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A Man Chained His Own Mother to the Walls, Two Days Later, the Mother Died…the Judge Gave the Man Two Years

Letting the circumstances guide the sentencing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Hsinbei City, because his mentally ill mother would often eat things she should not be eating, he’d chained his own mother to the showerhead with a bicycle lock in the bathroom; because she was left standing up, two days later, her body couldn’t withstand the fatigue, she ended up, hung to death, the District Court in Taipei believed, that the man’s reason for chaining his mother to the bathroom was understandable, and that he’d turned himself in, so, it’d fitted the criteria for a reduced sentencing, and so he was sentenced to two years in prison.

The verdict stated that Chang (age 41)’s sixty-five year old mother was under limited cognitive capacity, couldn’t know if she’d done anything illegal, two years ago in November and last year in January, she’d committed theft twice, and would often throw trash all over her residence, and eaten unknown powdery substances too.

Chang’s mother originally stayed with her daughter, later, she’d moved in with her husband, her son, and her own mother-in-law in Shindian, in order to restrict his mother’s movements, Chang had used a motorcycle lock, wrapped it around his own mother’s neck, and locked her up in front of the steel window inside the bathrooms; Chang’s mother couldn’t break free, and could only rest on the faucets below the window, the meals were delivered and fed to her by her husband, and she’d urinated, defecated inside the tub. On September 10, she was found dead, and the medical examiners ruled that she died of hanging, because she was too fatigued that she’d fallen down.

Chang turned himself in, and his attorney used how he was the sole economic provider of his house, wanted to get him a delayed sentence. The judge pointed out, that before Chang locked his mother up, he should’ve sought out assistance from social services but didn’t, to help his mother feel better, but he didn’t, and he also didn’t loosen up the rope and the chains, to allow his mother to have time to rest, which had, in turn, caused the tragedy, that he should still be punished accordingly. The case can still be appealed.

And so, take this as an accident, or, a case of negligence homicide, or, you can see it as how this man failed to get enough support from the outside world, maybe he lacked the resources to, or he didn’t know WHERE he could get some help with his mother’s conditions, that had attributed to this tragic event.






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