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Sexual Harassment is Rightfully Reasoned Should Get Written in the Outlines of What the DDP Operates by

How the DDP became, the ENABLER of this abuse of the women in the population, but not going HARD after the perps, the higher up male officials of the cases of sexual harassments which are, surfacing right now, the sexism, rooted, since the start of time, and it would be next to impossible, getting it, rooted, up…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there’d been, “another and another” case of sexual harassment in the DDP, first, it was the former worker of the party’s office claiming she’d been sexually harassed, that the case was not taken seriously by the manager of the department of the Women’s offices, and the individual asked the victim of the harassment, “Why didn’t you just jump out of the car then?”, and what’s worse was, this manager had gotten promoted to the assistant secretary for the entire party; yesterday, there was another former employee of the party’s headquarters who’d disclosed, that the former manager of the youth department had tolerated his subordinates in sexually harassing her, and made an example of her, and bullied her in the workplace again and again.

Why is it again?  Because, there’d been, cases of how the DDP related offices are, involved in the matters of sexual harassment.  From forcibly kissing the part-timing student worker at the headquarters, to holding hands with a married woman, how the sexual harassment cases in Germany, and how the representatives from this country didn’t do a thing to investigate, it seemed, that there are, the Chauvinistic beliefs that runs the party’s ideologies.

What is, “Chauvinistic”?  Chauvinism was originally used to describe an extremist system of belief about a certain racial background, in 1960, it was reinterpreted by the Women’s movement into how “men are better than women” sexist beliefs, and so, those men who act according to Chauvinism are all called “Chauvinistic pigs”.

how we women are often, ignored…illustration from online

The DDP inherited the Taiwanese Asian traditional Chauvinism, through the Taiwanese local movements, and started a like-Cultural Revolution, in the time, those who can’t speak Taiwanese, aren’t patriotic enough toward Taiwan, and not agreeing with the culture of Taiwan, and are, Communist Chinese supporters.

And, of these, the most atrocious was the brute “Da-Fu”, Chauvinistic beliefs, and this is related to the karaoke shops in the Japanese rule era, and the “Grandpa shops”, the teashops, along with the bar cultures.  These macho Taiwanese believed, that by putting out the cash makes them kings, and after a few drinks, the cuss words come out, and they’d started, getting handsy with the ladies, with a total lack of respect toward women.

And so, as a female working for the party’s office, not getting sexually harassed by them males they worked alongside of, would be, next to, impossible, and, chances are, the victims are going to become the “president’s favorite”, Chen, who’d had to, change her name, and, made herself, hidden.

and yes, this SHIT is still happening in today’s societies, right now! Illustration from online

And so, this is how it goes, because we are still living in the deeply rooted beliefs of women are lesser to men, that’s what made us into targets, despite how much advances in women’s rights we already made (hello, hello, hello, in the U.S. women’s rights to vote came AFTER the African Americans’ right to vote, didn’t it???), and, we may think that we’d come a long way, but, we actually hadn’t, look at how women are called as WHORES, BIMBOS (and other derogatory terms) by men!

And what’s worse is that the ideologies of these political parties, of these various cultures around the global community are actually, advocating the discrimination against us, women…

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The Statistics, Underreported by the Local Governments, the Local Governments Pressured the Schools, Some of the Schools Chose to Not Report, Not Reporting, Can’t Save the Unknown Numbers of Dropout Students

And, by “covering up” the numbers, it doesn’t do a thing, to help get these dropouts back into the schools, to continue their, education!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the statistics of the Department of Education, there’s the continual drop in numbers of middle school dropouts, by 2021, it’d, reached to, an all-time low, of the 1,943 who’d dropped out, ninety-percent came back in.  But, there were the underreported numbers from these, stats, the instructors in the classrooms retold, that the local governments, in order to lessen the pressures, they’d, pressured the local schools, to underreport on the numbers, and some schools are also, passive, lost out on the timing to help these students who’d, dropped, out.

“Not reporting, the resources needed can’t come in, there’s nothing we can do”, the counselor of a school sated, that the resources outside the schools, such as the psychotherapists for the students, the social workers, all needed to be reported to start intervening, but the school, in order to dodge the three-day period of students who became truant, they would suggest that the students come to school for one period of class, or that they are required to show up once every two half days, and disregarded the students’ learning processes.

teens, skipping school! Photo from online

The dropouts of the technical high schools also didn’t get the counseling support that they were all in need of, the students, in being treated with the indifferences by the officials, selected to exit the schools.

“The schools are too passive, the families can, but don’t, causing these children to lack the needed resources that they required”, Chu told, that although in the high school years, there’s no enforcing the students to come to school like back in the elementary, middle school years, but if the schools don’t even report on the dropout students at all, and the families aren’t normal, there’s no way for the resources of social services to come in to assist.

The principal, Hsu of Gangshan Middle School told, that in the past, the dropout students had, wandered outside the schools, that there’s the teams of youth squad to help get them back in, but now, a lot of the students who refused to attend school are staying at home, he’d suggested, that other than the police being involved, there’s the need for the psychological counseling, to have a more secure, safety net set up by the schools locally.

And so, despite how the measures are being taken, these dropouts just, can’t get caught, and placed back into school, and, this will become a huge problem, because, most of these dropout students, they’re going to run with the bad crowds, and, bad influences are going to cause them to go down the wrong paths in life, and, once they go down the path, there’s, no turning back for them, and, the pressures from the local governments to get the numbers down low, does not help, at all!


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The Long-Term Care Tragedy Strikes Again, the Man in His Fifties Cared for His Mother in Her Eighties, Both Found Dead

Another tragedy, from the long-term care “division” here, and this still keeps on happening!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Neighbors Smelled Something Rancid, as the Police Broke Down the Door, the Bodies Had Already Rotted, the Family Was NOT Listed as High-Risk, the City Councilperson: the Social Welfare Policies Should Get Reevaluated Again

The fifty-five-year-old Wang took care of his own eighty-two year-old bedridden mother on his own long term, yesterday, both were found dead, in their old residential three-story mansion home in Shuling District, Hsinbei City, the bodies were both, rotted already.  Based off of the preliminary reports of the police, Wang committed suicide, while his mother died of illness, and who died first, and the causes of death is still, pending autopsy.

The district manager, Lin told, that Wang is the eldest son, had been caring for his long-term bedridden mother on his own, Wang’s younger brother lives close by, is the sole economic provider of the family, the younger brother originally wanted to place their mother in a home, but Wang refused, insisted on caring for her himself, and yet, both died.

The local police investigated, that Wang’s family wasn’t listed as high concern to the social services, there were NO records of seeking out help, the mother-son pair lived in the three-story home; Wang’s mother is elderly, had a stroke before, with the progressive conditions, was long time bedridden, immobilized, with Wang shouldering the care all on his own.

At around two in the afternoon, the neighbors called that they smelled rotten corpse, the fire department and the police came, broke down the door, found Wang’s mother dead on the bed of the first floor bedroom, the son dead in the bedroom on the third, both had died some time, because of the weather being too hot, the bodies already rotted out, there was no note.

At the preliminary investigations of the scene, there was no outside forces, the police suspected that Wang committed suicide, his mother died of illness, but, who died first, is still pending autopsy.

The Hsinbei Social Services stated, that the man in charge of the local borough already rushed over to take care of the funeral for the families.

The city councilwoman, Liao told, that the government should reexamine the social welfare policies, to set up a looser evaluation for filing for government assistance in long-term care means, so the social security network can be set properly, through the aging club, the dine-together, and the long-term care locations, to keep tabs on the elderly’s situations; for the long-term bedridden elderly, the city government should send people to their homes to schedule the visits to see if they’re all right.

And so, despite how the system is set up (not to mention, running already!), this SHIT still keeps on, recurring, because these are the people who can’t ask for help, and, the city government just doesn’t have the eyes, the minds, to keep tabs on everybody in the city who’s in need of the assistance, and, relying on the local boroughs, that’s not going to work, because, it’s one to, how many households again per district?  Exactly, so this is why this keeps on happening, and the city council is blaming it on the city in sum!  But it still isn’t the city’s fault…


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Is it Police Brutality, as the Police Beaten the Bodybuilding Strong Man Down as They Tried to Take Him into Custody?  It’s More of Arresting a Perp Who Is Committing a Crime Getting Caught

After the ENTIRE story had been told, this is how a law professor interpreted the events, what the officers did, still was, NOT, “police brutality”, but it’s easy for the viewers of the video to misconstrue the law enforcement officials’ behaviors as, because of how the assailant’s had blood running down his, face, after he was hit in the head by the officers who were there to arrest him…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, in the jurisdiction of the Zhongli Police Substation there was a man that resembled the Hulk who’d gone into the super convenience shop and started vandalizing the shop, two officers were sent to the location to take care of it, and in the end, the large man was beaten to bleeding all over his face, the locals started, filming this, and streamed the footages to the online media.  A portion of the locals believed that the police didn’t do anything wrong, the other sect believed that they were too brutal.  I however, think, that you can just, see the results and make your judgments, but we must, review over the process.

I’d looked at the footages posted closely, four total, and, the police’s way of handling was this: as the police arrived, the two officers restrained the large man’s arms, but, the man suddenly started attacking the two officers, and the officers were hit five, six times on their head, or back, and clearly, the officers couldn’t, dominate him, and so, they ran off, and, took out the pepper spray and sprayed the assailant, Hulk walked out of the store, headed out of the store.  It may be the pepper spray’s taking effect, as the man exited the shop, he’d, fallen onto the floor outside, but still slurred in speech, “I will, kill you all!”, at this time, the footage showed an officer with an iron police baton, beating on the Hulk’s head, twice on his head, ten times on the body, hollered at him, “hands behind your back, hands behind your back”, the Hulk put his hands behind his back, another officer went up to cuff him, and, as he was cuffed, the police did NOT continue to hit the man.  And at the end, what we saw was, the large man was cuffed, stumbling and falling outside the shop, blood coming from his face, quite thrilling, with the officers, wiping the blood off his face with a tissue to stop him from, bleeding.

and here’s a video of the events, off of YouTube, this video “blames” the officers for hitting the large man twelve times after he was already, sitting on the outside of the shop!

But for those who’d zoomed in at the last segment of how the largely built man was bleeding, and the police hitting him, will believe: the police used brutal force in enforcing the law; and the attorneys might note, the police hitting the strong man wasn’t justifiable cause for defending themselves.  But I’d noted, that as the police was chased by the largely-built man, getting attacked by him, and how they’d, cuffed him, after they’d, hit him, because this is, what’s normal during an arrest of a suspect.  Reason being, that as police are called, there would be those perps who don’t believe they’d  done anything wrong, or refused to behave, and at this time, out of necessity, the police selected to use force to enforce the law.  And, those who came late would operate on hindsight, told, that the police should be more patient in telling the perp, and wait until backup arrives, then make the, arrests, if this had happened, then, the locals may interpret the officers as, not doing their jobs, that they’re, “slacking off”.

Some believed, that after Hulk was subdued, the police could stop beating him.  Problem being, how can you tell, that Hulk had been, subdued?  I believe it’s when he finally got cuffed at the hands.  Letting the suspect go after the suspect was cuffed, the police will get sued to not doing their duties as officers correctly, and as the suspect breaks away from police control after getting cuffed, the police also gets sued for allowing the suspect to escape arrest, and so, it’s easiest to tell, if the man had been, subdued as the cuffs are placed on the wrists.  What I saw in the video that’s streamed online was, the police had, stopped hitting the man, but, did the officers go overboard in law enforcement?  And, if you believe that the man’s stop resisting arrest is his, “being subdued by the police”, that’s because you did NOT see how much forces the man was using to attack the officers, and, it’s hard for the officers on site, to not worry that the man might, suddenly, attack them, again.

I believe, that in the process, the police’s hitting the man twelve times, is the process of them, taking him into custody, the process of arrest, it isn’t, police using brute force, nor is it their, “using their duties to hurt the criminal”.

So, based off of what’s said, from the video, it’s easy for the viewers of come to the mistaken conclusions that the police were using brutality in arresting this large man, but, based off of the before, the during, and the after, the police did exactly what they were paid to do, to keep the shop safe, to protect the citizens in the local areas, to prevent further damages to the store being done by this, huge man who’d, suddenly, lost, control.

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Awarded the Scholarships, it’d Helped Him Get into N.T.U., Now, He’d Become a Tutor Offering the Help to Others at No Charge

Paying back in kindness, because kindness, is shown, to him too, how the cycles of kindness, still, rolls, from one to the next, off of the Newspapers, translated…

In 2005, the Hsinbei City started the Dreams Foundation, the Department of Education hosted the gratitude banquet, the parent of the students who were given the scholarships, Hong told, that the two sons had been awarded the scholarships long-term, and the eldest tested into the electrical engineering major in N.T.U. last year, the two siblings started a small study center, and offered the tutoring to the children from fragile families, free of charge to them.

The assistant mayor, Liu told, that the Dreams Foundation helped 220 students per year, and to date, there’d been the sums of total of $260,850,000N.T.s, and 3,929 students were the recipients.  In 2020, the dreams fund was set up, in 2022, the sports excellence scholarship, using the three types of scholarship, to offer the scholarships to the outstanding scholastic and sports students who were from poverty stricken backgrounds.

The Department of Education held the gathering yesterday, invited three hundred of the recipients and donors, including the tech company Micro Star International Company Ltd., HESS Foundation, the Temple of Taiwan Jingshan, etc., etc., etc.

Of them, the Dreams Foundation in close to ten years’ time, the retired professor from National Education University, Dai who’d donated the accumulated amount of over ten million dollars N.T., was given the certificate of gratitude, his son came to receive it for him.  Dai told, that his father gave his life to education, that when he was younger, he’d, received the assistance from others, hoped, that through the scholarship foundation, the money can help those students who are in need.

helping young children learn, the tutors give their time…photo from online

The student who received the award, Hong told, that since his son graduated from Linkou High School, he’d started studying in the EE major of N.T.U.; the younger son is in the second grade of the Linkou High School currently, his two children received the scholarship funding for eight and ten years.

The two brothers, to pass the kindness that had been shown to them, started up a small study center locally five years ago, to tutor the children from the lesser families without any tuitions, and they’d helped more than ten students to get into their ideal high schools or university each and every year.

And so, this is how the cycle of kindness still, keeps on rolling, because someone helped someone, and, the someone who received the help, feels grateful, and is now, giving back too, and, that is how the kindness cycle generates, and regenerates, and we need more of these things that give us hope in the current world.


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She Was Raped in the Elementary School Years by Her Own Predatory Father, Pressed Charges Eighteen Years Later, the Predatory Father Sentenced Severely

Justice, finally got, SERVED, but, imagine HOW much pains, sufferings, trials this young girl must’ve, gone through, and this is, still, too awful, at this, this mother of the victim, did NOT, doubt her, she just found out, late is all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A father in Tainan, eighteen years ago, abused his own wife, and, while his wife went home to stay with her family, he’d raped his own third-grade daughter, and, many years later, as the daughter shared with her church group the matter of sex, she’d disclosed to the group that she was raped by her own father, and the officials of the church reported the matter, and after investigations, there was an investigation that was resumed, again.  The Tainan District Court found, that the father forced himself onto his daughter who was not yet fourteen, and sentenced him heavily to seven years six months.

During the trial, the man denied the allegations, claimed that he was in a foul mood during the time, and had gotten drunk often, didn’t remember he’d gone to his own daughter’s bedroom, or that he had any memories of, raping her.

The young woman accused, that back then, her mother was physically abused by her father, and moved back in with her own family of origin then, and her father told her to come into his bedroom, and told her, that what he was doing to her was called “making love”, she’d not known what it’d meant, but she’d told him “no!”, and melted down before the rape occurred, her father didn’t stop, and continued sexually assaulting her.

After a period of time, as her mother came back from her own mother’s home, she’d disclosed what happened to her to her mother, that her father pulled down her pants, but because she’d not known how to describe to her mother what happened then, she couldn’t clearly tell her mother what had, happened to her, so her mother thought that she only got sexually assaulted once, and it was, never, brought up again.

The elementary school instructor testified, that one day, the young girl kept going to the restrooms at school, and she’d asked her, and the young girl started crying, because the instructor knew that the student’s mother went back to her own family to stay during the day, she’d asked if her father touched her genitals, then the girl nodded yes, and the school immediately contacted her mother.

The mother pointed out, that when her daughter was in the third grade, the instructor called her, told that the child’s genitalia looked reddened, that she’d immediately rushed home then, as the social services intervened, she’d wanted to forgive her husband once, and told him, “our daughter is for us to cherish, not to hurt”; recently, the man called her up, inquired why this was once again, brought back up?  She’d told him, that their daughter is old enough, and so she is allowed to decide, if she wanted to sue him!

And so, this mother had been, the silenced enabler, and maybe, it’s because she didn’t know how to respond to what had happened to her daughter, there was no action on her part, and, this young girl is now, old enough, to SUE her own, predatory father for RAPING and for sexually molesting her!  And this LOSER deserve the harshest sentence for what he did to his own young.

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Using the Exams, the Male Instructor Professed His Love to a Student, Ended Up Getting Himself Fired

An impasse of an adult toward a student, and surely, this ill-mannered man got, FIRED from his, teaching post!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The parents of a high school girl in Keelung disclosed yesterday, that the math instructor, Wang had molested their daughter, and professed his love to her on the exam pages, hoped that the Department of Education can crack down on the “predatory instructors”.  The principal told, that last year in December, the parents got into a physical confrontation with the instructor at school, the following day the instructor took a day off.  The evaluation committee at the school discussed the matter, and found the instructor to have breached the ethics code, and decided to terminate the contract for hire.

A man who claimed to be the father of the female student disclosed to the media press and social media, that the twenty-seven-year-old instructor who’d just received his formal certification two months ago, Wang had professed his love to his daughter on the exams, or handed her cards, the notes, telling her how attractive she is, how he can’t stop thinking of her when he got home, and, took the advantage to get her to a park in the quiet places, to molest her too.

The parent disclosed, that he does not plan to sue the instructor, but to get this out in the open, so the Department of Education becomes aware of that there are, the predatory instructors in the schools all around.  After the investigations on the matter, spanning out three, four months, he’d found that there were, too many of cases like his own daughter’s, that the parents can only, feel pain on their own.

The high school principal of the school told, that since this incident from last semester, the school immediately set up  the gender equality investigation committee, and they’d discussed it, and evaluated the situation, and found the instructor unfitting to continue teaching at the school.  That since the start of school this year, the female student appeared okay, the school will do its best, to prevent the girl from getting hurt again.

The city councilwoman, Hsu of Keelung in the meetings demanded that the Department of Education prevent this sort of things from recurring.  She’d recalled, back when she was in school, there was a male instructor who focused on her particularly, started touching her, improperly contacting her, the students started making fun of her, “The teacher likes you!”, the most outrageous was as she was taking an exam, he’d taken her hand, and wrote, “I like you”.  Thankfully the class passed the words around, and the school immediately took actions.

And so, there’s, this ongoing sexual harassment of instructors toward their students, because the students can’t do anything, because they’re, lesser, than the teachers, and besides, the teachers are adults, and the students, underage, and nobody takes the words of an underage minor seriously, that’s why, this SHIT is still going on, unless the systems start changing…

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May the Tragedies of Eighty-Fifty NEVER, Happen, Again

But you know that it will, due to the lacking in the long-term care policies that work that are still not quite, set up by the, government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Mother’s Day is here again, the scent of carnation is the symbol of mothers, and, we don’t need to put mothers on that high pedestal, their kindness toward us, we can’t, repay them for all of our, lives.

In the times of thanks, there are however, a group of aging mothers who are taking care of their own young, as they’re, growing, older.  The 8050 Trend reported by the “Orange Generation”, the parents in their eighties, raising their fifty-year-old midlife age children, their golden years, are, shadowed over by the dark clouds of long-term care, they can’t see the beautiful rays of the setting sun, there’s no rainbow after the rain, it’s a never-ending war, also, a tragedy of Mother’s, Day.

I have a friend with polio, she had never been married and is already sixty, and in her midlife years, she’d been diagnosed with diabetes, and now, she’s looked after by her elderly eighty something mother.  When she was younger, her mother told her, that it’s okay she never marries, so long as she’s healthy and happy, but, as she entered into midlife, the assortment of conditions came at her, and in her mother’s elderly years, she’s responsible for caring for her own adult daughter, Mother’s Day had never been easy for her, no need for blessings of any sort, and her only hope, is to, get away, from the hells of long-term care.

I’d bumped into a mother-son pair on the weekends, sometimes at the marketplace, sometimes, on my way to the marketplace.  This mother-son pair live close by, the son wedded a foreign woman, later his wife ran off, it was only him and his mother.  He work during the weekdays, his mother took care of the meals.  On weekends, the two would go shop for groceries together, the mother walks in front, and her son was like a guard, walking behind her, very, carefully, he looked similar in stature to his own mother, as the mother passed through the butcher’s, the vegetable, fruit stands, fish, stopped, the son’s arms were fully hung with the plastic bags, and that, is what marked the weekend marketplace.

This seemingly nice picture, quite harmonious, but actually, the man never got over his own wife running off, became severely depressed, and had to quit work, and could no longer shop at the markets with his mother now.  Later, the woman would come to the markets, in her cane by the weekends, and would greet those whom she was acquainted with, not knowing when her son will get better, and how much longer she can, take care of him, or maybe, one day, she would, die before him.

My neighbor’s fifty-year-old son was sent to prison a few years back for something, the siblings had given up on him, only his aging mother didn’t, every other week, she would bring his favorite meals to visit him in prison.  As he was released, he’d moved in with his mother, couldn’t find a job, became, a borderline person of the society, and started working odds and ends, picking up the recycle materials to sell for measly income, and his mother can only put up the money she’d saved to help him make his own ends, meet.

The trend of eighty-fifty is that heavy lock and chain in old age, it had all the untold sorrows of the parents, a deeper sort of imprisonment than the prisons.  I hope that there won’t be any more of the tragedies of the eighty-fifty in society repeatedly, hope that the systems of welfare the government set up can be more complete, that we the offspring can all become those whom our parents can, rely on when they’re, older.

And so, these are cases of how the aging parents are still responsible for their adult children, for whatever reasons there may be, and this is bad, because these aging parents deserve a break, but they simply, can’t get it.

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The Son Spent All of His Mother’s Retirement Funds, and the Mother Still, Blamed Herself for Dragging Him Down with Her

The circumstance was what trapped this family, and, the parent became aware of the leeching that the son was doing, and asked for help from without to get the resources the family needed, to snap out of this, vicious cycle, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Felt Bad for Him as a Manual Laborer in the Fields, the Unemployed Son Became Verbally Abusive, and as He’d Found a Stable Job, He’d Finally, Became Steadier Emotionally

Would you worry about how you may not have enough elderly assistance, retirement pensions, to give to your own children who can’t provide for themselves?  Actually, the troubles aren’t just in the parents’ generations, but the middle-age children’s who are supposed to be the primary sources of labor in the society, becoming leeches, are caused by circumstances.

Chih, who works as a manager in business in China got laid off several years ago, as he’d returned back to Taiwan, he couldn’t find a job that’s fitting to him, he’d returned home to look after his aging mother who lives alone, and has diabetes.  Chih is the most achieved of all three sons of the family, with a master’s degree, and in a management position at his work.

In the past four years, his mother’s elderly assistance was given to Chih to use for his living expenses, while his mother used the earnings she’d made from the vegetables she’d planted to live off of.

Some suggested to her, to leave the manual labor of the fields to Chih, his mother told, Chih is a white-collar worker, not fitted for the manual laboring, that he will soon find a good job.  She’d also said, that she didn’t want her other sons to know that Chih didn’t look after her, and took her pension, she didn’t want her three sons to get upset over this.

The story came out, when the elderly woman’s diabetes caused her to need an amputation, after the clinic reported it, the social workers visited, and found that the residence was too unkept to be fitting for any human inhabitants, Chih not only didn’t take care of his own mother, he’d become verbally abusive toward her, when his life didn’t go his way.

The Elderly Welfare Protection Foundation’s C.E.O., Lin observed, that a lot of the families with the children leeching are made of an elderly and a child living together, becoming an enclosed system.  If there are other children, or there are two elders, there would be less prevalence of tragedies.

Another trend is, there’s the special sort of attachment between children and parents, like Chih’s mother believed that her son became unemployed to take care of her because she’s ill, and felt that she’d imposed too much on him; Lin also sorted through cases where the elderly woman felt that her son’s divorce was because she was too awful to her daughter-in-law, that it’s her fault that her son’s life was, a mess.

There are the various storylines of how one becomes a leech, but how to face it, would be the primary determinant of if leeching on the elders is only a transitional phase or if it is, for long-term.

Chih’s family had an intervention, the three sons shouldered the responsibilities for caring for the elderly together.  Chih found a job, although his job didn’t pay that much, but he’d become regular in the schedules of work, with forming of new interpersonal relations, he’d felt that he was stabler emotionally.

Lin believed, that this family, the  problems got found because the elder was abused, ill, neglected, abandoned, or leeched on, but, only way to resolve these matters is getting the unemployed middle age offspring to return back to the workforce, the norms of the tracks of, society.

And so, this is still an abuser/enabler interactions, but it’s made by circumstances, because for whatever reasons there may be, the offspring can’t or won’t find work, and the parents started providing the money needed, and the offspring started taking that for granted, and think, oh, I will be provided for no matter what, so there’s no need for me to work, and thankfully, this particular case ended well, as everybody snapped out of that vicious cycle.


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When the Time Put in Isn’t Returned in Equal Ratios

As the inmates started acting disrespectful toward the lecturers who came to prison to try and help them, what can the lecturers, do???  Translated…

I work as a counselor at the prison, and I work with the inmates with the drug-addictions and drug priors, to try and help them in getting away from the addictions, to prevent them from going back down that wrong path again, the facility would have a ton of courses for these inmates, for  instance, life education, stress relief, and medical awareness, etc., etc., etc., and the professionals in the various areas are hired to give the lectures.

Although none of the inmates are here voluntarily, but most of them knew “how to behave themselves when they needed to”, after all, nobody wants to prolong their stays because of bad behaviors, getting out early is the goal.  So, even if they’re disinterested in the lectures, they’d still, pretended to care, to play their part in compliance.  And yet, as the evaluations are passed, they are, allowed, to go home early, and, some of whom who had been hidden too long, would let  their real selves, show, thinking, that they didn’t have that long a time here, and would start, misbehaving themselves in class.

like this…photo from online

Awhile ago, as I led the lecturer out of the class, away from the protected areas, the individual wanted to talk to the official who’d, assigned the teaching of the course.  I’d curiously inquired about why, turned out, the inmates who are about to get released soon, had that I don’t care attitude in class, to the point, of, verbally challenging the lecturer, it’d made him feel upset, and he’d wanted to, switch to teaching another class.

The man told, that from before, he was a higher up on the corporate ladder, he had everything as he’d filed for retirement, and carried that heart of giving back to the community to lecturer here, he’d put a whole lot into preparing for the lectures, and yet, the inmates treated him with too much, disrespect, it’d made him upset.  I’d tried to console with him, told him not to mind it too much, and shared with him my experiences, in relations to his, suggested to him, that he can, change his attitude, to NOT punish himself with others’, mistakes.

Or maybe, he felt empathized, and realized, that what he’d encountered, was normal, other than stopping complaining about it, he’d, also, made fun of himself, that he’d not, been “trained” enough, that he needed to work of that, then, we’d, parted, ways.

In actuality, interacting with the nonvoluntary cases, we would encounter the “passive attacks”.  And, in the mandatory lectures in these realms, there were the members of the audience who’d yawned loud, kept interrupting the lectures, not taking the lectures, seriously enough.  And if the lecturers get upset, then, it’d fed to the inmates desires of wanting attention, and then, they’re, the ones, in control.

At this time, it’s best, to just, ignore the bad behaviors, to not stoop down to their, levels, and, as they’d felt, that they can’t get anything out from the lecturers, then, they would get bored and, move on.  If the lectures got halted by the interruptions of the audience, then, the lecturers can ask the audience, to please allow her/him to continue to lecture, and, I’m sure, that those who’d acted up would, tone it down, because they were the ones, interrupting, and the lecturers asked nicely for them to, “behave” themselves.  After all, the lecturers are asking nicely, and if the misbehaved go overboard, I’m sure, the other members of the audience won’t see fitting, and will, put an end to it.

what the lecturers would want to see…the inmates engaged in the discussion topics…photo from online

I hope, that the lecturer can keep on having that heart of educating the masses, continue to, use his knowledge to teach, to give guidance to the lost sheep, inside that cage.  And, if the same circumstances happen again, then he might choose to overlook them, but, so long as he has a clear conscience, knowing, that he’d done all that he could.  Once you put everything into something, and get manipulated by others, then, you’re the ones who’d, lost.

And so, this, is how the inmates, are, challenging these, lecturers, and, it makes the lecturers feel defeated, they’re giving their time, to try and help these individuals, and yet, this was, what they got, the disrespects, because the lecturers expected that their words will not fall on, deaf ears, but sometimes, these inmates just challenges you, and, if you get roused up by their behaviors, then, you’re the one, who will be, manipulated by them, and you lose!

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