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A Nauseating Apology from the Government

Too shameless, too, thick-skinned, are these, government officials who are, running this country, to the G-R-O-U-N-D!  Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the boycotts of the opposing party, the head of state, Su added more to his, policies of the “three-plus-eleven plans”, for the, VERY first time, he’d made an, apology, to how the outbreaks had, caused, the people here, to D-I-E, and note, he’d not, apologized in person.  And because it was, a forced apology, in his report he’d still, stubbornly claimed, that there’s NO evidence proving that the three-plus-eleven was the opening of the tough defense against MERS-CoV we’d had up to the point.

keeping his, straight, face…photo from online

This sort of, unwilling, shameless means of, apologizing, truly, nauseating to us all.  A government, with the, slightest amount of, humanity, even IF it’s not due to the mistakes in the policies, with more than eight hundred lives lost to the outbreaks, should at the least, apologize to the families who’s lost their, loved ones.  And yet, Su, the head of state couldn’t even mumble it out, and, after the pressures came from the minority party, with the mediations among the party not in power, it’d, forced him, to add that, forced upon, “I’m sorry” in his, written reports on the matter.

This once “three-times-humbled” government, already, sent its, humbleness, down the drains, and all it held tightly onto, was the, powers of the statuses.  And because of it, there are, the weird people, being set up in the wrong positions of the governments, and the words of propagandas was more fluent, than the ability to handle these, matters of our lives of the state, it’s okay, that there’s, no equal in the delegations of responsibilities, and power, and so, an old politician, with his means of being, “cruel” became, the head of everybody here.  Toward this sort of a government, if we the people, accept the apologies made so unwillingly to us by the government, wouldn’t we be, belittling, our, selves too?

Actually, if Su felt he’d done nothing wrong, he could well, turn down, this “stage performance”.  It’s not that he didn’t know how to make formal apologies, in the case of the Olympic competitors’ getting placed in economy class of flights, he’d, bowed, three whole times in one day.  He’d, selected the minute, instead of, the larger, pictures.  In the ethics of politics, he’d, chosen, actively, to, overlook us, the citizens, ignored his, duties as the head of state.

here he is, apologizing for the government relief program being, “late”…Photo from online

And, it’s enough, for the party not in power to keep on pressing him, because we the people, don’t know, how FAR down Su, the head of state, can, go.

This is, how the government voted out by “popular votes” (uh, most of us who aren’t supporters of the DDP didn’t even go to the polls, because why the @#$% bother???), screwed us all.  The policies were, WRONG from the very start, and now, there’s, that huge HOLE of the pilot quarantine that’s, “invited” delta into the country too, and, the government still, won’t admit that it’d made the, wrong policies, that it isn’t, thinking, in the, best interests of, we the people?  Just when we thought the government here can’t get any lower…SURPRISE!!!

It’d, sunk down, lower still…

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Uncle Sam’s “Getting Ahead Program”

How after the U.S. left the Middle East in a HUGE mess, and, ran!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In less than two weeks, more than 120,000 military personnel departed the airports of Kabul, left a record in transportation by air in history.

American’s abandonment of Afghanistan left the country in a mess, chaos.  Earlier, Biden announced: the American military services plans to retreat out of Afghanistan completely on September 11th of this year, on the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on New York World Trade Center, symbolizing, that the mission of stopping terrorist actions had been completed.  The press asked, “can the local Afghani government fight off the Taliban on their own after the American armed services and N.A.T.O. withdraw the troops completely?

Biden’s answer was affirmative: the U.S. set up the foundations of democracy, with the popularly voted president and the congress; setting up the three hundred thousand modern military supplies from the U.S., it’s more than enough to fight off the Taliban.  Before he finished, the news of the major cities in Afghanistan, fallen to the terrorists, even the capital of Kabul too.  The places of gathering for the members of the public, is the ideal places of terrorists for the attacks; the members of ISIS-K guarded the gates of the airports locally, and, a suicide bomber detonated, killing thirteen of the American servicepeople, with fifteen injured, and, the locals who died outside of the airport numbed up to ninety, then, the number was, recounted, and reported to 175.

the foreign policies of Uncle Sam…found online


The death and injuries of American citizens on foreign soils is something major, and Biden went under the bus by the American public for it; the pregnant wife of a deceased military serviceman, on Fox, cussed the president she’d voted for out; the congressmen of the Democratic Party started up the petition to impeach.  And yet, no U.S. president had been, successfully, impeached in history.

To get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible, setting up a sturdy foundation for democracy.  During Obama’s term, he’d set up the plans to withdraw the military services out, Trump set up a contract with the Taliban, by this May, all armed services stationed in Afghanistan came back home.  Biden was the one, seeing everything through, it’s, a good thing.

But, the “getting ahead” of the withdrawal of the military services was too awful to witness!  Estimating the conditions incorrectly, false intel, leaving in a hurry, leaving massive amounts of weapons behind, in and out of the airports of Kabul, a huge chaos, with deaths, and those who got, severely, injured; then, run away, with the tail between the legs.

Uncle Sam had trained the armies in Afghanistan for many years, setting up a democracy, claimed the human rights beliefs; the Taliban destroyed all of that, in an, instant.  The U.S. spent a total of two hundred billion dollars in Afghanistan, it’s, a loss from the very start.  The capitalists are good in keeping the books, and, if they can’t afford the costs, then, they quickly, abandons ship, and the promises, the pacts, the agreements for peace, all left behind, like they’re, nothing.

Biden stated, “the war the Afghani soldiers wouldn’t even fight, why do we sent the American armed forces to die!  The U.S. will NOT bleed for the cowards!” so, who else are, cowards?  Taiwan?  South Korea?  My good friend in Korean worried, that how would Uncle Sam handle it, if the stubborn, just as poor Korean armed forces like the Taliban came over to fight?

The U.S. advised Taiwan, to: buy massive amounts of weapons, torpedoes, drones, the grenade launchers, and other forms of weapons with great precisions, to train the armed services to fight guerrilla in the jungles, the cities, and the mountains here.  Guerrilla warfare was the “getting ahead program” that Uncle Sam designed for Taiwan?  But, with this younger generation who are focused on the tiny blessings of life, I’m afraid, none of them are willing to, engage, in guerrilla warfare, are they, cowards too?

No, we just, want to, keep our selves alive, after all, that is, what it’s, all about, isn’t it?  SURVIVAL!  And with the U.S.’s constantly, making ITS, empty promises to protect the rest of the world from terrorist attacks, yada, yada, yada, look how scattered, it’d, left, abandoned the “ship” called Afghanistan, not to mention, Iraq, Vietnam, from the sixties, and, history is still, repeating itself, it’s just, that the players are not the exact same, there are, the newly entered into the ring: Taiwan, China, etc., etc., etc., etc., and yeah, it’s still, a total, circus scene all right!!!


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The Clusters of Contractions in the Preschool Level, Showed the Mistakes in Policies of the Vaccines of the Government

“I promise!”, the L-I-E-S, of this, government of ours, that’s added to the current wave of delta outbreak, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d only been a week since the start of school, there’s already the clusters of hoard contractions in the city of Hsinbei, and because the preschool where it’d happened had set up an illegally-run afterschool program, it’d caused the epidemic to spread through multiple local schools.  The head of Public Health Welfare Chen stated, that it looked like it’s the delta strain, or another mutated strain, which showed the severity of this hoard of contraction in the school campuses.

From the foreign examples, as the alerts are lifted, what accompanies, are the clusters of contractions from the schools, other than upping the rate of vaccination to prevent the spread, there’s also the need to not go from classroom to classroom.  From this currently break in the preschool clusters, the government is lacking in its mandates of the various facilities’ defense measures against the spread of MERS-CoV, also, the government needs to up its ability to keep an eye on the procedural mandates of the various regulations too.

serves up!!! Illustration from online

Another thing from this outbreak still showed that same problem the country’s had since the beginning of the epidemic, NOT enough vaccines.  There are the parents who were confirmed of contraction in the preschool’s children’s lives, the parents may have been infected by the children.  And, the parents are the age group that’s not due for their vaccination yet, the primary workforce, which showed, how as we’re slow on the coverage of people, not giving the inoculations fast enough, it’d increase the risks of contraction.

And, the policies of priorities the government set up, also amiss.  As the instructors received the vaccines from before, due to not enough Moderna vaccines being limited, the deliveries can’t get here on time, there’s no set date to when these school instructors are due for their second booster vaccines, and they couldn’t get vaccinated any other vaccines either.

The command center made its goal in coverage, to expand the masses, to fulfill Tsai’s promise of seventy-percent population getting  vaccinated for a first shot by end of October, a bounced check, a blank promise to the people that she can’t possibly fulfill.  But, there’s the changes in the epidemic in the country now, a single-dose is no longer enough to defend us against the delta strain, the government should hasten up its pace to get those in higher-risk environments of work, and those who lacked the defenses their second doses, then we might be able to, tackle the challenges that the delta strain brings to us as a population.

Yeah uh, unfortunately, because the government started LATE in this race, therefore, it’d been playing that game of, catchup since, and it never, catches up, with the promises of more AZ, more MODERNA, more newly ordered BioNTech coming our ways in October, but the problem is, this IS currently in September, and with school already starting, this is a heightened period of alert, and the government, because we the people are getting TIRED of the lockdowns, downgraded the alert levels to two, and now, it’s, telling us that it will be, raising it up to three again, without any changes in the vaccine policies, and that’s why and how, we the people are all going to get SCREWED over, by the government here, and the sad thing is, there’s NOTHING that any of us CAN do about it!

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The Labels on the Vaccines, to the Policies of Inoculation for the People…All Full of, Politics

We the people are still, getting P-L-A-Y-E-D, for FOOLS by this god damn government of ours here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first shipments of about a little over 933,000 doses of BioNTech vaccines finally arrived to Taiwan yesterday, and we’re all, looking forward to them.  But, from the live-streams of the shipment receiving showed, that the Fosun Pharma banner was on the packaging, as a worker from the airport gone into the plane, when the airplane gates opened back up, the banner was, gone.  Toward the labeling of the vaccines, the command center’s director, Chen once stated that it was, the simplest matter, but now, it doesn’t, seem as, easily resolved as he stated it was.

Chen made the statements yesterday, that the banner with the Fosun Pharma labels on the outside wasn’t as was agreed upon with the facility the vaccines were shipped out from, after discussing the matter with TMSC, they’d removed the banners before the shipments were moved.  But toward the “taking down of the labels” being a breaking of the “customs’ private use laws”? Chen told, that the banners were an exterior item, not the contents, that it wasn’t agreed upon as the donations, that the matter is quite understandably, simple.

In actuality however, it’s never as simple as that, the 933000 units that was imported, from the bottles and the packaging, all had Fosun Pharma on the exterior in simplified Chinese written on it, just last week, Chen stressed, that he’d heard there are the availabilities of the vaccines, “the content’s safety is what’s most important.”, but this caused the outside world to question, if this is so, then, why is it that we only started buying up the BioNTech vaccines?  The banner that the Tsai government removed yesterday, it’d proven further, that the purchasing of the vaccines IS, directly related to politics.  All of these, political considerations were like the brambles sticking to the backs, and we can’t allow it to “harm our own self-governing state”.  For a year now, the buying, the donating of the BioNTech vaccines, to the failure or successes of the policies, none of it involved the needs of the people of the vaccines, but all on the political considerations of the government.  And these vaccines’ arriving finally, showed how no matter hard it is to get past the politics, due to the realities of the outbreaks, it was, allowed, finally!

it’s the hand of the government up there, pulling, ALL our, strings…

illustration from online

While the command center had its hand in the political manipulations in the BioNTech vaccination orders, offered these to the younger generations, not only did it break the order of the “elderly populations first”, it’d trapped the locals who waited a long time for the BioNTech vaccines in that never-ending karmic cycle; those who’d received their first doses about twelve weeks ago, they have no clue where their second doses are, and the only reasonable explanation, is politics, not scientific.

Every single action of the command center showed, the lacking in foresight in the purchasing of the vaccines, and the policies against the defenses of MERS-CoV, we’d been too disciplined to keep the viruses away.  While the enterprises such as FoxConn and Tzu-Chi Hospital and other foundations worked their hardest to get the vaccines donated, and, the government’s giving the priorities of the vaccinations to the younger generations, clearly proves its considerations of the votes, weighing it heavier than the health and wellbeing of the population here.

And so, this, is how the government still, manipulates the people, by giving these vaccines to the younger generations, as they are the next generations of voters in these upcoming rounds, and they’re hoping, that if the government allowed these younger “children” to have the “dibs” on the vaccines first, then, that would be a guarantee of the votes, but is it?  Or maybe it is, because, we the people still, forgets too easily, how hard hitting this outbreak had been, due to the lacking of vaccines, and it’s still all the government’s fault, and yet, would ANY of us remember that?  Not likely!  Because we the people still only have, the attention-span of a QUARTER size of a P-E-A (and you DO realize, how tiny those peas are, and split one solitary pea into “fours”, and, one of that fourth is a symbol of the people’s attention-span!).

We the people are still played for STUPID here, and there’s NOTHING we can do about it!!!

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Patriotic Arms, Can’t Defeat the Scientific

The scientific proofs are still, the LOUDEST, even more so, than those, propaganda of the government, it’s, embellishments of how effective the vaccines the government produced is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Nobody will, talk trash about the nation’s productions of vaccines, because, if it works, it will be, the pride, and joys, of the, Taiwanese people, also, an added of Taiwan’s, biotech industries. 

But unfortunately, the moment of Medigenvac’s surfacing before the people, it’d, been filled with the debatable, of them, the most worrisome, is the political involvement, the government’s constant intervention of the vaccine production processes, which made the hard work of Medigenvac, reduced, drowned out, by the political calls of the government.  And now, the results of the vaccines entering early, it may make the people, ever the more, disappointed, because the vaccine we’re all, looking forward to, may have been prematurely birthed, by political meddling.

Basically, as the nation’s own produced vaccine was available for those citizens who want to have it, it’d, split up the masses, but, as those, “patriotic arms” entered, it still, couldn’t, defeat the scientific proofs, especially as the number of general public started dying off let and right after they received the nation’s own produced vaccines, this will become, even more apparent, as the epidemic continues on.

like this…photo from online

From the many messages we received in the media, we know, that the Medigenvac vaccines may not have as high an efficacy as the other vaccines that are available right now, but, comparably, it has a lower rate of the side effects occurring; and yet, out of our expectations, there are, the cases of death that came after the injections, of course, there’s still this lack of proof that any of these deaths are, related to the vaccinations, it’s just, that when the public see these records, fears inside people’s mind got bigger and bigger, and thus, it’d, reflected on the records of those who’d signed on, but failed to show at the clinics for the vaccinations.

The government should think harder, seeing this sort of a trend, because in the process of vaccination of the Medigenvac shots, there are, a lot of unacceptable political manipulations, especially, the vaccine had skipped past the scientific proof stages of trial studies, it’s, not going to gain the people’s, trusts of it, and now, the reality also reflects, that if the government still refused to face this, it may not be able to, answer to the public at the very end.

What’s more worrisome, the term, “patriotic arms” put that political overtone to the Medigenvac vaccines, hinting, that the people may not be, “patriotic enough” if they don’t get the Medigenvac vaccines.  While, the blind faith of those who are, “patriotic” lacked the scientific proof and support, but they are still, loyal, as the vaccines’ lab rats, does this, NOT embarrass the government?

And now, as the foreign produced, manufactured vaccines start getting in, the government should consider, temporarily, stopping the vaccines of Medigenvac vaccines, and start the trial studies up, until a more complete set of data had been collected, then, put it out, this isn’t just for the sake of all the country’s people’s health, but also, protecting this brand that’s, made in Taiwan too; because, nobody doesn’t want to see Medigenvac fail, it’s, just that solely relying on those, “patriotic arms”, to cover up for the lack of scientific proofs of efficacy of the vaccines, then, the future of Medigenvac, may be, a huge, disappointment, for us all!

And so, this, is the results of the governments, hurrying, to put the country’s own vaccine on the “markets”, because it has its hands in the stakes of the company producing the vaccines, that’s why it skipped the third stages and the trial studies of the normal development processes of the vaccines, and now, as people are dying left and right, and maybe, it can claim, that oh, it’s just, chances, but, how can you leave something that can affect a human life, to chance?  And the government is still, too unprepared for the hard-hitting outbreaks here.

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The Engineered Images of Tsai, Crumbled Down

How will the president recover from this one, I wonder?  Oh yeah, she’ll just, keep, bullshitting her way out, like she’d been doing, for her term as president so far!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president Tsai showed up to see how the outbreaks had affected people locally, but the words of her not taking any interviews were, criticized again.  The Presidential office stated that this was, fake news, and quoted the video streams on UDN.com to show that she was, indeed, interviewed by the press.  But, the notice of the Office of the President stated in writing, that “the scenes aren’t opened to the press”; while the streaming video footages also mentioned, that a lot of the media press arrived early on site, waiting, and so the Presidential Office can only, get the temporary interviewing area set up right then and there, so the press media can film 30-meters away, with the press calling questions out loud at the president, and the president answered them, surprisingly.

Going to the local regions to check out the damages brought on my natural disasters is the best stage for the politicians to show that they cared about their constituents, and, of course, you’d wanted it to get known, and, it would only benefit, if the press media all got on it.  And clearly, the president wanted her act of going to see the damages, nor wouldn’t mind if the press media tagged along her, but, the matters of her interactions with the locals personally, the president’s office would have to scan through thoroughly, and, it’d have to be, announced beforehand by the office of the president first.

and this, is what the president got, “reduced” down to…

nothing more, than, an “action” figure, and she’s still, not, taking, enough, actions…photo from online

From how highly reliant Tsai is of her written speeches, it’s clear, that she’d, cared, a whole lot about her images, and her reputation too much.  Toward the unfavored topics of importing the pork with ractopamine, and other issues that aren’t “favored” she’d, evaded questioning from the press, read through her scripts, then, ending the press conference.  Although, she would be criticized for evading, but, this is, way easier for her to handle than misspeaking, or getting talked back by others. 

But the engineering of Tsai’s image had long crumbled down.  Like how the president ordered the fighter planes to usher in the Olympic competitors back home, it was, from three years ago, already used, so why are there, the booing of it this time?  Of course it’s not because of the air-force, or the competitors, but how “the wind started rising up”, the air is different, the people are tried without the vaccines, the floods all over, the crops of the farmers are all damaged, and, the people already, accumulated, too much displease, toward Tsai’s wrapping up her own image, and her “literary” claims of things now.

a good for, NOTHING as those, stuffed “toys” before her right here! Photo from online

And so, this is how, you can, no longer, bullshit us, the people, maybe from when you got elected, blurting out all those, never-fulfilled promise of making this country whatever might work, but this is, the president’s, second term, and, the results from her two terms so far showed: importing the ractopamine pork from U.S., thinking that the U.S. can be our, best friends, importing in the nuclear radiated crops from Japan, and, sending all those masks all over the world, and in return, the countries who’d received the help, returned by, giving us, their, leftover, unwanted AZ vaccines, and she still thinks her diplomatic means are, excellent, yeah, we got, another, huge E-G-O here still, and, we the people are still, getting, SCREWED over here!

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Running Out of Vaccines in the Entire Country, the Government Officials Fought Over the Limited Resources, Getting the Extra Doses in: if This Isn’t the Abuse of Power, Then, What is?

Commentaries, on how the government officials, got the dibs on choice of the vaccines, that are, limited in, availability here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the outbreaks occurred on a larger scale in the communities locally here, the Department of Welfare & Sanitation became nothing more, than a cloth that covered up, all the key policies, whether it be related to the vaccine buying powers, the “3+11” meeting decisions, all got, covered up, by, the multiple, layers of, black, cloth.  Toward the community’s questioning of the second type vaccine order rosters, also, another, black box operation!  The FDA disclosed, that the rate of vaccination for the legislators is at 169-percent!  Turned out, the head of FDA, Wu took in all of her own, organizations’ workers in too, it’s a wonder, this, high rate of vaccination was, discovered.  It’s, just that for the little over sixty percent of the public who are still waiting on their first vaccines, this was, without a doubt, special rights of the vaccinations.

government officials, getting their vaccines, faster, than the rest, of us, photo from online


The Taiwanese public are, waiting for the reduced numbers of vaccines available here, but the Command Center listed the individuals who got first dibs on the vaccines, and, they were, the central and local government officials, and, added in the “Type Two” officials who are, needed to, maintain orders of the society on the list too.  This list is, continually, growing.

Bluntly stated, if this list is valid and right, then, the rosters of the officials should be, publicized, but, the FDA is like, squeezing the tooth pastes in the measures of letting the public know who got the vaccinations, disclosing only a little at a time.

In the trying circumstances of running out of vaccines, and, the public getting angered, the FDA’s leading its officials to get the shots of vaccines that aren’t theirs, this isn’t soothing to the pubic, by Wu’s, “Do you want us all to, stop operating, in the government?”

and this, is what’s, happening, on the, other side, of that, white picket, fence…

and yes, they’re all, still waiting, a bunch of, nobodies! Photo from online

And so, this is how, the government officials, abuse their powers, they all have the first choice of selection of their vaccines, way ahead of us, and, because we are, ordinary citizens, we are, reduced in our rights, because, this government is, abusing us, only watching over, the party and its, officials!


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Who’s, Most, Unhealthy?

A “rebuttal” for the head of the CDC here, I suppose???  How the command center’s chief, Chen stated to the press, that this is, “top secret”, that we can’t tell you!  well, these are the shots, going into, our systems, and we got no right to know?  Uh, are you fucking (don’t pardon me here!) shitting me???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen was angered by the miniscule matters, and started, cussing the media press out on the media conferences.  Reason being, a press reporter had continually pressed on how many batches of vaccines from Medigenvac were sent to the FDA for review?  The first day, Chen answered, “I don’t know!” the second day, he’d replied, “I forgot!”; by the third day when the press reporters, inquired again, he got angered, and, called out to the reporter who’d voiced this question, that s/he had an “unhealthy attitude” on the matters, and called out, “it’s of no public interests, how many batches of the vaccines were sent in for evaluation.”

It’s a total, blackbox operation on how Medigenvac vaccines got approved and started being used, we the people all wanted to know how safe it is, as the press reporters pressed on the batches, and how it’s, unrelated to, public interest?  And, besides, the reporters had requested a reply for three consecutive days, and the command centers chose to, ignore them, the people, and the press should be the ones, getting, angered then, right?  But no, instead, it was Chen who became, furious.

and here’s a video of the press conferences, off of YouTube, Chen’s, apologizing to “barking” at the press from the day before

【每日必看】嗆記者”態度不健康” 陳時中道歉坦承修養差@中天新聞 20210806 – YouTube

and yes, the link works!

The same question got asked, THREE whole times, and Chen didn’t even, give us, a straight answer, showed that he’d wanted to, ignore this issue.  There are, too many, secrets that this government’s been, hiding, draping over, with that, black curtain, and people can’t get to the, truths of things; that press reporter, is actually, speaking on, all of our, citizens’, behalf.  While the attitude that Chen carried stated, “you can’t even inquire, if you keep on prodding, then, you’re, unhealthy!”

During March, there were the reporters who’d inquired, which global nations had, put of, inoculating the people with Astra-Zeneca vaccines?  The spokesperson of the command center, Chuang replied with such pride, “Why should I tell you?”, comparing to Chen’s responses, Chen’s was, higher, for the former replied, “I can’t tell you”; while the latter is, “You can’t even ask!”.  All of the attitudes of these high up officials of the Department of Social Welfare, is it, “healthier” then?

There’s, going to be, sequels to this matter.  The following day, Chen apologized in front of the press, and stated, “I should’ve, behaved better”.  And yet, the answer that the reporters are asking for, is still, somewhere, in the, wind!

And so, this, is how far the government goes, to cover up the truth about how it’s, operating, and on the matter of the vaccines, they should open up the evaluation process, for we the people to see, after all, these shots are, going to, get shot up our arms, and yet, this commander of the CDC chose to, keep everything covered up, and keeping we the people, in the dark, like how this government had been, bullshitting us, since when the president took office!


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Time to, Open Back Up Again

The faulty policies are from the federal government here, and yet, the local governments, are being, blamed?  How’s that fair?  It’s not, it’s, still, SCAPEGOATING, and, had those down south not traveled up north, and took with them, that mutated strain up here, then, would Hsinbei and Taipei cities, need to, close down?  HECK no!  So this is still, BULLSHIT!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A week later, than all other cities and counties of the country, Taipei and Hsinbei cities, finally announced that the restaurants are, opened back up for dining-in today.  For the over 6.6 million in population, it’s, a great news, meaning, that we’re, closer to, getting back to normal in our, lives now, and, those shops that are, being tried, are slowly, getting, back on track too.

But, a lot of the people are worried, if the shops are, opened back up, would the outbreaks, hit hard once again?  From the examples of foreign nations, this is, a hidden, worry for certain.  But currently, “learning to coexist with the virus” became, the new norm of the global community, there’s, no more pursuit of “clearing all the cases” now.  For Taiwan, that, is what we’ll have to, settle for, to balance between the, economics and, defenses against the outbreaks.

But, look on the bright side, the citizens here, got used to, masking up, and knew to keep that safe social distance, and reminding one another of it.  This, should set our minds more at ease, taking from the foreign countries’, examples.  What’s important, is that the government needed to, tighten up, the border controls, to not hold back on the general scanning, the tightening of rules of blocking off infections can’t be, lenient, that way, the fruits of opening up will continue.

There were the representatives of city councils that blamed “the entire Taiwan is sitting in prison because of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, and, blamed the inconveniences they feel onto the two cities up north, this was, helping the Central government evade responsibilities.  In actuality, if the central government didn’t set up the rules tightly enough, and known, that there were, holes in the systems, not fixed it up, no matter how intelligent the local government officials are, they still, wont’ be able to, block out the virus from invading.

From the angles of “back to normal”, what should be reopened, is not just the restaurants, but also, the public facilities, and outdoor activities too, so long as the guidelines are set strictly, and followed, the operations should be, continual, and the government should not, control the people’s, freedom any longer.  Including the restrictions of the hospitals, the terminal wards declaring closing in May, still had yet to get, lifted up to date, could it be, that nobody, needs, the services, provided by the hospice programs, the terminal wards now?

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the policies of the government is, and the only reason why there are, multiple outbreaks getting hard a short while ago, it’s because those living in the southern areas, drifted up north, and carried with them, the VIRUS up here, and we’re blamed, for keeping the entire country under lockdown?  And, the fault still rests with the central government, for NOT allowing in enough doses of the vaccines that we the people are in need of, had the government bought enough for everybody, then, we would, NOT be, where we are right now, would we, no!  And yet, everybody is, scapegoating, the northern local governments, and that’s, just, not right!

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Medigenvac Vaccines & Ractopamine Pork

This is, what this, government, SCREWED we the people, over with here!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of people may have noticed, that weird, similarity of the vaccines from Medigenvac and the pork with ractopamine imported from the U.S., first: both are, decided by the president on her own; second, both are, related to, the United States; third, both had the scientific proofs that it won’t work for the people; fourth, the local communities, are all, against both.

And, if I need to add more, I can add in: the black box operations of the executive department, how shameful it’d been in its, methodologies, how both are, damaging to the people’s, lives.  But don’t forget, this, one, important key point: they are both, quite, “entertaining”; during August, people will be, seeing the show of, the president, along with other high up government officials, rolling their sleeves up, to get the vaccines from, Medigenvac.  As for the pork with the ractopamine, the government’s pork indicator although, showed there to have been, over three thousand tons of American pork, the internal organs too, but, none of what’s tested, tested positive, for ractopamine; if there are, I’m more than certain, that Su, the head of the legislatures, will put on that “eating the pork” show for all too.

the people, protesting the imports, that the government, ignored…photo from online

What’s interesting about all of this, is in its, “entertainment values”.  The vaccines of Medigenvac are exactly like the pork with ractopamine, both are, low-risk, behaviors.  The experts once testified, that the proteins used to make the Medigenvac vaccines are, a lot, safer, that nobody is going to die upon receiving the vaccinations; but, the ability of defense against MERS-CoV?  Would it be, enough?  Like how the performances with the ractopamine pork, taking a few bites of it, showing the people, that nothing will, happen to them.  However, the problem rests in, that the government, should NEVER, make the people, consume it, long term.

Opening up the pork with ractopamine, it’s a sort of a political deal our president had with the American government, and we the people just, don’t, buy it.  While the vaccines by Medigenvac, it’s, a procedure that people hoped would be, successful, that’s, started in, the U.S., only, that we can’t, accept the half-made vaccines, to get, injected into, our, bodies, this is, off of the basis of scientific, rationalism of being, citizens.

The president is, dedicating her arm to the vaccines of Medigenvac, we are, all blessing her on it, but, we don’t, encourage, anybody else, to follow suit.

and here’s, that “passed-government checks” Medigenvac vaccines that’s not even tested completely yet…

the press conference against the “homegrown” version of untested vaccines here by Medigenvac

So this is how, this god damn, mother, @#$%ING (maxed out?) government still, gave up the rights of the people, for its own, personal gains, and, because the president had stakes, in the vaccine company, that’s why, she’d, not ordered enough vaccines of Pfizer/BioNTech, AZ, and others that had been proven to be, more effective for the people here, and we all eventually, become, the GUINEA PIGS, of this god damn, governmthe pressent’s, scientific, experiment here, not to mention, how the pork with ractopamine is already, out on the, markets right now, and, how do we know, that the pork we’re, ingesting, is, absolutely, safe, after all, the businesses are, only into, making, a B-U-C-K, they do NOT give a, flying FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) about our welfare at all!  So, under this god damn, popularly, elected government, we, the people are, getting, SCREWED over!!!

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