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That, is What You Get, for Not, NEUTERING All the Men in Your Lives, Completely…

Those sons-of-bitches (four-legged and otherwise!), they all start doing their “business”, all over the places, and that, is what you get, for not, NEUTERING all the men in your lives, completely.

I mean, you DO realize, how we women gotta, TRAIN them, sons-of-bitches (the four-legged, AND the two-legged varieties!), correctly, right?  We can’t allow them to do their “business” everywhere inside of our homes (there’s carpeting, that will have that huge PISS stain!!!)…

because how “cute” they looked, we’d, not punished them for what they D-I-D, which leads to, even MORE repeated, BAD behaviors! Photo from online

And because as women, we have the tendencies of letting our more nurturing sides (that’s what’s believed, right???) take over when they start @#$%ING things up in our lives, making a huge mess take over, that’s why, we unknowingly, continually, WIPE their sorry ASSES, which in turn, caused them to, SUCK even HARDER on us, bleeding us, dry!

And it’s still ALL our faults, because we do NOT go down HARD on them that very first time they’d (cheated, lied, peed on the ground, where there’s NO newspaper……….) fucked up, which aided them into believing, that hey, it’s okay if we FUCK, LIE, HUMP, yada, yada, yada, yada, because my “honey” will always be there, to clean this SHIT up FOR me.

We still got our selves to blame, for them mother FUCKERS (don’t pardon me here!), because we allowed them, to DRAIN us dry, and by that, we’d become, the ENABLING “parties” of this, dynamic duo of ABUSEE!

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If Homosexuality is, a “Crime”…

Then, how many of us in the “general populations” will get, “put to death” (like by the DEATH penalty???)?

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, a lot of us in the population don’t deserve to LIVE on this @#$%ING, planet, because of our, sexual, orientation.

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, this must be like those, “original sins” that we man are, “charged with”, with our blood, dirty upon birth, and it’s only with the BLOOD of the CHRIST (that DUDE who got, SACRIFICED on that, cross back in???  Jerusalem, was it???), that we’re all, washed clean, and, all it took is the DEATH of ONE, to save, all of us, sinner!

and, here’s, that, “statement”, in a, photograph…

photo from online

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, being a lower order of species of living organism is too, after all, we can’t choose it if we were, born, can we?  Of course not, as the two adults (our god damn parents???) consented to score that FUCK on each other.

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, uh, it isn’t, we were born, and, unfortunately, some of us (not naming names still!) while we were inside our mother’s tummies, we got exposed to a little estrogen or androgen, and that’s made us into who we are by BIOLOGY, then, our mothers were the ones deciding to carry us, full-term, or for some of us, we’d, “come out” early as, premature babies, but we still, survived.

And now, the Catholic Church, is “kind enough” to STATE, that “Homosexuality is NOT a crime”, and, we’re all, gracious for His Holiness’s mercy, aren’t we???

Yeah, this is still SHIT if you ask me, but hey, what would I know, I’m just, a HERETIC online, DISSING the “teachings” of the HOLY Bible, which isn’t really, that, holy in the, first place here.

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Sponsors of a Concert, Blamed for Allowing Her to Drink & Drive…

This is, for someone who was, legally allowed to, drink…

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, and this is still, SCAPEGOATING, that the woman is just, too, irresponsible, I mean, she is, already considered, legally an, ADULT already, and, who can control her, if she wanted to get behind the wheels after she’d had, one too, many?

And yet, the sponsors of a concert, are blamed, for allowing her to drink and drive, what the @#$%?  And, this would, open up the doors, to all those who got killed by drugs or alcohol, because, it wouldn’t be the abusers, the users of these, substances who are, responsible for what they’re doing to their, bodies (putting poisons in themselves, and, getting too high to function, rationally!).

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, for starters, it wasn’t the sponsors of that concert who’d pointed a gun to her head, told her to, down how many shots of vodka, how many cans of beer, how many glasses of whiskey or whatever to get her plastered, was it?  NO!  She is an adult, who CAN (or you’d think that she would be able to!) make the decisions to drink or to not on her own.

And yet, as she crashed the vehicle, the sponsors of that concert where she’d attended previously, where alcohol was available for, consumption, was, BLAMED. 

Tell me, how’s, THAT, just???

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Holding Out, for an, Ideal…

We’re all, holding out, for an, ideal, that perfect love (that still does NOT, exist), that perfectly fitting job (yeah, uh, right!), etc., etc., etc.

Because, we were, way too, stubborn to believe, that life don’t work according to all our wishes (it’s not like we can rub that lamp, then, a GENIE pops out, and grants us everything we’d ever, dreamed of).  Yet, we became, way too, stubborn, persisting on, holding out, for an, ideal, of what life SHOULD be, when it isn’t, and we drifted, way, way, WAY, too far from our own, god damn, realities, and, when we finally get that “knock” on the door, we’d become, millions and billions, of lightyears away, from where we need to, and ought to be, in our, lives!

and, all it took, was, that, “poke”, then everything, B-R-E-A-K-S!!! Photo from online

Holding out, for an, ideal, this is, quite, dangerous, because, what’s ideal is what we all want (temptation calling???), and yet, it’s, beyond our, reach (otherwise, it would NOT be called an “ideal”???), but we, still, stubbornly believe, that hey, we can, reach whatever farfetched dreams we have (being the first astronaut to travel to all the planets in the Milky Way, yada, yada, yada, yada!), and in the very end, we are still, too, grounded by our, separate realities, which consisted of, those bills, piling up the kitchen counter, taking over our lives, dishes in the sink, laundry overflowing the baskets, trash everywhere.

And we still, get, TRAPPED!

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As the Government “Allowed” Us, Women, to Spend Our New Year’s Eve with Our Own Families of, Origin

The government here, RE-iterated that it SHOULD BE ALLOWED, for us women who are married (still so totally NOWHERE N-E-A-R the vicinity of THAT shit here!), to go home to our own individual families of origins for New Year’s Eve meal gatherings…

Now, the government had, called out to the families with the sons, to be “more open” to the idea, to allow us women, to have the needed “time off”, seeing how we’d waited on them (our husbands and their families) hand-AND-FEET, all year long already, to give us a break!

And called out to the in-laws to not be so “narrow-minded”, to allow us women, to head home to our own individual families of origins on New Year’s Eve.

Now, there ARE, a few (more like a ton of!) problems with that:  first, who the FUCK (so???) says, that we can’t go to our own families of origins on New Year’s Eve to have the meals, and, this government’s “graciously allowing” us to do that, wouldn’t that be insinuating that before the statements made, we weren’t allowed to?

and the “caption” reads: one in five believes that women are inferior to men, study shows…from online

Secondly, who the FUCK (no need to pardon me here still!) says, that once we women are married, we are, SLAVES to your (men’s) families, as the traditions of this god damn CULTURE stated (not in so many words still!), that we’re supposed to be MISUSED as the maid, heading home on the holidays, serving our in-laws, our husbands (1@ a time, hello, hello, hello???), and their siblings, however many there are! Hand-and foot?

And third, just because we are married to you losers (just bring that UZI to my wedding, remember???) that does NOT mean, that we’re, your SLAVES, “honey” (still sarcasm “talkin’” here!), and, that’s that.

We will NOT take any more SHIT from you losers, our has-beens (b/c that’s what you’ll become, IF you do NOT behave yourselves!), and, all you mothers-in-law out there, DO remember, that we are the ones, who will be able to give your STUPID little boys their children, and unless all you mothers want to get CHARGED with INCEST (sex with your own direct next-of-kin, hello, hello, hello!!!), DO show respect to us, women who aren’t related to you, okay???

This is still ME, asking you, “nicely”, and trust me, nobody want to see me mean, just ask my two already DEAD boys, they’d seen me like that from high school, and they’d, DUCKED out for cover.

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Enormous Firepower, the Police Busted the Very First Case of 3-D Printing Shop of Rifles

We can now, print out own ARMS, inside the “comfort” of our own homes now, and, that just make these dangerous arms, even MORE easily, accessible, and imagine if this technology gets into, the “wrong hands”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

the forklift driver, Lee was suspected of buying equipment including a 3D printer and other materials to print out the guns, as the police searched his place, he was printing out the body of a rifle, the police confiscated two fully printed rifles at his place, this was the very first case of rifles confiscated from 3-D printing; as Lee heard that the police was sending his guns in for testing to see if it can be used as a weapon, he’d told them there wasn’t a need, he’d already, successfully, fired the guns sixty-five times.  The D.A. set his bail at $50,000N.T. after they interrogated him.

There are already cases of printing guns using 3D printers from other countries, the sixth of the investigations unit of the Detective Agency received the intel last September online, that the thirty-six-year-old man, Lee bought the needed supplies to print out a gun, that he was suspected of making the weapons on his own, and called it in to the Chiayi District Attorney’s Office to have them sign off on a search.

and the step-by-step “how-to” from online…with all the parts, labeled, and the assembling means on the “next page”…from online

The Detective Agency tagged along the Chiayi Police to surveil Lee, found that he worked as a forklift operator, that he’d not gotten into close contact with anybody in his family, or at work, that he had a simple style of life, and already bought the 3D printers, the metal barrels, the prop bullets and other items needed to print out the three-dimensional guns,, they suspected that he may have other skills needed to print out guns.

On the ninth, the police went to Lee’s residence, with a search warrant, at the time, Lee was printing the gun barrel of a rifle using the 3-D printer, and was caught right in the act, the police found two already-printed rifles, three semi-made rifles, an altered gun, a mock gun, and semi-completed handgun, eleven more gun barrels, seventy-one bullets, sixty-five shell casings, and the three-dimensional printers, the raw materials used to print the weapons, and other viable evidence.

The police stated that they are to take the guns to the criminal investigations unit for forensics, Lee told them on site, “No need, already tested them, they have, firepower!”, claimed that the sixty-five shell casings the police confiscated was from the two rifles he’d printed out, and tested.

the “end product”…

photo from online

Lee told, that what drove him to print the firearms was because he was “picked on” by someone, that with a gun gains you the respect; the police suspected that Lee printed the arms to sell them, and the case is viewed as laws against possessions of dangerous firearms, the D.A. set his bail at fifty-thousand dollars N.T.

The police told, it costs around ten thousand dollars N.T.s to buy a 3D printer, there are the multiple diagrams of gun assembling, gun printing formatting, that it is easy for someone who wanted them to download, and it only takes around four days for a rifle to get printed out, that it’s usable, like the rifles bought in the gun shops, that this may turn into a cause of concern of possessions of dangerous firearms in the local communities.

And so, thanks to the modern day advances of technology, you can print anything, if you know where to download the pictures, and that’s just really bad, because, everybody can own a dangerous firearm, with enough firepower to commit murder, making this world, that much more, dangerous than ever before.

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We Can Put Up with Her Songs, But We Can’t, Put Up with Her Words of, Truth

As truths, normally, sounded like those NAILS, scratching across that BLACKBOARD???  How the DDP is, selective in only accepting the words of those who sucked up to them, and NOT the words of truths, the words of, real, advice, and we’re still, letting this, BAD political party, RUN our lives, to SIX feet under!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there were, two women from Taiwan who’d gained the most number of news reports, one sang very well, one didn’t.  One gained her fame twenty-five years ago, the other, only risen to her fame recently.

They are, the legislator, Kao, the singer, Yuki Hsu.  One was born in 1978, the other, in 1980.  In the past, we’d called those ladies over forty “ma’am”, but now, we call them, “ladies”.

what Kao’s words sounded like, to the DDP! there’s, that, very, loud, annoying, sharp, SCREECH………photo from online

On the New Year Eve party this year, Yuki Hsu brought the past to everybody who were there, made the eyes filled with tears.  A woman of closes to forty-five still danced and sang, the younger ladies of the generations, can’t even, tag on her, taillights.  The songs, “I’m a girl”, “Great, Great, Great”, and, “Monster”……….too scary.  And if you don’t know any of these, you may have, lived up in the, mountains.  Don’t know if she’s actually a good singer, or the songs sounded very, melodic, every one can be a hit.

While Kao, as her mouth opened, everybody scattered, after all she is, no singer, but loved to perform, her “loss of executive control of office”, landed her the best female lead of the shows.  Every year the statistical department estimated the upcoming year’s predicted budgets, if the taxes collected is over the amount, then the government had, collected overtly, the bigger the difference meant the loss of function of the executive departments, or, that as the GDP goes up, every profession made more money, naturally, more taxes were being, collected, both of these explanations are, correct.

The two ladies in their forties both landed under that perfect spotlight.  One wanted to step off the podium, with everybody hollering “Encore!  Encore!  Encore!”; the other bowed to the masses in her apologetic means, and everybody booed her, wanted her to get OFF.

In recent times, they’re bringing back the, oldies, so, the songs of Yuki Hsu from twenty-five years back, sounded, new; but, to the supporters of the party in power, they’d much rather have the legislator, Kao sing more, and talk a whole lot, less, because, no matter how bad her singing voice is, it beats her telling the society the cold, hard, truths.

And so, this, is what this was, how the truthful words of the party’s legislator now, bit the party on the ass, and, this woman, she finally got some sense knocked into her, realizing, that the party she’s a part of doesn’t do anything for the people, that’s why she’d become, outspoken, because they went after her for something else, and now, the DDP tries to, silence her, but, I’m pretty sure, that Kao will keep on, singing her, tunes of, the truth about what the DDP truly is: corrupt to the core, rotten!

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The Cause of Poverty: Broken Relationships with the Families

The understanding, the awareness, that the writer arrived at, on his trip around Taiwan, to visit the distant region areas, where there are, too many families, waiting for, assistance, the call, for everybody to lend that, helping hand!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d recently finished the fundraiser, 1919 Cycling Around Taiwan, the fifteen day cycling trip of “I ride, You donate”, for the families in dire need.  With a team of sixty-two cyclist, riding 1,300 kilometers around Taiwan, and we’d visited twenty-nine help center, to understand the trials of life of the families hit by emergency situations, hearing their voices, helped them walk that extra mile.  The fifteen days’ of in-depth entering into the poverty-stricken, distant regions, made me see what poverty looked like, and it’d made me realized, that “the origins of poverty WAS from the broken family relations!”

the plea…

photo from online

In actuality, poverty is a widely defined concept, there’s no set definition of it.  From the language, the two characters mean “extremely deprived”, so, poverty is used to describe people living in the hardships of economics, with a shortage of all the resources they’re in need of.  But, being poor, it’s a subjective interpretation, and a comparative; and, there are more levels of poverty than just the economical, materialistic, it may also include societal, economical, as well as political.  In my fifteen days cycling to raise fund for the poverty stricken regions, with personal contact, interactions with the dozens of families, it’d made me feel, that poverty is actually the results of “broken relationships”, especially of the family relationships that were, broken down.

Aunty Chang in Pingdong, is an exemplary case of this.  Aunty Chang is seventy-one, with the condition of mildly mental retardation, live with her younger brother who had a stroke, her own emotionally troubled son, and the nephew with epilepsy.  This family of four lived off of the assistance of handicapped individuals, and the assistance for the elderly.  What added to their difficulties was, that last year, there was a fire on the second floor of their home, the furniture all burned up, there’s now, just the living room on the first floor that can be, used, the originally home with almost nothing now, looked like ruins, and, as it rained, the house would, start, leaking, the place was totally, unoccupiable.  Our teams helped fixed up Aunty Chang’s home, and as she’d cried and told of her trials of life, I can only cry with her, and hugged her, to give her the emotional supports, and told the assistance foundation, to help them look for more resources to help the family, to help them fix up this broken home, so at least this family would have a steady roof over their, heads.

And, there was, an Atayal fellow cyclist this year on our team, who’d, gone on the entire fifteen days’ trip with us.  He’d witnessed the needs of these families, and shared with me, that what he saw, was no different than what he was growing up in, forty years ago.  When this man was only five, his father died from long-term alcohol abuse, leaving his mother, to raise him and his siblings up.  Thankfully, that his mother insisted on getting the children into the church, to help them keep their, faith; because of the church’s unconditional love, and help, it’d helped covered for the lacking of functionality of his family, and it’d helped the family members patched their relationship with one another, up, keeping this Atayal teammate of ours, not gone astray, and he was able to break away from the cycle of poverty, to not pass it down to the next, generation.

And now, the 1919 Cycling Around Taiwan’s fifteen-day long journey is over, but, the needs of these families in the distant regions are still, pressing, and all we can do, is to keep watch over them, continue to accompany these families in need, help raise the funds for the families that are faced with the emergencies, to help those who have the needs, for one more, extra, mile.  I invite you, the readers, to offer a helping hand to those families that are broken down, lacking the normal functions, so the members of these families can, have the hopes for a better, tomorrow.

what we can do to help!

poster from online

Because of you, love cycles!  Help us help those in poverty, to return the relations we share with the outside world back to, love again.

And so, this, is from going deep into the local regions, to SEE and FEEL the needs of these families, and, if we don’t get immersed in the trials of others, and learn to empathize with their situations in life, we will never be driven to help.

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Tang, the Head of Digital Department Can Really, Toot Her Own, Horns

Another way the Tsai government’s, wasted our, tax dollars here, setting up, this BULLSHIT “department” of the government that does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of Digital Department, Tang visited Lithuania, and in an interview of the foreign press, she’d stated that Taiwan will be helping Ukraine in “digital rebuilding”.  Surely, it’s nice, the thought, but she seemed to have forgotten, that the phone scams are worsening by the days here in Taiwan, the government and public agencies’ informational security has a huge hole in the systems, with our personal data getting stolen, and sold off.  Tang left the problem we’re facing at home, went abroad, and, tooted and boasted, what does she think she’s doing?

Awhile ago, the news over 23 million individual personal data was leaked with the N.S.A affirming that this was, true, with the leak coming from the systems of the local land offices.  After the incident, the head of internal affairs, Hsu sent in his resignation, with the “stand-in” head of internal affairs, Hua in a shouting match with the legislators who aren’t of the DDP, with that malicious attitude, until finally, he’d, “promised” to propose a solution on what should be done, within two months.

and, the grand opening of that, “office”…photo from online

These two days, there was the news of the database of the members of China Airlines getting hacked, including Chang, the C.E.O. of TMSC, Terry Go, C.E.O. of Foxconn, the VP, Lai’s personal data being, leaked.  As the civics aerial department started investigating, China Airlines claimed, that they already sent out the emails to the members to “change your passwords periodically”, to ensure the security of your own personal data.  Meaning, that the information are leaked out, because the customers aren’t frequently changing up their, passwords.  As for how the information was hacked, and the responsibilities to China Airlines, there’s, NO mention of any of this.

At the start when the government of Tsai set up the Digital Department, the DDP made it sounded like there’s some amazing acts of the department that’s foreseeable in the futures.  And yet, from its beginnings from last August, the department only put out a “noodle ordering platform”, so Tang could, dance around and show off what she had, accomplished, with the end result of the citizens, booing.

“Information security IS national security”, but, with the digital department now set up, there’s no one who’s in charge of keeping the data from being, hacked by hackers, with Tang keep on, tooting her own, horns.

And, this is another “bill” on that TAB of a long list of how the DDP wasted the taxpayers tax dollars, and, nobody knows what this new digital department does, and my guess would be, that this is only, like those, shell companies of those firms that are laundering money somewhere in Europe (that’s where those things are being done, right???  Wouldn’t know here!), with the name, and “status”, but it doesn’t do SQUAT, it can’t even prevent our personal data from getting stolen, what good is it, huh???


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Why Does it Matter, Who I, Love???

Unfortunately, we, do NOT have the right to decide, WHO it is that we want to, be in love with, despite how “openminded” this world is, becoming here…

Why does it matter, WHO I, love???  I mean, I can love someone, who’s the same sex as I am, I know I’m, entitled, to fall in love, just like, that “next guy or gal”.

Why does it matter, who I, love???  And, when is it, anybody’s business WHO I am in love with, huh?  Who I am with (I’m still “with STUPID” here!!!), is nobody’s business, but, my.

photo from online

Why does it matter, who I, love???  Because the world assigned us, into its own, expected gender specifications, and yeah, so what IF, there are, now the laws that passed to allow for people of the same sex to be married, that still doesn’t mean, that this group of us, who are, different compared to the rest of the “general publics” (and, how’s that defined???).

Why does it matter, who I, love?  I can be a man, in love with man and woman, I can be, a man, in love with another man, or a woman, in love, with, another woman, or, someone who just loves, NO humans, and the pets, if I so choose!

So, whoever the @#$% (maxed out!) I choose to love, is, entirely UP to ME to, decide, the law has NO say in it, the family does NOT have a say in it, the society, the outside world (outside of my own, physical presence) has NO say in it, and that, is, that!

And no, still NOT an, “advocate” of LGBT rights here.  But right to live our own lives, HOW we choose….

Just so we’re, clear, I LOVE, four-legged, wagging tail, wet noses, the ones I can train to respond to my commends of SIT, STAY, good boy, now, fetch “mommy” her pink bunny slippers sort of a “gal” here.

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