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The Parents of a One-Year-Old Donated Her Kidneys After She’d Died, Saving Two Young Girls from a Life of, Dialysis

The surgical teams of VMH Taipei held a press conference, that they’d finished the harvesting of a child of a year and three months, only 9.8 kilograms kidneys that took twenty surgeons, eighteen hours, made the record for the youngest and lightest in weight organ donor in the country’s history, and the record of transplanting both kidneys to the recipients.

The young life didn’t get a chance to grow up, but it’d helped the four-year-old young girl, Hsu, and the nine-year-old girl, Hsu to not be tried by the need for dialyses during their lifetimes, and a year after the surgeries, the two young girls came forth, active.

the four year-old Lee on the left, and the nine year-old Hsu on the right, who’d successful received the donated kidneys of the one-year-three-months-old infant girl, which saved them from a lifetime of, dialyses…photo courtesy of

It’s hard to imagine, how these two young girls had been battling life and death just last year, the infant girl, Lee, three days after her birth, had a ruptured stomach, which caused her to go into shock from the sepsis, causing her kidneys to lose the functions, and she’s at risk of needing dialysis for the rest of her life, she’s the youngest child in the country’s record for needing long-term dialysis in the country; while the other young girl, Hsu, due to her congenital heart condition, which caused her kidney to fail, causing her to develop a progressive kidney disease, had been undergoing dialysis for three years to date.  The head of pediatric department of Taipei V.M.H. Chang stated, that the two children had been undergoing dialysis long-term, and can only maintain the basics of their bodily functions, are both delayed in growth, that kidney transplant was the only way to save their, lives.

“Waiting for a kidney, and transplanting”, it’s another serious trial.  The head pediatric surgeon of Taipei V.M.H., Tsai told, that there are, not enough young recipient of donor kidneys, and the harvesting and implanting surgeries are, especially difficult to perform, and there are the higher risks of complications compared to the adults, with a low success rate; and the children are smaller in size, their body can’t provide the needs of the adult donors’.

Three weeks after the transplant, Hsu the young girl was successfully discharged from the hospitals, but, the other young girl, Lee, due to her frequent blood transfusions, it’d caused her immune system to develop the antigens, and the hospital took various methods of treatment measures, after twelve plasma transfusions, and giving her the medication to help fight off her body’s rejections, finally, a month after the surgeries, she’d gotten off dialysis for good.

The follow up of the transplants continued for a year, the originally 5.8 centimeter large donor kidneys, grew bigger with the recipients, and now, are at 10.5 centimeters, and eight centimeters, and the two young girls are “growing taller in very fast speed”, growing up happily right now, and now they only needed to pick up their medications at the hospitals and taking the meds on time, they’re now, living like, normal children.

And so, this, is the love that’s, left behind, after someone dies, and, these organ transplants for young children are really hard to get, because, most parents aren’t willing, to have their own children who’d died, cut open, and having their usable organs harvested, to give to other young children who are in need, but these organ transplants and organ donations, are the surest, to keep your child who’d died, alive, because they’re not really, actually gone, as their donated organs are, living on, in other children’s bodies, and, so, you’d be, saving, multiple lives, but this would be, a very, difficult decision for the parents of children who’d died, to sign off on.

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The Balloons of, Goodwill

Noting and knowing what you wrote, that got printed, touched a reader’s heart, that was, enough for you, as a writer!  Translated…

As a person who works with words, I’d been writing, for decades to date, and, I’d been, submitting my articles to the papers for over a quarter of a century to date.  Like the sediments accumulated in the riverbanks, left behind, the pages of my, drafting papers too, and I’d recalled what a writer once said to me, she didn’t know where her readers are.

It’s also these couple of years, I’d met some new friends on FB, they’d read my book, I can see what they looked like too, knew the goings on of their lives, but, through the responses forwarded to me from the papers by my readers, there were, only, two.  (both were sent to me by the editor of the Family subsection)  One was an email, the other, a handwritten letter, with the postage stamps on the envelope, passing through the back counters of a post office, separated, along with the mail carrier’s sweat, and finally, arrived, at the editor’s office.

What was odd was, included, was a pack of black beans, and Mexican primrose-willow, for my cats.  The woman was Ms. Liu, at a time in her life, she’d read my articles which I’d written on my cats, knew that my cats started urinating blood out, recalled how her own old cat once had kidney disease too, and from someone else, she learned that drinking the water from black beans and Mexican primrose-willow can help that it could heal, and it actually, did, for her cat, and ever since, she’d, tried helping the cat owners she’d come across with such a problem.

In her letter, not only did she introduced the origins, the sources of the herbs, and described in close detail how the items should be cooked, how to keep it, how to feed it to my cat.  The words were so genuine, as I read, I saw her heart of, compassion, leapt onto the pages, alive, and warm.

But unfortunate, I was living in the U.S. then, and got the article printed out on the papers after my cat had died, and so, I’d, not made used of that pack of remedies.  The editor of the subsection of the papers sent a photo of that package of medication to me, asked me how I wanted to reply back?  I’d thought for a night, saw that there was a phone number listed, I’d decided to call to say thanks, and, if the individual refused to take my call for any reason, then, I can only, write my thank-you note to the editor of the paper’s subsection, and have him pass it along.

like, this???

photo from online

Ring~~~!, the following day, I’d gotten the phone going, then, about to talk to a strange reader, I’d felt, a bit, nervous.  The call was, picked up, “hello!”, it was a woman, with a full-volume of voice, I’d quickly stated my name, and told her why I’d called, and, worried she might thought that I was a scam artist.  And immediately, she’d, believed me, and, I’d, asked her permissions to allow the editor to give the remedies to someone else in need, which she’d, gladly, agreed.  An overseas call, a short conversation, and yet, the balloons of goodwill, started, soaring high, underneath, that sunny sky then.

This time, I’d known since I was younger, that I was going to, be a person who makes a living off of my words, and finally, I’d, become, just that too.  with the blood of a word cooker, word lover inside of my veins.  And although, I’d become stagnant, and caught dead, in the solitude of the literary, but quickly enough I’d discovered, that so long as I can still breathe, my feelings are still, flowing, the words shall, never die in me.  As for the readers, I’d come to believe, that the readers are, quiet, and, maybe, they’re, outside of the realms of the kudos I’d received.  Just as I’m also, a silent, unknown reader, to another’s, work too.

The internet is a brand new world within the world, a poem, an essay, a novel, met and mingled in the vast oceans of various medium, sinking, floating, drowning, dying, or, stand out among the rest.  Whether or not I’m noted, I know, that the only thing staying with me, would be, the words.

Then, I shall, keep on, writing then.  Yeah, the final line of my favorite novel stated it that way: writing, the journey, continues on.

And so, this is through the interactions with your readers, and knowing, how what you wrote gained a response, from that, certain someone else, you KNOW that your writings had, had an affect in someone else’s life, made her/him, response, and it didn’t matter if you’re an acclaimed author, with the books published or not, you’d, become, fulfilled, knowing, that what you wrote had, had an effect, on someone else’s, life.

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The Free Meal Programs in Zhonghe by a Shop Kept Providing the Meals for Those Who Needed, and Finally Gained the Monetary Supports it Needed to Carry on the Goodwill

Because the owner saw a need, and just, kept on, providing it, to the locals in his area, and his kindness is, dearly, noted here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The “A-Xing Stewed Meats” in Zhonghe, Hsinbei City, for twelve years, provided 200 free meals to those who need, and there were those who received the free meals who’d started doing the dishes for the shop voluntarily to pay back, since the outbreaks hit hard in May, the shop didn’t make as much, and still managed to provide for a hundred free lunches to those in need per day, as a local charitable foundation learned of this, they’d raised funds and donated $38,000N.T. to help the shop keep going, to offer those who were hit hard economically to keep their stomachs, full.Xing Stewed Meats is a mildly famed shop locally, since 2009, the owner started providing the free meals, and for many years, he’d helped many families.  But since the outbreaks in May, the shop was hit really hard, and could no longer provide as many free meals to those in need anymore, and this greatly, impacted the lives of those who are in desperate need.  The Futien Foundation C.E.O., Huang invited the members of the foundation, to raise the funds, and received a total of $38,000N.T.s, and recently, he’d gone on behalf of his foundation, with the man in charge of the local borough, Lai, to donate to the shop.

Ms. Chang in Hsintien told, that her family wasn’t doing well, there are three members of her families who all suffered strokes, and there’s a huge sum in medical charges she had to worry about, she’d gone to the shop to receive two serving of the free meals offered by the shop, and the owner had been more than kind, it’d made her too grateful, and, whenever she’d found the time, she’d gone to the shop to help do the dishes voluntarily, and hoped that when she is more able, she could be like the owner of the shop, give back to the community as well.

people lining up to get their serving of free lunch provided by this local shop…photo courtesy of

The owner of A-Xing Stewed Meats, Chen told, that he had been hit hard from before, that he didn’t have his meals regularly then, and can understand the trials of life, and back then, he’d made a vow, that when he is able to, he will, give back to the society in his own way.

Lai stated, that the city of Hsinbei hoped to start up this cycle of love and continue it, setting up the “Better Days Compassion Free Meals Platform”, inviting the local owners of food shops to come onboard their program, and currently, there are already, twenty restaurants that’s, signed up.

And so, this is still how a thought of kindness, seeing someone in need, and deciding to offer the assistance, can start a cycle of kindness, and those who were helped, are also, returning the kindness shown to them, by this shop that’s, started up this, cycle of help, of kindness, and hopefully, these acts of kindness will, keep on, rolling on.

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The Female Bus Driver, Kind to Treat Every Passenger Like a Member of Her Own Family

With a good work ethics, and a care and concern shown toward her passengers, a gentle female bus driver at work, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There were the passengers who rode the Kingbus Route 1551 from Keelung to Hsintien, who’d commended a female driver with long-hair, for driving very stably, how she’d shown great concerns for her passengers as they alighted and gotten off her bus, and offered her assistance to them.  The bus company found this driver, it was Lee, who drove the Keelung route, a sweet-looking woman, she said, what she did was a part of her, work responsibilities.

The passenger, Ms. Lin left the message of her good experience of riding Route 1551, with the “long-haired driver”, that she drove very steadily, that as the passengers got on and off, she’d been kind to remind them to watch the gap, to be careful, and when there were the immobilized elderly, she’d, gotten out of her driver’s seat to assist them, that all the passengers who rode her bus had nothing but good things to say about her, that she was a gentle, kind female bus driver.

Lee is a married woman from Keelung, originally she was a homemaker, a little over two years ago she passed her bus driver license, became one of close to ninety drivers for the Kingbus drivers, one of three women.  She doesn’t have a set route that she drives, recently, the most frequent route she drove was from Keelung’s Luodong, Route 1880, and the recent route she stepped in to drive, the Keelung to Hsintien, Route 1551.

the female bus driver who was noted for her kindness and gentleness for her passengers…photo courtesy of

Lee is a sweet looking woman, over thirty years of age, a mother of two children ages around seven and eight, because she has elder, and children to care for, she’d, shown the special care and concern toward the elderly and the young children passengers who took her bus, treated them as if they were her family, gently reminded her passengers to be careful of the steps as the alighted and gotten off, patiently waited for her passengers to sit down and then, drive.

The milder, gentle nature that is attributed to the feminine, in the workforce of primarily male drivers, she is, very popular.  Lee’s motto for work is, “if you’re gentle to your customers, they will be gentle to you back!”, she is always able to keep good terms with her customers, maintained the amicable means of interactions with them, “I am happy driving every day”, she enjoyed working, always has a smile on her face, is, a gentle female bus driver.

The assistant to the CEO of the bus company, Chen stated, that the company will give her an award for her work ethics.  To which Lee responded, that she was only doing what she is supposed to, that most of the drivers shared her same attitude toward the passengers.

This woman took her work seriously, and, puts her heart AND soul, into work, into providing the services to her passengers, and, it’s her means to show her cares and concerns for her passengers that’s, touched them, this is a woman with the good work ethics!

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Two Cabdrivers

One younger, one, middle aged, the younger was kinder, more gentle toward this woman and the needs of her husband, but not the older, more experienced driver, because, perhaps, the older driver lost his passion for work, while the younger driver felt that he was offering help to someone in need, and that’s the attitude differences, to how the two drivers perceived the needs of this woman’s husband, translated…

As my husband became immobilized, these past few years, when we went out, we took the cabs.  Awhile ago, he was due back at the hospital for his check up, as we’d just come out of our home, stood out to flag down a cab, the cab came from the other side of the streets for us.

As the driver opened up the door, I’d, tilted my head to him, stated, “I’m sorry, can you open your trunk, so I can put the wheelchair in.”  the driver was stumped for a bit, then, opened up his trunk, I’d helped my husband settle in first, then, moved his wheelchair to the trunk, but because of the height, and how I didn’t have enough muscle, I couldn’t, lift his wheelchair in, and it took me two, three minutes to finally store it in.  As I got in the cab, the driver had a soured face, and complained, “how slow!”, other than apologizing, there’s, nothing I can, say, after, time to them is, money.

Yesterday morning, we needed to go out again, and with the previous experience, I thought, as the cab stopped, I should inquire the driver if he’d mind taking someone in a wheelchair first.  And yet, as the cab stopped for us, not only did the front driver’s side door opened, so had the trunk too.  That young driver in a gray workout suit, with a baseball cap came out of his driver side, walked to beside us, gave my husband a hand, said, “Grandpa, no need to rush, just take your time!” as my husband settled into the seat, he’d, bent over, lifted up the wheelchair, and stashed it for us in his trunk, very agile, the driver had been.

As we settled into his cab, I’d thanked the driver for his help, he’d squinted his eyes toward me, said, “I work in the service industry, it’s what I’m supposed to do, no need to thank me.  I’m more than blessed, to give grandpa a lift, everyone was young once, but, not all get to their elderly years, I’d always feel especially blessed when elderly flagged me down.”

Hearing the young driver’s words, other than being grateful toward him, I’d felt, warmed up, due to this, experience of wonderful ride.

And so, here, we have, two contrasting attitudes, from two separate drivers, the first was older, he’d been working too long, perhaps, already, lost his passion for what he does for a living, while, the second driver was still a young lad, and, perhaps, his heart of offering help is what made the difference in the attitude to which he perceived this woman and her husband’s needs.

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The Kindness that Came, Out of the Outbreaks, on Live-ing

The outbreaks, that brought out the kindness we have toward our neighbors here, an, “accidental”, gain, I suppose, you can, call it that…translated…

With the Worsening of the Epidemic in May, the Country Entered into Stage-Three Alert, and All the Neighbors that Live & Work in the Cities all Came Back, One by One, for a, Long, Stay…………

Sharing the Harvest with the Neighbors

After I retired, I’d moved to this beautiful community up in the mountains, the flowers, the trees are grown, the shades, it’s like, living in heaven on earth.  There are, the small front lawns of the separate homes here, with the vegetable patches, the gardens too, we live our lives leisurely in the countryside.

The days became ordinary, and as we went back down the mountains, and headed into the cities, we’d stared, missing the serenities here, thought that there’s, nothing we would want more.  But, as the outbreaks this year began, it’d, forced us to reexamine our, ways of, life, comparing to the city, it’d, made me feel ever the more blessed, having a home here.

As the country entered into stage three alert by mid-May as the outbreaks got worse, the neighbors who’d moved into the cities to work all moved back one by one, the biggest reason being, this is comparably, safer.  The younger generations came home and started going to work in the distances, and, we’d seen them with their masks on, exercising in the woods, and the mountains too; the elderly sat around in their front yard, exercising, practiced Tai-Chi to keep their physical health, very comfortable.

The neighbors who’d originally loved planting things, started spreading the seeds down, and a few weeks later, we all got to share their joys of the harvest.  And, it’s more wonderful to see, how the neighbors shared their harvests with one another, and how they’re, repaid by the same sort of kindness.  And, none of the vegetables received are with the pesticides, matured naturally, and it’d, become, a safe food source for us.

Other than that, the younger generations who are home now, refused to let their time go to waste, some turned the yoga classrooms into a space to sell the fruits, vegetables, and frozen fish; some set up the vegetable delivery platforms, and sent out what’s ordered to the locals.  The younger generations started their new life of slashes then, not only were they able to find a way to make a living, they’d also, reduced the dangers the neighbors may come into contact with, having to go into the cities for their living needs.  And the only super convenience shop we have, also became a spot where we go to exchange the news.  Other than the offerings of the needed resources, one I’d received the call from the 24-hour mart’s cashier, showing concerns for me, an elderly woman who lives alone, only because I’d stopped buying the papers for three days, and it’d, moved me very much!

Leave Your Hair to Me from Here on Out

One afternoon, as I was, trimming down my messy hair I’d let grown all over for three months, my neighbor lined me that she was bringing something over, and as she heard I was trimming my hair, she’d told me to stop moving, and wait for her.  And, she’d, rushed over, with that drape, and, gently, taken out her haircutting set, and, skillfully, trimmed down my wet head of whites.  I was surprised as I’d inquired, “You are a barber?”, she started grinning ear to ear, “I’d taken the beautician courses from before!  But I’d not made a career out of it, but I was in charge of my own families’ hair styles!” looking at how skillfully she’d trimmed me down, she was as skilled as the hairstylists in the city.  We both had our masks on, I stayed quiet, not dared to interrupt her, but I’d, kept my eyes onto her focused, beautiful, large eyes, and that surge of warmth came into my heart then.

圖/Emily Chan
illustration from

After she was finished, I looked at my reflection in the mirrors, my short bob, quite fashionable, made me looked, years, younger, I really wanted to, rush up and hug her!  She saw me so glad, and told me, “if it’s all right with you, I’ll take care of your haircuts from here on out.  Actually, I really, loved trimming people’s hair, and really do want to go take more courses, to help the elderly get their hair trimmed in the nursing homes.”

This sort of a generous offering, I have no idea how I can, ever, repay!  She saw my concerns, and said, “I have two cacti which are about to die, can you save them for me, I’ll bring them by tomorrow!”

I’d gladly, made two more potted plants for her of the cacti varieties, told her, “I’ll take care of your needs for potted plants from here on out then!”

The outbreaks made me find the bliss, the blessings I’d not known I had, I have more freedom, more bliss here.  As the neighbors spread those extra seeds down intentionally, they’d also, planted the seeds of blessing, and, the relations of the community became, more tightly-knitted, it’d, kept the virus outside of this tough wall we’d build to protect one another that’s made out of love, allowing this kindness, to grow slowly.

And so, this, is how sharing can, bring so much joys, and, the people in this neighborhood are interacting amicably with each other, and, they know that the only way they will get through the outbreaks are by working together, continue being kind to each other, helping each other out.

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Turning the Lights on

How these, random acts of, kindness, from complete, strangers can, touch our lives and the effects of their kindness surely are, ever-lasting, translated…

Some twenty years ago, I’d gone to stay at California for a short while, after supper I’d still gone on a stroll like I would when I was at home, I’d often strolled by the residential estates, to work out for starters, and to get a closer look at the locals’ gardens, the quietness was what made the years memorable to me; but, what touched me the most, was the lights on the front porch that the local residents left turned on for the strollers to be able to see better in the nights.  How the lights were, motion-activated, lighting up the path before me.  Many a year later, these sensor lights became, more prevalent here in Taiwan, that was when I’d, realized, that I may have, interpreted, too much, into what I’d felt back in the U.S. on my trip from back when.

now, imagine the streets with houses of lights turned on out front…helping to light up the way, for those, coming home at night…photo from online

Switching gears to May of 2021, the unannounced power outages came, in the darkness, the inconvenience, I’d found, that sense of warmth of the light too.

It was seven in the evening, I’d walked that path I’d walked for over a thousand times home, the street became too dark beyond my recognition, someone used the flashlight on their cell phone to light up the way; but the bigger light came, from the local residents, the families put out their flashlights in front of their homes, some hung on the first-floor front doors, some on the second floor balconies, those lights that are up and down, are all the love, compassions of the local residents, not for themselves, but for those, who are, heading home at night, to get them safely, home.

You may be, on that path, with the dimly lit light, but, there’s, that warmth from within, and, the steps you stepped felt, lighter, and, you’d started, humming that song as you walked onward.

And so, this, is from the kindness of, complete strangers that offered that light to light the way, for the passersby to their, neighborhood, because they know that there’s, a need for those out and about to see the way, and offered their kindness to those around them.

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The Compassionate Meals at the Dongmen Night Markets of Yilan, Offered Help to Those in Need During the Outbreaks

Kindness shown, to those in need, by this, group of, business owners in a local night market, who’d, banded together, to provide the assistance to those in need during this trying time of MERS-CoV outbreak, off of the Newspapers, translated…

It’s been, days since the alerts were, downgraded to level two, the locals in Yilan had been, passing around the kindness.  The not-for-profit organization, the Lucky Families had been giving back in the program of, “I can handle it, Allow Me to Help You” meal programs.  There’d been more than ten night market food stands that are, actively, involved to date.  Providing for the families that are in trouble, breakfasts, lunches, and suppers, free of charge to the families in need.  The members of the Lucky Families program, the head of tourist development of Yilan Night Markets, Wang stated, that hopefully, through the platform set up by the night markets, it can, help more of those who are in dire need.

“There are those who are, having it, harder than we are having it, helping one another out, giving all that we can to each other”, Ms. Wang, the owner of a wrap stand stated, she’d once helped an elderly who works at making the handicrafts, the elderly made no more than $10,000N.T. by the month, couldn’t even afford her own $7,000N.T. rent, her family of four is tried, she’d recalled how she’d given to the elderly and her families, and it’d, made her feel, blessed.

the man, making the food to give to the families in need, free to them! Photo courtesy of

The owner of a fast food shop, Chuang also told, “being able to help, it’s okay, that I make, a little, less money!”, he’d told, that a long-time customer and his families are living in a small suite, his wife isn’t well, nor was his daughter, this time, the outbreak came, it’d, caused the man to lose his job, he and his family is on the verge of not making it, and he’d, reported to the foundation that this family is in dire need of assistance, and the foundation helped the family by giving them some emergency cash to help them through.

There are, many members of the night markets who are involved as the part of this, locally operated help foundation, including the wrap stands, fried rice shops, steak shops, the snack stands too, they’re all, actively, involved.  If the visitors see the stickers, and tell the shops, “I want to order the A meal”, then, the visitors will get a free meal provided to them.

Wang told, the business owners were impacted greatly during the outbreaks, and mostly relied on the deliveries to make their own ends meet, and even though, the night markets opened at sundown, the shops would open up for business during the daytime too, to help out the less fortunate, the needy families more, the shops would, take the costs of the meals provided on themselves.  There were the shop owners who’d had someone who’d, ordered more than one serving of the free meals provided, he believed, “if I do it, I shall, trust the customers, entirely”.  The other shop owners also stated, “as long as there’s needs, we shall, provided to them, for free!”

During the outbreaks, the Lucky Families actually also provided the meals on the New Years’ holidays for those who are in need, for a total of, eleven days on end, “it’s okay that you’re in a bit trouble, just tell us, we’ll, allow you to eat and drink the soups until you’re full for free!”, to date, this service had run for nine whole years; as the outbreaks got harder, the program was restarted back in May of this year, hoping that more who needs can get the help that they needed.

So, this, is a locally run and operated assistance program, with a group of kindhearted individuals, all working together, to help those who are in need, and, this, is amazing, what this group of business owners are doing in the local night markets, they’re not, just, providing the assistance to the families, individuals who are in desperate need, this group is also, passing, a good sort of a legacy, that hopefully, will continue on.

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Twenty Dollars N.T.

How this, twenty-dollars’ worth of kindness became, so much greater than it’d, started out as, translated…

It was around noontime, as I exited the post office, found the skies, covered with dark clouds, and because I didn’t have my  umbrella, I’d, hastened my pace, wanted to make it home before the rain came down.

As I was waiting for the lights to turn green at the intersections, I’d found an elderly man in his sixties, on a wheelchair, with a yellowed towel under his neck from below his mask, with the beads of sweats, popping out from his forehead constantly, that extended to his knees, with a bamboo sift, lined with the green lotus leaves, inside were, two tiny bags of ylang ylang, with a piece of paper that said a bag for $20.  Because of how hot it was, he kept using his right hand with only his thumb and pinky left, to hook the towel up on his neck, to wipe himself down, with his palmless left hand, he’d, clung tightly, onto that wheel on the left.

something small like this…

split, among her neighbors…photo from online

As I bent over to buy some flowers from him, he’d told me that because of the outbreaks, there’s, no business on the streets, that’s why after the noon hours, he still had a lot left.  I’d told him it would be all right, that I want it all, then, he could go home then.  He’d, paused a bit, and told me, courteously, that I only needed one pack, that the season of the bloom was quite short, in two, three days, the flowers will be black, and lose the aromas, that I’d be wasting my money if I bought more.

His “would be a waste” touched me, normally, those who sold the items, only wanted to sell the merchandises, as for what happened afterwards, they couldn’t, care less.

As I got home, I’d, given the flowers to my neighbors, hoping, that every house get to, bathe in the sweet scent, and hope, that through this tiny sort of sharing, I can greet my neighbors, whom I hadn’t seen regularly during this period of outbreak.  Although, I’d only give two flowers to every neighbor, but the neighbors were all very, surprised, they all thanked me, and we’d, wished each other, a safe passage.

I could’ve, never imagined, that the twenty-dollars N.T. I’d spent, made me see the kindness of the man who’d sold it, and also given me the pleasures, of seeing those radiant smiles blooming, from under my neighbors’ masks, and I was happy over this, for a, very long time.

And so, the man who sold the flowers was grateful for you helping him out, and, he didn’t cheat you, because he felt your kindness, and, you’d, passed that kindness you felt from him, to your, neighbors, through these, simple acts, kindness is, rolling around the world.

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A Cycle of Kindness

Because of the kindness, shown by those graduated, older school members to you, making you, more than willing, to give back to your younger schoolmates too now, this is, an amazing, cycle of help, of kindness that keeps, rolling down, translated…

My son stayed in his room a long time, I’d asked him what he was up to?  He’d told me he will be in a webcam meeting in a bit, to train his younger schoolmates on the techniques of interview.  I’d questioned, that it wasn’t him who’s taking the exams, he’d replied, “back then, my older schoolmates had helped me the same way, of course I am going to help my younger schoolmates now too!”  wow, my son is, really, grown up!  This was, very truth, back then, my son wasn’t, too articulate, a geek too, wanted to become noted in the excellent bunches of students from Jien-Guo High School, not an easy thing.  But gladly, his older schoolmates were, more than willing, to coach him, they’d come back to school to rehearse with him every weekend, and finally, it’d helped my son get into his desired major of medicine.

Of them, the most helpful person was the one who’d, connected my son with his older schoolmates, his homeroom instructor, she’d treated her students like they were her own children, and all the students were, more than, grateful toward her, with a call from her, all of her students would drop everything, and came to her aid.

Especially, the year my son graduated, everybody made the higher grades, and, it’s all on how those graduated students’ willingness to put in the time on their weekends, to share with those younger schoolmates the tips of going into the interviews, to how to prepare the information package to bring to the interviews, etc., etc., etc., and on Memorial Day weekend, they’d, trained them from 8:30 in the morn, to five in the afternoon, to allow the younger schoolmates to get the stance they’d needed, when they are in the interviews, and I was, more than, moved by these, older class members’, giving, there were, a total of twelve students who got into the medical department.

More importantly, these experience of having something offered to them, made these kids know how to give back.  It’s said, that children who are intelligent, were all, selfish, but on my son, and his classmates, I’d, found that, cycle of kindness that, repeated itself.  Because they knew, that they couldn’t get into the universities of their choices, had it not been the older school members’ returning on the weekends to help them prepare, so, they’d, followed in their older school members’ footsteps, returned back every year to help their younger schoolmates, and not only of the same school, my son and his college classmates would also, work together, to help the high school students in the Yunling, Chiayi areas to the highest, the topnotch universities in Taiwan too.

Later I’d asked my son, why did he do this much?  He’d said, that the countryside doesn’t have as much resources as in the cities, if because of their helping out, the kids from the countryside can, have the opportunities to get into the more prestigious universities, wouldn’t that be, amazing?  Hearing this, I’d found, that my son has, grown up, knew to trace to the origins, willing to help others, this would make me happier, than his, making the good grades.

This shows, how the cycle of kindness, can also, snowball, with the previous generations of graduates, coming back to the high school to help the graduating students prepare for their, entrance college interviews, giving them tips, helping them get into the majors of their choices, now, these younger school members, are, paying it forward, because they were, shown the kindness, by the previous generations of graduates, that’s why, they’re now, more than willing, to give back too.

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