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The Cost of Electricity, at an All-Time High, the Tsai Government Still Keeps on Evading the Problem

As we the people should know by now, this government of the DDP is best at???  Oh yeah, EVADIND responsibilities, how the DDP government’s consideration of winning the elections had, screwed the entire country over, and now, we are looking at the cost of electricity, at its, highest, rate, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cost of electricity evaluation committee announced yesterday, that there would be an average of 8.4-percent increase in the cost of electricity, for the high capacity usage facilities, there will be a hike of fifteen-percent in costs, it’d gotten to the highest estimated cost of electricity by the Taipower Company, it’d made the businesses cried.  On the angle of the consumer’s, the larger usage clients, for the sake of their business sales, they would need more electricity, and surely, they should be paying at a higher rate, but, as the entire global economy heads into recession, the government of Tsai came up with this way, of making the cost of electricity to hike up to an all-time high for the maximum capacity users, is this the government’s, only choice?

Originally, there’s no need to hike up the cost of electricity all the way up to 8.4-percent.  Reason why this happened, first, it was to cover over the seven straight years’ worth of not increasing the cost of electricity: those seven years’ of no hike in electricity, is based solely off of political considerations, the populist opinions, worrying that the increase at once would make get the people back to the mindset of how when the former president,

Ma had ruled, with the dual hikes in costs of gas and electricity, all of these accumulated, and it’d made Taipower lacked the means to patch up the holes, to lower the uncontrolled risks that Taipower is now, shouldering.  But, just for this year, the Taipower Company had lost more than the 8.4-percent rate increase, by three, four times, to the ceiling rate of the plans posed by the government, and all of this, is only the tips of an iceberg.

Had these past few years, we’d already started at a set cost of the local usage rates, then, the Taipower company would NOT be hanging by a thread like it currently is now.

Second reason being, the discussions of whether or not to increase the costs of electricity, it’s getting close to the mayoral elections, and from that angle, there’s very little chance the rates will be adjusted them, and so, the government ignored the union’s advice, to increase the cost by the sections, various stages, holding that banner of “cost of everything is up, Taipower can’t go bankrupt”, to bleed the major users out.  And, if the mountains that kept this country secure dared made a peep, then, it would be like how the C.E.O. of the TMSC Liu stated, “Taiwan will experience more power outages”, and getting his words soured down by the head of economics Wang on the radio shows.

Not to mention, how the industries are losing money, the biggest wishes of the industries are to have the stabilized provisions of electricity, and none of the government officials can guarantee this either, the government officials knew well, that the root cause is not in the cost of electricity, but due to the faulty energy policies, it’s only a false front, that the officials claimed, that the cost increases of electricity can keep the electricity provisions needed in this country stabilized.

The cost of electricity had increased by 8.4-percent, this was only, the start of the government led by Tsai’s running away from the problems.  This government, with its focus on the elections, will keep on, manipulating the costs of electricity, and, chances of the cost of electricity going down, is nil!

And so, the sole cause of this problem of higher cost in electricity is the elections, because had the DDP government not considered winning the elections, then, they would NOT have pushed the cost of electricity to too low, and now, the Taipower Company is suffering, and there’s a shortage of electricity that we are in need of, and, as the summers heat up higher, you can see how this is a vicious cycle, that this government of the DDP got itself, and us the people on this island, stuck in, right???

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The Teens Ran Away from Home, Stashed the Cash Underneath Their Beds, Ten Adolescents Found to Have Worked as the Pickup for the Mobs

The targeted population being teens, because of their underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, lacking in foresight, and they’re, disposable too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taipei City Police’s Juvenile Division awhile ago received calls from the parents, that their underage teens ran away from home a lot of late, became truant, and as the parents examined the kids’ rooms, they’d found tens of thousands of dollars under their children’s beds, and the parents called the youth squad; the police dug deeper in, found that there were ten adolescents who’d been absorbed by the Bamboo Union’s Jen-Ming Division, became the pick up drivers, picking up the cash from the cases of scams, the primary suspect, Jeng and twelve other of his accomplices were taken into custody.

The police pointed out, that Jeng (age 24) proclaimed himself as the man in charge o the subunit of Sanchong chapter of the gang, found two followers, used the youths’ needs of economic, with no social experience, lacking in foresight, used money to entice these teens, getting the underage adolescents to work as the delivery person to pick up the cash drops for the scams.  The group used the means of faking themselves as law enforcement officials, and scammed the members of the public for over millions of dollars N.T.

Jeng not only just used these teens as tools to pick up the cash, once he’d found that the adolescents were suspected of taking the money for themselves, or that the money came up short, he’d ordered the gangsters to take the teens, and beaten them up, kept them in custody, threatened them, to force them to pay up the amount that went missing.

The Juvenile Squad of the city of Taipei chased the leads, arrested Jeng, and his two subordinates, and there were more than a dozen of teens who were caught as well, after the interrogations, the police charged the three suspects, Jeng and two others, the ten teens on organized crimes, threats, and assault, etc., the teens were sent to juvenile court, with the three primary suspects sent to the D.A.’s office.

The captain of the youth squad, Kuo pointed out, that summer is about to begin, the police will start up its “Youth Specialty Division” from July first, to enforce the laws to protect the adolescents in the society, that if the teens have plans to work, they should pay attention to “whether or not the company hiring are legal”, “if there’s an unusually high payout”, and were the workers demanded to “Turn in their identification” and if there’s a “Fee” to get the job, to avoid being used as the scapegoats of these scam rings.

And, these teens are the targets of these crime rings, because they do NOT have any sense of the outcomes of their own behaviors, due to their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes, and besides, they are easy to get, offering them money, and they’d become baited on that hook, and when these unsuspecting teens get caught, the heads behind these operations are already, far, far, far away, leaving these teens to take the fall, for their role in this bigger organized crime.

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How @#$%ED (maxed out!) up the policies of quarantine set forth by the CDC is here, and how this god damn government still can’t make up its own mind of setting up just ONE set of rules that applied to all here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The newly set quarantine of three plus four policy started up, before the very first case of “getting released”, the mayor of Taipei, Ke shouted at Central Government, “the Central Government is making a mess, again!”.  Although, it’s unseen, if the cases will hike back up again, but the messes from the policies, the holes, we can be absolute, that “three plus for does NOT equal seven!”

As the single day’s confirmed cases kept exceeding toward “how can the world catch up to Taiwan”, toward the situations of all the countries around us are opening up their borders, the experts found, that controlling the borders strictly is now, pointless, and naturally, the days of quarantines are reduced.  But, as another mutated strain of MERS-CoV is hitting close, the new policies that are too far from humanity and completely too far-fetched from reality, rather than it’s for the sake of preventing the virus from spreading, it’s more like the preventive shots that the government wants the country to get, to not take responsibilities for what might occur.

The wounds of “three-plus-eleven” of last year still fresh in our minds.  And, as we desperately needed to block off our borders, the CDC had, loosened the means of quarantines for the pilots, causing that opening of the pandemic.  And as we’d complied with the rules of scanning the barcodes, the government enforced the strict punishments of fines, “plus eleven” still can’t keep the behaviors of minority of pilots in check; and now, the government wanted to use the “plus four” mandates to block off the mutated strains, the government’s totally, delusional now!

Although the CDC set up the guidelines of “Getting outside when it’s absolutely necessary, can’t stay out all night”, etc. etc., etc., but, this is a challenge for the management, of human nature.  No limits to the number of times people get to go out, then why would it be “necessary” as a mandate, and this rule set forth by the CDC is bound to get not followed by the people here.  Like the mayor, Ke stated, “You go out every day, you can infect your fellow coworkers from the office, but you can’t bring the virus home and infect your families with it,” totally ironic, and a huge hole punctured by the CDC.

Toward the doubts, the head of State, Su stated, as the Central Government, and the people all working together to block off the mutated strains, then we can be successful in this war with MERS-CoV.  But, the central government’s ambiguous policies, without means to ensure the enforcement of the policies, they’d written the equation of “three plus four equals three”, but had the locals and people write down the equations of “three plus four equals seven”.  And thus, the key to working together successfully, lies in how when everything goes right, it’s on me, but when things go wrong, it’s, on you!

And, this still just showed how irresponsible this government truly had been, since the very start of the pandemic, and this government still does NOT give a flying FUCK about the welfare of we the people, but hey, what can we do?  We’d been, enslaved by the DDP too god damn long here, we can’t even fight it in us to fight anymore, so yeah, people of this “free” country gets, FUCKED (no need to pardon me!) here completely.

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The Court Judge Who’d Filmed His Coworker without Her Consent Got Stripped of His Status of Court Justice, Fought for an Appeal, His Appeal Was Tossed

The judge knowingly, invaded his coworker’s, privacy, getting too nosy, and, it got his judgeship, stripped!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The criminal court justice of Taoyuan, Tsai suspected that his female coworker who’d shared the same office was having an extramarital affair, captured her computer screen conversations, and the photos of intimacies she had on her computer and reported to the head of the courts, in the end, it was, a, misunderstanding; Tseng pressed charges on Tsai, and Tsai was sentenced to five months on obstruction of secret, and invasion of privacy; the duties courts found, that Tsai had lost his credibility to the public, suspended him, and terminate the hiring of him as a court justice for two whole years, Tsai fought for an appeal, and his appeal, tossed.

The court judge, Tseng’s family, due to the needs of the medical sorts, Tsai introduced the court official, Wu who’s famous in the medical field, to help connect her, Tsai didn’t know both Wu and Tseng had been divorced, during May of 2020, in the office, Tsai saw the dialogue box popping up in Tseng’s computer with Wu calling her, “honey”, and sent her the photos of their getting close to each other.

As Tsai was shocked, he’d misbelieved, that Tseng was having an affair, and took the shots of the computer screen, and told the head of courts.  The man called Tseng into questioning, and, confirmed, that there was NO name in the spouse column of her identification card, and told the findings to Tsai, but Tsai still didn’t believe it, and decided to collect more evidence.

The duties courts found, that Tsai only wanted to prove his own personal doubts, and prodded into Tseng’s privacy that he’d, gone against the righteous characters of a court judge, that he’d done something severe, that he deserves to be punished severely.

Tsai originally did okay in his work as a court justice, after he’d committed the crimes, he’d claimed that his mistakes were of the personal sorts, that he’d offended Tseng in another personal matter, that she was getting him back, that’s why she’d sued him, the duties courts believed, that Tsai couldn’t introspect, and had lost credibility of the public, to work in the justice department, terminated his contract for hire for two years.

And so, this is on the importance of MYOB!  I mean, even IF the woman in your office WAS having an affair, that’s her problem, not yours, and yet, you’d gotten, too nosy, stuck your nose into someone else’s business, invaded her privacy, and you’re a court judge like she is too, and, you knew the laws on privacy and yet, you’d still, broken the law, and, the rulings of the man not being hired in the court systems for only TWO years is still too light a punishment here.

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The Air, My Friend

On just how foolish we humans can, be, the column by Jimmi Liao, translated, by me…

The Stars, They Gathered by the Seaside, But They’d Kept a Safe Social Distance with One Another.

Those Who Don’t Follow the Rules are All Jinxes,

And, Can’t Believe, that People Actually, Made Wishes on Them…………………

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of

So, this showed, how foolish we humans are, based off of this interpretations, if the shooting stars are the stars that aren’t, “acting right” falling off left and right, and we humans are, stupid enough, to think, that making wishes on these shooting stars, somehow, our wishes might, come true, then, what does that, make us?

Oh I know, STUPID!

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Being Angered by the Press’s Inquiries Doesn’t Do Anything to Help Us Defend Against MERS-CoV, Listening to the Multiple Opinions is the Key

How the head of the CDC here, got his HEAD, STUCK up his ass, dreaming of winning the mayoral election of Taipei at the end of year, that he’d, let his post right now, slide, and we the people still, suffer!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The MERS-CoV cases are still at plateau continually, with the morbidity rate from contraction at an all-time high every single day, the various expert scholars all advised, that they’d hoped the CDC can analyze the data on the morbidity, hoping to find out what causes the higher death rate, to find the means to get the number down, to not cause any lives to get lost due to the outbreaks.

Jeng, the public health department professor from N.T.U. stated, that the deaths coming in the multiples only took thirteen days here, and we’re, second in speed, at the same time, he’d called out to the C.D.C. to NOT just read off the statistic charts, to NOT do the analysis of these causes of deaths.  And, the response was Chen’s anger, on the press conferences, Chen appeared rushed and annoyed, stated, that Taiwan is comparable in the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, but he still couldn’t understand why the rates of death was so quickly to come, and how it’s still, very, high.

The experts in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV stated recently, that there may be the underreported numbers of confirmed contraction cases as well as deaths too.  the scholars mentioned that there were the unexplained quick hikes of rates of morbidity here, and the ruling out of the six major causes, and it still can’t help the researchers determine, what causes the death rates to not get lowered, that the CDC needed to something to improve this.

Like how the contracted weren’t administered the medications quickly enough, or as they were taken to the hospitals, they’d not received the proper measures of care they needed, the cause of these may be due to the ratio of medical professional per patient, or the ineffectiveness of the treatment measures, and, all of these problems needed to get traced to the roots, after all, every life is, precious, and shouldn’t be, lost so, easily.

But instead of, coming up with the solutions that can help improve the medical provisions systems, Chen spent the longest time in the press conference, reiterating, “Taiwan is EXCELLENT in defending against the spread of MERS-CoV!”, not mentioning the means, of how to get the patients the needed care, or treatment means, and stated, that the statistics recorded, are inaccurate, and reached the weird conclusions of, how this can cause the citizens to become misinformed of the pandemic, and hurting the trust the people placed in the DDP, that this wasn’t, a good thing.

And I can’t help but wonder, if the anxiety that Chen showed was toward the developments of the pandemic, or was it from his anxiousness of running for office of the mayor in Taipei?  If Chen is not focused on his role as the head of the CDC, fulfilling the requirements of his post as the head of defense against MERS-CoV, and getting immersed in how wonderful Taiwan used to be from before, not listening to the expert scholars, to find the means that work, and, I’m sure, that the election at the end of year, won’t go according to his wishes, not burdening himself with every life that’s already lost in the outbreaks, it’d shown how self-centered he is, with only party politics in mind, cold-blooded, with no empathy whatsoever.

And so this is, how god damn, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) SIDETRACKED the director of the CDC is here, he got his sight set on the mayoral election of Taipei at the end of the year, and, that became, his sole focus, without realizing HEY yo moron!  You’re the HEAD of the god DAMN CDC, come UP with a plan that can help we the people, to TACKLE the obstacle of MERS-CoV right now, after all, the election IS in December (I think…), and this is still JUNE here that we’re, currently in, I mean, IF you manage your post as the director of the C.D.C. then, maybe, just MAYBE, we the people would go to the polls to vote for your, sorry ASS at the end of year elections, but you can’t even keep focused, on the tasks at hand: figuring out WHY the numbers aren’t going down, with the total deaths, new contractions hiking up by the day here.

And that is what you get when you allow POLITICIANS to R-U-N the country, and we’re all, going down, SIX-feet under!

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More than Tens of Thousands Supported the Specialized Two-Year-Old Classes, the Education Groups Objected to the Amendments of Mixing the Two-Year-Olds into the Preschool Classes

This is due to those, WHINY parents who needed to work, who can’t place their not-yet-preschool or kindergarten age children anywhere, and this is still, STUPID, not considering the developmental needs of the child!  The @#$%ED up policy of early childhood education that this government came up with, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education is planning on opening up the first year of kindergarten for as young as three-year-old, and the early childhood groups started criticizing, suspected that if the government went forth with this policy, then, the two-year-old specialty classes would be totally, screwed up.  The All-Education Foundation gone to protest at the Department of Education, claimed, that within two days’ announcing the policies, there were, more than tens of thousand who’d signed the petitions to support the opening of the two-year-old specialty classes already, against the mixed-age of two year olds into the preschool classes, called out to the Department of Education to stop the amendment from passing.

In actuality, the two-year-old specialized classrooms has a totally different setting compared to the three-year-old only class, for instance, the toilets for the two-year-old classes need to be located in the back of the class, not for the threes.  The teacher-student ratio for the twos is one to eight, for the toddlers of first year kindergarten and up it’s one to fifteen, and there were the owners of the facilities who aren’t opening up the early childhood classes, due to the costs in hiring the extra certified early childhood educators.

The committee member of All Education Foundation of Child Education, Yang stated, that if the children under age three can get mixed into the three-year-old classes, then, does that mean, that five-year-olds are allowed into elementary school to learn.  The Department of Education should NOT open that door of convenience, just because it matched the needs of some of the operators of the early childhood programs.

The Department of Education stated, that this amendment merely allows for the chances of biological three-year-olds to be in the same classroom setting as the three yar old toddlers, that it would NOT be like having kids in various ages in the same classes.  And, if the schools are to have the classes, then, three mandates must be met including, the preschool not having a two-year-old only classes, or if the two-year-old classes are already, filled in enrollment, with the three-year-old classes still having the vacancies, and the toddler must be biologically three year old on the month of registration, then, the toddler can start schooling.

this mixed age group would work

I’m thinking…photo from online, because at least, the‘re, “roughly” the same ages.,,photo from online

And so, just like ALL other policies by the DDP, this is, still giving us the run-around, I mean, what the HELL is being biologically three, three years of age since the day we were born, but, what if, mentally, we’re still not yet, potty trained by then?  And, this mix age class is still just bullshit, I mean, surely, if you mix the four year-olds with the five, six year olds in a class, that would be okay, but, two is still, way too young, when they needed the individual attention, and besides, the teacher-to-student ratios are totally different for these age groups, so, what it adds up is, you’ll be having, 2.5 instructors (that’s still just made up by me!), and, where the HECK you gonna find HALF of a teacher, oh I know, you split the early childhood educators in HALF, then, place one half in the 2.5 teacher classroom, and, leave the remaining HALF of that instructor that’s gotten, hacked down the middle, inside the CLOSETS!

Yeah, that’s too stupid, I mean, if they’re older, sure, it might work, but not at that young and age…

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Opening up the Mix-Age Classes of Children Over Two Years of Age, the Holistic Education Foundation is Strictly Against This

In the kindergarten years, maybe, if individual attention is given to the students personally, but, not in the toddler years!  And yet, this amendment of the education of early childhood got written down, this is totally NOT considering the cognitive developments of the early childhood years!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education recently proposed the second rule of the amendments of early childcare program and early childhood education, it’d planned to place the two-year-olds into the mixed age classes of three, and four year olds, but the Holistic Education Foundation questioned, that the Department of Education announced this before the long holidays, that they were, calculating something, and called out for the Department of Education to SLAM on the brake on this policy, in order, to protect the rights of two-year-old toddlers’.

and no, this is still NOT what you’re gonna get!

unfortunately…photo from online

Based off of the rough drafts of this act, the Department of Education considered the right of children in the early childhood years to receive an education, the needed care, as well as considering the need of the parents to place their young in the nurseries to mandate the early childhood facilities that if the facilities didn’t have the toddler classes of two to not yet three year olds (the specialty classes for two year-olds), or that there’s no extra slots for the two-only classes, and there are still room available for the three to four classes, that the school is allowed to place the toddlers under age three in the three-to-four-year-old classes.

The committee member of the Holistic Education Foundation of early childhood education, Yang told, that the levels of understanding is what is used to assign the needed resources, and the setting of the policies of education, that it’s a basis for measuring the developments of young children, that the two-year-olds have different developmental milestones and needs compared to the three-year-olds, that the preview of this act was due to there’s not enough resources in the two-year-old classes, that the Department of Education was only finding a resolve for their own incompetence of policies in early childhood care.

The Department of Education stated, that at the start of May, they’d already invited the local government, the instructors, the early childhood education professionals, as well as parent groups to ask for their advice, that it will continue to listen to the various opinions, and take the opinions as a reference for the amendment.

this…photo from online

mixed with a little of this…

except not in those seats, but running around like PSYCHOS in the classrooms! Photo from online

Yeah uh, this is still, totally, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up, I mean, the twos are, potty training, meaning, that they may NOT have that down pat yet, and now, imagine this, the teachers are, chasing those three-year-olds around (industry vs. inferiority stage anybody???), with the group of twos, going potty, everywhere in the classroom setting, and, you’d end up with, a whole lot of messes that you, STUPID adults can’t handle, and this is still all due to how the government wanted to appease to the parents’ needs to place their young in daycare, because they all gotta work, and in the end, guess W-H-O gets, screwed???  The children, because they are NOT receiving the needed care in accordance to their, cognitive development, because the government wants to MIX it up, oh, and don’t forget about lunch hour, that’s gonna be, a total MESS too, and, how many teacher’s assistance would you need in this sort of a mix-age class, because, there’s a DIFFERENT ratio of students per instructor in these, various age groups, hello, hello, hello???  This IS, a NO-BRAINER, you do realize that, don’t you???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-hum, and, how does THAT make you feel again?

‘K, I’m OUT!

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Another Shooting in the U.S., the Gunman Shot Four, Then Turned on Himself

And you still don’t think that being able to own and BEAR arms is the root of this, problem???  And yet, the police department patted itself on the back, on their, short response time in the incident there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the afternoon of the first, there was a shooting at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a total of five deaths, including the gunman who’d turned the gun on himself.  The police estimated that the age of the gunman is between thirty-five and forty, and the motives are, waiting to be, checked out, but stated, that the gunman with the assault rifles, and the handguns hadn’t gone locally to shoot people at random, but the police didn’t provide the public with any more extra details.  There was the twenty-one death massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Texas on the twenty-fourth, so the timing is, especially, sensitive.

The assistant sheriff of Tulsa Police Department stated that as the police received the call stating that the gunman had made his way to the second floor clinic of St. Francis, they’d immediately sent out the officers, and, they’d searched the hospital rooms one by one in the building, on all the floors.

The captain of the police, Meulenberg told, that the police treated the local hospital as an “area of a major disaster”, with multiple victims injured.  Currently, they’re still unsure how many others may have been affected.

Based off of White House Press, President Biden had already heard the debriefing of the case, and the government also offered the assistance, the supports needed to the local government officials.

The paralegal who lives close to the clinic said, that as soon as she’d heard the choppers and the loud sounds coming from the hospital’s direction, she’d immediately rushed out of her own home.

The forty-three-year-old paralegal, as she was interviewed, stated, “This was the most number of law enforcement officers that all rushed to one location in my entire life that I’d, ever seen”.  She’d recalled, the squat team making their ways into the building, described how the police were, “Swift and fast in execution”, “without any, hesitation”.

Reuter reported, that the assistant chief of police told, that as the police received the call in the afternoon, they’d, arrived at the hospital three minutes later, and fie minutes upon arrival, they’d found the gunman, and the victims.  The upsets from the public of the Robb Elementary School shooting was that the police stayed outside of the school, doing NOTHING for a total of seventy-eight minutes.

And, comparing to how the Robb Elementary School shooting the Tulsa Police Department surely DESERVED, that PAT on the back, don’t they now?  And this still just showed, how the excess of armed weapons available to people in the U.S. had, caused yet, another, shooting, only that this time, not that many were dead and injured, so it’s, no big deal, or at least, that’s, what this shit sounded like to me.

KUDOS to the police of Tulsa, OK, for your, quick response time, really, you all deserve that raise from the Department.

Yeah right…

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Do We Have Enough Space for Quarantines?  Is the Medical Care Provisions Fully Set Up?  Did the Young Children All Have Their Vaccinations?

The impotence, the incompetence, of this, government, that’s still, ruining ALL the people’s, lives here, and there’s, nothing that WE the people, CAN do, as the DDP still, runs this, god damn country toward SIX feet UNDER!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another Two Infants Died, We Don’t Want to Coexist with Death

Seeing the digits that the CDC posted yesterday, of the 122 who’d died from contraction, there were two infants of not yet a year old, and I can only imagine that the pains, being, too difficult, for their parents, to bear.

The policies switched from clearing off all the contractions suddenly, to coexisting with the virus, and the CDC still presented the data the statistics in its daily press meetings at noon sharp, and all we see, is the digits rising up sharply, and yet, in the policies, the CDC seemed to only want the people to get used to the idea of coexisting with the virus, and accept, that the number of those who’d died under the confirmed contraction cases is, a norm, and, mentioned, that so long as our rates of death is lower than our neighboring countries, then, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is considered, successful!

And every time the CDC showed that diagram of those who’d died, it would always indicate, that the individuals who’d died from contraction had other previously existing medical conditions, I really don’t know what this is for?  We’d found, that there are, less-than one-percent of the contracted who’d died, who’d not been found with the, preexisting, medical conditions, is the CDC hinting at how these individuals who’d died, who’d been found with other preexisting conditions, has other progressive conditions, that’s what’s made them harder to treat, that’s led to, their, deaths?  Is this a reminder, or is this, scapegoating?  Does this mean, that these individuals who’d, been confirmed of contraction, couldn’t coexist with the virus?  Is there, any, scientific meaning, to these sorts of, a memo that the CDC is, giving, to the people?

Is coexisting with the virus, a motto, a trend, a fact, or, is it, a policy?  And, at the same time, how do we, coexist with the virus?  What’s the most fundamental of prerequisites of this?  The end goal being?  The cost?

Recently, the daily confirmed contraction cases had been over 60,000 per day, and based off of this trend, we are, to coexist with this virus, for a long, long, long time, to come, but how, do we, coexist with it?  There are, still, a ton of, unanswered questions regarding this.  In the past month, there were those who’d coexisted with the virus under the lacking of the quick scan kits; some, after being confirmed of contractions, didn’t have enough space to quarantine in, forced to coexist with the virus; and there were more who are moderately to severely symptomatic, who couldn’t get the medical provisions they are in need of, who’d, coexisted with the virus.  And, based off of these two, unfortunate, infant deaths, there’s nothing we can do, how do the children, coexist with the virus, without the antibodies they are in need of? And how many more children in the future, will be forced to, coexist with the virus, who’d not been, fully, vaccinated?  Is this sort of, coexisting with the virus, really, unavoidable?

In this past week, the total number of death by contraction had been closed to a hundred or over a hundred, but is this, merely, a statistic?  As the CDC used the charts to show in the press conferences, making a note of these individuals’ who’d died, who had prior medical conditions, can the CDC go a step further, trying to understand, how they, contracted the virus in the first place?  Could these deaths have been, avoided?  And what’s the progression, of their path to contracting the virus?  Are there things that the individuals failed to pay enough attention about?

Life is, priceless, for every family that’s lost a loved one, it’s not easily, waved off by the death rate of one in tens of thousands, the pains will, follow them for life!  Everybody dies, there’s no need to live in fear, and worries, about our, timely, demises!

Nobody can be positive, that after s/he contracts MERS, s/he will be mildly symptomatic, and on the one in a thousand death rate, we the people still want to, try to get away from, as much as we possibly, can!  The people can’t avoid from contracting the virus, but the government can, do everything in its power, to help people out, to get us away, from coexisting with the morbidity rate from MERS, reducing the number of those who died, best as it can!

We need a scientific approach to defending ourselves, but the scientific means does NOT including, explaining of the statistics of the contractions, but to try and predict, how to avoid these deaths, and find a way to coexist with the virus, that is, the direction to which, this government needs to work towards, to protect we the people here!

Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, you still don’t get THAT CRACKER!), repeating the statistics, but not doing anything, to help us, defend ourselves, and we are all, on our own, under this, incompetent, government of ours here!

And there’s, nothing that we the people, CAN, do!

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