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The Incident of YouTuber Changing the Face of a Political Figure, the Bite-Back of an Ordinary Sort of Maliciousness

Written by a retired professor from college, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The YouTube sensation, “Jade”, Chu, sold the face-change footages, creating multiple victims, the president Tsai, spoke again high-tech crimes, stressed, “We can’t just sit and watch this happen, I will start amending the laws, and I call out to the operators of online platforms, to prevent the misuses of videos, footages, to hurt the innocent people.”

I totally agree, with the call out of the president, and how she wanted to, amend the constitution, but, should we also, evaluate, how this happened, how the society and media, due to their differences of views, allowing this sort of a cyberbullying to become a trend, and now, this, “every day evil”, bite the society on the ass, and that’s when we were all shocked that this sort of a bad behavior, can turn any of us, ordinary, law-abiding citizens, into, victims.

Let’s look back at the former president, Ma’s term, how many members of the online community had, maliciously, distorted his photograph, the DDP and the media not only didn’t stop this behavior, instead, they’d, made fun.  To the 2014 Taipei Mayoral race, the candidate, Lien for the KMT, his ads were, made over, to the point of it becoming a YouTube video, getting more hits than the official ads from YouTube, that was the heightened state of this, makeover behavior.

And, with the advances in technologies, the makeover went from the voice-overs to the distortions of the images, as the mayor of Kaohisung, Han’s candidacy of mayor to the president, even, during his impeachment, there were, the distortions of Han in photo by photoshop, this became, a way the YouTubers used to attract the hits.  And this bad behavior was scolded, some of the political figures became the guests of their shows, and all of that, encouraged the bad behaviors.

The German scholar, Arendt, in her “Eichmann in Jerusalem”; Eichmann isn’t an immoral monster, but his malice showed NO active will in maliciousness, this is attributed to his “lacking in the abilities of thought”, he’d not been aware of how awful his behaviors truly were.  His murdering of Jews so cruelly, is no more than the obedience of following the orders, so he could make a name for himself in the Nazi government.

The case with the YouTuber is exactly like so, people believed that these photoshopping of political figures were just for fun, that it caused no harm, and, allowed for it, and, we’re all, encouraging this bad trend.  After the incident of the YouTuber “Jade”, we are all shocked that not just the political figures, we can all become, targets of this, “ordinary evil”, and, this sort of a biting us back can, hurt every one of us who’s kind.

I’m happy, to see that the president, Tsai is taking the matter seriously, and hope, that she could, actively, work to amend the laws, to prevent this sort of bad behaviors from recurring, but I hope more, that the political figures, the news media will, understand the damages this sort of an ordinary evil caused to eh society, and say no to it, and block out this sort of, a behavior.

And so, maybe, you think it’s just, fun, but, this is cyberbullying, and this happened to a political figure, not in school, so it’s, quite far from us all, but, think about it, if it’d happened to your kid, if your kid got bullied in school, and someone posted a YouTube video of your kid’s head with an animal’s body, and made fun, wouldn’t that make you mad?  And this had happened, on a, national level of things, and it’d, rolled from the individuals, to now, a matter of, national concerns here.

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The Government is the BIGGEST Nail in the Process of Urbanizing the Cities

How the government’s proposal of urbanizing the older apartments, how they’re, stating we need to, update the cities, while they’re the ones, blocking the process, from the smooth transition of the city streets, getting updates here, and the problem is still not just, caused by those, handful of locals who refused to vacate their old homes either, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The raging fire in City in the City in Kaohsiung, brought the subject of urbanization up to the surfaces again.  Actually, the biggest nail in the process of urbanization, IS, the governments, because the government didn’t set up the specific rules of the game, especially, there’s, NO means of integration, the most important part of the process in urbanization, how much will the integration cost?  Who can manage this process of integration?  It’s not, specified at all.

Although, there’s the given incentives of tax reduction, and discounts for those who are willing to come onboard the process of urbanization, but due to the lacking of professional personnel, the process fell through the roof, as the prices are, up for, competition; plus, when there are the separate residents who refused to comply with the urbanization processes, although the votes had gotten over the majorities, the government doesn’t dare go ahead,, and tear down the residents by force, which make urbanization, an, impossibility.

The success or fail of urbanization, relied on the whether or not the integration is successful or not; the workers of the integration process are the first-lines of “defense” of the process, but, who’s, qualified to work the posts?  There’s no written rule of qualifications of these, personnel.  Practically, the developers of construction companies, the professional integration companies, the real estate developers, the real estate agents, the land office workers, the land developers, the city councilmembers, those in charge of the local neighborhoods, land owners, even the head mobsters, the gangsters, as the officials that helps with the process of development.

And, due to lack of professional training of these personnel, there’s, this uneven level, some of the officials, to fight for the cases, had added some unreasonable requests, to get the landowners on their sides, to work with them, but, as everybody is fighting over the case that’s available to build on, this destined the failure of this case of, urbanization process.

this is the before…

photo from online

And looking at the realtors, although there are the separate agencies that operates independently, that competed with each other, but, there’s that order, and every now and then, there would be, the conflicts, the disagreements of the sales, but the rate of this is quite low, and all of this, goes to how the laws regarding managing the real estate agencies were, set up.  And those who’d qualified, are allowed to act as an agent in the transactions of selling and buying of properties.  But, there’s no specific rules, no restrictions on the integration of the lot of land, with the tens of hundreds, and even, thousands of properties, this is also another reason, why the urbanization process is a bust.

And besides, the relators, after the deals were made, get to earn six-percent of the selling prices, but, there’s no rate of pay for the city urbanization officials after several years of trying to make the deals, and they may have done all that work for, nothing.  What’s confusing is, that the urbanization regulations are listed in written law on paper, but, there’s, NO mention of the rate of pay for the workers who’d helped mediate in the process, and that’s why some stated, that the workers who’d negotiated in the procedures, are all, working voluntarily, only gives, and, with, no returns, but, is this, reasonable?

And due to, the Wenling Yuan case, even as the majority of the local residents voted to agree on the urbanization process, and the laws are set up to demolish the estates; but, because the government worried over the votes, they’d not dared, just forcefully, demolish, which allowed for the minority, to win over the majorities, and this sort of doing nothing by the government, is also, a key contributor for why the urbanization process isn’t going through smoothly.

and, this is what the “after” of urbanization might look, like

with the buildings more updated, and newer, and less dangerous to live in, photo from online

I hope, that the government won’t play the role of the biggest obstacle in the process of urbanizing the cities.  Other than adding the needed qualification of the officials, and the costs, and, I hope that the government can enforce the laws to demolish what needed to be, demolished, otherwise, there will be, more than half of the residents here in Taiwan, that’s been built up over thirty years ago, and we’re afraid, that similar tragedies will just, keep on, happening repeatedly.

And so, the government, for the sake of the votes, doesn’t DARE to enforce the demolishing of these, ancient places of thirty, forty plus years, and, the residents refused to move out, because if they agreed to letting up their properties, they may have a smaller place compared to what they originally owned, and, they’re rather, owned that bigger piece of older properties, than to get the more updated, modernized, buildings to live in, and that, is the primary trouble about the urbanization process.

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A Fire in Kaohsiung, Burned Away the Masks of Those in Power

How the local and national government cared too much about their images, their reputations, instead of focusing on the hardcore issues at hand, and we the people are still the ones, paying for that mistake of theirs, and there’s, NOTHING we can do about it!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What is, not caring about “face”?  Same as, shameless, for selfish reasons, doing things that you’re not supposed to be doing intentionally, and not know your own, mistakes.  As the merchants cheat the consumers using false products, we call them shameless; as the scholars used the falsified papers, the untrue statistics, to lie to the academia, to get the higher up statuses, we call them, shameless.  So, as the people in power, only wanted the office and the votes, and not done what they’re supposed to do, we also call them, shameless.

What is there, to keep them in line?  The people, the public opinions, it all depends, on if they still had that sense of shame intact!  When they’d not done what they’re supposed to, hurt the basic human living rights of we the people, not known to take the responsibilities, to evaluate their own behaviors, then, they’d become, shameless people in power.

Government has the responsibilities to protect the rights of the people to live, including our own basic living securities, especially on the survivals of the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses under capitalism.  And, currently, the “justice of living” entailed getting the housing price lower, social apartment complexes, looking out for those who has some money, who can afford the cheaper housing costs, those of us, who are, the middle class.  And, where is the rights of those, on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, those who actually, needed, the assistance?  Did the government really, work its hardest, to protect, the constitutional rights to have affordable housing for this group?

what this government is doing to, we the people right now…

artwork found online

Justice in affordable living, the pay rate increase, are all related to the general public, the votes, they’re all, masks of election, too far away, from the cores of equal rights provided to all!  And, where’s that justice that’s, not related to the votes?

On the social apartment complexes, the social apartment complexes already got mystified into the cure-all of the justice of living, a falsified front for social justice.  The currently social housing complex, is toward the residents of extra money given in assistance to those in the top-notch metros, for those who are earning an average wage in the cities, and it’d become, meaningless toward the younger generations, and those who only makes the minimum wages.

The social housing is against the basic law of economics, the supply and demand, and, compared to the prime class living of the cities, even if there are a lot of thins given by the social housing, as the costs of social housing became “reasonable”, and everybody who wants an apartment can only put their names in a bag to get drawn, we only have the rights of having the chance of being selected from the raffles, with that tiniest sense of, fairness, and justice!

The care of those on the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses is a complex issue, and, to resolve the matter, is the challenges, and the responsibilities of the ones in office.  But, the government only vouched for the “eliminating the grave dangers of living conditions”, and demolishing those illegal constructed buildings, and, renewing the older apartment complexes, and making it harder on the residents who are already, living in these, conditions; secondly, the matter of fire safety; third, the enforcement of basic level of protection for those who can’t afford it, including setting up the fire safety means, the added amenities that those living locally are in need of; fourth, the government is obligated to educate the locals on disaster prevention, through school, and through the drills of the local communities, and continually, using the ads on the buses, the MRT trains, and set up the drills in the areas where the lesser lives.  Do teach us, how do we escape, in the fires of the city, and in the karaoke?  The government should budget in the costs, and, set up the advertisements on it, to get the commercials out on T.V.  The government spent a whole lot on the ads to keep their image better-appearing to the people, but not set any money aside on the ads that might help save the lives?

The huge fire in Kaohsiung had burned that mask off, and what’s left?  Does the government in power want to keep the reputation or not?

And so, this, is on how the government spent too much money on making itself presentable to the voters, instead of spending the money on the life-saving messages on fire safety, and the emergency notices.  And the fire that happened, it’d made we the people see what this government is all about, and hopefully, those of us who will be voting will, take that to heart the next time we go to the polls!


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A Government with No Sense of Right & Wrong

Commentary, on the current situation in this country here, the head of states, with no sense of what’s right and what’s, wrong, and the people still followed their leads here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There can be the hits and misses of politics, but, there can’t be this lacking of a sense of right and wrong, it would be, “hindsight politics”, and even, a “truthless politics”.

From how the head of legislature called Cheng, the secretary of KMT “shameless”, based off of the orders of thing, it was Cheng who’d inquired Su, “if we’re really competing in this game of arms, how can we possibly beat China?”  “Would Taiwan need to develop its own nuclear submarines then?”, after Su was hit repeatedly by the questioning of Cheng, he’d asked her, “So, you’re just, surrendering then?”  “it’s best that we surrender to China, isn’t it?”, Cheng rebutted immediately, “I’m afraid, that if the time comes, you’d be the first to raise the white flag to surrender, and Tsai would be second to do so,” and in the end, Cheng forced Su to blurt out the words, “You’re shameless”.

And it’d shown, that the order of the words being: Su mocked Cheng for surrendering first, Cheng then rebutted back by saying, that Tsai and Su would turn in the arms next.  But the following day, Su had, reordered the speech, stated, that “Someone stated that the president would turn in the arms first”, “as the head of state, I naturally, had to, fight against a traitor, to set her straight, to fight for what’s just and right!”, like Cheng was the one who’d called out the surrender first, that he was forced to defend, and, it’d, shown us, what “alternative truths” was; and, Su blurted out the harsh words of “it angers me”, “traitor”, “treason”, “lies”, like he was, more than, justified, and it’s such a shame, that a head of state like this, doesn’t perform in Shakespeare.

you are our “leader”, take us to H-E-L-L!!!

led by the blind! Photo from online

It’s serious enough, that the head of state in this country is making the right wrong, the wrong, right, what’s more wayward was, Tsai had, vouched for him too, without stating that it was Cheng who’d, “spoken too emotionally” “putting the labels on, bending the truths”, and, “finding enemies within the country”.  The missed words of head of legislature is creating an alternative, untrue truth, the president added the fuel to the flames, “turning what’s right wrong, what’s wrong, right!”, and, the truth that everybody noted was, completely off, and if politics got to this low a point, is there, truth to be, noted?

Another example of a “Truthless Politics” is Hsieh’s “Proclamations to the Flag”.  Hsieh stood in a photo op with the Taiwanese Independence Flag, already surpassed the orders of the ambassador, after Tsai stated “the flag is gone, let’s get angry together”, he’d stated, “holding that flag high, and puking up blood”, and split the Taiwanese public whom he supposedly served in half, and continued ranting on, “I’m still holding up this flag for all of your, reputations”, “because we can’t see the country gone away”, “the Taiwan we’d rooted down on”, “You won’t even act it anymore”, “And we should NOT lie anymore either!”, “this isn’t the Republic China that’s been deserted by all of you!”, along with warning on all of “you guys”, “I can’t bear it for you, you all need to, keep it piped down a bit”, etc., etc., etc.,  While back on October tenth, our nation’s birthday, Tsai only spoke on “working together for Taiwan, accepting all our differences”, her ambassador used “us” and “your”, started faction up Taiwan internally, does the government have, schizophrenia now?

And as clear cut as the truth is, in the lips of the spokesperson for the Presidential Office, it’d become, “respect Hsieh’s words of whom he’d represented”, and they’d put him up on that high pedestal, “with a heart that loves this country so deeply, fighting hard for us”; and when it got to the lips of the head of legislature, it’d become, “no comment”; in the words of head of legislature, “those who work to represent our country must follow the laws of our constitution”.  People are humiliating the flag, this is viewed as a right to personal expression, when the diplomats humiliated the symbol of our county, it’s clearly, crossing over the boundaries of the position, as his superior, at least, Su could remind the man to watch his words, and yet, Su brushed it off as “showing disrespect”, and “no comment”, “based off of our legislation”, and slurred through the matters.

The problem is: with a government of no sense of right or wrong, will it lose the people’s trusts?  Totally NOT!  Even Lo, who usually has a sound head over his shoulders, spoke on his views after Su and Cheng had gone head-to-head, “Su spoke aloud what’s been on our minds for too long”, “the word shameless is perfect description”, placed the personal before the morality, and the rest, you can imagine then.

And so, this is what this government’s doing, talking DOWN to those of the opposing party, even IF the opposing party IS making sense and what’s worse is that the people take whatever the @#$% (maxed out!) this god damn government’s feeding to them, because, we’d been enslaved too long, it’d become, norm now…

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Feeding Us Lies

We the people got those, feeding tubes, FED down our throats, with the government, force-feeding those lies down into our, stomachs here…

Feeding us lies, and, there’s no way, any of us, can, puke it back out, because, they would, make us eat up all our puke too!  Feeding us lies, the government’s done that, since the start of its term, since the DDP became the party in power here, and, it’d still not, taken the responsibilities, for giving we the people exactly WHAT we desperately needed: where the @#$% is our vaccines???  (the wolves are coming, stated the government who’d cried “wolf”!)

Feeding us lies, and they still, expect us, to be, ever so grateful, for their abuse of us, of giving us the “free cash” vouchers (the money came from we the taxpayers???  And there were those, who were actually, RETARDED enough to believe, that it’s FREE CASH!!!), instead of upping its vaccine buying power, so everybody CAN have her/his second dose, and it’d still NOT allowed the mixing of the vaccines, despite how foreign medical journals showed that mixing of the vaccines are, more effective against the mutated delta strain.

lies, lies, lies, and actions that don’t comply with, “with the people’s best interests” in mind…

comic found online

And, there’s, the not-having enough energy, the blackout that occurred “by accident”, because an unknown employee pressed that WRONG button at the electricity plant of Taipower.  Oh, and how ‘bout the system of upload that “accidentally” went “off-line”, that got FRIED, and out goes, a whole lot of the already uploaded learning process files, and because kids today don’t got NO (and your point being???) sense to BACK up their work, they all got, SCREWED on the process of submitting the info packets for their college admissions.

And the list still goes on, on, on and on, to INFINITY & BEYOND (as in the words of Mr. B. Lightyear???)…and we the people are still, DEAD in that COMATOSE, not yet waking up!

You’ve got to be SHITTING me here!

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Giving Up the Inherited

A matter of what our families give to us, in the intangible forms of, “assets”, translated…

After the death of my stepbrother, my mother and I quickly set up the paperwork for disinheriting anything, fearing, that we may, end up with a whole lot of extra debts up our asses.  But, there are, always some things, that the paperwork can’t, make us, disinherit, the secrets of the childhood years, among, one of the, hardest to disinherit.

Born in Taipei, grown in Sanchong, I’d inherited that scent of nostalgia from my elders: my father’s etched in rolling wheat waves of Shandong, Chen’s trekking across the shores with the willows on the banks of Zhejiang and Hangzhou, naturally, there’s, also that grand garden estate of my mother’s home back in Jakarta too.

My very first memories are related to them, and, what’s interesting was, even though, my father and older uncle and aunts all lived together in that big house, but, had their, separate thoughts that they were, calculating on.

how the household are split up, by secrets of the families…illustration found online

My late father loved that he’d viewed Uncle Chen as an older brother, but, he’d kept waiting on the timing to be right, to buy up half of the apartment, to split up the household with him, so he could, fix up a bride-to-be boudoir for me; while Uncle Chen had always took me to the park to play chess with his older friends, and to visit the home he and my father shared from before when I was young, to have that feel of having an offspring, and he’d, stuffed my hands with the treats, and, he was also the one, who’d, disclosed to me first, that my older stepbrother wasn’t related to me by blood, which had, exceeded my level of understanding of the matter when I was younger; as my older stepbrother went to the toilets, he’d called me along, so we can, make that, “X” in the toilet together, then, we’d, played the video games, beat the levels, and, he’d invited me plan along on his thought of, escaping home; while my mother taught me the words in Indonesian, and the two of us, mother and son, planned things out, in language that my father and older uncle couldn’t understand, and we’d felt, that we were, superior to them.

There are, multiple sides to everyone we encounter, that, was what I’d, come to understand when I’m grown, and only love, is able, to make us take off these masks we put on in front of one another.  That feeling of being loved so deeply, and hated so deeply, are all in my mind, I can’t, disown, it’s something, that I must, inherit, of my self, my heritage, my, inheritance.

And so, this boy grows up, and learned about his own family, and understood, that nothing IS as the surfaces showed, that there are, a ton of thing going on deep down, underneath (like those quickly moving feet of that duck underwater that we can’t see???), that sometimes, things are just, not as we perceived, and because  of how young we were, we didn’t have any clues of the goings on in our adult counterparts’ lives, but as we are older, we’d, learned, of the inner workings of our own, separate, families.

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The Children of Ice & Snow, Burning Up the Planet

The head director of the environmental science of N.T.U. on the matter of global warming, the energy crises, and it’s still all because we humans, are, still RAPING mother nature, and she’s, starting, to unleash her anger out onto, this globe here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the lecture of Human Evolution, I have this slide: a female bonobo, holding her child, on the canopy, looking, fearfully, at the large eagle that’s, circling over her head, and that eagle started, diving down.  Based off of the written records of the archaeologist, this eagle successfully, caught the young bonobo, and took it back into the cave that it lives in, then, used the sharpened beak, killed the baby bonobo……………The skull of this baby bonobo was discovered 2.8 million years later, in South Africa.  It, is nothing small, because, its skull, its teeth, resembled that of, the modern day man, it was named, “Baby Don”, only about three years of age, because the origins of Australopithecus, the first of the upright animals.  It is, the distant ancestor of man.

what we are leaving, for the next generations to come…

drawing from online

And, “Baby Don” never reproduced, but, his siblings’ offspring had quietly, left the canopies of Africa, and set foot onto the plains of Africa, and, tilted out their heads in the plains, to find the berries, and the small animals to hunt for food.  They came to the canyon, sat on the ground, banged the rocks, made the hatchets, split apart the deer and the rabbit then caught, separating the meats from the furs.  This was from 2.5 million years ago, because they knew to make and use the tools, they got away, from the beast level of the Australopithecus, and became, Homo habilis, the very first man.  And the world got its, first, civilization.

It isn’t natural, that man came out of the African horizons; they came down from the treetops, because the weather turned cold and dry, the forests vanished, the plains expanded, they had to, climb down from the trees, and start walking, upright.  With the northern peaks started accumulating the snow, and even farther up north the North Pole had the glaciers; the glaciers cycled once every 400,000 years, the ancestors of man, Australopithecus and Homo erectus lived in the cycles of the ice and snow, the cause of the evolution is said to be the glaciers.  Humans are, children of the ice and snow.

Two million years later, southwest of Beijing, there was, a place called “cave”, if at night, looking far into that shadowy hilltop, you will see some light, it’s, the barbecue the Homo erectus pekinensis, also, the warmth of the fires that keep them warm at night; if there’s a moon rising up, you will know, that the barbecue history of Mid-Autumn Festival had been set since half a million years ago.  Fire is a blessing to man, and a weapon too.

And this fire, it’d, burned too quickly.  The earliest of man burned up the logs, the cow dungs.  Two hundred fifty years ago, we’d started, burning up the coal, which brought the Industrial Revolution.  A hundred fifty years ago, we’d started, mining for the crude oils, the minerals were dug up from the depth of the earth, and burned up like crazy, the carbon emissions hike up too high, the globe started heating up, the forests in Alaska started getting burned down, with the animals, getting incinerated by the fires.  Some of the humans tried to save it, called out the goal of no carbon emissions by 2050.  Another group hollered, “global warming is a hoax”.  And, they started arguing on the global weather summits, and the arguing had been going on for decades to date.

We are a process, also, that, final, destination; on the epitaph of man: “we love the planet, but the planet, won’t fit us all”.

And so, this is how this is going, with global warming taking ITS, adverse effects, on man, as we developed all those, things, because we need them, the energy, that we can’t, get enough of, as summers in the world gets, hotter and hotter, and hotter than before, and the seasons of summer lasting, longer too, and, this is still, a vicious cycle that we have, no way of, getting our selves out of, because, we need to be comfortable, with the A-C blasting, the heater on when it’s, too cold, and we use electricity every single day, leaving those lights out in the hallways on, even WHEN nobody’s there, and these, are only, tiny bits and pieces (not talking about the greater yet!) of how we can, and will continue to, RAPE Mother Nature, no WONDER she’s starting to, get PISSED off, and unleashing her angers right now, take a look at the records of storms, don’t tell me that you don’t see a huge increase of typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes increasing, compared to, just last decade!

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The International Energy Crises, Gave Warnings to the Turnaround of Energy Use

Something that all of us, need to, pay more attention to, because we still share, this, COMMON ENVIRONMENT: the PLANET!!!  Looking for that, one-dose cure, that quick fix to the problem here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the entire global planet is running short of electricity, and, the fossil fuel charges hiking up, and most deeply impacted are European and Asian countries.  The current energy crisis was brought on by the worsening of the global economy, with secondary cause in outbreaks of MERS-CoV coming back, there’s, this desperate increased need for energy, and, the provisions are short, plus, some of the weather issues, or man-caused factors, and, all of these factors blended together, into, this, perfect, storm.

Although the International Energy Agency stated, that this crisis is due to the transformation of energy: first, giving up coal and using natural gas instead, this can cause a shortage in supplies of natural gases that we need, this is, a long-term, factor.  Secondly, closing the coal mines down, the investments in the mines reduced.  This was, originally, for the trend of giving up coal to power the planet, but, this is not lead by the local agencies, but the heads of the federal or state governments, this can easily cause that tilt for supply and demand to get too uneven.

Third, the price of carbon internationally rose too high, studies found, that this current hike in cost of energy, twenty-five-percent of the causes was due to the cost of carbon rising up.  Fourth, there’s, the lacking in wind energies, causing the wind-generated electricity to not be enough to fulfill the needs.  Wind energy is the most important recyclable energy in Europe, and this year, the wind is reduced generally, causing the sharp rise in cost of natural gas directly.

Take the hardest hitting in Europe in the energy crises, Great Britain, and hardest hit in Asia, China for instance.  Wind energy originally took up about twenty-five percent of total energy generations, the northern seas didn’t generate enough wind this year, the rate was lowered to only seven-percent, and can only, rely on the originally thirty-six-percent natural gas to power, but, as the international natural gas costs rose up, and England not having enough energies saved, causing the cost of electricity to hike up more than ten-times.

While China, for the sake of reducing the carbon emissions, started up the doing-away with coal powered energy, up to the end of 2020, about 5,500 mines, were closed down, due to the need to reduce carbon emissions, or the matter of safety concerns.  The prevalence of coal mines in China, compounded with the rate of usage of these mines to produce enough energies is a big problem.  As the need for electricity rose up, if the laws don’t loosen itself, due to the needs of the markets, there’s a tilt of supply and demands, which causes the prices to rise up.

changes like this don’t come overnight! Illustration from online

From the examples of China and Great Britain, in the altering of energies, showed of how difficult it is, to transition to green energy sources.  Reason being, the weathers can’t be controlled, the provisions of coal and natural gas, the countries using them can’t control, in order to reach that quality level of management, we may need to set up a global organization, but currently, this, is not, a possibility yet.

But, there’s, an important principle, “the multifaceted energy, is the key resolution for the various countries’ means to solve the energy crises.  But since the beginning of the transformation of energy sources, the various nations slowly gave up on finding the multiple sources of energies, and, the combinations of energy sources became reliant on natural energies, “wind-powered, and solar panels) to collect the energies, making the sources of provisions of energy, lose that needed flexibility.  This is a key reason of what’s causing this current energy crisis.  In truth, for Europe, which is strictly reliant on wind energies, if there’s not enough wind, there would naturally, be that huge HIKE in natural gas.

And, to turn energy needs around, we only needed to control the demand side, to lower the reliance on fossil fuels to not reduce the production of it, so the market can learn to, adjust itself on its own.  The governments aren’t all powerful, and couldn’t control both the supplies and the demands sides.

The current crises suggested, that we shouldn’t give up on the developments of alternative energies, I believe, that we should set the provisions of naturally forming energy sources to no more than thirty-percent, the rest, can be made up for the nuclear and natural gases, including the heat from the earth, the water generated electricity from the reservoirs, especially the hydrogen-powered energies, we need our government to face this matter seriously  And, to reduce the coal-generated power mills, to keep the variations of energy sources.

And so, this is on, how the world is, trying, to transform itself, so we don’t rely on certain energy forms too much, but, the countries are doing this too fast, they all want to switch to an alternative source of energies immediately, that’s why, there’s the problem of energy shortage in England, China, and all over the world, and, the best way is by not taking too much from the environment that we live in, use only what we need, and then, there would be, enough for everybody, but the countries all around this world are too caught up, in the fact, that we’re in an energy crisis, we’re faced with global warming, etc., etc., etc., etc., and not realized, that this is caused by things that had happened, from long ago, that it’s, a build up, and we’re just, trying, to find that, quick, one-dose cure, and that’s not possible.

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My Son Cypress

A heart of gold, of kindness, that’s quite, gentle, is what this young lad still have to this, very day, it’s truly, rare!  Translated…

My son turned twenty this year, he’s good looking, tall and handsome, but in his coming of age, the two of us, mother and son, had, more than our shares of, trials.

the heart of gold of this young child…

sculpture found online

He’d been active, with a very soft heart, and, there were, the interesting things that happened with him from when he was a very young child.  In his first grade year, one time as I’d picked him up from school, halfway home, he’d asked me to park the car, I’d parked by the side, he’d hugged his backpack tight, leapt out, I’d quickly followed behind him.  He held that serious face, with a light frown, told me, “mom, I have, so many, presents for you!”, before I could react, he’d, lifted open his backpack, and, so many grasshoppers came out!  He then flew into a panic, and, tried to grab them all and put them back into his backpack, in the sunset, the sight of a young child, chasing after the grasshoppers, is such a moving scene, I couldn’t help but laughed, and he’d, burst out laughing too.

Once, in a carnival hosted by his school, I’d given him a hundred dollars, he’d happily, mingled into the crowd, and vanished.  A little over two hours later, he’d come back, handed me six hundred dollars, I was shocked and asked him where he got the money from?  He’d told me that he saw someone, selling a huge stack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, for a hundred dollars, after he bought it, everybody wanted some, so he’d only, kept a few, and, given them to his best friends, the rest, he’d sold for ten dollars apiece to others; he’d made some cash, and went back to the man, bought another stack; and started, selling them for twenty dollars apiece to the children passing by.  I was too shocked!  Is this, from the retail thought systems?  Could I have, birthed out, a young Buffett?

There was one more time, we’d gone to Yilan to visit, outside the B&B, there was a pond owned by the place, for the visitors to fish, we’d borrowed the fishing poles, and started our very first fishing try, we’d waited for a long, long time, the rod started moving, and, we both, had fish biting at the same time, as I’d pulled mine up, in his younger sister’s screams, he’d, pulled up his, very first, catch too.  He was ecstatic, as I was trying to unhook my fish, I’d heard his screams of ecstasy turn into wailing, he’d cried out loud, “ouch!  Ouch!  It’s bleeding!”, I’d turned to look at him, he was crying like crazy, and I suddenly understood it, quickly, I’d, unhooked his fish, and, released it back to the pond, then, he’d slowly, calmed back down.  In the night, watching him sleep, I’d thought, how soft this child’s heart must be, reminding us, of that gentleness we’d, already, forgotten that existed.

Into middle school, the heavy course load came down on him, he couldn’t fight it, and found his escape in the cell phone games, and, built up that tall wall to block us all away.  In a heated argument, I grabbed his phone from him, and he’d run out of the house, left, “I’m so unlucky!  Being born into this sort of a family!”  in the middle of the nights, I ran out after him, started crying, he’d heard me calling him, he’d, stopped, turned around, and, it’s still, his soft heart that’s, saved this family, from crumbling down.

After high school, life became more colorful for him, in the school play, he’d gotten that male lead part.  After long rehearsals, finally came the day he was going to perform, I sat in the audience, watched him radiating onstage, I was, so proud of him.

and he’d, grown up..

into a well-adapted, kind young man…photo from online

Looking back, all the way, he’d stumbled, bumped around, with the big and small injuries, but, he always, wears that smile like the warm sunshine on his face.

And so, it’s this kid’s nature, how soft a heart he has when he was younger, and, he’d, grown up, with his, soft heart still intact, with is, quite rare, because, normally, people lose that heart of gold, as they age, because of what they’d, been through, but this young man, still kept his heart of gold.

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Tracked Down, by the GPS of My Own, Cell Phone…

We all became like that pet, whose owners are too afraid that we go “missing”, you know, wandered off, and never come back home again, that we got that GPS scanner code on us all now.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own, cell phone, but, I didn’t, activate, NOR set this “function”, and yet, once every month, the almighty, GOOGLE would send me this, “notice” of sorts, “covering” where I’d been for the month…

leaving that, electronic, footprint wherever we go right now in this country, with this…

we’re supposed to use the CDC LINE account to scan this, everywhere we go now...image from online

And that makes me wonder, if I’m tracked down that easily, without even SETTING up the cell phone trackers, how easy can it be, for the government, to TRACK my, whereabout?  Especially when we’re, required, to use LINE to scan the barcode outside the shopfronts, as a measure of, getting our “foot tracks” known by the government, for the sake of MER-CoV tracker.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own cell phone, how the HELL did that happen?  I mean, so, if I spent, a little too long inside the public bathrooms, does that mean, that by the time I’m done, doing MY business, there would be, a huge gathering of crowd, outside, wanting to know exactly, just what happened in there (the toilet), and why did it take that long for me to go???

What the @#$%…it’s official now, we’re, TRACKED by our, government, in this age of, absolute NO PRIVACY here!!!

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