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We Can Rely on Our Own Self-Discipline to, Dodging the Virus

How this DDP government, “voted” into office by the people, RAN we the people, into, our, graves here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I keep worrying that my two children are going to, contract the virus.”  With the number of confirmed contractions getting high, I’d heard the super of my building talked about what’s on his mind outside of the laundromat.

The woman who’d worked the cash registers at the fruit stand, upon receiving my hundred dollar bill, she’d started, spritzing it with alcohol, and I’d understood, fully how she felt.  And, two days later, I’d not seen the familiar faces of the workers, the owner of the fruit stand explained, “we’d gone according to the stage-three alerts, all workers have their three-day weekend off!”

The owner of the packed lunch shop posted on FB, the menu items, and told that “due to lack of help”, the shop is closed temporarily.  The café that’s taken a few days off to sanitize because there were the confirmed MERS-CoV individuals who’d frequented the place, originally only allowed for the takeouts, as I’d passed it recently, I saw that the shop is opened up for dine-in now too.  The society still operates, as normally as it possibly can, it’s just, that we all, adapt to the systems.

The young man who’d worked at a nearby café, whom I’d known for years told, “This week, I’d only, begun to feel the impacts of the pandemic, a few weeks ago, nobody’s scared, they’d still dined in, used the glasses provided by the shop, sat at the same tables, I thought, that nobody is scared this time.”

What MERS-CoV taught us is: the defense against contraction is solely on self-discipline, and, toward everything we encounter in life, we can’t control it; we can only, do what we must, do what we can, to keep the virus from, getting to us, lifting our heads up to heaven, praying, that this wave that’s currently going on, will be, over soon.

And so, this is what we the people, do, to protect ourselves, because the government can’t watch out for all of us, it still got its head, stuck UP its ass, making those, bullshit, regular “spotlight appearances”, and posting the total number of the population who’d contracted the virus, leaving we the people, on our own.

Here’s another one…

I want to know, that at this turning point of the pandemic, how much time, how much mind, had the government spend, on setting up the means to help us protect against contraction?

I saw on T.V. recently, the former head of state, Sun’s contribution to Taiwan: as we won our independence from Japan, Japan once stated, “within three months, Taiwan will be in utter darkness”, at the time, Sun who was a head engineer of Taipower, in five short months, he’d restored power to eighty-percent of Taiwan, and set up the electrical towers in the distant regions, which sets Taiwan’s industrialization to start.

And, the government worked its hardest, to persuade the C.E.O. of TMSC to the post of the department head of the Industrial Research Agency, which gave us the protections of TMSC today.  The program also mentioned that Sun was very morally responsible, that as he’d worked in the public offices for more than fifty years, he still only earned the wages that were paid to him by the government.

And, watching how Taiwan is currently faring in the pandemic, I can’t help but ask the president, and the head of the C.D.C.: how much time had you spent, in helping us, to protect against, the spread of MERS-CoV?

The answer to that final question (the zillion dollar question!), is still, none, zip, nil and NADA!  Because this country is currently run by the politicians, not by someone who actual have the best interest of the we the people in mind, like from before, and this still just showed, how the government abused powers, and screwed we the people, over, and the death toll will still, keep on, hiking up, with all those other countries around us, the people, dying more, slowly, because those countries around us, the government provided the people with their, needs (the quick scan kits, the vaccines, etc., etc., etc.) that the people needed to, defend against themselves, but our government didn’t.

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The World Had, Demonstrated, with Taiwan, Not Paying Attention

Call this, ironic, ‘cuz from before, the Tsai regime stated, “Taiwan is only going to show the world, ONCE, how we cleared all the cases of MERS-CoV!”, yeah uh, that was at the beginning of the epidemic, like, uh, two years ago, right???  How long had this thing occurred again?  I’m still, not COUNTING here!  Observations, of how the government of the DDP had, successfully, ENSLAVED the people here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last May, the spikes in the cases of the epidemic of MERS-CoV occurred, there was a YouTuber with the claims, “look here world, the Taiwanese will only show you, ONCE, two weeks, we’ll be out of stage three alert!”, so loud, so pompous.  And the end result?  The two weeks turned into, more than two months, and the rate of mortality, far surpassed the other foreign countries.  Before the more than eight hundred who’d died, that boast from then, became, the biggest, irony.

As the MERS-CoV epidemic started, the biggest grace of God shown to Taiwan was, the evolutions of the outbreaks here, is a hell of a lot, delayed than every other country out there, there were the positives and negatives to consider here.  The outbreaks that hit hard mid last year, proved, how the country had, neglected to take others’ examples as a lesson, how we’d, walked down that same path again, and again, and how costly the outcomes of that were.

Another year has, passed, and, most of the other countries had, successfully, controlled the epidemic in their own countries, and found that delicate balance between keeping the society running smoothly, and keeping the epidemic, manageable; but, the steps to lifting the bans, the restrictions here had been, ambiguous, with the vaccines, the equipment needed, in short supplies.  And, don’t know how many times, the world had, demonstrated, and we’d still not learned, to watch closely; “getting ahead” is nothing but a false motto, everything the country should prepare for, no in place.  And what the government officials cared more of, was still, how to, boast the party, along with how to get the prevention of the spread of MERS-CoV, in synchrony with the elections that are coming up at the end of this year.

this god damn country went from this

image from online

For the six years since Tsai started her presidency, there was a “victory formula”, that’s never failed.  The parts of this formula includes: using the advantage of the DDP in power, to change the rules of the games, to manipulate the masses to feel animosities toward China; controlling the propaganda, leading the trends, and, knocking out the political adversaries.  But this means of, not improving the means, only seeking to oppress the DDP’s political adversaries, once the objectivity sets in, will it get turned into, the “Taiwan will only show the world, ONCE”, that classic line, which became, the laughing stock in a split second

Do not forget, this sort of a self-imposition, getting oneself into troubles, there’d been, too many in the histories who’d, shown themselves, to us!

And so, this is still, how the EGO (tistical, not centric!) of the DDP government screwed ALL of “We” the people, because it’s still bullshitting “We” (still not a part of that collective “we”) the people, using the political manipulations to turn the tides, and, because of how blindly the believers of this “machine” is, we can’t do nothing ‘bout it, because we (collective) the people are, STUPID, in that state of COMATOSE, and, we are still not waking up, with a “True love’s kiss” from that god damn, @#$%ING, P.C. (prince charming, anyone???).

to this…

a map of the cases of confirmed contraction, from Dec. 29, 2019 to Feb. 29, 2020, and that was, TWO years ago!

We are still, a people who continued to get SCREWED over, by this, popularly voted into the office DICTATOR!

And there’s NOTHING we (collectively speaking, and still not a part of that “hoard” here!) the people, CAN do.

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Basing the Policies of Tackling the Outbreaks on Party Affiliations Instead of What’s Sound, Turning Taipei & Hsinbei Cities into, Outsiders

The greens versus the blues in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, with NO consensus reached here, and the country is still headed, towards H-E-L-L here!  Allowing the party politics, to ruin the people’s lives here, as the party politics are the primary dictations of the rules and regulations of the defenses against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV here, see how party politics ruins a country now???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the head of state, Su called out the “New Mode of Defense Against MERS-CoV in Taiwan”, the Tsai government became even more ambiguous on whether or not we are to “coexist” with the virus, or to clear the cases of infections to none, until the local cases of confirmed contractions went past hundreds range, Tsai finally hosted the defense against MERS-CoV tactic forum, spreading herself out among Lai, her vice president, Chen, and Chen, the head of Department of Health Sanitation Welfares, like they were candidates, competing for a position in the election, while the cities hit the hardest, Taipei and Hsinbei, the mayors were, kept out, it’s a wonder the people made fun of the meeting, was it to discuss the matters of the epidemic, or is it, to discuss the election? 

It’d been over two years since the start of the outbreaks, the outside world had been questioning why Tsai had “gone into hiding”.  As the local epidemic started last year, Tsai also, backed herself behind the frontlines then, back then, the mayor of Taipei, Ke called out, “hundreds are dead from the outbreaks, and we still don’t see the president making her appearance, but soon as Medigenvac prices dropped, she’d, made her, appearances.”  During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Tsai went to see the operations of the air force base in Hsinchu, the agricultural fair, the pets outing and forums, and finally yesterday, she’d posted on her FB page what was discussed in the meeting on the defenses against the epidemic, but the list of attendees are, stunning to us.

She’d specifically noted to have the mayor of Taoyuan, Cheng, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen present, because they are “keeping guard over the borders of Taiwan”.  While the borders are the responsibilities of the central government, and looking now at the hardest hit northern cities of Taipei, Hsinbei City, and Keelung, especially the mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou who’d started calling out the at-home treatment plans for the less severe cases, the mayor of Taipei, who’d called to the central government to switch to the mode of coexisting with the virus, aren’t on the list.

Started back on the first of April, the cases increased by the hundreds each and every day, during this time, Su and Chen kept making up new terms, from the “new Taiwanese mode” to “Close to Normal Way of Life in Measures of Preventing the Spread of MERS-CoV”, they’d been, too, ambiguous on what these entailed.  Looking at other countries, toward this plague of the century, the presidents, the leaders of other countries stood on the frontlines, to announce their plans of how to reduce the impacts of the epidemic.

At the start of the outbreaks, surely, Taiwan had, turned in, a pretty grade sheet, other than the citizens’ being highly compliant to the rules of the government, it’s also due to closing the borders, and, keeping the country out of the international forums.  The government led by Tsai knew well, that we the people are already, burned out from working too hard to prevent the spread, and the economy can’t last much longer either.  The problem being, countries including Thailand, New Zealand, etc., etc., etc., had already set up the written rules on how to “coexist with the virus” with the precise step-by-step actions.  For the past two years, the Tsai government had oversold on the myth of “Zero confirmed diagnoses”, and now, faced to the loosening of the restrictions, it’d become too hard for her to manage, and, she’d become even more hesitant, because of the end-of-year election that’s coming up, and can only, come up with, the ambiguous made-up phrases, to fool the people.

The presidential level of discussion forum on how to tackle the matters of defenses against MERS-CoV, reduced to the DDP party, and the DDP local leaders, it’s expected, how Tsai’s policies of defenses against MERS-CoV is ambiguous, as she’d only considered the “colors”.

And so, this is still, bullshit, what this government is currently doing, the heads of state, the president, the head of legislature, and all those higher up officials, are ruled by their party preferences, the DDP, and they’d become, deaf to the ideas (even if they are actually valid) of the opposing party members, and the country will be, ruined, and we the people still don’t got a single clue here, by the way, I’m not, a part of this, “collective we” that I’m speaking about here.

I don’t have any party affiliations, I don’t prefer any party to rule, I am still, just, sitting on the fences here, watching that god damn ball getting tossed, from this side, to that, back to this, then to that, then to this……

Yeah, and it’s getting boring from my perspective here!

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As Tsai Gets Out of Office, What Kind of Taiwan Would She, Leave Behind?

Broken, @#$%ED up, a country in, TOTAL, M-E-S-S!!!  That, is what the current president will leave behind, as she steps down, how the current president bullshits us, endlessly here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president, Tsai went to the “volunteers for Tsai” banquet, and told that she counted down to the days when she will be out of office, that it wasn’t from her need for power, but because there are so many things she wanted to accomplish while she is still in office; hoping that as she leaves the presidential office, she will leave behind, “a better country from before” for Taiwan to carry on.  Her use of the literary terms, it’d still, made all the volunteers moved.  But there are, a ton of the members from online who’d, mocked her, said that in her term, the air pollution, the unplanned, unannounced power outages, the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, the pork with ractopamine from U.S., the cost of properties skyrocketing higher than ever, and the country is preparing for war with China too, how can Taiwan be better?

When Tsai is with her follower, whatever she says to them, will move them all to tears, this isn’t anything new.  And yet, had Tsai started discussing the more important matters relating to we the people, with those of her adversary party, those who are against her ideals, the public that are now, upset with her?  Is it so hard, to listen to an opinion that’s not the same as hers?  If the head of the country took the rumors seriously, and refused to hear the advices of the members of the opposing political party, tuning all those voices that are questioning her, against her beliefs out; then, how can she say, that she would be leaving behind, “a better country”?  Instead of a country she’d built up, by silencing all other opinions that are against her own?

Tsai continued to refer to the eras of KMT ruling as “authoritarian government”, and stated that KMT is now, the remains of authoritarianism; without noting or knowing, that she is ruling over the country, like a, dictator, and took Taiwan back ages from democracy.  And because of this, opening up the imports of the pork with ractopamine, the nuclear contaminated produces, it’s all her decisions singly, with everybody who’s under her, following orders; as for the matters of differences of opinions, the public’s opinions, all got, stepped under her feet.  And because of it, there are, the unfitting cabinet members, the unprofessional teams of her cabinets, all because of her “love”, they’d not gotten, taken out of the office, and continued, running our country, to the ground.

And how can the government officials without the expertise run the country well?  The head of foreign affairs, acted like the head of defense; the head of department of economics, had the narrowed trainings in law, couldn’t answer the questions the press had of the economics; the committee members of the agricultural department made us run out of eggs, of meats, of vegetables, and used the bullshits of reimbursement of money to the farmer, to shut them all up; the head of Department of Welfare and Sanitations disregarded the ethics, and supported the biotech companies al he possibly can, and used a too strict regulation, to restrict the citizens’ movements, not given any care, to how this may affect the health of the citizens here.  As for the head of state, all he is good for, is, to cuss people out, to cover up for his own, incompetence, to chase the officials who’d erred out the front, then, opening up the backdoors for them to return back in, destroying the “ethics of responsibilities” in democracy.

All the abovementioned problems, the president, Tsai had, turned a blind eye to, and she’d used these officials, to block out the criticisms of her own actions out.  And, how can this country be better, if we’re, continually, led by, this, president who’s, totally, blind?  The president thought that setting up the “Committee for Change” can wipe away the injustices.  But in reality, the committee started shifting the winds of the Examination Department, the independence of the justice department is lost by the day, including NCC, everything became, “party-affiliated”.  Can the president, Tsai not see this going on right now, or does she think, that this is all, not a big enough, deal?

and this, would come, close to what she leaves behind for, we the people

the country in CHAOS, people in trials! Photo from online

Set aside the subjects of democracy and justice, if we discuss the matters of every day lives of citizens, the shocking power outages, the fires, the hike in housing costs, the prevalence of drunk-driving, how many of these had the government solved?  Especially the matters of electricity provisions, the fact that’s before us, is the frequent outages, the fragility of the electricity net, primary because of how Tsai refused to, adapt in setting up of her energy policies.  And now, the Taipower company became at its wits ends and slowly, running out of excuses it can use, and, on the matter, doesn’t Tsai need to, call the experts to a roundtable discussion, to rethink her own energy policies?  Or, is she going the “nonstick” methods all the way, pretend, that it’s due to the incompetence of the Taipower Company?

And, if she’s counting down the days to which she would be out of the office, she would certainly know, that in May of 2024, she would be, out of office; and yet, the blank checks she wrote to the people on energy provisions, the date of expiration is 2025.  In the year that hasn’t made up for, was it her knowing already, that her promises to the people on energy provision wasn’t going to make it, that she’d saved the time slot, so she can, get off easy?  And, as the check bounced, then, it’s the next president’s, responsibilities, was that it?  It would be difficult to believe, that by the time Tsai gets out of office, Taiwan is to become a, better country; not even on the matter of democracy, she can’t even stop the outages from recurring these past few years, since her term started.

But heck, that’s the EXIT strategy this head of our state (bobble-bobble!) has for herself, besides, she can promise the people everything that they want to hear, but as she got elected and reelected, she’d become, amnesic, what, did I promise that?  And that, is just how the DDP do it, fooling the citizens of this, god damn country, and we the people are still, buying into her BULLSHIT, because, we are just, enslaved by her, way too long, we don’t even KNOW how or WHAT we can do, to fight back, and so, we let her, ruin the country, after all, she won’t be president anymore, she’d already, done her EIGHT hour years here!

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As the Comedian Faces Up to the War

And, so, the people of that, “Free country” still only have, themselves, to BLAME, for voting someone, so inexperienced in politics, into office, and now, as the western countries take that hands-off means of handling this particular crisis, the Ukrainians can only, pray…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Russian president, Putin disregarded how U.N. made the demands on him to withdraw Russian troops, started attacking Ukraine, used the rocket launchers to attack more than a dozen military base in Ukraine, destroying the aerial defense systems.  Toward how quickly the situation is worsening the western countries can only watch, and warned Russia against further attacks.  What’s worse was the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, couldn’t come up with a plan to effectively defend his own country against Russian invasions, other than declaring ending the diplomatic ties between the country and Russia, he seemed to have a hard time, coming up with a plan to fight back, to defend his own country.

Zelensky’s original career was a comedian, three years ago, he’d own the election by receiving seventy-three-percent of the votes, and, in the atmosphere of, “is this for real?”, the Ukrainians welcomed in the new president to his post.  But, translating his skills on T.V. to running the country is nothing easy, as he became, the object of, what everybody else was, making fun of, the glow of populist support wore off, quickly enough.  running a country is not like performing onstage, war is not child’s play; until this current crisis, everybody finally noted, just, how impotent, this, agile performer on screen truly is.

and, here’s, that political cartoon for you! Found from online

Based off of how fierce, how cunning Putin can be, fooling the countries in the west; while Zelensky had been, too naïve, foolishly believed, that he had the support from Western countries as the allies, refused to enter into N.A.T.O., for the peace treaties to finally get signed.  As Putin announced moving the troops into eastern Ukraine to “maintain the peace”, Zelensky continued to complain that Putin refused to take his call, he’d not realized, just how late, his, wake up call had, come.  Because, not long afterwards, the Russians fired off into Ukrainian territory.

You can call Putin a polar bear, or a fox, but, he already knew, that he is, faced with, two tigers made of, paper.  On the one side, there were the European, American countries who’d verbally blamed him for his actions, but not done anything physical to stop him from calling on the invasions of Ukraine, another is, Zelensky, who failed to realize, that his country is, already, sinking under, but still in pretending, that everything is fine. And so, as the members of the Ukraine public start, running off scared, this comedian is still, thinking about, the next performance he should be, putting on.

And, this can be, reflective, of how, if China were to attack this SHIT hole (b/c that’s what this place became???), and the president, the DDP government is still all happy and glad, that wow, major world nations like Japan, U.S., Canada, etc., etc., etc., etc., will come to help us defend against Chinese invasion (if it is to happen in the future, which we still can’t tell yet!).

This is what you get, when you, vote, someone, who’s NEVER had any political backgrounds (like a degree in poli-sci, at least???), into the office as president, and, the world is now, on a, hands-off standpoint, just watching how this “show” will, play itself out, similar to how the rest of the world watched, as U.S. entered into war with Iraq from back in……2000, was it again???  Can’t seem to, remember now……………

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The Advancement of the Country is on Consumptions of Nuclear Contaminated Foods from Fukushima?

The government run by the DDP made we the people, into, EVERYBODY’s, B-I-T-C-H, as we’re, welcoming in the pork with ractopamine from the U.S., and, the nuclear contaminated veggies, fruits and even, seafoods from Japan too, and we the people are still, at the bottom of that, FOOD chain here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislative department had announced the opening of imported produces from Fukushima, the KMT worried that there’s not enough means of checks, and that there’s not enough equipment that’s needed for the detections of nuclear contaminations.  Especially, when the DDP government claimed, “We will be using a tougher measure than what’s allowed internationally”, the KMT doubted the words of the DDP, because, the cesium content for infant foods is fifty becquerel per kilograms, a lot loosen compared to most other international countries’ standards.

Toward the criticisms of the KMT, the head of state, Su got angered, he’d shouted out to the party not in power, for being against something, for the sake of it, that the KMT is “standing in the way of the country’s advancement on the international grounds”.  Su was ill-spoken, he was once a member of the party not in power to, and, the party not in power, became a system of checks and balances for the party in power, it is, naturally, given; could it be, that the party not in power can now only, act as the cheerleaders of the party in power’s, policies now?

the press conference by the department of agriculture here, on importing nuclear contaminated produces from Fukushima, found online

the DDP is still lying, even under, that, spotlight here! Photo from online

And, the large top hat of “preventing the country from advancing to the international grounds” by Su, it’s, way too over.  If the party not in power’s working hard to keep the checks and balances, or had a difference of opinions over the party in power, then it would, “prevent the country from advancing”, then, why not stay in the rules of dictators then, there’s no need of democracy, is there?  Based off of Su’s beliefs, the party out of power, and us, ordinary citizens should just, keep our mouths shut, and, just, go along with the rules and, become, compliant of the party in power’s requests of us; this way, wouldn’t we be turning into, Communist China?

The problem lies, in that Su’s distance with “public opinions” seemed to be father, and farther apart, by the days now.  The election for the mayor of Hsinbei City back in 2018, he’d only received 87,000 votes, while Hou the current mayor had received, 1.16 million of the votes, which showed, that he’d, lost the city he was, once, running over.  His becoming the head of state, rests, solely on the powers given to him by Tsai, not because we the people voted him onto the position.  Su’s opening up the imports for nuclear contaminated produced from Fukushima, it’s against the 7.79 million voters’ opinions, and can he still dare say, that “the advancement of this country is based off of people’s consumptions of, nuclear contaminated foods?”

And, this just showed, how the DDP can, bend it whichever way, when they’re not in power, they’d gone against whatever the KMT voted on, and now, as they came into power, they are, against all of those, former values they were, totally against, making this country, into, EVERYBODY’s BITCH, and they call themselves, a democratic, political party?  Yeah uh, it’s still, wolf in, sheep’s skin, or, dictatorship, masking up as democracy, or, just, simply call it, DEMO-CRAZY if you will!

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Is the Tsai Government, Too Zoomed in on the Issues Voting that it’d Not Seen the Coming of the Mutated Strains?

How this government voted by the people (which WE make up!!!), does NOT think on behalf of we the people, but cared only of its, benefits, and screwing, ALL of us, over!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In just a week’s time, the mutated Omicron strain spread from Africa to all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia too, the speed of which the virus is spreading, caused global panic, causing the stock markets all around the world to CRASH.  In the sounding of the red alerts, the various nations started fearing the Omicron strain may cause yet, another, wave of contractions, and started tightening up the defenses, fighting against time, to set up the barriers.  Only the government run by Tsai, still focused on the defense of “Anti-Public Opinion Voting”, she’s totally oblivious toward the new strain of MERS-CoV.

this is, what most other countries are, doing, to prevent the newest mutated strains from getting in, photo from online

The W.H.O. stated, that the massive amounts of mutations on the Omicron virus is never-seen before.  Evidence showed, that not only are the chances of repeatedly infected heightened, there was a physician in Israel who’d received three vaccinations, and still caught it, showing the higher risks of contraction of the Omicron strain.  The various nations around the world are now, confirming the rates of death, and the chances of having serious health problems of this new strain, with the two weeks in the future being the key periods, and, the time just matched up to the start of the New Year’s quarantine plans that we have here.  Toward this, the local heads of government doubted that the “seven-plus-seven” quarantines won’t be easy to enforce, worried, that seven days’ worth of quarantine won’t be enough, and the seven more days of the at-home quarantine may cause the breakages of defense against the spread in the local communities.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou, and all the experts advised central government, to adjust this.

And yet, Chen was, calm as ever, claimed that the new mutated strain had recently been found out, and, that we need to wait to see how it will develop, that it would work better, than, preparing for the worst, and he’d, insisted on the seven-plus-seven term of quarantine of the polices.  For this, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen suggested to the members of his public to stay for a full fourteen days at the quarantine hotels, to reduce the risk of contact with one’s own, families.

The worries of the local government officials are, warranted.  Other than the city of Taipei, Keelung, and the three counties away from the island, all the other cities and counties have a less-than-sixty-percent rate of having been vaccinated with two doses, while the rate of elderly seventy-five and older who’d gotten fully vaccinated is only, sixty-five, and it’d not gotten any higher.  If the mutated strain came, with the speedy infectious rate, surely, it would, cripple the medical resources, and the effects, unimaginable.  Japan who’s near to us, saw that the enemies are coming fast, and, locked up the nation’s gates, to wait until the epidemic slows back down.

Chen told bluntly, that Omicron may enter into the country, but other than calling out to the public to get vaccinated, he’d not, done anything else more.  The command center knew, that the coverage rate of vaccination is not quite enough, with the enemies at our gates, toward the citizens flying back for the New Years, matching up to the dates of the public voting too; but, it didn’t matter how many experts warned against this, it’d not, gotten louder than the political callings of voting against the public voting issues.

We’d gone through the hardships of stage three alerts, with economy getting hit hard, we’re still, in recovery right now.  But, the Tsai government, to BLOCK the public voting policies from passing into law, masqueraded the deaths of the outbreak into the efforts of the government in the defense against MERS-CoV; the head of legislature, Su, spoke so lightly of how the mutated strain is on our door steps, said that he’d, already, set up the plans for the teens to get their second vaccinations, the adults, their, third.  The boosting of the hoard immunity that the government spoke on, but, they’d ignored how the vaccination rates are, dying off currently, not done a thing about it, fearing, that they may cause the public to get mad, right before, the public issue voting.

Su had not only been calculated in the directives, but also, missing the boat too.  First, the rate of complete vaccinations of elderly over seventy-five can’t get higher, because the members of the public are fearful of the side effects, and gave up on getting the vaccinations completely.  Europe, the U.S., as well as China are now, offering incentives to those who get vaccinated, to up the fully vaccination rates; while the government run by Tsai, used the foreigners who come into the country, to “falsify the data” of the vaccination statistics, to give off that look, that the majority had been, vaccinated.

Secondly, the Omicron strain is also, a test of preparation of vaccines for Taiwan.  The European nations, and U.S. are already, making the people get their third, while, the Moderna shipments are, almost, used up, although the government ordered up 20 million more doses, but, it’s scheduled to arrive next year, and the year after, and we don’t know if that’s enough, to keep Omicron from taking over.  If Moderna is delayed in shipment still, how will those in the public who’d gotten vaccinated with Astra-Zeneca for their first doses, be able to, have a choice in vaccines for the third?  As for BioNTech vaccines, the shipments had arrived in ten million doses, and there are, over eight million of whom who’s hade the vaccinations, and if all the teens get their needed one-dose, then, the 15 million doses donated by the private sectors won’t have that much left.  And yet, Chen used the excuse of “we have more than enough”, and refused to purchase more, and, what will these eight million individuals in the public have for their, third doses?  And so even as the head of the State, Su had, instructed that people get a third vaccine, we have to question: of what?  Where will all the vaccines come from?

comparing to WHAT, this government ruling over us is doing…

and, this is what, our, @#$%ING heads of governments are, doing…photo from online

In the purchasing of the vaccines, the Tsai government still puts politics ahead of the people’s needs, ideologies ruling over science and reason, that’s why, the holes keep on, busting, open.  Once Omicron breaks into Taiwan, the lives of we the people will totally get, altered for sure, and so, we need to get ahead, to NOT have a replay of not enough vaccines.  Last year, due to black box operations, the government missed out on the opportunities to buy the vaccines that the general public needs, which put Taiwan under; and now, are we still, hoping that Terry Go, and other countries, to donate to us still???

Yeah, this just showed how brainless the government is, how it does NOT, CARE, one bit, about the wellbeing of, WE the people, and WE, are a people, ENSLAVED, destined to be, sacrificed, by the bad ideologies of this, god damn, @#$%ING government of ours.  And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do, because, we are, enslaved by the government, and, we got, too comfy, in living as SLAVES here…


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Chen: When the Necessities of Cohabiting with the Virus is Imminent

The head of the CDC still just, keeps on, BULLSHITTING we the people here, again, and, apparently, all of, you, medical researchers still, ain’t figured it out yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The spread of the MERS-CoV epidemic slowed down here, and, for the first time, the gates of the country, are wide opened, and welcoming, to those returning home for the Chinese New Year’s, during his appearance of the “2021 Taiwanese Medical Week”, Chen stated, that in the past, the frontlines of defense against MERS is on the borders, and there was the estimates of around 40,000 citizens who are to return back to Taiwan for the Chinese New Year’s, “we estimate that there may be more, and so, we’d, compromised, using the “ten plus four”, the “Seven plus Seven”, and the at-home quarantine means too, that it’s, next to impossible for the epidemic to come to that dead halt we needed it to, that we must, learn to, coexist with the virus from here on out.

Chen stated, that the country had gone through the Taoyuan Hospital infectious chains, the quarantine hotel spread chains, the outbreaks hitting us all too hard back in May, and now, although the epidemic is seemingly slowing down, it won’t be halted completely, and we must, up the vaccination coverage rate, continue the systems of checks thoroughly, to get the medical provisions systems well prepared, to prepare ourselves, if another outbreak is to happen.

On the matter of the registering to enter the shops with the scanning of the barcodes being in low usage rate, is it going out?  Chen stated, that the uses of the registration by scanning the barcodes is a vital way of keeping track, that it’s absolutely, a necessity, so the CDC can quickly, list all possible individuals who may be in contact with the virus.

The part-time professor of N.T.U.s Public Health Department, Jing reminded, that as the borders are slowly, opening back up, we still need to keep all our guards up, because, the epidemic isn’t cleared yet in China, and we’re, under the triple threats of the flu, the avian flu, and MERS-CoV at the same time, we must, live with the viruses, “the CDC shouldn’t just be considering the presence of MERS-CoV from here on out”.

Jing stated, “the RNA virus can mutate, that we can’t, coexist in peace with it.”  She’d given the examples of countries of England, and northern Europe, in the past, they’d all carried the beliefs of coexisting in peace with the virus, but it still couldn’t block the virus from spreading, that’s why they’d started, vaccinating the general public, and, Taiwan had been under the shadows of MERS-CoV for more than a year to date, and, the C.D.C. should NOT mislead the people by using “coexisting in peace with the virus”.

Wang, the honorary president of the Defense Against the Epidemic Foundation pointed out, that cohabiting with the virus, other than people here needing to keep up with the personal defenses, it’s also a test for the government, to defend against the virus, the key lies in whether the shipments of the second-generations of vaccines can be imported on time, or if, there are, better options for the vaccines too.

“The virus will keep on mutating, and it may become like the flu, we can’t not rely on the second-generations vaccines”, Wang stated, that the government purchased 35 million doses of second-generation Moderna vaccines, which is scheduled to arrive by first quarter of next year, but, the manufacturers had been known to delay, and the CDC should consider buying the other vaccines such as BioNTech, or another as backup, otherwise, the replays of this years not having enough vaccines will occur again, with the slow vaccination processes.

Wang stressed, that the CDC should change its tactics, and working towards adapting with the existences of MERS-CoV, but this doesn’t mean, that it shouldn’t aim at clearing the number of infections.  There are two definitions of clearing the numbers, first, reducing the number of case down to zero, and currently, China is the only country that’s, working at this, as this is, next to impossible to accomplish.  Another, after the new cases were caught, quickly quarantine the individuals, which is what Taiwan, and other countries in the world are currently, working towards.

And so, from the looks of this, there’s, NO way, to eliminate this virus, and because, we the STUPID human beings are trying to ERADICATE this virus off of the surface of this @#$%ING planet, and it don’t wanna get KILLED off, so it’ll, keep on, mutating, mutating, mutating, faster, faster, faster, than those, biotech companies can, come up with the newest, strongest, vaccines, and in the end, we’re, ALL, SCREWED, because we can’t CO-exist in PEACE with it, look at the flu, isn’t it getting stronger, worse, worse, and worse each and every year?  And why would that be, huh?  Figure that out, why don’t ya!!!

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Can’t I Just Be, a Warm Sort of a, Guy?

A people-pleaser personality, does NOT, make a good leader here, and this is still not a problem, individually, but from, the top down, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been, more than ten days since the tragic death of forty-six in the apartment fire, the outside waited, and waited, and waited, and yet, we still don’t see the mayor, Chen do anything about the awful living conditions, nor do we see him taking any responsibilities for the issues.  Chen may believe, that he can just, drag things out and people will eventually, forget, but, it doesn’t work that way in life; on the national revolution day, the city of Kaohsiung had two consecutive reports of factory fires, which burned his incompetence for running and operating the city out.

Not talking about a run of bad luck, but this “warm sort of a guy” of a mayor’s been, having it hard lately.  The case of impeachment of Chen, the DDP called that they will raise up the bar for the impeachment votes; and yet, as Chen’s lowering the bar just five years back, and calling it a “victory” in democracy was placed on the tables to talk about by the people.  He’d grilled the then mayor, Hu, “How many must die, before YOU get out of, office?”, and now, that’s been, tattooed, onto his, record as the mayor too.

the people-pleaser takes, the “stand”…

photo from online

The DDP took office of Kaohsiung for two years now, and it can’t, push the responsibilities back onto the KM, nor, use the factory case in Kaohsiung as a sorry excuse.  The fires that burned on the holidays on the 25th this month were both really hard, while, the factory officials claimed, “We just passed the safety fires check recently”, that sounds, familiar, doesn’t it?  Exactly identical to the posting of “building is safe of the case of City within the City apartment complexes.

Chen was once a committee member of the legislature, lawmaker, assistant secretary to the office of the president, deputy head of office, and many other titles in the government, he’d what the DDP works hard to put into office, a, political, star, but, this “warm guy” could care LESS about the lives of people, and the properties of the people, and people are now confused on who he’d been, “warmed up” to?

The population is moving out of the city of Kaohsiung, the businesses aren’t, doing well, stores closing down all over town, from the bottom half of September, in just five days, there’d been, four drownings in the River of Love locally, the construction security issues throughout the entire year.  If Chen doesn’t even CARE about human lives, and kept referring to himself as a “warm sort of a guy”, wouldn’t that be, blind!

Yeah, it’s BLIND all right, and this, is just one tiny SCREW that got loose in the big machine set up by the DDP, and, if a tiny freakin’ screw gets loose, then, the whole machine crumbles down, and that, is what’s, happening to the political party in power in this country, everything’s, coming, L-O-O-S-E here!

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Do Something Substantial!

The government here, keeps on, giving we the people, SHIT, and there’s, nothing that we the people (enslaved by our government now) can do ‘bout it!!!  Under the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, and Tsai here, commentary off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP has its own way, of showing their love for Taiwan, the delicateness of their love, is comparable to the plastic surgery means.  Those who loved getting “work” done on their bodies, the tattooed brows here, facelift there, exfoliation the next day, fixing up the bone structures, felt that, one’s becoming, prettier by the day.  Same for the DDP, today, it’s, the amendment of the laws of education, tomorrow, down with the statues, the day following, a change of name of the country, and the political party felt, more than, energized.

The “plastic surgery” which the DDP used to show how much it loved Taiwan was started by the legislator, Lo, demanded that the memos of the party meetings changed to the western instead of the eastern, reason that “we need to connect with the internationally working means”.  This is hard to rebut, who DARES talk against getting connected with the rest of the world?  But, because Lo is a legislator out of Tsai’s pockets, the draft of amending the labeling of the years and dates, got questioned by the party not in power, and the party not in power, believed that the goals of changing the labeling of the year is to , “demolish the Republic of China”.

And, the party not in power thinking this, may be, too, narrow minded.  What they should be asking, is where does Taiwan NOT connect with the rest of the world?  For many years, for those who wanted to use A.D. to label the dates, they do it, for those who wanted to use the means that we were originally using, use it, everybody is given a right to select their own separate, preferences, how did we not connect with the rest of the international world?  And besides, using the “national days” to label, it’s, way easier than the Japanese means of having the emperors’ name before the year.

this says it all, don’t it??? Comic found online

Besides, the DDP had been, “changing the labeling” of things, how they should, consider, the benefits of we the people.  Too easy to change the curriculum of school, taking down the brass statues of Chiang, changing the labeling of how the years get measured, but, how difficult it was, for the population to receive the vaccination that we all needed, how to raise up the average wage, became, an impossibility of this government we’re currently, ruled by.  Then, can you, help people NOT die, because of your, incompetence, your, impotence?

The DDP legislators fille up their heads with the name-changing tasks, instead, they should, do more work that are of stance.  Lo should, consider the costs of his changing HIS own name, then, bring up the draft of the amendment that he wanted to get signed by the legislature.

And so, this still just showed, how those ruling over us (we the people!), still don’t got a single clue of HOW to SERVE WE the people, it keeps on trying to “delete” everything Chinese in this country, they’d already changed the name of CKS Memorial to Freedom Square, and, they’d, lost focus, of what’s important, and we the people are still letting them, RUN our lives, instead of getting the vaccinations available for ALL, it goes on these, bullshitting ventures, wasting our (the taxpayers!) money, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, can do ‘bout it, because, we’re, enslaved by this DICTATORSHIP, that masked itself up as DEMOCRACY!

It should be D-E-M-O-C-R-A-Z-Y if you ask me!!!  But hey, who asked you???  Exactly.

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