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The Founder of Watchout, Liou, Charged with Sexual Molestations, Sentenced to a Year and a Half

And the IRONY of this is?  Oh yeah, this platform is on keeping an eye out for danger, to prevent injustices, and abuse, and its founder does this???  Yeah, uh, what the @#$% (maxed out!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Liou, the founder of Watchout, was suspected of using the excuses of giving massages, under enormous pressures, and the excuse of not seeing his victims for too long, demanded to hug three women, and forcibly kissed them, molested their breasts and pubic areas, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that the ladies wanted to date him, but he didn’t want to date them, that was why he was, framed; the Taipei District Court disregarded his claims, and sentenced him on three counts of forced sexual molestation charges for a total of a year six months, this can be appealed.

Liou was an active member of the Sunflower Student Movement, and received the title of “Social Movement Physician”, also a founder of the online media group “Watchout” and “MedPartner”.

the LOSER who’d, molested the three women, photo from online

On Chinese Valentine’s Day of 2015, he’d invited a high school age girl whom he was the leader of the physicians summer camp to supper, as he drove her home, he’d, forced a kiss on her, and got his way.

On April 16, 2017, Liou used the excuse of setting up the product database “MedPartner”, a line of beauty products, invited a woman whom he’d met in a school lecture tour, forcibly kissed her in his car.

On October 3rd, 2017, after Liou set up the platform, “MedPartner” he’d had a part-time female worker to come to his home to clean to earn some money, he’d forcibly kissed her ears, and, grabbed her breasts and her pubic area too.

Liou denied all allegations, the judge believed, that the three victims’ posts on FB and related information, and accused him on what he’d done, which was, in similar measures, which showed, that they’d, not made it up; and the victims didn’t know each other, and they’d hoped that he wouldn’t get away with fines, and the courts found him guilty on three counts of forced sexual molestation, sentenced him to eight and nine months each, of the sentences given, he will be serving a total of a year and six months.

And so, this is still, a sex crime from opportunity, because the losers saw himself as all that, and he thought that no woman could, or would reject him, and that’s what drove him to molest his victims, and, he’d, attempted to weasel out from getting punished by claiming that the ladies couldn’t date him, because he wasn’t interested, that was why they’d, tried to frame him for the forced sexual behaviors, but thankfully, the courts didn’t believe him, but the sentence still isn’t, tough enough, I mean, who’s to say, that this SEX offender wouldn’t offend again, once he’d, served his terms???  You can’t guarantee the women that!

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Sex Crimes Occurring On & OFF the High School Campuses

From NBCNEWS.com…

Ten students were arrested in a Venice High School sex crimes investigation that began earlier this week after two victims reported the crimes to school officials, the Los Angeles Police Department announced Friday.

The department has identified at least four others wanted in connection with the crimes, which occurred both on and off the campus, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said at a midday news conference. The allegations came to light Tuesday after two underage female victims notified school officials, who then contacted police, Smith said.

Nine of 14 “subjects” identified as part of the investigation had been arrested by Friday morning, Smith said. A 10th turned himself in later. Police are attempting to determine whether the 14 subjects knew each other and if the crimes are connected, Smith said.

“This is a painful moment for Venice High School, and this district,” said Superintendent Ramon Cortines. “I want you to know that no sexual misconduct of any kind by students or staff will ever be tolerated in LA Unified.”

The subjects were identified as male students between 14 and 17 years old. They were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and unlawful sex.

Some of the crimes dated to last year, but others occurred as recently as late last month, police said.

Smith was asked during Friday’s news conference whether the students are athletes at the school, but did not comment.

You still have to wonder, just what the HELL is happening, to these younger generations of people out there?  And here, it’s still the females who were victimized, and, it makes you wonder, when is this violence against the opposite sex going to end, or, will it ever, end?  After all, you do realize, how testosterone is connected with the most violent of all crimes, right???  And these are just, teens too!

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When Sex Crimes Become an Epidemic

When sex crimes became an epidemic, and there’s NO chance it’ll stop, until it’d managed to contaminate ALL the world’s neighborhoods, what do we do?

When sex crimes became an epidemic, it’s so uncontained, raging out of control, and, we can insert those bullets quickly enough, to SHOOT up all the perps, because for every one of them we managed to gun down, three MORE “pops” up!

When sex crimes became an epidemic, don’t laugh, this, IS happening, because of the lack of respect toward life (and we’re NO longer talking about gender-specific issues here anymore either!).  When sex crimes became an epidemic, is there a one-dose cure that’ll help contain the “bug”?  Of course N-O-T, because there will always and forever BE more rapists, more molesters, more people who think they have the right to VIOLATE others, simply because they were violated when they couldn’t fight back!

When sex crimes became an epidemic, we can only keep our fingers crossed, and pray and hope, that they don’t come to our neighborhoods, but, it’s only a matter of time, until this side of the white picket fence gets contaminated too………

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A Man Used Porn to Get His Courage Up, to Rape His Seventeen-Year-Old Younger Sister-in-Law

And you still don’t think that watching those VIOLENCE and SEXUAL shits are affecting your minds???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A Man in his twenties had the eyes for his wife’s younger brother’s seventeen-year-old wife, and when he’d gone to visit his brother-in-law’s house, he’d made sure that his wife’s sister-in-law, and her baby were home alone, and he’s watched porn in their living room, to work up his courage, then, waited until the woman’s asleep, then, he raped her, and the D.A. in Hsinbei City prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts.

A man in his twenties saw that his younger brother-in-law’s seventeen year old wife was sexy, and got horny; at the end of last December, one morning, he’d called her house, to make sure that she was home alone, then, he’d gone to pay her a visit.

When the brother-in-law was taking a nap with the baby, the man watched porn in her living room, to get his courage up, waited until the woman and her baby was sound asleep, then, he’d snuck into the bedroom, took the baby to the side, then, pinned the woman down, the woman fought him off nonstop, but because he was way too strong, he was able to rape her successfully.

Afterwards, the man told him, “It’s just for this once, don’t tell your husband”; the woman felt she was shamed, didn’t know how to tell her family, she’d used a crafts knife and slashed her own arms, and posted the pictures of her bleeding arms onto Facebook, with the captions, “This, is a sort of beauty, a sort of a warning, that not everybody is to be trusted by me.” Her husband noticed this, called the police, and the police caught his brother-in-law.  The D.A. found that the evidences were stacked up against the man, and that he’d raped a woman who was NOT yet eighteen, and asked the courts for a more severe punishment.

And, just because a woman is very hot or sexy, that still does NOT give you the right to fucking rape her, and, on top of that, you’d watched porn, to help boost your courage to rape her, and that merely shows, that pornography have the tendency to cause MORE violence against members of the opposite sex, but it’s still JUST a correlation, NOT a causation…


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