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The Death Rates from MERS-CoV Increased by Fifteen Times in the Nursing Homes

How this DDP government still, attempted to BULLSHIT its way out of being responsible in the delayed policies that’s caused to many elderly in the nursing homes to DIE from contraction!  And they still won’t admit that they were wrong, believe it or don’t…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The KMT Criticized the Guidelines of Administering the Medications Came Too Slowly, the Long-Term Care Facility Residents Became the Sacrificed Under the Means of Coexisting with the Virus

As the pandemic started slowing down in the country, but the residential facilities’ number of contracted individuals continued to rise up, the residents of long-term care facilities have a 15.7 times morbidity rate compared to ordinary citizens’.  The legislative group from the KMT criticized, that the CDC had been too slow in everything, the lacking in availabilities of vaccines, the quick scan kits, the oral medications, the CDC’s guidelines of caretaking of patients who’d contracted MERS-CoV in the long-term care facilities had been too slow to come, that it’s the “bureaucracy, the system that’s, murdered the residents”.  The head of the DDP group, Cheng barked back, that the KMT was merely, trying to, divert the case of the young child in Hsinbei who’d died, the case of “En-En”.

Based off of the center of statistics, from January up to June 19th, the local cases accumulated to 3.35 million, with 4,789 deaths, about 0.14-percent; of these, there were a total of 34,943 in the residential nursing homes who’d contracted MERS, 754 deaths, 2.2-percent of rate of death, 15.7 times of ordinary people.

The secretary, Wan pointed out, that a lot of the long-term residents, due to their age, their illnesses, couldn’t tell the caretakers that they are ill, which may delay treatment.  There were many of the long-term care facilities that’d reflected on the shortages of the quick scan kits, and it was during the time when there’s a short supply of the quick scan kits, and the CDC told the nursing homes to go to the local offices of sanitation, but, how would the local government have enough supplies of the quick scan kits, to give to all the long-term care facilities’ residents?

Wan told, that the medications of the residents in the nursing homes, from April 14th to end of May only reached to fifty-six percent, and from May 30th to June 5th, seventy-six percent, and from June thirteenth to the nineteenth it’d finally gotten up to eighty-nine percent.  By mid-May, the orally administered medications finally arrived in shipments, and, it’d made the people wondered, if the death rate is related to the lacking in the medicines being available.  The CDC told, that those who were asymptomatic, or lightly symptomatic can be placed in quarantine where they are, or placed in a collective care unit; but there’s NO set up for this, it’s letting the nursing homes live and die on their own.

The head recruit of the KMT gru9p, Tseng stated, that the long-term care facility residents became the scapegoats of the government’s means of coexisting with the virus, that the DDP government only had the sights on the election, with the unclear policies from the CDC, the guidelines that came too late, that it’s the bureaucracy that’s, murdered these nursing home residents.

Cheng rebutted, that the KMT aimed at destroying the CDC, so they can win the end-of-year elections.  He’d told, the residential homes medication administration is already up to eighty-nine-percent, that there’s not been any delays.

Yeah, uh that’s, how this DICTATOR party still, tried evading its responsibilities for the lives lost in these nursing homes, just like how at the start, it’d delayed the importing of the vaccines that worked, relied on the donations of foreign countries, and it’d become johnny-come-lately in everything, and, johnny-come-lately, became, the hand that’s caused all these deaths that could’ve been avoided in the nursing homes, and, guess who johnny-come-lately is puppeted by?  The DDP!

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The “Lain-Flat Policies” of Defense Against MERS-CoV, People are Gambling Their Lucks

On the “nature” of MERS-CoV and its, many, mutations, written by a researcher, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the Omicron strain of MERS-CoV started up, because of the rate of morbidity isn’t as high as the past strands, a lot of the areas decided to just wait and see how this particular strain develops, not actively set up the policies to keep the crowd under control.  This also caused the seemingly lightly symptomatic Omicron to get past its former precedents too soon.

This means of carelessness, is exactly like how we’d neglected to note the effects of carbon emissions on global warming.

Currently, most of the countries chose the lain-flat methods of passive trying to keep the spread under control, opened up the gates actively, and yet, there’s, that slowly rising rate of morbidity in every country in the world.

Other than the expectancies of the slowing down of the pandemic, the sightings of the much more dangerous BA.4 and BA.5 signaled, that they may be a brand new mutated strain of MERS-CoV, maybe, the government units needed to start getting the active means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV back up, to NOT allow the citizens to, gamble on their lucks.  Even if the functioning of the society is maintained on the surfaces, there were a ton of industries that’d been impacted greatly, that’s not received the needed government assistance, and can only fend for themselves.

It’s okay, that the government HATES the communists, but, other than using that sour grape mindset to view how China is shutting down the gates of the cities toward outside, the democratic countries should contemplate on this, how many precious lives would come to be lost, for the sake of short-term economic growths, and dignities, and the unchecked total social costs of long-term Covid 19.

We can take from Singapore’s examples of effectively using science to protect against the spread of MERS-CoV, and can also learn from Vietnam, the Philippines, that as they’d been hit at the start of this year too hard, these two countries became, the countries with almost no confirmed contractions, instead of allowing the heavens to take the lives of tens of thousands of citizens lives in only half a year.

And so, this is how the countries are now, fatigued, from keeping the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV up anymore, and, apparently, the HUMAN species still ain’t learned, that MERS-CoV is opportunistic, that every time we’d slacked off, loosened our guards, it would get, heat back up again, hello, hello, hello, that is, the TREND of this virus, or, is it because you all can’t see, ‘cuz you all got your heads, STUCK too far up your, separate FUCKING (so???) asses to see that, huh?

This is, an opportunistic virus, that takes advantages of humans’ slacking off, and the moment we lose our guards, it will, start back up again, like how the Delta and the Omicron strains occurred, and each and every time, the virus contents would be lowered, causing a declining number of fatalities, but at the same time, each mutated strain will be quicker, and quicker to spread, or had you all NOT noted, how this is the evolution, of this, particular, virus here, huh?

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The Eye-Gouging Perpetrator Didn’t Get a Reduced Sentence Due to His Mental Illness, Still Sentenced to Five Years

Mental incapacitation, temporary insanity did NOT work, not this time!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Locals are Worried, that “He May be Back Here Way Too Soon”, the Female Store Clerk is still in Recovery, the Families Told the Press, “No Comment”

The shocking eye-gouging case last year in Pingdong, the man, Yang was upset that the store clerk, Pan reminded him to mask up, he’d strangled her neck, and, gouged her eyes out with his bare hands; two months before this, Yang had hacked another woman to injury, the D.A. charged him on attempted murder and aggravated assault.  The Pingdong District Court found Yang guilty of assault and attempted murder, sentenced him to five years yesterday, this can still be appealed.

On September 26th of last, Yang was displeased at how Pan the store clerk reminded him to mask up, he’d assaulted her, causing her to sustain a broken nose, fracture in her left eye socket, and damages on her eyes.  After the incident, the police found that on June 30th of last, Yang used a butcher’s knife to attack and elderly woman, the victim sustained injuries on her left neck, her abdomen, it was the workers in the shop who stepped up, to stop Yang from murdering the elder.

Because Yang was diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was forced into treatment for over a month for hacking the elderly woman, after the hospital assessed him as stabilized, they’d released him, and in September, he’d committed the eye gouging case.

The Collectivist Court believed, that Yang hacking the woman down, after he was subdued, he’d immediately stopped attacking, and, didn’t chase after the victim as she’d left, and, sentenced him on physical assault charges for a year two months; and the attack on the female clerk was an attempted aggravated assault, he got sentenced to four years for that.  He is to serve a total of five years.

And, although Yang was a schizophrenic, but the courts didn’t find that he couldn’t control his actions due to his conditions to the point that he couldn’t tell his behaviors from right or wrong, not given him a reduced sentence.

As the local villagers heard the verdict, they’d all claimed that it was too lenient, worried that Yang “may return way too soon”.  After the incidents, the families moved away, and the elderly father couldn’t adapt to the new place, moved back to the countryside, and lived alone, and had gotten lost many times as he rode out on his scooter.

The Collectivist Courts told, that the crimes of attempts, fitted to the reductions of sentencing, that attempted aggravated assault is anywhere from two and a half years to six years in prison, and, considering all the facts, four years is, fitting.

After Pan’s release from the hospitals, she’d moved into a relative’s home to recover, she’s now in stable condition, the county social services department will conduct a third counseling for her.  The families refused to express anything toward the verdict.  The owner of the super convenience shop told, that Yang still in insured by the store, that she is still an employee, hoped that she would come back to work after she’d made her recovery.

And so, this psycho did NOT get that reduction of his sentence, due to his mental conditions, and he shouldn’t, because, what he did was awful, it’d caused the victim to lose her eye sight, and on top of that, he’d lost control, and assaulted an elder with a butcher’s knife, and having someone like that living in the neighborhood is like having a bomb, waiting to explode at any given time, and if this man gets a reduced sentence, then, the entire neighborhood would be, unsafe.

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Her Son Owed Debts & Was Kidnapped, the Brave Mother Took the Fake Cash to Rescue Him Out

This showed, how the police aren’t, doing their jobs, that’s why this mother had to go and rescue her son on her own, putting her own life in danger, this woman was given the run-around, before a police station finally did SOMETHING to assist her in getting her son out from the kidnappers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Woman Went to Three Separate Police Substations and Still Can’t Find Anybody to Accompany Her to Rescue Her Own Son, She Took Along $1.3 Million N.T.’s Worth of Fake Bills to Meet the Kidnappers, the Police is Checking to See if They Were Negligent

The man, Liao had accumulated a total of $1.5 million N.T.s in gambling debts, was taken by Chang and two other men by force, as his mother noted, she’d run to THREE separate police stations in just two days, and in the end, she took the $1.3 million N.T.s, provided by the Banciao Police to drop the money to the kidnappers to save her own son’s life, as she’d made the drop, the kidnappers made her; thankfully, as Chang saw that his kidnapping scheme went bust, he’d released the man.  The police notified Chang and the two other accomplices to the station, and sent them to the D.A.’s Office on charges of obstruction of freedom, kidnapping, etc.

The mother of Liao first went to the substations in Shuling, Shihlin, and Banciao, to get the police to help her find her son, and press charges on obstructions of freedom by the kidnappers, and in the end, it was the Beitou Substation that notified the suspects and started working the case; and because the other police stations didn’t help the woman out when she’d gone to them, an investigations by the internal affairs had started.

The police investigations found, the twenty-three year-old Liao took along two hoodlums, seventeen-year-olds to the casino to play Texas Hold ‘em, but lost a total of $1.5 million N.T.s; the twenty-four year-old Chang, Chen, and Lee got one of the seventeen year olds to the business hotel at Sanchong in Hsinbei City, then called up Liao, then they took all three in, and pressed them to pay the gambling debts.

On the evening of the eighth, Liao’s mother went to the Shuling Substation of the Shuling Subprecinct to ask for help, the police tracked the GPS on Liao’s phone, found that he was around the Shihlin Night Markets, as Liao’s mother learned that her son was fine, she’d gone home, at around two in the morn on the ninth, she got a call from her son, asking her to pay $1.5 million N.T.s, that was when she’d learned, that something had happened to him, she’d returned back to the Shuling Subprecinct t ask for help, then, at four in the morn, she’d gone to the Wenling Substation of Shihlin Police to ask for help.

The local police got the patrol out searching, and couldn’t find Liao after they’d reviewed the surveillance, learned that he was out with someone he was acquainted with, asked Liao’s mother if she wanted to press charges, but Liao’s mother didn’t say, and returned back home.  The Shuling Substation found that the tracker showed that the kidnappers were in Beitou, and had the Shihlin Police notify Liao’s mother.

At eight in the morn that day, Liao’s mother turned to the Shalung Subprecinct of Banciao Subprecinct, as the police learned that it was a matter of debts, she was then told, that due to how pressing the case was, she could head to the Beitou Substation for help, Liao’s mother told the police, “but I don’t have the money, what shall I do?” the officers gave her the bags of money used in the fraud cases, totaling up to $1.3 million N.T.s in value, told her that she can put one real one thousand dollar bill as the first and the last.  Liao’s mother took the fake cash away.

At four in the afternoon on the ninth, as Liao’s mother went to make the drop, she’d called the police, the Beitou Police weren’t there to back her up, and Liao’s mother went alone to deal with Chang and the other kidnappers, told them, “I need to see my son first”.  Then, she entered the car, and was taken somewhere else, and after she saw that her son and the two others were all right, she’d, handed the fake money to the kidnappers, then, got out of the kidnappers’ car in a rush.

As Chang and his accomplices found that the cash was fake, they were shocked, realized, that the police was on to them, let the three they’d kidnapped go, then, escaped in separate directions, later all three kidnappers were caught and taken to the Beitou Police, charged with obstruction with freedom, threats, and assault and harm, etc., etc., etc.

Liao’s mother thanked the Banciao Police for their help yesterday, and stated that she didn’t feel that the police didn’t work the kidnapping of her son passively, but couldn’t understand why the Shuling Substation only assisted her in calling in the kidnapping, and how the Shihlin Police Substation’s questioning her for lacking enough evidence, that they can’t, take her case.

And so, you would think, that in these cases, getting the hostage out safe and sound is the primary point, but, based off of what this woman experienced, the police seemed to be too caught up on evidence collection, that’s why she’d gone to two separate stations before she was able to find one that actually did something, to help her save her son’s life.

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The Families Accused the Government: You’d Taken the Dignities Out of the Deceased During that Final Mile of Their Lives

This is AT the scenes!  And the HEAD of the CDC (off with HIS head) stated: the CDC never made these cremation mandates, “VERBATIM”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matters of getting those who’d died of contractions cremated quickly continued to burn, the KMT group hosed the press conference yesterday, to share the griefs, the losses of those whose elders had, died of contraction, how the father’s final mile of life, was treated like the waste product of the medical systems, that there’s absolutely, ZERO dignity given to him as a man.  The KMT group stated that the papers disclosing of how to handle the dead bodies wasn’t with the specifications, that the mandates from the CDC had, damaged many families, causing the entry level employees, the funeral home operators, to take the blames as scapegoats, called out to the CDC, to set the limits of time of the cremations of those who’d died of contractions.

Ms. Wang whose father had been confirmed of MERS-CoV contraction pointed out through the video chats, that on the day her father was confirmed of contraction, he’d been assigned by the local department of sanitations to the specialized wards, and he’d died, nineteen days afterwards; her father longed to come home, every minute he was in the hospital, and in the end, he’d died, all alone, without his loved ones by his side, and, the families are in grief over this too.

Ms. Wang told, that because the doctors told the families, that the rules mandated that the bodies needed to get cremated within twenty-four hours of death, the families can only comply with the rules, and as they saw their elder, he was already, inside, the coffin, with the layers of Saran wraps over the coffin, there’s no video documentation, no families close by to witness the final rites, the only one who’d accompanied her father the whole way the hired nurse told, that her father had been wrapped in three layers of body bags, without his needles getting pulled out from his legs, still wearing the diapers, and, without a clean change of clothes too, and the families can only, accept this.

Ms. Wang told, that as she saw the director of the CDC told lightly, “there’s no mandates of death within twenty-four hours”, could it be, that after this, the families would have to, have the hospitals take out the mandates on how the corpses are supposed to handled as mandated by the CDC from now on?  What’s saddest to her, was that for the final passage of her father’s life, he was disposed of like some toxic medical waste product, that there’s no dignity given to him whatsoever, so that, is how the government by the DDP, treats its people.

The legislator from the KMT, Hong told, a lot of the families don’t want the officials handling the bodies to contract the virus when they were handling the bodies, although they feel unwilling, but they can only, agree with the rules.  But, Chen’s words, made all those who’d lost their elders “ingrates”, and this is the government’s, evading responsibilities, mistreating the people.

Toward the accusations from all around, the chairman of the DDP, Cheng stated, that the Executive Department already assigned the Department of Internal Affairs to research the matter, that the KMT should NOT manipulate the people politically anymore.

The Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation C.E.O. Yo told, that the more than three thousand members of the public who’d contracted the virus and died, were all cremated within twenty-four hours of death, that the C.D.C. couldn’t not know about this, and yet, after two and a half years, the C.D.C. tried to, evade the responsibilities, it’s truly, unreasonable.

Yo pointed out, that “thinking too much, you wouldn’t have the guts to do it”, and, the opposite is also true, he’d believed, that two and a half years ago, Chen would’ve shouldered up more responsibilities, because the matters were easier to handle then, and now, because of the mess from the outbreaks, and his considerations of running for mayor of Taipei, he’d, considered, too much, that this is, a serious test for a politician who needs to, show some, responsibilities.

And so, due to the evasive rules set up by the CDC, and who’s in charge of these rules by the CDC, oh yeah, it’s the director, that’s why the families who’d lost their loved ones in this outbreak can’t bid their loved ones, a proper, farewell, and now, the director of the C.D.C., due to pressure from the outside world, came out of that ivory tower he’d been living in, and said, “oh, I did NOT mandate the rules of swift cremation for all who’d died of contraction”, tossing the blames to the local governments and the hospitals, for not allowing the families to have that proper goodbye?  Yeah, see how that’ll, fly with the people here!

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The Air, My Friend

How it’s too important, to try our best, to keep that, positive attitude toward everything we encounter in our lives, because that, is the determinant of how we will, get through the trials in our separate, lives, the column by Jimmi Liao, translated by me…

He Must Loves the Rain So,

Being Completely Drenched, and Still, Quite Happy.

He Must Have, Weathered through All the Life’s Trials Then,

Enjoyed Turning the Tragedies, into, Comedies.

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, from

He May Not Love the Rain,

May Not Have, Seen it All in His Life.

He Just, Has, that Smile on His Face

Eternally is All.

So, this just showed, how whether or not we are, happy or upset, it’s all due to our own, interpretations, and yeah, we may feel down and out from time to time, so long as we don’t forget, that the sun is, hiding inside the dark clouds we are weathering currently, that all shall, come to, pass…

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The Sex Scandals of the Zhongzhen First Substation, the Captain of the Detective Squad Suspended

The morale of the police department surely had, gone, down low, low, lower, lower still here, and this was a decorated higher up officer of the police units too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the Captain, Chen of the Detective Squad was on Duty, He Got Drunk & Raped a Female Friend, the D.A. of Taipei Investigated that Case, the Assistant Station Manager Asked to be Punished on His Own

The Zhongzhen First Substation had a sex scandal, the captain of the detective teams, Chen was accused of sexually assaulting a woman during his time at work, as the substation had been notified, they’d sent Chen in on obstruction of sexual freedom, and terminated his post at work, the case will be investigated and prosecuted by the Taipei D.A.’s Office.

At the end of May, when Chen was on duty at the station, he got drunk in his office alone, then, called in a woman, and, shortly thereafter, he’d, sexually, assaulted her, the female friend was upsets, and called the Women’s & Children’s Squad to press charges on him.

As the substation was notified, they’d, immediately started investigating, believed that Chen had broken the laws, other than handing down the severe punishments for him, they’d sent him to Taipei D.A.’s Office as they needed to, reported to the police units, and, suspended him, and, demoted him to a nonmanagerial position at the station, while the manager of the substation, Chen asked for his punishment on his own, for not supervising his subordinates closely enough.

Based off of understanding, the victim stated that she had said NO, but Chen still raped her; but, in his interrogations, Chen believed that the sex was, consensual, that he’d not, forced himself onto her.

Chen is tall and handsome, graduated out of the Police Academy’s 66th term of training, out of the criminal investigations graduate school, other than being good looking, articulate, he’d entered into the police forces second unit, and, worked as the guard of the former department of chief of justice, Shih, afterwards, he’d entered into the criminal investigations unit, started working as the higher up official of the Taipei Criminal Investigations Unit, worked as the captain of the Wenshan First Substation, then, transferred to Zhongzhen First Substation as a captain of the detective squad, had a good outlook in the career path of law enforcement.

Based off of understanding, those who knew him in the police forces found that Chen had issues with alcohol, and consoled with him to not get intoxicated, and yet, in the end, he still, got drunk, and is now, involved in sexual assault; the married Chen had close contact with Taipei D.A.’s Office, and the way he’d worked every case assigned to him had, impressed the district attorneys, last month, as the gangs gathered up to incite a fight, it was Chen who’d, solved the case in only two short weeks’ time, and, many of the district attorneys who’d heard about how Chen was involved in sexual assault, they all shook their heads in disbelief.

And so, had this captain of the detective squad not gotten drunk then, maybe none of this SHIT would’ve, happened, but, he got drunk, and raped someone, and he deserved to get punished, no matter how blemish-free his prior records, or how many arrests, how outstanding he is at his work in law enforcement, because this act of rape, it’d, destroyed him completely.

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Quote: Arundhati Roy — Rethinking Life

AZ QuOtes

Quote: Arundhati Roy — Rethinking Life

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The Instructors Weren’t Certified in Early Childhood Education, and the Parents Had to Press for the Facts

This is too, messed up, and it’s still because the government’s not setting up the rules and regulations up completely, problems in the systems, because the Department of Education doesn’t tighten up the requirements, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of early childhood education laws, the various facilities of childcare needed to post the qualifications, the degrees attained, the certifications of the educators openly, but, a lot of the preschool aren’t following this rule, causing over eighty-percent of uncertainties in the answering of the parents’ inquiries, “are the early childhood educators for my child actually, qualified?  Are they certified?”.

As one parent was told of the law’s requirement of the facilities of childcare posting the experiences, the education levels of the early childhood educators, they are all surprised, that there’s not a systems of checks for this, that the schools wouldn’t tell the parents if the instructors are licensed, that they’re worried that if their young is in the class of an unlicensed educator.

Another parent said, that there’s a high turnover rate of instructors in preschool, that her child from the preschool levels to the final year of kindergarten, switched a total of two, three educators, and that there’s no way that she could ask the person in charge of the preschool, if the instructors are fully qualified, and has the certifications.

And the National Parents Organization C.E.O. Peng told, that the private preschools don’t pay for the certified early childhood educators, and not offered the equal benefits and the promotions to the workers, causing the professionals to seek out work elsewhere, and now, there’s this lacking in human resources, in the schools, that this is awful for the parents.

To this, the Department of Education stated, that due to limited human resources, if the parents responded to the local governments, the local governments will do all they can to understand the situation.  Currently, there were only the advisories given to the school on this.

And so, this is how the Department of Education showed complete lack of care and concern, for this problem, not knowing, that early childhood education is one of the most vital time of a child’s life, and, as the quality of education in the early childhood years gets sacrificed, the country is going to sink with it.

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Shooting Fuels Parents’ Fears All Over Again

In light of the shooting in TX, from the New York Times, how the shootings in schools, affect everybody in the country, not just those who are directly involved, in the schools where the shootings had, occurred, written by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, Chelsea Rose Marcius, & Lola Fadulu…

Last Tuesday night, Luz Belliard sat on the edge of her bed in upper Manhattan in the room she shares with the nine-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, and thought about what to say.

Victoria, a third grader, was sitting on her own bed, which was covered with stuffed animals; she had already seen on the evening news that children her age had been killed in a mass shooting at a school in Texas.

Now, Belliard had to consider just what she would tell Victoria on their walk to school the next morning: Listen to your teachers.  Get down on the floor.  Remember the drills you do in class.

“She’s young, but she understands—sometimes too much,” Belliard said Wednesday outside Victoria’s school in Washington Heights.  “To take your child to school and come back to see them dead, it’s not fair.  It should not be that way.”

“It’s sad that a lot of children died that way.  Those children had a big life ahead of them,” the girl said. “When I hear that kind of stuff it makes me scared.”

In New York and across the country Wednesday, children, parents and caregivers grappled with the aftermath of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where an eighteen-year-old gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers before being shot dead by authorities.

They hugged their children a little tighter and lingered a little longer at drop-off.  They could imagine too easily a gunman bursting into their own child’s classrooms.  And they were once again faced with a haunting question: Is there anywhere in America schoolchildren can truly be safe?

Some schools around the country took extra precautions in the wake of the shooting.  Schools in Texas and Florida banned backpacks from buildings Wednesday.  Officials in states including Georgia and Virginia sent extra officers to schools as a precaution.  In New York City, home to the largest school system, officials are considering ways to tighten security, including locking school doors after children have arrived for the day.

The shooting has cast a somber tone over the final days and weeks of the school year.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to say publicly,” Deborah Gist, superintendent of schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrote in a Facebook post.  “I feel a huge responsibility to use the right words.  How, though, do I express the horror, outrage, frustration, disappointment, pain, and fear that an event like the shooting in Uvalde brings?  It’s a parent’s, a teacher’s, a principal’s, and a superintendent’s worst nightmare.”

And so, this is how these things affect the children, because they’re in the immediate environment of all of this, and, there’s still the need for tighter gun control laws, to make the arms not that easily accessible to just anyone who wants to buy, and, these shootings still don’t just, affect those whose lives are altered directly, those with victims in the tragedies, it affects, everybody in the world.

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