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Joking about Hijacking a Plane on His Line Group, Got into Trouble with the Law

You’d think, that people should KNOW by now, that jokes about setting a bomb to blow up somewhere, or something as STUPID as this, will get you in trouble, but apparently, people still had to get physically, BURNED before they understand the limits to their, “jokes” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Civil Aeronautics Administration received a call, that individuals from LINE claimed that they were going to hijack a plane, and attack the 101.  The Civil Aeronautics Administration stated, that the airport police had already, tightened up the watch, and reminded the airlines to pay more attention, currently, the case is investigated y the police, and the CAA called out to the public, to not make claims, or spread these messages, because whether it be intentionally or un, it’d, broken the laws.

The police department of Taipei found, that after investigations, this was a joke someone made online, gone bad, and, the individual got kicked out of the group s/he belonged in, and the police will chase the identity of the individual who’d made the claims, and see if any laws were broken by the person, and if there are further actions needed.  If the posts the public make mentioned harming the dangers of members of the public, then, it’s a prosecutable charge.

At 9:30 in the morn yesterday, the C.A.A. received the operations details form the city government of Taipei, that someone left the message to his LINE group, that s/he is to hijack an airplane, and attack Taipei 101.  The C.A.A. immediately transferred the information to the Taipei and Kaohsiung city police departments.

The C.A.A. told, that they’d already, increased the security details, and the airlines operating within the country also tightened their security too.  The C.A.A. stressed, that if members of the public broadcast or spread messages such as this, whether it be intentional or unintentional, the individuals had, broken the law.

The police found, that in a LINE group called, “The Jokes that Will Make You Laugh All the Way to Hell”, a member anonymously left the message of “hijacking a plane” and “attacking Taipei 101”, and the individual immediately got kicked out of the group by the group manager, while the message already went viral.

And so, this, is how you can’t, shouldn’t, make these, joke that stopped being, funny to all, after all, we are all, very tense already, what, with the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, and, with the homecomings of those abroad, and all of that SHIT that’s currently going on right now, and, some IDIOT decided to make a bad joke about hijacking an airplane, and create chaos?  Yeah, the individual deserved to get arrested and taken into police custody, for NOT knowing the appropriateness of jokes, because this sorts of SHIT simply just aren’t, joking matters!

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Chen: When the Necessities of Cohabiting with the Virus is Imminent

The head of the CDC still just, keeps on, BULLSHITTING we the people here, again, and, apparently, all of, you, medical researchers still, ain’t figured it out yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The spread of the MERS-CoV epidemic slowed down here, and, for the first time, the gates of the country, are wide opened, and welcoming, to those returning home for the Chinese New Year’s, during his appearance of the “2021 Taiwanese Medical Week”, Chen stated, that in the past, the frontlines of defense against MERS is on the borders, and there was the estimates of around 40,000 citizens who are to return back to Taiwan for the Chinese New Year’s, “we estimate that there may be more, and so, we’d, compromised, using the “ten plus four”, the “Seven plus Seven”, and the at-home quarantine means too, that it’s, next to impossible for the epidemic to come to that dead halt we needed it to, that we must, learn to, coexist with the virus from here on out.

Chen stated, that the country had gone through the Taoyuan Hospital infectious chains, the quarantine hotel spread chains, the outbreaks hitting us all too hard back in May, and now, although the epidemic is seemingly slowing down, it won’t be halted completely, and we must, up the vaccination coverage rate, continue the systems of checks thoroughly, to get the medical provisions systems well prepared, to prepare ourselves, if another outbreak is to happen.

On the matter of the registering to enter the shops with the scanning of the barcodes being in low usage rate, is it going out?  Chen stated, that the uses of the registration by scanning the barcodes is a vital way of keeping track, that it’s absolutely, a necessity, so the CDC can quickly, list all possible individuals who may be in contact with the virus.

The part-time professor of N.T.U.s Public Health Department, Jing reminded, that as the borders are slowly, opening back up, we still need to keep all our guards up, because, the epidemic isn’t cleared yet in China, and we’re, under the triple threats of the flu, the avian flu, and MERS-CoV at the same time, we must, live with the viruses, “the CDC shouldn’t just be considering the presence of MERS-CoV from here on out”.

Jing stated, “the RNA virus can mutate, that we can’t, coexist in peace with it.”  She’d given the examples of countries of England, and northern Europe, in the past, they’d all carried the beliefs of coexisting in peace with the virus, but it still couldn’t block the virus from spreading, that’s why they’d started, vaccinating the general public, and, Taiwan had been under the shadows of MERS-CoV for more than a year to date, and, the C.D.C. should NOT mislead the people by using “coexisting in peace with the virus”.

Wang, the honorary president of the Defense Against the Epidemic Foundation pointed out, that cohabiting with the virus, other than people here needing to keep up with the personal defenses, it’s also a test for the government, to defend against the virus, the key lies in whether the shipments of the second-generations of vaccines can be imported on time, or if, there are, better options for the vaccines too.

“The virus will keep on mutating, and it may become like the flu, we can’t not rely on the second-generations vaccines”, Wang stated, that the government purchased 35 million doses of second-generation Moderna vaccines, which is scheduled to arrive by first quarter of next year, but, the manufacturers had been known to delay, and the CDC should consider buying the other vaccines such as BioNTech, or another as backup, otherwise, the replays of this years not having enough vaccines will occur again, with the slow vaccination processes.

Wang stressed, that the CDC should change its tactics, and working towards adapting with the existences of MERS-CoV, but this doesn’t mean, that it shouldn’t aim at clearing the number of infections.  There are two definitions of clearing the numbers, first, reducing the number of case down to zero, and currently, China is the only country that’s, working at this, as this is, next to impossible to accomplish.  Another, after the new cases were caught, quickly quarantine the individuals, which is what Taiwan, and other countries in the world are currently, working towards.

And so, from the looks of this, there’s, NO way, to eliminate this virus, and because, we the STUPID human beings are trying to ERADICATE this virus off of the surface of this @#$%ING planet, and it don’t wanna get KILLED off, so it’ll, keep on, mutating, mutating, mutating, faster, faster, faster, than those, biotech companies can, come up with the newest, strongest, vaccines, and in the end, we’re, ALL, SCREWED, because we can’t CO-exist in PEACE with it, look at the flu, isn’t it getting stronger, worse, worse, and worse each and every year?  And why would that be, huh?  Figure that out, why don’t ya!!!

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Chinese Fighter Planes Over Taiwanese Borders, Scholars from China: Using Taiwan to HIT the U.S.

Taiwan is still, that, SACRIFICEABLE P-A-W-N, in this war of China V.S. the U.S. and, the government still, failed to know it, wow, are we RUN by STUPID here or what???  (Don’t answer that, it’s still R-H-E-T-O-R-I-C here!!!), on how we are, led by, STUPID, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The People’s Liberation of Army of China had been patrolling the aerial places of the Taiwanese border for four days consecutively, are they, threatening Taiwan?  The researcher of the Shanghai Fudan University Song stated, that in the past, only U.S. could play that hand called Taiwan, and now, China can too, U.S. used Taiwan to HIT China, China can do the same, using Taiwan, to HIT the U.S. as well.  The former assistant director of the Department of Defense, Lin said, that the Communist Chinese fighter planes verbally told that they’re, invading Taiwan, but they’d not told, that this, was the, aerial defense practice run of American’s Southern Seas drills.

Chinese fighter planes over aerial borders of Taiwan

“we’re just, patrolling, OUR, borders!!!” Photo from online

Song pointed out, that this move is the gambling of the major nations, while Taiwan was only a “playing hand”.  But, the hand that hold Taiwan, is no longer JUST the U.S., China too, can use Taiwan in this game of defense.  And now, both U.S. and China are using the combo punches, like the calls between Biden and Xi, changing the American diplomatic offices in Taiwan, occurring on the same day, and the release of Meng was also, on that day, Biden announced to the U.N. that U.S. is not going to engage in another Cold War with China again, but, came up with the AUKUS Pact with Australia; while China too, was using a combo, it knew well, that U.S. doesn’t want to get in the war between Taiwan and China, and used the moves, to have America BACK away, that if U.S. dares to throw that first punch, China will be there to fight, and this was China, playing, the Taiwan card, as the fighter planes came over to patrol, would U.S. back off?

Lin believed, that there are, two reasons for China’s patrolling the aerial borders of Taiwan, that openly it’d claimed that it was to fight Taiwan, but, the unspoken was its setting its foot down on American drills in the Southern China Seas.  But, Communist China stated that this was directed toward Taiwan, from the media to the official statements, it claimed that this was to prevent Taiwan from becoming independent, to allow it to have the effects to carry over, but this is a stupid move, it would make the younger generations here in Taiwan, feel more animosities toward China, and deepens the hatred.

The professor of Diplomacy Department of Poli-Sci University , Huang believed, that although the details suggested that the fighter planes from China was zoomed in at the drills of the Southern China Seas, but, as the planes take a short turn, fly for four, five minutes, then, they’re, in the aerial border of Taiwanese air, and this can’t be interpreted as purely, the fight between China and U.S., China is also, emphasizing how this was against Taiwanese independence.  Although, from all the political surveys, the hatred of Taiwanese toward China is now at an all-time high, but for Beijing, even if it’d upset the citizens of Taiwan, it would, suppress the calls of Taiwanese independence, despite its affects on how it would, upset the Taiwanese public.

“Taiwan observes 18 Chinese warplanes during U.S. envoy visit” from the WWW.

Huang reminded, that Taiwan can’t be relieved, thinking that the planes patrolling the aerial borders are the fights between U.S. and China, the approaches of any Communist Chinese army aircrafts over Taiwanese aerial border, can easily cause the bullets to fly, especially, under the conditions of how both distrusted each other, and there’s, low transparency of military matters, it causes more concerns and worries.

And, the Taiwanese government still doesn’t have a CLUE, we are now, officially, nothing MORE, than a CHIP in the game of America vs. China, and, we are, that stupid, pawn that either side can do without, but hey, we’re still, sucking UP to the U.S., and this officially makes Taiwan into, EVERYBODY’s B-I-T-C-H, and “WE” (collectively speaking, again!) the people, got ZERO clue!  Wow, are you, dumb or, are we, D-U-M-B here???

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The Learning Process Profiles, Causing the Technical High School Students to Burn on Both Ends

I really, DO, feel, sorry for, these, next generations of, students here, they got enough on their plates, and here, the government’s, making it, even HARDER for them, like we the children don’t have enough already???  But hey, it’s still, the policies made by, the Department of Education here, a B-U-S-T, in the reforms of education here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Next year, our first graduates of the newly implemented reforms of education is coming, for them, the learning process profiles, are, the biggies, but, the National Teachers’ Guild’s Home Chapter pointed out, that whether it be ordinary high schools, or technical high schools, the Department of Education mandated that the schools must upload the learning process profiles into the Central Database completely, causing the technical high school students to be tried by, preparing the profiles, and getting ready for the college entrance exams in May, which will make it harder for them to concentrate on their entrance exams, and, the act of having students upload their learning profiles is questioned as “focusing on the academics too much, and not on the skillsets enough”.

the “checklist” of what the students need to upload to the database, from online


The Department of Education stated, that this is on the matters relating to the students’ higher education rights, that it affects the works of the entry level executive paperwork along with the risks of enrollment of students, that they will come up with a more fitting plan to deal with this, with the national education unit, in considering the rights of all students, and the needs of the parents too.

There’s a different system of gaining a higher education for the four-year university academic programs, and the two-year community college technical programs, the college entrances are administered in January of every year, while the general exams happen in May.  Based off of the Department of Education’s plans, the high school students’ exam results would be posted by end of March, and by April 26th, the learning process profiles should be uploaded into the systems, with the same dates for the technical high schools, causing the technical high school students faced with the generalized entrance exams in less than a week’s time.

The leading member of the All General High School Program Education, Chang stated, that the technical high school students only had the generalized entrance exams of May, not like the regular high schools, with the subject exams, there’s no need, for them to follow the track of the college entrance exams processions, the two should be apart; the C.E.O. of the All-Education Foundation, Hou also stated, that of the technical high school students, half of who used the skills program to continue into school, that the learning process profiles are a major thing for this group of students, that the timing for the academic, the skills exams being at the same time, it may, impact the rights to continue education for the students of the technical high school tracks.

The Changwha Business High School instructor, Wu told, that the new curriculum is student-centered, but, as the students are preparing for their exams, they don’t have a clue what their interests are, making it hard for them to decide, based off of the current system, the students may be distracted to focus on preparing for their entrance exams.

And so, another FAIL is what this is, because this country is going “western”, not realizing, that transitions like these need to come a step at a time, and, before thneed to come a step at a time, and, before things are set up completely, with all the resources, available and ready for the students to use, WHAM, the systems F-R-I-E-D, and, guess W-H-O will, suffer the most from this???  Oh yeah, future generations of teens, entering college!

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Fighting China IS, a Lucrative, Business

Guess, who’s, ending up, at the, BUTTS, of that, BAD joke here???  You guessed it, it’s, WE, the people, I mean, WE are, the people, right?  Or, did the population of the world, suddenly, get take over, by aliens???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S., Great Britain, and Australia set up the AUKUS, to help Australia build a team of nuclear submarine troops, Australia had, given up on the contract to build the submarines with France.  Biden just made his promise to N.A.T.O.’s defense pact, and immediately, the U.S. had, stabbed France in the back, France got angered, immediately called back the diplomats in Australia stationed there, E.U. also stated that the U.S. was “disloyal and untransparent in its dealings.”  Biden just made a fool of himself in Afghanistan not long ago, and now, he’d, betrayed his allies, and he is noted as “Donald Trump who didn’t Use Twitter!”

Australia had, deserted its slips, and, deleted all the submarine designs, along with the shared nuclear technological advancements shared by the three countries.  The PM of Great Britain, Johnson bluntly stated, that Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S. is about to engage in the combining of the world’s most challenging high-tech and military systems.

The U.S. used “fighting against China” as the name, to prepare for the military competitions, reopening that secret door to nuclear development technologies, and this caused the suspicions of spreading the nuclear weapon developments wider.  Other than China speaking strongly against the matter, Russia demanded that the International Nuclear Development Agency to be the watchdog, even North Korea started criticizing the three countries engagement in nuclear advancement development in competition, which totally destroyed the fighting against China to make the world more peaceful claims.

and here’s, what that, looked like, during, the Trump “regime” from before, found online

the man only looks out, for the MAN himself!

Biden couldn’t defeat the Taliban, but used crushing France to get U.S. back on its feet in the world, hoping, to get his party the upper hand in the midterm elections next year.  And, although the arms’ dealers of U.S. lost out on Afghanistan, but, the war against China League gave rise to the global military competitions, bringing about an even bigger market, there are still a lot of bargaining chips that Biden holds onto.  The building of Australian fleets of military submarines is from U.S.’s help, with the C.E.O. of the company stating: without the powers, America couldn’t start a war.

The Tsai government sang along with Washington D.C. on the “Values of Democracy Allies”, but, the truth of France getting stabbed in the back by the U.S. is, undeniable, fighting China, is a collective, united, decision, without the country’s own separate, free will.  As for whether or not the U.S. gets to declare war, up to the arms’ dealers to say so.  The Democracy League, came up short in the face of the arms Capitalists, and, as fighting China became, a lucrative, business, would the promises of peace, still count?

Of course not, because this world is still operated on the beliefs, the values of, “every man (or every country) for himself (or itself)”…nobody would give a flying @#$% (maxed out!) about how that other guy’s doing, without “my” benefit being, considered first: would going into war, hurt me, or would it, help me…hmmmmmmmmmm, let’s see, going to war will, kick start our economy, and, I need another country on my side, because the country I want to go to war is, is way too tough to beat on my own, so, who are the suckers who will, get fooled into, stand by my side………………etc., etc., etc., and this, is just, how these major world leaders of the major world powers (world powers my ASS!!!), are playing that game of, who can trick whom the longest, while we the people are still, at the bottom of that bad joke, we’d all become, that, punchline that stopped, being funny, too @#$%ING, god damn, long ago!

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The Wills are, Good, of Course

Taiwan is still that, DUMB bat, in the war of the mammals, and the birds here, and it’s all the head of chair of Mainland Affairs, Council, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tai-San Chiu, is an odd duck, a, “pigeon” of Tsai’s government, always spoken mildly, but, his words, were, mostly, pointless.  And, as China heard, maybe, they take his words, as a joke, or maybe, they would, roll their, eyes.  Like these past couple of days he’d suddenly, commended China and Taiwan, as best in the defenses against MERS-CoV outbreaks, and stated that the “five rules of Xi” of the head of Chinese Communist Government’s “Xi’s Five”, was of goodwill.  It’d, made people confused, as to, where he found the evidence to claim such!

with Chiu, as the “bat” in the, “production” here, video from

The Bat, the Beast, and the Bird | Aesop’s Fables | PINKFONG Story Time for Children – YouTube

(and yes, the link works!!!)

These words, sounded, pleasant enough to the ears sure, but, it’d, sounded, not quite right.  For instance, take that first line, the Chinese government, would never agree on.  As in China, as soon as there’s a local case of contraction, the general scans were performed, without a second word, and, the total number of administered vaccines was up to two billion to date already.  While Taiwan still relied on the donations of another country, so, who is Chiu sucking up to, stating that “both sides of the straits are, best!”?

The second line, even more, classic.  Chiu stated that the five rules of Xi were originally intended goodwill, hoping, that both sides will unify in peace one day; but two years ago, Tsai talked it down, to worthless, and equated the agreements of “the unofficial agreement between Taiwan & China through Hong Kong”, told the people NEVER to speak of it again, then, stepped on it, as a stepping stone, to her becoming the re-elected president.  Now, Chiu said that it was, goodwill, and made it looked like, Taiwan is willing with the peaceful, unification; is he giving commend to Xi, or, is it, in opposition to Tsai?

And, his ambiguous words, only he knew, that he wasn’t, directing his speech to those in Beijing, but Biden instead.  Last time he’d spoken of how the two sides are to, interact amicably with each other, right after New Year’s Eve after the long phone call Biden had with Xi;; and this time, he’d, placed Xi on that, high pedestal, perhaps, he saw Biden and Xi, talking through the nights, under the candle  lights again.

The Five of Xi is goodwill it’s no lie, the words of Xi, turned Tsai from losing, to winning instantly, of course, Xi’s words, are, beneficial to the party in power.  Chiu may be, only, using the signal words in politics, to say “thank you!”

And so, this still just showed, of how Taiwan is now, caught in the middle, like that BAT in Aesop’s fable (I think it was), was the bat a mammal or an avian?  It tried playing both sides, but in the end, after the avian and the mammals decided on hey, let’s have peace, the bat got, cast out, because it tried to “play both sides” for fools, and finally, both of the sides, wake up and see that, and that, is how this country will end too!

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Mask Mandates for Back-to-School in the U.S.………

I honestly, don’t have a CLUE (no really, I’m, totally, CLUELESS here!) how this is an issue in the U.S.?

Masking mandates for back-to-school in the U.S., why, with a huge chunk of “you guys” in the States who are, anti-vaxxers, unlike how people like me, (Asians???) who are, fighting, for, the limited resources of vaccines available to us?, fighting against the mask mandates for your children’s back-to-school learning sessions…

a group of the “general public” that are, against the mask mandates, protesting…photo from online

Masking up, it’s NOT for the sakes of taking away your freedom, “children”, it’s for the safety of everybody, because how would I know, that this other kid sitting next to me in class, does or does not have MERS-CoV?  I mean, and you DO realize, how now, there are, the asymptomatic contractions right?  As the virus is still, evolving, WAY ahead of all of us here…

And, these masking mandates in some states, are seen as illegal, uh, how is that possible?  I mean, you would think, that nobody wants to, expose her/himself in danger’s way, and, by going out in the public places (as the bans of not going out is getting lifted, due to how the majority of the states’ populations had already had your vaccinations, save for your, anti-vaxxers out there!), you are, easily exposed, and unless you have one of those, sanitation tunnels set up, leading up into your houses that you need to, walk into, with the spritzing of sanitation fluids (i.e. 99% concentrated alcohol, Clorox, etc., etc., etc. ), to finally, get sanitized before you enter into your homes, there’s, NO sure way, to be absolutely certain, that you didn’t, bring the virus home.

the new way of learning in school, post-MERS-CoV, photo from online, photo from online

And, yet with the epidemic still high, there are the governments of some states, that are, issuing down the mandates of “no need to wear masks in class or at work”?  You realize, how the virus is, passed along by saliva, by contact with infected individuals’ bodily fluids, right?

So what’s gonna happen if there’s an asymptomatic professor, that spits in your face (not intentionally, of course!), but, as the professor gets too enthusiastic about what s/he is, lecturing on, you never know…………and, you bring that virus home, and, guess what’s gonna, happen?

You do the math there, why don’t ya!

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Time to, Open Back Up Again

The faulty policies are from the federal government here, and yet, the local governments, are being, blamed?  How’s that fair?  It’s not, it’s, still, SCAPEGOATING, and, had those down south not traveled up north, and took with them, that mutated strain up here, then, would Hsinbei and Taipei cities, need to, close down?  HECK no!  So this is still, BULLSHIT!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A week later, than all other cities and counties of the country, Taipei and Hsinbei cities, finally announced that the restaurants are, opened back up for dining-in today.  For the over 6.6 million in population, it’s, a great news, meaning, that we’re, closer to, getting back to normal in our, lives now, and, those shops that are, being tried, are slowly, getting, back on track too.

But, a lot of the people are worried, if the shops are, opened back up, would the outbreaks, hit hard once again?  From the examples of foreign nations, this is, a hidden, worry for certain.  But currently, “learning to coexist with the virus” became, the new norm of the global community, there’s, no more pursuit of “clearing all the cases” now.  For Taiwan, that, is what we’ll have to, settle for, to balance between the, economics and, defenses against the outbreaks.

But, look on the bright side, the citizens here, got used to, masking up, and knew to keep that safe social distance, and reminding one another of it.  This, should set our minds more at ease, taking from the foreign countries’, examples.  What’s important, is that the government needed to, tighten up, the border controls, to not hold back on the general scanning, the tightening of rules of blocking off infections can’t be, lenient, that way, the fruits of opening up will continue.

There were the representatives of city councils that blamed “the entire Taiwan is sitting in prison because of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, and, blamed the inconveniences they feel onto the two cities up north, this was, helping the Central government evade responsibilities.  In actuality, if the central government didn’t set up the rules tightly enough, and known, that there were, holes in the systems, not fixed it up, no matter how intelligent the local government officials are, they still, wont’ be able to, block out the virus from invading.

From the angles of “back to normal”, what should be reopened, is not just the restaurants, but also, the public facilities, and outdoor activities too, so long as the guidelines are set strictly, and followed, the operations should be, continual, and the government should not, control the people’s, freedom any longer.  Including the restrictions of the hospitals, the terminal wards declaring closing in May, still had yet to get, lifted up to date, could it be, that nobody, needs, the services, provided by the hospice programs, the terminal wards now?

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the policies of the government is, and the only reason why there are, multiple outbreaks getting hard a short while ago, it’s because those living in the southern areas, drifted up north, and carried with them, the VIRUS up here, and we’re blamed, for keeping the entire country under lockdown?  And, the fault still rests with the central government, for NOT allowing in enough doses of the vaccines that we the people are in need of, had the government bought enough for everybody, then, we would, NOT be, where we are right now, would we, no!  And yet, everybody is, scapegoating, the northern local governments, and that’s, just, not right!

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These Copied-Over Nights, a Poem

This may, feel like love, but trust me, it’s, NOT, not when you’d, allowed someone, to have so much control over you, like you’re the dog, and, the other person is, holding that L-E-A-S-H, this is, totally, B-A-D, and yet, you’re, still, trapped by this sort of an abuser/enabler interaction style, too foolish, to note it!  Translated…

I Don’t Care if This Night is an Original

Or if it Was, a Copy

Don’t Want to Get into if the Tremble from it Was from the Wind that Snuck I or

Casually, the Water Overflowing with You

————You and the Night

Overflowed Together, in the Instant

The Moon Grew Full, Making that Chiming Noise

Were both Embraced

I only Cared for the Wonders

That Already Got, Hugged Tightly by the Air that’s Worn

Not Caring for the Validities Thereof

Or Maybe, it’s just the Night in Form

With the Snow, Stitched on the Wrists, the Slimness Found

Within, the Lace of the Night Gowns

The Thin White Fingers with the Snow White Pipes

The Smokes Puffed out are the Fires from the Flesh

and, here’s, what this, supposed love of yours, look, like…

and, does this, look like, love to you??? Photo from online

And Yet, Covered the Self Compliantly

Allowing Me to See the Crystal Clearness of Love

Through the Ashes———

Maybe it’s this, Post-Modern Sort of Night

Put Together by the Various Broken Bits, Pieces, the Missing Corners of the Starry Skies

A Puzzle of the Moon

Swaying that Blue Floral Print Bandana

With Your Style of Tattoo of Anesthesia

The Gray Colored, Lights

Rain Came from Your Fingers.  Closing Those, Tired Eyes

Hearing the Rain Drenching Down, the Night is, Deepened———

Are You, Drawn in, within the Water, or

The White, within, the White?

The Copied Nights

The Endless Divisions of the Fuller Night Colors

Copied You Over

The Overflown You

——————the Eye that Survived, of the Color of Blue

I Cared not For if the Mixed & the Mismatched

Because if One Rock is Dark

Then, All Wouldn’t, Illuminate————

Modeling, Catching Me, Right Before I Shattered from My Fall

The Mode Made Me Comfortable Like Salsa

I Could Care Less if This Was the Original Night, Careless If It Were You

Or You, the Images of What’s Been, Copied———

I Don’t Care for the Alphabets of the Trees, Rustling Like the

Leaves of the Palm Trees

Extending, So Beautifully Toward the Horizon

Only, for the Land

P.S. “In all the trees of the alphabets, palms are the most beautiful.  Writing, like the leaves of the palms, thickly grown in, spread out, with the effects of: hanging downward~~Roland Barthes

And so, this is on the effects of someone over you, even though, you don’t like to admit it, to your self, that you’d, allowed the other person, to exert such a huge affect over you, but, s/he does, and you’re being, led by her/his, behaviors…

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The Delta Strain…

In the form of, a narrative, I suppose…and, here’s, some of that, NEEDED INSIGHTS for all of you, CDC “professionals”(are you sure you got, enough, professionalism of your own areas of, expertise there???).

I’m the delta strain, and, I’m slowly, becoming, the MAIN form of MERS-CoV, and, I’m, stronger, tougher to kill off, compared to my, alpha, beta “compadres”, and, I’m bound to, mutate, again, and come back even stronger, as you, god damn FUCKING (‘cuz I’m the virus, and I can swear, all I want to here!) humans, try to, take me out…

And, now that, I’d, mutated, a third time, I’d acquired, the antibodies that my former “forefathers”: alpha and beta strains”, don’t got, because, the vaccines that’d been developed now, can take them both out.

what “I” look like…photo from online

And so, yeah, looks like, I’ll be, ruling this world, for a bit, ‘cuz you FUCKING, little STUPID human beings, still don’t got single C-L-U-E there, had you allowed me to, run my course with the global population, as Mother Nature mandated (yeah, ‘cuz the virus in its original form had been proven to be, naturally-occurring, hello, hello, hello???), then, I wouldn’t have to, mutate like CRAZY, as you, stupid little humans try to, kill me off, besides, I’m only, recycling people, to help Mother Nature heal here!

So, don’t shoot me, I’m only, that lesson that you all need to learn, but still hadn’t, quite, “managed” Y-E-T is all………

my alpha “former self”…

in 3D, from online…

Now that, I’m, out of that, “outfit”, let me reiterate (why am I repeating myself here again???): reason why the virus is mutating quicker, quicker, and quicker, reason why the new strains of MERS is harder and harder to kill off is, because we’re trying to ERADICATE it, wipe it off the surface of this planet, and, that’s why the mutations are happening all over the world now, ‘cuz they’re, trying to, SURVIVE, like we, “higher orders” (are we really???) of living organisms are doing.

Hello, hello, hello, why do I feel like I’m the only one who’s seeing this, “trend”???  Oh, must be my high-up status inside this ivory tower of my FREAKIN’ mind, that’s, gained me, a panoramic, perspective…………

And, with each and every strain mutation, I’ll get, stronger yet, so, eventually, you god damn, stupid human had made me INVINCIBLE, and by then, the race of humans shall be, completely, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!! 


what “I” look like, in “my” mutated form, from South Africa…

photo from online

And no, I still don’t “own” a degree in the medical sciences, or microbiology, or even, virology here, I still just had a bachelors of ARTS, in psych…

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