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The Very First Case of Jury Trial in Hsinbei City, the Mother Being Charged with Smothering Her Son to Death, the District Attorneys Offices: She Did NOT Qualify for Reduction of Sentence

The very FIRST case of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-six year-old Hsu, because of her own emotional instability, economics, and other issues, last year in October, she’d smothered her own son to death, then attempted to kill herself with a knife, but was rescued, the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office indicted Hsu on murder, and this would be the very first case with a jury.

The D.A. found, that after Hsu was divorced, she’d made an agreement, to alternate the care for their son with her ex.  Last year in October, at her home, Hsu murdered her own son by smothering him with a pillow, then, attempted suicide, and as her ex couldn’t get in touch, he’d arrived at her apartment with the police, broken down the door, and found that his son was smothered to death, the district attorneys charged Hsu on murder.

Based off of understanding, due to how this was the very first case that will be ruled by a jury, the district attorneys already prepared for how the defense was going to use a psych evaluation, that she was in distress after the divorce, or economic difficulties, that it’d caused her to become unstable, asking for leniency, the D.A. asked for the psych evaluations, and investigated into the couple’s relationship, interviewed the school teachers, and found, that this case does NOT qualify for the reduction of sentencing.

An unnamed district attorney stated, in this trial, whether the defendant was a good or a bad mother, is the key point of the argument, in the cases of parents murdering their young, the D.A.s claims, and the defense’s claims of how the defendant is, is usually quite, diverse, both the D.A. and the defense believed, that which side can get to the jurors would be the key.

The unidentified district attorney told, that a able-bodied district attorney, in the ordinary public hearings, should NOT jut explain the law so that the laypersons can understand it, when asking of the sentencing, they would always use the factors of, emotions, and, toward the jurors, they will have to use vernacular explanations, that are simple to understand for the laypersons.

And so, this case if important, because this would be the very FIRST case of trial by, jury, and, nobody knows how this will go, and, nobody knows, if the defense is going to play on the jurors’ emotions, to get them to feel for the mother who’d committed suicide (showing that she was, remorseful!), or not.

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He’d Lived Like a Hermit Crab Under His Friend’s Roof, His Friend’s Wife Got Annoyed of Him and Started Altercating, He’d Beaten His Old Friend’s Wife to Death

It all began, as a give-and-take, you give something to me, I give you, something in return, and yet, somewhere in the middle, things started, changing, and everything, went downhill from there, eventually leading to, murder!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-seven-year-old Lee lived in his friend, Chen’s home in Taoyuan for thirteen years on end, had multiple times gotten into it with Chen’s forty-two-year-old wife, Liao, two evenings ago, they got into it and started hitting again, Lee was suspected of pushing Liao into the ditch that’s three-meters down, killing her.  Lee admitted to what he’d done, but the D.A. felt there are still other suspicions in the case, had Lee into police custody on murder charges, they will be conducting an autopsy of Liao to clarify the cause of her death.

The police investigated, Lee and the Chen’s worked in the professions of engineering, they’d known each other for more than two decades; twenty-three years ago, Lee failed in his home-modeling business, had been living hard since, as the master who’d taught Lee the trade, thirteen years ago, he’d had Chen move in, and provided the roof over Chen’s head, and meals too, while Lee had  become a handyman, helped to fix up their home.  Liao had always had something to say of Lee, and, the family was well aware, that she would attack him verbally frequently, and for long term.

At eight in the evening on the fourteenth, the two were suspected of getting into it due to something, started brawling, Lee was suspected of strangling Liao’s neck, and other parts of her body, the brawl moved from inside the home to outside the backdoor, Lee was suspected of pushing Liao into a three-meter deep ditch by the home.

The adopted son of Liao, who is twenty-nine years of age heard the raucous and wakes awakened from sleep, gone downstairs and checked and found Liao fallen into the ditch, although he’ called it in immediately, Liao still died from the severe injuries.

Lee followed to the hospital with the family, the police found that he was a primary suspect, took him into questioning, and during interrogations, he’d admitted to losing it in an argument with the woman, charged with murder, sent to the D.A.’s office.

The district attorneys went to the autopsy of Liao, found that there were many contusions on Liao, but they weren’t that apparent, they are having the autopsy this afternoon to clarify the cause of her death, and believed that Lee was reserved of what had happened, asked the courts to have him taken into custody.

And so, this is still a build up, and, based off of this, the man finally, CRACKED in this argument, brawl with this woman, whose husband gave him a “home”, and had this woman not verbally insulted the man long term, and he’d not exploded in that precise moment, then, none of this would’ve, happened.  But it still, had!

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The Painter Had Premediated the Sexual Assault as He’d Brought a Knife to Commit the Crime, Received a Severe Sentence in the Second Trial

A premeditated, rape, but he got caught, as the woman got away, and he only received five years, that’s still too light!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The painter, Peng last year barged into Chong-Guan Technical University in Taichung with a knife, forced a female staff member of the school to get into the restrooms, to sexually assault her, to molest her, thankful however, the woman was smart enough, got away, and got help, the police arrested Peng later.  In the first trial, Peng was sentenced to four years ten months, in the second trial, the courts confirmed that he’d premeditated the rape, gave him a heavier sentence of five years ten months.

The verdict stated, the twenty-six-year-old Peng at one in the afternoon on July first of last year, rode his scooter to the Hongguan Technical University in Shaloo, took the knife into the school, and started looking for the victims; at five in the early evenings of the day, he’d zoomed in on a female worker who was going to the restrooms alone on her own.

Peng tailed after her into the restrooms, as the victim finished using the restrooms, and opened the door, he’d pushed her down, in the process of the struggle, the woman got cut in the fingers, and the blood flowed nonstop; Peng strangled the woman around her neck, dragged her into the handicapped stall, started rubbing her breasts, attempted to sexually assault her.

The victim called out for help, Peng worried that she got too loud, exited the stall to check, the woman took the advantage, locked the door to the stall, as Peng was locked out, he’d started screaming to her, “if you don’t open up, when I get in I will kill you!”

Then, Peng attempted to climb into the handicapped stall from the adjacent stall, the woman saw he was not paying attention, rammed out the door, Peng changed his outfit, got out of the school, and about an hour later, he’d changed his attire, then returned to the scene, to check how far the police is in the case.

The police later found out it was Peng, and went to his home to confiscate the clothes he was wearing, as his families told him, he’d realized he couldn’t escape the law, at one in the morning the following day, he’d turned himself in.

The Taichung District Court in the first trial, found him guilty of attempted rape with a weapon, sentenced him to four years ten months, the district attorneys felt it was too lenient, went for an appeal.

The Taichung High Subsidiary Court found that Peng had cased out the location, used a knife, and afterwards, he’d changed attires to go back to the site, that he was too bald, that he’d carefully, planned the crimes out, that it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, he’d severely impacted the safety of the school as well as the victim, the D.A. had justified reason to appeal, changed his sentence to five years ten months, this can still be appealed.

Yeah, this is still too lenient, and who’s to say, that this LOSER won’t do it again, after all, he’d only gotten just almost SIX years for attempted rape of a woman.

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A Man with a Crush on a Single Mother, Stalked & Threatened Her, Caught & Sent to Jail

Despite how the ANTI-HARASSMENT law had been signed into effect, it still doesn’t do SHIT in deterring these bad behaviors, nor prevent these things from recurring in the society, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Huang, started dating a single mother, the woman wanted to break up, Huang didn’t, he’d waited until she was asleep, and secretly recorded her personal data, her schedule, the photos she’d saved, as well as the conversation records on her cell p hone, to know where she is, and texted “we’re going to die together” as threats; Huang claimed that it was only him, venting, showing how he “will NEVER break up with her”, the courts found him guilty on obstructions in computer usage, and the anti-stalking laws, gave him fifty-five day prison term.

Based off of understanding, both Huang and the woman are in their fifties, they were dating, but didn’t cohabit; in January of last year, the woman wanted to break up, Huang was strongly opposed to it, they’d stayed, connected; in May of last year, the two went to a motel, when the woman was asleep, Huang took the advantage of the time, keyed in her cell phone passwords to gain access to what she’d saved on her phone, the photos, the footages, as well as the clips of the conversation records, her work schedule, along with other personal information, and sent it to his own phone.

As Huang got a hold of the woman’s schedules, he’d tagged along the back of her car with his car, gone to her workplace, to know who she was interacting with, and went to the door of her office and called aloud, “I don’t want to break up!”; and he’d also texted her repeatedly, “let’s die together, why don’t we?”, “I’ll buy some pesticides and come find you”, “don’t give me a chance, why don’t you kill me instead”, etc., etc., etc., and it’d impacted the woman too hard, she’d gone to see a psychiatrist for it.

Afterwards, the woman couldn’t withstand Huang’s harassments and threats any longer, she’d told her daughter, then reported it to the police, the police called Huang to interview him, he’d admitted to the threatening messages he’d sent, and all the behaviors, claimed that he only wanted the woman to take him back, that he was only expressing how he “will NEVER break up no matter what”.

The Taichung District Courts considered, that Huang admitted to what he’d done, but already caused the victim to fear, to become suicidal, that he’d broken the laws, plus the woman refused to forgive him in trial, nor settle the matter, sentenced him to fifty-five days in jail, he can pay a total of $55,000N.T. and not serve any time on using technology to harass and invasion of privacy, this can still be appealed.

And this is still too lenient, I mean, because of this LOSER’s tendencies and priors (he HAD, harassed the woman, threatened to kill her then commit suicide!), despite how she’d told him she wanted to break up, and, he’d invaded her privacy too, and, you think the bars of prison are going to, keep him away from doing it again?  Yeah, that’s now how those, obsessed EXES work, and after he’d served his “hard time”, surely enough, the woman’s going to get tailed, and harassed again, because these sorts of punishment does NOT do SHIT!

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The Extramarital Affair of the Hsinbei Fire Department Chief, Huang’s Resignation Approved

If these heads of the cities’ various departments can’t even behave themselves, what do you think this SHOWED about the morale of those who’d, ruled over us, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Busted as the Woman Wanted to Break the Six-Year Relationship, but Huang Didn’t, the Woman Accused Him for Harassing Calls, and Blocked Her Path and Begged to Get Back Together

The Fire Department Chief of Hsinbei City, Huang, was found to have had an extramarital affair with a female boss of an electronics plant for six years, the woman wanted to end it, in two weeks’ time, Huang had flash-called her hundreds of time to get her to take him back, he’d even gone to her home to block her path, the woman couldn’t take it any longer.  Huang’s behaviors were found out, on the twenty-fifth, he’d quickly resigned, the city government allowed him to, the assistant director of the Hsinbei Fire Department, Lee is now the chief.

Based off of understanding, Huang and the woman met at a high-end steak gathering six years ago, they’d exchanged contact information, and afterwards, Huang started texting her, in pursuit.

Based off of what’s been disclosed, the woman originally didn’t want to be a couple with him, but they’d started having an extramarital affair, but the woman didn’t want to be the other woman for the rest of her life, and she “was painful in this sort of a relationship”, at the end of last year, she’d finally decided to break it off with him.

On January 2nd of this year was the very last time they met up face-to-face, but Huang still couldn’t let go, repeatedly calling, sent the text messages, to try to save their relationship, and he’d even gone to her home and waited for two whole hours outside; and the harassment exacerbated until the woman couldn’t handle it anymore, and was planning on suing him.

The attorney He believed, that if Huang had made up to a hundred calls in the two-week time period, texted the woman too many times, and asked her to take him back, then, he would have broken the anti-stalking laws.

The attorney told, that the stalking prevention laws protects the lives and privacies of the victims, as the victims got stalked, the first step is to head to the police to report, to have the police investigate, to clarify if the anti-stalking laws had been broken, then, confirm which of the eight means of stalking the behaviors fitted to.

And if the police, after investigations found that it was, stalking behaviors, then, they will call up the suspect to ask the individual about her/his behaviors, and the motives behind the stalking, and the police can also issue a written warning, and if the victims are still stalked or harassed then, they can file for a restraining order from the courts.

The press called up Huang, but he’d not responded back, the Hsinbei City Government confirmed on the 25th, that Huang had, resigned from the post, and the assistant fire department chief, Lee got promoted to his position yesterday.

And, harassment can be done by anyone, man, woman, a nobody, a somebody, and it all starts with, that relationship, then, the relationship with that certain someone had ended, and the one who still wanted to continue didn’t want it to end, and start to, harass, and that’s now, against, the law here.

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The Female Saleswoman Called the Police on a Crime Spree, Using Test-Drives as Excuses to Rape the Female Sales Agents, the Woman Called the Police

One more way, to get, scammed and harassed, and sexually, assaulted, and these are people with some work experiences who’d fallen, victims here too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A car saleswoman from Hsinbei City received a call for a test drive with someone from FB, got sexually assaulted, there’d at least been, five victims so far, and the ring had tailed her, she was so thrilled she’d gone to the police to report it.  The police reviewed over the ad, that it was threatening, that the ad broke the sexual harassment prevention laws, and will help her file a case, and have her assist in the investigations, and clarify if this was a new means to scam.

The police investigated, that a female car saleswoman in her early twenties received the private messages from FB of late, the content of the message was suspected to be the private messages between the scam artists, with her photo loaded online, stated, that if she was captured successfully, a bounty will be paid, that the members could “test drive” her first, on the ninth, she’d gone to the local substation with her supervisor from work to report, and provided the image of the conversation she’d saved from her FB.

She’d claimed, that the individual claimed to be a member of an enterprise, that because he felt guilty, texted her to let her know, that the scam ring had, zoomed in on her already, that she needed to watch her back, claimed, that the ring was seeking out pretty young female sales agents in the car business, and tricked them out using the claims of wanting to test drive, and to rape, to sexually harass the victims, and take photos of sexually-illicit means, the sex footages, and threatened to not tell anyone, there’d been at least five known victims found.

The patrol officers told her she could sue the individuals criminally for damaging her reputation and others, she’d not, she’d stated that she wanted the police to use the I.P. she’d provided to them, to track the scam ring, the officers told her she’d had to make it a formal report, she’d left immediately, not given her statement.

The police reviewed over the messages the woman left for them, and it’d involved sexual harassments, and threats, they’d called her back immediately to get a statement, and they’re working the case toward sexual harassment and threats, and the police is now investigating to see if there are the organizations that are using this method to commit the crimes.  The police called out, if anyone receives any messages similar, do be brave, and come out, the police will do everything they can, to help find who these suspects are, and arrest them.

And so, this, is on how easily someone can be, intimidated by the scam artists, because they hold those photos of you, and threaten to send them out online, that’s why you were afraid, to go to the cops, and, even if you go to the police, it will be very difficult, for these perps to get caught, because, there are just, too many out there.

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The External Prison Terms with Another Escape, Twenty-Hours Afterwards, the Inmates Were, Caught

And, because of these few “bad apples”, the rest of those serving in prison will no longer get the, benefit of the doubt, and be allowed to have a break, to serve out their time outside of the walls of the prisons now, because these convicts had, tried to, escape!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Escaped Inmate Had Less than a Year Left in Time, Hidden in the Net Café in Shijr, Got Found and Arrested Again, for Two Consecutive Days, there Were the Inmates Who Were Allowed to Visit Home Who’d Not Reported Back, the Justice Department Ordered an Evaluation

The Zichiang External Prison inmate, Lu on the eleventh of this month was allowed to visit home, and by the thirteenth, he’d not returned on schedule, he’d escaped; the Hualien D.A.’s Office issued an APB, the criminal investigations agency issued a specialist notice, the railway police yesterday afternoon, found the escaped inmate in a net café in Shijr, Lu was only on the escape for twenty hours before he got caught, and taken to the Hualien D.A.’s Office.

Two days ago, there’d been the incident of the inmate out on vacation, Huang’s not returning, he was suspected of committing suicide in his own home; and for two days consecutively, there were the external serving inmates’ escape, the justice department asked the correctional facilities to evaluate the systems, to carefully, select the inmates who will be eligible to serve the external service terms from here on out.

The investigations found, that Lu was given the okay to return home to Kinmen to visit, and originally, due to the fog thickening in the airports, Lu took the extra flight at five in the afternoon that same day, at seven, he was scheduled to arrive at Songshan Airport.  Lu called up the external serving system, told them that he will be late in returning back to prison.

And the external service prison up to late two nights ago, hadn’t seen Lu, couldn’t get him on the phones, contacted his families, they’d not known where he was, the penitentiary called up the D.A.’s office; the railway police reviewed over the surveillance, confirmed that Lu got off the flight at Songshan Airport, that he’d gone to Nangang Station and bought a ticket and got on the trains.

The police found that he’d ridden the trains to Shijr, then, went on a cab to wander around, at noon of yesterday, he’d entered into a local net café, and four hours later, the police zoomed in on his location, and went to arrest him.

Based off of understanding, Lu was sentenced to two years eight months for fraud, originally served in Kinmen penitentiary, due to good behavior, he was given the opportunity to serve the external prison terms at Zichiang external prison.

Lu had less than a year remaining in his terms, already went out five times of break, and there were his not getting the flight fares that he couldn’t return from before, filed for parole last November, but the courts didn’t grant it to him, and this time, he’d, not returned on time, and this will affect his future chances of parole.

The external Ming-Der Prison of Tainan last August had the incident of the escaped convict, Lin’s murdering two officers, the justice department drafted up the “regulations for external prison terms” because of it, the legislature is currently reviewing the bills; the head of justice department, Tsai told, that it didn’t matter what form, or shapes the inmates had done, escaping from within prison, not returned back to prison after the breaks, it’s all considered the crimes of escaping from prison.

And so, this would make the justice department, tighten up the rules, because these few bad apples had, screwed the systems up for EVERYBODY, because of these few bad apples, who’d, tried to escape prison, not returned back, because they were given the advantage, the benefits to serve out, that’s why, the prison systems will probably, no longer allow for these sorts of “benefits” again!

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The Love that Turned into Hate. She’d Poured a Strong Acid on Him, Causing Him to Sustain Twenty-Nine-Percent Burn on His Body, His Face Disfigured

The difference between aggravated assault and attempted murder lies in the FACT, that this woman didn’t bring ENOUGH acid to cause severe enough damage on this man whom she’d had upsets with…on how the charges does NOT fit right to the extent of the crime here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Chiu and her cohabiting partner, Hsieh argued over their relationship, to get him back, Chiu premediated in pouring strong acid on the man, prepared the solution in a bottle, waited at the parking lot late in the nights when Hsieh got out of his car, then, she’d, rushed up to him, poured the acid all over his body, causing his face, neck, and his body to get eroded, to the point of his becoming disfigured, his nose was out of shape, his arms no longer moved as they used to either, he’d sustained twenty-nine-percent burns over his body, the D.A. charged Chiu on aggravated assault recently.

Based off of understanding, Chiu (age 39) as she’d started cohabiting with Hsieh, started having frequent altercations with him, on the night of March 29th, Chiu prepared a bottle of strong acid, and ambushed at a parking lot in northern Taichung, waited until two in the morn the following day, he saw Hsieh riding up in a cab, as soon as he got out, she’d rushed up to him, poured the acid on his face, his body.

Hsieh had fourth degree chemical burns on his eyes, his face, his neck, his head and on his limbs, taking up twenty-nine-percent of his body, his face became disfigured, his nose out of shape, retinal injuries, and lost the agilities in his hands and arms.

After Chiu committed the crime, she’d stayed on scene, the police first took her back to the station as a witness, but found her to have the erosions of acid on her wrists, her shoes, and as she’d complied in answering the questions, that was when the police found the bottle with the strong acid solute in her car.

As the D.A. interrogated her, she’d admitted that she was upset over the love which was why she’d taken revenge on him, and the surveillance in the parking lot showed that it was her, plus Hsieh’s testimonies identifying her as the perp too.

Hsieh sued Chiu on attempted murder, Chiu denied that she had the intents for murder, the district attorneys believed, that after she’d poured the acid, she’d not committed any more malicious acts, based off of the amount of acid she had on her, although it will cause the skin to get eroded, but, it’s hard to tell, that it would cause death, found her guilty of aggravated assault.

Yeah, uh, how’s that just?  I mean, you brought the strong acid, and poured it all over your cohabiting boyfriend’s body, and that’s not called intent to murder?  What the @#$%?  Yeah, and just because this dude got lucky, not gotten killed, this woman is getting that slap on her wrist, that’s still NOT justice!

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A Teen Threatens the Taiwanese Railroad with a Bomb Multiple Times

Blame it on their, not-yet-fully-developed prefrontal cortex, for NOT realizing the effects of their own behaviors in these teens, the upsets from the pandemic, lashed out, by this teen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The customer service of Taiwanese Railway Company received an anonymous threat two evenings ago, the individual claimed that he was going to place a bomb at the first train of the 448th Puyuma Train to Taidong, at six in the morn, another threat came that stated that there was going to be a bomb planted on every single train of the 110th Puyoma Trains, the railroad police immediately confirmed, after tracking the phones, that these two calls came from an adolescent living up north, they’d already had him come in to explain.

Based off of understanding, this seventeen year-old had also called on the New Year’s holidays to the customer service of Taiwanese Railroad to make the threats, falsified that there was a train derailing, that it’d caused deaths, back then, as the police called him in for interrogation, he was taken to the hospital on being too emotional, and yet, in his treatment at the psych ward, he’d made other calls to threaten the Taiwanese Railroad Company, the police confirmed that the calls are all made by the same teenager, that they will review his evidence of making the public threats, and, take him to court.

Based off of understanding, this underage adolescent, because he couldn’t find a better outlet for his emotion, that was why he’d “expressed his emotions” by making the threats on the trains, ruling out the recent Taoyuan Airport MRT threat being from a foreign suspect, all the rest of the domestic threats are from this particular teen, he’d used his cell phone to make the threat calls, and the police had zoomed in on him already, and they’d notified his parents to come to the station.

The Taiwanese Railroad Company stated, that during the outbreaks, there were a rising number of threats like this, that recently, the company had set up the identification systems of callers, in the futures, those who called to the station to inquire something will have to verify their identities by text.

The assistant director of the Safety department of Taiwanese Railroad, Huang said, in the past, Taiwanese Railroad had rarely received any threats, there was only an average of one case per year, to none that’s been reported, but during the pandemic, there’d been a clear rise, in recent three years, they’d received around two, three threats, and the officials aren’t ruling the behaviors of modeling effect.

Feng, the assistant manager of Taiwanese Railroad Company believed, that there’s a clear rise in the threats during the pandemic, primarily, the threats were on the holidays when there are the increased number of travelers, and they believed, that there would be more frequent threats in the downturn of economy, as well as under the conditions of people’s lives being affected the most.

And although they already identified where the threats came from, the railroad police still had gone on the trains, to check all the seats, the restrooms, the luggage compartments, the luggage racks, just to be certain, and currently, there’d been no explosives or any other suspicious items being identified.

So, you’re just, way too bored, that you can’t find anything to do, and that you’d felt upset over things, and felt the need to, lash out, that’s why you’d, misbehaved, is that it?  That’s the problems with the teenage years, they’d lacked the ability to FORESEE the consequences, as their prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed yet, and that’s why this young lad made the threats, that alerted the entire country, and now, he will face the punishments, but because he’s a minor, he’ll probably, get off easy, and that’s still not right, he DESERVED to be punished HARSHLY, so he does NOT do it again.

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Remodeling Their Homes & Got Targeted by the Scammers, the Fake District Attorney Scammed My Parents-in-Law to Get Them to Make the Withdrawals

Targeted, because he is an elderly person, and he’d, kicked himself afterwards, but hey, what can you do?  You can only, be thankful, that he wasn’t, physically, harmed by those who drove him to make the withdrawals of the cash they’d scammed him for, translated…

It was the year that my father-in-law finally remodeled their old army retirement village home, he’d gone all out, installed the brand new air-conditioning units in every room, replaced the old television, refrigerator, washing machine, couch, along with all the other pieces of, furniture too, in his pride, he’d, shown off his newly remodeled, redecorated home to his neighbors, and soon enough, the scammers, zoomed in on him.

One day, my father-in-law received a call from a self-claimed “district attorney of the courts”, stated that the savings account that he had at the post office had been listed, that he needed to go and sort it out immediately, otherwise, the money he had in the account will be, confiscated.  As my father-in-law believed, he became lustered, and, locked my mother-in-law who’s demented at home along in, rushed downstairs, to get on the car sent for him by the “district attorney”.

the numbers are, legit, but the individual on the other end of the line isn’t, but, how do we know that? We don’t, so we fall, prey! Photo from online

As he got on, two men sat by his side, one on the left, the other, on the right, and on the way, they’d pretended to be busying on their laptops, like they were, sorting the matters with my father-in-law’s account, out, and it’d, trapped my father-in-law into that state of mind, that this was, serious, that he couldn’t settle his thoughts down and think thoroughly through, in the process, the first two post office found something was off, and refused to let them make the withdrawals, and finally, as the car got to a more distant post office, they finally got their ways, then, they’d told my father-in-law, that everything had been settled, then, drove him back to the army retirement village where he lived.

What was ironic was, the post office worker, because my father-in-law is a retired veteran, had called up the counseling committee, and, the counseling committee member called up the families, which was my husband, but my husband thought that the call was from a scammer, and ignored.  But, think on it, as my father was “taken” by the scam artists, and he can only, lose the money, to keep himself unharmed, what ELSE can he do, he couldn’t possibly fight them physically, can he?

The weekend right after this, we’d packed a huge red envelope, took it home to visit with my in-laws, the purpose of the red envelope, is to settle my in-laws’ scare, secondly, we’d worried they might not have enough money for living.  And, my father-in-law who’d always been agile and able-bodied, refused to tell anything more about the events, he may feel, that it was ashamed that he got, scammed, and we’d not asked any further, and can only console with him, that at least, he wasn’t, harmed. Physically.

And in these cases, what ELSE, can you do, huh?  Just be thankful, that at least the elderly who got scammed is, home safe, as for the money, well, that’s not that important, and this still just showed, how the scammers still, targeted the lesser, the elderly who are on their own, because they’re easy, and, even IF there are the news stories, the forums, the ads on T.V. warning against these sorts of things, when you’d bumped into it, you can easily get scammed too.

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