Give Me the Vaccines, & We Don’t Care for the Rest: the Government Needs to Let Go of Its Pride in Control, & Allow the Non-Government Organizations to Assist

Due to the INCOMPETENCE of this god damn (so???) government, the people are, crying out, but, are we, heard?  HECK no!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks get worse, we have a serious shortage of vaccines, and yet, our central government grabbed onto power with its, death grips.  There were originally half a million doses of vaccines donated by the Buddhist Foundation, the secretary of the foundation called out to the Tsai government, to “allow the not-for-profit organizations save Taiwan”.

Not only the Buddhist foundation, but also, Terry Go’s own foundation was also, faced with, similar problems, the foundation filed for five million German BNT vaccines to be imported, but the vaccines got stuck from being imported, because the government refused to sign the papers for the importing.  As the numbers of those who are dying of MERS-CoV and the contraction rates hiking up, seeing this scene, I only have one sentiment: speechless.

People told: fighting the virus is like fighting a war.  But, based off of the epidemic of MERS-CoV, preventing the spread is not only going to war, but being IN the war itself.  As the cannons are firing off, guns shooting, the most urgent thing for the country is preventing the spread as quickly as we possibly can, and yet, the most important key to preventing the spread is, vaccination, whether it be that the government is “incompetent” or that it’s lacked the measures, when the government can’t provide enough vaccines for the people, and as the not-for-profit organizations are more than willing to help, the government should be ever more grateful, why would it have the reasons to block out the importing, the shipments of the vaccines from internationally?

Looking back at the disasters that hit Taiwan, the largest was Typhoon Morakot, while, during the time, the government worked together with the private organizations.  Toward the help given to the country by the non-profit organizations, the former president, Ma and the head of legislature, Wu are ever so grateful to this very day.

And now, the crises of MERS-CoV is way worse than the typhoon back in 2009, on one hand, the virus is an invisible enemy, secondly, the spread is very fast.  What our government prided itself of being “Ahead of the rest” is now, an, international LAUGHING stock, moreover, the masses are being, exposed, when the lacking of water, of electricity, of vaccines became, a norm of the society, to the point of these being the most widely complained on matter of the locals, I can’t understand why the government grabbed a hold too tightly onto power, is the government worried that it might lose face, or that their party may lose the next election?

bureaucracy & red tapes and “we the people” get, SCREWED over!…from online

Lives are what’s at stake here, the powers of the party, the face of the heads of state, none of that is more important than the lives of people, when lives are being threatened, nobody could CARE about what party you are, all we care about is “give me the vaccines, as for the rest: we don’t CARE!”, such a simple rule, the commanders of CDC, along with all those other higher-up government officials, they get that, right?

If the Central Government wanted to be the one to sign the contracts to buy the vaccines internationally, then, why doesn’t it?  Are the vaccine manufacturers not wanting to sell to Taiwan?  Or is it that the government can’t get the vaccine manufactures to sell to the government?  I’m sure, that everybody who is living here has these questions.  The virus does NOT discriminate what party you belong to, and, those who contracted the virus and died, aren’t of one single party affiliation, rather than being stubborn on how “the contracts needed to be signed by the vaccine manufacturers with the government itself”, “let the central government assign the resources”, allowing the epidemic to worsen, why not, allow the not-for-profit organizations to step in to help out?

Because this party is all on who gets the “name” on the roster that will make them look pretty, and, during the time the government tries to get its name onto the rosters of “yay, we are the ones who bought the vaccines for you people!” people ARE, already D-E-A-D, and the only way I can make sense of this is that the government doesn’t think that enough people had D-I-E-D yet, and this is a bad government that we are, currently, living under.

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