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Dying, on Her Own Terms

Dying, on her own terms, she’d earned THAT right, you’d think, but, she still couldn’t, because her country had yet, to legalize euthanasia yet.

Dying, on her own terms, she wasn’t allowed to, because her life was never hers to begin with, when she was born, her life belonged to her parents, and, as she grew up, married, her life then, got transferred (like the deeds?), into her husband’s hands, and then, she’d lived, for her children.

And now, she’s old and gray, and ailing, and she still couldn’t have a say, in how she choose to go, because her country didn’t allow for assisted suicide AND euthanasia, and, she didn’t want to implicate anybody with murder.

Dying on her own terms, it’s a luxury, she never got the chance to have, she’d suffered, long, AND hard, she was diagnosed with cancer, that first time, she’d undergone rounds of chemotherapy, lost all of her hair, and, she’d covered up all the mirrors inside her house, so she could not see her own reflections, because she felt ugly.

Dying on her own terms, she didn’t get that, because, she was dragged out, by cancer, and, she tried to kick and scream, but the chemo left her too weak, she couldn’t make a single sound.

Dying on her own terms, this, was the thing she’d wanted now, but, her kids wouldn’t, couldn’t bare to see her go, even IF she’d told them, to not traech her, at the last moment, when the doctors asked her kin if they wanted to resuscitate her, they’d told the doctors yes, and, she lived in a coma, and wasn’t unplugged…

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Venturing Outside His Comfort Zones

He finally, took, that first step out, venturing outside his comfort zones, he was scared, to say the least, but, he’d pushed himself, to get out.

Venturing outside his comfort zones, do you think that’s a good idea?  After all, the world outside is filled with a TON of dangers, and, if he isn’t careful, he’ll get hurt.  Venturing outside his comfort zones, he finally worked up his courage, and, acted on it.  venturing outside his comfort zones, he’d found, that his comfort zones, weren’t at all, as comfortable as he supposed they were after all.

Venturing outside his comfort zones, he was able, to test his own limits, and now, he’d achieved, a ton of things he never imagine he ever would and could, and, he’s real glad, that he had, finally, ventured, outside his comfort zones.

Venturing outside his comfort zones, it was hard, for him, to take that very FIRST step outward, but, when he did it, all of his fears, they seemed, too pointless to him then…

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Leave the Rest for the Crows

Leave the rest for the crows, you know you can’t take it all with you, and, if you try, you’d sink, as you’re going cross that long river!  Leave the rest for the crows, as they’d kept your fields clean of vermins, and, it, is the least you can do for them, for their hard work, all year long.

Leave the rest for the crows, beuaces you must travel light, where you’re going, and, there’s NO room for excessive baggage!  Leave the rest for the crows, you know you’re tempted, to take it all with you, but, you won’t be able to, so, decide now, what you need to toss out, you can only have two items on this trip you’re going on.

Leave the rest for the crows, I know you don’t want to, see them crows, spoiling all your hard work, but hey, you got NO choice, so, just take whatever you can, as for the rest that you can’t take with you, leave it, for the crows!

Leave the rest for the crows, as they’re very good, at cleaning up the leftover pieces of your dreams, and, you wouldn’t want to just leave your dreams out in the fields, and, let them spoil, would you?  I wouldn’t imagine so, and, if you leave the rest for the crows, then, you’re doing something good, keeping those crows fed…

Leave the rest for the crows, that, is what we’d learned to do, as we can’t take everything with us, and, if we tried, then, it’d end, very badly, so, we take whatever we possibly can, and, left the rest, for the crows!

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Establishing a Brand New Life Outside of This Home of Ours

It will be hard, establishing a brand new life outside of this home of ours, as this home of ours, was the only life I’d ever known, and now, I’m forcing myself, to leave it all behind!

Establishing a brand new life outside of this home of ours, I gotta go, because this house, is plagued, with the memories of our better days, and, we don’t get along like we used to no more (and your point being???), and, it just hurts too much, staying inside this home of ours.

Establishing a brand new life outside of this home of ours, my life revolved around you, you were the sun, and I was the earth, orbiting around you, and I’d gotten too comfortable, thinking you were everything to me, and I’d, lost myself in the process.

So, I’m now, working hard, establishing a brand new life, outside of this home of ours, because you’d left me behind, and, I’d been, trapped her, inside this four-bedroom prison way too long, so yeah, I’d stuck that “For Sale by Owner Sign” out on the front lawn, and I took the first reasonable offer and, I drove off, into the setting sun…

Establishing a brand new life outside of this home of ours, I didn’t think it was at all, possible, but now, I’m two years into living by myself, and still going quite strong!

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A Life, Infested with Lies

A life, infested with lies, how can we get rid of these annoying creatures?  The same way with lice?  By combing them out, picking out the eggs one by one?

Once a life is infested with lies, well, it’s gonna take FOREVER (literally!), for those lies to all die off, one by one, and sometimes, the host (the life???) won’t even see the day that this bad “infestation” ends.

A life, infested with lies, I had that, but, I’d picked out the lies, out of my life, threw it onto the ground, crushed them all with my large size NINE feet! (the way I would roaches???) A life, infested with lies, not the lie I would’ve wanted, but hey, that, was what I was dealt, and yet, I still cleaned up well, and now, I’m living, with the TRUTH of everything, and, my life will NEVER be infested with lies again, as in E-V-E-R!!!

A life, infested with lies, you must snap out of that comforted feelings of everything’s peachy, so long as I don’t acknowledge the bad things that are currently flowing around, and, inoculate yourselves, with small dosages of the TRUTH, up the dosage a little each and every day, until, your lives are completely, made up of TRUTHS…


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One-Sixth of the Students in Elementary Schools Couldn’t Pass the Standardized Tests of Their Grade Levels

And, the CULPRIT that caused all of THIS mess would be???  Oh yeah, whoever the F*** that was that started ranting about how we need to become more westernized, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education did a measurement of the abilities of elementary and middle school students’ skills in Chinese, mathematics, and English, and found that there are 1.5%, 1.8%, and 70% who failed to perform up to standard, respectively, and, there are about a-sixth of the entire population of students who are failing in the major subjects; especially in English and Mathematics, the higher the grade level, the more students are failing, there are already twenty-percent of fourth graders who aren’t doing well in mathematics.

The scholars believed, that this shows, that the newly reformed curricula and the teaching methods of the courses are failing as well.

In order to help the students perform up to standards, the Department of Education had the teachers from second grade to last year in middle school, list out the students who aren’t performing at their grade levels, to test for the understanding of the grade levels, if the students failed, then, in the parents’ consents, the teachers must offer them afterschool help.

On a survey conducted by the Department of Education last September, there were 10.83% of the students who failed the matho portions, 10.56% who failed the Chinese portions, and, 0.7% who failed in English.

If we examined the scholastic abilities by the grade levels, we would find, that the higher the grade levels, the more failing grades are made in English and Mathematics, which clearly showed, that if the students don’t master the fundamentals, then, they will only fall farther, and farther behind.  Especially in the mathematics, there were only 7% of kids who weren’t doing well in the second grade, but by the fourth grade, there are already 15% of students who aren’t doing well, by the time they get to first year in middle school, 25% of the students are already failing; in English, only almost 30% failed in fourth grade, by second year in middle school, the statistics increased to 25%.

Yeah, uh, and, whose FAULT is this again???  Oh yeah, the POLICY makers!!!  And now, they’re trying to stop this long train wreck, but, the trains are already running too freakin’ fast, and, NO amount of reteaching or outside help will do the tricks, because they FAILED to build the fundamentals to be strong enough here.

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Before They Fully Understood the Old Materials, New Materials are Crammed into Their Minds, in Order to Get Caught Up with Progress, the Classes Can Only Abandon the Bottom Halves of the Classes

The reforms in education, the policy makers still hadn’t thought it through thoroughly enough, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the recent years, the Department of Education’s attempt to reform the lower grade level’s education had backfired.  The higher the grade levels, the more students are flunking the classes.  The problems lie in reteaching and attempts to help the students make better grades, the moment the school teachers realized that someone’s falling behind, they should immediately assist the student, and to reexamine their own teaching methods, otherwise, even IF the teachers managed to get the student caught up, it’s of no help.

The poorer, the more distant children are from the cities, there would be less and less resources, and so, naturally, on average, they’d performed worse.  But, the education facilities should at least, make sure that every student can perform the basics of her/his grade levels.

Take for mathematic for example, from the first to the third grades, there are no more than about ten percent of children who couldn’t perform up to standards, so, how come starting in the fourth grade, the rate of children who couldn’t do well rose up to twenty percent?  The analysts said, that because starting in the fourth grade, decimals, fractions, surface area, and volume calculations are included in the courses, and that a better teaching technique is needed.

But, the elementary schools used the one instructor, every course classrooms, other than English, the teachers must teach in every other subject, a lot of the teachers majored in the liberal arts, they’re naturally bad in math, and the teacher training classes didn’t emphasize math either, and so, they could still manage in the lower grade levels, but, into the middle and high schools, they couldn’t manage anymore; plus, they are teaching larger classes, and so, they naturally let the kids who don’t do well enough slide, causing the ones who fell behind falling farther and farther behind still.

And, the reteaching of the lessons couldn’t have an effect right away, the teachers couldn’t tell which student is falling behind, when the students are dumbfounded, sitting in the classes, dozing off, then, the instructors get “alarmed”; without completely mastering the older materials, the newer materials are crammed in, and this won’t be effective on the students’ learning processes.

The instructors should improve on their teaching methods, to discover the students’ difficulties in time, and give help as needed, and when needed, the teachers should teach smaller groups at a time, the reformed way of education, is not for the students, to doze off, stare into space for twelve years, but to make sure, that the students have the basic abilities, this, is the bottom line, not the highest standards.

And so, those IDIOTS who’d started the kids here using the American ways of education still NEVER thought it through thoroughly, and now, the kids are having troubles, and, the instructors didn’t even have a WAY of helping them out, and so, yeah, the education here, had gone to the D-O-G-S all right!

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The Trend in the Universities & Colleges: the Classes Had Been in Session for Half an Hour, and, There’s Only One Student Who Showed Up

The DISRESPECT for the professors AND yourselves, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The elective class of a certain private university in Hsinchu, two nights ago when class was held, there was only ONE student who showed up, and, the student had a one-on-one session with the professor’s guest speaker, the female student posted on Facebook, “Come to class”, and, before the class session was over, the students increased to five people, and this shows the serious condition of how college students are skipping their classes.

“It’s already seven at night, the empty classroom has only one student, the guest lecturer didn’t even know how to start, class, won’t you come in for the session tonight?”, the female student posted, and, there are teachers who’d commented, “I’m so saddened by this post”, and, someone else commented, “No wonder the worth of college students in Taiwan is only 22K”; someone suggested, “the professors need to have 50% of the students’ grades based off of attendance”.

This private university stated, that some of the students are working as they’d signed up for the course, that maybe work had them tied up.  This semester, the classes had “an assistant to the professor”, to take down attendance after the lectures, to make sure that students showed up, but the school didn’t mandate the professors to roll call.

It’s become a trend, that college students just skip classes, whether it be in the public or the private universities.  A professor from a certain public university in Hsinchu stated, that last year, he’d had a class, where there were only three people signed up, student A is late as a habit, student B don’t show up at all, that, it’s a one-on-one session throughout the entire semester, he’d sighed, “the students lacked respect for the professors, and they don’t utilize the resources they are being given.”

And so, this, is what’s currently happening, and, there’s NOTHING that the professors can do about it, after all, you are in school, by choice, maybe not, but, you wanted to have your parents’ supports for four more years, so that, was why you’d signed up, but you still don’t show UP for class, which means, that your parents are paying for GHOSTS for your education.

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An Adolescent Died in Juvenile Detention, the Family Wants to Know What Happened

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A youth in the Taoyuan Juvenile Detention Hall, Mai, died last year in February, the representative from the Democratic Progressive Party, Yo, held a press conference for the family, pointed out, that there was large areas of wounds on the youth, and the coroners found, that his death was caused by others; but after the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office looked into the matter, and found NO suspects, so, they’d signed the case as closed.  The families believed that there’s more to their child’s death, they’re asking the country to pay for it, hoping that they can find closure, as the real cause of his death came out.

The fifteen-year-old adolescent, Mai, was arrested for theft three years ago, and sent to the juvenile detention hall in Taoyuan, last year, he’d had pus in his organs in the abdomen regions, causing sepsis, and died.  The grandmother publicized the photos she took of her grandson at autopsy, she claimed, that on her grandson’s right chest and shoulder, there was a huge area of bruising, swelling, and bleeding, didn’t know how much her grandson suffered before his death, and, she couldn’t accept the reason that the juvenile detention’s reason for his death, “infection”.

The manager of the Taoyuan Juvenile Detention Hall, Lin said, that they’d never punished him physically or bullied him, and they thought that the young man had no history of heart problems, but, at a routine check, they’d found that his bicuspid valves was a bit detached, that the detention hall didn’t ignore it; but the family stated, that on the day the detention hall sent him to the hospital didn’t match up to the hospital’s cause of death on his death certificate, the family thought that there’s some sort of cover up going on.

The Juvenile Detention Hall in Taoyuan said, that since Mai had been admitted, he’d seen a physician on site for ninety-two times, and gone out of the detention hall for treatment five times, “We’d done our very best for him.”

The assistant director of the Facility of Corrections, Chiu stated, that as the other students who came into contact with Mai told of new facts or new evidence, they will all, include it into the payments that the country will be making to the families.

Yo, the representative suspected, that after Mai’s death, the juvenile detention hall didn’t punish the related individuals to the matters, and, everybody who’d been a part of the case are already transferred away from the center, she suspected, that there’s a cover up, to protect the workers involved.  She hoped that the truth will come out, with the investigations of asking for the government to pay.

Lin said, that based off of what they’d discovered to date, there were NO signs of inappropriate discipline, and that the juvenile detention hall did everything it ought to; and the workers, transferring out is a process that happens daily, that he respected the family members, for asking the country to pay.

So, something MUST’VE happened to this youth, we just don’t know what.  But, because his medical records aren’t provided, we can’t pinpoint the cause, and plus, the family didn’t tell the heart condition of the youth as he was admitted to the juvenile detention hall, and, someone is still dead, and the family just wanted the truth, so they can find closure, and get on with their lives.

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A Man’s Way of Testing His Wife’s Faithfulness to Him: Get His Friend to Seduce Her to Sleep with Him

Uh, are you FUCKING kidding me here???  Things that only MEN can think up of!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chang, asked his friend, Su to seduce his wife to take her to a hotel to have sex, then, arranged for two other men, Huang, and Chen, to entered by force, to take photographs of his wife and his friend nude, the wife called the police and sued Su and the other men for drugging and raping her.  The District Attorney’s Office of Taipei reviewed the surveillance tapes, found that Chang’s wife took the initiatives, hugged and kissed Su, it doesn’t look like she was unconscious at all, and prosecuted the four men based off of obstructions of secrets, and dropped the charge of rape.

The four men admitted to taping in secrecy, claimed that they’d attempted to capture the footages of Chang’s wife having sex with another man, but they never raped her.  Chang claimed, that because he’d suspected his wife was unfaithful, that, was why he’d called up his friend, Su, to help him set her up.

The prosecutors indictment papers stated, that Chang separated from his wife this June or July, in August, he’d sent his wife’s LINE account number to Su, had him seduce his wife.  During which time, Su continually showed his cares and concerns toward Chang’s wife, after a week’s worth of conversation, Chang’s wife let her guards down, and used the excuse, “help me find a new place”, asked Su out.  Su immediately notified Chang, and planned the entire setup.

On the afternoon of the date, first, Chang got a high-end hotel suite at the place where his wife and was on a date with Su, then, he’d immediately gone to the room, to case it out, to plan the moves, then, Su went on his date with Chang’s wife, and Huang asked Chen to come that same night, to record the footages.

After the supper that evening, Su and Chang’s wife went up to the hotel suite, and Huang and Chen waited for two hours after they’d gone in, then, broke in to take photos, and video footage, claimed, “We’re hired private investigators”, and after they got the photos, they’d left.  Su made an excuse to leave too.

Chang’s wife thought, that her husband found out about her affair, and, after she’d checked out of the room, she’d immediately filed a rape and photograph of her naked charges against Su, claimed that since she went into the hotel room, she couldn’t recall a thing, and, when she woke, she was lying on the couch of the room, with her dress on, but her underwear gone, believed that she was raped.

The D.A. reviewed the surveillance, found that from the elevators to the room, Chang’s wife walked on her own, and had even wrapped her arms around Su to kiss him, and, as Huang and the other men broke into the rooms to take down footages, the D.A. found her to be lucid as well, they didn’t take her words.

Wow, so, that, is how you CAN test your wives’ faithfulness to you, huh???  And, hello, these two had already BEEN separated, and, so, basically, the marriage didn’t STICK, and, what RIGHT have you, to tell us WHO we can or cannot date or see, after all, you are the ones who set this shit up, and, your wife just walked right into the traps, this, IS a self-fulfilling prophecy in action here.

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