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Unspeakable Crimes Against Her Dolls

Hush up!  Raggedly Ann, go in the corner, with Raggedly Andy!

That, was how she’d ordered her dolls around, when they came to her, telling her that those monsters in the nights had hurt them…

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls had been committed, by her, their loving owner, and that, was merely, the reflection of her day time life.  Unspeakable crime against her dolls, who’s going to come to their rescue?  Nobody!  Just as nobody came to HER rescue that very first time, and the next, and the next, and the next times afterwards, when her mama’s boyfriend came to her.

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, the dolls ended up, not being able to handle the pains imposed on them, they’d all run off, one by one, but, she’d always managed, to get them all rounded again, and, those who tried running off would get it, HARDER from her.  Unspeakable crimes against her doll, these bad things are happening to her dolls, because they’d all happened, to her too, and, because she’s too young, and couldn’t tell her mama WHAT, was happening to her, she’d taken her anger out on her dolls, and, in the end, all her dolls were placed, in coffins, one by one, and laid to rest, just like her childhood was………

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, why are these still happening?  There should be, a protective network, to help those dolls in trouble, to help them, get away, from those abusive owners of theirs, isn’t there?  Why isn’t one such protective network set up?  Oh yeah, I forgot, because dolls don’t have life, my bad then!!!

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Sins Against Her Dolls

Here we are again, in the Doll Corner…

It got dark, late one night, when someone came, and committed an unspeakable sin to her, and, the following night, she’d done it, to her dolls.

Sins against her dolls, she’d shook them violently, threw them against the wall, and, while some shattered (b/c they were made of porcelain), others only had bruises and bumps.  Sins against her dolls had been committed, every single night, after her parents went to bed, after they’d fought for at least three hours, but who’s counting?

Sins against her dolls, because she couldn’t tell her parents what that uncle was doing to her, so, she’d taken it all out, on her dolls, she’d treated that male Teddy especially mean, and, she’d molested all the girl dolls on her bed, and, at the very end, she still remembered, to kiss them gently, after she’d raped, and molested and beaten the CRAP out of them all.

Sins against her dolls, nobody ever found out, until one day, her mother went through her stuff after she’d moved out, she’d found, the dead corpses of her broken dolls, and that, was when the truth, started, slipping out, very slowly………

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Seeing the TRUE Reflection of Me & You

Let’s see, how we both are being reflected in this mirror today, shall we???

Seeing the TRUE reflection of me and you, well, I see myself, as a mean person, in relation to you, and, it’d made me hate myself, because that, is now how I wanted to present myself to the world at all.

Seeing the TRUE reflection of me and you, how can I?  When every time we’re together, you’d made me feel so inferior.  Seeing the TRUE reflection of me and you, I see a dumb blonde princess, about to kiss a slimy, YUCKY, toad, and I’d pulled back from the mirror.

Seeing the TRUE reflection of me and you, well, I saw this woman who’s yellow-faced, beaten down by life, who’s always picking up after everybody else’s mess, who can’t even have a moment to spare for herself, and, I don’t want that, and so, I’m OUT!!!

Seeing the TRUE reflection of me and you?  Well, that’s just it, I’d become your mother, picking up your messes, along with our children’s, and, I’m stuck here at home, all day long, dealing with the kids, running around like PSYCHOS, and I’m working, really hard, NOT to EXPLODE!!!  And that, is the TRUE reflection of me, and you, not counting up all those Little Johns and Little Janes I’m POPPING O-U-T!!!

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Adverse Environmental Effect

Welcome, to the NURTURE “segment” of the “show”…

These are the adverse environmental effects of our lives, we will be, whether or not we admit to ourselves, BE affected by the way the world works, because we are still, a very social species.  We rely on one another, to verify our own purposes, to validate our existences, and, if we don’t get the verifications or the validations we need, then, we don’t develop correctly.

Adverse environmental effects, NOBODY can dodge it, I mean, let’s face it, unless, you’re still, STUCK inside of YO mamas’ wombs, there’s NO way you can fight OFF the adverse effects from the environment outside of you.

Adverse environmental effects, they’re hurting us, and, we are, affected by how others feel about, say to us, and there’s just NO way, we can, keep ALL the noises O-U-T, because we are a very social animal, and, we thrive on interactions with the outside world.

So, there is, NO way you can dodge the consequences of these adverse environmental effects, unless, unless you can TUNE the world out, and, get TUNED into yourselves, like I’m still currently doing right now………

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Married for Six Months, He Cheated on Her, and She Was Granted a Divorce by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, Huang, after he’d married for just six months, he cheated on his wife, and because of the discount coupon his wife found in his pant pocket, that, was how she came to know about his affair.  And Huang’s wife found, that the “spare” is the classmate from Huang’s graduate class, Yen, she’d sued them both of obstruction of her family, and filed for divorce.  Yen admitted to having sexual intercourse just once with Huang, and she was prosecuted by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office yesterday; and because Huang’s wife dropped the charges against him, he wasn’t indicted, but they are already divorced.

Based off of understanding, Huang and Wang were classmates from the same public university, the two of them started dating back when they were in school, they were very steady; later on, as Huang went to grad school, he’d met Yen, and, afterwards, they’d worked at the Scientific Park in Hsinchu together, and, that, was how their love got started.

Based off of understanding, at the start of last year, Huang and Wang registered for their marriage and had a banquet at the start of last year, but, not long after they wed, Huang went behind his wife’s back, and started dating Yen, not only did they have sexual intercourse, they’d gone on various outings together, and captured their happy times with their cell phones.

One day, as Wang was doing her husband’s laundry, she’d accidentally found a discount coupon for a motel inside his pant pocket, suspected that he was having an affair, and asked him if he was?  Driven by his guilt, the man admitted to cheating, and had even given the photographs he took of him and Yen to his wife, and Wang realized, that the “spare” was someone she knew, she couldn’t deal with it, got angered, and sued him.

Another loser who got caught with his PANTS down, and, they’d only BEEN married for SIX months, wow, how short lived the love is, and that still just shows, how you LOSERS just can’t KEEP your DICKS inside of your P-A-N-T-S!!!

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“In the Lecture Halls of the University, Spreading of Western Values is Banned”

That, is how the “commies” do it still, feel free to take an offense, see if I care!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Head of the Department of Education in China, Yuan pointed out two days ago, that in the college classrooms, there would be a ban on the spread of western thoughts and values, and that there would be no allowing blasphemy of the leaders of the Communist Party, and those speeches that spoke up against the functioning of society; that teachers are NEVER to rant, or to verbalize their angers toward the world.

On the 29th, Yuan told on the “How to Increase and Improve and Innovate the Environment Which the High School (Colleges) Instructors Work in”, that the college professors are to follow the bottom lines of politics, of law, of morality.

Based off of the reports, there were officials from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiansu Educational Executive Departments, and Peking University, Chinghwa, Wuhan, Sandong and Xiamen University’s founder who’d showed up at the conferences.

Yuan stressed, that they must stress the forms of the classes, especially the materials taught in classes, as well as the classroom management issues.

He’d stated, that they must try to control the foreign publications in classes, to not allow ANY influential materials that allowed for the spread of western values inside the schools; there would be NO allowing blasphemy or libel and slander of the leaders of the Community Party, or any of the language that dissed socialism; and there would NOT be any thoughts of against the legislatures, or laws to spread through the class sessions; and there would be NO ranting by the professors in class, of spreading of their negative values to the pupils.

Yuan stressed, that they must enforce the theories, to introduce the Communist Party Leader, Xi’s beliefs into the materials they’re teaching in class, to the classrooms, to the pupils’ minds.  At the same time, to control the activities of the internet, to set up an easily manageable campus online network.

And that, is how a COMMUNIST run country operates, and hello, IF you banned ALL western thoughts from the schools, then, how many MAJORS would there be in your colleges???  Let’s see, philosophy is gone, as that, is western, remember Aristotle, Plato, etc., etc., etc., they’re NO Chinese, are they?  Nope, and, there’s NO social sciences majors either, as most of the theorists of those areas ARE from the western realm, and so, by doing so, China IS limiting the students, from having a WIDER, more WORLDLY view, which in turn, will only DESTROY the competitive edges of the people that are being “cranked out” from the systems!  And, in this case, COMMUNIST belief should also GET banned, shouldn’t it, as communism is developed by Karl Marx, so, why don’t you BAN that too, huh???

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Says Who Foreign Brides are Living Happily?

For the American Dreams, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Making $10,000N.T. per month, the rent costs $8,000N.T., and they’d still need to mail some cash home…

The UDN Papers reported that based off of the reports from the Offices of Immigrations, over ninety-percent of foreign spouses believed that coming to Taiwan is very lucky, that they’d made over $40,000N.T. or more per month.  But, that, was NOT what our foundation had observed at all.

For long term, we’d taken care of over thousands of international families, and, all of these foreign wedded ladies are separated from their husbands, or divorced, or maybe, their husbands are doing time in their separate countries, or had even died, or are ill in their sickbeds, and the foreign women are the ones, shouldering up the responsibilities for their entire households, at the same time, taking care of the daily routines of their own young, and those who made anywhere between $10,000N.T. to $20,000N.T. takes up the majority of population.

I’d even heard the social workers told, that there are those men who are in their fifties, who are retired, and married a younger foreign woman to take care of their daily livings.  And, what’s even unimaginable is, that the in-laws hovered over their sons, and had made the foreign brides worked their hands to the bones to provide for the family.

I’d gone along on visits with the social workers, and, as I watched the goings on of these families, I was almost crying.

I’d often seen, that these foreign wedded brides making a little over $10,000N.T.s a month, and, deducting the rents of $8,000N.T. to $10,000N.T., there’s not that much left over, and, they’d still needed to care for their young too.  Even for the regular people in the population, we wouldn’t have a CLUE of how to make such little money meet our own ends!

I was hired, as the CEO of the foundation by the Internal Affairs’ “Torch Program for Foreign Wedded People”, and I’d visited the elementary schools of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and the most I’d heard about, was the pressing need, to change one’s own household economic statuses.

Even so, most of the foreign wedded brides still felt, that Taiwan is a great place to live, and this, is what the governments, along with the social welfare programs should feel glad about.

And so, this, would be the DARK side of the American dreams in Taiwan, and yeah, those foreign wedded brides are making a HELL of a LOT more than they made back home, sure, but, they’re separated from their homes, and, they married here, for the expectation of a better life, but, instead, what did they get?  They are now, in charge, of the household finances, taking care of their ailing and aging parents-in-laws, and, they still MUST wipe the ASSES of their own husbands (1 @ a time!), and their children’s too, so, DO give those foreign hired help a break already!!!

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