The Ones You Couldn’t Save

This is usually a B-U-M-M-E-R, but, you’d eventually get to understand, that you CAN’T save them A-L-L!!!

The ones you couldn’t save, what can you do for them?  Other than to offer that last AND final respect, as you’d gone to their burial sites?  There’s NOT much ELSE you can do, is there?

The ones you couldn’t save, they’re the ones that haunts you, the faces that come to you when you’re asleep, in the nights, the voices that cried out to you, “HELP ME!”  The ones you couldn’t save, if you’re meant to save them, then you would, but, you’re not, they’re meant to D-I-E!!!  But how can you accept that?  How can you deal with the fact, that some kid is brutally murdered, because of her/his parents’ carelessness?  The ones you can’t save, there ARE so many more out there, and, there’s just NOT enough time, for me, to go ALL over the world, to EVERY single household, with bad parents, to KICK all their asses, and I’d already done ALL I could, and, that’s ALL that anybody CAN ask of me, and that, is how I cleared MY conscience (not that it was ever dirtied or anything like that in the first place!!!).

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