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The Man Who’d Stalked the Woman & Threatened to Go Public with the Intimate Photos Gets Four Months after Being Caught

The “magic” of the anti-stalking laws still, “in effect” here, so, this ex got???  NOT long enough if you ask me, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former temp from the city government of Taoyuan, Lee started dating a female coworker last year, became upset that she wanted to break up with him, threatened her for an entire month, and showed her the secretly filmed sex footages that they had together, threatened that he will leak it out, and told her to “finish yourself off”.  The Taoyuan District Court found that he’d impacted the woman’s mental and physical wellbeing, considered how he’d plead guilty to the charges, and had deleted the footage, sentenced him to four months on obstruction of privacy, obstruction of freedom, this can be appealed.

The investigations found, that the forty-four year-old Lee and his ex were both once temps for hire at the city government of Taoyuan, Lee became upset of how the woman told him she wanted to break up, and blocked all his calls, at 8:24 in the morn on April 27th, he’d started flash calling her at work, threatened her to quit, claimed, “if you don’t listen, then, I will have someone go to your home, and guard your place from morning until late”, demanded the woman “move away from Bade at the end of April”, otherwise, he will post the articles, disclosing their intimate relationship to the world, even posted the photos of them having sex together online.

As Lee hung up, the threats in texts came repeatedly, and seeing how the victim didn’t respond, he’d sent the GIF files of the two of them at the motel, threatened, “do you want it in high-def”, and that was when the woman was shocked, in realizing, that she’d been, filmed, without her consent.

Lee continued with his threats until the end of May, other than threats to spread the photos and footages, he’d also mentioned of killing her and committing suicide afterwards, told the victim to kill herself, and other words, the victim finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and called the cops.

After Lee was arrested, he’d admitted to harassing the woman, deleted the footage that he’d shot without her consent, and as the preparations for trial started, he’d written his confessions of what he did; the courts criticized that he should respect the woman as they were exes, but instead, he’d used verbal threats, and made the woman live in fear.  Lee was sentenced to two months for secretly taping of the private matters, and of the privates of the body, the threats on the woman, he was given three months, and he will be serving a total of FOUR months at least in prison.

This is, if not, just that slap on the wrist of this, loser who got upset that the woman broke up with him, and guess what’s gonna happen, after he is, released, he will surely, find a wat to “get back in touch” with his victim, and start, threatening her, harassing her, because losers like this one, they just, can’t learn well enough at all, and, besides, four SHORT months, is too lenient, as he has a chances of, becoming a repeated offender, to every single woman he will be dating, and selected to break up with him.

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The Two Officers Got Drunk at the Bar, Started a Fuss, Written Up & Demoted

As they should both be, being law enforcement officers, and this was, how they’d, both, behaved, badly, the adverse effect of drinking, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The female police officer, Lin on the eighth, went with Yao, a man from her squad to a bar in Tainan to drink, Lin started vomiting, because she couldn’t keep her drinks down, but because she didn’t have the cash in $1,200N.T. to pay for the clean up fees, she’d gotten into a verbal argument with the bar; the local precinct police arrived on scene, Lin said that she was “one of your own”, shoved the officer, and got cuffed, and taken into custody.  The Sixth Squad investigated, and found that the two became too intoxicated and behaved wrongly, injured the officers who’d come to arrest them, given them both one major reprimand each, and transferred them out of the higher up officers’ teams.

The thirty-five-year-old Lin received the first-place trophy for Tae-Kwon-Do back in her high school year, received a free ride up to the Police Academy, and assigned to the squadron in charge of the president’s safety, in helping to maintain order at the age of twenty-three, she was assigned as the form vice president, Lu’s personal guard, she is beautiful, and outstanding at her work, the media called her “the VP’s beautiful guard”.  Before the incident, she was the assistant captain’s officer’s squad of her team, she had, a bright future.

On the eighth of this month, Lin went to the bar to drink with her fellow coworker, Yao, they drank more than twenty shots each, Lin started hanging over, barfed all over the floor, the bar asked for a thousand dollars N.T. in clean up charges, Lin didn’t bring any cash with her, Yao couldn’t pay the charges either, they’d started getting into altercation with the bar staff.

The bar called up the local police, the officer arrived, and Yao was upset over how the bar handled the matter, started up the shouting matches with the employees, Lin told the officers who’d arrived on site that they were “one of your own”; as the officers who’d come saw that Lin was plastered, they’d wanted to take her into custody, Lin shoved the officer, and was pinned by force by the police in Tainan to the ground, taken back to the station, while Yao walked away from the bar.

like these two, only, that the two involved also got into a fight with the bar owner! Photo from online

As Lin was taken in, she’d slept until four in the morn, the waken to it, sobered, as the police confirmed her status as a police officer, they’d then, notified the Sixth, and Lin was led away by Yao.

The Sixth said, that after investigations, they’d found that Lin and Yao are coworkers, both are single, and are dating; they’d roused something up after getting drunk, that it’d damaged the reputations of the police forces, both were given one major reprimand, and transferred off of the officer’s forces, Lin was reassigned to the First, Yao was demoted to a desk job.

And so this is still W-H-Y, you should NOT get drunk, not even a little, because you do NOT know what you are going to do after you get drunk, as alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions, you have less control over your impulses, and, these officers, they’d originally had a bright future up ahead but now, because of making a huge mess at the local bars, they can, kiss their bright futures, goodbye!

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The Highway Patrol Officer Suspected of Raping the Adolescents, Given Two Major Reprimands, and Taken Off Duty for Good

These @#$%ERS should go the PRISON, see how they liked being, someone else’s BITCHES for a change if you ask me, how easy these days, the predators can, mask themselves up as members of law enforcement, and take advantage of the people, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The head of department of Transportation of the Highway Patrol Nineth Police Team, Cheng a while ago, met a fifteen-year-old youth through social network, suspected of taking him to a public restroom in Zhongzhen District to rape, the adolescent’s parents reported it; Cheng admitted to having sexual intercourse, but denied the allegations of sexual assault, the Taipei City Police Department searched his laptop, found that there were, massive amounts of sexually illicit photos of teenagers, suspected that there were other victims, after the district attorneys interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, the courts had signed off on it.

sex predators…

photo from online

The officer’s rape of the adolescent male came out, the offices of Highway Police Patrol issued an apology, stated they were sorry, that this had happened, that they are going to give Cheng two major reprimands, and take him off police duty, the captain of the Nineth didn’t supervise enough, received one major reprimand, then, they’re going after the former supervisors, the offices of supervision too.

Cheng the officer is twenty-seven years of age, graduated from the 82nd class of 2017, passed the level three specialized exams, got assigned to the highway patrol, in 2019, he got transferred to the fifth division from the ninth where he’d worked previously.  On August 22nd, he was promoted, and transferred back to the ninth, and assigned as the traffic group’s manager.  His father also works in law-enforcement.

The district attorneys found, awhile ago, Cheng met the victim on an online friendship site, the two got acquainted, on the third of this month, they’d met out, Cheng took the youth to a public restroom, and was suspected of raping the teen.

Afterwards, the teen started behaving not quite right, as his father learned of what happened, on the fifth, they went to the Zhongzhen First Substation to report the case, on the twelfth, the police went to arrest Cheng at his home, Cheng admitted to having sexual intercourse, but stated that it was, consensual.

posing as…law enforcement officials!

photo from online

The police conducted a search of Cheng’s home, they’d found sexually-illicit photos of multiple adolescents, and charged him on solicitations and exploitation, sent him to the district attorney’s office.

And here, we still have???  Oh yeah, a PREDATOR, masking himself up as a law enforcement official, and, this is really awful, because law enforcement are supposed to protect the people, and, this will make us lose faith in the system, because, a predator is dressed up as a law enforcement official, and how are we, supposed to tell that, huh?  It’s not like all registered sexual offenders all have that tattoo on their heads: hey, I’m a sex predator, stay away from me! Is there?  Of course, there, isn’t.

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The “Double Agents” of Cognitive Warfare of the Government

Yeah, playing BOTH sides, from, behind the computer screens, that’s a new one by the DDP here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Cognitive warfare” had been abused, and overused by the DDP to the extremes now; all the criticisms toward Tsai’s government or the DDP, the government’s censoring, can all be, filed under “cognitive warfare”.  What’s worth noting was, the member of the policy committee, Chang elevated cognitive warfare onto, another, higher, level.

The star, Rainie Yang Cheng Lin two months ago appeared on a programming in China, mentioned how “extravagant it was to have seafood in Taiwan” and the online community started hitting her hard, even the offices of internal affairs, the cultural department, all trolled on her.  But, due to the timing, as the truth slowly came up to the surfaces, the attacks died down soon enough, and the Office of Internal Affairs issued an apology, changed their posting, the DDP was, beaten, this time.

But, Chang put a brand new focal point on the matter, suspected that the hits on Yang may have been started by the Red Armies of China in “cognitive warfare”.  He said, if the Communists were behind this, it’d shown, how well they knew Taiwan’s means, that they had the ability to get the “online communities in Taiwan, and lead them to wherever it wanted the Taiwanese to go”.  In other words, what made the DDP eat dirt in this, wasn’t it’s own mismanipulation of the matter, but “falling into the traps of the Communist Net Army’s Cognitive Warfare”.

how it takes just one mind, to exert the influences on many, other minds, as the many other minds ca’t decide for themselves! Photo from online

This, is, questionable, however.  The Tsai government’s pounding down on “cognitive warfare from across the straits”, had only been limited to those who’d given kudos to China, criticized Taiwan or the Tsai government; and now, even “the DDP’s manipulating the net armies unsuccessfully” got interpreted as “China’s cognitive warfare on Taiwan”.  Based off of this logic, then, the head of internal affairs, Hsu, he must be a spy for the Communist government from China who’d infiltrated here then?

And to this point, the family of cognitive warfare had grown larger still.  What’s ongoing now, is the “cognitive warfare”, the policy of the Tsai government is “using the false claims of going against the cognitive warfare, to make cognitive warfare happen”, and now there’s the “failed cognitive warfare being interpreted as China’s cognitive warfare on Taiwan”.  And, there’s only the government led by Tsai in this entire world, that’s able to, spin cognitive warfare into double-spy agent stories.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how the DDP manipulated the masses, as they were about to get busted, sending those messages trash-talking this country by their own net armies, and spin it like it’s from the other side of the straits, China, and that just goes to show, how it is, when the online believers follow their leaders to a fault, and what’s worse, is that these rumors continued to spread, and sway the masses, as election time nears, at the end of the year.

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Suspected of Stowing Away to Vietnam, Transferring to Cambodia Illegally as Scammers, Eleven Criminals with Active Warrants Extradited Back

Scam-artists GALORE here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Peng and eleven other suspects with active arrest warrants stowed away from Kaohsiung to Vietnam, last month, as the group tried to enter into Cambodia, they were caught by the Vietnamese police, the Criminal Investigations Unit found that from the group, ten were sentenced for fraud, there were those who’d been caught for scamming in Eastern Europe, they suspected that the group was headed over to Cambodia to set up scam there locally, yesterday, the Criminal Investigations Unit sent the officials to escort them back to Taiwan, and, interrogated every one of them, taken them all into custody.

The police told, that the Cambodian scam artist rings needed the workers in the mechanical operations units, and Cambodia followed the “one-China rule”, and Taiwan lacked the means to have the local police forces to help investigate, the country became a hot zone for the escaped scam artists, and the police will soon find out if the eleven members are involved in oversea scams, fraud, and/or human trafficking.

Based off of investigations, eleven were sentenced to fraud, organized crimes, illegal possession of firearms, obstruction of the peace, sentenced to two years four months to five and a half years, they escaped, and not arrived at prison to serve their terms, of them, ten were charged with fraud, one was charged with breaking the medical care provision laws, and none had any records of being out of the country.

The Vietnamese Public Safety Agency’s offices of immigrations caught eleven of them at the Vietnam-Cambodian border, found that none had their passports, and reported to the criminal investigation agency stationed at Vietnam.  The International Department of the agency, the local police precinct officials, a total of twelve law enforcement officials arrived in Vietnam yesterday, and escorted the suspects in two groups back here, arriving here at the international airport in Taoyuan in the afternoon and early evenings yesterday, because of the pandemic, after the police interrogated them, they were sent to the Taichung Penitentiary to quarantine.

And so, this is how easy, people from here, get into the scamming business, and besides, operation in the Southeastern regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, and places close to there is way cheaper, that’s why the area’s become a hot spot for the operations of the scam artists.


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The Predatory Instructors’ Power Rapes, Don’t Revictimize the Children Again

Predators, in instructors’ “skins” here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of the homeroom instructor of a G.T. class in Taichung long-term using his status of power to rape his students, finally made progress on the second, the city’s gender equality commission decided to terminate the contract for hire of the instructor, Huang, to file him on the NEVER-HIRE list.  Ms. A in April filed the complaints against him, the Gender Equality Commissions stepped in to investigate, and they’d finally made progress on the second of this month, the city government of Taichung’s Department of Education decided to terminate Huang’s contract for hire, and placed him on the never-hire list.  Ms. A filed the complaints in April, and, up to now, the Gender Equality Commissions had been investigating since, the Humanitarian Foundation in August filed a formal complaint with the city government, and there were the members of the online community who’d been in the same class as the victim who’d banded together to speak up and out, and many of the YouTubers also started reblogging the post of the victim, that’s how this case gained widespread attention.

A long-term G.T. class instructor, plus the decades’ worth of interactions with the principles, and long-term instructing, there’s that power status to be considered, and, if a rape investigation was started, you can imagine the impacts, and the conflicts of interests.

Recently, the verdict of a major sexual harassment of the Greater San Francisco Bay School District being finalized.  The case was a middle school music instructor/band director who’d long-term sexually harassed two students, including sexting the then thirteen-year-old girl, and waiting until they were alone and then, molested her.  The two original plaintiffs of the case not just sued the instructor, but also the school district for improperly handling the matter, to not monitoring the behaviors of the instructor enough.

In 2017, the court sentenced the instructor to fifteen years in prison, at the start of the year the jury found that the school district needed to pay the two victims over $65 million U.S. and $375 million U.S.  The Courts clearly stated that the band’s outstanding performances were built up on the sexual assaults of the victims, that the school and the ISD had neglected the victims, that it’d not done its job supervising, that the instructor received the tenure and got voted as Teacher of the Year.

The matter of Ms. A and the instructor, Huang is only the tip of the iceberg. I believe, that even IF there were three victims of the sexual harassment or sexual assaults being discovered, then, there will be the students who’d believed that who they’d become currently, was due to the trainings of the instructor, Huang, and even if someone then knew about this, chances are, they’re not going to speak up about it.  So, summing it up, because of the victim, everybody escaped.

Due to the lacking of teaching about what’s appropriate and what’s not, the victims didn’t know they could say no, and, the schools aren’t safe for the victims to voice their pains, and, they can’t find the justice they deserved, or, it isn’t after many years later, did they start speaking up and out, then, the predatory instructor worked in education, unpunished, for many a year on end, and there were the innocent children who fell victim.

The city government has the responsibilities to expand their search, and to help the survivors of the rapes to demand responsibilities from the Department of Education.  Survivors like Ms. A had carried the pains for over decades’ of time, they deserve the help, and the assistance.  Most of us would hope, that the gender equality board not just get used to settle the public’s anger, but through the disclosures from the victims for the two days following, do something about it.  And don’t forget, the instructor’s outstanding performance was built on the victims’ assaults.  This society definitely needs to have more understanding of how power rapes, and how the victims of these power rapes, and teach the different ages of school children about what’s appropriate and what’s not based off of their level of understanding.  Instead of, letting everything become water under the bridge.  Do take heed, that: the bad guys won’t stop picking on the children, because they’re too young to understand what SEX is.

And so, because these teachers are covered by their outstanding teaching means, that’s why they think they can get away with RAPE, but now, we’d become, ever the more aware of these sorts of SHITS that are happening all over the places, and the victims are stepping up too, hopefully, with people more willing to stand up and out and becoming more outspoken about this matter, it can, reduce the number of children who are victimized.

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The Net Armies with the Digital Department, Even Worse

We have now, formally, entered, the ERA of authoritarianism, where our government takes complete control over what we’re doing from day to day, keeping tabs on what we’re saying, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before the 1450 Net Armies clouds not yet dissipated, the Digital Development Department already hung up its name, got set up, causing the legislators not from the DDP questioning.  Especially during these past few years, a lot of people (mostly the politicians), all had the personal experiences, of getting cyberbullied by 1450.  And so, what we’re most afraid of is this, if the net armies connected with the Digital Department, then, together, they may reign us under their, terrors even more.

On 1450, the British scholar, Preston back in 2015, called it “transmedia terrorism”.  Transmedia is defined as the interactions between the traditional media and social media, due to how the traditional media are mostly, conservative, with the social media posting the unchecked facts, or the spur-of-the-moment news, causing the ripple effect of the spread of news.  The key here is, as the social media started discussing certain topics, making it heated up, sometimes, the traditional media are forced to follow the leads, which becomes the multiple of the effects of fermentation, causing the cross-media terrorism.

Although the head of digital department stated, that there’s no need to fear the “army of electronics connection” taking over, but, it’s still questionable to the people.

And the three reason that caused people doubts are: first, the core mission of the agency isn’t clearly stated: the role of the head of the digital department is in the “training”.  This means, there’s NO set purpose of the setting up of this department, this worries more, because the department can get out of control, turning at any moment it wanted to.  Secondly, if the aim is in “coaching”, then, this is the same as it becoming a party-operated agency, so, the department isn’t, independently operating; that it should suffice, that the Executive Department had set up an “office of digital technologies”, no need for it to become an independent “Department”.  Thirdly, this department is used as a tool, not a means to an end, and, by this, if the tools are abused in use, then, they would easily become the manipulation of mass media, becoming the transmedia terrorism.

Secondly, there’s no clear cut means of hiring the workers in this department: currently, there were the fifty-percent of workers who are hired by contract.  They have great flexibility, and can operate on the ambiguous rules.  Because they’re not formal government employees, the rules of guidance on the morale of government workers don’t apply to them.

Third, the net armies aren’t clearly defined: although the district attorney’s offices had looked into the net armies, but because there’s no heavy criminal punishments, and there’s only one scapegoat for the cases, the case ended as blurred.  The “net army” worked flexibly, with no set location of office of work, means of work.  And, under this, there would be rooms of the digital department, working together with the net armies.

And, it’s clear to see, that even IF the digital department does not involve itself in cross-media terrorism, it can easily be the backhand of these acts, combining the government, and the cross-media terrorism workings.  For instance, the riots on Capitol Hill of the U.S. that’s pending investigation right now, Trump was suspected of using social media to incite the riots by the Congress, but currently, there’s no related evidence that’s been collected that’s pointed toward that.  And so, we have reasons to believe, that the digital department may easily become out of control in the futures—becoming the leading forces of cross-media terrorism, the government as well as the people need to think on this very thoroughly.

And so, in the name of “good for you” we are, using these means, to spy on the people, to keep tabs on them, to make sure that they don’t say or do anything that might damage our party, and, we really need an alternative department (like in the checks and balances systems???), to make sure, that this government led by the DDP, doesn’t take over ruling our lives, but, we can’t, as everything’s been taken by the DDP, it’d already, dipped its filthy little hands, in health department, education, technologies, etc., etc., etc., and we the people are now, enslaved here, and, there’s NOTHING that we can do about it.

A people ENSLAVED is what we’d, become here.

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The Sixteen Who’d Returned from the KK Parks, All Suspected of Working in Scamming

The fishes are still, biting, in this, abuser/enabler interaction of getting scammed to head over to Southeast Asia to work as scammers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The problems of scams in KK Parks in Burma got serious, sixteen from Taiwan awhile ago, left the park, headed to Thailand, and were stopped at the airport in Bangkok, returned back to Taiwan two days ago.  The Criminal Investigation Agency found they were involved in the scams locally in Thailand, of the returned, three have active arrest warrants, after the police interrogated, the three were taken into custody, with the other thirteen, sent back home, the district attorneys were called, and the individuals were charged with human trafficking and fraud.

The criminal investigations agency told, that there’s the serious human trafficking problems in Burma, Cambodia, U.S., China, and other southeastern Asian countries pressured the governments of these two countries, and, it’d made the ransoms of the scam artists lowered all the way down to $100,000 from $600,000, and lately, the group didn’t even take any money, they’d released the people; there were a lot of the country’s citizens who willingly got involved in the scams, that got, “mixed in” with the people who’d been, returned.

The sixteen arrested were made up of fourteen males, two females, all are around thirty years of age, they’d started headed out of the country in March, worked in the mechanical operations unit in Cambodia and Thailand, then, transferred to the KK Park in Burma, put in charge of making the connections online, scamming the Asians in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, U.S., and Australia with the investment ventures.

Started on the twenty-sixth, the sixteen individuals were taken by the mechanical unit operators to Bangkok, Thailand, two mornings ago, they arrived at the international airport, readied for their flights back here; because three of the individuals’ families reported them missing, the immigrations in Thailand received the tips, and stopped the group at the airport, and after the diplomatic dealings, they got sent back here two evenings ago, and the international department of the Investigative Bureau took over interrogating them.

Of them, the twenty-five-year-old Ke has an active arrest warrant for forgery, counterfeit, he was the major operator of the mechanical unit, the mastermind of teaching the scam artists how to scam, the twenty-five year-old Chung, twenty-seven-year-old Chu, had arrest warrants on them for attempted murder and fraud, put in charge of recruiting the drivers; the three were sent to booking first.

Sixteen others stated that they “involuntarily” got forced to scam, said that they’d seen the ad for hire at “Side Door Business”, a group on FB, that’s why they’d applied, and, as they went abroad, they were controlled by the scam rings, and forced into conning others, but they weren’t abused, and, they’d not paid any ransoms.

And so, this, is how the scam artists groups are, targeting the younger generations here, because they get enticed by easy money, no hard work, when in reality, there’s such a job, I mean, if there is, wouldn’t we all go there?  And yet, these scam rings zoomed in on how inexperienced these younger generations of fresh-out-of-school, looking for work younger generations, knowing, that they’re, stupid enough to fall for the tricks, and, this is still an abuser/enabler relationship, there are, NO victims, think about it, if you weren’t enticed by the money that’s offered to you, would you go?  Uh, of course N-O-T!

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Fifteen-Percent in the Leaks of Intimate Photos are From Someone You’d Been Intimate With

Knowing this as a FACT, we still can’t, help but share those, photos of intimacy we share with one another, why is that?  Oh yeah, because we’re in, L-O-V-E!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao’s nude photos by her ex-boyfriend, Lin leaked out, and he’d used that to extort, to threaten her, the T.V. personnel, Hsieh’s X-rated albums leaked, based off of statistics, only thirty-nine percent of the victims with their sexual photos leaking out are willing to call the police, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations protective unit announced the initiation of “Taiwan protective sexual photo defense system”, working along with the Department of Health & Welfare, the social workers will assist the victims to get their sexual photos off the internet.

Chang of the protective agency of the Department of Health & Welfare stated, that the “Private Me Project” was on a trial basis last year, there were up to fifteen victims with their sexual photos leaked out online who sought help from the department, there’d been 109 calls, the photos were posted to as many as 821 sites, with as many as twenty-seven accounts online, the photos were leaked out of.  The analysis found that from January to July this year, the victim population make up were seventy-four percent females, twenty-two percent males, mostly were between ages of nineteen to twenty-five, and, there were elderly victims in the seventies as well.

Sixty-eight percent of the leakage came from unknown, uncertain individuals, fifteen-percent from current or ex lovers, two percent from friends of the victims, or from the self-loaded onto the websites.  Chang stated, the unknowns were mostly from the secret filming after a one-night-stands, there are three major reasons for the under reported numbers of these victims, worry that they may be shunned by the society, that there are no means to seek out help, worried that the sexually-illicit photos can’t get taken off the web.

Chang analyzed, that there are more and more victims of “nude chats”, the online games or the friendship apps are used to gain the trusts of the victims, as the victims started using the webcam to chat, the perps would prod first, and, as the victims are willing to strip in the chat, they would be taped, and, the footages will be used to threaten the victims.

Chang said, do NOT believe that the nude photo of someone you see is real on the other end, as the filters of the cell phone photo programs can be used to edit the photos nowadays, do NOT send photos of yourselves nude to anybody else, including your significant, intimate partners.

There’d been the prevalence of case of leaks in nude photos of late, the Department of Sanitation Welfares pushed forth the “online sexual violence protection program” for the victims, setting up the “Private ME Plan” team, offering the victims to file the complaints, to get the sexual photos off the internet and get deleted, along with the afterwards legal consulting means too.

The “Private Me” work alongside seven locally operated foundations, the social media, Meta, with Meta supplying the “Stop NCII” system, switching the sexually illicit photos to accessible by digital fingerprint, as the searches on similar content had been found on the platform, they would, immediately, pull it off the shelves, the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations hoped that more online platforms can come onboard, to prevent the spread of the private photos, the sexually illicit footages from leaking all over the internet.

And so, this is the government’s attempts to help stop the nude photos from leaking all over the internet, and, would it work, maybe, but only to a certain extent, because you’re NOT cutting off the sources of the supplies, as this is still the matter of supply and demand, because there’s a demand for these sexual SHIT, there’s always going to be the suppliers, and, who would know, that when we’re lovey-dovey with each other, sharing those kisses, strokes, fucks or whatever, that one day, we may not be together anymore, and, one of us (or both), would use those photos of sexual matters we shared from before, to get back at each other, for the sake of, revenge?  We can’t be sure of that.

So, the BEST way of preventing this sort of SHIT, is, do NOT share your nude photos with anyone, not even your lovers, and, what goes on in the bedrooms, should always stay in the bedrooms, like how I’d told my boys???  Yeah, uh-huh.

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The Murderer Who’d Slaughtered the Female Communications Shop Manager and Abducted Her Received Life-Term, & Escaped the Death Penalty

Considering how this MURDERER is already in his golden years, that’s why he’d not received the DEATH PENALTY, and that there’s no chance of him, committing another murder again, and this is unjust, in the mind of the families of the murder victim, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Pingdong native, Huang had a crush on a cell phone shop store manager, Tseng, he failed in pursuit of her, and she’d not reciprocated, and his love turned into hate, he drove his car, ran the woman down, caused her to sustain serious injury and fell into a comatose, then, lifted her to an empty house, cuffed her up, and allowed her to die on her own.  The Pingdong District Court found that Huang had premeditated using his car to kill the woman, that he’d cut off the chances of the woman’s being sent to the hospital so her life can be spared, but considering how as he reached his age eligible for parole, he’d be in the eighties, that there’s no need to separate him from the rest of the society forever, sentenced him yesterday on murder to life in prison, he will be stripped of his public office position for life, this can still be appealed.

Huang was listening to the verdict in the jail cell where he was held, he’d stated that he’d not heard the verdict, the judge reread the verdict, and he’d lacked the emotional expressions.  The husband of the woman who’d been murdered, Tseng said, that he won’t accept the results, hoped that Huang could receive the death penalty instead, that murdering someone is a serious felony, that the country should do whatever it can, to protect the innocent people in the society, instead of being overly protective of the felons, all murderers showed sense of remorse, a possibility of being reformed, that the light sentence was against what’s just.

He said, people live longer in the modern day, if as Huang was eligible for parole, and still able-bodied, it would be just as easy for him to murder another, all of his wife’s friends, families, and relatives all wanted him to get the death penalty, that it isn’t emotional, but the country needs to warn those who have the murderous intents.

Based off of understanding, since last February, Huang had multiple times used the excuses of getting his cell phone number renewed, setting up his account to harass Tseng, and Tseng sued him for it, on April 8th, in the evenings, he’d tailed after her on her scooter, and, rammed her over, causing her to fall unconscious, he’d taken her into his car, drove about ten kilometers to a vacant house, cuffed her onto the stair handles, and kissed her lips.

The police found Huang, demanded that he tell them the whereabouts of Tseng, he’d claimed he had amnesia, said that Tseng was the one who ran him over with her car, by the time Tseng had been found, she was dead.  The district attorneys investigated the facts, and charged him on murder, and forced sexual molestation charges.

The courts found, that Huang knew that ramming his car into the motorist might cause the motorist to die, and still rammed against Tseng, causing her to sustain severe injury, and saw she was still breathing, to complete his murder, he’d lifted her to the vacant property, cuffed her, and, cut off her chances of being rescued, just left her to die; after he was found, he kept evading responsibility, delaying the time for rescuing the woman by the police, and not apologized to the families, nor mentioned of how he will pay for what he did.

The courts believed, that Huang is fifty-six years old, if he was given the life-term, he would have to serve for more than twenty-five years before he was eligible for parole, that it was enough to keep him away from society until he is eighty, even as he made parole then, chances of him murdering someone again is slim to none, that there’s no need to take away his life, nor keep him away from society for life, that it’s just that he receives the life sentence.

And so, you can see, how this can upset the families of the loved one, right? This loser murdered their next-of-kin, and only received the life-term, when he deserved the DEATH penalty, for murdering her, torturing the woman, simply because he had a crush on her, and wanted her to himself, but she didn’t want him.  But hey, look on the bright side, at least, this mother @#$%ER (maxed out!) will be tortured by his own, guilty conscience in his, four-by-four (or however large his cell is going to be!), for as long as he is to live.

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