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My Second Father, Love in the World


When I was younger, my father wasn’t around, as I went into high school, I met an ophthalmologist, that was once when I had eye troubles, and had gone to a clinic close to my school, the moment I walked into the clinic, I saw a poster that said, “I will donate what you will”, a fundraising program to help the less fortunate.

When it came my turn, the doctor asked me if I needed a packet of rice, because my health insurance card said that we were among the low income populations, I’d replied, “my aunt owns a cafeteria, give it to someone who needs it more!”

As I’d walked out of the office, I kept thinking about the fundraising project, and, a few days later, I’d gotten involved in a recycle volunteer opportunity and made $200 N.T.s, I’d wanted to donate it right away, but, to what cause?

I ran straight to the clinic, gave the money to the doctor, he’d asked me, “where did you get it?”

I’d told him I’d earned it from my recycling, and had wanted to learn to be a volunteer like the doctor, because I’d been looked after by others since I was growing up, and now that I’m able, I wanted to give what I can back to the world too.

I’d started volunteer with the doctor, he’d taken me to a lot of the activities, met a ton of people, allowed me to feel that there’s warmth in the world.  And now, I’m living and working in the midsection of the island, but the doctor who is in the south still showed his concerns toward me; for me, he’s just like a father, he’s my second dad.

And so, because of the kindness shown to you from this doctor, it’d initiated your desires to help others out too, and that, is how easily, kindness can roll around, and it will get passed down, because kindness too, IS infectious!

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Learning From Watching My Mother’s Backside, Busying Away at Work


Two years ago, my older sister-in-law gave birth to a daughter, she’s very active, smiling a lot, and very smart too, she’d made everybody laugh and so, everybody fought hard, to be the babysitter for her.

I’m among those who fought to take care of her, changing the diaper, feeding, bathing, and playing, along with a lot of other activities, I’d done just about anything, and, because I’d gotten the time to spend with my niece, it seems, as if all my worries are out the windows with her, smiling so sweetly at me, and so, I’d put in more, caring for her growth processes, teaching her about the simpler interactions with the outside world.

But, my friends all warned me against treating my niece as if she were my own.  A said, “It’s not like she’s your child, why are you being so very nice to her!”

B said, “Even if you loved her so, it would become wasted, because it’s not as if she’ll remember your kindness toward her.”

C told me, “Just take care of yourself, and stop taking care of other people’s businesses.”  Toward the above comments, even though, I’m not too happy about them, I’d always laughed it off, because I knew, that you can’t measure some things, and what seems to be giving endlessly, actually, I felt that I’d gained more from it.

One day, I’d finally understood why I got mad at my friends’ words, from seeing my mother, enticing my niece to behave herself, and why I would be so willing, to put everything into caring for my own niece.  Because I’d learned, from watching my mother’s ways, she’d placed her children as her top priorities, selflessly, giving herself to us, and it’d imprinted on me, and, I’d unknowingly, copied her, watched over my niece with care as she got older, on the one hand, I’d hoped that she passes through her days without any worries, on the other, I wanted her to learn about the world with curiosities and happiness, so she could handle the every changing world.

Unknowingly, I’d picked up my mother’s attitude, it’s a virtue she’d passed down to me without me knowing, just as how she’d learned that from my maternal grandmother, and this will keep getting passed down from one generation to the next.

That, is how the cycle of kindness IS passed, from observations, the child is watching and learning, and, by using love to teach your child, you’re helping them, pass the virtues that are good, wonderful, to get passed down to their own young one day.

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Love wtihout Boundaries

The movement of love, translated…

I’d often encouraged my students, to take after a kind of chrysanthemums, to still BE in full-bloom, even IF it grows on the poorest kind of environment, still beautiful, in the coldness of the winter…

“Teacher, this, was the ocean I dreamed up of last night”, the beautiful blue ocean started unfolding from his hands.

“This, was the scene that I’d discovered on the sunlight and the flowers”, flower after flower, they bloomed, from his drawing papers.

“Look at this one, they’re a school of fish that misses the oceans waves…”

Every time he’d gone through the steel windows and entered into the classrooms, Liang would always bring me his newly drawn pictures.

His simplistic and childlike artwork, it’d always surprised me, and moved me too.

  • Everything I Wanted to Say, I’d Put it into the Paintings

Liang was my writing student from seventeen years ago while I’d taught in prison, I taught him to write; however, in the realms of artistry, he became my instructor.

He was a natural born artist, started drawing on his own, with his own unique kind of style. I liked his artwork, encouraged him, to search for the sense of self through his artwork. There was once when a painter who traveled to France to study that came to Taiwan, I’d asked him to come and speak to the prisoners, to exchange thoughts with Liang, and we’d all gotten along very well with one another that time.

Liang’s given name was Han-Liang Huang, he was born to a miner’s family back in 1957 in the mining regions in Taipei, “When I was a teenager, I took to the bad ways, and gotten into prison”. He has a round face, with a shy personality. “I’m not good with words, all I wanted to say, are all in the paintings”.

Sometimes, as I pressed him to tell him the mindset he took, to make those artwork, and he’d tell me, “I’m like the chrysanthemum that you’d told the class about from the heavens then!” I’d often encourage my students, to be like that species of chrysanthemum, that even IF they grew up on land that’s malnourished, they should still bloom, in the cold weathers of the wintertime.

In 1999, in the earthquake in Nantou, all of my students had given back to the community. We’d all worked hard, wrote, drew, and had gotten a calendar notebook published called, “Times of Love”, and we’d donated all the sales, to the Center for Home and Families in Taichung, to help children in poverty stricken backgrounds to grow up safely.

  • Why is He Such a Great Artist?

Liang donated ALL of his winnings for his third place prize for the International Inmate Artists Competitions, to help those regions, hit by natural disasters. He continued to draw, and, his artwork made the other students writing appeared more meaningful somehow, and it’d improved the publishing we made. During those years, we’d made the donations from the sales of these art books at the end of the year to the association that helped take care of kids from poverty stricken backgrounds.

In the spring of 2006, Liang was released, and went to the church in Taichung to volunteer. Before he was released, he’d even volunteered as the illustrator of the French Tim G. “A Man Who Painted with Hope”, to add pictures. But, at the end of that year, he’d died, of a hematoma, he was only fifty years old. Back then, “The Man Who Painted with Hopes” was yet to be published. I took the book that the publishers had set up, and went to Liang’s funeral with the head of my prison class.

So many years had passed now. I keep on passing through these steel gates, to teach children to write. Everything as I’d introduced this older schoolmate, Liang’s artwork, people would often be in awe, “How come he was such an amazing artist?” “Why drove him to draw day and night?”

I believe, that that, is the way Liang loved. He’d once told me, “Whenever I think about how many kids are still waiting to grow up, I just keep on drawing, drawing, and drawing.”

And so, this, is the way a man makes a difference in his life, and yeah, he’d been on the WRONG side of the law, but, he’d turned his own life around, came to understand how his behaviors had affected those who loved him, and those whom he’d hurt, and, he made a difference, with what he had, and, in the end, he’d passed on, a legacy of love, to the rest of the world too.

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