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The Right Color Consists of Just & Kindness

Crooked stick crooked shadow, how the government should take responsibilities for the illness of the society right now, because the political party ruling over this country, IS, the source of everything bad that’s, happened in this, country, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It was midday, as I passed the post office, suddenly, someone hollered, “Robbery!”, then, a man rushed off quickly from opposite side of the streets from where I was, with a young mom with her child, chasing behind.

In recent years, the public safety is deteriorating too fast in Taiwan, an assortment of awful things are happening continuously around, what I thought were scary, that were, far from where I am, but they’re, happening, right, before, my eyes.

Or maybe, this was, why, the pedestrians couldn’t react fast enough, as the robber ran fast across us, we’d forgotten, what we were, supposed to, do.  And, as we saw this robbery occur, in front of our, eyes, but we’d not, noted, that by the space between the buildings where the robbery just, occurred, there was, a push cart, with the cardboard boxes stacked in, and an old, suitcase, which I knew the stories of.

Some in the world are using the wrong methods of robbing, scamming someone, to get rich quick in the world, and there are those who are, working hard in silent, to make their own ends, meet, picking up after what the shops disposed of, insisting on using their hard working means, to make the measly payoffs of cash, not caring if they couldn’t have their three square meals, or that they’re, homeless, ignored by the others in the world, at least, they are living, in a righteous way in the world.

what these politicians from the corrupt parties are doing: SILENCING our rights! Political cartoon from online

The owner of the shopping cart is a man of sixty, who’s homeless; from before, he’d camped out at the outside of a shop close to my home.  I knew that he was still, driven, not lost his will, as he’d walked around, with his hunched back, to pick up the recycling materials.

The uneven spread of wealth in today’s world, plus the punishments not being, severe enough, had made a lot of people turn to criminal means to get rich.  Those who’d not been made aware of the darker side of the society, either became, the targets of these, opportunists, or became, the human ball getting kicked around by those in power who don’t see them, with absolutely ZERO political, values.  Because of how uneven the knowledge of these lesser people, they may not even know how they got to where they were in this life, let alone, who they can call out for help, they can only, weather it all, in, silence.

The prestigiousness of a person, has NOTHING to do with how much materials the individual has, but, how s/he chooses to, weather the trials of one’s own life.  This kind of people, maybe they have a difficult life!  But, the noble means with which the individuals live with, it puts God to, shame!

Humans got rid of their unmanly means with education, and those with the abilities, take care of those who can’t take care of themselves, those lying politicians who made endless number of, empty promises to us, are the, forefathers of the scam artist rings, also, the source of this mess in the societies right now.  No matter the party, righteousness, and honesty, are the, most fitting, correct colors.  And maybe, the end-of-year elections, are our ways, of turning that, around.

And so, this is how the society is a mess, because the government isn’t acting righteously enough, because, we are ruled by this, completely, corrupt political party, with its leaders, caring LESS about the wellbeing of, we the people, and, because the heads up there isn’t right, therefore, everything below that, start slanting, bending, out of shape.

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Votes Invalid…

No, listen to me!

You think that voting does anything???  Yeah, you must be, DELUSIONAL all right!  Votes invalid, that, is how the votes will get tossed out, because it’s not in the favors of the party ruling over the countries (or was it the party that’d lost the presidential elections, and, does it, really, matter???).

The votes don’t matter, as the government (or whoever it is that wants the government to “step down”…) keeps on, ruling like dictators, with a total disregard of our, basic human rights (to vote, to live our lives, free from fears of persecution, etc., etc., etc.).  The votes don’t matter, our votes are, invalid, and, there’s, NO changing that, as we’d become, ENSLAVED by these, governments that are, dictating where our lives’ headed, and these, dictators don’t got NO sight of the wills, the benefits of the people in mind.

does it now??? And, are you, SURE, ’bout that??? Found online

And, our votes, still, won’t matter, because we let these, dictators (and their parties) take control over the countries we are currently, enslaved, by…

Votes invalid, so, what’s the point in voting, I mean, it’s not like, with my god damn vote (I mean, it’s just, one of ME, versus, how many of them again???  See my point???), I can, change anything, even IF it’s with, all of our votes, it still doesn’t do SHIT, just look at the results of the last issues votes that we cast them ballots in…

And, history still, repeats, itself here!

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The Government’s Swapping Things Out, Turning Celebration of National Independence to Something Pointless

How the DDP still tried to, manipulate the people, and we are, allowing them to do that, are we just, FUCKING (so???) retarded or what!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The government had, changed the formal name of Independence Day here to Taiwan National Day in its, manipulations, those of us who are aware, believed this to be unconstitutional; while the standardized “Taiwan”, doesn’t include Kinmen, Mazu, so what happens to the people living there?  Besides, Taiwan is a geographical, place, the celebration of National Day is the day of birth for the Republic of China, and writing it in English, turning it into, “Taiwan National Day”, this is hypocrisy, cheating the people of our, origins!

For a long time, the DDP is best at manipulations when it comes to the matters of debate in the issues in the elections, the nine-in-one is to the point of switching off right now, in seeing how they’re to lose that, they’d used the celebration of national independence before the elections, to falsify their love for Taiwan, and elevate the volumes of “fight against China, to protect Taiwan”, killing two birds with just that one stone.  One, they’d used the name of “Taiwan Independence Day” to stowaway “Taiwanese Independence”, getting happy that they could declare their independence; secondly, they’re using that to defy the powers of authority of Communist China, and, if China couldn’t take it, and started hitting us right before the end-of-year-elections or increased the aircraft that come over our aerial borders, this will surely, add fuels to the DDPs losing support locally right now, making Communist China their, BEST support, and this never fails!

“Taiwan Independence Day” confused the identification to the country, turned the independence day celebration of Republic of China into a mess.  The means and mindset to hosting the celebrations, erased ALL the contributions that the Republic of China had on Taiwanese economy, and the coming into being of this country, that the younger generations became unknown to the glorious histories of the Republic of China, this sort of severing off, dividing, is truly, calculating and manipulative, very angering.

The two sides of this celebration of the country’s birth; on the constitutional front, there’s the name of the country, the greatest common denominator that people have of this country.  And, if we wan to set that right, we the voters, must, use our votes, to kick the DDP out of all the local offices, then we will all be, blessed then!

And so, this is how the DDP played the factions game, separating you and me, him and her, thinking, that so long as they’d instilled in the people, the HATRED of China, they will win, but, hopefully, the rest of “we the people”, hadn’t forgotten about just how FUCKED up this god DAMN country became, from the DDP, ruling over us, I’m still not saying that the other party, the KMT is any better, or that another minor party is good, but, it’s gotta be, better than the DDP that’s for sure!

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In Need of Support from the Groups, in the Matter of Unethical Research, Not Relying on Self-Discipline?

Yeah, uh, the ETHICS of these candidates is, too, questionable here, and the DDP still, vouched for them!  What does that tell you about this political party???  Exactly.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The candidate for mayor of Taoyuan of the DDP, Lin was found, that he’d plagiarized his master theses from both Zhonghwa University AND N.T.U., currently, the N.T.U. research department of his major already set up the evaluation committee to investigate; while Zhonghwa University stated that they will start up the investigation process immediately as well.

This is quite odd.  Because, the most important thing in scholarly research is “self-discipline”, meaning, that the individual who’d produced the papers is the one who knows the best about whether or not s/he had, plagiarized or not.  But, as Lin’s plagiarism case busted open, the chairperson, Tsai of the DDP left her words supporting Lin, “blackening someone’s reputation for the sake of election, this is NOT the behaviors of a mature democracy!”

So odd sounding: Tsai was never involved in any of the committees looking into the matter, how would she know, that the claims of Lin’s plagiarism was for the sake of blackening his reputation?  And, what has Lin’s thesis, whether he’d plagiarized or not, has anything to do with the maturity of this country’s democracy?

And yet, Tsai stood behind Lin all the way, Lin became, “without reason, but still spoke loudly because the president’s behind him”, and criticized that the individual who’d disclosed this was defaming him.  What he’d cared more was not the “discipline” of research, but how the president “backed him up”—after the incident busted out, did someone who is “loud enough” stand behind him.  And now, “this country’s” “biggest” had, “vouched for him”, which proved that he’d not, plagiarized.

Lin’s professor who oversaw his master thesis is the currently head of N.S.A., Chen.  “Master Chen” is amazing, in his years of professorship with the N.T.U., he’d produced a total of 173 master graduates and doctor graduates, he’s also the appointed professor for many of the DDP politician.  As Lin’s research came into question, he’d bluntly stated, that it was the student, Yu who’d graduated a year ahead of Lin who’d, plagiarized Lin’s thesis.  Yu currently works as an investigator at the bureau of investigation.  In the ruling of “power of the government officials”, “power is truth” values, he can only select to “stay silent” because it is, “golden”.  And yet, from their reactions, we see, what constituted as the “self-disciplines” of research.

Lin’s master paper professor from Zhongwha University, He had guided 473 separate theses and dissertations, and his “powers” of helping his students write the graduate papers, beaten out the director of N.S.A., Chen.  Between 2011 and 2018, he had around thirty students under him writing the master theses.  As the events came out, he’d also, come out and vouched for Lin, stated that Lin had helped with the passing out and collecting of the research questionnaires, that what he did for Lin was, justified and within what was acceptable.”, this sort of “all goes home happy” of “research ethics”, it’s a wonder, that all the grad students loved him!

I really can’t predict, what sort of a result will come out of the investigations two months from now. But what I want to know is: up to currently, what had these individuals’ actions showed us about “encouraging the students to use the right means to learn”?  Can their behaviors show that “honesty rules over the hypocrisies?”, the politicians of the DDP “gathered in hoards in support of their party members”, is it, “loving the country, loving the citizens”, or, is it, an alternative kind of, “crisis in national security”?

And so, this is still, corruption, from the top down, because the entire DDP is corrupt from the inside AND out, that’s why, there’s NO ethics in anything that they are doing, and, because the party itself if FUCKED (so???) up in its own values, how the hell can you expect any of the members of this party to have the right sets of moral standards?

You can’t!

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Long-Term Care Became an Abandoned Infant, and the Justice Systems Can’t Patch up the Holes

How the HEAD (OFF with HIS HEAD!) of the DDP is already checked out as the head of DDP, with his sight on the mayoral election of the city of Taipei at the end of the year, and the policies for long-term care still isn’t set up from the start, and it’d been ten fucking (so???) years since the “birth” of the long-term care policies here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Every time I saw the verdict of the cases o murder in the families with long-term care needs, it’d pained me, since the start of Long-Term Care 2.0, the tragedies in the families hadn’t stopped yet.  Although the UDN papers did a special report on “Murders of Long-Term Care”, and yet, seeing how the Department of Sanitation & Welfare boasting on the coverage rate of over fifty-percent of Long-Term Care 2.0, for the past two years, the head of CDC, Chen hadn’t shown ANY concerns for this area, only cared about the pandemic, and now, he’d, shifted his focus onto the mayoral elections at the end of year.  The DDP government should evaluate the lacking of Long-Term Care 2.0, to NOT give up the right to set up the rules correctly, to allow the justice systems to patch up those holes.

The sixty-nine-year-old man didn’t want to see his wife suffer anymore, for being bedridden for a whole of thirty years, suffocated her with a plastic bag, and the defense argued that it was a “mercy killing”, the district attorney asked the courts for mercy, the Taipei District Court believed that the case fitted to the requirements of a sentence reduction, sentenced Tsai to two years six months, and this can still be appealed.  The seventy-nine-year-old elderly man took care of his daughter with cerebral palsy for close to fifty years, smothered her to death with a quilt, and his life saved by emergency resuscitation from his suicide attempt after killing his daughter, the Taipei District Court sentenced him to two years six months, and, the courts asked the president to issue a special pardon for him, which was quite rare.

If the government stepped in to help out, then, maybe, these tragedies from the burdens of long-term care could’ve been, avoided.  And yet, the setting up of the policies are to the legislature, while the right of justice is left to the courts, whether it be “mercy killings”, or the judges reviewed over the deeds, and gave a reduced sentence, then asked the president for a special pardon, it still doesn’t STOP the cases of long-term care from recurring, only through the evaluations of the department of Sanitation & Welfare, learning from the judiciary’s empathy in evaluating the lacking of Long-Term Care 2.0, then, maybe, we can reduce the cases of tragic deaths that came out of Long-Term Care 2.0.

Long-Term Care 2.0 is one of the major promises that Tsai made from her election in 2016, and the budgeting of the programs started back in 2017, and the total amount had accumulated to over thousands of millions of dollars to date; there’s the budget of close to sixty billion dollars N.T. in long-term care uses, a new high in history, and this is still not including the “basic structure designs projects’” money set aside to put into long-term care.  Problem is, the money can’t solve the problem of the pressures from the caretaking, that it needed the effective policies, and the implementations of the policies to work.

Tsai is half way through her second term, there are still two more years left, if she can evaluate the lacking of the past six years’ worth of long-term care lacking, rethink the people’s needs for the services, and stop boasting about the pretty statistics and numbers, change the provisions of as-needed services, and set up a fuller and more complete long-term care system, teaching the people how to get the resource when they need, how to set up a properly functioning system of long-term care provisions.

The definition of long-term care isn’t on the temporary, emergent medical treatment means, the tragedies are mostly from the long-term accumulations of the pressures of caretaking that’s lasted for decades at a time, the government should return back to the basic services provided to the families on these needs, helping the families set up a system that will work, and provide the quality and quantity of care that the people are in need of.

The Department of Sanitations & Welfare is in charge of the legislatures of the long-term policies, and should be full of empathy, with the leadership skills, the ability for planning, with the head of department being able and capable to implement the policies, but, from the past years’ worth of pandemic, although there’s the appearances of the elegant “getting ahead”, but on the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the planning of the vaccinations, the availabilities of the quick scan kits, the hikes of contractions in the nursing homes, there are still, too many holes, and yet, the head of department, Chen now shifted his focus to running in the mayoral race of the city of Taipei, and long-term care is once again, abandoned.

I hope, that the DDP isn’t solely zoomed in on the 2022 election of the mayors of the various cities in the country, but need to set their sights farther to the 2024 presidential elections, and, by then, the efficacy of the DDP ruling over this country may well be decided on the total numbers of deaths of the long-term care tragedies.  You need to know, that the justice system will NEVER be able to patch up the holes in the system of long-term care.

And so, this is still due to how this DDP government lacked the foresight, and because the system isn’t set up correctly, that’s why, so many are being MURDERED by their caretakers, and it’s still a top down problem, because the heads of these separate units already checked out, like for Chen, he only cared about the mayoral election at the end of the year, and he let his post of head of CDC slide, leaving we the people, defenseless against the viruses of MERS-CoV, and now, monkeypox too, and that’s still because of how the DDP is corrupt, from the top down, and rotten to the CORES already!

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We Can Rely on Our Own Self-Discipline to, Dodging the Virus

How this DDP government, “voted” into office by the people, RAN we the people, into, our, graves here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I keep worrying that my two children are going to, contract the virus.”  With the number of confirmed contractions getting high, I’d heard the super of my building talked about what’s on his mind outside of the laundromat.

The woman who’d worked the cash registers at the fruit stand, upon receiving my hundred dollar bill, she’d started, spritzing it with alcohol, and I’d understood, fully how she felt.  And, two days later, I’d not seen the familiar faces of the workers, the owner of the fruit stand explained, “we’d gone according to the stage-three alerts, all workers have their three-day weekend off!”

The owner of the packed lunch shop posted on FB, the menu items, and told that “due to lack of help”, the shop is closed temporarily.  The café that’s taken a few days off to sanitize because there were the confirmed MERS-CoV individuals who’d frequented the place, originally only allowed for the takeouts, as I’d passed it recently, I saw that the shop is opened up for dine-in now too.  The society still operates, as normally as it possibly can, it’s just, that we all, adapt to the systems.

The young man who’d worked at a nearby café, whom I’d known for years told, “This week, I’d only, begun to feel the impacts of the pandemic, a few weeks ago, nobody’s scared, they’d still dined in, used the glasses provided by the shop, sat at the same tables, I thought, that nobody is scared this time.”

What MERS-CoV taught us is: the defense against contraction is solely on self-discipline, and, toward everything we encounter in life, we can’t control it; we can only, do what we must, do what we can, to keep the virus from, getting to us, lifting our heads up to heaven, praying, that this wave that’s currently going on, will be, over soon.

And so, this is what we the people, do, to protect ourselves, because the government can’t watch out for all of us, it still got its head, stuck UP its ass, making those, bullshit, regular “spotlight appearances”, and posting the total number of the population who’d contracted the virus, leaving we the people, on our own.

Here’s another one…

I want to know, that at this turning point of the pandemic, how much time, how much mind, had the government spend, on setting up the means to help us protect against contraction?

I saw on T.V. recently, the former head of state, Sun’s contribution to Taiwan: as we won our independence from Japan, Japan once stated, “within three months, Taiwan will be in utter darkness”, at the time, Sun who was a head engineer of Taipower, in five short months, he’d restored power to eighty-percent of Taiwan, and set up the electrical towers in the distant regions, which sets Taiwan’s industrialization to start.

And, the government worked its hardest, to persuade the C.E.O. of TMSC to the post of the department head of the Industrial Research Agency, which gave us the protections of TMSC today.  The program also mentioned that Sun was very morally responsible, that as he’d worked in the public offices for more than fifty years, he still only earned the wages that were paid to him by the government.

And, watching how Taiwan is currently faring in the pandemic, I can’t help but ask the president, and the head of the C.D.C.: how much time had you spent, in helping us, to protect against, the spread of MERS-CoV?

The answer to that final question (the zillion dollar question!), is still, none, zip, nil and NADA!  Because this country is currently run by the politicians, not by someone who actual have the best interest of the we the people in mind, like from before, and this still just showed, how the government abused powers, and screwed we the people, over, and the death toll will still, keep on, hiking up, with all those other countries around us, the people, dying more, slowly, because those countries around us, the government provided the people with their, needs (the quick scan kits, the vaccines, etc., etc., etc.) that the people needed to, defend against themselves, but our government didn’t.

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The World Had, Demonstrated, with Taiwan, Not Paying Attention

Call this, ironic, ‘cuz from before, the Tsai regime stated, “Taiwan is only going to show the world, ONCE, how we cleared all the cases of MERS-CoV!”, yeah uh, that was at the beginning of the epidemic, like, uh, two years ago, right???  How long had this thing occurred again?  I’m still, not COUNTING here!  Observations, of how the government of the DDP had, successfully, ENSLAVED the people here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last May, the spikes in the cases of the epidemic of MERS-CoV occurred, there was a YouTuber with the claims, “look here world, the Taiwanese will only show you, ONCE, two weeks, we’ll be out of stage three alert!”, so loud, so pompous.  And the end result?  The two weeks turned into, more than two months, and the rate of mortality, far surpassed the other foreign countries.  Before the more than eight hundred who’d died, that boast from then, became, the biggest, irony.

As the MERS-CoV epidemic started, the biggest grace of God shown to Taiwan was, the evolutions of the outbreaks here, is a hell of a lot, delayed than every other country out there, there were the positives and negatives to consider here.  The outbreaks that hit hard mid last year, proved, how the country had, neglected to take others’ examples as a lesson, how we’d, walked down that same path again, and again, and how costly the outcomes of that were.

Another year has, passed, and, most of the other countries had, successfully, controlled the epidemic in their own countries, and found that delicate balance between keeping the society running smoothly, and keeping the epidemic, manageable; but, the steps to lifting the bans, the restrictions here had been, ambiguous, with the vaccines, the equipment needed, in short supplies.  And, don’t know how many times, the world had, demonstrated, and we’d still not learned, to watch closely; “getting ahead” is nothing but a false motto, everything the country should prepare for, no in place.  And what the government officials cared more of, was still, how to, boast the party, along with how to get the prevention of the spread of MERS-CoV, in synchrony with the elections that are coming up at the end of this year.

this god damn country went from this

image from online

For the six years since Tsai started her presidency, there was a “victory formula”, that’s never failed.  The parts of this formula includes: using the advantage of the DDP in power, to change the rules of the games, to manipulate the masses to feel animosities toward China; controlling the propaganda, leading the trends, and, knocking out the political adversaries.  But this means of, not improving the means, only seeking to oppress the DDP’s political adversaries, once the objectivity sets in, will it get turned into, the “Taiwan will only show the world, ONCE”, that classic line, which became, the laughing stock in a split second

Do not forget, this sort of a self-imposition, getting oneself into troubles, there’d been, too many in the histories who’d, shown themselves, to us!

And so, this is still, how the EGO (tistical, not centric!) of the DDP government screwed ALL of “We” the people, because it’s still bullshitting “We” (still not a part of that collective “we”) the people, using the political manipulations to turn the tides, and, because of how blindly the believers of this “machine” is, we can’t do nothing ‘bout it, because we (collective) the people are, STUPID, in that state of COMATOSE, and, we are still not waking up, with a “True love’s kiss” from that god damn, @#$%ING, P.C. (prince charming, anyone???).

to this…

a map of the cases of confirmed contraction, from Dec. 29, 2019 to Feb. 29, 2020, and that was, TWO years ago!

We are still, a people who continued to get SCREWED over, by this, popularly voted into the office DICTATOR!

And there’s NOTHING we (collectively speaking, and still not a part of that “hoard” here!) the people, CAN do.

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Basing the Policies of Tackling the Outbreaks on Party Affiliations Instead of What’s Sound, Turning Taipei & Hsinbei Cities into, Outsiders

The greens versus the blues in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, with NO consensus reached here, and the country is still headed, towards H-E-L-L here!  Allowing the party politics, to ruin the people’s lives here, as the party politics are the primary dictations of the rules and regulations of the defenses against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV here, see how party politics ruins a country now???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the head of state, Su called out the “New Mode of Defense Against MERS-CoV in Taiwan”, the Tsai government became even more ambiguous on whether or not we are to “coexist” with the virus, or to clear the cases of infections to none, until the local cases of confirmed contractions went past hundreds range, Tsai finally hosted the defense against MERS-CoV tactic forum, spreading herself out among Lai, her vice president, Chen, and Chen, the head of Department of Health Sanitation Welfares, like they were candidates, competing for a position in the election, while the cities hit the hardest, Taipei and Hsinbei, the mayors were, kept out, it’s a wonder the people made fun of the meeting, was it to discuss the matters of the epidemic, or is it, to discuss the election? 

It’d been over two years since the start of the outbreaks, the outside world had been questioning why Tsai had “gone into hiding”.  As the local epidemic started last year, Tsai also, backed herself behind the frontlines then, back then, the mayor of Taipei, Ke called out, “hundreds are dead from the outbreaks, and we still don’t see the president making her appearance, but soon as Medigenvac prices dropped, she’d, made her, appearances.”  During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Tsai went to see the operations of the air force base in Hsinchu, the agricultural fair, the pets outing and forums, and finally yesterday, she’d posted on her FB page what was discussed in the meeting on the defenses against the epidemic, but the list of attendees are, stunning to us.

She’d specifically noted to have the mayor of Taoyuan, Cheng, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen present, because they are “keeping guard over the borders of Taiwan”.  While the borders are the responsibilities of the central government, and looking now at the hardest hit northern cities of Taipei, Hsinbei City, and Keelung, especially the mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou who’d started calling out the at-home treatment plans for the less severe cases, the mayor of Taipei, who’d called to the central government to switch to the mode of coexisting with the virus, aren’t on the list.

Started back on the first of April, the cases increased by the hundreds each and every day, during this time, Su and Chen kept making up new terms, from the “new Taiwanese mode” to “Close to Normal Way of Life in Measures of Preventing the Spread of MERS-CoV”, they’d been, too, ambiguous on what these entailed.  Looking at other countries, toward this plague of the century, the presidents, the leaders of other countries stood on the frontlines, to announce their plans of how to reduce the impacts of the epidemic.

At the start of the outbreaks, surely, Taiwan had, turned in, a pretty grade sheet, other than the citizens’ being highly compliant to the rules of the government, it’s also due to closing the borders, and, keeping the country out of the international forums.  The government led by Tsai knew well, that we the people are already, burned out from working too hard to prevent the spread, and the economy can’t last much longer either.  The problem being, countries including Thailand, New Zealand, etc., etc., etc., had already set up the written rules on how to “coexist with the virus” with the precise step-by-step actions.  For the past two years, the Tsai government had oversold on the myth of “Zero confirmed diagnoses”, and now, faced to the loosening of the restrictions, it’d become too hard for her to manage, and, she’d become even more hesitant, because of the end-of-year election that’s coming up, and can only, come up with, the ambiguous made-up phrases, to fool the people.

The presidential level of discussion forum on how to tackle the matters of defenses against MERS-CoV, reduced to the DDP party, and the DDP local leaders, it’s expected, how Tsai’s policies of defenses against MERS-CoV is ambiguous, as she’d only considered the “colors”.

And so, this is still, bullshit, what this government is currently doing, the heads of state, the president, the head of legislature, and all those higher up officials, are ruled by their party preferences, the DDP, and they’d become, deaf to the ideas (even if they are actually valid) of the opposing party members, and the country will be, ruined, and we the people still don’t got a single clue here, by the way, I’m not, a part of this, “collective we” that I’m speaking about here.

I don’t have any party affiliations, I don’t prefer any party to rule, I am still, just, sitting on the fences here, watching that god damn ball getting tossed, from this side, to that, back to this, then to that, then to this……

Yeah, and it’s getting boring from my perspective here!

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As Tsai Gets Out of Office, What Kind of Taiwan Would She, Leave Behind?

Broken, @#$%ED up, a country in, TOTAL, M-E-S-S!!!  That, is what the current president will leave behind, as she steps down, how the current president bullshits us, endlessly here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president, Tsai went to the “volunteers for Tsai” banquet, and told that she counted down to the days when she will be out of office, that it wasn’t from her need for power, but because there are so many things she wanted to accomplish while she is still in office; hoping that as she leaves the presidential office, she will leave behind, “a better country from before” for Taiwan to carry on.  Her use of the literary terms, it’d still, made all the volunteers moved.  But there are, a ton of the members from online who’d, mocked her, said that in her term, the air pollution, the unplanned, unannounced power outages, the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, the pork with ractopamine from U.S., the cost of properties skyrocketing higher than ever, and the country is preparing for war with China too, how can Taiwan be better?

When Tsai is with her follower, whatever she says to them, will move them all to tears, this isn’t anything new.  And yet, had Tsai started discussing the more important matters relating to we the people, with those of her adversary party, those who are against her ideals, the public that are now, upset with her?  Is it so hard, to listen to an opinion that’s not the same as hers?  If the head of the country took the rumors seriously, and refused to hear the advices of the members of the opposing political party, tuning all those voices that are questioning her, against her beliefs out; then, how can she say, that she would be leaving behind, “a better country”?  Instead of a country she’d built up, by silencing all other opinions that are against her own?

Tsai continued to refer to the eras of KMT ruling as “authoritarian government”, and stated that KMT is now, the remains of authoritarianism; without noting or knowing, that she is ruling over the country, like a, dictator, and took Taiwan back ages from democracy.  And because of this, opening up the imports of the pork with ractopamine, the nuclear contaminated produces, it’s all her decisions singly, with everybody who’s under her, following orders; as for the matters of differences of opinions, the public’s opinions, all got, stepped under her feet.  And because of it, there are, the unfitting cabinet members, the unprofessional teams of her cabinets, all because of her “love”, they’d not gotten, taken out of the office, and continued, running our country, to the ground.

And how can the government officials without the expertise run the country well?  The head of foreign affairs, acted like the head of defense; the head of department of economics, had the narrowed trainings in law, couldn’t answer the questions the press had of the economics; the committee members of the agricultural department made us run out of eggs, of meats, of vegetables, and used the bullshits of reimbursement of money to the farmer, to shut them all up; the head of Department of Welfare and Sanitations disregarded the ethics, and supported the biotech companies al he possibly can, and used a too strict regulation, to restrict the citizens’ movements, not given any care, to how this may affect the health of the citizens here.  As for the head of state, all he is good for, is, to cuss people out, to cover up for his own, incompetence, to chase the officials who’d erred out the front, then, opening up the backdoors for them to return back in, destroying the “ethics of responsibilities” in democracy.

All the abovementioned problems, the president, Tsai had, turned a blind eye to, and she’d used these officials, to block out the criticisms of her own actions out.  And, how can this country be better, if we’re, continually, led by, this, president who’s, totally, blind?  The president thought that setting up the “Committee for Change” can wipe away the injustices.  But in reality, the committee started shifting the winds of the Examination Department, the independence of the justice department is lost by the day, including NCC, everything became, “party-affiliated”.  Can the president, Tsai not see this going on right now, or does she think, that this is all, not a big enough, deal?

and this, would come, close to what she leaves behind for, we the people

the country in CHAOS, people in trials! Photo from online

Set aside the subjects of democracy and justice, if we discuss the matters of every day lives of citizens, the shocking power outages, the fires, the hike in housing costs, the prevalence of drunk-driving, how many of these had the government solved?  Especially the matters of electricity provisions, the fact that’s before us, is the frequent outages, the fragility of the electricity net, primary because of how Tsai refused to, adapt in setting up of her energy policies.  And now, the Taipower company became at its wits ends and slowly, running out of excuses it can use, and, on the matter, doesn’t Tsai need to, call the experts to a roundtable discussion, to rethink her own energy policies?  Or, is she going the “nonstick” methods all the way, pretend, that it’s due to the incompetence of the Taipower Company?

And, if she’s counting down the days to which she would be out of the office, she would certainly know, that in May of 2024, she would be, out of office; and yet, the blank checks she wrote to the people on energy provisions, the date of expiration is 2025.  In the year that hasn’t made up for, was it her knowing already, that her promises to the people on energy provision wasn’t going to make it, that she’d saved the time slot, so she can, get off easy?  And, as the check bounced, then, it’s the next president’s, responsibilities, was that it?  It would be difficult to believe, that by the time Tsai gets out of office, Taiwan is to become a, better country; not even on the matter of democracy, she can’t even stop the outages from recurring these past few years, since her term started.

But heck, that’s the EXIT strategy this head of our state (bobble-bobble!) has for herself, besides, she can promise the people everything that they want to hear, but as she got elected and reelected, she’d become, amnesic, what, did I promise that?  And that, is just how the DDP do it, fooling the citizens of this, god damn country, and we the people are still, buying into her BULLSHIT, because, we are just, enslaved by her, way too long, we don’t even KNOW how or WHAT we can do, to fight back, and so, we let her, ruin the country, after all, she won’t be president anymore, she’d already, done her EIGHT hour years here!

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As the Comedian Faces Up to the War

And, so, the people of that, “Free country” still only have, themselves, to BLAME, for voting someone, so inexperienced in politics, into office, and now, as the western countries take that hands-off means of handling this particular crisis, the Ukrainians can only, pray…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Russian president, Putin disregarded how U.N. made the demands on him to withdraw Russian troops, started attacking Ukraine, used the rocket launchers to attack more than a dozen military base in Ukraine, destroying the aerial defense systems.  Toward how quickly the situation is worsening the western countries can only watch, and warned Russia against further attacks.  What’s worse was the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, couldn’t come up with a plan to effectively defend his own country against Russian invasions, other than declaring ending the diplomatic ties between the country and Russia, he seemed to have a hard time, coming up with a plan to fight back, to defend his own country.

Zelensky’s original career was a comedian, three years ago, he’d own the election by receiving seventy-three-percent of the votes, and, in the atmosphere of, “is this for real?”, the Ukrainians welcomed in the new president to his post.  But, translating his skills on T.V. to running the country is nothing easy, as he became, the object of, what everybody else was, making fun of, the glow of populist support wore off, quickly enough.  running a country is not like performing onstage, war is not child’s play; until this current crisis, everybody finally noted, just, how impotent, this, agile performer on screen truly is.

and, here’s, that political cartoon for you! Found from online

Based off of how fierce, how cunning Putin can be, fooling the countries in the west; while Zelensky had been, too naïve, foolishly believed, that he had the support from Western countries as the allies, refused to enter into N.A.T.O., for the peace treaties to finally get signed.  As Putin announced moving the troops into eastern Ukraine to “maintain the peace”, Zelensky continued to complain that Putin refused to take his call, he’d not realized, just how late, his, wake up call had, come.  Because, not long afterwards, the Russians fired off into Ukrainian territory.

You can call Putin a polar bear, or a fox, but, he already knew, that he is, faced with, two tigers made of, paper.  On the one side, there were the European, American countries who’d verbally blamed him for his actions, but not done anything physical to stop him from calling on the invasions of Ukraine, another is, Zelensky, who failed to realize, that his country is, already, sinking under, but still in pretending, that everything is fine. And so, as the members of the Ukraine public start, running off scared, this comedian is still, thinking about, the next performance he should be, putting on.

And, this can be, reflective, of how, if China were to attack this SHIT hole (b/c that’s what this place became???), and the president, the DDP government is still all happy and glad, that wow, major world nations like Japan, U.S., Canada, etc., etc., etc., etc., will come to help us defend against Chinese invasion (if it is to happen in the future, which we still can’t tell yet!).

This is what you get, when you, vote, someone, who’s NEVER had any political backgrounds (like a degree in poli-sci, at least???), into the office as president, and, the world is now, on a, hands-off standpoint, just watching how this “show” will, play itself out, similar to how the rest of the world watched, as U.S. entered into war with Iraq from back in……2000, was it again???  Can’t seem to, remember now……………

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