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“How about I Give You Something Spicy?”, the Police Spritzed a Drunk Woman with Pepper Spray, and was Sentenced

The police who’d lost emotional control here, and got his deserved, jail term, ordered by the judge, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The officer, Lin from Hsinchu in handling of a woman who’d been intoxicated who’d come into the station reporting her cellphone being, saw how worked up she became, he was suspected of using pepper spray on her, then, evoked her to get her to have the outbursts of anger, then, using the claims of obstruction of police business, put the cuffs on her; and, in handling of how the locals are in suspicions of how the footages from the illegal parking was captured, as the thermometer was knocked out of his hand, he’d arrested the individual on obstruction charges, causing injuries to the individuals.  The Hsinchu District Court found that Lin had used excessive forces in both cases, and gave him fifty five days and fifty days in prison on taking advantage to use abusive measures; on the assault charges, he couldn’t pay his way out of serving the time.

In the midnight hours of April 5th two years ago, the officer, Lin was on duty at the desk of Zhubei Substation, the woman, Chen after she got drunk, had lost her cell phone, she’d cried and gone to the substation to seek out help; as Lin failed in calming her down, he held that pepper spray asked Chen, “had you had spicy foods, do you like things that are, spicy?”, seeing how she wouldn’t stop crying, he got emotional too, then, spritzed the woman in the face with pepper spray twice.

Chen screamed in pain, suspected that Lin had used excessive force, then Lin got close to Chen’s face, and, mouthed the curse words to her silently three times to cause her anger, then, as she got angered, then, he’d arrested her on obstruction of police affairs, subdued her.  Following, Lin uncuffed the woman, after Chen was taken to the hospital, she’d sobered up, then left on her own.

And, on March 23rd of two years ago, the siblings Chens suspected that Lin used his cell phone to film them in parking illegally, went to the station to confront him, and started in altercation with him, in the chaos, Chen accidentally knocked the thermometer out of Lin’s hand, although she’d immediately picked it up and returned, Lin arrested her on obstruction of police affair, then, used a judo move, subdued Chen, although he’d lost his foothold, he’d still successfully subdued Chen, causing the brother-sister pair to sustain minor injuries.

Lin was accused of physical assault, and obstruction of freedom, but denied the allegations.  He’d claimed, that the siblings the Chens had a bad attitude, that they’d not only, smacked the thermometer out of his hand, they’d tried to trip him, that they were suspected of obstruction police affairs, while Chen was continually screaming loudly, and he couldn’t calm her down, that was why he’d used pepper spray on her, and to make sure that he got her, he’d, sprayed her again a second time, he’d gotten close to the woman to see if her breath wreaked of alcohol, and she’d cussed him out, that was why he’d, subdued her.

like this, uncalled for!

photo from online

The judge found, that law enforcement officials should uphold the laws, and, carried that objectivity, that they shouldn’t become too stubborn in their means, that they shouldn’t go beyond what was necessary; as the individual suspected that he’d been photographed for illegally parking on the streets and inquired to Lin, which caused the physical contacts, this was on Lin.  And, toward the woman who lost emotional control after she was intoxicated, he’d spritzed her twice with pepper spray, and incited her anger with his words, then, cuffed her, clearly, he’d, breached the rights of the citizens.  Considering that Lin was emotionally troubled, the judge sentenced him to fifty, and fifty-five days in jail.

And so, this, is on the police officer, he was the one who’d been, emotionally unstable, and scapegoated on the members of the public that came into report, and, these sorts of unstable persons should NEVER be allowed to work in law enforcement, especially, they should NOT be allowed to carry a gun!

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The Predatory School Instructor Forced Five Students to Submit to Him Completely, Sentenced to Twelve and a Half Years

Now, a wolf in, a teacher’s “skin” here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-eight year-old male, Fang, was accused of signing an “absolute obedience contract” with five of his students, used an assortment of excuses to punish them, including having the students masturbate in front of him, with him, filming the process.  The Hsinbei District Court sentenced this predator to twelve years six months on charges of using his status of power to molest to film, that he’d severely, impacted the students’ mental health, and denied it, stated that his students had, blackened his name, on breaking the laws of children’s welfare and child protection.

The investigations found, in August of 2017, Fang started working as the victim male students’ homeroom and Chinese instructor, he’d taken advantage of his male students that they are not having a good relations with their families at home, they wanted to get into a good university, to get a passing grade in Chinese courses, or to keep the secrets for his students as a “trade-off” for his students to sell themselves to him, made them sign the “Absolute Obedience Pact”.

When the students didn’t do well enough on the tests, they are to get punished, and the punishments include masturbating in front of Fan, stripping to nude, and allowing Fang to beat their buttocks with a ruler, or having Fang taped up their hands, and tickling them nude, and tickling their genitalia too, and they were demanded by Fang to tape their own masturbation, there were at least five victims, and the term was over a year’s time.  As the other students learned of this, Fang texted his victims, “did you tell your classmates, that you asked for all of this”, “other than you, I’d, never, taken care of anybody else like this”, etc., etc., etc.

The male students who were victimized chose to keep everything silent, claimed to their fellow classmates, “I don’t want the instructor to be absent from our reunions in the future”, “I’m a bit, conflicted”, until the father of one of the victimized students found that something wasn’t quite right, and reported it.

The courts believed, that Fang, as a homeroom instructor, a Chinese instructor, not followed the morale of teachers, and took advantage of his students’ asking him for help with identity crises, families, and other pressures, to fulfill his own selfish desires, used his power status to molest, to film, to sent the sexually illicit messages to them, that he’d, severely, impacted his students’ mental health.

While Fang denied the accusations from start to finish, stated that the students had coconspired in setting him up, never apologized to his victims, nor reached a settlement agreement with them, the courts found him guilty on counts of power sexual molestation; how he’d, gone against his victims’ wills, and filmed the sexually illicit footages.

And, twelve years is still, two lenient if you ask me, (but who asked you!!!) this still just showed, how, there are, those, sexual predators, who dressed themselves up as school instructors, and, they can be everywhere, maybe, there’s, one in your kid’s schools, you just, don’t know, until it’s, too late, after their innocence had been, taken away, against their will, and, it would be you, the parents’ faults, for NOT paying enough attention, not BUSTING these sexual predators sooner, allowing your sons or daughters, to get hurt for this long a time.

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Someone Was Beaten to Death in the Back of an Uber, the Uber Driver “Minded His Own Business”

You can see, how this, Uber driver only wanted to, mind his own, beeswax, right???  Murder, on the back, of an, Uber, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The men, Liu and Huang and one other, gathered to drink on the third, as the two got drunk, and rode on Uber to get home, on the way, they started fighting about how the cab fare is to get split, on the backseat, Huang started beating Liu until he was unconscious, then, he’d dropped Liu out by the building of where Liu lived, then left.  About an hour later, Liu was found by the local residents, lost signs of life, he died.  As Huang was arrested, he was still, intoxicated, claimed, “I didn’t know he’d died”, after the police interrogated him, they charged him with murder by assault, the D.A. asked the courts to have him in custody, the courts set his bail at $100,000N.T., and placed him under house arrest.

The investigators found, that the sixty-five year-old Huang on the evening of the third, went to a karaoke to drink and to gather for a meal with the sixty-seven year-old Liu and four others in Hsintien, after the gathering was over, Huang, Liu and one other of the group took a Uber home, during the time, the other friend got off, then, the driver turned to Liu’s mansion located on the mountains of Hsintien.

On the way, Huang believed that Liu wanted to split the cab fare evenly, they started altercating, in a moment of anger, Huang started beating Liu in the face, at around eleven, the Uber got to the outside of Liu’s mansion, as Huang saw Liu was passed out, couldn’t get out, he’d pulled him out of the Uber, then left him, then, rode back to his home in Zhonghe.

Liu fell limp on the ground, about an hour later, he was found by a resident to become, unresponsive; the paramedics were called, flipped him over, found him, dead, with massive amount of blood in his mouth, he’d died on the way as they’d rushed him to the hospital.

The police reviewed the surveillance on the streets, found the Uber driver, then, followed the leads, to Zhonghe, arrested Huang, and Huang was still, passed out, and asked the officers, “Why are you here?”, as the officers told him, he’d admitted to beating Liu, but “I didn’t know he’d died.”

The Uber driver testified, that he’d heard the two arguing on the back, fighting over who should pay more of the fare, that they’d had physical confrontations now and then, he’d not known, that by the time Liu was dragged out, if he was alive or already dead he only drove the customers, and, wouldn’t mind others’ businesses.

And so, that, is how the bystander effects worked in this case, after all, it’s NOT the Uber driver’s responsibilities, to make SURE that his customers are, okay, he was only, responsible for giving them the lifts, and, in this day and age, we all learned, that it’s best, that we keep minding our own business, and NOT get into someone else’s business, because we don’t want any troubles.

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Joking about Hijacking a Plane on His Line Group, Got into Trouble with the Law

You’d think, that people should KNOW by now, that jokes about setting a bomb to blow up somewhere, or something as STUPID as this, will get you in trouble, but apparently, people still had to get physically, BURNED before they understand the limits to their, “jokes” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Civil Aeronautics Administration received a call, that individuals from LINE claimed that they were going to hijack a plane, and attack the 101.  The Civil Aeronautics Administration stated, that the airport police had already, tightened up the watch, and reminded the airlines to pay more attention, currently, the case is investigated y the police, and the CAA called out to the public, to not make claims, or spread these messages, because whether it be intentionally or un, it’d, broken the laws.

The police department of Taipei found, that after investigations, this was a joke someone made online, gone bad, and, the individual got kicked out of the group s/he belonged in, and the police will chase the identity of the individual who’d made the claims, and see if any laws were broken by the person, and if there are further actions needed.  If the posts the public make mentioned harming the dangers of members of the public, then, it’s a prosecutable charge.

At 9:30 in the morn yesterday, the C.A.A. received the operations details form the city government of Taipei, that someone left the message to his LINE group, that s/he is to hijack an airplane, and attack Taipei 101.  The C.A.A. immediately transferred the information to the Taipei and Kaohsiung city police departments.

The C.A.A. told, that they’d already, increased the security details, and the airlines operating within the country also tightened their security too.  The C.A.A. stressed, that if members of the public broadcast or spread messages such as this, whether it be intentional or unintentional, the individuals had, broken the law.

The police found, that in a LINE group called, “The Jokes that Will Make You Laugh All the Way to Hell”, a member anonymously left the message of “hijacking a plane” and “attacking Taipei 101”, and the individual immediately got kicked out of the group by the group manager, while the message already went viral.

And so, this, is how you can’t, shouldn’t, make these, joke that stopped being, funny to all, after all, we are all, very tense already, what, with the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, and, with the homecomings of those abroad, and all of that SHIT that’s currently going on right now, and, some IDIOT decided to make a bad joke about hijacking an airplane, and create chaos?  Yeah, the individual deserved to get arrested and taken into police custody, for NOT knowing the appropriateness of jokes, because this sorts of SHIT simply just aren’t, joking matters!

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Taking the Ladies Out, He Was Honey-Trapped, and Forced to Swallow the Live Goldfishes

And, some might say, that this LOSER got what’s coming HIS way, for, soliciting, paying for, S-E-X!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, who runs a call girl station, with the ladies, set up a honey trap, zoomed in on the john, Peng, as he took a woman out, he’d not only take nude shots of the man, and forced him to “swallow the live goldfishes” as torture, and, threatened him that the group will sue him for raping the hookers, and he’d, signed a cashier’s check for it, and, the sex trafficking ring also hired the middle school age girls, to accompany the male customers to drink, to go to the drug parties etc., etc., etc., the Taoyuan D.A.’s Office recently prosecuted Wu and six other individuals on robbery, and sextortion of youth and adolescents.

Based off of understanding, Wu (age 47), operated a massage parlor/brothel in Zhongli District, hired the fifteen-year-old middle school student as a drinking companion for men, charging $1,200 N.T. to $1,500N.T every two hours.

Last year, Peng took a lady home in May to use the laughing gases, and have sexual intercourse, but, the woman already conspired with the hooker station on a honeytrap, as the two were having intercourse, Wu and several men broke into Peng’s place, took the photos of him nude, beaten him, and, shoed a live goldfish down Peng’s throat, forced him to swallow the goldfish live down.

Then, the group robbed away the wallet, the ring from Peng, and forced him to sign a cashier’s check worth one million dollars N.T., and took him to a steel shack in Pingzhen District, held him in their custody, later, the group found Peng to have escaped and called the police, they’d threatened to sue him on rape, to force him to keep quiet.

someone pulling the strings on this one! Photo found online

And, another woman, Chen from the same sex ring, was displeased at how the money she’d made got deducted, and wanted to quit, and was forced into a motel to have confront with Wu, and Wu knew, that Chen only took a five-thousand dollar N.T. advance from her pay, he’d claimed that she’d owed $200,000N.T., and beaten her to injury with a baseball bat, forced her to sign a check, and, confiscated her identification card.

The police were called by Peng and by Chen, they’d received a search warrant from the D.A.’s office, went to make the arrests, confiscated the guns, the ammunitions, and drugs, and other contrabands, and, there were the checks that Peng and Chen were forced into signing.

As the D.A. interrogated, Wu only admitted to running the hooker station, denied the robbery, the recruiting of underage girls as hookers; the major office personnel, the woman Lin testified, that she saw her accomplice forced Peng to “swallow a goldfish live!”, taking shots of him nude, and the D.A. called the underage girls to testify for them, and, confirmed that they were all, underage, but worked as call girls.

And so, there’s, still, NO victim here, only abuser and enabler, and, this loser who’d solicited sex, got it coming (And this is still NOT “blaming the vic” here!) because you shouldn’t have hired a hooker, and yet you can’t keep your hands to yourselves, and that, is how it led you to, where you were, taken into custody against your will, and, forced to sign that cashier’s check of, how much again?  Exactly, and, it’s still all on the, “vic”, because he’s into hiring the WHORES!

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The Infant Who’d Died Ten Years Ago, the Police Can’t Find the Body, the Mother Charged with Abandonment of the Corpse of Her Own Young

The case had, almost, “gone cold” here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Ten years ago, the woman, Liao was suspected of not being able to care for her newborn son, after her son died, she’d wrapped him up in a towel, and buried him in the public cemeteries; the investigators chased the leads three years ago, and, based off of Liao’s description of the location of where she’d dumped her son’s body, the police dug five times, and not found the body.  The Shihlin D.A.’s Office believed that the infant was dead, without any evidence of foul play, nor neglect, and they’d indicted Liao on disposing of her own young son’s body, and asked the courts for a year’s prison terms for her.

The indictment stated, that Liao had a son a decade ago, because the father was unknown, she took care of hm on her own, at the bottom of 2011, her son died of unknown causes, Liao was suspected of wrapping his body up with a towel, took the body to the Fuder Public Cemetery at Muzha Road Section five, and, dug a hole on a slope, without any containers, just, buried the young infant’s body in, abandoned his corpse.

where she’d, DUMPED her own infant son’s body, in a place like this one!

photo from online

On June third, 2017, the young boy wasn’t registered for school, the school notified Liao, she’d claimed, that she’d given her son away to someone else to raise; her father didn’t know anything, because he’d only seen his grandson once after he was born, he’d not seen his own grandson for years on end, and became worried of the boy’s wellbeing, he’d notified the police.

Three years ago, the police started searching for the missing boy, the data from the health insurances showed, that the boy was born on April 1, 2011, was inoculated five days later, then, there wasn’t any other records from the health insurances.  Liao then admitted, that her son died a long time ago.

The D.A. and the police went on four occasions, based off of Liao’s descriptions, on December, 2018, January, 2019, March, 2019, and April, 2019, to the public cemeteries to find the body, but couldn’t, and on November fourth of this year, they’d dug again, and, not found him.

The district attorneys pointed out, that they can’t prove, that the infant’s death was directly related to Liao’s behaviors, but the child lacked the proper care when he was alive, and Liao should’ve asked for help from outside, and instead as her son died, she’d selected to, dispose of his body, they’d suggested the courts to give her a year sentence.

Yeah, a year seemed, not quite enough, for how this woman treated her son’s dead body, she’d just, dumped him somewhere, and not even had the decency, to bury her own young son properly, and she’s only charged with the disposing of the body illegally?  Yeah, how’s that justice for the dead child???

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The Zhongshan Police Lieutenant was Called in to Questioning for Overlooking, Letting the Sex Massage Parlors Slide

When the police lieutenant, takes the lead, in breaking the law, setting, that BAD, example for his subordinates, and the rest of us too!  Officers of the law, breaking the law, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Zhongshan District’s “Pleasure Village” sex massage parlor was found by the investigative bureau for indecency, and the investigators also found, that there were the officers from the local stations who are covering, the district attorneys called in the five operators of the massage parlor, of them, the major shareholder, Liang had his cell phone confiscated in the case of another man being searched, the district attorneys reviewed over the surveillance, found that Liang went through a less experienced gangster, Lu, to bribe the lieutenant of the investigative teams in Zhongshan Substation, yesterday they’d collected the evidence, called Chen, the former operator of the massage parlor, Lin to the station, to clarify if bribes were given and received, late last night, the case was sent to the Taipei D.A.’s Office for processing.

The massage parlor is hidden in the alleys of Jingzhou Street of the city of Taipei, and in its many years of operations, it’d switched the shareholders, and the names, Lu who was taken into custody last night, was one of the shareholders, he also works as a manager of a bar, responsible for chauffeuring the ladies to the shops to give the sex massages, then, he’d gotten percentages from the money made, the D.A. suspected that he was the middleman of this case.

The investigators pointed out, that the Hsinbei City Detectives while examining the case of the gang’s involvement in shooting of the Gym Owner, the members of the Bamboo Union, Liang had been in close relations with another chapter’s sponsor, Shao, and they were both listed as persons of interest of the case, and later, it was found that they were involved in the case of the shooting of the Gym Owner, but their cellphones were confiscated and examined.

After Liang was taken into custody on operating a sex massage parlor, the Northern Airport Station asked for the confiscated cell phone to see if there are evidences of the two relating to each other, and they’d accidentally discovered that between 2014 and 2017, Liang texted, “the money’s collected for this month”, and “Come pick it up”, to Lu, as Lu received the amount paid to him, he’d handed part of what he got to the lieutenant, Chen.

Based off of understanding, the massage parlor is by membership only, if you’re not a frequent customer, you can’t get in, the lieutenant, Chen was suspected of having the check times passed to Liu and then, to the massage parlor, the police checked the place two hundred times, and found, nothing; the Northern Airport Police Station asked the ladies who worked in the sex massage parlors to testify, the ladies stated, that they offer a half set sex massage, but the owner is very connected, and they’d never gotten, caught.

The D.A. before Mid-Autumn used the claims of public indecency, to start off the investigations, and found, that there are the testimonies of the officers claiming that the shops would pay off the police in $200,000N.T. a month, the shareholders, the brothers Liang, Wu, Shu, and Lu were taken into custody one by one.

And so, I’m thinking, that the pay-off is, greater than what you officers made monthly, that’s why you’d, gone to the dark side, covering for these, sex traffickers, breaking the laws, that you were sworn to, protect, and that’s, just bad, seeing how easily money can make people who are supposed to help enforce the laws, break it.

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The Forty-Six Year-Old Afterschool Tutor Taught Her Middle School Students How to Have Sex Herself

This is so totally, the, WRONG way, to go about, SEX ed here!!!  The improper behaviors of a school instructor here, a case of, Mrs. Robinson here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Using the Excuses that Pornography Gives the Students the WRONG Idea

Chen works as a female afterschool tutor at a care foundation, three years ago, she put a thirteen-year-old young man to stay at her place, believed, that the young man learned about sex from the pornographies that it’d given him, the wrong ideas, “the pornography has it all wrong!”, and she’d, taught him how herself, had sex with the minor twice; the young man felt guilt, and disclosed it to the volunteers at the foundation last year, the case was busted out into the open.  The Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office indicted Chen on having sexual intercourse with a minor of not yet fourteen.

Chen is forty-nine years old currently, and the foundation tailored itself to help the children in the families that can’t get them the needed help from school, offered the children afterschool help, and on the holidays and weekend, the daycare programs are, provided, offered classes in parenting, family education, and the sex ed for teens in school, life education, and how to prevent the transmissions of A.I.D.S., prevention of domestic violence, and sexual assault.

The police and D.A. investigated, the young man was only thirteen, he was in the baseball team of his school, after school, he’d entered into the tutoring program; in the winter vacation of 2018, he was in the training sessions for baseball at school, he didn’t like the dormitory provisions of the training, asked Chen if he could crash at her place, and after he got the okay from his mother, he’d, moved in to Che’s home.

like Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate???

photo from online

One evening, as Chen was having a conversation at home with the adolescent male, the subject drifted to sex, and it became, more and more, sexually illicit, when Chen asked the adolescent male, “had you had sexual intercourse yet?”, the young man told her he hadn’t, Chen asked him, “then, where do you get the knowledge of sex from?”, “from pornography”, replied the youth, Chen told him, “the pornography had it all wrong!”, “if you want to know how to do it, I can, teach it to you.”

And, not long thereafter, the young man went to Chen to “learn”, and, Chen taught him how to have sex, when her own daughter wasn’t at home; a few short day after the “lessons of sex”, the adolescent had sex again, in the bedroom of Chen’s home again.

Afterwards, the young man felt guilt-ridden, believed, that it was wrong that he had had sex with his forty-six year-old female tutor, and last year, he’d, disclosed the matter to a volunteer at the foundation; at first, Chen denied the allegations, claimed that she’d only, massaged him, that she’d helped him stretch out his muscles, by the second interrogation was when she’d, admitted, and, agreed on a settlement with the teen boy’s mother.

Even though, the adolescent male’s mother was willing to forgive Chen, giving her a chance to turn her life around with a probation, but, due to how the young man was only thirteen, the D.A. fund, that Chen’s behaviors are punishable by anywhere from three to ten years in prison, that it’d not qualified for probationary terms, and indicted her with the charges of sexual intercourse with a minor of fourteen years or younger.

And so, this, is how this woman, abused this young man’s trust, and, this still showed, how there are, NO sexual differences to sexual predators, and this is a tutor from a care foundation too, and that young man is, forever, DAMAGED, by this woman he put his trust in, and, his mama actually, forgave the woman for raping her own young!

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He’d Owed the Gambling Debts, and Masked Himself Up, Robbed His Own Father, Sentenced to Three Years Eight Months

See how men are still, SPOILED, by their, parents here?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-five-year-old man, Huang owed debts in gambling that accumulated, and he’d started, thinking of robbing his own father, as his father took out the cash to pay the union, he’d used a toy gun, and robbed $410,000N.T. wearing a mask; the police first suspected that this was a set up by Huang’s father, and after chasing the leads, they’d found out, that it was Huang who committed the robbery, and as Huang learned that it was his son who’d robbed him, he’d decided, to drop the charges, but the courts still sentenced Huang for possession of a dangerous weapon, and robbery, sentenced him to three years eight months.

The police investigated, that Huang lives with his fifty-seven year-old father, had the debts accumulated from his gambling habits to $430,000N.T.s.  Last year on October 14th, he’d learned that his father was about to drop off payment at the union, at three in the morn that day, he’d called his father, asked to borrow a thousand dollars, and, got his father to go to the location, and ambushed at Linkou, as his father was about to get into his own car, he’d shown up with his face covered up as the man, Chiu who’d come, to drop off the amount, used a toy gun, threatened his own father, ordered him to give the money, robbed the $380,000 for the investment fees, as well as the $30,000N.T. that his own father had in cash.

Afterwards, Huang’s father immediately notified the police, and the police reviewed over the surveillance of the getaway car, found that the car was registered to Huang’s own son, suspected that Huang didn’t want to pay the union, and had collaborated this script with his own son, and the police suspected this, they’d notified both the father and son to come in.

Huang’s father told the police that he’d never done such a thing, claimed that after he was robbed, he’d asked his friends, and that was when they’d told him, that his son accumulated up the gambling debts out, and, as he’d returned home, he saw a toy gun inside his son’s car, and inquired him about it, then his son came clean, that he’d owed $430,000N.T. in gambling, and broken the laws; and, as he gave his statement, he’d begged the officers for mercy for his own son.

Huang originally admitted to robbery, claimed that the money he’d robbed from his father he already used it to pay up the gambling debts that he’d accumulated, but at the trial, he’d claimed that his father WAS the one with the gambling addictions, worried that his father might take the money and gamble it all away, that was why he’d, robbed him, and that the courts can call his father to the stand to vouch for him.  But the courts found that his statements are not in correspondence with the evidence, that it wasn’t reasonable, ruled that he was lying.

The judge considered that Huang was on probationary term for his public endangerment case, that he’d robbed his own father, Huang’s father loved him, and decided to not press charges, and he was given a lenient sentence of three years eight months.

Yeah, and what do you think this “kid” learns???  Oh yeah, I can ROB my father again, or someone I know, and get away with it, and this man had, spoiled his own son rotten too, he should’ve pressed charges against his son, and put his son away for a long, long, long time, after all, the son had, robbed the father, and so what IF, he didn’t use a real weapon, that it was, only, a fake?  He still deserved to be punished, more severely, than this, but the father went soft, because it was his son who’d, committed the crimes.  And so, another LOSER is, spoiled by his own, “daddy dearest” here!

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The Famed Psychiatrist, Kung Not Admitted to Sexually Assaulting His Female Patients, the D.A. Asks for a Severe Sentence for Him

Apparently, the behaviors, still, speak, a HELL of a lot, louder than, reputation and fame here, and look at how this LOSER rationalized his bad behaviors, and tried weaseling out of the charges of rape and sexual harassment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The psychiatrist, Kung who had won the championship trophy for “Taiwan’s Most Intelligent Medical Doctor”, had been accused by two of his female patients for raping, sexually harassing, Kung denied the accusations; the district attorneys found the evidences valid, indicted him on obstruction of sexual freedom, criticized his bad attitude, and asked the courts to hand out a severe punishment.  Yesterday, Kung admitted that “in a moment of confusion”, he’d sexually harassed his patients, but denied the allegations of sexual assault, and rape.

The district attorney told, that a female patient at ten in the morning on April 16th of this year, went to Kung’s therapy office, Kung used the excuse of discussing her conditions, had the nurse led the woman to another room to rest, then, Kung entered into the treatment room, locked the door with a key, started kissing the patient’s forehead, lifting up her skirt, touching her, kissing her buttocks, the woman got up, tried to dodge him, that was when Kung pulled her pants down, and attempted to rape her, the woman fought, Kung used his hands to rape her instead.

On the twenty-eighth of the same month, Kung used the excuse of “checking a pimple”, leaned his forehead against a female patient’s back, told her, “Do you feel, that I like you?”, then, reached his hands to her abdomen, into her pants.

As the two women called the cops, Kung texted his first victim, claimed, “I won’t do it, I don’t dare to do it, again”, as the district attorney called him up, he’d texted, called his second victims, claimed, “I already apologized to you!”

The victims saved the correspondences and other evidence, the district attorneys believed that there are solid evidences of Kung’s crimes, indicted him on opportune rape, forced sexual act, etc., asked the courts to hand down a severe sentence for him.

Kung told the press, that “this case was true”, admitted that he “was in over his head, I had, sexually harassed”, but denied the allegations of rape, claimed that he knew the woman before he started treating her, that they’d gone to the parks at night to stroll together, “I thought she loved me too, that it was, consensual, turned out it wasn’t.”  “Even so, I would’ve, NEVER done what the woman had, accused me of doing to her.”  He’d stressed that the truth will come out in court, “this isn’t reasonable, why would I, do that, it’s, impossible for me to, do that!”

Well, if the allegations were true than, this shrink will have a serious problem, he will get charged with sexual assault, and what was worse, was that he’d, used his status of his patients’ shrink, to take advantage of them, and he’s a repeated offender, if the accusations from these women are proven as fact, and he needed to be registered as a sex offender, and have his medical license, revoked too.

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