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The Instructors Who’d Bullied, Sexually Harassed the Students in the Preschools, the Government Thinking about Putting Their Identities Out Permanently

The way the government came up with, to protect the younger generations of children from getting VICTIMZED by the predatory instructors, but, will this work?  We will just have to, wait and see, won’t we???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Department of Education previewed the rough drafts of the “offense of breaking the laws of childcare in the early childhood education environment”, if there are the major behaviors of corporal punishment, bullying, sexual harassment, etc., etc., etc., then the early childhood educators shall be listed by names and the preschool, kindergarten where the instructors worked will be publicized; if the crimes are not as severe, like the buses being used too long, then, the schools will get blacklisted for three years.

The parenting groups believed, that the parents have the right to know the past operating means of the schools as well as the instructors the schools hired in the past; the All-Education Association believes, that it’s debatable if the permanent listing of the schools had broken the rights of privacies and such. 

The Department of Education recently had amended the caretaking laws of early childhood education, the early childhood educators will be identified by names, and the schools they worked in will be publicized permanently.

And, if the schools didn’t have the certificates to operate, or had gone on its own setting up the childcare programs, or, not complied to the rules.

Yang also mentioned that as the schools hired the personnel, they’d had to check with the online registries of inappropriate instructors, and because the system of registry is based off of the individuals’ national identification numbers, the listed individuals will not have the opportunities to work in childcare after they change their names.

The National Education Action League’s parent department head, Wang told, that in the declines of birthrate, the parents would consider very thoroughly the schools they enroll their young into, and so, the unfitting preschools or kindergartens, the improper instructors should all be listed out in the open, this also serves as a warning to the instructors.  And, if a school is good or bad, the parents will hear by word-of-mouth, and can use that as the considerations when they select the preschools/kindergartens they place their children in.

And so, this will only work, if the schools don’t cover up, but chances are, no school will want to get blacklisted, and so, this still only just works in theory, but in application and practicality, I don’t believe it’s going to work out that well at all.

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Seeing the Things Left Behind by the Loved Ones, Reminded of the Losses, First, You Need to Saturate Your Own Grief & Loss

On dealing with loss, and grief, of losing someone we love, translated…

Three Months Ago, My Husband Died in a Car Accident, We’d Been Together for Thirty Years, and I was, in Mourning, Deeply.  My Daughters are Both Married Already, there’s only Me Remaining at Home, and, Every Time I Saw My Husband’s Belongings, I’d Missed Him, and Started Crying, Uncontrollably.  My Friends Suggested that I Pack Up His Belongings, to Groom Through My Own Feelings, But, Every Time I’d Started Doing that, I Can’t Stop Myself from Breaking Down, Felt like I Can’t Ever, Get Back Up, Get on with My Life without Him, What Do I Do?

As you lost your loved ones, their belongings wouldn’t vanish, and the items left behind, became, “remains”.  The expert in the funeral business, Kuo staid, that it normally takes three months to half a year to digest all those feelings of loss, of sorrows, or maybe, even longer, he’d suggested that before sorting through the remains of things left behind, we need to sort through our feelings first, then, start on taking care of what’s left behind by the ones we loved.

The Life & Death Care Foundation C.E.O., Kuo also mentioned, the most ideal state of being to sort through the remains is when the individual is still living, to start, saying goodbye to the, items, but life is, never predictable, sometimes, someone we love died so suddenly, or had been bedridden for a very long time.  At this time, the families, other than needing to cope with the deaths of their, loved ones, they are also in the midst of the difficulties of sorting through their loved ones’ belongings.

After Sorting Through the Items and Donating Them Out, Telling the Recipients the Items Belonged to Someone Who is Gone

Kuo pointed out, sorting through the remains occurs in three stages: classification, collection, toss or donate.  He’d recommended that the remains get separated into three categories, first, “thrown away”, including medications, clothes, shoes or anything that’s used, the items that you wouldn’t feel bad about throwing away, can all be placed in this category.

Second, the “Reusable”, like books, new clothing, tossing out, would be a waste but, keeping them, there’s no use, save them in the stack of “reusable”, to donate to the welfare organizations or to those who might be in need of use, or, find a thrift shop to sell.  There’s no agency that takes in these items that were left behind specifically here, Kuo believed, that before the clothes were donated, do let the organizations know that they belonged to someone who’d passed, so the organizations wouldn’t have any issues.

based off of Kubler-Ross from online

Keeping What’s Sentimentally Valuable or Valuable to You

Lastly, there are the items that are, “of sentimental values”, “the items with the sentimental values are the hardest to sort through”.  The experts stated, placing everything that’s hard to say goodbye to after someone you loved is gone into the “memories we shared” files.  Including photos, paintings and art, or the items they’d collected, place all you want to keep with you in a cluster, then, categorize them by types.  The photos, in the longer-keepsake boxes, the collectibles that your loved ones left for you, you can either sell them off, or keep them.

Kuo mentioned, “traditionally, the clothing would be, burned, but I believe, that those clothing items with sentimental values can be kept,” she’d said, the clothes have the scents of those whom you loved, it can keep the nostalgia alive, while, the rest, after discussing with the families, can get tossed into the recycle bins.

Kuo stressed, that through the step-by-step, sorting to the items of your loved ones who’d passed, it’s saying goodbye to those whom you’d, lost, collecting up your loss, and sorrows, so you can, face the rest of your lives, without them.

And so, this is how we need to say goodbye, to those whom we loved, and died, and yet, it’s, not that easy, because at the very beginning after they had just died, we missed them like crazy, because of the love, the connections that are still, intact, and we can’t even, bear to, sort through anything that belonged to them, this is only natural, but, eventually, as time passes, you will find the strengths in yourselves, to, sort through the things that your loved ones left behind, and, separate these items into piles of donate, keep, sell, etc., etc., etc., and, after you sort through every piece, you’d fully and properly, bid the ones you love so much, farewell.

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Failed in Getting His Ex to Take Him Back, the Horrid Lover Ambushed & Attacked Her

And this government still prides itself, on having the one of the MOST “advanced” anti-stalking laws on the planet here???  Give ME a break!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen suspected of not getting his ex-girlfriend, Yeh to take him back, his love toward her turned to hate, yesterday, he’d ambushed around the Nankang Software Industrial Park where Yeh works, chased after her with a machete, attempted to hack her down, and used a rope to strangle her, the police were notified, and rushed over, Yeh sustained four hacks on her body, rushed to the hospital, she’s not in critical condition currently, Chen sustained the slashes on his hand, was taken to the hospital under police custody, he will be charged with attempted murder.

The police investigated, the forty-year-old Chen and the twenty-nine-year-old Yeh had broken up for about four months, he’d texted her repeatedly to get her back, later on, he’d started texting the threatening messages to her; Yeh works as an accountant for a company at the Nankang Software Industrial Park, she had been stopped by Chen, as he wanted to talk to her about breaking up, she finally had it with his harassing her, on the 26th of this month, she’d gone to the substation and reported him on domestic violence, and filed for a temporary restraining order, and it hadn’t been passed down yet.

At around 11:30 yesterday, Chen drove to Sanchong Road, Hsinming Street intersection next to the software industrial park, waited outside of a super convenience shop in his car, at around one in the afternoon, he saw Yeh on foot, going to get her lunch, he got the machete in hand, got out of his car, and, cut into her abdomen, Yeh fell to the ground, started screaming, Chen started hacking at her like crazy, and the act of hacking her down took around one minute.

As a passerby saw, the individual immediately called police, and stopped Chen with an umbrella, Yeh took the advantage to get away, ran into the breakfast shop opposite of the street, Chen chased after her in, with a knife in one hand, the other on her neck, strangling her; the three officers from the local subprecinct arrived, pulled out their guns, hollered, “Drop the knife!”, “Get on the ground!”, as Chen tossed his knife he was subdued, pinned to the floor, his shirt was covered in blood.

Yeh sustained a total of four knife wounds, on her left abdomen, the lower of her left ear, and her right forearms, was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics.  During the attack, Chen slashed his own left hand, the police escorted him to the hospital, he’d not said a single word, because he sustained the nerve ending damages from his own cutting himself, he’d needed the surgery and the hospitalization, the police hadn’t gotten the chance to interrogate him yet.

At the preliminary inquiries, the police asked about the backgrounds, their relationship, the motives of his going after the woman, Chen remained silent.  The police found, that Chen had no criminal records on file, but had harassed the victim repeatedly, and they’re looking at the “horrid lover” who’d committed the attempted murder.

So, this is how well the amendment that got signed, at the end of June or start of July with the means to stop the horrid lovers worked, not at all that well, because the police always comes too late, and, unless you’re, escorted by the police, everywhere you go, there would be chances that these people who felt upset over the breakups will come after you, and, restraining orders still does SHIT, just look at all those, previous cases, the restraining orders, always come, too little, too late.

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Forty-Percent of Contraction Rate in the Long-Term Care Facilities, the Nursing Homes No Longer DARED Taking in New Residents

In time of crises, this, is when the policies gets, tested, and, they all went, BUST, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Burned on Both Ends of the Outbreak, & the Shortage of Employees, the Heaviness of Burden of Care Returned Back to the Families, & There’s the Case of the Elderly Woman Who’s Demented Getting Abandoned by Her Own Next-of-Kin

Up to last week, there’s been close to forty-percent of residents in the long-term care facilities who’d contracted MERS-CoV as the virus started taking over the residents of the nursing homes locally, with the death rate of 2.6-percent.  Although the government provided the free quick scan kits, hoping to get the contracted residents of nursing homes found in time, to get them treated, to administer the medications, but, a lot of the facilities are on edge, due to the last wave of pandemic, they’d already set up their own policies of “not taking the new residents”, which puts the burdens of caretaking back to the families.

The C.E.O. of Long-Term-Care Development Association, Yu stated that “the facilities can’t withstand any cases of contraction now”, that the facilities are still operating on the “clearing all the cases” mode, because of the last few waves of spread of contraction, when someone contracts, not only the health of the elderly get impacted, there would be the limited manpower too, although they’d set up the systems now, but, the nursing homes are conservative over taking in the new residents, and they would normally wait until the last contracted elderly gets out of quarantine, then, considering taking in more new residents.

Yu told, that the rules now, is that the residents on the day of admitting in, if they have a negative scan result, then they will be admitted, and yet, a lot of the facilities raised up the restrictions, demanded that the prospect residents have a two-days negative PCR test.  This restriction had upset the families, before the elders get placed into the homes, there were the problems surfacing.

And, the loss of personnel to look after the elderly population also caused the lacking in motivations for the nursing homes to take on new residents.  The C.E.O. of Taiwan Nursing Home Foundation, Chou stated, that in recent years, the employees are attracted by the benefits of the policies of Long-Term Care 2.0, and started becoming the homecare provider workers, causing the nursing homes to become reliant on the foreign nurses’ aides, and the outbreaks had caused the people to not come to Taiwan to work.  Lacking in the help, even if the nursing homes wanted to take on more residents, they don’t dare, and in the end, it’s still the families of the elderly who needed around the clock care who end up suffering the most.

Chen of the R.O.C. Home Caretaker Foundation stated, that the cases of residents are now, affected by the outbreaks, becoming ever the more unstable, a lot of the families are on their own to come up with the means that worked, and recently, there’d been a wave of “deserting the elderly”.

A younger woman needed to care for her demented elderly mother, and her two young physically handicapped children at the same time, but because she’d not qualified for the low-income assistance, she was stressed out by the pressures of economics, and it’d forced her to run away from her responsibilities of caring for her young and her own mother, and in the end, social services stepped in, placed the two children, and, put the elderly demented mother into the daycare programs.

Chen believe, that the outbreaks of MERS-CoV only made the problems in long-term care in the country more apparent, as there’s the lacking of foreign nurses’ aides, could the nursing homes make up for it, we need to speed up on the preparations.

Wu of the assistant department manager of long-term care of the Department of Social Welfare stated, that the workers’ number in the residential nursing homes, the caretakers are currently stable, but, encouraging that the long-term care can use the higher wages, working with the nursing programs of universities, to attract the workers.  And suggested that the families use the long-term care program for the at-home care, or the community-oriented care programs, and that they can use the resources from the care point of long-term care families as well.

And, to sum all of this up: the country’s long-term care policies are a bust, because, when the crises come, there’s NOT enough manpower, to offer the cares needed to these demented elderly populations in the local communities, and it all started at the very start, because the systems hadn’t gotten set up properly, and they’re still, testing the waters on this, that’s why, as MERS-CoV hits, all the problems, came out!

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The Instructors Weren’t Certified in Early Childhood Education, and the Parents Had to Press for the Facts

This is too, messed up, and it’s still because the government’s not setting up the rules and regulations up completely, problems in the systems, because the Department of Education doesn’t tighten up the requirements, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of early childhood education laws, the various facilities of childcare needed to post the qualifications, the degrees attained, the certifications of the educators openly, but, a lot of the preschool aren’t following this rule, causing over eighty-percent of uncertainties in the answering of the parents’ inquiries, “are the early childhood educators for my child actually, qualified?  Are they certified?”.

As one parent was told of the law’s requirement of the facilities of childcare posting the experiences, the education levels of the early childhood educators, they are all surprised, that there’s not a systems of checks for this, that the schools wouldn’t tell the parents if the instructors are licensed, that they’re worried that if their young is in the class of an unlicensed educator.

Another parent said, that there’s a high turnover rate of instructors in preschool, that her child from the preschool levels to the final year of kindergarten, switched a total of two, three educators, and that there’s no way that she could ask the person in charge of the preschool, if the instructors are fully qualified, and has the certifications.

And the National Parents Organization C.E.O. Peng told, that the private preschools don’t pay for the certified early childhood educators, and not offered the equal benefits and the promotions to the workers, causing the professionals to seek out work elsewhere, and now, there’s this lacking in human resources, in the schools, that this is awful for the parents.

To this, the Department of Education stated, that due to limited human resources, if the parents responded to the local governments, the local governments will do all they can to understand the situation.  Currently, there were only the advisories given to the school on this.

And so, this is how the Department of Education showed complete lack of care and concern, for this problem, not knowing, that early childhood education is one of the most vital time of a child’s life, and, as the quality of education in the early childhood years gets sacrificed, the country is going to sink with it.

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Setting the Teaching Centers for the Grade Levels Separately, to Lessen the Strains on the School Teachers

Due to the outbreaks, starting, back up again!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d worked as a recruit for math counselor for over dozens of years, and found the highest quality of math instructors, to work as a teaching team; they’d gotten into the training programs, seminars, counseling, and often conducted the teaching models, and helped resolved the issues of the math instructors; and this group of experts had been, on staff since the start, and yet, the education departments locally, didn’t know how to, utilize this group’s, expertise.

Starting next week due to the pandemic starting back up again, the online teaching means will once again, be used, the teachers not only felt annoyed, there’s even more helplessness, and pain in their, facial expressions; there were the parents who’d lost it, and screamed, “the halting of the schooling sessions came on and off, on and off, don’t the parents need to work away from the homes?”, or, “you think every family has a computer at home?”, and the teachers became, the scapegoats of the government’s policies, because other than halting the in-class sessions, the government can’t come up, with a, better idea.

The parents’ worries are numerous, as are the school instructors’ too, what worries most is the quality of teaching and learning, for instance, the parents asked me to differentiate between schedule and time?  My kids listened to the teacher explain it for a long time, and still can’t quite tell the difference.  I’d told the mother, “don’t go into teaching your child about the difference, just tell your young, the “schedules of trains” is set, unchanged, that’s schedule’ and mom doing laundry is on the lengthiness of the minutes and hours of the wash, that’s time”, then, she’d, understood.

Teaching is an art, why not, have the local cities, counties set up a center for educators, with the various subject instructors, the senior teaching staff members to demonstrate the lessons first, that way, the teachers can model after them, and the students are directly benefitting from this.  Surely, there would, need to be, the incentives offered to the instructors for sure.

And, as I’d thought up of this, I suppose, it’s, too late to get to the systems of instructions, to make the deadline for the halting of the school sessions next week, but, starting up planning the lessons, it’s, not too late still.

And so, this is on how theories are hard to understand, but, using an example, to explain the theories, that would make the lessons more easily understood, and, as instructors, you need to not just teach the theoretical stuff (b/c it’s too dry, too boring, sometimes, too hard to understand), but if you can find the instances to help your students apply what you’re teaching them in class to their own lives, then, the lessons became, alive, and it would make learning and teaching, a whole lot, easier for sure.

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Long Hours at School, Too Much Homework, How Can the Students Have Enough Sleep

So, the rules are set, now, it takes some time, to see how it will work out, or if it, won’t!  Reforms of education, delaying the hours of school starting for high school here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A comparison of the school starting time in various countries: in Germany, Mexico, the time of school is from eight in the morn to two in the afternoon, an average class time of six hours; in Japan, Canada, the hours are from nine to three, six hours of class.  For U.S., England and Australia, the average classroom time is six and a half; Russian school starts at 8:30 in the morn, lets out at 3:30 in the afternoons, seven hours of school; France, being the exception of Europe, classes are from eight in the morn to four in the afternoon, a total of eight hours of course instruction.

What about Taiwan?  The students here must arrive in school at 7:30 in the morn for the study period, a lot of the students are taking their options of eighth period, and, the time of them getting out of school is at five in the afternoon, an average of 9.5 hours of school per day, we are the top of the world in the longest school time.  Long hours in school, at home, homework takes forever too, and, this takes away from the time of sleep for the students.  Two years ago the Children’s Welfare League posted its survey results, the high school age students sleep approximately 6.9 hours per night in Taiwan, and China.

the “pros” of school starting later…from online

In 2020, the citizens mentioned on the platform of legislation start up by the citizens online that the school time for middle and high school students should change from 7:30 to 9:30 in the mornings.  Delaying the start of school can help the teens get more sleep, and, separates the time of adults going to work, to prevent the traffic jams; this struck up debates and discussions, and, shortly thereafter, there were more than 10,000 in the local communities who’d signed the petitions.  Back then, the Department of Education stated that it was going to get the opinions from all around.  Then, it went silent, for the entire year of 2021.

Recently, the Chenggong High School announced its doing away with the mandatory early morning study period, the gathering for the whole school in the morn, this is to be implemented on February 11th, as school start, as the news got out, this became, a news of the hour.  Since last semester when Chenggoing High School slashed the warnings of students coming late to school, in the recent school policy meetings (with teachers, parents and students in participation to discuss the matter), the votes for slashing the early morning period of study and gathering in the morning of the whole school was, passed.

The Department of Education is responding too late, it’d finally announced yesterday on the fifteenth, that starting in the fall semester this year the high schools from around the country is not to mandate the students to arrive in school for first period, meaning, that no testing will be held during this first period of class, and finally, the Department of Education had, heard the requests of the students here.

And so, this still showed, how inactive the Department of Education is, in changing its policies of starting of school time, and it’s still up to the citizens, to start CRYING, WHINING about it, for something, TO be, done, and, yet, would the kids really, actually (I mean, for REAL here!!!), take these extra hours of them not going to school early, to catch their ZZZs, or, are they going to, stay up later, knowing, that they don’t have to head off to school early in the morn the following day?

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Occupational Hazards

The collaboration of theory AND application here, combining theory AND application, as you became, a lecturer of a film class, teaching a room full of, students, it takes a ton of integration on your part, translated…

For the second semester, I’d had a course at the undergrad level, “Directorship”, because it’s a brand new course, so it took me a whole lot of time, of thought, of mind, on how to prepare the lessons.  It’s quite obscure, that as a professional filmmaker, it’d become hard, for me, to teach others, how to be a filmmaker.

on the set…

photo from online, the application side

On it, more than two decades ago, before I entered into the film department as a college student, it seemed, that I’d not learned anything on directing from the lectures, or from my professors either.  On the assigned film projects, either that every member of the group took turns as directing the films we were making, or that someone raised her/his hands to be the director.  “Director”, is seemingly a high and mighty position, but it’s actually, a trial-by-error basis, slowly discovering how to do the job, learn-as-we-go sort of thing.  Everything started, after I walked out of school, and, started, following the filming crews to the filming sessions, working as set assistant director, what I’d observed how those, “bigshot” directors do it, then I’d, learned the skills, and put it to my own.

“Following the crew in filming is like being in love, working under the different directors is like being in love with different people, it alters your world.” I’d often told the students who are about to work on a set.

There’s this feeling of apprenticeship to the job of director, which masters you follow, is which sort of skills you’re bound to pick up on.  And so, if you can, before becoming a formal director on a set, you have the opportunities to intern under different directors to learn, then, it will make your field of vision, much, much wider.

“What the professor tells you now, how I do things, it’s all my personal experiences, and from my own, perspective.  Don’t take it as the golden rule!”, I’d always reminded my students of this to a point in my lectures.

“Professor, you’d always told us this, is it because you don’t want to take responsibilities for what you’re saying to us?”, my students jokingly stated to me.

Creativity is subjective, like what’s beautiful, and what’s not, but, don’t block your own creative flow, because of the limits you set for yourselves.  I think, that, because of a heart of responsibility to my students, that’s why, I’d, worked so hard, to make my students understand this value.

The “skills” of directors, I can’t describe in theory in class, most of what’s understood, gained as knowledge and wisdom, is from the practicalities of field work.  But I know, that there’s the varied “personalities” for the various occupations.

different than this…

on “paper”…photo from online

I’m a director who loved collecting things, at home, in my office, in every corner, there were, the tracks of “stories” which I drew my inspirations of filming from.  But my wife is totally opposite, she’d an analyst who focused on hardcore data, the statistics, the efficiencies of how things are done, the unneeded, the unnecessary, she’d, gotten rid of in a moment.  The two of us, one very rational, one very, sentimental, becoming married, living together, and naturally, as you may imagine, there were, many conflicts we’d had with one another, what I wanted to keep, she wanted to throw out, what I could care less about, she’d, believed it to be, important.  All of these frictions caused many tears to fall, also, added more fun to our lives.  For instance, she’d taught me how to estimate the budgets before I plan out a shoot; to not set my sights too high, otherwise, I would be the one, crying at the very end……………while she’d learned from me, how to slow down her paces, to not care about the gains, and just, enjoy the process of doing things, that there is meaning to be gained, no matter how bad the results.

Yeah, this is, the occupational hazards, of every, single occupation.

And now, the occupational hazard I’d, “acquired” as a lecturer is, “be careful what I say to my students”, worried that every word out of me, those carelessly blurted aloud ones, can damage a student…………it’s no wonder, the curriculum of my “Director’s Cut” keeps on, getting, stuck……………………

So, this is on transferring the application into the theoretical, it’s not that easy, even IF you are a professional, you’d done this a long, long time, but, to teach what you do to a class of students, it’s, a different story, and you’re still, trying to learn how to be a lecturer of a film class, even though, you’d worked as a documentary film director since you got out of your own university years.

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When the Right to Life is NOT a Given

Welcome to, the REALITY of things!!!  Call this, evolution, in, A-C-T-I-O-N if you will…

When the right to life is NOT a given, because, not all of us, make it, through our lives, from start to a hundred-ish!  Because due to the lacking of resources (food, water, roof over our heads, and now, the vaccines too!), not all of us, will, “make it”…

When the right to life is NOT a given, we engage in this, bad sort of competition, like those animals on the plains, fighting, to stay alive, to procreate, so we can, pass our god damn GENES down to the next generations.  And that, is driven by our, animalistic, survival instincts.

When the right to life is NOT a given, we’d had to, fight over what we can get our hands on, and, it’s currently, happening right here, right now, the people needed to, compete with time, and with each other, to sign up for that needed third vaccine here, because, the government FAILED in its, functions.

When the right to life is NOT a given, do we, take life like it’s, too precious to lose?  Of course not, because, humans ARE, stupid (feel free to take an offense!), because we humans are, selfish, and that’s why, eventually, we will, come to an end, somewhere, down this, “line”, don’t know when or how, but, we will all be, eliminated, and, get replaced by a brand new breed of, higher functioning, higher-thinking, beings in the future…

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The Woman Kept Hostage for Sixteen Hours After the Breakup with the Boyfriend Demanding One Last Sexual Intercourse with Her Used Her Wits to Save Herself

One last FUCK, before we part, that, is how you all want it, isn’t it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-year-old man, Jeng, and his girlfriend are on the verge of breaking up, he was upset that all those years of love became wasted, he’d pulled his girlfriend into a motel on the sixth of this month, abused her, didn’t CARE that she was having her period, demanded her for “breakup sex”; the woman had the plans of escape, asked him to go out to buy her tampons, and as he was away, she’d, called the police, she was finally freed, after ten hours of being kidnapped by Jeng.  As Jeng was arrested, he’d denied the allegations, but the woman showed her injuries to the police, the district attorneys charged him with obstruction of sexual freedoms and other charges, asked the courts to have Jeng in custody, which the courts signed off on yesterday.

The police found, that Jeng had been dating his girlfriend for years, recently, they’d started fighting often, Jeng refused to break up; at eight in the morn on the sixth, Jeng drove to his girlfriend’s place and waited, wanted to get her to fall back in love with him.

As he saw her coming downstairs, readying to leave, and ignored him, he’d pulled her by force into his car, then, drove all the way, to a motel in Fengshan District.  The woman thought that Jeng only wanted to “confront” her about the breakup, and they’d, started talking, when Jeng lost it, and started physically smacking her down.

The woman was having her menstrual cycle on the day, Jeng still forced to have “breakup sex” with him, the woman worried that she may get beaten violently, and can only agree, she was raped twice; and afterwards, Jeng would NOT allow her to leave the room, restricted her, kept her hostage for ten hours on end.

The woman feared for her own life, not angered Jeng, waited until he’d let his guards down, claimed to him that she forgot to bring her tampons, asked him to get a pack for her at the super convenience shops, Jeng didn’t question her, and left, as he was gone, the woman immediately called for help from the motel staff, the police arrived, the woman called out for help; as soon as Jeng returned, he was arrested.

Jeng admitted to slapping his girlfriend across the face, but denied rape, claimed it was consensual, but the woman showed her injuries, and stressed that she was forced to have sex with him.

The district attorney’s didn’t believe Jeng’s words, charged him with obstruction of sexual freedom, obstruction of freedom, and other charges, and after the district attorneys questioned him, they’d asked the courts to have Jeng in custody, which the courts had signed off on.

And so, this, is right AFTER that law was signed into effect, of the preventing abuse from these horrid lovers, and, this still just showed, of how no matter what the laws stated, there will be those who knowingly breaks it, and it don’t matter how advanced this country believes it is on the matter of rights to protect woman, it’s still, lightyears behind.  These laws only works on paper, but not when it gets put to the test!

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