Watched as Her Husband Beat Her Daughter into a Handicap, the Mother Got Three-and-a-Half Years of Jail Sentence

Because you just stood by, and watch your kid get BEATEN up, and you did NOTHING, and so, you’re charged with NEGLECT, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, He, was annoyed at how his four-year-old daughter kept wetting her bed, and so, he’d beaten her up with a cleaning stick or with his bare hands for over a month continuously, the child got beaten to the point that she became a vegetable; the highest court used the guidelines of damages, and gave He seven years in prison.  His wife was passive in the sense that she didn’t try to stop her husband from abusing her child, the judge decided that she was the accomplice of her husband’s violence, and, had sentenced her to three and a half year in prison.

The child is looked after by her father’s sister now, the district court in Banciao ruled that the He’s would have to pay over seven million dollars for the child’s care.

The He’s gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl back in October of 2004, they had taken their daughter to the wife’s household to be looked after, didn’t bring her home until January of 2009.

The couple hadn’t been involved in the raising of the little girl, they didn’t know her schedules; He was displeased at how his daughter would urinate on the couches or on the beds, and, he lost his temper, because she wouldn’t learn, starting on January 25, 2009, he would use the dusting stick or his own bare hands, to spank the four-year-old child.

The young girl was beaten to the point where there were a TON of bruises that covered up her body, below her eyes, was internal bleeding, her limbs, the back, and her brain had shown signs of hemorrhage.  He’s wife would bathe the child every single day, although she’d seen these multiple wounds on her, she never even bothered to care, and had never taken the young girl to the hospitals.

At two o’clock on February 27, 2007, He’s wife saw that her daughter had lost consciousness, called the ambulance, and took the child to the hospital in Linkou, but, the child had become a vegetable already, the child couldn’t even sit up, move, and her cognitive skills level was that of a child who’s only two to three months in age.

He denied having harmed his child intentionally, claiming that he was only disciplining her, and had never beaten the girl on her head, that she might have bumped her head while she ran around inside the house; He’s wife testified, that her husband had a temper, and when he gets agitated, he’d beaten people up, she had once applied medicine on her child, and begged her husband not to hit the child, and sometimes, she’d end up getting beaten up too.

The doctor testified that the victim’s head wound couldn’t have been caused by one single instance, the judge thought that when He was beating up his child, he didn’t control the strength he used, and didn’t pay attention where he’d hit her, causing the child to become damaged in the brains.  As for He’s wife, she feared that she’d get beaten up herself, she did NOT actively protect her daughter, she is partially responsible too.

Because the mother feared getting beaten up, so, she got out of the way, protected HERSELF, that made her the ENABLER in this, and, there is a GOOD reason why your child, who’s already “potty trained” started wetting her/himself, something MUST be going on, to cause her/him to have bladder issue, and, instead of trying to get to the BOTTOM of the reasons, you resort to beaten her up, yeah, that’s great parenting technique all right (That, was still S-A-R-C-A-S-M, those of you interested in knowing)…

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