Even Though a Oral Cancer Patient Suffered Losses of $150,000N.T. a Month, Selling Dumplings, He’d Still Persisted

Story of inspiration here, translated…

“This, is the very FIRST stable job I’d gotten in over ten years’ time, and even when the business is slow, I’d still needed to head to work!”, the almost six-month old “Oral Cancer Support” dumpling shop, is a halfway station to help those with oral cancer get back on track, but, in the six months it’d started running, it’d suffered a loss of $150,000N.T. per month, and the shops are barely surviving.  The storefront had hoped to sell their dumplings on the home shopping networks on television, hoping that MORE will help out those who are diagnosed with oral cancer.

He had skillfully gotten the dumplings from the pot, then, plated the items, and delivered the plates to the customers, this, was the oral cancer patient, Shen’s job descriptions for the past seven years.  He said, that ten years ago, after he’d gone through surgeries to treat his oral cancer, his chin, and part of his mandible got removed from his face, making finding a job hard for him, “Working here is amazing, I can support myself now.”

And that, is just how there are still not-for-profit organizations out there that helps those with a certain conditions, and, even though the store is suffering the losses, it’s still NOWHERE N-E-A-R closing down, because it’s running on the good faith of the residents, so, there is still a WHOLE lot of goodness in this world.

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