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The Highway Patrol Officer Suspected of Raping the Adolescents, Given Two Major Reprimands, and Taken Off Duty for Good

These @#$%ERS should go the PRISON, see how they liked being, someone else’s BITCHES for a change if you ask me, how easy these days, the predators can, mask themselves up as members of law enforcement, and take advantage of the people, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The head of department of Transportation of the Highway Patrol Nineth Police Team, Cheng a while ago, met a fifteen-year-old youth through social network, suspected of taking him to a public restroom in Zhongzhen District to rape, the adolescent’s parents reported it; Cheng admitted to having sexual intercourse, but denied the allegations of sexual assault, the Taipei City Police Department searched his laptop, found that there were, massive amounts of sexually illicit photos of teenagers, suspected that there were other victims, after the district attorneys interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, the courts had signed off on it.

sex predators…

photo from online

The officer’s rape of the adolescent male came out, the offices of Highway Police Patrol issued an apology, stated they were sorry, that this had happened, that they are going to give Cheng two major reprimands, and take him off police duty, the captain of the Nineth didn’t supervise enough, received one major reprimand, then, they’re going after the former supervisors, the offices of supervision too.

Cheng the officer is twenty-seven years of age, graduated from the 82nd class of 2017, passed the level three specialized exams, got assigned to the highway patrol, in 2019, he got transferred to the fifth division from the ninth where he’d worked previously.  On August 22nd, he was promoted, and transferred back to the ninth, and assigned as the traffic group’s manager.  His father also works in law-enforcement.

The district attorneys found, awhile ago, Cheng met the victim on an online friendship site, the two got acquainted, on the third of this month, they’d met out, Cheng took the youth to a public restroom, and was suspected of raping the teen.

Afterwards, the teen started behaving not quite right, as his father learned of what happened, on the fifth, they went to the Zhongzhen First Substation to report the case, on the twelfth, the police went to arrest Cheng at his home, Cheng admitted to having sexual intercourse, but stated that it was, consensual.

posing as…law enforcement officials!

photo from online

The police conducted a search of Cheng’s home, they’d found sexually-illicit photos of multiple adolescents, and charged him on solicitations and exploitation, sent him to the district attorney’s office.

And here, we still have???  Oh yeah, a PREDATOR, masking himself up as a law enforcement official, and, this is really awful, because law enforcement are supposed to protect the people, and, this will make us lose faith in the system, because, a predator is dressed up as a law enforcement official, and how are we, supposed to tell that, huh?  It’s not like all registered sexual offenders all have that tattoo on their heads: hey, I’m a sex predator, stay away from me! Is there?  Of course, there, isn’t.

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Seventy-Percent of the Victims Who Went to Cambodia are Under Thirty-Years of Age, the Dropout Students are Also Among These Too

How the population makeup are of those who are, fresh out of college, with NO future outlook for better jobs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Of the population of people here who were conned to Cambodia to work in the scams, some willingly went, some were tricked, and there were those with the dual-identities of human-trafficker/victims, the enabler of the scam artist rings, and, there were a lot of these that are made up of adolescents from families that couldn’t function.

“Do NOT be too hard on the victims”, there were the officers who’d stated, that seventy-percent of victims were under age of twenty-nine, there were a lot of them who had no priors in criminal offenses, and it was their very first time out of the country, that they were clueless, and, they’d left their bank accounts to the scam artist groups, and had the priors of “selling the accounts”, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t fall prey.

Most of those who’d been enticed to Cambodia were from lower education backgrounds, with a lacking in the family functionality.  The sixteen-year-old dropout, from a single-mother family, his home is registered as low income, he went to Cambodia this April, and because he is still a minor, he’d needed a guardian to get a passport, he’d lied to his mother that he was headed to Penghu to work, and his mother believed him, and signed for his passport application.

The human trafficking rings split up the duties delicately, “the internet group”, to recruit the workers of the mechanical units, the engineers for hire, the customer services, maids, outside sales, to adult porn.  The “Receiving” units are responsible for assisting in applying for the passports, chauffeuring to and from the airports, some would fly out with the victims, and when they were caught, they’d told that they were only instructed to accompany the clients, and not known the purpose of travel.

Based off of understanding, the U.S., China and other Southeastern countries started pressuring Cambodia, and the ransoms the scam artist rings dropped from $600,000 to $100,000, to the point of letting the victims go without any ransoms received, the official police figured out, that the scam artists are trying to get the laws off their back, that’s why they’re, releasing the victims, but they needed to catch the operation units to get rid of the whole systems of scamming completely.

The police observed that China hadn’t begun the rescues completely yet, because the local police are in the pockets of the human traffickers, and there’s a “tip” paid to the Cambodian police for the searches, at $500 U.S per scam artist, but the funding of the Public Safety offices of China isn’t as much as it used to be; and there was also the saying of how China wasn’t hit hard enough by the Cambodian sex scams too.

And so, this is how it goes, because these younger generations are fooled by the false promises of big bucks, easy work, they’d gone to Cambodia, and got sold by the human traffickers into the scams or the sex trades, and some even got their organs harvested out and sold on the black markets too, and, it’s still all because???  Oh yeah, these younger generations are way too dumb and naïve, and the environment being hard is only a secondary cause for why they get tricked.

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Hell on Earth, Ten Days in Burma, the Taiwanese Man Witnessed Someone Getting Tasered, and Put into a Fish Tank Prison

The REALITIES of pursuing after that dream of, “easy money”, by the young, the naïve, not to mention, the STUPID!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-six year-old male, Chen from Tainan was scammed by a love con artist, and went to the KK Park of Burma, forced to work as a phone scammer, with the help from the city councilperson, the police here, he was finally, rescued back not too long ago; he’d told the press yesterday, that although it was only for ten days he got trapped in Burma, it was like living in hell on earth, that he was really glad he is now, back in Taiwan.

Chen told that he’d met a woman, Wang on FB at the start of August, after a few communications, the woman told him that she has a company trip which she could bring someone, and invited him to go.  He’d paid the charges, flew to Thailand first, then, transferred to the KK Parks in Burma, as he saw Wang, he’d found, that she wasn’t like what her photo online looked like, felt that he got cheated, and immediately, he was under the control of the scam artist ring, and they’d forced him to work the lines in the telecommunications scams.

“It was only for a short ten days, but it’d felt like hell eternally, I still feel the shock”, he’d told, that on the day he’d arrived locally, he started “taking the group training courses”, including using a false name, uploading the fake photos on the social media accounts, the second day was the “test”, the managers of the groups told them that the first three weeks of this “training” was the adjustment period, that a month later, he would formally start working.

During the time, he’d witnessed many Taiwanese people getting mistreated, and abused, and tortured because they couldn’t make the demands of the rings, some was even water tortured, told to strip, and put into dirty water for the whole day, not only did the person’s skin start rotting away, the mind was also, nearly, broken down as well.  He’d also heard, that if the ring thought that someone wasn’t useful anymore, the individual will be taken to the port in Cambodia or the public oceans to get their organs harvested out of them alive.

The city councilwoman of Tainan, Lin got the call for help from Chen’s family on August 19th, the families told her that Chen went to Thailand with a female he’d met online, left the country on the thirteenth, and lost contact with them here by the fifteenth, they’d immediately sought help from the head of detective agency the international unit, the head of the police station in Yongkang , Gan to help, in the end, it was through the criminal investigation agency and the airport police station, that they’d made the rescue.  She’d told, that in the process of negotiation, the Taiwanese human trafficking ring demanded the families pay the ransoms, the police told them not to, and finally, Chen was returned back to this country on the 22nd.

Yeah, because you’re enticed by the lies of easy work, high pay, that’s why you’d gone to Burma, thinking you’d struck gold, without knowing or realizing, that HEY, you are the targeted population, because you’re young, naïve, NOT to mention, STUPID too, and because you hadn’t learned the lessons of how you always need to work hard for what you want to have in your lives, and your families had to pay for your rescue, and, there are, going to be, more of these, cases of younger generations who thought they’d struck gold, in getting the offers to work elsewhere, because you can’t find a good enough job here.

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The Firefighter Who Was Supposed to Rescue the Adolescent Raped Her, Found Guilty

Because she was alone, and, an, easy victim, that’s why, this MOTHER @#$%ER, raped her, and here, the punishment, still, does NOT fit the crime, not even, closer, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A emergency service worker, Chen four years ago, received a call of a sixteen-year-old adolescent girl said that she had attempted to commit suicide, used the claims of taking her out to show care and concerns toward her, took her out on his car, and raped her, the adolescent couldn’t cope with what happened, and unhappy that she had been forced to settle the matter privately with him, afterwards, she’d attempted suicide SEVENTEEN times; Chen got away with a not-guilty verdict once, but the Highest Courts found him guilty of adult intentionally raping a person in need of assistance by opportunity, sentenced him to a year ten months.

The adolescent is psychologically troubled, her mother died of lung carcinoma, she’d been counseled by her school since, in February of 2008, she’d cut her own wrist and called emergency for help, it was Chen who took the call; and Chen got a hold of the adolescent’s number and contacted her by text, and LINED her to show care and concerns toward her, the two met multiple times, and Chen also, delivered the breakfasts to her too.

On the evening of April 6th, 2018, Chen took the adolescent girl out on a ride in his car, he’d parked the car to the side of the road, demanded that she get into the back, and raped her; as the girl went to her school counseling sessions, she’d told her counselor, and told the counselor, “I will KILL him!”

Based off of the helpline records, the fire department had answered sixteen times to the young woman’s attempts of suicide in 2019, by her seventeenth attempt in February of 2020, the adolescent was, finally successful in her, suicide attempts.

Chen denied the allegations, claimed he’d told her dirty jokes on the night, that he had, verbally, harassed the young woman, that was why he’d settled with her for $100,000N.T.s, and the papers stated, that the amount was for the sexual harassment, that it wasn’t, rape.  He’d used an elder’s standpoint to counsel her, to care for her, to bring her her breakfasts, eaten the breakfasts with her to try and counsel her.

The Hsinchu District Court had ruled from before in the first trial, that the adolescent wasn’t steady on her claims, found Chen not guilty; the High Courts of Taiwan, looked over the medical treatment records, the conversation records, and the testimonies from the witnesses, confirmed that Chen had, raped the adolescent girl, that he’d not denied it when she’d gone to confront him, instead, told her he was willing to settle with her for $100,000N.T.s, and questioned that the adolescent had, set him up, to scam him.

The adolescent’s father told, that after she was forced to sign the settlement, she’d felt uneven, anger, upset over how Chen had settled with her using sexual harassment; the courts found, that the suicide was from the adolescent’s not wanting to agree to settle the matter with him, that she couldn’t, sort through the emotions, she’d made multiple attempts.

The verdict stated, that Chen took the call of the adolescent, saw she was a minor, counseled her, set up a bond with her, and yet, used the fact that she’d trusted him, to rape her, and settled with her on sexual harassment charges later, causing the young lady couldn’t agree with what he’d done, and committed suicide, and Chen denied the allegations, carried an awful attitude after the crimes, gave him a sentence of a year ten months.  Chen didn’t felt fair, went for an appeal, the Highest Courts tossed out Chen’s appeal, case closed.

Yeah uh, this, is really awful, to VICTIMIZE someone who was in need of your assistance, and this LOSER had, taken advantage of the young woman’s being in an emotionally vulnerable state, and took advantage of the satiation, to RAPE her, which caused her to commit suicide at the end, and now, this young woman is, DEAD, and this loser only got, a year ten months?  How’s that, justice?  It’s not!

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In the Face-Switch Case, the Primary Suspect, Yu Pleaded Guilty & Sought Mediation in Her Sentencing

The verdict, of the woman, who’d, used someone else’s face in a photo, with the nude bodies that’s of another, and, the hammer came down on her!  On crimes and punishment, cyberbullying here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and his twenty-two-year-old assistant, Chuang, used the face-switch capabilities of high tech devices, produced the pornographic footages, putting the famed actresses, youtubers, politicians, and sold the footages for a huge profit of over $13.38 million N.T.s, they were charged on aggravated slander, obstruction of social order, and violating the personal data protection act, indicted.  Yesterday was the first day of the trial at Hsinbei District Court, Chu admitted to the guilty pleas, the case went into simplified trial mode, because there were too many victims, the judge decided to call them all one by one to the stand, to see if mediation can be achieved.

with this sort of an effect

photo found online, only with the sexually illicit images in this particular case!

After the court ended the sessions, “Yu” walked out of the courthouse, and faced the pressed, “I’d admitted to my own wrongdoings, and I want to offer my most sincere apologies to all of my victims”, and bowed to apologize to all the victims.

The district attorneys believed, “Yu” and Chuang, for their own personal profits, abused the technology, made the pictures of 119 women into sexually illicit footages via cut and paste, and, shared the photos online repeatedly, causing even more damages to the victims, and had, selected their victims via a voting call online, objectifying women; but, considering how the two suspects admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A. advised the courts to confiscate all the earnings from their crimes, and charged them with violation of other people’s privacy, asked the courts to give them both a sentence that fitted to their, crimes.

The victims included Kao, the legislator, the city councilwoman from Kaohsiung, Huang, Huang, who was a former spokeswoman for the mayor’s office of Taipei, and there were those in the movie/entertainment industries, Jolin Tsai, Cheng, Kuo, as well as YouTubers too.  But the president, Tsai, who was said as a previous victim wasn’t among those who’s photos were misused.

The Hsinbei District Court prepared the case, with “Yu” pleading guilty in court, hoping to reach a settlement agreement with all of the victims; the judge presiding told “Yu”, the next time the court is in session all the victims will all get called to come up all at once, to see which ones are willing to settle through mediation.  “if the perpetrator receives enough forgiveness from the victims, the sentences will reduce by a great deal”.  The next hearing is scheduled for June third.

And hopefully, these “victims”, don’t forgive this individual easily, after all, this, is easily done all over again, I mean, you can, just, cut and paste someone’s head onto someone (or something!) else’s body, and, spread it out online, and, there’s no set law, to prevent this sort of using the internet to bully, to defame, to paste some famous person’s head to a naked woman (or a man)’s, body here.

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The Loan Sharks Aimed at the Migrant Workers Because They are Easy Targets, the Number of Victims in the Hundreds

Easy targets here, because they’re, not from around here, being taken advantage of, because they needed the money quick, and couldn’t speak nor read in Chinese, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yang, and an Asian woman who lives in Indonesia, Huang, operated a loan shark agency together, and they’d posted out the ads for giving the loans out, used the Indonesian migrant workers’ needs for some cash quick, raised up the interest rates.  The immigrations department last week started the bust with the Nantou County detectives in Taichung, Changwha, Yang and his two daughters were arrested, Huang, her husband too, a total of five suspects taken into custody, and more than seven million dollars N.T. in cash confiscated, and, loads of passports, ledgers, and, the police estimated that there are, hundreds of Indonesian migrant workers who’d been, victimized, yesterday, the suspects, Yang and the rest were charged on breaking the laws of banking, money laundering, scams, etc., etc., etc., sent to the D.A.’s office.

The offices of immigrations investigated, that the migrant workers who’d gotten the loans because their families back home were hit by emergencies and desperately needed the money, they’d gone through the agent from Indonesia, turned in their passports, signed the slips, along with the higher interest rates too, and they couldn’t pay it back, couldn’t get their passports back, which in turn, blocked their rights to switch to other bosses, Yang and Huang abused the trusts of the migrant workers had from those who are from their same country, in these past two years, started posting the ads of “easy to get the loans” online, and, the annual interest rates of 0.0121-percent to 0.0125-percent, to attract those from Indonesia working in this country to take out the loans, and, if a loan of $20,000 N.T. was taken out, then, the payment of $12,500N.T.s would be owed per month.  If the payment terms are five months, then, other than the six thousand dollars per month with the interests, there’s a thousand dollars extra for the process, at the rate of 121-percent to 152-percent per year, compared to the local authorized loaners’ rate of nine-percent per month, and the banks’ three-percent annually.

Based off of understanding, in the contract, Yang took advantaged of how the individuals didn’t know enough Chinese, and are in need of cash quickly, to have them sign the slips for the loans, and the consent for him to take their passports, if the victims couldn’t pay the amount back, then, he’d publicized the documents of the migrant workers online, and pay the individuals who’d hired these workers, to collect the debts, spreading fears through the victims’ lives.

And so, this is how this lesser group is easily victimized, they aren’t fluent in the languages, and, because they desperately needed the money, they took the words of the loan shark, and, after they’d signed the slips, they’re, screwed, and, these individuals had, taken advantage of how these migrant workers needed the money fast, and how they can’t read in Chinese, and they deserved to be punished, very severely, for taking advantage of those migrant workers who are here, helping the families care for their loved ones.

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The Predatory School Instructor Forced Five Students to Submit to Him Completely, Sentenced to Twelve and a Half Years

Now, a wolf in, a teacher’s “skin” here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-eight year-old male, Fang, was accused of signing an “absolute obedience contract” with five of his students, used an assortment of excuses to punish them, including having the students masturbate in front of him, with him, filming the process.  The Hsinbei District Court sentenced this predator to twelve years six months on charges of using his status of power to molest to film, that he’d severely, impacted the students’ mental health, and denied it, stated that his students had, blackened his name, on breaking the laws of children’s welfare and child protection.

The investigations found, in August of 2017, Fang started working as the victim male students’ homeroom and Chinese instructor, he’d taken advantage of his male students that they are not having a good relations with their families at home, they wanted to get into a good university, to get a passing grade in Chinese courses, or to keep the secrets for his students as a “trade-off” for his students to sell themselves to him, made them sign the “Absolute Obedience Pact”.

When the students didn’t do well enough on the tests, they are to get punished, and the punishments include masturbating in front of Fan, stripping to nude, and allowing Fang to beat their buttocks with a ruler, or having Fang taped up their hands, and tickling them nude, and tickling their genitalia too, and they were demanded by Fang to tape their own masturbation, there were at least five victims, and the term was over a year’s time.  As the other students learned of this, Fang texted his victims, “did you tell your classmates, that you asked for all of this”, “other than you, I’d, never, taken care of anybody else like this”, etc., etc., etc.

The male students who were victimized chose to keep everything silent, claimed to their fellow classmates, “I don’t want the instructor to be absent from our reunions in the future”, “I’m a bit, conflicted”, until the father of one of the victimized students found that something wasn’t quite right, and reported it.

The courts believed, that Fang, as a homeroom instructor, a Chinese instructor, not followed the morale of teachers, and took advantage of his students’ asking him for help with identity crises, families, and other pressures, to fulfill his own selfish desires, used his power status to molest, to film, to sent the sexually illicit messages to them, that he’d, severely, impacted his students’ mental health.

While Fang denied the accusations from start to finish, stated that the students had coconspired in setting him up, never apologized to his victims, nor reached a settlement agreement with them, the courts found him guilty on counts of power sexual molestation; how he’d, gone against his victims’ wills, and filmed the sexually illicit footages.

And, twelve years is still, two lenient if you ask me, (but who asked you!!!) this still just showed, how, there are, those, sexual predators, who dressed themselves up as school instructors, and, they can be everywhere, maybe, there’s, one in your kid’s schools, you just, don’t know, until it’s, too late, after their innocence had been, taken away, against their will, and, it would be you, the parents’ faults, for NOT paying enough attention, not BUSTING these sexual predators sooner, allowing your sons or daughters, to get hurt for this long a time.

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Admitted to Date-Raping, the Sports Competitors Were Unsuccessful in Getting Their Sentences Reduced

Why did this date rape happen???  Because they C-A-N!!!  off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin the korfball competitor for the country’s team and his college roommate, Wu were suspected of date raping a twenty-one-year-old woman at a karaoke bar, too her back into their dorm, and gang raped her, were charged with opportune rape; during the trial, the men plead guilty, and the attorneys asked the courts for leniency, the judge wouldn’t allow it, believed that their behaviors don’t qualify, and sentenced both men to three years one month.  This can be appealed.

Lin is a key competitor of korfball Department of Kinesiology under the Department of Education, he’d stood out in the 2018 competitions, and voted the MVP of U19-Dual Basket category for men.

The district attorney’s offices accused that on the evening of June 23rd, Wu and Lin hung out with their group of friends at a karaoke bar where they met the victim, the gathering ended at eight the following morning, as Wu and Lin found the victim passed out from drinking, they took her back to their dorm and raped her.

Wu took the victim to the top bunk of his room, and, stripped her clothes off, raped her, then, as Lin and another roommate, Yang came in, Wu then, left the bunkbed.

Later, Lin entered into the bedroom, saw the victim still unconscious, climbed onto the bed, raped her too.

As the victim got away, she’d told her friend, and, went to get her rape kit, two days later, she’d, reported it; the district attorney’s office indicted both men, and during the trial, both men admitted to what they did.

Wu and Lin’s attorneys begged on their behalf, how they’d admitted to what they did, with no priors, that they were college student, and are still in college, still young, “they both have the ability to become competitors representing the country”, Lin was also a member of the national team, hoped that they could get reduced sentences, or, probation instead.

The collectivist court believed, that there would need to be special circumstances for the reduction of the sentence to be considered, Wu and Lin didn’t know the victim from before, because they were drinking together, they’d raped her; and, the mother of the victim told the courts, that since her daughter was raped, she still couldn’t face herself, or her classmates, and had, dropped out of college now.

The judge believes, that the rape had caused irreparable trauma to the victim, that Wu and Lin’s behaviors can arouse any scent of sympathy, that there’s no way for a reduction of sentencing, and the judge also ruled out probation as the terms of their punishment.

And so, this, is bullshit, just because a woman is passed out drunk, just because the two of you are national-grade competitors in sports, that gave you the right to rape the woman, and you actually thought you could get away with just a slap on the wrist, having probation, instead of doing HARD time, yeah, were you mistaken or what!

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How She Was, Found…

She was found, barely breathing, but, still with, a pulse…

How she was, found, this can be, expected, we all warned her about him, and yet, she’d not, believed us, and we were, her BEST friends, the one she comes to to get advice on things, only, only, not this time…

How she was, found, beaten to submission, she’d, crawled, like an animal on his floor, working hard, to get him to, pay attention to her, like that puppy that longed for, her owner’s, attention.  How she was, found, too pathetic, is how, but, being her friends, we all needed to be, supportive, don’t we?

So we all kept our lips shut, even though, we knew that this guy wasn’t, right for her, after all, it’s, HER life, we can’t control anything that happens to her in life.

this would be, how, she will, eventually, end up!

photo of a “Jane Doe”, found online

How she was, found, beaten down, bruised, with the scabs over those, layers of, scars, that formed, one right on top of, another and another, and another…………How she was, found, too horrible to mention, and, NOBODY deserves to DIE like that!

And we watched the cops, take her body away…


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The Higher Up the Socioeconomic Status in Society, More Worried that it Would Damage the Image, and that the Fact that Abuse Happened Will Get Found Out

Because of their status, and they’re, victimized, and they feel, ashamed, which is why these high-profile cases of abuse are, underreported…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator of the DDP, Kao was abused by her boyfriend, and the incident was found out fifteen days after it’d happened on the news media, that was when she’d gone to the police and pressed charges.  The manager of the National Jinan University International Domestic Violence Research Center, Wang stated, based off of researches, the females usually put up with their abuse silently for an average of six years, if it happened in the rich and famous, the women considered their status quo, their images, and, would select to remain silent about it even more.

Wang told, that whether it be women with a higher up status, they’d normally put up with the abuse, because they’d taken into considerations of the intimate relationship they shared with their abusers, the emotional attachments, even economics, the children, and families, it would be quite difficult, to work up the courage to tell; for those with a higher social status, more considerations are put in, including social image, the situation, so not getting help has nothing to do with bravery, but how the abused have their own timelines, knowing how far they needed to prepare, before any actions are, taken.

Wang said the acts of violence will come up slowly, if it’d happened once, then, it will certainly, happen twice, three times, and when the abuser realized that something isn’t right, and attempted to control the victim more by restricting the movements, using violence, or emotional, psychological threats, the women need to caution, “ZERO tolerance for violence” being the prime rule.

And so, most of these abused women, they have a lot to consider, when thinking on whether or not they should, come out to the open, especially if you’re famous like the legislator, it’s even harder, but, by not coming out into the open, you’re only signaling to the individual who’s abusing you, that s/he can, keep on doing it to you, and there’s, NOTHING you can do about it, because you’re afraid, of getting your reputation damaged, and the individual is going to keep on controlling you, because you’re, letting him.


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