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Passing the Kindness Along

Being kind to someone else in need, how one act of kindness, generates itself, turns into more acts of kindness that gets, passed around, translated…

At the start of summer, the early mornings in Taipei is still a bit cooled, I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, waiting all on my own, at the bus stop.  It was about 6:30, almost no one else was on the streets, and, every now and then, the passing of the cars, broke the silence of the streets.

A homeless man, who looked very dirty, with the torn shirt sleeve shirt came to the bus stop, with a dirty linen bag on him, perhaps, it’d contained, everything he’d owned?  He got on the bus as I had, not long thereafter, the bus stopped at the light, the driver suddenly got out of his seat, walked toward the homeless man, told him, “your mask is dirty, you need a brand new one!”, then, handed the man two brand new masks, the homeless man was stunned, didn’t know how to respond, while I was, touched by the driver’s kindness, so, the driver pays attention to all who alighted his bus.

At this time when the pandemic is running high, as everybody was standing in line, trying to get the ration of the quick scan kits, there may be those who don’t even have enough masks to change out of, for most, these masks are use-and-toss, but for the homeless, it’s a precious resource.  And, my heart felt heavy up to here, what, can I do?

So I’d, opened up my pack, and, puled out all the spare masks from my bag, and before I got off the bus, I’d, handed all of it to that homeless man, he was thrilled, then, nodded toward me, and I’d, waved goodbye to him, and, silently prayed, that everything will be okay for him.

And so, this is how the bus driver’s kindness toward the homeless man, had generated the thought of kindness in this person, and, this person realized that s/he had more than enough of what s/he was in need of, and, gave it to the homeless man who is lacking in the supplies to protect himself against contracting MERS-CoV.

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Seventh Aunt, Thank You

Kindness recalled, and returned, as your seventh aunt had shown a ton of care and concerns toward you when you were younger, her aunt, became, like a mother to her, translated…

My seventh aunt’s daughter was on business trip to New York, and, although it was an eight-hour drive for me to see her both ways, I’d, still made the trip, and, as I drove, I’d, remembered the past.

My parents were divorced, my father remarried, and my stepmother had her own children, and for years on end, my older sister and I were, kept at my grandma’s house.  We are a huge family from Canton, my grandma had five sons and five daughters, my father being the eldest son.  My seventh uncle married my beautiful seventh aunt, and, lived in with grandpa, grandma, my ninth aunt, and the two of us sisters.  Knowing that I was testing into high school that year, every morn my seventh aunt would prepare the breakfasts for me, served it to me, told me, “Ann, go for your dreams!  The nutritious meal I made for you, this will help you get into a good school!”, she always, gently, repeated those words of care and concerns toward me.

From when I was growing up, nobody made me the breakfasts like my seventh aunt had.

Seeing how little my younger cousin dressed as she’d come to New York, I took her to the name brand couture store, called up my husband (because I’d never spent so much money before in my whole life to shop), bought a warm coat for her.  And the look of surprise she’d shown me, I still kept in mind, what she didn’t know was, her mother, many a year ago, had helped a lost, young woman who was in desperate need of love, of care and concern, felt the warmth, and this kindness, I will, forever, remember.

And so, this, is how you’d, finally, started paying back your seventh aunt’s kindness to you, she’d loved you like a mother loves her daughter, took care of you, showed you a ton of care and concerns, and now, you were only, repaying her kindness, but not even close, by buying the clothes to help your younger cousin stay warm.


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The Passionate, the Warmth Noted by an E.R. Nurse The Passionate, the Warmth Noted by an E.R. Nurse

From the perspectives of the hospital staff members during the outbreaks here, the stories of hope, in times of MERS-CoV outbreak, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What do the nurses see, under this current wave of, outbreak?  The endless amount of care provisions that they’re, pounded by, we’d gone to work, with our footsteps leaden, not knowing, what sort of a challenge awaits us today.

There were the locals that kept complaining about how their children are running a fever, those who’d come into the E.R. stressed, asking what to do, as their elders’ quick-scan showed positive?  The policies by the Central Government is constantly changing, new rules set up, every couple of days, and as we’d received the notices of how something should be done, the following day, it’d, changed.  The hotline that got jammed up, the ambiguous memos, we can’t even understand it, as medical professionals let alone for the general public.

Other than my job as a staff member of the E.R., I now also work, as a hotline operator too, bombarded with a ton of questions I can’t even think of the answers to, and, it’d caused those of us, with strong hearts, working in the E.R., slowly, losing our, energies too.  And we work every day now, like zombies, and all we can do, is give one another the encouragements, that we are, E.R. staff, that everybody else can fall, but we can’t!  That we can, handle this!  And yet, one of our nurses was confirmed of contraction, and we are, tighter on personnel every shift, that younger schoolmate of ours, with her fever, cried to apologize, that she can’t, return back to work to help us lighten the load of work, as her coworker, I’d, felt bad for all of us.

As our energies are completely maxed, there were, the stories of warmth that came to me.  At scan time, before I got to my post of work, I’d told the members of the public waiting there: if there are those elderly population or foreigners who don’t know how the QR code works, please, everybody, help them out, to fill the forms for them; and, everybody looked toward me, and nodded, and suddenly, I’d felt, so moved!  Surely, a lot of those who don’t know how to fill out the forms, can get help from others who were waiting there!

And, there’s one more thing, as I was, getting a ton of quick scan registration, a woman walked up and asked, “Do children have priority in the quick scans?”, I looked at her, and saw no infant, so I’d asked her: “why?  What’s happened”, the woman told me, that there is a mom waiting with her infant for a very long time already, can you go check him out first?  I’d immediately asked the mother over, and saw that the infant she had in her arms, was a bit, lethargic, and as I’d inquired, I’d learned, that the infant had a positive quick scan result, but she couldn’t get the number tags, and was stressed over what to do, I’d immediately called the E.R. to get someone to offer her assistance, the mom’s worried looks, looked relaxed, and told me thank you; no, you shouldn’t thank me, but the woman who’d found you guys.  It’s truly moving to see, that the woman who is also ill, can still find the means to help another out!

And these two incidents had, warmed up the E.R. nurses’ hearts, and this war is continuing onward, and we will, work even harder to provide you all, with the help you need, thank you for giving us the positive energies!

And so, these are stories of hope that’s, in the midst, of this, dark world, and we need to notice these things more, because, these are the easily missed things that can give us the needed boosts, to carry on, because there’s still NO end in sight with this war of MERS-CoV yet!

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He Grew Up in Poverty, and Now, Gives to the Poor, Huang Fixed Up the Stays of Those Who Live in Poverty Now

Grown up in poverty, that’s why, he could understand those who are living in poverty-stricken means even more, which drove him to help those in need out, kindness in the world here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The leader of the Goodwill Group of Hengshen Foundation Changwha Chapter’s Fifth Group, Huang, due to being raised in poverty stricken means, he’d started working after his final year of middle school, after we got married, he’d used his hardworking means, his ingenuity, and started up a business, with no money to begin with, from taking on the cases of the government’s helping the low income families to fix up their roofs, it’d sparked up his desires of one day, giving back to the communities, and now, he’d spent over millions of dollars in helping those in economic hardships to fix up their homes, and he’d described that he has a “heart of joy” in so doing.

At fifty-seven, Huang has a total of nine siblings, his father was a long-term employee of a rich family, his mother worked odds and ends, and the family was listed as a “Level A poverty family (what’s low-income household currently), his fourth eldest brother graduated first of his middle school class in Beidou, but because of his families’ poverty stricken means, couldn’t afford to get higher in his education, and he’d watched and followed his older brother’s lead, dropped out of school, and got an apprenticeship at a bakery, at age twenty-six, he’d set up a construction company, and build the steel shack homes for a living.

In 1994, there was a mother who was sterilizing a bottle that’s caused a fire in Er-Lin Township, Huang immediately got involved in the social welfare group to help out, and that was the very first time he’d helped rebuilt a home for someone who can’t afford to do so, and because of the high quality of work of the group, and the goodwill group reached a consensus, they’d started helping those in need in the communities, and in the process of volunteering, he bore witness to the sorrows of living at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

He said, he saw an eighty-six-year-old blind elderly with multiple disabilities, living in an old home without the electricity nor the water, the relatives went to pick up his government assistance money of $30,000N.T. a month, but only provided the person with a meal a day, and not helped him sort through his living environment at all.

the photo of the man

with his construction truck, going around locally, to help those in need fix up their homes, coutresy of

He also saw so many families that couldn’t get the help that they needed, and those who had a lot, but pretended to be poor, he’d believed, that the social welfare foundations needed to examine the cases that came to them carefully, and hoped that the representatives don’t fear that they may offend the people they represented, and give the empty promises out, knowing that they don’t qualify for the assistance, and still promised to deliver, referred these individuals to the welfare groups, causing them the troubles.

Huang told, that he’d worked in the nonprofit organizations for thirty one years, and already knew that the number of those in the lower end of the socioeconomic status is increasing, that on the one end, it has to do with the structures of the industries, and, another due to how those who live on assistance grew reliant on the assistance given to them, he’d encountered the “lazy and refusing to work”, and he’d, turned those away immediately, to not waste away the goodwill of those who’d donated.

“It’s better to give than to receive” Huang told his children often, that even if it’s just because of one’s laziness, and not earned enough money, and asking for handouts, as the handouts were given, the individuals will get looked down on, that they will have a difficult time, reestablishing themselves in the world.  That those who are positive in attitude, who are hard working, will gain more and more positive energies around them, and, the health will improve, and, everything will get better for the person.

And so, this is on how this man grew up hard, and started helping those in need out after he was able to, giving back to the communities, and he’d realized, that there are those who just wanted to cheat the kindness from those who are willing to help out, and he’d, stopped giving to those, and what he is doing is amazing, instilling the right values in his own children, and helping those who are really in need.

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My Children’s Act of Kindness Toward a Stranger on the Bus on Our Trip to Japan

The most beautiful sight of a place is still, the people we encounter on our travels, translated…

As we exited the Hiroshima station of the Shinkansen that day, the afternoon from the previous day, our flight landed, with the rainy fronts, that followed us, all the way here, from Kobe.  But as travelers, we have no right to get upset over the weather, our next stop was the Shukkei-en, and we’d still, alighted the bus, and arrived there.

Different than how quiet the nighttime port of Kobe had been, the noontime station at Hiroshima was rowdy and populated, especially, there were so many faces of, foreigners, as a city, known during the war.  We’d followed the signs to before the bus stop, with already a long line before us, as we alighted, we were lucky to find a double-seat, and I’d, sat my children down.

On the way, not very many passengers got off, but there were people who’d climbed onboard along each and every stop, and, the crowd pushed me away from the seats, as we were about to arrive, I’d found that my daughter had my son on her lap, and the two of them leaned in to the windows and chit-chatted in their whispers, and, on the next seat, here was, a young boy, who’s about my son’s age, with blonde hair, blue eyes.  I’d called out to my children that we’re, getting off, the young boy first looked confused, then, seeing my children get up, he’d understood that they were, getting off, and, sat slanted, to allow them to get out.

As I was about to get off, I’d felt that someone grabbed my arm, I’d lifted my eyes, saw this, Caucasian woman, saying thank you to me repeatedly, as a mother, my instinct told me, that this must be that young boy’s mother.  Her thanks came from how my children, as they were sitting on the crowded bus, seeing that young boy get on, and sat together, and gave the boy a seat, so he won’t have to bump on the ride.  I’d returned her smile with my smile, took my children off the bus.  As I turned around to look, the two of them, mother and son sat by the windows, and waved hard to us, “bye-bye!”, and we’d, called back loudly too, knowing, that they can’t hear a thing on that crowded bus.

The rain still continued drizzling down, but it’d not affected the travelers one bit. The three children from two different countries, squished together in that tight seating space, but, the kindness was so wide.  As we’d headed to the Shukkei-en, it’s said that it was a miniature identical-twin of the sights of Xihu, but in my mind, my children already gave me that amazing scene on the bus ride from Hiroshima.

And so, this is the kindness of children working, and, this is the act of kindness from strangers, the children saw the need of that little boy who’s unsteady on the bus, and, gave a seat to him, and this kindness still doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from the kids, being taught, and watching and modeling after their adults’ behaviors in their daily lives.

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A Wedding Present of Kindness

How her friend’s kindness toward her, touched her very deeply, got her started in helping others in need, because she was helped, offered assistance by her friend from before, translated…

My room and board had been covered by the factory I work in, so I’d, sent my wages, along with my overtime inside the envelope where the boss handed me as a monthly wage packet, straight to Pingdong, helping my mother raise the five younger siblings I have.  As I got to marriage age, met someone who was compatible with me, I didn’t have a cent under my name, his family just filed for bankruptcy, the two of us believed, that so long as we work hard together, we will, get more money, and, there’s nothing we can’t, conquer that comes our way.

The man didn’t have the dowries, the woman didn’t have the marriage gifts, and the matchmaker we’d found at the spot.  As the wedding date approached, my mother-in-law changed her mind, “without a dressing mirror that the bride marries in, it will bring bad luck to the husband’s families.”, I got angered, and starred crying and telling this to my hiking buddies whom I’d just met as I’d started hiking, and she’d become, ecstatic, “I was just, having troubles, coming up with a wedding present for you, now that I know your need, this had, resolved my troubles, of having to think what I’m getting you for your wedding.” And shortly thereafter, she’d sent the delicate, and costly dressing mirror to my new home.

I’d originally, would rather not marry, and not accepted her gift, but she’d stated to me lightly, “money is nothing, I can give you this gift, and maybe, I will need your help sometime in the future………”, and yet, before I can, repay her back for her, kindness, she’d, immigrated to South America due to the problems of the construction company set up and owned by her older brother, and I’d lost contact with her since.

Due to her blessing, my life after marriage, my work, all of it went, smoothly, and I’d, never forgotten her words, “I can afford it for you.”  Someone helped me through my hardships in life, and, it’d, sparked up the heart of gratitude in me, and, I’d, taken her kindness into my heart, and kept, helping those around me who needed.

And so, this, is how one act of kindness, become, an infinite number of kindness, because, these good acts multiple, just like how the bad things in this world multiple too, it’s just, that when we’re touched, and offered assistance to by others, we usually, take it to our hearts, and we, never forget it.

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A “Not-a-Big-Deal” Deed

A helping hand from a complete stranger that noted your need, translated…

I’d usually ridden my scooter out, because it’s convenient, and saves me the time, but, it’s, “always easier to ride out, and hard to find that parking spot”, and I know I’m, stating this, for all who lives in Taipei, the scooter-commuters.

Early that morn, because it’s still early, there are, a lot of parking spots, and I’d gotten in easily; and yet, as I went to get my scooter out in the afternoon, the scooters are jam packed into the parking spaces, handle-to-handle, and my scooter was like that tiny one, stuck, between, two motorcycles.

Didn’t know how to begin to get my scooter out, I’d looked dumbfounded at my ride for a while, and in the end, I’d, tipped up my toes, used all my might, lifted up the back of the scooter parked to my right, hoping to move it a little bit.  But unfortunately, being petite as I, it’d not, budged.

As I’d, circled around the scooter, hopeless in my feat, then, a scooter parked next to me, a younger gentleman in a black helmet that covered up his face got off, with his large hand, and, scuttled to the left, then to the right, used all his might, worked up a sweat, and finally, he was, able to, help me get my scooter out from between the larger motorcycles.

I’d bowed toward him to say thank you, he’d rubbed his hand, “it’s not big deal!” then, rode off.

Such a “no big deal” to him it was!  He’d, stated it so lightly, but, I’d, carried his act of kindness to heart, and, how much focus, how much strengths he’d used, to help me move my scooter out, is still, clear in my mind.

And so, this, is receiving help from an unknown stranger, the man saw you in need, and, given you the assistance you’d needed, and to him, it may have been no big deal, but to you, it was, a huge deal, and that still just showed, no matter how tiny the act you’d performed, to help someone out, to the individual receiving the assistance from you, it’s, something major, and, the one helped will remember the acts of kindness you’d shown them for the rest of their lives, even if you’d already, forgotten.

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The Exchanges of Kindness, from a Bystander’s Perspective

Watching kindness, as it took shape, the exchanges of two complete strangers from a train, translated…

“I’m sorry, this is my seat, but it’s fine, I like the window seats, I will trade seats with you”, there’s that sunshine shining through his smiles, that uncle had the innocence of a child.

The settled in the aisle woman who was sliding on her cell phone, noted something, was on her way to get up, then, settled back down by his gentleman nature.

The shot conversation that came on February 28th, on the northbound high-speed rail, the two only exchanged words for no more than three short seconds.  Then the train started moving, and everything fell, silent then.

I was seated to the left back side to them, and was moved by what I saw.  Because this unplanned, unexpected kindness of exchange between people, it wasn’t set up like in the movies, planned.  The sense of kindness that came from within, that unaffected, unannounced, not only does it calm oneself, but also, made others around them feel settled in, so rare in encounter, surely, they are people with the experiences, the morale, and the, stories too.

I straighten up my back, felt compelled to tell the man thank you on behalf of the woman.

We all must’ve had the instances when we were walking in the rain in a typhoon, with the trials that came with every single step, and, no sight of hope; but, are there, a different means of interactions to be had, if we can’t dodge it, then, why not just, trek through it?  Easier said than done, but how can we, not scapegoat on someone else around us, when we are, having it bad?  Only those who’d experienced the pains at their most painful, can understand the happiness that comes with the, ordinary.

The ride of an hour and a half, the train took us across half the island, before February 28th, the war was already in the distances, happening.  Wherever there’s people, there are, conflicts, but, this period of time that’s compressed, the two individuals sitting next to one another, aren’t enemies, but they’d, not exchanged another word more, such a shame.

The P.A. came on on the trains: Banciao Station approaching.  That woman got up, tipped her toes, silently, picked up the luggage she’d set down on the right front of her seat.  Before she got off, she’d turned toward the man, smiled, and, nodded to acknowledge him.  The gratitude was passed without the verbal communications, they’re, already, acquainted.  Getting along by themselves, not disturbing each other.  Forgetting this meeting that they had, leaving the warmth of the interactions behind, parting ways.

Being a bystander, my purpose, is to witness all of this, to know, that love is still, passed around in this world.

And so, this showed, how the kindness of a stranger can touch someone so deeply, and, hopefully, the writer who was a bystander, can take this act of a kindness s/he encountered from the strangers s/he saw on the trains, to others around her/him.


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The Love that Came to the Rescue, in Time

The one, who’d, helped showed the person the light when she’s enveloped in darkness, someone who’d, touched the lives of those whom she came into, contact with, translated…

I’d retired from my teaching career for over three years now, and every time I thought of the connection I shared with my department head, Yang, I would be filled up with a ton of, gratitude.

Recalling how thirty years back, as I transferred to the school to teach, Yang the department head of teaching affairs handed me a box of sweets, told me to take it home to give to the kids.  The gentleness of her nature, she’d, immediately, settled my uncertainty.  Back then, my children were still quite young, as I got caught in the difficulties of not knowing how to get through to them, Yang gave me the tips, as I’d solicited for her advice.

There was a time when my child had the chickenpox, and started itching like crazy, Yang drove her car to my home at night, and, brought me a huge bag of Indian borage, something that stops the itch instantly.  To this day, my son who’d grow taller than us still recalled, that on the night he was ill, how Yang became like Santa Claus, brought a back of, magical herbs, and, hung it on the doorknob outside our home!

In 1998, my father died abruptly, being the eldest daughter, I was, flustered, and flew into a panic, not known how to sort through his, final affairs, and instinctively, Yang my department head came to mind.  I’d dialed her number, and tears came flowing down, and her voice gave me that strength.  Not long after that, as my father’s body was lifted to the funeral home, I’d found, that she was already, among those who were, reciting the prayers for the passing already.

After she retired, Yang still continued her giving, and, entered into the volunteer crew of Tzu-Chih Hospital, and she’d, helped all of those who are close to her, feel the warmth, and gain some wisdoms through interacting with her.

And so, this is, the woman who lit up your life, who offered you the needed emotional/psychological, and the physical forms of support when you’d needed, and, you are, blessed to have met someone who is kind, giving, and gentle in your life.

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The Year-End Bonus from a Customer

The act of kindness, from a customer, who saw how hard hit the restaurant industry had been during this past year of the outbreaks, and gave the workers, a boost of, hope that they’re, in dire need of, it’s her heart that’s touched the restaurant workers, more than the amount she’d packed into the red envelope to give to them I’m sure, translated…

My former employer is considered one of the hardest hit under the epidemic, after May of last, it’d, gone toward the bottom of operations, all the way to the end of year, and finally, as the guests returned, the epidemic started, growing again, those of us who worked in the restaurants aren’t afraid of getting too busy with work, unafraid of hard work, only worried, that our service skills aren’t, put to, good use.

leaving the huge tip…

like this…photo from online

Watching the news, and, I’d started, worrying over my former coworkers, that day, I’d chatted with a head chef, and he’d told me, that currently, the reservations are, bipolarized, in the cities and counties where there’s a higher number of cases of confirmed contractions, there are only, a handful of reservations, and the primary means of making the money turned into takeout or deliveries, or, the frozen dishes sent to the customers’ homes, while for the other regions, the restaurant made sure of the safety protective measures of cleanliness, and take advantage of the time we have to dine out together.

He’d told me, that the previous evening, he’d waited on a returning customer, who’d dined in as usual, and, he’d served the guest, and, as the man paid for the tab, he’d, given the server a red envelope, told him, “I’d heard that you guys won’t get any year-end bonuses, this is my blessing, and something extra for you guys, you must, take it!”

The tiny act of kindness from a frequent customer, sent that surge of warmth throughout the entire restaurant, the restaurant became, not just a place to gather to eat to make good memories in, we’re, very grateful for this beautiful, and wise customer, who’d, given us that warmth of blessings in the cold of winter.

And so, this just showed, how the acts of kindness can touch someone so deeply, and we’re, especially in need of these encounters in our lives, as the epidemic still rolls, and, there’s still no end in sight, and, if we can’t give each other the tiniest sparks of hope, then, we’d all be, living in the darkness of this trying time.

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