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Taping to Fight for the Rights, Damaging the Trusts Between Students & Instructors

Caught on tape, the debates of whether or not it’s, ethical, responsible, to allow the students to video record everything that’s happening in the classroom sessions, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The recent confrontation of the students with the instructors in class of Taichung’s First High School, with the students’ video recording the entire thing, and posting it online, it’d, struck up debates.  As the school mediated, the instructor had agreed to apologize to her students, the events, finally, settled.  But, whether if it’s legal or right, for the students to tape-record the instructor, and stream the video footages online, it’s still, a controversial debate.

Some believed, that as the altercations occurred, the bystanders or the individuals could tape record, to use the footages as proof.  This may stand up legally, but, can it be applied to the relationships of teachers and students too?  Other than the responsibilities of rights, ethics are, an important part of teacher-student relations.  The teachers’ instructions, the encouragements, even, the reprimands, the punishments toward the students, are similar to the expectations parents hold of their own offspring.  And, the students, due to this sort of an understanding, are willing to take the advices, and enjoy the learning process.

Setting up a well-rounded learning environment, is a responsibility of both students and instructors, something we should all cherish.  The instructors need to keep their own emotions in check, to not get upset with the students, and, when the anger can’t be avoided, then, the instructor must be careful what was said toward the students.  On the other hand, when the students get scolded by the students, the students found the instructor unreasonable, then, are they supposed to, “collect the evidence” using the cell phones?  Aren’t there, any other ways?  Once the cell phones are out and recording, then, the behaviors would be interpreted as hostile, and the trust broken.  Even if the students fought and got their rights validated, it’d, damaged the instructor’s passions for teaching, and, what’s damaged is the students, themselves, and the states of mind in education.

The former grand justice, Sun posted some examples of prohibiting the video recording of the classroom sessions, and stated, “as the instructor lost it in time, and started going off, is this okay for the students to video record, to tape?  I believe, that in respecting of the instructors, students should not have this right.”  Some believed, that respecting the instructors is a belief of long ago, but I believe, that the former grand justice, Sun was stressing the preciousness of relationships of instructors and students, to NOT apply the general rules to the students-teachers relations.

Everyone can make mistakes, to the point of making them often.  Everybody knows this, and so, we’d become, tolerant of one another.  But, once the mistakes are captured on tape, it would be magnified easily.  And, if the video recordings were posted online, then, it may be misleading, and turning the tides, or cause the trials by the public, and, the punishments are tenfold of the mistakes that were, made.  With means of recording more and more convenient, but, how to NOT abuse the function of recording on our cell phones, may be a lesson we all need to, learn.

And so, this is a matter of privacy, of personal rights, and, the students may feel compelled, to tape things, because they feel that the teachers were, right, or if the instructors were, too tough, and, without the principles, this can be, easily, abused.

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Do We Protect the Self, or Do We, Fulfill Our, Families

And no, it’s NOT selfish, if we go for the self-preservation side, because we must first all, take good care of our, separate, selves, otherwise, how the HECK can we, care for, anyone else???  Taking from the tragedies of the society here, translated…

In the life of families, we are often trapped between the wills of our selves, or the benefits of the families, and started engaging in that, tug-of-war nonstop.

There was the news of how an elderly woman raised up her own two grandson, one of the children showed aggression, and symptoms of A.D.H.D., and, the elderly woman had been under too much stress in caretaking, and, lost it, and strangled the grandchild to death.  Another, how a couple was married, and, in less than two months of their marriage, the husband was, paralyzed, and was in a vegetative state, and the wife filed for divorce, and the courts allowed it.  These two seemingly unrelated events, shared one characteristic of concern: the matter of caretaking of one’s own families.

The two women in both cases, made totally different decisions, on caring for one’s own next-of-kin.  The wife decided to divorce, and, although, she’d gained the reputations of being selfish, of not being moral enough, but her decision, ended the fact that her marriage is bound to, slide down that slippery slope.  While the elderly woman’s persistence to the end, it’d, fulfilled the expectations of the traditional role of women, her sense of responsibilities, and her conscience too, but in reality, and the psychological aspects, the elderly woman, clearly, could NOT stand this kind of burden, and in the end, she’d, self-destruct, and the story ended, tragically.

And it made me wonder, as a part of the family, must we, give everything we have, for our, families, to sacrifice our own, happiness?  Is this, the necessity, the forefront, of setting up a, perfect, and happy family?  If at the end, there’s only, the suffocating burdens, that sense of, responsibilities that remained in it, enough to drown, cover up everything else, and, at this time, how can we still, keep the connections of the family intact?

In the families, when do we choose to preserve ourselves, when do we, sacrifice ourselves, and fulfill the needs of our, separate, families, from my past experience as a family courts judge, this, is from my observations: do take good care of your selves first, then, treat your loved ones the way you treat yourselves, kind too, then, as you feel, that you’d done, everything you possibly can, and still it’d not worked out, at this time, do be bolder, selfishly, embrace yourselves then, then, love your families, the way you love your selves.  I believe, that there would be the regrets that came with this, but so long as you’re willing, this regret can still, be made up for, I hope that we are all, living happily.

And so, these are, tragic stories of how giving to the family, caused the caretaker, to fall apart, like for the grandmother, she didn’t have a choice, or at least she couldn’t see the other options, and eventually, the caretaking became, too burdensome, and she’d ended up, murdering her own grandchild, while the other woman, she may seem selfish, because, it seemed as though she was, abandoning her husband who became, paralyzed, but she didn’t want to become his caretaker for life, and so, she’d selected divorce, and surely, it got her the bad reputation of ill-fitting as a wife, but heck, at least, she’d made a decision, to save herself actively, instead of being driving to murder her own handicapped husband after she grew tired and weary of taking care of him long-term, like the elderly woman who felt that she didn’t have any other, choice!  So, it’s NOT selfish, to look out for number one, and, W-H-O, is number one?  Oh yeah, we, individually, ARE, number ONE in our lives, and if we don’t take good care of ourselves first, how the @#$% (maxed out!) can we, take care of, anybody else???

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The Need for Evolution of Traditional Testing Means Aside from Preventing Uses of High-Tech Gadgets to Cheat

Due to how many of the colleges, universities had been found of students, cheating on their exams recently, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been many universities with the cheating of the mid-term exams of late, the natives of the digital age knew more than their professors, how to get a higher grade from technologies, the pure moral lectures are, no longer enough, to block of these trends in cheating now.  In the online learning age, smartphones are, a part of, daily lives now, and, the digital became, an asset in cheating, and the traditional evaluation measures, and the rules needed, to adapt, and adjust, and amend to prevent this.

from before…

photo from online

The university lecturers used the never-amended textbooks to teach, whether the notes, the test questions, and even the reports for the classes are, easily, accessible, which allows the students to easily copy and cheat.  As I’d gone to my doctoral course, the classes are, smaller, and, the teaching assistant would find the newest English international publications, have the students read them, and the professor would evaluate, the materials for the courses are, innovative, and the students don’t dare slack off.

But, in the undergraduate level, when there are over hundreds of students per course, how can the professors resolve the matter of understanding of the materials?  The written reports, the exams by pencil and Scantrons, why aren’t they, effective?

The high-tech devices are the best tools for communication between us, also, a good device for cheating, the smartphones, the smart watches, glasses, iPads, Bluetooth, glasses, or even, watches too, not only are they, ever the more, advanced, and their sizes are, getting smaller too.

and now…

the watches, the glasses you wear are, the “best-used”, tools…photo from online

It seemed natural, to use the cell phones in class at the university levels, but, during the mid-term exams, the rules of the middle school exams, the college entrance should be followed, NO high tech devices allowed into the testing classrooms; even if there’s the limitation of space for storage of these devices, the high-tech devices should be placed aside, in a plastic bag that the schools can provide, to prevent the students from cheating using the high-tech devise, to set up the cheating prevention of the high-tech devise.

And so, these smart phones, smart watches, whatever became, a good tools for students to cheat with, unlike how we were to cheat back then, we only had slips of papers to write the answers on, over, writing of the answers over our hands to look at when we take the exams, and, the means to prevent cheating does need to evolve, because these high-tech devices are evolving too.

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When Evolution BUTTS HEADS with Humanitarianism

There’s, this, baby koala in the zoo here, that’s left without a mother, because the mother was ill due to acute leukemia, and the mother was, put down, but the baby is, being taken care of by the zookeepers, to ensure its wellbeing…

From a humanitarian angle, yeah, it’s, a good thing, sure, but, from the evolutionary perspective, this baby koala is, destine to die, because it’s, without the mother to carry it, to give it food, and that still just showed, how humans are, playing GOD, going AGAINST the nature of things, I mean, if nature intended this animal to survive, then, it will, but, given that its mother died, chances are, it’s not going to, and, because we humans, overinterpreted into the matter, thinking, that oh, it’s, another life, and we can’t just, let it die, so we interfere, with nature, and that usually have, bad results.

humans are playing god still! Photo from online

And yet, there’s, that “debate” of what’s humane here, we can’t just, let this, baby koala die, it didn’t do anything wrong, it’s not its fault, that its mother has leukemia, sure, but, if this occurred in nature, the outback, the WILD, then, this baby is still going to die, and, by intervening with the predestined fates of other living things, we are, playing G-O-D, aren’t we, and that’s, never going to end well!

So, the debate is still, ongoing, do we save a species from extinction, because, that’s what, we are supposed to do, because it’s the morally responsible thing (says W-H-O, huh???) and, wouldn’t saving a species that’s, destined to become, EXTINCT, because it’d, lacked the abilities to adapt and to survive, against nature???

I’ll leave you all with that then…

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The New FOUR-DOSE Medigenvac Warriors, the First in the Country

So, getting vaccinated, became, like that mix-and-match of, dress shirts, with slacks, or the shoes, with the, varied kinds of, socks here then???  The government’s abuse of power, using WE the people, AS, labrats of the vaccines that it produced, and what’s worse, is that these, “medical professionals” are still, making EXCUSES, for the government to cover up its own, incompetence, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Two Doses of Medigenvac, the Antibodies Tested Negative, After Mixing the Vaccines of Astra-Zeneca and Moderna, the Antibodies Tested, Positive

There’s, a first “New Fourth Dose Medigenvac Warrior” born in the country, and it’d, caused the debates on the effectiveness of the vaccines from Medigenvac.  After two doses of Medigenvac, the individual tested negative for the antibodies, then, after mixing the vaccines of AZ and Moderna later, the antibodies tested positive.  The experts told, that having a high percentage of antibody doesn’t mean having the complete protection from the vaccines, it’s just, that Medigenvac vaccines didn’t even get past its third-stage research and trials, the efficacy is unknown as is, and, recently, the country is heated up in debating about opening up the country’s borders, the experts called out, that no matter the brands of vaccines, the people should follow the lead of Medigenvac, to get a third, even, a fourth vaccine, then we can consider, opening up the borders of the country.

like this, only, there’s, NO olive, and the effects include, MORE than that “temporary lapse of, judgement”, “delayed reaction time”, etc., etc., etc., photo found online

The psychiatrist of Wanfang Hospital, Pan shared the story of the very first, fourth-dose Medigenvac warrior, it’s a medical staff in the thirties, gotten involved in the clinical trials of Medigenvac, and because he qualified for the vaccines provided by the government, he’d gotten his antibodies tested, it showed negative, thought he was in the placebo group, and gotten the AZ and Moderna vaccines, as Medigenvac posted the second-stage experimental results, he was in the experimental group.  After four doses of different kinds of vaccines, he’s currently still, healthy, no embolism, no myocarditis.

The researcher of the Central Research Agency, Chen stated, that the low and high of the amount of antibodies does NOT correlate to the efficacies of the vaccines, that the total rate of protection is only known, after the stage-three trials are, completed, and the clinical trials of the third-stage of Medigenvac is still continuing, and, there’s NO way of knowing IF Medigenvac is effective or not, plus, Medigenvac isn’t certified internationally, and, as the other countries used the vaccinations as the “foot in the door” to the countries, those who received the Medigenvac vaccines are, stuck unfairly.

The debate of antibodies of Medigenvac, the spokesperson of the CDC here, Chuang explained the matter that Medigenvac published on “Lancet”, the 903 subjects were tested for the antibodies, followed up for fifty-seven days, and, only two showed NO antibodies, the positive antibodies rate is 99.8-percent.

The head of the clinical research center of the Taipei Medical School, Liu stated, the cases of no positive show of antibodies can happen with any available vaccines, not just for Medigenvac.

Chen told, that the problem that Medigenvac currently faces is, that “it’s not internationally certified”.  Taiwan is now discussing the risks, the side effects of having the fourth vaccinations, he believed, that it’s not at all impossible, for everybody to get at least FOUR vaccinations in the near future, especially how internationally, the outbreaks are, heating back up again, not just a third booster, a fourth may eventually be, needed too.

And so, this government’s still, making, all its, BULLSHITTING excuses, NOT admitting to how this “homegrown” vaccine is, ineffective, and we the people are still, getting, totally FUCKED (don’t pardon me on this one!) here, because all our government cares about, is, ITS own, benefits, with a total disregard of the welfare of, its people, and we the people, are STUPID (yes we are!!!), for letting these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) rule over us, we are, a people, enslaved now.

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When it’s NOT Okay Became “It’s Okay”, Tsai’s Government’s Constantly Stepping on the Bottomlines of, Morality

On how the morality dropped down, even lower still, as this, popularly voted, DICTATOR continued to rule over this country, commentary, observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Is it the time that’s, changed, the morality getting, reduced, or, is it, there’s no good leader of this country, recently, the higher up officials’ breaking the moral red tapes were, all, overlooked, brushed, off.  The C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Association of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang was busted for his affairs, of having a child with the woman he was having the affairs with; but the head of Department of Sanitation Welfares, Chen told, that “The command center needs him”, and just let his immoral behaviors, slide.  And, the office manager of the Presidential Office Guard, Chen who was involved in the “national security cigarette trafficking case”, was given a major reprimand for lying and the cigarette trafficking case, and yet, he was promoted to major-general in rank; and he was only given a fine, a slap on the wrist, and the presidential office took a blind eye to the matter.

In a week, there’d been two cases of immoral behaviors in the presidential offices, and yet, there’s, no reaction from the government whatsoever, this showed, that the lack of discipline in the government, is not an isolated, incident.  Actually, from how the head of legislation, handling the matter of Ting, allowing him to get out of the front doors of the office by resignation, then, appointing him back to his side from the backdoors, people can say, that the DDP’s protecting their own had become, habitual.  While, Su seemed to care much over public opinion, put Ting out of office, to calm the masses’ angers down a bit; while, in the shortest time, the head of Public Sanitation Welfares, Chen openly promoted his man, claimed, that Wang was excellent in realms of “public interest”, to block off the outside’s accusations of him.  Chen’s not knowing right from wrong to this degree, it’s truly, something all right!

the public official, Wang, walking away, with, barely, a “scratch” after he was caught having an affair…

photo from

Wang’s assigning and managing the personnel of the twenty-six public hospitals under the Department of Sanitation & Welfares during the times of the outbreak, surely, he’d done well.  But, the problem is this, can his, saving the system a couple of times, get the cases of his affairs for the seven whole years he’d been involved away?  As his affair came under the spotlight, the DDP claimed, hat the only one who’s allowed to say something is Wang’s wife; this claim, it’s, selectively, ignoring the public office status of the public officials.

The Fifth of the “Public Personnel Services Regulations” clearly stated, that the public office workers shall be hardworking, righteous in behavior, and morally, responsible, and not conduct any misbehavior that can impact the reputations.  And Wang’s behaviors, surely, it wasn’t, a misstep, but the long-term nondisclosures to his own families, lying, and fraud; he and his affair, was a superior/subordinate relationship.  And, because of his own selfishness, as the young infant girl was born, she’d, fallen into the status of having an “unknown father”.  This sort of a responsibility, can Wang really say that he had, nothing to regret over, that he’d, done right by everybody in his life?

But, comparing to Wang’s attempts to make apologies, to get the matter off of the eyes of the public, Chen’s claims of “we at the command center needs him”, protecting him from getting cast out of office is, even more, shameful.  Maybe, being unfaithful isn’t any sort of major crimes, but, Wang’s extramarital affair, not only damaged the reputations of the public officials, it’d, damaged the images of the city hospital systems, and it’d show his infidelity too.  Especially in how he’d, kept the other woman long-term, it may cause Wang to not be impartial in his decisions regarding the operations of the workplaces, this is, the focus of the outside world.  And, at this time, Chen used the excuses of “we need him at work” to keep Wang on the payroll, this sort of mixing what’s public and private, is, stealing the moralities away!

And now, let’s take a look at the cigarette trafficking case from two years back, those who were sentenced more severely were the lower ranking military officers, some carried a jail term of up to ten years.  As for the higher up who’d sent in the orders of the cigarettes, although they got fined, but, Chen was given an “honored promotion” to the rank of a major.  Based off of the promotional rules, one would have to score an excellent for five consecutive years, in order to be, promoted.  But, as Chen placed the orders for the trafficked cigarettes, he was given a major reprimand, that’s, justified, and based off of the rules, he could’ve, never received, an excellent in the marks of his performances.  And, the key in all of this is, the offices of the president, gave him an “excellent” for last year’s keeping the peace during the election, and, the good and the bad canceled each other out.  Simply stated, because Chen gained the like of the offices of the president, the office of the president gave him a freebie, to erase the scandal of the buying the cigarettes case, and he was able to, leap to higher up rank.

The government of Tsai had only those who speaks in her favor long-term, and, if you weren’t born the color “green”, chances are you will, never climb up the ladders; and, what’s public fairness in government officials had turned into, a total, myth.  And because of it, whenever a government official fouled up, s/he is not held accountable for her/his bad behaviors, so long as they can appease to the higher up government officials, they can, get that, free pass.  Yes, we are currently, bearing witness to a corrupted era, the sinking lower of the morality of the entire country.  But, to the basics, all of these plays, these schemata, were all taken from the eras from before this, based off of “it’s okay that it’s, not okay”.  Wang, is covered by Chen, Chen, due to how he’d gained the trust of the president, Tsai, it didn’t matter what moral, illegal redline he’d, stepped on. And so, this is showing favors to those who are, underneath your fingertips, and this, is what the government’s currently doing here, they’d, replaced ALL other naysayers, and, implanted those agreeable bunches into the higher up offices, so, whatever rules they proclaimed, shall, get passed into laws, and signed into, effect.  And we are now, official, under, the ruling of this, tyrannical DICTATOR, which got voted into office by “popular votes”, yeah, those who’d gone to the polls are all, DDP supporters here, and so this country is becoming, more and more lopsided, slanted by the nanosecond here.

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The Elderly Father Took Care of His Own Ill Daughter for Fifty Years, Finally Suffocated Her to Death, the Judge Gave the Man a Pardon

As the burdens of caretaking became too great…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Sentenced to Two-and-a-Half Year “Never Received the Social Resources, Understandable Circumstances………Suggested that the President Issue a Pardon”

The man, took care of his own youngest daughter who was born with cerebral palsy for fifty years, last February saw his youngest having a major toothache, plus the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, saw that the pain killers couldn’t alleviate her pians, he’d, smothered her to death with a quilt, and attempted suicide but was, saved, the Taipei District Court took into considerations that he took care of his own daughter long-term, and not received enough social resources to help him out, and, reduced his sentence twice on how he’d turned himself in, how his situations was what made him commit the murder, yesterday, Chen was sentenced to two years six months on domestic violence and murder. This can still be appealed.

The Collectivist Courts on the verdict, specifically noted that Chen (age 78) is a loving father, for the benefit of his own daughter, for fifty years on end, he’d, taken care of her himself, had it not been the outbreaks, he would’ve, continued, caring for his own daughter.  Seeing how much he’d loved her, and, how he’d, terminated her life himself, in the futures, he would be, imprisoned, by his own conscience, and, there’s, room for discussions on whether or not the country should, enforce, a jail sentence for him, and, suggested that the D.A. examine if Chen would be fitted to serve his prison terms, and suggested to the president, to issue a special pardon for him.

Chen’s youngest daughter because of severe cerebral palsy, couldn’t take care of her own life, is bedridden long-term, her body became, malformed, last February, she had a tooth ache, Chen wanted to take her to the hospital to get her tooth extracted out, the eldest daughter voiced her concerns, Chen worried that it would be hard for his youngest to get sedated for the procedures, and the outbreaks were, getting, more and more serious, he couldn’t take her to the hospital.  On the evening of February 29th, he’d heard his youngest moaning out of pain again, believed, that even if he’d fed her the painkillers, it still won’t help her reduce the pains, and he’d, smothered his youngest daughter to death with a quilt.

After Chen murdered his own daughter, he’d started becoming, suicidal too, took a huge dose of sleeping pill, fell into a coma, his wife found him the following morn, reported to the fire department, as the paramedics arrived, they’d found that the youngest daughter was, already, dead, rushed Chen to the E.R., as Chen regained consciousness, he’d turned himself in, for murdering his own, youngest daughter.

The Collectivist Court pointed out, that Chen was really close with his daughter, but could not receive the social resources he’d needed to give her the needed care, and he’d not received the social supports of the caretakers on time, it’d made the caretaking process even harder for him to endure, to the point that he’d started showing signs of depression, anxiety, as well as, insomnia too, and seeing how his youngest was in pain, and couldn’t help her feel better, he’d decided, to put her out of her misery.

Chen’s wife and eldest daughter both testified in court, that they’d hoped that Chen can be found not guilty, that if he was sent to prison, then, it will, try the family even harder.  Even the district attorney who argued on the behalf of the victim spoke on his behalf, suggested that the judge sentenced him to only two years.

But the Collectivist Courts considered, that the defendant had loved his own daughter son, and ended her life himself, that in the future days to come, he will get tortured by his own conscience, that there’s considerations on whether or not sending him to prison would be absolutely necessary, the courts suggested that the president sign a pardon for him.

And so, due to these, trying circumstances in life, this man had, decided, to END his own daughter’s life, out of mercy, but, this is still, MURDER, and it’s still, due to how this man didn’t alleviate the stress of caretaking soon enough, that this tragedy occurred, and now, the courts is planning to not punish him, based off of the trying circumstances of the family’s conditions.  And yes, this is still MURDER!

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Trump Refusing to Do the Presidential Debate from a Distance Claiming He’d Been Cured, and Set Up the Provisions of the Experimental Treatment Free to the Public

Why would “we the people”, want someone who showed a TOTAL disregard for the citizens’ lives as president???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Claimed that He’d Been “Cured”, Planned to Set up the Emergency Experimental Drugs to Treat MERS-CoV that’s Not Yet FDA Approved

Because of how the American president, Trump had contracted the coronavirus, the “Board of Presidential Debate Committee” decided on the eighth that the second presidential debate scheduled to air on the sixteenth to happen by interactive methods.  Trump immediately stated that he won’t be going to it.

The Second Debate Not Yet Set

Trump stated to the press, “I will refuse to take part in the interactive debates.  I will NOT waste my time on debating with my opponent who doesn’t face me.”

The Democratic candidate, Biden stated he was more than happy to do the presidential debates not in person.  But because of Trump’s refusal, the second presidential debate is now, debatable.

Trump was confirmed with contracting the coronavirus on the first, and on the fifth he’d left the hospital, returned to the WH to recuperate himself, the White House had yet to post the latest of Trump’s result from the sample he’d given.  He’d not followed the rules of quarantine as he’d returned back to the White House, he’d gone to the Oval Office to meet up with his cabinet members on the seventh, and took off his mask to give a tweeted speech outside of the White House.

The Return to the Oval Office

As Trump returned back to the Oval Office to hear the briefings, it’s the first time he’d worked with the officials after he was diagnosed.  The chief of staffs, Meadows said, that he and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Scavino had on a full hazmat suit, as they’re to enter into the Oval Office, but they’d not yet disclosed if Trump would do the same.

a video from YouTube on his return back to the WH…

The experts pointed out, for ten days at least that followed the confirmed diagnosis of MERS-CoV, it’s when the virus is highly contagious, and if the first of October being the day that Trump had contracted the virus, Trump is still a carrier, and spreading the virus around, and those around him are all at risk.

On the seventh, Trump went into the Rose Garden to make a personal video “Message from the President”, “I’m standing in front of the Oval Office now, and I’m back!”  Trump stated, that while in the hospital, he was ill, but twenty-four hours later, he’d felt okay, that’s why he’d wanted to get out of the hospital.

Before he was hospitalized, Trump received the experimental antibody treatment from a biotech company, Regeneron; in the film, he’d stated, that after he got injected, he’d immediately felt a whole lot better, “I believe this is the key!”, he would immediately sign the use of the antibiotic injection into use.

“These medicines don’t just treat the symptoms, they’d, cured me”, Trump described his conditions as “the blessing from God”, and that he was, “more than blessed”; he’d convinced his physicians to give the injections to him, and hoped that everybody else can be treated like the president too.

Trump said, that he’d personally experienced, that these medications were amazing, he will make the injections available to the American public, free of charge.

“You don’t need to pay for it, this isn’t your fault, it’s China’s”.  Trump said, China will pay for the spread of MERS-CoV to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Yeah uh, because this loser (feel free to RAT me out!) got “miraculously” cured, he is now, even more bloated in his ego, thinking that nothing can and WILL, ever harm him, and in this whole thing, he still pointed a finger, when HE was the one who’d caused a ton of the WH members to contract the virus, for REFUSING to wear a MASK to protect himself, as well as others from contraction, and, do you really, want this BIG-HEAD (unlike the big oversized bobble head of the Queen!) to lead you, U.S. voters?  Feel free to get back to me on that, or don’t, I’m still just, stating the “facts” reported on my local papers here, and feel free to SHOOT the messenger here!

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The Infant was Abandoned in the Park, the Stray Dogs Eaten it Up with Only the Skull Remaining

In the Dual-Lake Park construction area in Sanming District of Kaohsiung there were the construction workers who’d found a white package in the construction sites, as they’d opened it, they were shocked to find the corpse of an infant without the head, the police and district attorneys examined the body, suspected that the infant was eaten by the stray dogs after being abandoned by its, parents, they’re, currently, chasing the leads to identify the parents, to find if the infant was abandoned alive, or dead.

The location of where the body was found, was the back slopes of the Daping Yu First Cemetery next to a junk yard in Dingjing Alley of Sanming District in Kaohsiung, it was originally the public Ding-Jing Cemetery, but the city government had, relocated the cemetery, currently, the location is under construction of the greener park projects.

At around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday, the contractors of the park started working, they’d discovered  small white package on the lawns, the workers went over, opened it up, found a tiny head with the face chewed off, they’d, immediately, notified the police.

As the police arrived, they’d, immediately, sealed up the site, the police found, that the infant head was wrapped in white tarp, inside the white tarp, there was also, a cardboard box, and around the 100 meter radius of where the box was found, were the scattered pieces of bone, they’d suspected that they may be from the infant.

The workers who’d discovered the infant head told, they’d stopped working for two, three days on end, that they’d discovered the package of white cloth, and because a woman often come to feed the stray dogs, there were, the gathering of, about eight stray dogs, the police suspected that the infant’s body was chewed up by the stray dogs, leaving the blood stains on the white cloth.

The Kaohsiung District Attorneys came with the coroners to examine the body, and, found, that the diameter of the skull was, only a little over ten centimeters, they suspected that the infant was, only a few days old, but, they couldn’t tell the sex, because there were the irregular lacerations of the skins on the neck area, and suspected that after the infant was abandoned, it’d been chewed up by the stray dogs already.

And so, we have, a Baby Doe, and, the way this infant got chewed up by the strays, was too awful, because its (as the sex is still, undetermined???) parents couldn’t, take responsibilities for it, and maybe, Baby Doe was a stillborn, maybe it wasn’t, nobody knows for right now!

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Outside the Abortion Clinic…

Outside of the abortion clinic, you see people, holding those, pro-life, and pro-choice signs, and your bodies are still, NOT yours, it was, NEVER yours to begin with!!!

Outside of the abortion clinic, the crowd gathers, to protest the clinic’s god-defying action, with, absolutely, NO sense, of how this FUCKED up matters are, caused by M-E-N.  And you’re, protesting G-O-D???

this, is what you’ll, see…查看來源圖片photo from online

Outside the abortion clinic, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, on one side, was the men who are, PRO-LIFE (you mother fuckers aren’t the ones going through the FUCKING pregnancies, what right have you to say, huh???), and on the opposite, there are, the PRO-CHOICE women (it’s our bodies, our rights!!!).  But, do we really, have a right over, our bodies?  I mean, think about it………

Outside the abortion clinic, the crowds are, getting rowdy, and then, in an instant, windows shattered, death took over the air, and there’s, still NOTHING that anybody CAN do, because a woman has the right, over HER body, doesn’t she?  Or, must we women, be ruled by, M-E-N???

Outside the abortion clinic, pamphlets are, flying, fires started everywhere, it looked like, Armageddon, the world, on the verge of, destruction, and yet, where is, G-O-D, in all of this, huh?  If God exists, why didn’t he, stop this, atrocity, tell me!

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