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Sculpting Sand

You DO realize, this, is one of those, POINTLESS things that people who got too much time on their hands do, right???  Sculpting sand, why?  Do you NOT know, that no matter how many hours you’d spent, putting that amazing looking sand sculpture together, it’ll eventually get washed over by the tides?  And, ALL of your hard work would’ve become for naught!

And yet, there are still so many people who head out there to the beaches, and sculpted the sand, but why?  Perhaps, they realized, how short-lived those sculptures can be, which, is why they’re trying to make the best of the time given?  A whole lot like life, isn’t it???  sculpting sand, this, is a pastime, I suppose, for those of you who got too much time on your hands, who wouldn’t mind that wave (it still doesn’t have to be a HUGE tidal wave either), rushing in, and, destroying your endless hours of work, and people actually make a competition out of this pointless activity too (no offense!)

Through sculpting sand, maybe, you realized, how fragile everything is in life?  And that would make you take everything as precious, maybe???  Sculpting sand, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a way of life for some, because, one can gain a LOT of understandings about life that they don’t normally focus on, or pay attention to, in every day living, so yeah, go ahead, pick that hobby up too!


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Every Time He Came Calling Her Name

Being at his beck and call, like a good puppy dog???  But, wait a minute, she, is NOT his D-O-G, is she?  NOPE!!!

Every time he came calling her name, she’d dropped everything she was doing, and answer to his requests, even when they’re really TOO unreasonable, she’d still complied, with what was asked of her, by him.

Every time he came calling her name, she’d answered, without a nanosecond of hesitation, and this fed to his lack of delayed gratification, and, before you know it, he’d managed, to turn her into his mother, instead of his wife!

Every time he came calling her name, she’d dropped whatever she was doing, even IF she was out with us, having a cup of coffee in the afternoons, and, we’d ALL warned her, to NOT spoil her husband so, but she just kept doing it, until he’d cheated on her, and the other woman won’t let go of him, and he got too stressed out, and still needed her, to wipe up HIS mess.

Every time he came calling her name, she would surely answer, because that, was what he’d counted on, and, when she didn’t answer right away, all he needed to do, was to pout UP those lips, and show her his sad puppy eyes, and, she’d fallen prey to his ways, all over again………

Every time he came calling her name, we’d told her to IGNORE, after all, she, is NO longer his wife now, and she’s still trapped, but, she is, slowly, getting untangled little by little, each and every day, and soon, after the 12-Steps are finished, she will be, OUT, from being controlled by him, finally!

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For Love or Money

It’s still, a TOSS up, and it still depends on your separate values!

For love or money, let’s see, which one would you deem to be MORE important?  Having a full stomach or, having a man/woman who will stay true to you?

From the perspective of the Hierarchy of Needs, it would only BE logical, that you would choose MONEY over love, after all, money is a part of the first two levels, physiological & safety???

For love or money, I dunno, let’s weigh the pros and cons first, before we settle on our decisions, shall we???  So, on the one hand, there’s that promise of eternal love that may not be true (b/c let’s face it, people DO change!!!), and on the other, there’s the “sure thing” of never going hungry, so, guess which one I went for???

For love or money, it’s a question, that a LOT of us (do count me out though…) are faced with, when we’re “selecting” our “mates”, and, as evolution would have it, males want the ladies who looked robust, with a good health, so they can carry the offspring, while the ladies, we (generally speaking…) want men who are economically well, because that way, we would be well-provided for, and so would our offspring…but this, IS the 21st, going on towards the 22nd Century, and, whether or NOT these age-old values still applies?  How the HELL should I know???

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If a Raise is the Only Way You Can Keep Your Employees

So, money is still what makes this world goes ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round, huh???

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you MAY want to, rethink your strategies of how to run your companies, after all, there should be MORE than just money as the motivation, to get those workers up and going in the morn.

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you definitely have a huge problem, because you’re NOT running your companies well enough (but hey, what the HELL would I know, I am only managing a company of one here!!!).  If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, you might just be treating your workers not nicely enough, after all, there should be MORE of a motivation than just MONEY (that paycheck at the end of the week???) that keeps your employees clocking in in the mornings on time each and every day, Monday through Friday.

If a raise is the only way you can keep your employees, then, I strongly suggest that you SHUT down your companies, and rethink your strategies of running your company, because money should NOT be the only motivational factor, for your employees, but hey, what the HELL would I know, I’m still JUST running this company of mine, of ONE boss, and ONE employee, and I still have endless number of “customers”, and I have still YET to get a complaint, I’m that good, aren’t I???  You SURE are!!!  (Pats on my own back here!!!)

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The Victims of This Marriage

If marriage was abuse, then, there would always and forever BE two victims, as it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O!!!

So, who’s to blame, because this marriage got totally FUCKED up here?  We are both, victims of this marriage, or rather, we fell prey to love’s lies.

The victims of this marriage, there would be two, because we are both the victims, and also, the perpetrators, after all, we DID agree, on this SUICIDE pact (sorry, but that, is what marriage is!), and we willingly said “YES” to that important question willingly, and now, we want to back out of it, but we can’t, and thus, we turned ourselves into victims of this marriage.

The victims of this marriage?  Don’t play that innocent card with me!  You’re the ones willingly signed your lives away, you’re the ones who agreed to his proposal, when he got down on his knees, and popped that question?  And you, you had one more chance to RUN, when the preacher man asked, “who here OBJECTS?”, and yet, you still chose to hold your peace?

So, who, exactly, ARE the victims of this marriage?  It’s those kiddies that you or your wives (1 @ a time, as always!!!) are currently POPPING out right now!

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Waiting for the Shock to Set in

This would be considered, the AFTERMATH, before you finally realized, what had happened, I call it, the “blank period”, because it still hadn’t HIT you yet!!!

Waiting for the shock to set in, okay………nope, still NOT happenin’ yet, darn it!!!  It’s actually, the anticipation of this shock that will surely come because there’s NO way to dodge that “bullet” for sure, that’s kept you on edge, isn’t it?

Waiting for the shock to set in, and, trust me, whatever it is that you’re anticipating that’s shocking to you, WILL shock you, NO matter how much preparatory work you’d done, it’s still gonna hit you like a TRIPLE WHAMMY when it happens.

Waiting for the shock to set in, because it hasn’t yet, and I know, for a FACT, that when something BIG like this happens, shock is inevitable, and yet, it still hadn’t quite “arrived” yet, I wonder why………

Waiting for the shock to set in, but, it still hadn’t, and, because you KNEW it’s coming your ways, you are now, looking over your shoulders constantly, and on edge every single day, and that, would be the aftermath.


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Labeling: Easier for the Parents, or the Children???

Here’s one for all of ya, on labeling, and yes, I had already established that labeling CAN be beneficial, as in the case of that little boy I worked with, the one who showed signs of dyslexia, and no, I still don’t know what happened to him after I quitted the job1

Labeling, is it easier, for the parents, or the children???  Because now there’s that label on your kids, their awkward behaviors from before now makes more sense, and, you NO longer blamed them for NOT calming down, for NOT acting according to the circumstances, because you now have a better understanding, of what your kid has?  Or is it, easier on the kid, because from before, nobody knows what was wrong with her/him, the public just misinterpreted the kid’s behaviors as bad, but now, people come to understand, that it’s a medical condition that’s caused the kids to behave a certain way.

But I believe, labeling is still, for the adults’ sake, because as adults, we have this necessity, to put everything inside “boxes” (categories), so we can better classify them, as that, is the world we adults are living in, where everything MUST be in perfect order!

So, for argument’s sake, let’s not focus on the fact, that labeling children can get them the help they needed (like in those specific conditions such as autism, dyslexia, etc., etc., etc.), but the purpose of labeling these days, I believe, is so that parents can have it easier, in dealing with their children, after all, now that we are assured, that something’s wrong with Johnny (don’t ask who that is, ‘cuz, how the HELL should I know???), we can get him the right kind of diagnosis, and put him on the correct kinds of meds.

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