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On the Matter of Alexander Leehom Wang: from Peeping into the Private Lives of the Stars, to the Collective Loss of Hoard Responsibilities

How the case of infidelity, the bad behaviors of the singer, Wang is only, the tips of the iceberg, of a bigger problem of this, society of ours here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The singer-songwriter’s divorce became a nuclear bomb for the Asian entertainment circle, the rants online is never-ending.  Although he’d announced his temporary exit of the entertainment industry, but the affair, his sex addictions are still, being discussed by the entertainment industries, and, the ricochet bullets are flying all over the places now.  The reputation that Wang built up on himself of being a gentle, honest, good man, a high quality performer, all destroyed in an instant, and this became a mirror of truth, reflected out the deteriorating culture of Taiwanese entertainment industry, and the wayward shift of values in the society in Taiwan, and this, should be the topic we need to discuss, aside from this “show” that we’re, currently, watching right now.

This time, although Lee, Wang’s wife, is the less capable party of this marriage, but, she’d used her sharp words, and her accurate timing, to HIT Wang back, and she’d scored, and the online community noted her as the “hammer of Thor”.  After the physical abuse of the legislator, Kao by her boyfriend, Lin, the people are more critical of violence, of the party that wasn’t, faithful enough in a marriage, it’d shown, how Taiwan IS, progressing, toward a more gender equal society.  On the other hands, the incident of Leehom Wang also showed of the false image of a “high quality” performer, the weakening of morality, and responsibilities, and the trends of him being a “giant baby” and “mama’s boy” got out too.  the seemingly free and open environment, is actually, quite the opposite, plus the manipulations from the press, it’d, weakened the citizens means to check the facts before they take their sides.

The entertainment industries are with a ton of good looking men and women, and it’d become, a hotbed for sex scandals.  But, on the matter of image completely collapsing, Wang’s case was the first few; reason for it wasn’t because he’s divorced from Lee, but because of his bad means of handling these, crises.  For instance, toward the accusations brought against him, he’d neither affirmed, nor denied, not made an apology for his, wrongdoing, and, his father’s coming out to speak on his behalf, it’d shown further, how his marriage had, gone bad.  Plus, using the Japanese old name to refer to Lee, his father had, caused even more of the effects of what he’d, wanted to, achieve.  Especially of how whenever Wang got into trouble, he’d looked to his parents to solve it for him, but, not fought for the custody, or even, the rights of joint custody for his own three children, it’d made us note, how irresponsible he truly is, toward the society, as well as, his own, family.

stars who were caught, cheating! Found online


With Lee’s disclosures of Wang’s many bad behaviors, with the embellishments from the paparazzi, we also observed, the abnormal biosphere of the entertainment industry.  Of these, some of the singers used the idolizing of the fans, to extort, and to deceive; some of the artists even used the interactions with other artists, stars, to increase ones’ own fame, and popularity; and once something happened to the individuals, they’d immediately, severed off connections, or tried covering for the individuals.  In the movie industries, are there only the sex, the rich, the fun and party, that’s, common to all?  In, seeing the stars that we are closely relating to started derailing from the right means of behaving, wouldn’t the friends warn each other, or would they just, watch the individuals, keep on, heading down that track of, self-destruction?

In recent years, the media only cared about the number of hits, and it’d, added to the expansion of the cases of infidelity by Leehom Wang, and some of the already forgotten cases are dug back out again.  And because of this, in exposing each other’s bad behaviors, there were the performers who’d, overdosed and rushed to the hospitals; the singers posting the warning phrases toward sex, and, members of the online community immediately reacted that it was similar to Wang’s bad behaviors.  This not just, added to the heated debate, but it would also, add to how the public sees the members of the entertainment industry as, “All the same”, and, those in the movie industries, the singers who are wise, should take heed.  And, the intelligent members of the audience, also need to remain rational, to not get fooled by the performances, or follow the crowds and blame whoever it is that the crowds are, blaming.

The public issues votes just ended, Tsai’s government is doing the budget case of the city and county of Hsinchu’s merging together, Wang’s affairs, sex addictions is covering all the discussion spaces online, surely, the president is considering the matter.  The former head of the county of Kaohsiung, Yang beckoned the public on FB, “to go easy on Leehom Wang”, and stated, that there are, eighty, ninety percent in the politics who have the affairs, that we should, demand more about them.  Set aside that Yang may have exaggerated, but, from the Department of Health & Welfare Sanitations, the Medical Welfare Corporation C.E.O., Wang, the head of public health insurance, Lee with their cases of infidelity coming out into the open, the government took a laissez-faire attitude to, wasn’t this due to the debauchery of morality of the persons in power too?  So, what’s the difference between Wang being noted as a “giant baby” and this?

Looking at the end of Wang’s marriage, from how he’d, disregarded his public status, to how the media had, exploited and consumed the stories, it all showed, that this, is due to a lacking in social responsibilities.  In the past three decades, Taiwan had, quickly changed, the values of old is no longer fitting to today, and, as we’d lost those old values, and still not yet found new ones to follow, all we have, are the, exaggerated, mottos, and all of these are what’s feeding to, the Leehom Wangs right now!

And so, this brings out the bigger problem, of how these role models of society, singers, performers, presidents of countries aren’t leading by better example, and so, naturally, everything become corrupt, from the top, down, and, because the very top is rotten, there’s no way of those at the bottom, to not be, rotten.

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How Did She Put Up with it, Getting Beaten from When She Was Younger, into the Elderly Years, How Did She Ever, Get “Used to It”?

On how the abuser/enabler relationship just, NEVER, ends, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator Kao, of the DDP had been abused by her boyfriend, causing the citizens in this country to get angry over how the loser behaved, because of Kao’s status as a politician, that was what helped her bring out the matter of domestic violence in the society.

I’d been volunteering at the hospital for a decade, and had seen a ton of battered women, whose abusers are normally, their partners, what’s worse was, these batterers chased them to the E.R., then, DRAGGED the victims out the back door, and started, beating on them again.  These abusers are, the bullies of their families, only abused their own wives, the weaker women, and young children, very shameful; picking on the elderly, the women, and children, it’s a show of inferiority, but it’d become, a nightmare of, the families.

While the victims of domestic violence, feared that the bad news of the families might get out, or maybe, due to economics, or to keep a family together, and one’s own image, and so, they’d put up with the abuse for many years on end, then, headed over to the hospital to get their injuries documented, to file a restraining order with the courts.  There’s a woman who’d come to get treated for abuse, she’d told me that she’d been beaten from when she was younger, I’d asked, “how could you have put up with it this long?”  she’d told me, “got used to it”, it was heart wrenching to hear, I couldn’t imagine how she lived through all those, years.

I’m supportive of Kao’s suing her boyfriend, and hoped that the members of the public will be braver, to stand UP and OUT in these situations, because only by reporting the cases, to fight for the rights of our own bodies, will we be able to, put an end to these threats in our lives, to terminate domestic violence.

So, even though, abuse is NEVER anything we should get used to, but, because the victims got trapped in that situation too long, they took it to be the norm, and, stopped fighting, and thus, stopped asking for help, which is precisely W-H-Y, these cases are still, underreported by the victims right now, and besides, it’s usually the spouses, the boyfriends/girlfriends who are hurting the victims, and, as the abusers pouted up their lips, faked that one tiny teardrop out of her/his eyes, then, the abused victims, soften down, and NOT pressed charges, and they’re all, STUCK, in that, vicious cycle, as ENABLERS of their own, ABUSE.

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Immersing Myself in the Word, Every Day

Grateful for the subsection of the UDNPapers, that’s brought us so many knowledge, shared memories, and a ton, of wonderful things, to enrich our daily lives, translated…

I loved reading the subsections of the paper like a book, especially the D2 sections of the UDNPapers, there are the writers from all walks of life that were printed on here, and, an assortment of contents, naturally.  I’d recalled that one time, the editor’s office asked the medical staff members to write the stories of the giant white towers, it’d captivated the readers’ attentions, making us want to read, reread, and reread over, over, and over again.  The “Secret Headquarters of the Car Wash” that got started this year is also, attention-catching, the writer can tell how the owners of the cars he’d washed and repaired lived from the cars that were dropped off, this was totally, magical to me.

something to do, EVERY, day…

The other four columns that were also my favorite aside from this one: in “Animals on Stage”, I’d felt the strong emotional connections the writers felt toward the animals they have.  In “A Treasure Map of Memories”, I’d noted the different ways of life the various age groups of people have, and, they’d offered a fun comparison to my own life experiences.  And I’d loved the seasonal writers who’d written for the Youth Column, they’d used their words, recorded down the lives in their own separate professions, although these are smaller in sizes, but, covering a wide spectrum of topics, eye opening, truly.  And for the “Topics of Discussion” columns, although these came in smaller passages, they are all, eye-catching.  The same things that’s happened in the lives of various people, produced, different stories, with the different enlightenments from their separate, stories.

That’s how this subsection of the paper works, like a professor with a wide spectrum of knowledge, fulfilling my curiosities every single day, enriching my life, adding more fun to my ordinary days.

I’m grateful for the editor of the subsection of the papers, to allow the readers, to read in their, separate corners, to know what’s going on all around us, to get soaked up in the wonders, of interactions of words of exchange.

And so, this, is a sort of a thank you note this writer wrote to the subsection of the papers, and, surely, this subsection of the papers, offered a wide variety of reading materials for those who are interested in finding out new things they want to find out, it has the experiences of others we can borrow from, and, it’s just, an amazing section of the UDN papers here.

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Coexisting with the Virus is the New Norm, and We Need to Adapt Ourselves to It

The thoughts of a parent sending her daughter to the U.S. to study, who’s a university lecturer, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

To send my daughter off to study in the U.S. in the summer, we’d started migrating under the outbreaks, and this may give an alternative way of thought to those who are hurried to get vaccinated, and wanted the country to open up its borders again.

At the start of last year, U.S. due to the outbreaks hitting so seriously, started up their work-from-home, distance-education means, until the summer of this year, because of the rates of vaccination got high enough, that’s when the schools reopened up one by one opened up one by one physically.  Before enrollment, the school required us to upload the vaccination proofs to them, and as the students entered onto the campuses, the PCR tests were administered as well.  As we arrived, my daughter signed up for the vaccination online, a couple of days she’d gone to a chain drug store for the vaccination, and three weeks later, she’d received her second vaccine.

As I’m glad, that we can now, feel safer and more secure, going out with our masks on, then came the news headlines that’s, shocked us.  First, U.S., being a major vaccine production country, the rates of vaccination is lower, but, as the mutated strain attacked, it’d upped the rate of vaccination, but not by a lot, and the mindset is still, too far from what Taiwan was, experiencing.

Secondly, although the governments from the federal to the states, to the local mandated the vaccinations for the school teaching staff and government workers, but, the governments got sued.  And, some of the parents from the elementary and middle school levels all walked in protests of their kids’ needing to mask up in class, that it was a breach to their children’s personal freedoms.  And, in a democracy like the U.S., to get vaccinated, or to not, masks on, or masks off became, a huge debate in the political realms.

And, a little over two months later, we’d, returned back to Taiwan, after two weeks’ worth of quarantine, other than needing to report our own temperatures twice a day in the morn and at night, the man in charge of the local borough of the hotel we were staying in also called to check up on us, and we’d had to, respond to the texts from the CDC as we received them.  Although the meals were delivered to us like clockwork during the quarantine, we only had the tiny space of the hotel room, which we’d, paced in, it’d made us feel, that we got our freedoms, taken away from us.

Reviewing over the experiences of this migration into the U.S., and back, I’d thought, that unless the country goes under lockdown eternally, cut off all transnational activities and trades, otherwise, the people here would have to, adapt our minds to what’s currently going on now.  In other words, we must, adapt our selves, to the existence of MERS-CoV, and not get caught up to clearing the records of reported cases, quarantine, or, heading back to before when we could still, expect that the virus will, go away abruptly one day, and, up the rates and the coverages of the vaccinations, to be more aware of how we can, protect ourselves, as well as, others around us, and the enterprises, the schools, and the various organizations would need to plan out the ways for these facilities to maintain their, functioning, to ensure the health and the safety of all of the workers too, as well as the government having enough foresight, to look after the people’s wellbeing, as well as the economics.  With these risks in the society, we are all, a part of this, preventing the spread of MERS-CoV!

And, this showed, of how the two countries took a different stance in tackling the coming on of MERS, from before, the strains hadn’t mutated yet, what we’d been doing worked, everybody wears her/his mask, and we are all law-abiding, keeping the social distances, but, as the mutated strains entered, the government still used these, rules that worked, without realizing, that we’re, faced with a more infectious strain, that vaccination is the only way, and the government wanted to, push forth the rates of vaccination of the “homegrown” “brand”, and, not ordered enough vaccines for everyone who needed them, and that’s why there’s this, high contraction, high death rate among the developed countries in the world, which is we’d dropped from the top of the safest place list to the bottom, and the minds of the government official are still stuck in the first forms of MERS, the Alpha and the Beta strains, without any readiness, for the Delta here.

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Lee Set Up the Lost-from-Society League, to Help Change the Unfriendly Atmosphere of the Society, “Stop Seeing Only the Illness & Not the Individuals Who Have it”

The experiences of her bipolar, and how she’d, used her experiences, to help others who are experiencing similar trials in their lives, offering them the support she worked so hard to get, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

When Yun Lee was twenty-one, because she had the self-mutilation wounds on her wrists, her school reported her as “attempted suicide”.  Since that day, she was labeled as “person of interest” by the local offices of sanitations’ system of “suicide watch”.  Lee was placed in psychiatric care, and psychotherapy, but this was, a despairing process of her to experience.

Three years ago, Lee gathered her own journal entries and used the pseudonym “Lin” to publish the book, “Note of Psychological Illnesses”, criticized how the psychiatrists only see the illnesses, and not the patients.  Using a pseudonym, because she didn’t want to announce to the world that she has bipolar, she said, the society expects those “who help others to be mentally stable”, that the notes of her self-mutilating process were nowhere NEAR okay, if she disclosed that she’d had these encounters, it may impact her jobhunting process.

Until two years ago, she’d started writing under her real name.  Because she and other psychiatric patients like her, set up a “Taiwanese Psychologically Ill Association”, a support group from the angle of trauma medicine, to help the voices of the psychologically ill patents get heard, to change the unfriendly system.

“Homosexuals also came out together”, Lee had been out of the closets for many years already, the experience of coming out as a lesbian was from her “Crazy Persons’ Movement”.  She’d called herself “crazy”, and, embraced the blemished identity of being psychologically ill, like how some of the homosexual persons called themselves “queer”.

the woman, who wrote the book on her own mental illness, who cares a whole lot of others who’d been diagnosed with a psychological illness like her, replying back to them in letters…photo courtesy of

Lee pointed out, the psychologically ill persons’ reasons for not “coming out” is same as the reason why homosexuals couldn’t, worried that they may lose the connection with the “normal” people in the world: “When you’d become nothing in the society you live, this, is how it kills us, not the illnesses themselves.”

The writer, Hsu was thirty years prior to Lee, and back then, the talks of homosexuality, mental illnesses, were even more, tabooed.

Two decades ago, as those who had depression were afraid to go get treated, Lin penned down, “Goodnight, Depression”, to describe his own experiences with depression.  After his book was published, he’d received a ton of reader responses, and showed his passage to the psychiatrist treating her/him, and, another had placed his publication on the nightstands, to remind her/himself, that “I’m not alone.”

In 2009, Lin left his final note on his blog, ignited a discussion on the boards.  Hsu knew, that he didn’t WANT to die, and the reason he’d published that final note was because he was in too much pain, that he couldn’t, take it anymore.  “Maybe, I’m, making an example of myself, to the other people with psychological illnesses, that if you can’t take it, seek out help.”

Writing, showing up, these are, all, signals of S.O.S., a need to be, understood.  Lee often received calls from others with shared experiences as she, “They felt that I understood what they are going through.”  But even IF we have the same diagnosis, that doesn’t mean that I understand what another individual is going through, that I can, empathize with them.  “Every patient is an island”, with varied reasons of what drove us insane, and we are all unique, in the expression of our, insanity, but, “being together is enough, at least, we won’t, feel, so alone in this.”

And so, this points out the importance of having that needed social support when you’re in trouble, but, even if there are supports, people don’t normally seek it out, because, they’re all still, socialized into thinking, that, mental illness is bad, that if I come out of the dark, people won’t understand me, and so, they keep on, suffering on their own, without knowing, that all they need to do is to, reach out, and, help will come to them, and besides, that very first step out, is always, never easy, because you don’t know how the outside world will see you, and nobody wants to be labeled as, CRAZY, so that’s why, all of these sufferings, are going, unnoticed.


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The Holes in the Security Nets of Society: the Case Had Been Discharged Many Times Before, and Passed the Psych Evaluations of the Professional Psychiatrists

How safe, are we, if the psych ward can’t, even, correctly identify the dangerous who might harm others, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The social security nets is the vital policies of the president, Tsai, yet, there were the repeated cases of attacks on locals in Pingdong by someone with schizophrenia, the female super convenience store clerk had been severely wounded, and the president’s policies are questioned.  The head of the county, Pan stated, that this is a serious problem, a lesson learned, that he will, evaluate the laws more closely.  The psychiatrists suggested the families to get their loved ones into treatment, to not go soft of these individuals with these conditions.

Based off of understanding, Yang, the assailant from eleven years, had similar records, started in 2017, he was treated, and categorized as “difficult to cure”, every time he was admitted to the psych wards, he’d started crying that he wanted to be, released.  Pan said, Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had been evaluated closely each and every time, other than the related rules, all the assessment made for his discharge went through the professional evaluation of the psychiatrists.  But, the patient had injured others multiple times, Pan stressed that he’d already, requested that the hospital enforce a stricter rule of evaluation, and the man will be admitted to the psych ward as a long-term resident now.

The C.E.O. of the Pingdong Clinical Psychologist Association, Hu told, that the case has violent tendencies, always used threats of violence on others, that she’d advised to have him locked up long-term.  If the families wanted to take him home, then, they must learn how to interact with the case, to avoid violence, to change their ways of, interacting, relating to him from before.

a place like this then…photo from online

Hu said, that psychological disorders aren’t a “get-out-of-jail free card”, the penal code 19 states, that punishments shall be waived if the individual can’t tell the difference of right and wrong behaviors due to psychological disorders, or other mental conditions.  But, the third of penal code 19 also stated that “unfitting to be used if the act of harm was intentional, or the individual admitted to knowing what’s right and wrong!”, and, if treatments aren’t given, there will be, the criminal charges enforced.

Hu suggests that the family seek out help as early as they possibly can, a lot of the families, due to their lack of understanding of the psychological disorders, are afraid, with the communications with the trained professionals, they can accumulate the skills to caring for their loved ones, and can, more easily, avoid similar acts of violence from recurring.

and this is the modern-day “version” of the psych ward…

with the professional shrink’s treating the patients individually, photo from online

And so, this, is due to the lack of education, because the families aren’t trained like the professionals at the hospitals, they couldn’t offer the help that these mental patients needed to recover, and, if these mental patients aren’t getting the help they needed, then, some will become, violent, if they have the violent prior tendencies.  The system of evaluation is still, too loosened, too, lacking in this case.

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An Expensive Child

The upbringing of the child, how do we, train our kids, what goals do we want our kids to attain in school, to excel, to become, one of the, elites, placing them in private schools, or, do we, want them to, encounter, people who are like, and unlike themselves, so they can, gain a wider perspective of, the world, to learn that there are, others who are, different than them?  Points to consider, when selecting what sort of schools to place your children in, private, public, etc., etc., etc., translated…

I’d seen on T.V. that there were Chinese rich parents who’d, thrown down wads of cash to celebrate their children’s birthdays, turning the girls into, princesses, the boys, into, princes, with the parents, dressed up to the nines, surprising all the guests who were, invited.  From before, I’d seen on the news, that a seven-year-old Filipino girl, dressed in that custom-made present, with a crown on her head, with the full-service banquets, and fireworks on display.

There are friends in my circle, who, for the sake of their children’s, “only childhoods”, wrecked their brains on the celebration means every year, put on that large party for them.  Other than inviting the kids’ friends, also, showed everybody else, how they’d, cherished, the only childhoods of their own, young.

Actually, every moment of life is the only, childhood is deemed as innocent, naïve, and only happens once, but, when did these, childhood birthday parties came into being in Taiwan?

I was just past forty, recalled how there was the McDonald’s commercials on T.V.  Back then, the shop was up to rent, and the character will bring tons of presents to the child, with the burgers, fries, the cokes, the happy meals.

illustration from


That was in the eighties, a lot of the parents had, weathered through the poverties of post-war, and, as the U.S. gave the aids, the economy started, looking, up.  The government encouraged selling the items internationally, and, gave us the newer concepts of childrearing too.  The older generations will never host these grand celebrations for their kids on their birthdays, but the American ways believed, that we need to, toss down a whole lot of money on the kids, not expecting, nor demanding anything in return, and this concept had, rooted, downward in us.

And yet, based off of the economics sociologist, Zelizer, “Pricing the Priceless Child”, we can find, that the children now are seen, as, “little angels” and viewed as, “idols” in their existence, naïve, with complete dependence, this is, unique to modern day society only.

From a study of a sample of thirty families in Los Angeles, no single child would take responsibilities on her/his own for the family’s chores.  Normally, the parents had to plead, and ask (and usually failed at), but in the end, the parents can only, start doing all these chores like the maids do.  Modern day society, like the anthropologist, Tam Ramsay stated, “infants rule”, the children didn’t have any freedom, but they could, get whatever they wanted, they asked, of their, parents, without, any of the, related responsibilities.

In “Anthropology of Childhood” there are massive amounts of data collected which showed that we are now, living in a world where, “Children ranked supreme”, believing in their innocence, encouraging the younger generations to express themselves, and, do our bests, to, satisfy all their needs and wants, and this reflected on the collective society’s ideals of the natures of innocence of young children.  And besides, this society became, the projections of individual families’ tastes and value systems, becoming, a duplicate of the caste systems, and makes the gaps between the varied levels of socioeconomic statuses hard to understand one another, with the difficulties of, communicating with each other.

My son is in the first-grade now, I’d originally wanted to send him to private school, but thinking back to my own younger years, being enrolled in the nearby public elementary schools, he will get a chance to encounter children from various socioeconomic statuses, various backgrounds too, that was, what I believe to be, “normal” experiences for a child, to help him adapt and live along with people of an assortment of, backgrounds, to understand each of his classmates’ personality traits, likes, and dislikes, instead of getting to know his classmates, by how much money their families have.

And so, this, is on the socialization of the child, do we want our kids to be elites, is that why we’re, placing them in those, high-end, higher-quality, private schools from preschool on up, by making sure, that they excelled in the academia, or, do we want them to, get interactive, with, an assortments of, various children from the varied backgrounds, from blue collar families, to white collar families, that, is the question to be, considered here.

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The Vanishing “Father” on the Column on the Birth Certificates

On the matter of registering the child after birth here in Taiwan, more complex than just, having, that birth certificate, stamped and signed here, translated…

Did you see your own, birth certificates?

For the sake of the household registries, or for the sake of fortune-reading, having your charts mapped out, the birth certificate became, that very first key certification of our, lives.  What’s on there though?  The year, month, day and time of the infant’s birth, oh, and the parents’ names, and dates of births, right?

This seemed, rational, but, twenty years ago in Taiwan, there’d been three whole years, that all the birth certificates didn’t have the father’s names, why is that?

what the form looked like…

From 1946 when the “Household Registry laws” were implemented, it’d mandated that the newborn births get registered.  From those days, you needed the legal documents of birth, including the father’s, the mother’s, and the baby’s, to set up the basic information.  By 1971, the department of sanitations of the Executive Department mandated the horizontal form of “birth certificate”, combined all the common data, the names of the parents, the place of birth, dates of birth, etc., etc., etc.

This systematic registry of our births, it’d, made the collection, the statistical reports of data more complete, but in 1994, the “birth reports” were set into law, there was, a huge problem that the system faced.  Other than the medical professionals who were involved in the birthing processes, other than filling out the columns properly, they’d needed to report the data immediately to the department of health and sanitations, as well as the land offices too.  Mostly, the parents’ information are no problem, but how do they, confirm the identities, of the birthfathers of the children?

Back then, many times the R.O.C. OBGYN foundation had asked the government on this, like a report from 1998 mentioning, how as the handling of the paperwork of the birthing process, the father column, and the child’s birth order, it’d, struck up many debates, there was a gynecologist who had been forced to write the name of a man whose name didn’t match to the woman’s spousal column on the identification cards on the birth certificate of the infant.  There are also the unwed mothers, who worried that their children don’t have a father’s name on the birth certificates, and found random males to sign; while the gynecologists who delivered the babies, didn’t want to vouch for the individuals’ being the fathers, causing the court cases.

And, as there are, too many disputes, the birth certificate got amended back in 1999, took out the column with the “father”, and all the data on it, and, on the column of “birthmother”, they’d, changed the title of the column to “Woman who gave birth”, and, the personnel filing the paperwork, will check the household registry of the mother, to confirm that identification of the spouse, viewing the spouse of the woman who gave birth, as the newborn child’s, real, father.

And surely, this caused, new, inconveniences, for instance, as the people are filing for the English birth certificates and other documents of identification, or filing the data for a foreign spouse, because of this lacking in the data of the father, they couldn’t, confirm the identities.  And so, in 2002, the laws were, amended, again, the data of the father returned back on the birth certificates as “the spouse of the woman giving birth”, and, got put back on the birth certificates, and, the records are in line with the pregnant woman’s personal data.

The formatting of “Father” went from not being written, to being written, to not being written, to written back on again.  This reminded us, that on the collection of the statistics of pregnant women for the sake of research, the data of the males are normally, harder to collect, especially the identification of the birthfather, we’d needed more information, to determine, the identity of the birthfather of the child.

And, this, is important, especially after the laws of same-sex marriages had been signed, because of the formalities of the registries that we must make with the land offices here, as it’s, mandated and required, that made it, hard, because, what if, a woman is a lesbian, and got conceived, in vitro, or, if two males had a surrogate to carry their children?  So the system here is still not, set up, quite right, and, it’s going to take a whole lot more amending the laws in writing, to fit to everybody’s, requirements here.

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The Government Should Not be as Short-Sighted as It Was, in Buying up Enough Vaccines This Next Time

Because this god damn, @#$%ING country here, is now, way behind, in the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV, and we’re all, in need, of that, life-saving, vaccine, that we’re still, NOT getting here, hello, hello, hello???  Or maybe, it’s because, NOT enough had D-I-E-D yet, who knows???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Japan had donated close to a million doses of AZ vaccines to us, with the two shipments from before, with he 2.5 million doses of Moderna, a gift from the U.S., we’d received around 5.84 million doses of donated vaccines, the vaccines the country bought, isn’t arriving fast enough, and it’s not even half of what was donated to us in sum, if the command center is still betting on the country’s own manufactured vaccines, and not actively buys the international vaccines that are out right now, and, “blocks” off private organizations from buying the vaccines that are needed, we are, rightly named, as “beggars of vaccines” here.

The government’s buying of the MERS-CoV vaccines, hadn’t gone according to plans, they’d put their bets on the country’s own manufactured vaccines, and Astra-Zeneca, tying up at least, twenty million doses, and yet, the country’s own vaccines still hadn’t gained the international’s emergency uses, while the AZ vaccines manufactured in Thailand, is also, late.  Plus, the COVAX’s assigning the vaccines, it’s also, delayed, had it not been U.S., Japan, lending the country a helping hand when they had, the shortages of vaccines would hit the country, even, harder.

The delays in shipments of our own ordered vaccines, is due to how other countries are, fighting for them, although U.S., England, and other countries had bought more than they needed, most of the countries in the world, are still in short supplies of the vaccines they are in need of.  But, in the shadows of the outbreaks, all the countries can only, try hard, to get ahead, countries such as Israel and Korea are even considering trading the vaccines in because what they have in their possessions are about to, expire.

For the hard works that came from about two months, TMSC, FOXXCON finally were able to, successfully, order a total of ten million doses of BNT vaccines, and, even though the shipment might only start arriving at the end of September, start of October, plus, the donations of Tzu-Chi Hospital, it seemed, that we may, have enough supplies of the vaccines needed, for this, year now.

As for next year, the command center estimated that we should by at least 15 million doses of Moderna, which is going underway.

The command center should learn its lessons, to NOT repeat the mistakes in buying the vaccines from last year to this year, they’d blamed the failures of buying the BioNTech vaccines on “political interference”, “Someone’s displeased”, and even so, the shipments of the vaccines can temporarily relieve the needs of the people, it’d still not helped one bit, because not everybody gets vaccinated, the passage to buying the vaccines should not be so short-sighted, and really, adjust the tactics, because nobody wants to see the next time the epidemic begins again, nor do we want the problems of not having enough vaccines available to all who needs.

And, don’t know if this god damn FUCKING (no need to pardon me now!) government HAD, indeed, learned ITS, lessons yet, and, maybe there would be more deaths by MERS-CoV, or just one or two (the HEADS of this country, contracting the virus, and DYING from it!), then, problems, solved.  And this still just showed, of how shortsighted the god damn government is, in NOT considering the needs of WE the people, not buying enough vaccines for the first place, for those of us who are, in need…

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From the Prides of Going with Chen to Helping Our Selves, Going Against Chen

How the people (not a part of that “we” here!), finally, wake UP, from the bullshits of the government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

From mid-May to now, due to the bad policy of fighting against the spread of MERS-CoV, more than 10,000 had been diagnosed, and, over 700 deaths.  And this wrong policy, causing death toll to continue to rise up, but, no member of our legislature is willing to take the responsibilities for it, the commander’s seat is still, unwavered, because a lot of the politicians hid behind the self-proclaimed “hero”, the commander against the outbreaks, to prevent from getting SHOT at, and it’s also because, he’s, a hero who stood over all, blocking the bullets, the head of department who’d, fought for the “greater good”, he’d received, more commends from the President.  Under this condition, no matter how high the death toll rose to, he is still able to, sit steadily in his seat.  And so, from the angle of political position, he’s, a fitting officer in command, but, from the angle of defense against the outbreaks, he’d, become, ill-fitting, because as the head, he’d not, actually, used his powers, to get the people, away from, harm, to save the lives.

after Changwha started AGAINST Chen, the mayor of Taipei, Ke speaks…

photo from online

In the time of following orders of Chen, how he was, so high up above all, and proud.  Chen had been, painted us as a just, practical, figure in public health.  Before the outbreaks started happening, the commander wrote a disclosure to British media, stating, “we shall help the entire world set up a medical care system”, and even, “How can the world catch up to Taiwan?”  only as the outbreaks started worsening, the people found, that the “getting ahead of the game” by the commander, was only, bullshit, empty, promises.  And we the people learned, that we need the handouts of vaccines from other countries, with not enough power to scan, no fast-scan kits available to the people, how we’d needed the medical supplies to be donated by the actors and actresses, and T.V. personnel, and how the government delayed the asking of TMSC, FoxxCon, and Tzu-Chih for the vaccines to be, donated……….

Because of the bad policies, Taiwan went from the head of the class, dropped all the way, to the, very bottom, with only just, ten-percent of inoculation rate here, way off, from the hoard immunity needed at sixty-percent of population being inoculated.  And our rates of death exceeded the global average too.  Compared to how Chen boasted, “How can the world catch up”, it’d, showed us, how Chen’s ego, incompetence had, damaged the country’s people.

We’d originally planned to lift up the bans on July 13th, and now, it’s left to the local governments, to conduct the micro-lift, which, delegated the responsibilities of what might happen, to the local governments, it’d made all the local governments stand up against him, and the entire country is now, “Against Chen”.  But, whether it be for or against Chen, it’s all reliant, on the heads of the local governments.

This still showed, how the heads of a country can, have the bad policies made, and, screw over WE the people’s, lives, and, now, more people, more city governments are, going against Chen, because the local governments finally realized, that Chen’s policies are, bullshit!  And it’s, about time too…

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