, he’d bought a western cowboy’s hat, he’d never worn it, it still had the labels, on, and many years later, it helped us.  As I drove to my classmate’s to retrieve the hat, she’d given me some food to share, and, we reconnected, because I needed to borrow that cowboy’s hat from her, we were so happy that we were then, reconnected.

Every time the items were, returned back to their original owners, my daughter would be so thoughtful, sent the snacks she’d made herself, with a handmade card, thanking the uncles and aunts who’d, helped her out, “the handouts methods” saved the days for us, and, our friendships were, even tighter in the process of borrowing the items too.

And so, this is the embodiment of, “ask, and ye shall, receive!”, and you can imagine, how things are exchanged between the people in this, of how there must be the amicable relationships, interactions that’s already been, established, that when this young person needed the items, all her mother had to do was, ask around, and, voila, someone from the social networks sent the item to the family to use, and the family who’d received the items, showed the same kind of help, of kindness in return, to those who’d, offered to help them out.  That, is how relating to one another should be, give and take!

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The Warmth from an Umbrella

An act of kindness, from an unknown stranger, that warms you up, on a cold rainy evening, translated…

As I took out the garbage, I’d headed to the local park for my exercises, I’d felt that rain dripping down, but it didn’t bother me, before I could react, came, that, downpour, and I can only, rush over to the sidewalks, and prayed, that the rain came too fast, and that I shall, go too fast too.

Unfortunately, my prayers weren’t, answered, seeing how the rain kept pouring, there were a few thoughts: I shall go buy an umbrella out of that shop I just passed?  But, with this downpour, even if I got the umbrella from the store, I would be, drenched; have my son deliver the umbrella to me then?  Yeah, that’ll, get him wet too, I shall just, grit my teeth, and, rush home in the rain then!  As I was about to put my plans into action, a man handed me an umbrella, I was, more than grateful, and told him, I’ll, return it back to him, soon as I’m able to, he’d only stated pleasantly, “it’s fine, it’s just, an, umbrella!”

like this…

illustration from online

With that umbrella of kindness, I was on my way home, I’d, turned my head to look, to where I was ducking out from the rain, so I can, have the clues to where to return the umbrella later, while the man who’d given me the umbrella was putting on his raincoat, starting the engine of hie scooter.  I’d thought, I’m not even sure if he is a resident, or just someone who’d, passed by, how shall I return the umbrella back to him?  But the rain was really getting harder by the minute, and I can only, rush, although, it was, a short way, I was, half-drenched by the time I’d, arrived home finally!

The following day, I took the umbrella, back to where I was ducking out the night previously, looking at the locked up steel gate, hesitated if I should ring the bell to find that unknown owner.  Just so it happened, the next door neighbor was coming out, I’d held out the umbrella, explained to him what happened, and uncertain if it’d belonged to the next door neighbor?  Thankfully, the man noted the umbrella as his younger brother’s, smiled and told me that it was his younger brother’s, that he lives, next door.

And just like so, I’d, returned that life-saving umbrella back to its owner.  Kindhearted man, if I ever run into you, and not recognized you at all, but, thanks a lot, on that rainy night, for making me feel that surge of warmth.

And this is the kindness, from an, unknown stranger, and his kindness had touched this individual who was on the receiving end, and I’m certain, that this individual who’d been shown this kindness by an unknown stranger, would be driven to acting more kindly when s/he sees or encounters someone else in need, and, this cycle of kindness will, get passed on.

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Don’t Consider it a Donation, But Sharing the Joys & Blessings of Sorts

On lending that helping hand to someone else who’s in need, offering the assistance to another, the acts of, kindness, translated…

My daughter came to me, and inquired, if she could, give her old school uniform to the next generation of new enrollees of her high school.  Turns out, the school counselor received the call from a parent of a first year student, who’d asked about if there are the uniforms available from the already graduated class to her young, and so, the teacher asked the students who are taller in stature, and sent the request out to the groups, to see if someone would, respond back, and, my daughter fitted to the requirements.

And so, we’d, cleaned up the winter, the summer uniforms, the belt, the tie, the backpack too, plus a handwritten card by my daughter, the lunch bag I’d sewn, with the fullest blessing, sent it out.

I don’t like using the words of donation to educate my young, so we’d always “shared” and “given the blessings away to others.”  My daughter carried this belief from when she was young, in her first year of middle school, she saw how I lost all my hair to chemo for breast cancer, started growing her hair for three whole years, then, cut it all off, to donate to those who needed, and to this day, she’d carried out her act of kindness.  As her classmates forgot the money for lunch, she’d shared with her classmates the lunches her grandmother made for her; the Vietnamese mom of a classmate was out working away from home, and she’d taken that classmate home, for a short stay with us.

teaching her young, the values of, giving to others…photo from online

My daughter being so kind and generous, it’s due to her maternal grandmother’s, influences, my mother loved sharing her cooking skills, those vegetable vendors, butchers, those neighbors opposite of her home, the security guard downstairs, the man in charge of the working of her community, the cleaning lady, the elderly woman who lives in the same building as she, all had the homemade foods she’d made…and, the foods she’d shared with others, contained, my mother’s, joys from sharing them, and so, we’d often received the free vegetables, pork livers, bubble teas, etc., etc., etc., as well as the gratitude from all around.

I recalled a coworker of mine, because his family of origin wasn’t functional enough, he’d, protected himself too much, even as the company started a donation for those in need, he’d, turned down the assistance.  My other coworkers complained about him, but I believe, that giving or helping isn’t that important in name, the regret that my coworker lives with, is that he’d not known how to “share”, because he was unaware, that he has the power, to bring about some tiny blessing to someone else that he comes across.

And so, this is on the benefits of giving to others, it makes us feel good, that we can, help someone in need out, and, there are, a lot of people in this world who are in need of assistance (not just the monetary sort), if we only look closely enough, and find these individuals who are in need of assistance, and offer a helping hand to them, it can lighten up their loads, and it’d made us feel, that we’d, contributed to making this world a better place too.

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Opening Her Door, to Warm Up Friends Who are Visiting from Afar

Offering that warm stay to all who came to visit her, because others had shown the same sort of kindness to her when she was younger, and now, she’s, passing along this cycle of kindness too, translated…

My best friend, Wen-Hsin from high school bought a home up north, and set up a guest room especially, for her friends, families who visited her, because she’d felt gratitude toward the connection of the words, “short stay”.

Since her college years, Wen-Hsin had enjoyed traveling to the wilderness, as the night rolled in, the B&B, the dorms of the tribal churches, the youth activities centers, and the cabins in the wild, they all, took in her fatigue, and her longing for a good night’s rest; a hot cup of tea, a bowl of noodle and soup, a lamplight, a bed of fluffy quilt and sheets, the toothbrushes, the soaps, the toothpastes made available for her to use……………all of these which had been taken for granted, became ever the more precious to her in foreign places.

She’d recalled, how was she’d gone to the tribes to stay, the woman who gave her a stay delivered a thick quilt to her, in case if got cold; the activities center in the mountains, after the lights were off, it was covered in darkness and cold, and the lady on night watch shift tried her best, to cook up a warmly served supper for the younger generations of traveler.  That day, that lamp at the supper table, became the center of the world to her, and she’d felt more than blessed for not needing to set up camp out in the wilderness, she held nothing but gratitude toward those who’d given her all she’d ever needed when she’s traveling.

illustration from


As she’d gone up north to take the transfer exams, in that era when there was no MRT available, because the testing place is in Muzha, and there was no hotels locally, she’d, stayed at her cousin’s in Jingmei.  On that night, there was a cold front, being away from home to take the exams, it’d made her felt isolated and helpless, but, her cousin’s show of care and concerns for her, melted that stiffness from her body, and her heart too.  Those nights as she’d stayed with her cousin, her cousin would leave home intentionally, so Wen-Hsin can study without the distractions.  And, that unsettled heart before the exams, started, settling down int the bright, warm house, she’d told me, that Taipei was so wet and cold that year, but, her cousin’s home was, very warm and comfortable to live in, and, it’d made her realized, for the very first time, that a strange house, can be warm, and give her the strengths she’d needed too.

And, all of these travels, and leaving home and finding the stays in foreign places, they’d, rooted in her memories, and, she’d, set her roots down too, for more than decades now, and she’d finally, set up a stay for herself, to shelter her from the wind and the rain.  And so, she’d, opened up her doors to her relatives, her families and friends, and, helped welcomed them all in, with a warm cup of tea, and a homecooked meal.  The long nights, there were, the moments we’d sat and talked endlessly, or, circled around the furnace, and shared our thoughts, and, our lives which were originally, separated, all came, together, inside her, small apartment.

Wen-Hsin felt deeply, “all who comes to my home are my friends”, and could understand, “the teas tasted sweet like the wines on a cold night”, and, the “days after we’d part, flowed away like the water”, she’d shared all of these sentiments with her guests under the lamplight.  And now, she also became, that individual who can, offer a stay to her guests, to warm their hearts, to fill up their stomachs, and she’s, more than, satisfied of it.

And so, this is how this woman, returned the kindness she’d received, to others, and, she’s, passing along this thought, this act of kindness and help, to people who visited her from afar, giving them a place that’s, home away from home.

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The Parents of a One-Year-Old Donated Her Kidneys After She’d Died, Saving Two Young Girls from a Life of, Dialysis

The surgical teams of VMH Taipei held a press conference, that they’d finished the harvesting of a child of a year and three months, only 9.8 kilograms kidneys that took twenty surgeons, eighteen hours, made the record for the youngest and lightest in weight organ donor in the country’s history, and the record of transplanting both kidneys to the recipients.

The young life didn’t get a chance to grow up, but it’d helped the four-year-old young girl, Hsu, and the nine-year-old girl, Hsu to not be tried by the need for dialyses during their lifetimes, and a year after the surgeries, the two young girls came forth, active.

the four year-old Lee on the left, and the nine year-old Hsu on the right, who’d successful received the donated kidneys of the one-year-three-months-old infant girl, which saved them from a lifetime of, dialyses…photo courtesy of

It’s hard to imagine, how these two young girls had been battling life and death just last year, the infant girl, Lee, three days after her birth, had a ruptured stomach, which caused her to go into shock from the sepsis, causing her kidneys to lose the functions, and she’s at risk of needing dialysis for the rest of her life, she’s the youngest child in the country’s record for needing long-term dialysis in the country; while the other young girl, Hsu, due to her congenital heart condition, which caused her kidney to fail, causing her to develop a progressive kidney disease, had been undergoing dialysis for three years to date.  The head of pediatric department of Taipei V.M.H. Chang stated, that the two children had been undergoing dialysis long-term, and can only maintain the basics of their bodily functions, are both delayed in growth, that kidney transplant was the only way to save their, lives.

“Waiting for a kidney, and transplanting”, it’s another serious trial.  The head pediatric surgeon of Taipei V.M.H., Tsai told, that there are, not enough young recipient of donor kidneys, and the harvesting and implanting surgeries are, especially difficult to perform, and there are the higher risks of complications compared to the adults, with a low success rate; and the children are smaller in size, their body can’t provide the needs of the adult donors’.

Three weeks after the transplant, Hsu the young girl was successfully discharged from the hospitals, but, the other young girl, Lee, due to her frequent blood transfusions, it’d caused her immune system to develop the antigens, and the hospital took various methods of treatment measures, after twelve plasma transfusions, and giving her the medication to help fight off her body’s rejections, finally, a month after the surgeries, she’d gotten off dialysis for good.

The follow up of the transplants continued for a year, the originally 5.8 centimeter large donor kidneys, grew bigger with the recipients, and now, are at 10.5 centimeters, and eight centimeters, and the two young girls are “growing taller in very fast speed”, growing up happily right now, and now they only needed to pick up their medications at the hospitals and taking the meds on time, they’re now, living like, normal children.

And so, this, is the love that’s, left behind, after someone dies, and, these organ transplants for young children are really hard to get, because, most parents aren’t willing, to have their own children who’d died, cut open, and having their usable organs harvested, to give to other young children who are in need, but these organ transplants and organ donations, are the surest, to keep your child who’d died, alive, because they’re not really, actually gone, as their donated organs are, living on, in other children’s bodies, and, so, you’d be, saving, multiple lives, but this would be, a very, difficult decision for the parents of children who’d died, to sign off on.

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The Balloons of, Goodwill

Noting and knowing what you wrote, that got printed, touched a reader’s heart, that was, enough for you, as a writer!  Translated…

As a person who works with words, I’d been writing, for decades to date, and, I’d been, submitting my articles to the papers for over a quarter of a century to date.  Like the sediments accumulated in the riverbanks, left behind, the pages of my, drafting papers too, and I’d recalled what a writer once said to me, she didn’t know where her readers are.

It’s also these couple of years, I’d met some new friends on FB, they’d read my book, I can see what they looked like too, knew the goings on of their lives, but, through the responses forwarded to me from the papers by my readers, there were, only, two.  (both were sent to me by the editor of the Family subsection)  One was an email, the other, a handwritten letter, with the postage stamps on the envelope, passing through the back counters of a post office, separated, along with the mail carrier’s sweat, and finally, arrived, at the editor’s office.

What was odd was, included, was a pack of black beans, and Mexican primrose-willow, for my cats.  The woman was Ms. Liu, at a time in her life, she’d read my articles which I’d written on my cats, knew that my cats started urinating blood out, recalled how her own old cat once had kidney disease too, and from someone else, she learned that drinking the water from black beans and Mexican primrose-willow can help that it could heal, and it actually, did, for her cat, and ever since, she’d, tried helping the cat owners she’d come across with such a problem.

In her letter, not only did she introduced the origins, the sources of the herbs, and described in close detail how the items should be cooked, how to keep it, how to feed it to my cat.  The words were so genuine, as I read, I saw her heart of, compassion, leapt onto the pages, alive, and warm.

But unfortunate, I was living in the U.S. then, and got the article printed out on the papers after my cat had died, and so, I’d, not made used of that pack of remedies.  The editor of the subsection of the papers sent a photo of that package of medication to me, asked me how I wanted to reply back?  I’d thought for a night, saw that there was a phone number listed, I’d decided to call to say thanks, and, if the individual refused to take my call for any reason, then, I can only, write my thank-you note to the editor of the paper’s subsection, and have him pass it along.

like, this???

photo from online

Ring~~~!, the following day, I’d gotten the phone going, then, about to talk to a strange reader, I’d felt, a bit, nervous.  The call was, picked up, “hello!”, it was a woman, with a full-volume of voice, I’d quickly stated my name, and told her why I’d called, and, worried she might thought that I was a scam artist.  And immediately, she’d, believed me, and, I’d, asked her permissions to allow the editor to give the remedies to someone else in need, which she’d, gladly, agreed.  An overseas call, a short conversation, and yet, the balloons of goodwill, started, soaring high, underneath, that sunny sky then.

This time, I’d known since I was younger, that I was going to, be a person who makes a living off of my words, and finally, I’d, become, just that too.  with the blood of a word cooker, word lover inside of my veins.  And although, I’d become stagnant, and caught dead, in the solitude of the literary, but quickly enough I’d discovered, that so long as I can still breathe, my feelings are still, flowing, the words shall, never die in me.  As for the readers, I’d come to believe, that the readers are, quiet, and, maybe, they’re, outside of the realms of the kudos I’d received.  Just as I’m also, a silent, unknown reader, to another’s, work too.

The internet is a brand new world within the world, a poem, an essay, a novel, met and mingled in the vast oceans of various medium, sinking, floating, drowning, dying, or, stand out among the rest.  Whether or not I’m noted, I know, that the only thing staying with me, would be, the words.

Then, I shall, keep on, writing then.  Yeah, the final line of my favorite novel stated it that way: writing, the journey, continues on.

And so, this is through the interactions with your readers, and knowing, how what you wrote gained a response, from that, certain someone else, you KNOW that your writings had, had an affect in someone else’s life, made her/him, response, and it didn’t matter if you’re an acclaimed author, with the books published or not, you’d, become, fulfilled, knowing, that what you wrote had, had an effect, on someone else’s, life.

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The Free Meal Programs in Zhonghe by a Shop Kept Providing the Meals for Those Who Needed, and Finally Gained the Monetary Supports it Needed to Carry on the Goodwill

Because the owner saw a need, and just, kept on, providing it, to the locals in his area, and his kindness is, dearly, noted here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The “A-Xing Stewed Meats” in Zhonghe, Hsinbei City, for twelve years, provided 200 free meals to those who need, and there were those who received the free meals who’d started doing the dishes for the shop voluntarily to pay back, since the outbreaks hit hard in May, the shop didn’t make as much, and still managed to provide for a hundred free lunches to those in need per day, as a local charitable foundation learned of this, they’d raised funds and donated $38,000N.T. to help the shop keep going, to offer those who were hit hard economically to keep their stomachs, full.Xing Stewed Meats is a mildly famed shop locally, since 2009, the owner started providing the free meals, and for many years, he’d helped many families.  But since the outbreaks in May, the shop was hit really hard, and could no longer provide as many free meals to those in need anymore, and this greatly, impacted the lives of those who are in desperate need.  The Futien Foundation C.E.O., Huang invited the members of the foundation, to raise the funds, and received a total of $38,000N.T.s, and recently, he’d gone on behalf of his foundation, with the man in charge of the local borough, Lai, to donate to the shop.

Ms. Chang in Hsintien told, that her family wasn’t doing well, there are three members of her families who all suffered strokes, and there’s a huge sum in medical charges she had to worry about, she’d gone to the shop to receive two serving of the free meals offered by the shop, and the owner had been more than kind, it’d made her too grateful, and, whenever she’d found the time, she’d gone to the shop to help do the dishes voluntarily, and hoped that when she is more able, she could be like the owner of the shop, give back to the community as well.

people lining up to get their serving of free lunch provided by this local shop…photo courtesy of

The owner of A-Xing Stewed Meats, Chen told, that he had been hit hard from before, that he didn’t have his meals regularly then, and can understand the trials of life, and back then, he’d made a vow, that when he is able to, he will, give back to the society in his own way.

Lai stated, that the city of Hsinbei hoped to start up this cycle of love and continue it, setting up the “Better Days Compassion Free Meals Platform”, inviting the local owners of food shops to come onboard their program, and currently, there are already, twenty restaurants that’s, signed up.

And so, this is still how a thought of kindness, seeing someone in need, and deciding to offer the assistance, can start a cycle of kindness, and those who were helped, are also, returning the kindness shown to them, by this shop that’s, started up this, cycle of help, of kindness, and hopefully, these acts of kindness will, keep on, rolling on.

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The Female Bus Driver, Kind to Treat Every Passenger Like a Member of Her Own Family

With a good work ethics, and a care and concern shown toward her passengers, a gentle female bus driver at work, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There were the passengers who rode the Kingbus Route 1551 from Keelung to Hsintien, who’d commended a female driver with long-hair, for driving very stably, how she’d shown great concerns for her passengers as they alighted and gotten off her bus, and offered her assistance to them.  The bus company found this driver, it was Lee, who drove the Keelung route, a sweet-looking woman, she said, what she did was a part of her, work responsibilities.

The passenger, Ms. Lin left the message of her good experience of riding Route 1551, with the “long-haired driver”, that she drove very steadily, that as the passengers got on and off, she’d been kind to remind them to watch the gap, to be careful, and when there were the immobilized elderly, she’d, gotten out of her driver’s seat to assist them, that all the passengers who rode her bus had nothing but good things to say about her, that she was a gentle, kind female bus driver.

Lee is a married woman from Keelung, originally she was a homemaker, a little over two years ago she passed her bus driver license, became one of close to ninety drivers for the Kingbus drivers, one of three women.  She doesn’t have a set route that she drives, recently, the most frequent route she drove was from Keelung’s Luodong, Route 1880, and the recent route she stepped in to drive, the Keelung to Hsintien, Route 1551.

the female bus driver who was noted for her kindness and gentleness for her passengers…photo courtesy of

Lee is a sweet looking woman, over thirty years of age, a mother of two children ages around seven and eight, because she has elder, and children to care for, she’d, shown the special care and concern toward the elderly and the young children passengers who took her bus, treated them as if they were her family, gently reminded her passengers to be careful of the steps as the alighted and gotten off, patiently waited for her passengers to sit down and then, drive.

The milder, gentle nature that is attributed to the feminine, in the workforce of primarily male drivers, she is, very popular.  Lee’s motto for work is, “if you’re gentle to your customers, they will be gentle to you back!”, she is always able to keep good terms with her customers, maintained the amicable means of interactions with them, “I am happy driving every day”, she enjoyed working, always has a smile on her face, is, a gentle female bus driver.

The assistant to the CEO of the bus company, Chen stated, that the company will give her an award for her work ethics.  To which Lee responded, that she was only doing what she is supposed to, that most of the drivers shared her same attitude toward the passengers.

This woman took her work seriously, and, puts her heart AND soul, into work, into providing the services to her passengers, and, it’s her means to show her cares and concerns for her passengers that’s, touched them, this is a woman with the good work ethics!

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