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How Do You Know that I’m Really Single???

Humor me a bit, why don’t ya!!!

How do you know that I’m really single???  Just because I “claimed” to be on my profiles?  I could damn well be a married man who’s just looking to SCORE some free FUCK for all you know!

How do you know that I’m really single???  How can you be sure, that everything I’d written down for my “profiles” is actually the TRUTHS about me?  How do you know, that when I say “I love you” (which is still just TO my dead boys, back when they were still around…), I really DO mean that?  How do you know, that I’m NOT just trying to get INSIDE of your panties, ladies, not that I am here.

How do you know, that I’m really single, unwed, like I say I am?  Even if you meet me face to face, I can still keep the truths about myself AWAY from you, after all, it would be super, duper easy, to conceal this wedding band “dent” on my finger you know?  So, H-O-W do you know, that I’m really single?  Oh wait, you don’t, but, I’m just like that Chinese dude from a VERY long time ago, you know, the one that FISHED without the baits?  So, come, take a bite, if you want to, but, once you get “hooked onto” me, you will NEVER break free, you will BE struggling for the REST of your lives, so, don’t take the B-I-T-E!!!






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A Man Was Charged for Sexually Molesting a Fifteen Year-Old Online

One more reason W-H-Y one should NEVER agree to meet up with someone s/he had met ONLINE, because, you don’t know WHO you’re dealing with when you’d only had shared conversations, from the newspapers, translated…

A man, Liu, met a fifteen year old girl through a website, last year on November 23, when they had first met up, he took her to where he lived, and, over the next three months, he had raped her ten times, took photos of her naked, and, threatened her not to tell.  The father of the young woman knew she was going out with him, but didn’t know exactly what happened until the girl had a melt down on February 4th, and he called the cops.  And, Liu is now faced with a five-year-one-month jail term for sexual molestation.

That just shows you how UNSAFE it would be, to meet up with someone you’d only had a few “casual conversations” with online, and this time, the young woman was still “taken”, by the BIG BAD wolf, and it’s already too late, because the girl had already been “damaged”, and, there’s NO turning that around, is there?  That just shows you that you should always question the people you “meet” online, because even IF they sounded nice or okay, they may be under disguise, and, if you were DUMB enough to meet up with the person, then, it would be too late for you as well.  So, WISE UP already, how many cases like this would you need?  Until you are the VICTIM, or your daughters had become victims too?

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Looking for a One-Night-Stand Online, After Drugging the Man, She’d Stolen From Him

One MORE reason W-H-Y we should NOT be looking online for L-O-V-E, translated…

A woman named Chen, on in an online chat room, said that she wanted a one-night-stand, lured a friend, Weng out to a motel, after putting drugs to knock him out, she’d “drained him dry”, took his more than twenty-thousand dollar’s worth of case, and his cell phone too.  The Banciao District Court found Chen guilty of robbery, and sentenced her to a three year eight months prison term.

The judge found, that the 24-year-old Chen on January 20 of last year, used the alias of “Accompany Me Tonight” to a chat room online, to pretend that she wanted to have a one-night-stand with Weng; Weng was too turned on by her come-ons, they’d decided to meet up at a motel in the Sanchung region.

At first, Chen drank with Weng in the hotel room, and, when Weng went to the bathrooms, she put some sleeping pill into Weng’s beer, and, when he’s out, she’d drained him dry, took all of his cash of $25,000N.T., and his cell phone, then, she ran.  After five hours of slumber, Weng woke, found that he’d been drained dry, called the cops, and, the cops were able to find several sleeping pills, along with Weng’s photograph at Chen’s residence.

Chen originally denied having drugged Weng, claimed that after she had sex with him and he’d fallen asleep, that, was when she’d taken his money, that what she’d done was considered theft, NOT robbery, but, she’d confessed to ALL the charges, reached an agreement with Weng, and Weng said he wasn’t going to pursue the case further.

It’s THAT easy, all you need is to get some UNSUSPECTING IDIOT (b/c, let’s face it, that, is what the man is) to get drunk in a hotel room, and, steal his money, then, when he catches you, you just play coy, with the sad puppy eyes and pouty lips, and, surely enough, that’ll give you only just ONE slap on the wrist for the BAD things you’d done, right?  The man should SUE this woman, until she became B-R-O-K-E, that’ll teach her NOT to do that again, but, because the man didn’t want to, and plus, they’d reached a settlement on their own, and so, the whole case ends right here.

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