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The Three Former Police Station Managers Found Not Guilty of the Case of Encroachment of the Fourteen Officers Who were Involved in the Case

Officers who fell, AT the face, of temptation, and temptation took the form of???  M-O-N-E-Y this time, I mean, who CAN, say no to that, right???  On crime and punishment here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Zhongshan Substation of the Taipei City Police Department’s getting the pay-off from the bar-brothel continually, the former station manger, Lin, Liu, Yang, and a total of fourteen members of the forces, were charged on corruption; the Taipei District Court read its decisions yesterday, the three former station managers and one officer received the “not guilty” verdicts, while ten patrol officers were found guilty, of them, six were given the jail sentences of over ten years, the heaviest punishment was sixteen years of prison, this can be appealed.

Of the officers found guilty, Hou received $1.88 million N.T.s, sentenced to sixteen years; Wu received $365,000N.T. receiving fourteen years; Ji with $270,000N.T. sentenced to fourteen years, Ma’s $580,000N.T. got him thirteen years; Chuang’s $520,000N.T., twelve years and a half, Chen received $40,000N.T., he’d received the severe sentence of ten years ten months, Yen got eight years for taking $225,000N.T.s, while the rest of the officers who were involved were fined, and suspended from their police officer posts for five to six years total.

While for the officers who’d, pleaded guilty, and turned in the money they received, the ones who’d complied with the investigations, all received lighter punishments, of them, Tseng took $155,000N.T., Yang got $620,000N.T., Gao received $630,000N.T.s, they received an average of two years of prison, suspension from their police officers’ statuses for four years and given five years of probation.

The three former station managers, and the officer, Huang were all found, not guilty.  The D.A.’s original indictment stated, that they received an anonymous call from “Wu”, whistleblowing the police substation’s taking in the bribes from the bars, as Lin received the reports, he’d, shown excessive concerns toward the bars, and was suspected of taking the money from the bars, but, the judge believed, that because the courts couldn’t positively identify the whistleblower, “Wu”, that the courts can’t decide, based off of situation solely, whether or not Lin was involved; Yang, Liu, and Huang were found to have been involved in the case, but, the reports of their involvements were, flawed, and so, they all received not-guilty verdicts.

The owners of the bar, Wu, Hu, Huang, Yang, Lee, and Lee were bribing the police stations, they received the sentences of anywhere between seven months to two years, and received two to five years of probation; the verdict found, that Wu took the total amounts of pimping out the women a total of over $47,000,000N.T.s, that Hu had made over $24,000,000 N.T.s, Huang made over $22,000,000 N.T.s, all of the money they’d made illegally, were confiscated by the government now.

And so, this still just showed, how when something seemed like an opportunity presented itself to you, it’s usually not, because these men got enticed by the money, they took the bribes, and, they ended up found guilty, and because they were police officers, their punishments are naturally, heavier, because they are, the officers of the LAW themselves, and they’d, broken the laws, and naturally, they deserve an even HARSHER sentence, compared to if an ordinary citizen had, committed this sort of a crime!

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After She’d Scammed Him for Money, She’d Faked Her Own Death, the Engineer Felt Guilty…Was Scammed, Again

Stupidity, stupidity, AND, more of that, S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, with priors in fraud, after putting her make up on, she looked like a female star, she’d used her beautiful photograph, to seduce a man who’s an engineer for the Southern Scientific Park, De (a false name), used the excuse of needing money to get her dance recitals set up, and borrowed one million dollars from him, after they’d met up, she’d shown her “true self” to him, but, refused to give him back the loan he’d gave to her, and, she’d faked her own death, and, took the identity of the man’s friend, and managed, to scam an extra three million dollars N.T. from him, the D.A. charged her with fraud yesterday.

The woman, Lin (age 33) from, Hsinbei City, weighed about 154 pounds, with long eyes, voluptuous in figure, is the mother of two.  Four years ago, she’d used MSN messenger, to meet De (age 37), she’d told him she was a school dance instructor, would ask him how he was every single day, plus, Lin’s photo resembled that of a female actress, De had fallen for her, and, in three months on interacting online, they’d started referring to one another as boyfriend, girlfriend.

But, as they’d dated, for not yet three weeks, Lin lied about how she’d lost her purse, and needed the money to put on a dance exhibition, needed the money for her outfits, etc., etc., etc., and managed to get De to lend her a total of over a million dollars.  In De’s requests, the two of them met, and, De’s dreams were shattered immediately, the very next day, he’d asked to break up with her, and asked her to give back the money he’d loaned to her in three days’ time, Lin started crying into the phones, on how poor she was, and told him that she’d swallowed some pills to commit suicide already.

Not long thereafter, Lin took on the identity of her younger cousin, Wang, said that Lin couldn’t be saved, after being rushed to the hospitals, and had owed a lot of debts before she’d passed, hoped that De would help her pay it up, so she could go ahead, get the paperwork sorted out, and that she will be paying him back, on her “cousin’s” behalf.

De took it to be real, believed that he had pushed Lin to commit suicide, and felt awful, and paid up Lin’s medical bills and her debts, also, he’d paid for her child’s hospitalization fees from getting the stomach flu.

The character of Lin’s cousin whom Lin impersonated later on said that she was hospitalized due to a car wreck, and, she’d taken the persona of her female friend, Hsiao, as the window for communication between De and the ladies, but it was still just her; and, the persona, Hsiao told the sob story of how she’d owed debts, and was sold to the strip bars, and, De felt sorry for her, and started wiring the money, to help get her out.

In just six short months, De had wired a total of one-hundred fifty times, in the total of four million, one hundred thirteen thousand, dollars N.T., and, all of his own savings are now, gone, but, he couldn’t get the autopsy reports of Lin, that, was when he realized, that he was scammed by Lin, who took up three different persona, he got angry, and sued, and, they’d reached a settlement of $2.5 million N.T.s.

Who’s the SUCKER here???  You ASSHOLES are!  And, that just shows how easily, you DUMB-ASSES would fall for these BULLSHITTING S-O-B stories, and, it all started with the intentions of “hooking up” too, so once again, love, was the primary way, used to SCAM.

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Slipped a Date Rape Drug to a Married Woman, Used Illegal Substances to Control Her, to Force Her to Sell

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Liang was accused of using ketamine, date raped a female coworker, and afterwards, forced her to continue to have sex with him, using the sex footage he’d kept the very first time, and he’d used drugs, to force the woman to leave her home, to get sold; after the police were told, they’d chased the leads on Liang for about six months, and, two days ago, they’d found his hiding place, and arrested him on charges of human trafficking, drug possessions, forced sexual acts, along with other charges too.

Liang claimed that his coworker was libeling against him, that it’d never happened; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office believed, that Liang is a primary suspect, and runs the risks of destroying the evidences, and going back to his old ways, the courts believed, that Liang’s cell phone was already turned in, and that it’s still not yet certain, if the woman who’d turned herself in, was really actually controlled by drugs by Liang, set his bail at $50,000N.T.s.  The D.A. wanted to overturn the ruling on his bail hearing; the police will also be more prone in patrolling, to keep the woman safe.

The victim woman accused, that two years ago, in February, Liang asked her out, wanted to ask her about how to pursue another female coworker, but, she’d gotten drunk, and Liang gave her ketamine to smoke, and took her to his car, and when she was in a daze, raped her; later on, Liang had threatened her, continually, using the sex tape footages, and flashed a gun, saying that he will do something awful to her families, forced her to have sex with him over twenty times.

Last January, Liang threatened her to leave home, rented a suite in the metropolitan area of Keelung, to force her to sell for sex, and, all of her johns are all Liang’s friends; she’d said, every time, Liang would ask his friends for $5,000N.T., but she never got a cent from it, Liang would only give her ketamine and amphetamine to use.  She’d stated, that because she’d been hooked, she’d seen customers over ten times a month, that last year, when her husband sued Liang for obstructions of family, that, was when she’d finally been allowed home.

She’d pointed out, that after she got home, she didn’t DARE tell her husband about what Liang forced her to do, until last August, when Liang asked her out again, gotten her high, and raped her again, as she’d returned home, she was in a daze, her husband asked her about it, that, was when she’d told him what Liang did to her, and the husband immediately called the police.

And this, is how easily, someone CAN and WILL get sold, a little date rape drug, some illegal substances, and, threatening someone’s families, and that, is all it takes, and, because the victims are usually too scared to say, that, is why these perps will keep on, taking advantage, but, gladly, this woman’s husband helped save her from this LOSER!

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A Wolf Scammed a Woman Six Times Said that He Was in Critical Condition…the Fortune Teller Busted Him

You need a FORTUNE-TELLER to tell you you WERE scammed???  Are you serious here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu claimed himself to be the manager of the Tae-Kwon-Do Association, used the excuse of being in critical condition in a hospital in China, to “borrow” a total of twenty million dollars from a manager, Wei, at a bank; Wei was truly worried about his conditions, asked a trusted fortune teller to predict how long Hsu will live, the fortune teller told her, “he’s very healthy, without any illnesses.”  She’d told the whole thing to her friend, and her friend believed she was scammed, and that, was when she’d sued Hsu, for lying to her and scamming money from her.

As the D.A. prosecuted the case, they were shocked to see that she was well-educated, and asked her, “How did he manage to scam you SIX times using such rough methods?”  Wei said, “I just fell in love for the wrong person.”

Hsu was charged with fraud, but he’d only admitted to getting a “loan” of twenty million dollars N.T. from Wei, that he didn’t scam her.  The Taipei District Attorney’s office asked Hsu for the records of his hospital stay in China and he couldn’t produce such documentations; and the D.A. reviewed his records of going abroad, and found, that during the time of his “hospital stay”, he was in and out of the country multiple times, they confirmed that Hsu had lied, and yesterday, they’d prosecuted him based off of fraud.

Based off of investigations, Wei is a female manager of a namely bank in Taiwan, was divorced, and desperately searching for another love; during 2010, Hsu took a tour group, where he’d met Wei, and learned that she was well-off, and started pursuing her.

At first, Hsu told Wei, that he was involved in a fraud investigation in Changhwa, needed a couple million dollars to bribe the judge, hoped that she’d helped him get the “publicity fees”; Wei worried that Hsu might get sent to jail, loaned him the amount.  When Wei asked Hsu to pay her back, he falsely claimed that his assets were frozen in North Korea, China, and Hong Kong, that he’d needed a couple million dollars more, so he could bribe the local officials to unfreeze his accounts, and, Wei had once more, loaned him the amount.

Later on, Hsu’s lies and scams got even grander, lied about how he was infected with something serious in Guanzhou, and because he needed the money to bribe the doctors for a vaccine, she’d begged Wei to wire-transfer him the money to China; Wei got worried about Hsu’s being sick, spent some money, to ask a master to tell his fortune for her, but the fortune teller told her, that Hsu was healthy as an ox.  Afterwards, Wei told everything to a friend of hers, the friend reminded her, “This may have been the act of a scam artist.”

Wow, you needed a fortune-teller, and, the reminder of your friend, to know, that wow, I AM being scammed?  How STUPID are you?  And, he was able to scam you SIX times, and, because you were so desperate to find love or whatever it was that you were searching for, that, was why you’d become an easy target, so people, DON’T appear TOO desperate, because that makes YOU an E-A-S-Y T-A-R-G-E-T!!!

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The Songs of Sorrows from Being Sold for Sex, the Brothers Who are Her Pimps Took the Majority of Her Earnings

The works of a pimp, and the “whores” are still, on the losing end, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The managers of the two pubs in the city of Taipei, “The Man of the Flowers”, and “Oscar”, the brother pair, the Lins, was suspected of forcing ladies who’d owed them debts, to strip and accompany the guests in drinking, and, if the ladies took up with boyfriends or wanted out, the boyfriends would get beaten up bad, incarcerated, and forced, to sign the papers that gave the men the rights to their girlfriends’ bodies; the Taipei District Attorney’s Office yesterday prosecuted the brothers Lin, and two others based off of human trafficking charges.

The D.A. investigated, the Lin originally worked as an errand boy for a bar, and, two years ago, he’d claimed himself as a leader of a gang, sent his people to the local tribal areas, along with had them get in touch with ladies who are financially troubled, and pretended to be kind, lent them the money, then, they’d taken the original signed debts, and forced the ladies to work at the bars, to strip, and to sell their bodies.

The indictment papers from the D.A. stated, that there was a woman who’d found herself a boyfriend, and wanted out, she didn’t report for “work” for three consecutive days, and, Lin found her boyfriend through Facebook, then, had her boyfriend, taken into the bars, to incarcerate him, and beaten him, and, threaten his families, that they must pay $450,000N.T., in order for the bar, to return the man back to the family.

Another lady who starting dating a man took days off, didn’t show up for work, and Lin went to her registered address, took photos of the woman’s older brother, and, LINE the photo and the message to her, saying, “Why aren’t you opening the doors yet?”, the woman was so scared, and, returned to the bar, to work again, as a whore once more.

Based off of understanding, Lin had also set up some mumbo jumbo lists, to deduct the payments that the ladies would get for drinking with the customers, for instance, “sitting at the bar without a smile, $1,000 N.T. deducted”, “showing a bad face to the operating managers, $5,000N.T. deducted”, there was a woman who’d sat at the bars for over thirty hours a week with customers, and, after the money’s been calculated, she’d still owed the bar money, and she couldn’t find any more tears to cry about that anymore.

And, there was another woman, who’d set up her mind, on getting out of working, and Lin threatened her, that she must pay for the whole price of taking herself out for two times total, for the duration of two weeks continuously, and, that she must pay the bar $16,000N.T. for each time.

The victims accused the brothers, that they’d taken full advantage of the ladies who worked, but the two of them rode around in name brand cars, and, the money the ladies earned for selling their bodies, had gone to the men, that they’re all very angry about it.

And so, once you got into this sort of business of selling YOUR bodies, you will NEVER see the light of day again, because those pimps will find a TON of ways, to cut your pays, and, in the end, you’d become old, and, you’d still have to work, using your bodies, and, these women were attracted, probably because they were enticed by the promises of money, of name brand items they’d received, without the foresight, to see the future before they jumped in, and so, they’re swimming in debt to these two PIMPS!

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A Call Girl Seduced Him Every Single Night, in Just Three Months, He’d Spent $200,000N.T. on Her

Because you still can’t KEEP your DICKS inside your pants, and so, you’d gotten SCAMMED!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man Lin divorced his wife, because she had an affair, this July, he was enticed by his friend, to hire a call girl, and met the woman, Wu, and moved in together, Lin accused Wu of enticing him every single night, to have sex, and asked for $2,000N.T. each and every time, he had lost a total of $200,000N.T. totally, and when he’d asked Wu to move out, she’d threatened him, Lin asked the police for assistance, yesterday, Wu was arrested.

“The money I’d worked hard to save up for my entire life was scammed from me by women, I was hurt badly by love twice!” based off of understanding, the simple minded man, Lin (age 49) worked as a delivery man for years on end, and gave his wages and garnishing to his wife to keep, but two years ago, he’d found his wife took trips abroad often, and he’d checked her cell phone, and found that she was having an affair, he got angry, and divorced her.

The police investigations found, that this year in July, Lin, because of his friends’ urging him to, he’d hired a hooker, and met Wu, the call girl (age 39), Wu claimed that she didn’t have a place to live in, and so, Lin agreed that she moves in with him.

Lin told the police, that Wu would seduce him by playing coy with him, and sometimes, there would be more than twice a night, and every time they’d had sex together, she’d asked him for $2,000N.T., and Wu had also used his credit cards without his consent, and in the three months, he’d lost $200,000N.T. to Wu already.

Lin said, he could NO longer put up with Wu’s never-ending demands for money, plus his son’s getting married, and was moving back in, and so, he’d told Wu to move out, but Wu told him that she would only move, if he’d paid her $30,000N.T., and after they’d signed the contracts, Wu kept the slip secret and hidden from him, and asked for $10,000N.T. more.

Lin didn’t know how to handle this anymore, so, he’d asked the police for assistance, yesterday morning at ten, they’d ambushed the place where Lin and Wu were meeting, and made an arrest on sight, Wu screamed, “So-and-So Lin, how DARE you call the police, I will KILL you!”

After Wu was taken in, she’d told the police, that she did NOT seduce Lin, that Lin’s the one with the needs, and asked her for sex, and paid her, after the interrogations, the police took her in, based off of theft, and unlawfully acquiring assets, and other charges.

And, this still all happens, because a man could NOT keep his DICK in his pants, and, that still just shows, NOTHING in life IS free, and you WILL end up, paying a HUGE price, if you do something like this, and, just because you got divorced, and has NO place to “park”, that still doesn’t mean that you can HIRE a WHORE for that purpose!

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Being Bought & Sold

Welcome, to the world of the SLAVE trade!!!

And this, is what’s currently happenin’, you got your whores, selling their large titties online, and, you also have your M***ER F***ERS, flashing their way too M***ER F***ING SHORT DICKS, and that, is not all, we still have a very special “section”, saved, especially for the first-timers, the V-I-R-G-I-N-S!

Being bought and sold online, this, is way, way, W-A-Y worse, than the slavery from back in, 1825-ish (how the HELL should I know the year!!!), because back in those days, you still had a chance, to buying your own freedoms, if you had kind masters, but nowadays, you will have NO other option (and no, there’s still NO S-U-I-C-I-D-E allowed here!!!), but to keep on selling, selling, selling, and, those pimps will still get a huge CUT from your earnings, and, there’s NO way you’ll EVER be able to pay up what was owed…

Being bought and sold, there’s NO way out for you, you are, destined to be a W-H-O-R-E, child, because your mama was someone’s WHORE, and that, was how you were “made”, and, kids still follow in the footsteps of their parents, become whatever the FUCK it is that their parents are, and, there’s NO way you can EVER escape this VICIOUS cycle, and that, is N-O-T my P-R-O-B-L-E-M, because, uh, I’m still NOT the “cause” of all of this SHIT, and, there’s NO way that anybody who can read, that can pin THIS one on me too!


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