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Calling the Corruptions of, War

The precedence of, Ukraine, still NOT, taken, seriously enough here, ‘cuz, oh yeah, there’s NO bombs, dropping down, blowing UP this god DAMN island that I’m currently living on, Y-E-T!!!  The Taiwanese “popularly elected government” is still FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) us all, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scandals of corruption came out, the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy fired FOUR assistant directors of government offices, five governors, an assistant district attorney, along with many other in the higher up government, including the assistant manager of his own office, Tymoshenko.

The corruption of Ukraine is already, world-renowned, and, Zelenskyy used the slogans of “fighting corruption” to help him win the elections; and yet, his closest cabinet members are corrupt, right under his, nose.  After the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict began, he’d used the green t-shirt to shape his own heroic image, while the corruptions of his government officials, ongoing outside the camera lenses.  And, this scandal made the rest of the world realized: that the corruptions of war give off of an even, bigger stench!

what they looked like, photo from online, and more are, “coming in”…

As the soldiers of Ukraine give their lives on the frontlines, lying DEAD, the higher up officials are living high, and extravagantly.  Tymoshenko had used the Chevy that were used to extract the locals to safety as his own; the assistant basic equipment manager, in a contract that helps restored water and electric power to the people, took a bribe of $400,000 in the engineering; even the D.o.D. took the kickbacks on the meal costs for the servicemen who are fighting the war on the, frontlines.

The disclosures of all of these, scandals, had, completely, blemished the justifiable reasons of a country’s going to war.  The problem being: is this scene, only unique to, Ukraine, or, is this, the unavoidable, results of, war?

Wu and Hsiao both stated to the foreign presses, matter-of-factly:  Taiwan is ready for war as a whole society.  Recently, there came, the news of the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s possible visit in the springtime here, it’d only been, no more than six months since the Communist Chinese fighter planes, battleships started, circling Taiwan, and now, the DDP wanted to, defy the People’s Liberation Army of China.  But, doesn’t the DDP have other tricks up its, sleeve, why does it keep on, tooting the horns of, war?

The higher up of Ukrainian government got turned over, every call that’s loud for war, sounded like the war horns of, corruption, sounding, quite, suspicious!

the “head counts” from back in 2019! “Graph” found online

Of course, the U.S. would want us to go to war with China, after all, it’d, already RETREATED all those TMSC engineers out of the country by, “extraction”, leaving this island as, a vacant lot, and, hello, hello, hello, that’s what, 13 BILLION in population across the seas in China, and how many do WE have here???  Yeah, not even close to HALF of that, and so, here’s the “dilemma” (yeah right!): do we go and save the measly millions, offending BILLIONS in China (that would be, SUICIDE in business, you DO realize that, right???) or do we just, let that god DAMN island, that we’d already shipped ALL of our, outdated battle gears to, sink?

You do the “math”…

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The Musical Chair of Government Officials

Yep, that’s what, this, @#$%ING, government is, doing, that, “SWITCH-UP” here!

The musical chair of, government officials, yeah, because the DDP “promoted” from “within”, that’s why, the former VP is now, the head of state (OFF with HIS HEAD!) and, the current VP is still, in his, post, until, the DICTATOR feels the need, to, “behead” him, then, put another DUMMY onto the SPOT (Who’s the NEXT to get “castrated” again???).

And so, this promote from within the party is still pointless, as we’d already WITNESSED, just how god DAMN corrupt the DDP became, with Tsai as the chair of the party.

like this…

whoever’s able to, “grab” a chair gets to the State to sit NEXT to the President, and the rest who got a chair will become the members of the “cabinet”…photo from online

But, there’s NOTHING we the people, (and we ARE, still, the PEOPLE right, or, did I, miss a “memo” again here???) can do, we’d been, enslaved by the party too long, and, this long and overdue awakening of the masses still came, too little, too, late, as the DDP tasted absolutely power already, you think they’re gonna let it go, without, a coup d’état???  And, what makes you think that we the people, are barbaric, enough, to OVERTHROW this, DICTATORSHIP?  We’re still, using our pens (aka the USELESS votes!) to “voice” our, displease, and that still, does, S-H-I-T!

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Nine Suspects Indicted in the Case of Offering High Wages to Get the Unsuspecting Abroad to Have Their Organs Harvested

There are still NO vics here, only ENABLERS!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The owner of a cell phone game company, Chen and others were suspected of enticing a man and a woman to work in Thailand, sent them to the KK Industrial Parks, getting their organs harvested; the female victim through the Burmese-Taipei Economic Diplomatic Offices to contact her mother to get her to pay the one million Thai Baht, was released; another victim was smart enough to make his escape back to Taiwan, the detectives chased the leads, arrested Chen and eight other suspects, the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office charged them on human trafficking laws, and illegally attempting to harvests the organs of the living.

The police chased the leads, found that the nine who were caught were between ages twenty and twenty-two, Chen is the C.E.O. of a cell phone game company, with his middle school classmate, Hu, his friend, Yuan, and a few others, found the lucrative business in enticing the unsuspecting to fly abroad to get their organs harvested to make the large sums of money; between June and August of last, they’d used the means of high wages to get a man and a woman to part-time in Thailand, also helped them get their passports, a total physical, and shipped them both out.

what those human traffickers see, when they see those, “piggies”…”diagram” found online

and the whole body adds up to??? yeah, I’m NOT doing the “math” here, okay???

The indictment pointed out, that the head of the human trafficking ring, Chen lied to the woman who’s fluent in English, that she was hired as a personal secretary to Thailand with a very high wage, but instead, he’d handed her off to another accomplice, to contact the organ harvesters from abroad, planned to make the illegal profits of $1.7 million, and transferred the woman to the KK Parks close to the Burmese border.

Until the woman shocking realized what had happened, and begged Chen to spare her, Chen finally agreed to allow her to call her families for the ransom amount, she’d contacted the Burmese Taiwanese Economic Cultural Office locally, which helped her sent her S.O.S. to her mother, and, as her mother paid one million dollars N.T. exchanged to Thai Baht, did she come back safe and sound.

As Chen and his accomplices kidnapped and extorted the woman, they’d set up another man to go abroad to have his organ harvested, and this time, using the claims that they wanted him to pick up the gambling fees of a boxing match in Thailand, that as he returned, he would be rewarded with a bonus amount, and on the payroll of the company.  As the victim arrived in Thailand, he’d found that the driver drove all the way north, which was opposite to the direction of the hotel, realized that something wasn’t right, and got away on his own.

The police and district attorneys based off of the data of exiting the country and entering, the surveillance, the conversations on the phone records, zoomed in on Chen, a primary suspect and other members of the human trafficking ring, arrested a total of nine, then, it was confirmed that they each took up a different role in the human trafficking ring.  The D.A., due to the nature of the case, asked the courts to sentence all who were involved heavily.

And, this still just showed???  That people are, STUPID!  I mean, this is still NOT an isolated case, it’d happened again, again, again, again, and again (you get the point???), and yet, these younger generations are still, falling for that same old bag of tricks, what are you, stupid?  This time (and this is the ONLY time!), these individuals came home safe, with nothing in their bodies, missing, but what OF the next time some unsuspecting younger generation members fall for it?  I mean, I came here, for the money they promised me, and I ended up getting a KIDNEY of one side of my lungs cut out!

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The Wife SUED the Other Woman, on the Retrial, She Won the Case and the Other Woman Needed to Pay Her $120,000N.T.

And it took how many tries before the WIFE finally got the “justice” she deserved, to get BACK AT her cheating husband and the other woman again???, that’s, two trials, and one retrial, that’s a total, of, THREE!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As adultery had been decriminalized three years ago by the grand justices, the Taipei District Court justice, Lin found, that the constitution is valid in that it emphasized the right of individual actions, and denied the existence of spousal rights, found that Chen, the wife who’d sued the other woman for $800,000N.T. to lose the case; the second trial found that the papers filed for the charges didn’t get to the other woman, that the process was flawed, that the verdict of the first trial is tossed, and sent it back to retrial again.  The first retrial of the case by the Taipei District Court found that the other woman had damaged the spousal right of Chen, and found that the other woman needed to pay Chen $120,000N.T. for the damages.

After Wu made a rare call, she was criticized.  The legal experts told, that the second trial was retried again, due to the misses of the proceedings, skillfully, dodging the debates on spousal rights, the verdict of the first retrial found the other woman lost, and she needed to pay the wife, which showed, that Wu’s interpretations are from minority.

Chen sued, that from April to June of 2019, her husband called the other woman deep in the nights frequently, and in August, they were caught holding hands, she’d found him to be in an affair with the other woman, and asked for $800,000N.T. from the other woman.

In the first trial, the presiding court judge, Wu is the daughter of the grand justice, Wu, she’d believed, that the grand justices’ interpretations of adultery being unconstitutional, that in the past, the constitution stressed the protection of the marriage and the family rights, that it’d changed, into the focus on individual independent rights; the spouses are independent, that they don’t have the right to dominate over how one person could act if s/he were unfaithful in the marriage, that in the clauses of the constitution, there’s no guarantee of spousal rights, that the other woman didn’t need to pay.

Chen didn’t see this fitting, appealed.  The second trial found, that the papers of the cases that were sent by the courts to the other woman’s registry location of Pingdong, and her residence in Hsinbei, that nobody signed for them, and the papers were sent to the local substation, and the courts had the police visit, that the other woman hadn’t resided in the location where she’d been registered to, while the address she had in Hsinbei was for the sake of her children’s school district, that she’d moved her household registry to, but she’d never lived there.

The second trial found, that because the other woman didn’t receive the papers sent by the courts, that the proceedings of the papers being filed wasn’t legit, and the verdict was discarded, sent to retrial again.

Based off of understanding, the other woman had texted Chen, “Your husband’s passed out drunk in my bar, and slept with me in my home”, Chen texted her husband, “it must be hard on you, to SHACK up with your whore, running to and from Taipei and Taoyuan every day”, the husband responded back, “I’m with her in bed now”, “this is what I want”.

The retrial of the first trial found, that the man had spent the night with his affair, that he had, interacted with her in the means, sexually, and mandated that the other woman need to pay the wife $120,000N.T.s.

And so, this, is the aftermath of decriminalizing adultery, I mean, it was simple, you CHEAT, you get SUED from before, and now, because we are all for our own individuals rights to exercise our DICKS, our VAGINAS, or rights to FUCK, to fall in love with whoever the HELL we want, that’s why there are these cases right now, with the wives, suing THE other woman, and the husbands still don’t even get that SLAP on the wrists, even when they’re the ones who can’t control their DICKS in the first place, and they call this, advances in women’s rights, as this country prides itself on being more advanced in the rights to protect the victims of rape, sexual assault or whatever, and yet, there’s NO right guaranteed to the spouses because these judges don’t have their HEADS screwed on STRAIGHT!

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The “Experts of National Defense” are All Over the Places

Words that got, blurted, out loud, before running through the brains’ wires first, this DDP legislator is still, way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded, and yet, she’s, still allowed, to speak (W-O-O-F!  Good boy, Fido…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The armed service terms is going to be changed back to a year, and the complaints came online: “how come the women don’t need to, serve?”, the legislator, Fang rebutted, the problem is NOT in the women, but the laws of service that wouldn’t allow women to QUALIFY to serve.  And so she will be drafting up an amendment to allow for women to serve in the armed services, and she would be willing to serve herself.

and, the legistlator of the DDP sitll thinks, that it’s all for show, like how Tsai played her “military” persona, in that, “dress-up”…

photo from online

And these rumors online, are basically, BULLSHIT, but, the legislator, Fang’s responses are, making us fall out of our, chairs too.  Not saying, that the other DDP legislators would be onboard her bill or not, based off her age of fifty-four, she’d, long gone PAST the age of service discharge, unless, the D.O.D. allowed her to start up her armed services position as a “general”.

An even older female news anchor, on reporting the news of the D.o.D.’s testing the female servicewomen enlistment told, that she is the first in line to sign up.  Problem being, the system is that the backup troops only allows for those who’d gone to serve, who’d been, discharged, to be listed.  The female news anchor just wants a piece of what’s going on, and, falsely believed, that the enlistment is only a bootcamp.

The most talked about news on the military is related to the teams, the Black Bear group that had been mentioned in high prevalence in the Central Commissions Committee meetings.  Another host of a politics talk show went up to sign on, and immediately, posted her shot of carrying a rifle, aiming at something; but, her left hand wasn’t even holding the wooden piece steadily, he’d only, “placed” that rifle on the left palm that’s opened up.  And thankfully, she only had a model gun, otherwise, had she, pulled the trigger, she would’ve gotten her black eye for sure.  And, the school of national defense, no matter how highly reputable, I’m certain, that the people would start, questioning the quality of the lessons that the school provides.

The tensing up of the relationship with China, the continued breaching across our aerial border by the Communist Aircrafts, had gotten the news of military and arms to hit an all-time high.  Recently, we talk about national defense on the streets, like how the South American countries discussed the World Cup, there are, all those, “experts” on the matter, trying to get noted.  But in comparing, the world cup is NOT the same as going to war: besides, the commentators of the World Cup Series of South America, they actually know, that you have to KICK the ball into the opponent’s, nets!

Yeah, and this is just how, @#$%ING unprepared this country will be, and how @#$%ING stupid the people are, they think that going to war is a game, because they never actually see the faces of war, and, they’re, too, ill-prepared, and besides, on the means of physiques, how can we women, measure up to the men, unless, we all become, bodybuilding, competitors, with the muscles, flexing our bodies…and we’re still, N-O-T, so…

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Trapped by Their Own Vice: Not Giving the Tax Refunds, the DDP Scores a Zero for Politics, Giving the Tax Refunds, the Grade for the Policies: Zero, the Hallucinogens of Refunding Back the Taxes to the People, Became a Game of Bids

How the god damn party ran around in circles, like those performing clowns that KICKED their own asses, to try and ENTERTAIN the people, and now, we get our, sizable (or maybe not!) TAX refund back to our own separate, bank accounts, and we’re all supposed to sing the song of gratitude toward how the DDP gave the money that was originally OURS back?  Yeah uh, what are we, STUPID???  And maybe, we (collectively speaking), the people, ARE, stupid, who knows???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the evaluations of why they’d lost most of the mayoral posts in the country, the once most-proud value of “communications” is one of the key factors of why the DDP lost.  And, the economy is the pandemic, will be one of the most important obstacle that the party needs to face this year, but, how is the $450 billion N.T.s that’s collected overboard in cash be used, got lost in the strong-effects of the “Giving out the Cash” remedies.  What’s regrettable is, as the party in power and the party not in power solicited the populist way to resolve this, this first in Taiwanese history’s refunding the taxes back in cash to the people became, a microcosm of the development of Taiwanese democracy, which explains why Taiwan is still, at the lowest of the totem poles, a populist democracy.

The reason for the excessive taxes being collected this year, it’s due to the taxes paid by the people being overboard, due to inflation, causing the earnings of the shops to make more money, and the taxes these businesses pay, are also higher too, we’re the ones, paying for this, using the sums to lower the costs of the goods we need, to get the energy cost rebates, that may be more fitting to the values of the means of economics.  but, the decisions to hand out the cash to all, there’s no open discussion, and it’s all done behind the curtains, where we can’t see, covering up the professional opinions with the politics in considerations.

From the higher up officials of national security meetings, the speech by the president on New Year’s, to Su’s announcing the cash refunds, but yesterday, the DDP announced that every citizen will get $6,000N.T.s., in order to save their own reputations, the DDP publicly pressured the higher up offices.  But, when the KMT talked about this, they’d only mocked the DDP, “With our efficiency, ww can get the rebates out to everybody before the New Year’s”, like they’re, any, better, for the sole purpose, of open up, another, battlefield before the New Year’s.

As inflation hit us hard post-pandemic, all the business are, suffering, there’s no government agencies that zoomed in on the resolves of helping those industries on the verge of falling to nothing, but instead, the party “spread out the cash” first, to attract all of our, attentions.


I did say, “please!” Photo from online

And the development of the events thus, is the results of the DDP’s collectively bribing the voters, and their own, short-sightedness.  As nobody wants to be the bad guy, with the foresights, an eye on the futures, everybody wanted to use the cheapest ways, to suck up to the voters.

To the DDP, politically, if they don’t hand out the cash, they get a ZERO for their political performance; and, if they give out the cash, they will receive that goose egg for their policies; to the KMT, getting the cash out makes everybody happy, why would they want to bring troubles on their selves.  The parties take what they needed, which turned this first cash refund in the country’s history into, “selling to the highest bidder” at the auctions.  No matter if the small party’s calling out to how the collection of the taxes in excess had lost its functions, or how the money should be put to use to care for those who are truly in need, it all got lost, in the loudness of the, fireworks.

And so, to save their own skins, the DDP announced the refunds of our taxes back, instead of printing out those spending vouchers, which is an added cost to our (taxpayers’) money, and, they are only doing this, because they got cornered, because it’d been a hard year, with MERS-CoV’s, nth mutation, and people are already DEAD, with the past two years’ whatever we needed to defend ourselves, we didn’t get it provided FOR us in the time being, and, this is, the DDP’s, beginning to, make up for what they’d done, and we the people, AREN’T, buying it.

We are the ones paying the taxes, the government collected too much, and of course, the money should GET direct-deposited back, into, our own, accounts, and yet, the DDP ran around in circles, and circles, and circles (and maybe more circles, who knows???), then, the gavel comes down: We are refunding the TAXES back, in C-A-S-H, back to you, the people.

Case Closed!

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Under a Government Who Cried, “Wolf”…

We the people are, unfortunately, ALL, gonna D-I-E!  No wait, not just die (like, lying in our deathbeds, from old age and whatever!), but we’re all, gonna get, SLAUGHTERED!

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, they had us, standing in line, bowing our heads, some even got down on their knees to crawl, to thank them for, ABUSE, for not doing enough, to save those who’d, already, died from the plague…

with SHIT coming out of their, mouths…

cartoon found online

Under a government who cried, “Wolf!”, where’s that huntsman when you need him, huh???  Oh yeah, that loser’s, busying, RAPING Little Red, so, let’s not, “disturb” him, in what he’s, doing.

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, we still believed in their, empty promises, of how they only had OUR best interests in mind, how they only wanted what’s good for us all (but, don’t WE got a say, of WHAT’s, good for us all???)…

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, yeah, you already know how THAT story went, don’t ya?  And, we’re still, the innocent (more like too stupid, too blind!) flock of god damn SHEEP, waiting for that “field trip” to, SLAUGHTERHOUSE TEN (‘cuz Slaughterhouse NINE’s “under renovation”, and it won’t be reopened until, March, I think…right, it’s set for its, GRAND REOPENING in M-A-R-C-H!!!)

with we the people, eating all of that SHIT, up too! and the “poop” is, REAL, NOT ice cream! Photo from online

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The Powers Come from the Truths, and the Government Actually Believes, that Lengthening the Service Terms Can Help the Country Defend Itself Against China?

How this DDP government, and the president, Tsai, JUSTIFIED the means of elongating the armed service terms, and, we (especially those in the younger generations!) aren’t, BUYING it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile back, the president started her speech, with the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, stated that the authoritarianism of China is, expanding, to justify the means of lengthening the armed service terms.  The fights between the two greats: the U.S. and China, it’d made Taiwan even more, reliant on or with the need of listening to the “advice” of the U.S.; the president doesn’t feel that the U.S. is pressuring Taiwan, instead, used how the Ukrainian government’s tightening up the guards to fight for their country’s territories, stated, “Taiwan is strong enough, this place will become the primary field of the world’s playing field ofe what freedom looks like, the country won’t turn into a warzone.”

The government used its, simplistic, and brash mottos, to turn the discussions of lengthening the service terms into a more advanced version of “defying China to protect Taiwan”, the lengthening of the service term, is only a means to an end, a façade, while it’d turned us, into an artillery for the U.S., in the fight between the U.S. and China, and Taiwan now has, nowhere to go, with the leader of this country, unwilling, to discuss the possibilities of, peace, to avoid war at all costs.

As the policies of defense manipulated patriotism, and not rationally considered what’s practical, and the voluntary armed service terms are the mainstream, not resolving the problems at hand, placing the voluntary servicepersons onto that frontline, and it’d shown, how the party in power didn’t give up on the “defying China”  hand that’s not won it its local elections, and, this sort of an imbalance of military power, and the government’s claims being impractical, how can we the people not be disappointed in the government, and feel cheated?

Being ready for war, it’s the basis of keeping the country safe from invasions, but, can war be, avoided, it relies entirely on the diplomatic means of our, government.  Should the president, and the party in power, NOT explain the difficulties, the hardships of communicating with China to the people, or do they want us to, just, following their leadership, blindly?  I hope, that next year, the government, and the people will both have the courage, to know, that “knowledge IS power, and the TRUTH of what’s happened right now, being, the most important we need to take a note of”.

And so, this is how the DDP still, hypnotizes we the people, that we will have aid, which is entirely bullshit, as the U.S. only wanted to turn this country into a weapon storage unit, and what do you think will happen, if war does, break out?  The U.S. won’t be sending any extra military personnel to help us out, we’d be, on our own, and then, this island will be taken over by Communist China, with Tsai and the DDP, the first in line, to get, EXECUTED, and what then, huh???

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Detonated a Bomb at the Station, Became Amputated, Received Seven-and-a-Half Years

Can’t see what he did, only pointed finger to those who’d, “wronged” him, yeah, that’s the bad behaviors, of a man all right!  How KARMA is still, a total, BITCH!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A plumber-electrician, Yu because he was in a foul mood in July, he’d taken a bomb, with the reputation of “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation, stated that he was going to, detonate it, and, he’d actually, accidentally pressed the detonator, and set the bomb off, his right palm was blown to bits, and got taken to the hospital and amputated; the Hsinchu District Court tried him, found that he’d caused troubles in public safety, but already paid a dear price, sentenced him to seven years six months for breaking the laws of ownership of illegal dangerous arms, and obstruction of police business.

The verdict pointed out, Wu learned to make the bomb from online, went to the hardware, chemical stores on July 6th , bought the needed supplies, and started making the bomb at home, and, late that evening, he’d tried to see his own young daughter, was barred from seeing her, got in a foul mood, took the bomb, “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation locally.

as Yu entered into the substation, he’d immediately told the officer on duty he was with an explosive device, and took it out to “play with” again, and again, the officers worried that Yu may actually detonate, tried calming him down, while calling up his father, and, Yu started shouting at his father in the phones, that he had a bomb on him, and he got more and more, worked up as they spoke.

And, half way through talking with his father, Yu accidentally set the detonator off, and, blew up his own right palm, and thankfully, none of the officers on duty had, gotten injured.

And so, this is what happened, when you put an explosive device in the hands of someone who’s, worked up, emotionally unstable, and what exacerbated this man’s bad behavior, was his own ex-wife’s barring him from seeing his own daughter, and he’d not considered WHY, his own ex-wife barred him from seeing his own young daughter, because he’d gone to her place too late, and the child may already be in bed, and he’d, blamed EVERYBODY else for his, “misfortunes”…

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Senate Report Faults U.S. Response to Pandemic

From the NYTimes, written by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, that came with the papers today, on how the U.S government, and basically all the governments over the world, underestimating the spread of MERS-CoV, thinking that, it’s only, a common cold, when it’s more serious, and yeah, they should’ve taken MERS, more seriously in the beginning before it become a full-blown modern day, PLAGUE here!

A new examination by Senate Democrats o how the federal government bungled its early response to the coronavirus pandemic faults President Donald Trump and his administration for numerous missteps while also laying the blames on “multiple systemic problems” that long predated his time in office.

The 241-page report was produced by the Democratic staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  The report relied on documents and interviews with key Trump administration officials including Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, who served as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many issues covered in the report, such as serious problems with data collection and insufficient testing capacity, had already been explored by news organizations, but the study painted a sweeping portrait of a government that was wholly unprepared for the arrival of a deadly new pathogen.

The report cited inadequate funding, supply chain vulnerabilities, overlapping government roles and other problems that it said “have been flagged by experts and oversight agencies for years, yet have been largely overlooked by all branches of the federal government.”

It found, for example, that a public health emergency fund created to support state and local health systems had received no new appropriations since 1999 and had been “virtually empty” since 2012.

While the federal preparedness apparatus had been in place for decades, the report noted that planning from 2005 through 2019 had been “narrowly focused on influenza and failed to adequately incorporate other potential infectious disease threats.”

The Senate homeland security committee’s analysis was narrow in scope.  It focused on the chaotic first few months of the pandemic, after the coronavirus was first identified in China in December 2019.  At the beginning of the outbreak, the United States “failed to heed critical public warnings that foreshadowed the severity and transmissibility of the virus,” the report said.

As the crisis unfolded, the report said, the White House barred the CDC from holding the news briefings.  Though experts repeatedly recommended the use of face masks, the administration did not formally do so until April 3, 2020—and even then, Trump declined to wear one.  He also insisted the virus would disappear.

And, all of this still just showed how it’s the EGO (the oversized BIG HEAD of the BOBBLEHEAD last president of the U.S.), had FUCKED the country up, now what does that remind us of???  Oh yeah, the DDP and ITS bobblehead president, Tsai!  And this is still due to overestimating how prepared people are, and underestimating the powers (muah-ha-ha, my EVIL laugh???) of the VIRUS, and yeah, maybe, there was a chance of stopping the strains of MERS-CoV from mutating to its currently “form”, had we let the virus take out those who are too weak to survive it (but that would be, a bit, inhumane, wouldn’t it???), and reduce the total population to cool the earth down (hello, hello, hello, can’t you feel that chill now, as the EFFECTS of global warming, causing the winters to get to below freezing all over the world, and the summers to heat up to the 40-degrees Celsius range???

This is only, the “adverse” results of us, humans, thinking we’re able to play god, to DEFY nature, and now, nature’s kicking, ALL our asses, and we got no one else to blame for this shit that’s happening right now in the world here.

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