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Saving His Old Friend from Dying of Internal Bleeding, the Man with an Outstanding Arrest Warrant Called the Cops

This man, found his own friend’s life more important than his own active arrest warrant, and made the right judgment call, how this is a step toward the right direction in this man’s life, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Pan from Kaohsiung awhile ago, went with his friend, Chang to the mountains to pick the herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, and on the third day, Chang felt sick, and started defecating blood; Pan was worried that his friend might die in the mountains, risked his identity of being a criminal with an active arrest warrant on him being found out, went down the mountains, and reported his friend’s conditions to the police, then, led the police and the fire department up the mountains to save his own friend’s life.  As he was taken into custody, he’d stated, “Even though now I’m arrested for my drug charges, but at least, I still have my conscience intact.”

The sixty-four year-old Pan had been friends with Chang for thirty, forty years, the two went to the Five Creeks Mountain regions of Taoyuan District in Kaohsiung to pick the Chinese herbal medicines on the twenty-sixth of this month.  At around noon of the twenty-eighth, Chang suddenly fell ill, and started defecating blood, although he’d not ruled it out as his stomach bleeding, but, worried, that if he didn’t get sent to the hospitals, he may be in life-threatening danger, and that was when Pan decided to go down the mountains to get him the help he needed.

Pan had an active arrest warrant on illegal substances on him at the beginning of March, he knew, that if he’d rushed to the substations to call for help for his friend, and filled out the forms, his status of being a criminal might get found out, but, as he’d arrived to the Meishan Substation to report, he’d still used his real identity, and the local police immediately found, that he had an active arrest warrant signed by the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office.  Pan told the officers, that his friend’s life is in danger that he wasn’t going to run.

The police then contacted the local fire department, the Yushan National Park management, the Seventh local safety squad, and the officials set up a search and rescue team, and Pan led them to his friend, and they were able to find Chang on the twenty-ninth, and lifted him off the mountains, got him the help he needed, he is in the hospital for an extended stay.

And so, this man realized, that his friend’s life was more important than the fact that he had an active arrest warrant, that’s why he’d gone to the police station, to get help for his friend who’d fallen ill in the mountains, and his risking getting caught (which he was!), was what saved his friend, and, that counts for something, and I’m sure, that after he served his time, he will, turn over that new leaf, and leave his criminal pasts behind him for good.

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The Political-Correctness of the Word, “Hymen”…

This is still just, BULL-S-H-I-T, if you ask me…

It says here, and yes, I’m reading off of my cell phone right now, that “there are the myths that people held of the hymen, believing, that “a tear meant that the female isn’t a virgin anymore”, and to get away from the patriarchy, the “virgin complex”, the legislator, Lin called out today (on the 30th) to the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations, to change the referring noun to something more “neutral”, to replace all of these nouns, that are, going to, make women feel pressured by society, at the same time, teaching the children the correct ideas of sex education, so they know their own body and how it’s “made up”, its structures.  Toward this, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations agreed to the idea, that the terms of “vaginal flaps”, and, the “discharges after birth”, along with other medical terms, to change the stereotypes against women in society.

This morning, Lin held the press conference with the C.E.O. of Taiwan Women Connect pounding down the sexist belief of women’s virginities.  Demanding thatthe government starts with the textbooks, and the dictionaries, to label the women’s parts in a more, gender-neutral way.

And this still showed, just how, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded the DDP, is.  And, by NOT using these, gender specific terms to refer to, to differentiate between men and women’s, “parts”, how do you think this will end?

Oh, I know, the next generations will be discussing the matter of coitus (the more “formal” way of saying, “scoring that FUCK!) as: you want put your thing down there, into, my “hole down” there, and, no, I still have that thin film (my HYMEN) down there, attached onto the “entrance” of my “hole down there” (as the term: VAGINA! Will soon be, “outlawed” too, like the word HYMEN is about to be!).

That’s, your SEX ed for the generations of the future here, in this god damn, country I’m currently, residing in right now…

Wow, are we going not just backwards, but, way, way, WAY backwards, of backwards here…

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The Love that Came to the Rescue, in Time

The one, who’d, helped showed the person the light when she’s enveloped in darkness, someone who’d, touched the lives of those whom she came into, contact with, translated…

I’d retired from my teaching career for over three years now, and every time I thought of the connection I shared with my department head, Yang, I would be filled up with a ton of, gratitude.

Recalling how thirty years back, as I transferred to the school to teach, Yang the department head of teaching affairs handed me a box of sweets, told me to take it home to give to the kids.  The gentleness of her nature, she’d, immediately, settled my uncertainty.  Back then, my children were still quite young, as I got caught in the difficulties of not knowing how to get through to them, Yang gave me the tips, as I’d solicited for her advice.

There was a time when my child had the chickenpox, and started itching like crazy, Yang drove her car to my home at night, and, brought me a huge bag of Indian borage, something that stops the itch instantly.  To this day, my son who’d grow taller than us still recalled, that on the night he was ill, how Yang became like Santa Claus, brought a back of, magical herbs, and, hung it on the doorknob outside our home!

In 1998, my father died abruptly, being the eldest daughter, I was, flustered, and flew into a panic, not known how to sort through his, final affairs, and instinctively, Yang my department head came to mind.  I’d dialed her number, and tears came flowing down, and her voice gave me that strength.  Not long after that, as my father’s body was lifted to the funeral home, I’d found, that she was already, among those who were, reciting the prayers for the passing already.

After she retired, Yang still continued her giving, and, entered into the volunteer crew of Tzu-Chih Hospital, and she’d, helped all of those who are close to her, feel the warmth, and gain some wisdoms through interacting with her.

And so, this is, the woman who lit up your life, who offered you the needed emotional/psychological, and the physical forms of support when you’d needed, and, you are, blessed to have met someone who is kind, giving, and gentle in your life.

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The Transfers

Moved in with his WHORE, thinking that his wife had NO clue, but, she’d, tracked him down, and now, he’d gotten that third strike, and, will soon be, kicked OUT of his own home!  The revenge of the wife, is soon to be, fulfilled here, translated…

The MRT Orange Route from Zhonghe to Sinchuang to Luzhou went past the stations one by one, stopped at Yong-An Market Station.

She exited, and hesitated, should she take the bus, or, a cab?

Orange Route 5 of the buses, not to save up on the commute, but because she wanted to delay getting to where she was going.

The stations ran through the display, one right after the next, and the next, and the next, the driver too, was kind enough, to remind the passengers, that the next station was the Zhongshan Road Intersection, she couldn’t delay getting off even if she’d wanted to.

She’d crossed the intersection based off of the map, turned into the alley, found that building, and, took out her cell phone, double checked the photo of the external of the building, it’s the right one.  She’d followed the delivery person in, outside the entrance, there were the scooters, and bicycles parked, somewhat, cramped, with the graffiti on the walls, the oil stains on the steps, making the apartment appeared, ancient.

Fifth floor, without the elevators, she’d felt, a bit, winded.  He’d only had the stents in his heart, and, isn’t agile enough to climb yet, how’d he get to his place?  Does he not worry at all?  In the early morning as he went out, he’d told, that he will be visiting an old friend, she’d reminded him, “don’t go get drunk, take good care of your heart.”

It’d dawned on her now, that she’d, not understood anything of him, what he was, after, really?

The long hallway with the apartment numbers one right after the next, and the next, she’d, followed the numbers down the line, and, found the number of the residence, and, the intel she bought with money, would be correct, she supposed.

The steel gate had the screens, there was a corner of the screen missing, the gray paint on the steel door a bit, chipped off, the doorbell was the older style, the rectangular kind.  She lifted her hand up, her fingers curled, she’d started, tangling with herself.  Thought, seeing how I’m already here, I need the proofs!  Maybe, it isn’t, as I’d, imagined it.

The truth is about to get bust wide open, she’d, taken a deep inhale, reminded herself, that no matter what was on the other side, she’s not, to lose her, stance.

The doorbell rang, the voices came from within, the footsteps, the click of the lock, the steel gate, pushed, mildly open, a woman’s face came.  She’d seen her over hundreds of times before, and confirmed, that it was her all right, with the flattened features, no makeup on, the sweater she was wearing already fuzzed up, with the curling hairclip behind her head.  That’s what she looked like?

“Who are you?”, the woman’s hoarse voice, with the shock that reflected from her eyes, trying to keep her stature.

Without waiting for the woman to respond, she’d pulled the steel gate open, tilted her head in, and, surely, she saw her husband there, sitting on the couch, with a child of a little over a year old on his knees, feeding him using a small bowl.

And he’d told her, that he didn’t care if they could have children or not, turned out, he already had one.  And, to think, that she’d scheduled an appointment at the fertility clinic, to try one more time for his sake.

Her husband’s face turned pale, lips started trembling, his eyes went from confused, to fear, wanted to get up, but kept, falling down on that couch, patted his chest, made the “ah!  Ah!”, the woman rushed over to him, calling his name aloud.

His name, kept lying, in the spousal column of her identification card, and now, the name got, blurted, out of another, woman’s, lips.  She’d sighed, and, held back her urges, to want to go up and look, made her hands into a fist, then, turned around, and left.

Even if she’d, played the scenes over, over, over, and over again in her mind, however, as she came face to face with the truth, she’d not gotten emotional, acted like a madwoman, started screaming hysterically, and cried, she’d acted, unimaginably, calm and collected.

Heading down the stairs, the cold wind came in from the soles of her feet, headed upward, into her heart, she’d, rubbed her hands together, covered her face, and, wiped away the tears, that came out of the corner of her eye.  She’d decided to call the cab using her cell phone.  This time, she didn’t want to take the transfers, she was fatigued, and just wanted to, rush back to her mansion with the elevators, to plan, how to, eliminate her husband, to give him his, third, strike!

And so, this is how, this woman had, acted, so calmly (it’s scary!), to confirm what she probably already knew of her husband’s cheating, and, what comes next can be, expected, this LOSER who kept a whore on the side will be paying alimony for the rest of his life, and he still has an illegitimate son to care for, and the other woman too.  Suits him right!

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What We’re Told Not To Talk About – Christine E. Ray — Brave & Reckless

we liked you better when you were a girl with your mouth muzzled shut by strong adult hands seen but not heard on your scabbed bony knees easily rendered docile compliant we liked you better when you were young held the shared secrets close carried the blame our blame as if it were your own […]

What We’re Told Not To Talk About – Christine E. Ray — Brave & Reckless

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Good People Doing Good Things – Mohamed Bzeek — Filosofa’s Word

“I am not an angel. I am not a hero. It’s just what we are supposed to do as a human being.”

Good People Doing Good Things – Mohamed Bzeek — Filosofa’s Word

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The Final Trial

Out of a book I’m reading, translated by me…

I would see the mothers and daughter holding intimate conversations from time to time.  They’d treated one another with respect, and as independent from each other, the mother didn’t treat the daughter as something she owned, maintained the distance, at the same time, still were able to, relate to one another intimately.  Every time I see this combination, I’d, felt envious.  To tell the truth, it’s something really nice.  For me though, my relationship with my mother consisted of the never-ending fights, sometimes, we’d, impacted one another hard, sometimes, we’d, ignored each other, and finally, I’m, to where I, currently am.  Back then, I’d wanted to leave home, to get married early, to want another family.  And yet, I’d come to understand, that I will find no place to belong in at a young age, so I’d, forced myself to become, independent.  And, from this perspective, my mother would be, awesome.

So, why did I have such a mother?  About a year ago, this question surfaced to my mind.  Because no matter what, children can’t choose their own parents, and, it’s this sort of a drawing by chance.  If you drew good parents, then, you’re blessed, and if you didn’t, you would be, tortured in life.

As the question started growing inside of my mind, I’d finally decided, to pay a visit to the fortune teller one afternoon.  I only needed to provide my date of birth, my place of birth, and my time of birth, then, the individual will be able to read my life.  I’d, originally, not believed such a thing, but this was, the only straw I can grab onto, to save myself.

Anything, anything at all, I just, needed a reason, for why I was, born to, this woman who was, my mother.

The fortune-teller told me, that I’d owed my mother a favor in a past life.  That’s it, I was, graced by my mother in another life?  And, it was, from a lifetime ago, there’s nothing I can do, and so, I’d, immediately, accepted the claims of that, fortune teller.  And, my mother being my mother, was also something, she’d lacked, control over.

The fortune-teller told me, that facing the trials right now, is the ultimate test of my spirit, if I passed, then, my soul will no longer need to get trapped in the cyclic karma, and I won’t come back as a human being again.

And of course, that was, that, a fortune-telling session, there was no way of me knowing for certain if it is true or false. But for me, even if it’s untrue, it’d helped me find the salvation I needed.  The words of the fortune-teller gave me that heart of ease now, and I can, better accept the problems I have with my own mother.

The most important gain from this session, was I now know, that I’m, tested by God right now, and, if I didn’t visit the fortune-teller as I’d done when I had, I may still be, living in a depressed mood every single day.

As my mother passed, in the current moment, my state of mind felt like that finally solved math problem.  Although, I’d not made the perfect scores still, but, at least, I’d, passed the exams.

And, this just showed, how we’re, often trapped by the whys of life, we want a valid reason, to make sense of why and how things happened the way that they had, and, this woman, she’d found the answer she was in need of (regardless of whether or not it’s true or false), that she’d found closure, to the awful relationship she’d always had with her own mother, and she’s, moving on with the rest of her life, leaving that baggage, behind, for she’d, carried it for too long, all the way up to the point in her life, and now, she’s finally, letting go.

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The Jealous Woman Went into the Sushi Shop, Set Fourteen Parked Scooters on Fire During the Mealtime, Thrill Dozens of Customers

The fires of jealousy, burned on, destroyed, the properties, and this woman is now, charged with the crime of, arson, public endangerment, etc., etc., etc., off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-eight-year-old woman, Lu suspected that her ex-girlfriend was a bit, too friendly with a male employee of the Sushiro on the International Road in Taoyuan, yesterday, she’d gone to the parking lot of the store, dragged out the man’s scooter, poured the gasoline she brought there, then, lit it up to vent, the fire destroyed fourteen scooters total, damaged the external walls of the shop, causing one of the employees injuries.  After Lu committed arson, she’d immediately turned herself in, charged with arson, sent to the D.A., the district attorneys believed that her crime was of the major, that there’s a high chance she is more than likely to do it again, asked the courts to have her in police custody.

the photo from the news channel, ettoday…

And the sushi shop only had its grand opening just last April, the business is flourishing, and, the owner at this location can only blame the unlucky stars; Lu’s father told his daughter to apologize for what she’d done, and promised to pay for the damages to the shop, the owner of the vehicle all he is able to.

The police found, at around noon, Lu was in her motorcycle helmet, arrived to the location with two kegs of gasoline, pushed one of the blue scooter that was parked to the back lot, poured the gas, then, lit up the fire, stood by and looked for several minutes, then, she’d, walked away.

The fire and smokes started getting big, and the employees saw, immediately had the customers who were dining in the shop to evacuate away, and ran outside with the fire extinguishers that the store had, and the fire wasn’t put out until the fire department came, the fourteen motorcycles had nothing but the iron frames remaining, the walls outside, the kitchen, burned to black, with an empty keg, and a lighter left behind at the scene.

After Lu set the fire, she had a friend accompanying her to the police substation to turn herself in, claimed that she was upset that the male employee had, started dating the girlfriend she had for many years, that she committed the arson on impulse; the police examined the location, reviewed over the surveillance of the nearby shopping strip, the nearby gas station, and the vicinity, and confirmed, that it was Lu, who bought the gas, who set the fire, who was, running away, charged her with arson, and, her crime of arson runs a sentence of more than a year, less than seven years in prison.

Lu’s father told, his daughter recently broken up, with the girlfriend she dated for seven years, and because of how stubborn she was in her personality, she wouldn’t tell him anything, with the pressures from work, that was what caused her to commit the crimes; and because she worked the graveyard shift at work, he’d not interacted with her regularly on a daily basis, and not noticed the signs of her upset.

And so, this last bit, is the father’s attempt, to excuse his own adult daughter, for committing arson, and this still just showed, how emotionally immature people can be, and how love turns to revenge, just like that (a snap of the finger???), and, this woman lost her senses, and committed the crimes, and despite how she’s already an adult, she still needed her daddy, to wipe HER A-S-S!

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The Sixteen-Year-Old’s Birthday Celebration Turned Fatal, the Drunk Birthday Boy Leapt into the Danshui River, Three Days Later, His Body Was Found

This TEENAGER made the WRONG decisions of getting PLASTERED on his birthday, which was what caused his death, besides, the legal drinking age here is EIGHTEEN, and this adolescent was only sixteen!  Accidental death here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-year technical high school student from Danshui, the sixteen-year-old Cheng, on the evening of the twenty-fifth, met out with his classmates by the Danshui River to celebrate his birthday, after he was drunk, he took his clothes off, and leapt into the icy cold Danshui River, drowned, and sank into the river; the divers from the fire department went in search of the teen, couldn’t find him after they were called to the scene, and, it took three days later, as the body of the adolescent male, Cheng to finally surface back up, he was already dead, and his birthday became his date of death too.  The families suspected that it was his classmates who’d, used peer pressure to make him jump, while the students denied, the district attorneys are looking into the matter further.

Based off of what’s know, the youth, Cheng can swim, and he’d turned sixteen on the twenty-fifth, that very evening, he’d gone out with a dozen or more of his male and female classmates, first, to the Holiday Karaoke to sing, then, gone to a local restaurant in Danshui to continue celebrating his birthday with the group, at dinner, someone had ordered up the cocktails, and beers.  After the meals, the group went strolling by the Danshui River, at around 9:40 at night, Cheng was worked up, stripped to his boxers, and leapt into the river.  It was cold on the night, and rainy too, with the temperature of the water in the river being, on the low, and, not long after he leapt in, the group of friends saw him struggling to keep his head above water, and by the time the fellow classmates found, that something had gone wrong, the young man had floated far off, and then, sank into the water.

here’s one…photo from online

The Huwei Fire Department Substation were was notified, about two hundred meters away from the river, and immediately sent out the boats, the divers, but didn’t recover him on the might, and the following day they’d, continued the search; two days ago at 9:40 in the morning, Cheng’s body finally surfaced back up, and floated into the wharf where the Huwei Fire Station was located, the police called the families in, and the families positively identified the youth.

The families started questioning, the group whom the adolescent was partying out with, that someone had, pressured him to leap into the river, but the students denied it, claimed that it was Cheng who took his clothes off all of a sudden, then, jumped into the river on his own.  The district attorney’s office autopsied the body, and reviewed the facts, and will see if they need to call in the fellow classmates in, and released the body back to the families, so they can bury him.  As for the restaurant’s providing alcohol to minors, the police sent the reviews to the city governments to investigate.

and another…

let’s all do these, shots! Photo from online

And so, this still showed?  Oh yeah, alcohol IMPAIRS judgment, and, these were teenagers, with their prefrontal cortexes (hello, hello, hello, the area in charge of judgment, etc., etc., etc.) under developed, and, they were drinking, and, the sixteen year-old took his clothes off, and leap into the river on a whim, and drowned to death, and now, the families looking for someone to blame, and they can’t blame this kid, because he’d DEAD, drowned?  Hello, hello, hello?  And, we still should NOT blame the dead, no matter how STUPID they were, when they were, alive!  Or at least, that’s, one of the unwritten rules of Chinese culture here.

This was a tragedy, that could’ve been, easily avoided, but it still, wasn’t.

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The Nanny Went to the Restrooms, the Two-Year-Old Young Girl Passed Out from the Hoist Attached to the Backpack

This is still, a NEGLECT charge!  Also W-H-Y, you should, always KEEP your young children by your sides, at ALL times, tragedy off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two-year-old young girl, Hsieh from Taichung, yesterday sustained a serious strangulation, she’d lost consciousness, and was rushed to the hospital, under her nanny’s care in her home, yesterday, the young child was admitted to the I.C.U. and intubated; Yeh told, that the young girl was strangled around the neck by the harness from the backpack she’d set her down by the protective child’s seat, back when it happened, she was “going to the bathrooms”, the child climbed up the protective railing, which was what caused the accident.  The police took the nanny in on negligence charges, the social services intervened to understand what exactly happened, at the same time, the social services transferred the three toddlers that Yeh was looking after.

The police investigated, that the forty-three-year-old Yeh is a licensed nanny, and took on caring for Chou’s young daughter for a little over a year to date.

Yeh told, that at eight in the morn yesterday, she’d taken a short bathroom break, put the child down inside the enclosure, and as she’d returned back, she’d found that the young girl’s neck was strangled by the strap to the backpack that’s hung on the walls; she’d immediately loosened the strap, carried the young girl down, and immediately called the emergency services.

As the paramedics arrived, the child was with no signs of life, on the way to the hospital, the emergency service workers continued performing CPR on her, and finally, her vitals returned, but it was still, weak; after the assessment of the physicians from the Lin Shin Hospital made the decisions of intubation, rushed the child to the Taidong branch of Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, after the emergency resuscitation measures were performed, the young girl started breathing, with a heart rate again, but, the toddler is in a stage four coma, severely injured, and she may have permanent brain damage.

As Chou went to the hospital alongside her young daughter, she was very emotional, and hadn’t decided to sue the nanny for negligence yet, Yeh said, “it was only for a matter of a few short moments she’d stepped away to go to the bathrooms”, she’d not expected that the child would flip herself over the enclosure, and get tied up by the straps, she felt awful over the accident.

The social services of Taichung stated, that there’s no record of the young girl being reported for child protective services, that Yeh is a certified and registered nanny, the social workers will work alongside the district attorney’s offices, as well as the police investigators, to find out the cause and effect of the injuries of the young child.

And this still just showed, that you should NEVER leave a young child alone, no matter how safe you think the environment you are in is, because, it’s not, as these cases showed, that children will get their heads, STUCK in the cookie jar, like another case I’d written up on, how that young toddler boy committed suicide by HANGING himself using the strings from the window blinds, or how that young baby girl got crushed to death, getting put down for that nap, next to the grandfather by the grandmother, and unfortunate as these cases are, they will, keep on happening, because you @#$%ING (so???) parents have absolutely NO sense!

And all of these tragedies could’ve been easily, avoided, and these young lives, spared, but they still weren’t, due to adults’, CARELESSNESS!

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