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Give Me the Vaccines, & We Don’t Care for the Rest: the Government Needs to Let Go of Its Pride in Control, & Allow the Non-Government Organizations to Assist

Due to the INCOMPETENCE of this god damn (so???) government, the people are, crying out, but, are we, heard?  HECK no!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks get worse, we have a serious shortage of vaccines, and yet, our central government grabbed onto power with its, death grips.  There were originally half a million doses of vaccines donated by the Buddhist Foundation, the secretary of the foundation called out to the Tsai government, to “allow the not-for-profit organizations save Taiwan”.

Not only the Buddhist foundation, but also, Terry Go’s own foundation was also, faced with, similar problems, the foundation filed for five million German BNT vaccines to be imported, but the vaccines got stuck from being imported, because the government refused to sign the papers for the importing.  As the numbers of those who are dying of MERS-CoV and the contraction rates hiking up, seeing this scene, I only have one sentiment: speechless.

People told: fighting the virus is like fighting a war.  But, based off of the epidemic of MERS-CoV, preventing the spread is not only going to war, but being IN the war itself.  As the cannons are firing off, guns shooting, the most urgent thing for the country is preventing the spread as quickly as we possibly can, and yet, the most important key to preventing the spread is, vaccination, whether it be that the government is “incompetent” or that it’s lacked the measures, when the government can’t provide enough vaccines for the people, and as the not-for-profit organizations are more than willing to help, the government should be ever more grateful, why would it have the reasons to block out the importing, the shipments of the vaccines from internationally?

Looking back at the disasters that hit Taiwan, the largest was Typhoon Morakot, while, during the time, the government worked together with the private organizations.  Toward the help given to the country by the non-profit organizations, the former president, Ma and the head of legislature, Wu are ever so grateful to this very day.

And now, the crises of MERS-CoV is way worse than the typhoon back in 2009, on one hand, the virus is an invisible enemy, secondly, the spread is very fast.  What our government prided itself of being “Ahead of the rest” is now, an, international LAUGHING stock, moreover, the masses are being, exposed, when the lacking of water, of electricity, of vaccines became, a norm of the society, to the point of these being the most widely complained on matter of the locals, I can’t understand why the government grabbed a hold too tightly onto power, is the government worried that it might lose face, or that their party may lose the next election?

bureaucracy & red tapes and “we the people” get, SCREWED over!…from online

Lives are what’s at stake here, the powers of the party, the face of the heads of state, none of that is more important than the lives of people, when lives are being threatened, nobody could CARE about what party you are, all we care about is “give me the vaccines, as for the rest: we don’t CARE!”, such a simple rule, the commanders of CDC, along with all those other higher-up government officials, they get that, right?

If the Central Government wanted to be the one to sign the contracts to buy the vaccines internationally, then, why doesn’t it?  Are the vaccine manufacturers not wanting to sell to Taiwan?  Or is it that the government can’t get the vaccine manufactures to sell to the government?  I’m sure, that everybody who is living here has these questions.  The virus does NOT discriminate what party you belong to, and, those who contracted the virus and died, aren’t of one single party affiliation, rather than being stubborn on how “the contracts needed to be signed by the vaccine manufacturers with the government itself”, “let the central government assign the resources”, allowing the epidemic to worsen, why not, allow the not-for-profit organizations to step in to help out?

Because this party is all on who gets the “name” on the roster that will make them look pretty, and, during the time the government tries to get its name onto the rosters of “yay, we are the ones who bought the vaccines for you people!” people ARE, already D-E-A-D, and the only way I can make sense of this is that the government doesn’t think that enough people had D-I-E-D yet, and this is a bad government that we are, currently, living under.

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The Male Prostitute from Hong Kong Drew a Taiwanese Female Police Officer “I Thought Taiwan wouldn’t Punish”

Phishing for SEX online, and, you CAUGHT, the BIGGEST “fish” all right, and she is a C-O-P you MORON!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As third-stage alerts are reached, most of the operators of the sex industries still took on the clients privately, the police recently found the cases, of the foreign ladies selling for sex, but, a man, Kwok from Hong Kong came to Taiwan on a work visa solicited the clients online, but, he’d not imagined, that he hooked up with a female officer of the Changwha Substation, the female officer bravely asked Kwok to a motel two days ago, as they’d discussed the prices, Kwok was, immediately, arrested, and fined $1,500 N.T. for obstructions of social order.

The police found, that since the zooming in on the sex industries as the outbreak happened, there were mostly, foreign ladies who’d sold, and this time, the 39-year-old male, Kwok was found, and this may be the very first, of its case.

The officer told, that Kwok is about 5’6, gentlemanly looking, and he had that thick Hong Kong accent as he spoke, looked like a finance industry worker, hard to imagine, that he works as a male prostitute.

like this one???

hot, right, ladies??? Photo from online, and this one, is a Brazilian, so state on the “caption” of this photo from online

Kwok came to Taiwan on a work visa, worked at the sex massage parlors in Taichung, Changwha, he’d claimed that this was the first time he was caught, and said, that he couldn’t imagine, that the police in Taiwan was out to arrest male prostitutes too.

A female officer of Dapu Substation, when shopping online using a social media program on her phones, received a pop-up ad, she’d clicked it, then, immediately, someone’s LINE account asked her to befriend her, the individual claimed to be a masseur, but used the sexually illicit languages, even sent the female officer photos of his penis, and stated that he “customizes” his “service”; the female officer suspected that the male masseur was a cowboy, after she’d reported the matter to the station manager, Wang, two days ago, she’d asked Kwok out to a motel, to “trade”.

The female officer bravely entered into the room, started up the conversation with Kwok, and agreed on a price, the man spoke in a Cantonese accent, that for the simple massages, the cost is $2,500N.T, with sex, $2,000N.T. more, as the female officer managed to collect the evidences, the two male officers, and the police station manager, Wang came in, made an arrest, and it’d, thrilled Kwok.

This is still, by, pure, chance, had the female officer not shopped online on the website, she wouldn’t have encountered that pop-up ad, where this MANWHORE was selling his body for sex, and she wouldn’t have, enticed him to take the bait, and this LOSER wouldn’t have, gotten caught, in the A-C-T, with his PANTS down (not physically!), and, that just showed, how easy, someone can still get solicited for S-E-X online, even when one isn’t, looking for it!

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Cold-Blooded, &, Anger

With an AIRHEAD as the president, who has, absolutely ZERO clue, of how WE the people are, suffering due to her policies, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mayor, Ke of the city of Taipei told Central Government, “don’t sit around the office and watch the digits”, “your brains are so stiff!”, he’d, blurted that out too, other than how the central government lacked the methods of corresponding to the matter of the spread of MERS-CoV fast enough, also showed, how the bureaucratic mindset of how the higher up officials only read the data and statistics.

Toward this hard-hitting outbreak, Ke had multiple times gotten angered at the Central Government, this time, because of how the commanding center stated how there are still 628 beds in the specialized MERS-CoV ward available, but the head of public health of Taipei, Huang told there were only twenty left.  The numbers are too far off from the reality, it’s a wonder that Ke demanded that the officials of the Central government to “Stand outside the E.R. and see for yourselves!”

And even there’s the misreading the number of “rooms” and the number of “beds” available, but the sheets that the Central government made treated the director of N.T.U. Hospital like it was fake news; while the ambulance, ran around the city with the patients inside, can’t find a hospital to take them into, and the news of how those who are at-home quarantine, dying, before a bed becomes, available to them, it is interpreted as the local’s “cognitive wars” then.

the bobblehead of Tsai, asking what photo she should use for her profile to those who are, “following” her…from online

For over a year now, the Tsai government stated to the people in the country, as well as proclaiming to the rest of the world, that “we’re, way ahead of the rest”, was certified, a international BULLSHIT by international media; while Mayor Ke was only the one, who’d, popped the balloon is all.

The discrepancies of the number of the bed, that’s only, a tip of the iceberg, the actual number of the buying powers of the vaccines, is totally off from what we actually received by shipments, the “recounting of the numbers” of the confirmed diagnoses, causing chaos in the data on the spread, it’d, caused the fight against the virus for Taiwan, to become valid, only, in the tiny rising number of fatalities, but, in the Tsai government, none of that mattered, than the 150,000 doses of Moderna vaccines which is arriving in Taiwan.

“Only 150,000 doses, because if we get them all in one shipment, we can’t, ‘digest’ it all completely”, as the DDP stated, how can the Taiwanese get angry over it?  The outbreaks are scary, sure, but, using this cold-blooded mannerism to prevent the spread, that’s, even scarier!

And so, this, is how detached from REALITY the heads of state is here, the president, with the BOBBLE-HEAD (because that, is what she is!), still kept, nodding, nodding, nodding her stupid head away, and she still puts on that FAKE smile, whenever she made an “appearance” on the press conferences, claiming, “We will ALL be, a-okay”, and she’s still, without a single CLUE of what’s happening down, outside of that god damn, ivory tower (note: her ivory tower is NOT as same as mine here!) of hers.

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The Urban Legend of Mr. Dinosaur

Yeah uh, mommy’s a liar, that fooled, EVERYBODY, including, the new janitors at the science museum too!  Translated…

“It’s said, that Mr. Dinosaur at the science museum will clock out and get off work at five, and before he goes home, he would check to see if there are any children who were in the museum, if there are, then, he’ll, grab them, take them home, and make them into his supper for the night.  Hear it, the music’s played, the older children are all heading toward the exit now.  Come, Mr. Dinosaur is about to, clock out”.  This, was the unproven, urban legend of the science museums, and the source of where this legend came from, only three person, know, two were eaten, by the dinosaur, while the third, I’m not, at liberty, to say.

like this clip, from A Night in the Museum, off of YouTube

Night at the Museum (1/5) Movie CLIP – Throw the Bone (2006) HD – YouTube

On this story, my three kids believed with absolutely, NO doubt, not only once, as they’d heard the music of closing time playing, they’d, grabbed my hand, and ran fast toward the exits, “Mr. Dinosaur is about to clock out!”  Once at the museum, they’d, dragged me to leave quickly, while the workers saw how cute they were, how they’d helped cleaning up the environment, they’d wanted to give them some origami, and heard them hollered aloud, “Come quick!  Mr. Dinosaur is about to get off work!”, the workers asked me what that was about.

And so, I can, only, given them hint, as they’d heard, they showed that look of, disbelief, then I’d added, “you just started working, a short while ago, right?  This is the urban legend of this science museum”, the workers looked at me with doubt, “is that real?”. “Yes!”, I’d, pointed at my kids who were, eager, to escape the museum, “look, how they’d, hurried now!”, and so, I was, able to, fool the museum workers too!

Yeah, so, the children aren’t the only ones who are, gullible here, the adults are too, and, anybody with a sound mind can tell, that the story of the dinosaurs coming to life and eating the children who are still in the museum after closing time, knows that it’s, a way a parent tries to get the kids home, because they’d, played for too long, hung out too long in the museums, and, the new workers are, fooled by this mom.

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Can’t the Commander See that People are, Waiting for a Hospital Bed that They Can’t Get?

And, here’s what the “commanding center” has to say to that: we, have everything under control, just look at the numbers, there are now, only, the sporadic contraction cases, here, and there, so no worries, folks we got everything under control! 
Uh that’s not what WE, the people, who live outside that god damn @#$%ING ivory tower are, currently experiencing, down here, in the REAL world!!!  Unfortunately, nobody can, BREAK these IDIOTS out, of that safe and secured, DELUSIONS, unless, we all drop dead, and that’s not happening, so…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The influx of cases of confirmed contraction of MERS already hit the medical provision hard in both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, the mayor of Taipei, Ke not only once pointed out how dire this matter is, and yet, the commanding center treat his words like wind through the ears, used a form, and blamed it on the more than six hundred beds still available in the hospitals across the city of Taipei, it’s a wonder, that the mayor, Ke called the officials of the central government as “having CEMENT inside your BRAINS!”

Yesterday the command center stated that there are 682 unoccupied hospital beds for the MERS-CoV wards.  And yet, based off of the actual statistics collected by the Taipei Department of Sanitation, they’d found that by eleven in the evening two days ago, there were, a total of 690 bed, and only about twenty that are, not yet occupied, such a huge difference from what the Central agencies announced.

Ke told the Central government more than once, that the medical treatment systems of Taipei is on the verge of crashing, the ambulances driving around and around, not finding a hospital to take in the patients, plus recent days, the press also reported on how the families of the patients accused that their loved ones not finding a space in the hospitals, it’s like waiting for death, does the Commanding Center NOT see any of this?

The government officials of the central government disregarded the needs of the people, and it’d made us question, is the claim of “there are still a lot of hospital beds available”, is it to blacken the names of Mayor Ke of Taipei, and Mayor Hou of Hsinbei?  To the point of, making the two cities against each other, stating how there are more vacant beds available in Hsinbei than Taipei?

if only, the hospitals here, looked like, this…

but it, doesn’t, unfortunately…

Ke was coted as the mayor, and people often called him out on how he wasn’t fitted for the position of mayor, but medicine IS his field of study, and when the major events occurred, he’d run first to the scenes too, as the epidemic broke out, he’d, tried to get the citizens to not flood in, to not overload the hospitals, and yesterday, to make sure of the number of quarantine hotels available, he’d gone to the hotels, to tally up the rooms, and confirmed with the frontline workers, the hotel staffmembers, to make sure they are all, vaccinated already, so naturally, Ke criticized the Central Government loud, that the officials running this country are sitting in the desks, reading the statistics on paper.

The resources of medical provisions are split, on what is real, and what the central government believed is real, the commanding center, on the matter of vaccines and preventing the spread of the epidemic, if it wants to take completely control, or that they’d not known what is really going on, not just read off the charts, and, called out the orders, to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, like Ke stated, stand outside the E.R, and you’ll get a firsthand look at what exactly is, happening right now.

So, we still got these, officials high up on that chain of command, STUCK, inside that ivory tower of their delusions, while the members of the community is getting ERADICATED, and that still just showed, how this god DAMN government actually, CARED for the wellbeing of its people, and we’re still, short on vaccines here, as all the frontline worker, hospital staffs, police law enforcement, EMT, firefighters get the first dose, while the rest of us, sitting like DUCKS, waiting, to get, WHACKED out by a bullet of that stone out of that slingshot of that little, naughty boy, and, W-H-A-C-K!  Goes, A-N-O-T-H-E-R, BIRDY.

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The Predatory School Instructor Got Drunk, and Molested Someone, the City of Hsinchu Drafted up a “Punishment Plan”

A VERY AWFUL example of a school instructor here, who’d, molested a call girl!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The P.E. teacher of a public high school in Hsinchu who was also the dean of student affairs was exposed for during his time to taking the teams out for competition, went into the bars, lounges, and got drunk with the officials, and attempted to rape a call girl, forced the call girl to masturbate him too; the school stated, that the school instructor’s bad behaviors had damaged his reputation as an instructor, that he’d brought shame to his fellow teachers and students too, and because there were two prior evaluations that he’d not passed, they’d terminated his teaching contract; the city government already suggested that the school fire the instructor based off of the guidelines of the Department of Education, and the Department of Education for the first time, set up a specialty committee to handle the matter.

As Chiu’s office duties were pulled, but he’d still taught in the school, Chiu claimed that the allegations of rape was untrue, and told that he’d been bullied long-term by the school; the school accused that Chiu had seriously misled the students, and expressed their deepest, regrets.

The school pointed out, that members of the local communities pointed out, that Chiu, on his business calls, had gotten into the improper places to receive the drinks, in 2018, in a karaoke bar, there was the incident of improper sexual misconduct, Chiu took advantage of being intoxicated, he’d pulled a call girl to the bathrooms to molest, and when he failed in raping the woman, he’d, forced the woman to masturbate him.

As the school took the case of evaluating his bad behaviors, they’d immediately gone with the rules of school instructor disciplines, in the time being, set up a school meeting, and the meeting decided to set up a special group to examine the allegations, the woman who was molested testified against him on webcam, and confirmed that Chiu had, broken the laws on obstruction of sexual freedom, and sexual molestation charges, the recommendations of terminating his teaching contract was made.

But, the evaluations by the school last December as well as this March both agreed, that he should not be allowed to teach in the school, they’d terminated his teaching contracts with the school.  The head of the office of education in Hsinchu, Shen told, the school hadn’t fired the instructor, it wasn’t because the schools are covering for the school teachers, but back then, they’d examined the case of the sexual assault, that it wasn’t easy for the teachers of the board of the committee to make a decision.

From the standpoint of the city government, as a teacher, the man should not have gone into the shady places, even, molested the woman, the city decided to evaluate him based off of the laws of teaching, and have the city assign a third-party attorney and other third-party individuals, to conduct the discussion forum, they’d examined the matter on paper in May already for the first time, as the pandemic cools down, then, they will decide on what do do.

The school was in disagreement with the evaluation board’s decisions, and wrote to the city government, and the city government decided to apply the 26th of the teacher’s law, and sent the case to the specialty committees, and, they’re leaning towards terminating his teaching contract, and the school was also, going toward firing Chiu as a member of the teaching staff too.

And so, this is a LOSER who’d, set an, awful example, not only that, he’d, brought the bad reputation to all the teachers, and being a teacher, he should’ve had, stronger morals, but he didn’t, instead, he’d, raped a call girl, because he probably believed that he was, going to, get away with it, after all, the woman he raped wasn’t some proper woman with a formal job, she’s a call girl, that was why he thought he could, get away, but he didn’t, and it suited him just right!

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The Room Where, the Memories of My Rape Were Kept, Alive…

It was, inside that old house, in the room, with the, magical bloodied key (like the one in Bluebeard???), where the memories of my rape were, kept, alive…

Since I was raped, by someone I’d, trusted dearly, I’d, started, going inside, this, forbidden room of our old house, and, started, lashing out, painting the walls, the floorboards, with my own, blood.  The room was, covered in, my crimson blood then, and then, the blood, it’d, dried up, I’d felt, a bit better, and I’d, left the room as it was.  Then, I’d, come back into it, and, started, bleeding out all over again, and, left it again, after the blood was, all, bled, out.

And inside that room, something happened, healing, I suppose, with each and every gnash I made on my self, I’d felt, somewhat, better, emotionally/psychologically, don’t know how that could be, ‘cuz, each and every time, I was, drenched, in my own, blood, and yeah, it’d looked, quite, painful!

The room where the memories of my rape were kept, alive, I refused, to throw the key to that particular room away, because, I’d, wanted to keep on, opening up the door again, and again, to those, awful memories that broke me, time, and time again.

Until one day, I’d, lost the key completely, and when I’d realized, that the key to that room of memories of my bloodied past was gone, I flew into a frenzy, started, turning my own house, upside down, trying to, recover the key that got lost, but in the end, to, no avail, until I’d finally, made myself believe, that I won’t, EVER have, the key back again.

a monster in my room…image from online

I’d, left the thought of the key to my bleeding room being gone for god knows how long (I wasn’t actually counting, I’ll have you know that!), then, one day, when I went outside into the yard, to pick some fresh flowers from the garden, to put inside that vase on the breakfast table, there it is, lying, on the patch of green, by the flower garden patches of my, backyard.

Upon discovery of the key, I felt, disbelief, I bent down, ready, to pick it up, but then, something in me made me, hesitated: do I, really, want to, reclaim the memories of rape in that room back again?  How can I, go through, all those moments of my past of getting raped all over again.  But, I’d, needed to, find that final closure to my past, so, despite what my mind advised me (against picking the key up!), I’d, picked it up.

Then, later that evening, I went back, to my old house, and, stuck that key to the rape room, back into its, hole, that final room down the hallway of the second floor, and, for some reasons, the key won’t turn!

And there was, NO way to unlock, the house wasn’t mine no more (and your point being), besides, I’d broken, a dozen laws (i.e. breaking and entering, burglary, ‘cuz I wanted to find those memories of my rape inside that room, and, set it all, ablaze!  Oh, and there’s, that ARSON charge, from me, setting that room full of memories of my rape on fire!).  So I’d, dropped that thought, and, I walked away, and for some unknown reason, something became lighter inside of me, I got, that spring in my step, for the very first time in my life, and I can finally, breathe………………

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The Country in DIRE Need of the Vaccines, the Government, STOP the Delays

The government, MAKING its people, DIE a, slow, AND painful death, making us, people here in Taiwan, wait a long, long, long, long, long (5 longs still NOT quite, long enough here!) time for that needed, vaccine!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of legislative office, Su now, as he’d worked as the head of Taipei County, grilled his subordinates: “Don’t find excuses for why you’d failed, find ways, to make success yours!”, to help the workers find ways to motivate themselves toward success, he’d invited the C.E.O. of Formosa Plastic Group, Wang to the county offices to give a lecture to his workers.

the head of public health, Chen, in a press conference, rejecting the vaccines from China…photo from online


As the mutated British strand of MERS-CoV invaded into Taiwan, the entire island went down under.  The key to solve this is to finding a working vaccine, increase the inoculation rates, to protect the medical staff members, to cure those who’d been diagnosed with contraction of the virus, to immunize the entire population, to return democracy to working means.  The key of this key is, having the vaccines right now, not wait until June, July, or august, it’s NOW, immediately.

The American officials stated, that there’s a confirmed diagnoses of the population who’d contracted the virus, that they’re, still, considering how many doses to send to us; and even if the vaccines are sold to us, it’s, uncertain;  But China is different, Shanghai, Jiangsu are, willing to, donate (not sell) the vaccines to Taiwan, and the diplomats told, that “what sorts of vaccines are they, donating to us, they should consider if we’re, willing, to accept them.”, meaning, that China should give us the options of selecting the German manufactured, or the Chinese manufactured.

As this matter becomes more pressing by the days, please, have Su, the head of State Department, report to the president, Tsai, to stop evading her responsibilities for not getting us the vaccines that we are in need of.  There were, the local governments, private groups that are, fighting for the government to let go of control, so they can, find their own providers, to find the vaccines, approved by the W.H.O.

And the party that’s not in power called out to the president too, to help save the citizens, that those who’d contracted the virus, even after they’d recovered, their organs would be, damaged, someone should, pity them; if a government is able to save them, but waiting for two, three more extra months, missing out on the times of saving them, what’s the purpose, of us, paying taxes to our, government?

And this, is what we all get, because Tsai, the president, didn’t want anything to do with China, therefore, she’d, REJECTED ALL forms of assistance, even as the needs became, pressing, from China, because, we need to be independent, we are, independent, we are, the GREENS, unlike the BLUES, who just, wants to, KISS China’s A-S-S!

Open up your eyes, president, people in this country are dying and you’re still, clueless here.

And that, is what you get, when the majority of voters, voted for a president, without the BEST interests of its people in mind, and there’s, nothing we can do ‘bout it, because there’s NO impeachment procedures here, not like in the U.S.

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The Founder of Watchout, Liou, Charged with Sexual Molestations, Sentenced to a Year and a Half

And the IRONY of this is?  Oh yeah, this platform is on keeping an eye out for danger, to prevent injustices, and abuse, and its founder does this???  Yeah, uh, what the @#$% (maxed out!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Liou, the founder of Watchout, was suspected of using the excuses of giving massages, under enormous pressures, and the excuse of not seeing his victims for too long, demanded to hug three women, and forcibly kissed them, molested their breasts and pubic areas, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that the ladies wanted to date him, but he didn’t want to date them, that was why he was, framed; the Taipei District Court disregarded his claims, and sentenced him on three counts of forced sexual molestation charges for a total of a year six months, this can be appealed.

Liou was an active member of the Sunflower Student Movement, and received the title of “Social Movement Physician”, also a founder of the online media group “Watchout” and “MedPartner”.

the LOSER who’d, molested the three women, photo from online

On Chinese Valentine’s Day of 2015, he’d invited a high school age girl whom he was the leader of the physicians summer camp to supper, as he drove her home, he’d, forced a kiss on her, and got his way.

On April 16, 2017, Liou used the excuse of setting up the product database “MedPartner”, a line of beauty products, invited a woman whom he’d met in a school lecture tour, forcibly kissed her in his car.

On October 3rd, 2017, after Liou set up the platform, “MedPartner” he’d had a part-time female worker to come to his home to clean to earn some money, he’d forcibly kissed her ears, and, grabbed her breasts and her pubic area too.

Liou denied all allegations, the judge believed, that the three victims’ posts on FB and related information, and accused him on what he’d done, which was, in similar measures, which showed, that they’d, not made it up; and the victims didn’t know each other, and they’d hoped that he wouldn’t get away with fines, and the courts found him guilty on three counts of forced sexual molestation, sentenced him to eight and nine months each, of the sentences given, he will be serving a total of a year and six months.

And so, this is still, a sex crime from opportunity, because the losers saw himself as all that, and he thought that no woman could, or would reject him, and that’s what drove him to molest his victims, and, he’d, attempted to weasel out from getting punished by claiming that the ladies couldn’t date him, because he wasn’t interested, that was why they’d, tried to frame him for the forced sexual behaviors, but thankfully, the courts didn’t believe him, but the sentence still isn’t, tough enough, I mean, who’s to say, that this SEX offender wouldn’t offend again, once he’d, served his terms???  You can’t guarantee the women that!

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The Greetings from the Children, it’s the Invitations of Their, Trust

The kid: why should I say hello?  The adults: because WE say so!!!  And that, is the wrong way, to socialize your children!  Translated…

During the New Year’s, a group of relatives gathered, in my memories, I’d always, become, fearful and nervous over this.  As a young girl, I didn’t take to strangers, and hated the loudness, and, as the adults started showing me too much attention, it’d, made me feel, uncomfortable.

The elders who’d come to visit, they’re all, mostly, strangers to me, and whilst I was still, in a daze, my father would pull me over, and urged me, “say hi to your elders”.  And yet, before I could react to the atmosphere that’s, gaining the momentum, couldn’t catch up to the paces of how my father and the adults were interacting, I’d gotten their words of displease.

I was too young to tell the adults, and can only, keep everything I feel inside, allowing it to accumulate, and, “greeting others”, “saying hi” became dreadful, instead of something I enjoyed doing, but “something I had to do!”

Time flew, I’d become, an “aunt”, and I’d found, that I was, really sensitive, like those adults were in my childhood, when the children didn’t greet me.  I’d found, that accumulated over the years anger, displease, upset, with the endless questioning of why when the adults tell us to, we need to do it, and now, their grandkids didn’t have to greet me, and they’d not, gotten, scolded, and were, tolerated?

a child who’s shy around strangers…this would be, difficult for them to cope, having them greet your adult friends and distant relatives…photo from online

Time is a good medicine, made our life experience, into wisdom.  I’d started to understand, that the older generations may carry with them that sense of lack of security, and needed to gain their sense of self-worth, sense of authority from without, and used “being greeted”, to satisfy their own needs of, being noted as someone worthy or important.  In the past when I was too young to differentiate, I’d taken it as my responsibilities, the adults’ demands of me, and became, too tried, and filled with anger.  And, as the adults felt upset because I didn’t greet them, it’s their emotions, while my choice related to, “What sort of a person do I choose to be”, finally, I’d, separated the responsibilities now, severed it off, I’d no longer, needed to, be responsible for the other individuals’ feelings, only responsible for my own behaviors, and feelings.

On that day, my younger cousin whom I don’t interact with regularly took his children, boys of age four and six to my house to visit, they’d, stared at me.  My cousin didn’t tell them who I am, nor demanded that they greet me.  I knew, that the kids weren’t familiar with me, that there’s no need to force them to connect.  I’d, called out to them, introduced myself to them as their aunt, continued holding conversations with them, when they got sidetracked and not eaten their meals like they should, I’d, gotten their attention back, and learned that it was my four-year-old nephew’s birthday on the day.

I’d told him, “happy birthday, finish your lunch first, I’ll give you a pudding for your birthday!”, then the child let his guards down, finished up the meal, my six-year-old nephew searched for me, and called out to me, “Aunty, do you want to play the storytelling board games later with us?”, and, I’d spent an afternoon of time in board games with my younger cousin and his family.  As the kids left, they’d not wanted to leave, and, eagerly made a date for our next, game date.

illustration from

圖╱Betty est Partout

The kids are so straightforward, son naïve, and the adults needed to, let go of their hearts first, to learn to show cares and concerns toward the children first, to warm up with each other, and, as the emotions became, connected, the kids will trust you, and naturally, they would, interact with you more, and accept you, into their, worlds.

“Greeting”, is no longer something we must do on the holidays, with a little more thought, giving each other a little extra time, it can bring the joys of connections between people, and, what greater joys there are, than when a kid invites you to play the next time?

And so, this adult had, gained the awareness of what she’d hated of what her adult counterparts made her do, to greet everybody who came to the house, and, upon realizing, she’d, not demanded her own nephews to greet her, and this made them more comfortable, and they’d, connected to her more easily, and once the ice was broken, everything flowed, smoothly.

This still just showed, how you parents, should NOT MAKE us, your children greet those adults who are unknown to us, who are, YOUR friends or relatives!

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