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He’d Killed His Wife after Thirty Years of Looking After Her after She Had a Stroke, to Release Her from Her Body, the D.A. Begged the Courts for Mercy

Because seeing his wife in so much pain, it’d pained him even more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-nine-year-old man, Tsai couldn’t watch his wife who’d had a stroke and had been bedridden for thirty whole years keep on suffering, at the hospital, she’d, suffocated her to death with a plastic bag, and was charged on domestic violence murder; as the trial started, both the Taipei D.A.’s Office as well as his families asked for mercy from the courts, Tsai’s son also said, that his father took care of his mother for thirty years in smiles, never had a word of complaint; the judge believed, that the murder that Tsai committed qualified for two reduction of sentencing, and sentenced him to two years six months, this can be appealed.

The attorney of the defendant used the “murder of mercy”, and it’s a rare instant, that both the district attorney and defense had agreed on it, the district attorney on the case did NOT take Tsai into protective custody, the district attorney in the trial only care if Tsai was responsible for what he’d done or not, the defense had also played the recording of Tsai’s wife’s cries of pain, to prove that Tsai murdered his wife to put her out of her misery.

The judge found that Tsai had qualified for the two “turned himself in”, “understandable circumstances” reduction of sentencing, and gave him half, then half of the lowest terms of the murder sentence of ten years.

The district attorneys stated, that Tsai, because his wife had long-term been tortured by illnesses, on September 5th of 2020, at the Changgang Hospital of Taipei, he took a bag and suffocated his wife to death, and went to the nurse’s stations, told the nurses, “my wife is now, free!”

Tsai’s wife, after five days’ worth of resuscitations, due to anoxia, complications from her pneumonia, died, the district attorneys charged Tsai on domestic violence murder, Tsai didn’t fight the D.A., and admitted to his guilt, and the district attorneys believed that his situation is understandable, and suggested to the courts to give him a lighter sentence.

And every time Tsai went to court, he’d not talked much, and admitted to the charges, the courts asked the Changgang Hospital to do a psych evaluation, and it’d shown that Tsai was of sound mind when he’d murdered his own wife.

Tsai’s son testified, that his mother had seven strokes, that the first few times, she got better with the rehabilitations, and returned back to work, by the sixth time, the surgery had left her paralyzed on the left side of her body; and since his mother became completely paralyzed, she’d never had a single bedsore, his father took her to physical therapy, like helping her slide her fingers, he’d told her, ‘We’re at Badozi right now, almost to Yangming Mountain”.

Tsai testified, that his father in caring for his mother, he’d grown older and ill too, “there’s not just the medicines for my mother on the bedstands, but also the heart, the hypertensions that my father needed too”, that his father always wore a smile in caring for his mother, and he blamed himself for not being able to shoulder the burdens.

The defense attorney told, that Tsai is in emotional pain in making the decision to kill his own wife, that he’d grown ill physically too, there’s no record of him being treated, he had to work, and look after his wife, and asked the courts to consider Tsai’s mental state to give him a fitting sentence.

The judge believed, that Tsai lost his personal life due to having to care for his own wife long-term, that after he fell ill too, he’d not placed her in a long-term care facility, that he loved his wife deeply, that Tsai couldn’t handle the strains, and selected to take his own wife’s life, to put her out of her misery, “different from the motives of hurting the victim through murder”.

The verdict pointed out, that after Tsai smothered his wife to death, he’d gone to the nurse’s station, and apologized, cried and stated, “I’d killed her”, told the police who came to arrest him that he’d “felt he was about to fall”, claimed that his wife “she’d convulsed and cried out in pain every single day, she wanted to die”, based off of Tsai’s statement, he knew what was happening to his wife, and can’t use the insanity plea to get his sentence reduced to even less.

And so, this is, another case of mercy killing, and the husband can’t stand to see his wife in pain anymore, he felt tried by her pains, and, he’s also, overcome with his own ailments, and killing her, was setting her free from her sick body, and even though this qualified as mercy killing, because that’s his “motive” for “murdering” his own wife.

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The Death Rates from MERS-CoV Increased by Fifteen Times in the Nursing Homes

How this DDP government still, attempted to BULLSHIT its way out of being responsible in the delayed policies that’s caused to many elderly in the nursing homes to DIE from contraction!  And they still won’t admit that they were wrong, believe it or don’t…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The KMT Criticized the Guidelines of Administering the Medications Came Too Slowly, the Long-Term Care Facility Residents Became the Sacrificed Under the Means of Coexisting with the Virus

As the pandemic started slowing down in the country, but the residential facilities’ number of contracted individuals continued to rise up, the residents of long-term care facilities have a 15.7 times morbidity rate compared to ordinary citizens’.  The legislative group from the KMT criticized, that the CDC had been too slow in everything, the lacking in availabilities of vaccines, the quick scan kits, the oral medications, the CDC’s guidelines of caretaking of patients who’d contracted MERS-CoV in the long-term care facilities had been too slow to come, that it’s the “bureaucracy, the system that’s, murdered the residents”.  The head of the DDP group, Cheng barked back, that the KMT was merely, trying to, divert the case of the young child in Hsinbei who’d died, the case of “En-En”.

Based off of the center of statistics, from January up to June 19th, the local cases accumulated to 3.35 million, with 4,789 deaths, about 0.14-percent; of these, there were a total of 34,943 in the residential nursing homes who’d contracted MERS, 754 deaths, 2.2-percent of rate of death, 15.7 times of ordinary people.

The secretary, Wan pointed out, that a lot of the long-term residents, due to their age, their illnesses, couldn’t tell the caretakers that they are ill, which may delay treatment.  There were many of the long-term care facilities that’d reflected on the shortages of the quick scan kits, and it was during the time when there’s a short supply of the quick scan kits, and the CDC told the nursing homes to go to the local offices of sanitation, but, how would the local government have enough supplies of the quick scan kits, to give to all the long-term care facilities’ residents?

Wan told, that the medications of the residents in the nursing homes, from April 14th to end of May only reached to fifty-six percent, and from May 30th to June 5th, seventy-six percent, and from June thirteenth to the nineteenth it’d finally gotten up to eighty-nine percent.  By mid-May, the orally administered medications finally arrived in shipments, and, it’d made the people wondered, if the death rate is related to the lacking in the medicines being available.  The CDC told, that those who were asymptomatic, or lightly symptomatic can be placed in quarantine where they are, or placed in a collective care unit; but there’s NO set up for this, it’s letting the nursing homes live and die on their own.

The head recruit of the KMT gru9p, Tseng stated, that the long-term care facility residents became the scapegoats of the government’s means of coexisting with the virus, that the DDP government only had the sights on the election, with the unclear policies from the CDC, the guidelines that came too late, that it’s the bureaucracy that’s, murdered these nursing home residents.

Cheng rebutted, that the KMT aimed at destroying the CDC, so they can win the end-of-year elections.  He’d told, the residential homes medication administration is already up to eighty-nine-percent, that there’s not been any delays.

Yeah, uh that’s, how this DICTATOR party still, tried evading its responsibilities for the lives lost in these nursing homes, just like how at the start, it’d delayed the importing of the vaccines that worked, relied on the donations of foreign countries, and it’d become johnny-come-lately in everything, and, johnny-come-lately, became, the hand that’s caused all these deaths that could’ve been avoided in the nursing homes, and, guess who johnny-come-lately is puppeted by?  The DDP!

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This, Final, Mile…

In the, “home stretch”, and, we’re, almost, there…

This, final, mile of life had been, too, difficult for you, you’d been, in and, out of the hospital, and, you’d, “survived” through each and every one of your, emergency visits.

This, final, mile, is still, not yet done for you, but, as you grow weaker by the day, I’d, wondered, when will your, suffering, end?  And, how much longer, must you be, tortured, like so?

This, final, mile, it wasn’t, supposed to be, easy, not for you because you do NOT deserve, an, easy death.  This final, mile, you’d been, admitted, released, readmitted, rereleased, from the hospital, again, and again, and again.

in this, “home stretch”…

photo from online

And your families, get, trapped, in the signing of your DNR, over, over, over, and over again, and each and every single time those E.R. nurses asked about whether or not you’re, DNR, they would, battle with themselves, as well, as each other.

They don’t want you to suffer, but, having you for one more day, well, that’s, one extra day they will get, with you………

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Mr. Chang from Yonghe

How this man had, done everything he could, to help this family get everything settled in their lives, and yet, at the very end, due to an oversight…the family couldn’t get the ashes back, because, the man who helped them did all the paperwork, didn’t pay attention in one of the, steps of the procedures, translated…

To this point in my life, I’d had that surprise of meeting up.  Thinking of my connection to Yonghe, it was, related to Aunt Mei-Lang.

Aunt Mei-Lang from way back when, with her peach-colored fan, matched the retired armed servicemen who were all alone on their own with available ladies, she was a matchmaker.  The two first looked at one another’s photographs, and, if they liked what they saw, then, my Aunty Mei-Lang would head back to Indonesia to bring a bride to Taiwan; but, if there’s the matters of the paperwork of the immigrations department, then, my aunt left the means to Mr. Chang, and, the cost is, quite high.

Jia-Tzi’s paperwork was through Mr. Chang too, later on, my maternal grandparents, my aunt, uncles airfare, and documents needed for them to come here, was all completely by Mr. Chang.  And so, as my next uncle or aunt readies to fly to Taiwan, my maternal grandfather would take my older stepbrother and I, flagged down a cab on Justice N. Road, all the way to Yonghe where Mr. Chang lived, paying him the fees, and, retrieving the documents.

In my memories, it was a huge apartment, and, as far as the eyes can see, there’s the marble, or the wood material.  Mr. Chang wore the glasses with the silver frame, or was it gold, or, black?  Can’t even remember now.  I only recalled his accent, of Asian-Indonesian as well, and maybe, with the Cantonese mixed in.

On that very night, I took my mother, rode around in the night breeze of Yonghe.  Riding aimlessly, at the intersection of Zhongzhen Road, I’d, turned in the alley where Mr. Chang lived.  Because I recalled, that the cab U-turned, first, it went up a small slope and this was something brand new, living in the flatter Sangchong regions.

The sign outside Mr. Chang’s apartment still had the signs, I’m sure, that he still works to get the foreigners in to the country.

illustration from

Actually, our affinities with Mr. Chang had come to a dead halt that day after my maternal grandfather cut off his ties with him.  A couple of years ago, because we had to get the death certificate for my maternal grandmother in Indonesia, to file for the discontinuance of her status here, Jia-Tzi got into contact with Mr. Chang again, but, the government, the hospital in Indonesia had a grueling process to do this, with the means of paying the tiny charges here and there, under the tables, which caused my eldest uncle, who was taking my grandmother’s ashes back to Taiwan, not having the proofs of her death certificate, causing the local land office to not have the records on file, leading to how after my stepbrother had passed, the land offices found my maternal grandmother who’s already in the towers where the bones were kept, being one of the, living heirs.

We’d thought, that Mr. Chang was good as back when, and that we only needed to pay him a fee, then, all the paperwork, all the troubles of getting the business done would get sorted out smoothly, and yet, we still, lost, to that death certificate that can’t be, certified from, overseas.

Later, we’d tried giving up on the means, no longer needed the death certificate from the local government offices.  And yet, we still had the regrets, Yonghe is still, Yonghe, but Mr. Chang is, an elderly now, while my maternal grandmother’s passport, belongings, still can’t be shipped over, because, back when we’d shipped her ashes back, we’d not gotten the “Arrival” stamps to verify her status of entry.

And so, this, is because of this error from the families part: they didn’t research through all the nitty-gritties of the government, to see what sort of paperwork they are in need of, to get the elder’s ashes over, and, solely relied on the man who’d helped them through getting the paperwork done, and, this time, the families’ mistakes were in not paying the tips to the government workers in Indonesia, and, now, the means of the inheriting of the properties is all a mess for this family.

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The Families Accused the Government: You’d Taken the Dignities Out of the Deceased During that Final Mile of Their Lives

This is AT the scenes!  And the HEAD of the CDC (off with HIS head) stated: the CDC never made these cremation mandates, “VERBATIM”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matters of getting those who’d died of contractions cremated quickly continued to burn, the KMT group hosed the press conference yesterday, to share the griefs, the losses of those whose elders had, died of contraction, how the father’s final mile of life, was treated like the waste product of the medical systems, that there’s absolutely, ZERO dignity given to him as a man.  The KMT group stated that the papers disclosing of how to handle the dead bodies wasn’t with the specifications, that the mandates from the CDC had, damaged many families, causing the entry level employees, the funeral home operators, to take the blames as scapegoats, called out to the CDC, to set the limits of time of the cremations of those who’d died of contractions.

Ms. Wang whose father had been confirmed of MERS-CoV contraction pointed out through the video chats, that on the day her father was confirmed of contraction, he’d been assigned by the local department of sanitations to the specialized wards, and he’d died, nineteen days afterwards; her father longed to come home, every minute he was in the hospital, and in the end, he’d died, all alone, without his loved ones by his side, and, the families are in grief over this too.

Ms. Wang told, that because the doctors told the families, that the rules mandated that the bodies needed to get cremated within twenty-four hours of death, the families can only comply with the rules, and as they saw their elder, he was already, inside, the coffin, with the layers of Saran wraps over the coffin, there’s no video documentation, no families close by to witness the final rites, the only one who’d accompanied her father the whole way the hired nurse told, that her father had been wrapped in three layers of body bags, without his needles getting pulled out from his legs, still wearing the diapers, and, without a clean change of clothes too, and the families can only, accept this.

Ms. Wang told, that as she saw the director of the CDC told lightly, “there’s no mandates of death within twenty-four hours”, could it be, that after this, the families would have to, have the hospitals take out the mandates on how the corpses are supposed to handled as mandated by the CDC from now on?  What’s saddest to her, was that for the final passage of her father’s life, he was disposed of like some toxic medical waste product, that there’s no dignity given to him whatsoever, so that, is how the government by the DDP, treats its people.

The legislator from the KMT, Hong told, a lot of the families don’t want the officials handling the bodies to contract the virus when they were handling the bodies, although they feel unwilling, but they can only, agree with the rules.  But, Chen’s words, made all those who’d lost their elders “ingrates”, and this is the government’s, evading responsibilities, mistreating the people.

Toward the accusations from all around, the chairman of the DDP, Cheng stated, that the Executive Department already assigned the Department of Internal Affairs to research the matter, that the KMT should NOT manipulate the people politically anymore.

The Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation C.E.O. Yo told, that the more than three thousand members of the public who’d contracted the virus and died, were all cremated within twenty-four hours of death, that the C.D.C. couldn’t not know about this, and yet, after two and a half years, the C.D.C. tried to, evade the responsibilities, it’s truly, unreasonable.

Yo pointed out, that “thinking too much, you wouldn’t have the guts to do it”, and, the opposite is also true, he’d believed, that two and a half years ago, Chen would’ve shouldered up more responsibilities, because the matters were easier to handle then, and now, because of the mess from the outbreaks, and his considerations of running for mayor of Taipei, he’d, considered, too much, that this is, a serious test for a politician who needs to, show some, responsibilities.

And so, due to the evasive rules set up by the CDC, and who’s in charge of these rules by the CDC, oh yeah, it’s the director, that’s why the families who’d lost their loved ones in this outbreak can’t bid their loved ones, a proper, farewell, and now, the director of the C.D.C., due to pressure from the outside world, came out of that ivory tower he’d been living in, and said, “oh, I did NOT mandate the rules of swift cremation for all who’d died of contraction”, tossing the blames to the local governments and the hospitals, for not allowing the families to have that proper goodbye?  Yeah, see how that’ll, fly with the people here!

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The CDC Had Been Evasive for TWO WHOLE Years & Can’t Evade the Responsibilities

Because that, is how the DDP, rules, by BULLSHITTING we the people, and we’d, allowed them to, because we the people are way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded here, hello, hello, hello, as this is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction style of interactions?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And They’d, Blamed Us, for Misunderstanding Them, for More than, Two Years?

As the pandemic of MERS-CoV grew out of control locally, for days, the cases of death from MERS got up to over a hundred per day, to the total number of deaths to date to close to three thousand, after the contracted died, they’d all been, swiftly, cremated, and this was, the deepest sort of pains for their families.  And the CDC, that refused to downgrade the level of MERS as a legally defined infectious disease is to blame, until yesterday, Chen, the director of the CDC finally stated, that he will talk with the funeral homes to find a most fitting way for both the families and the funeral homes.

Toward the criticisms of the rules from outside, Chen took out the documents yesterday, stressed that “there’s only the rules of twenty-four hour notices from the facilities where the contracted died, there’s no mandates on the swift cremations”.  Meaning, that it was all, a, misunderstanding by the funeral homes, but to the families, this was, infuriating, had it not been the government’s setting the rules firmly, then, the local offices of sanitations, the hospitals, the funeral homes are the ones, that’s gone off on their own, making that all-too-big an, error?  But the point is, everybody had been “misled” for more than two whole years, so how come, the CDC that’s still hosting its, daily press conference, come out an clarify?

On the questioning of the outside, Chen kept reciting the written rules coldly, explained, that since the start of setting up the rules, the rules of cremation for those who’d contracted MERS-CoV hadn’t been altered, that there was, NO time limit.  Then, pray tell, how quickly is quick enough?  An hour?  How about twenty-four hours?  This sort of an ambiguous claims, how can we not misunderstand?

And besides, the assistant deputy director, the second-in-command of offices of internal affairs, Chen, as he’d attended the news conference on the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV last June stated, “the local funeral homes should still practically go by the rules of twenty-four hour period after death to cremate, that the rules specified on how to prevent the virus from keep on getting passed around”, but this made the online community furious, once more.

In reality, a lot of the medical experts had been calling out to the CDC, to lower the level of MERS-CoV to type four legally defined infectious disease, other than doing away with the reporting in the paperwork, the restrictions of quarantine, paralyzing the medical energies, it can, get the hospitals, the funeral homes away, from the mindset of “Category five infectious diseases” which is by government mandate, within twenty-four hours’ time, the cremations needed to occur.  And the losses of close to three thousand families, Chen can’t dodge responsibilities of, by keeping himself out of the responsibilities using the press media.

So, this head of CDC, dodged behind the press, and it’s still the rules that aren’t, clear-cut, just like how the CDC had been, for two plus years, since the outbreaks first started here, this still just showed, how the DDP abused powers, ruined the lives of the people who are still alive (sigh…), as well as those who’d DIED, during the outbreaks, because they can’t get lain to rest, have the proper burials here!

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That Child Who’d Not Died, in War, a Poem

On how the children in the population, the most innocent people of ALL, are hit, the hardest, in the wars between the countries, translated…

Because the Father Who Survived, Still Held onto His Tiny Body

Because the Father Who Survived, Still, Kissed Him on the Cheeks

Because the Father Who Survived Still, Whispered into His Tiny Little Ears, Telling Him the Secrets

Because the Father Who Survived Still Looked Carefully, Upon His Tiny Eyes Shut Tight, Using His Tear

Using His Love—I Knew

from the war in Syria, photo from online

This Won’t be the Final Time in His, Life

I Know

He’s, Still, Alive

As are, All the Young Children of War

They’re All to, NEVER, Die in the Wars

I am, the Father of Two

And so, this, is how wars impact everybody who is living in it, whichever side you’re on, you will, suffer these losses, maybe not directly related to you, because you’re lucky for now, that nobody you love died already, but, all around you, there’s, DEATH, despair, and seeing those who’d lost their own young to the wars that the people never selected to fight, it’s just, unfair, but what can you do?  Nothing, you can, do nothing.

here’s the latest, children of war in the Ukrainian-Russian conflicts…

their faces still, very, innocent…photo from online


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Everything will Eventually Work Out in Life

What her father left behind for her, the wisdoms, not the physical, assets here, how you want to remember by others when you’re dead and gone, the values you leave behind, translated…

Every time I’d rummaged through my coin purse, it’s like, I’d already, counted them up, and made the perfect change, and I’d often, recalled my own father at these times.  Based off of how he’d taught me math, he’d often stated, “math is unchanged,” and now came my turn, to teach my own son math, I’d learned, that everything is, not as stable in this world, that the only thing that don’t betray you, are the numbers and the math.

What awed me was, that my father, who’d, calculated everything in his own life, although, couldn’t predict when his life ended, but he’d, fulfilled, “leaving nothing behind”.  As Shel Silverstein wrote in “Prayers of a Selfish Child”, “As I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep, If I Die Before I Wake, I Pray the Lord My Toys to Break, So None of the Other Kids Can Use ‘Em…Amen!” I was still a teenage girl as I first read this, felt, that this poem had, helped me understand what I couldn’t of my own father.

Recently, a good friend accompanied me to see him at his grave, I’d talked of how he’d only lived, for himself, my friend, don’t know if she was courteous, or heartfelt, told, “Uncle really let go of everything.”  Yeah, sure, maybe, he’d already saw through, this, long and short life, knew that life’s too short, and tried, to give himself the sweetened fruits of no worries for the long run.

And so, this, is how we need to, get closure on everything that’s happened to us in our lives, soon as we can, because we don’t know when we will get yanked off of the planet, and, by the time we actually get yanked off, if there are the regrets, the forgiveness, the unforgiveness or whatever that’s left behind, then, you would not be able to die off easily enough.  So, do what you need to, to resolve as many things in your lives as you possibly can, right now.

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Her Final Farewell

How considerate this elderly woman had been, planning out everything that is to be done after she was gone, relieving her children and grandchildren, and other families of stress of her death, translated…

“We’d, walked toward death the moment we were born”, the philosopher told.

During my studies in the graduate department, Professor Wu of “Old Texts” shared with us the story of his mother-in-law’s “final farewell”.  As his mother-in-law was ill in her dying days, one day, she’d felt that her time was about almost up, she’d had my professor and his wife prepared the gifts, had them accompanied her to the few relatives to visit, to say her final farewell to them, to see them, one final time before she goes.

The elderly carried the gifts, told the friends and relatives: we’d been connected by our affinities of one another, that she’d been grateful for their kindness toward her, that if she’d upset them, hope they will forgive her for it, that this may well be the final time she will ever get to see them personally.  That was, the elderly’s bidding all whom she cared for a final farewell.  And, as those whom she’d visited cried and hugged her, my professor who was driving, helped his mother-in-law fulfill her wish of bidding everybody a final farewell.

As they returned home, the elderly took out half a million dollars, told my professor’s wife of how she’d wanted her final affairs to get sorted out, then, a few days later, she’d left the world, peacefully behind.

My professor told, this is the elder’s “saying thanks, expressing the love, making amends, and saying her goodbye”, a form of “final farewell”; his mother-in-law is a wise elder, she’d even, sorted out her own final rite of passage in her own life herself, lived a complete life, and, died with a smile on her face.  I hope, that as I get to the very end, I can have the same kind of courage, same sort of wisdom, to bid my loved ones, a good final farewell too.

And so, this, is the elderly woman’s considerations toward her own younger generations, she’d sorted everything out, so they only needed to follow what she told them to do after she was gone, and, by setting up the step-by-step, to-do list of what was to happen after one is gone, you’d be reducing the stresses, helping your own loved ones, cope with the losses of you, and, they will all be very grateful, toward you, for how you were kind enough, to plan everything out, so all they had to do was to execute, and grieve, without worrying about the funeral, and everything else that comes afterwards.

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The Years, Heavy, Like Lead

Facing the inevitable, the unavoidable, process of, where life will, lead: death…translated…

Four years ago, I took my mother’s hand, as we traveled, together.

I took my mother, walked across the wooden ladders of the Kaomei Wetlands as the sun was setting; the early evening breeze, gentle, the ocean, reflective like a mirror, and, the sunset colors, dyed the sights; my mother’s hunched back shadow, dragged out long and far off by the light of the setting sun as well.

With my mother’s hand in mine, I watched her as her white hair got blown in the wind, how focused she was, looking, into, the vastness of the world before her.

At the very moment, I’d, prayed to God, that this moment of bliss we share, can extend, eternally.

Three years ago I’d, taken my mother’s hand, all the way, across the stones, down the steps, and, trekked over that unsteady hang bridge, took us everything we had, and we’d, finally arrived, to the “Waterfalls of the Gods”.

I sat on that rock by my mother’s side, our feet, soaking in the coolness of the creek’s water, we’d started, talking of, everything and, nothing at all.  The waterfalls looked like satin before us, the beads from the splashes flew all over, with the sunlight reflecting out that rainbow; my mother started, smiling brightly in front of the waterfall, and, allowed me to take photos of her as I’d directed to pose for the camera, like a little girl would.

I looked up to the skies, and, prayed with all my might, that this beautiful moment can, extend, eternally.

This year, my mother’s back ached too awfully she couldn’t travel long, her legs had, lost their, stamina too, could no longer, lift her legs up to hike up the steps anymore, to find that beautiful mountain and creek we once found.  But I still took her, found a bridge that’s wide, and in the vastness of nature, took her to gaze on it, so she could, feel at ease, and it’d, brought back that smile that she’d lost from before!

I looked at my mother, growing shorter by the years, becoming older, and weaker, and more easily tired, I’d felt my heart, heavy.

In the rushing away of the times, I’d wanted to, keep some things intact, but, found that I can’t, keep anything; surely, I can, write so carefreely, that “life, aging, ill, death, it’s all part of the natural process of life, don’t matter your status quo, how you’d made your fortunes, in the end, it’s, just, this body that’s to, accompany you, nobody can escape the day; everything that’s gained in life, is a loss, nothing stays constant…………”

I’s just, that these words, served as comfort for others, I can’t, put into practice; my heart felt, heavy like lead, kept, sinking down in the years, to the point of losing control, I can’t, face it.

This is, coming face to face, with the fact, that we are, all going to die, dealing with the, unavoidable loss of death of one’s own loved ones, and, it isn’t easy, to lose someone we love that’s for sure, but it’s something, we all must learn to cope with, because, nothing in this world lasts, forever, save for maybe, plastic!

Lessons of life, in losing everything here…

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