A Daughter Spoke on Behalf of Her Stepfather Who Raped Her…the Man Got a Delayed Sentence

This, is quite common, when the victim identifies with the P-E-R-P, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A young woman in Hsinchu, started in fifth grade, was attacked by her stepfather, he would touch her breasts, along with fondled her genitalia, had sexually molested her, a total of ELEVEN times, after the school instructor turned him in, the father admitted to it, said that it was only a “game” he was playing with his stepdaughter, that he’d acted on his own impulses, that he didn’t mean it, and had apologized to the victim, and she’d forgiven him already.  The victim, along with her mother, all begged the judge, because the household is reliant on the man’s wages to survive, that neither one of them wanted him to be locked up.  The district court found the man guilty, of sexual molestations and gave him a two-year sentence, which he would be allowed, to serve it, delayed for five years.

This man, started back in February of 2011, all the way into October of 2012, took advantage of the time with his stepdaughter alone, touched her breasts, along with her genitals, to satisfy himself.  The victim did NOT dare tell her own mother about it, but, she’d told her school classmates, and the classmates told the teacher, and the teacher reported to the police.  When the court was in session, the victim spoke on behalf of the perpetrator, stated, “I’m willing to forgive my father”.  And the mother and daughter were able to get to the judge, and the father showed signs of remorse, and showed that he still had a conscience, so, the judge gave him a delayed sentence.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?  Because a man C-R-I-E-D, therefore, these two ladies (the daughter AND the mother) softened, and that, is how the two of them continue to be VICTIMIZED, as we already K-N-O-W, how we CANNOT reform a rapist, after all, he’d done it before, what makes you think that he won’t do it again?  And that there’s this “PRIOR”, of the VICTIM, dropping the charges.






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