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How Do You Forgive Someone For Raping You???

How do you forgive someone for raping you?  I mean, H-O-W can you?  You are the one being VIOLATE, and you weren’t asking for it at all.

How do you get beyond the point, of someone, taking something so dear from you?  For treating you less than human?  How do you forgive someone for raping you?  Perhaps, by forgiving yourselves, for going into that dark alley, or, taken another alternative route home that night after work?  But, you will NEVER forget the hurt, the pains, the betrayals, even AFTER so many years had passed by./

How do you forgive someone for raping you?  It’s NOT like it was your fault, that you WORKED as a streetwalker (I mean, even streetwalkers, OR whores have THEIR rights, don’t they???), nor was it because you dressed, too provocatively, was it?

So, how do you forgive someone for raping you?  You don’t, because there’s NO way you can possibly go back, to the moment B-E-F-O-R-E you were raped, and maybe, put a layer of coat on, and STOP shaking those “things”?






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A Mass Murderer Who Came Forth After Seventeen Years of Working as a Man Who Took Care of a Temple


Due to Karma, the man exposed his identity…

The man who took care of the well-known thousand-year-old temple in Hangzhou is actually a man who killed an entire family.  Seventeen years later after the murders, he was arrested by the cops, with his original name, Shing-Lien Hsu, when he was arrested, he didn’t run, he just said lightly, “it’s time that I’d paid up this debt caused by my own karma.”

The newspaper reports stated that on July 27, 1994, in the dormitories of the railroad next to the Nine Jiang-Nan station, the victims a couple named Hsu were brutally murdered in their home, and their two-year-old son was seriously injured.  Afterwards, ALL SEVEN of the individuals who were a part of this murder were caught, save for Hsu.

During the summer of that year, a slimly built, clean-looking young monk came to a temple in the An-Huei Province, he was in charge of cleaning up the temple, later, he became a monk.  After he’d left the temple, he started traveling.  In 2000, he came to Hangzhou, and worked at a temple in Xihu, started out as a janitor, then, worked his way up, until 2010, he became the man in charge of the newly rebuilt temple.

The man had attended various charitable functions, led the mass donation to the folks who lost their homes in the earthquake back in 2008, and had even led the way to donating blood without receiving any payment.  Until one time, he intentionally let his tongue slipped, after the people in his temple knew, they were ALL shocked, and called the cops without him knowing.

In November of 2011, the cops in the Jiangxi Province made an anonymous call to the man, asked him to show up at the police station, but, Wei-Di had already known that the call came from the station, he called the second-in-command of his church to his side and told him, “When I was younger, I didn’t something very bad back home, and now, I won’t return for a very long while.”

You DO see how this is compensatory behavior, right?  The man is trying to make up for what he’d done, murdering the three individuals when he was younger by becoming a monk, and yet, he still couldn’t escape judgment of the L-A-W, and, NO matter how much good he’d done, it still didn’t make UP for the EVIL deeds he’d committed toward the family of three.

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