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The CDC, is Delayed, Once Again, in the Preparation for the Vaccines of Monkeypox

Because, uh, we don’t see monkeypox as a threat, like how we didn’t see MERS-CoV as one either!  And this government agency, like ALL of the DDP, still operates on, HINDSIGHT and screwed are, WE the people!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

At the start of May, monkeypox had started spreading outside of the tradition areas of the pandemic, and there’s the community spreading cases, and it’d caused the attention of the global community.  So, is monkeypox worth our worrying over?  What are the misunderstanding, and the traps?  What should we be prepared on?

Although, there’s only just one fatality to date, but, there were the children who’d been placed in the I.C.U. after contraction.  Children, pregnant women, and those with a weaker immunity are the at-risk groups.  Other than the skin problems that may cause the aches and pains, the dehydration, the loss of proteins, and the reinfections, it can also damage the eye sight, or cause pneumonia, inability to breathe, hepatitis, and encephalitis, etc., etc., etc.  Once there is an increase in the number of cases, the families, the medical professionals, as well as everybody else in the society will be impacted with the risks of contraction.

The problem with monkeypox is that there’s a long incubation period, that it’s not spread widely enough, and it couldn’t be like MERS-CoV, initiating the border controls, to block the disease out of the country, but, in the means of animals and humans transmission, it can easily transmit from the wildlife or the pets to human, as monkeypox makes its way into the local communities, it would be impossible to eliminate, and thus it will become, regional, and exist long-term.

And once it started spreading, it would cause a second damage to the communities, the medical care systems, for example, the workers in the medical industries, the janitorial workers will be faced with a new threat of occupational hazards, and the laundromat may also be impacted as well.

In the means of prevention, there’s a need to rely on both the public health services as well as the medical treatment facilities.  Setting up a system of reporting is the most basic of prevention, but, with only the definitions of the disease, and ordering the medical treatment facilities to report on the cases is not enough, we need to heighten the alerts of the locals, as well as the doctors in all medical treatment units, to send in the tests, to diagnose early, to quarantine as needed, to limit the spread, and through the detailed reports, to stop the spread, to prevent the virus to root in the local communities.

On the means of prevention, there’s the need of vaccinating all who are in the social circles of the individual who’d contracted the virus, to cut off the chain of spread.  W.H.O. advised those who came into contact, to get vaccinated within four days of contact, but no more than fourteen days, before the symptoms set in, through the immediate vaccinations, to prevent the onset, and the spread.

As for the high risk individuals, such as the professionals in medical care, the lab workers, the operators of the labs, even gay males, can receive the vaccines prior to exposures.

Theoretically, chickenpox vaccines can prevent monkeypox, but, the second, third generations of safer vaccines should be used.  In treatment, due to the limited research of efficacy of the medications, W.H.O. advises that only the severely symptomatic, and those who are at higher risk is given.

As what most of us had learned from MERS-CoV: the outbreaks are really sly; it would cause the multiple impacts on the medical care provision systems, the societies; to deal with the outbreaks, the easiest means is through stopping the spread before it began on a community level; we need to get the three tools (the vaccines, the test kits, the medicines) we need to prevent the monkeypox from becoming a pandemic like MERS-CoV.

Although, monkeypox isn’t as quickly to spread out like MERS-CoV, there’s no need to get everybody vaccinated, we still need to prevent the virus from rooting down, and the key to this, is the vaccines.  As the monkeypox started spreading globally for over a month to date, as the virus is already at our gates, the government is still talking of “we will have the vaccines by the end of the year!”, and clearly, for the six months following now, we can’t even start preparing for the preventions of exposures, or the treatment after we are exposed.  And, the constant missing out on the timelines, it’d put the country’s people, the medical professionals at war, without our, needed, ammunitions, when will the CDC learn?

The answer is: NEVER!  Because the head of the CDC, Chen is already CHECKED out, with his sight set on the end-of-year mayoral elections, leaving we the people, without a single clue, and, the CDC app, can’t even answer what monkeypox is, because the systems isn’t updated yet, yeah, that’s, stupid all right, and, we are still, all FUCKED up, by the DDP, because everybody in the government is from the party, and, from the MERS-CoV cases, we can see, just how incompetent, this DDP government truly is, and, we the people are all going to D-I-E!

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The CDC that Became a PARROT!

Yes, the CDC would want, a CRACKER here!!!

The CDC that became a PARROT

As it only Reports on the Statistics

Not Come up with the Solutions to Keep the Virus Contained

The CDC that became a PARROT

what that, looked, like…

That Only Repeated the EXACT Same Word Phrasings, EVERY Noon (‘cuz that’s when the dude started, play that broke record of himself).

The CDC that Became a PARROT

And NO, Pauley does NOT get that CRACKER

Pauley doesn’t do SHIT

And We’re Still Allowing the CDC, Headed by a God DAMN Dentist

RUN this @#$%ING (maxed out!) Country to SIX FEET UNDER???

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My Son Needed to Go to the Hospitals, but the Hospitals are All Full on Occupancy with Patients, He’d Had to Wait Endlessly

Thanks to the DDP government, and, give them ALL, the credits here, a mother’s, worries, for her son, due to the lacking in provisions of protection means the government gave to the people, of the pandemic, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My son who’s studying in Taipei originally booked his train back home for Mother’s Day, I was expectant of his, return.  Yet, on May 3rd, we’d gotten the news, that he had been confirmed of contraction, I went blank, became, dumbfounded for a very long time, can’t decide what our, next steps would be.

My husband originally planned to head up by car to get him home to take care of him, but considering how he’d be, exposing himself to the dangers and the possibilities of contraction too, he can only, started, calling the local quarantine hotels like crazy, and, for hours on end, he’d, gotten transferred, transferred, put on hold, endlessly, couldn’t wait for the officials who are in charge to give us a response.  During this time, my son kept himself hidden on the rooftops of his dorm, worried that it might affect his other dorm mates, it was a cold, wet day.

As we got the night’s advantage, my husband and I immediately, booked a hotel nearby his school, my daughter and I checked in the following day, and we still went to work, to class as we had done.  We’d called the entire night, couldn’t get the cabs to go and pick my son up, thankfully, my husband was able to get to the Taiwan major cab group, and gotten the number to the specialty transport cab.  We’d, cleared our house, setting our son in our master’s, my husband returned home then, with him, staying with our son in our son’s at-home quarantine, lowering the impacts to minimal, otherwise, it would be all four of us, stuck at home in quarantine, and, nobody can help us buy our needed items, and it made me feel so helpless, thinking about this.

For the days that followed, we’d called up the hotlines, and yet, the results were, all the same: endless waiting; wanted to log online to ask our questions, the internet got completely, jammed up; wanted the packages of defending against MERS-CoV, do we ask the city government of Taichung, or Taipei?  Nobody we can ask, luckily though, we were able to, get a kit of five quick-scan kits from last week, if we saved them, it would be, enough.

Mother’s Day was yesterday, I’m certain, that there are a lot of mothers like me, worried over our own, ill children, and worried the risks our healthy children are in.  Do not tell me, that the symptoms are mild, that it was, no big deal, there are those who’d still, worsened; don’t say, that the college students need to learn to take care of themselves, without the space for the quarantines, the rationing of the items they needed, how will these college age students, care for themselves?  Our government surely is, “tolerant” all right, having us take care of our own problems, and my son, was blessed, to have enough resources, but what of those children living inside those tents on their college campuses, or those who are, chased out, can’t the parents not feel the heartaches?  And, do those in power, hear our, cries, feel our, worries?

Writing this article on Mother’s Day, at a hotel, it’s quite, memorable, I suppose.

This is from a mother, who’s son was, HIT, by this wave of the pandemic, and, this still showed, just how, incompetent, our government is here, not giving us enough test strips now, and the vaccines are still, currently, going on, and there are still, those in the population, who can’t get vaccinations, due to allergies, or whatever, and they’re what considered, DEAD, right???

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The Horns Sounded Off, in the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV

Commentary on the focus of the CDC on tackling the mater of MERS-CoV now, of how the CDC should start, adapting itself, in the policies realm, to help we the people return our lives, back to as normal as possibly here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the two years so far as MERS-CoV became a pandemic, causing 6.2 million deaths globally, impacting the global economy greatly as well.  In the past, Taiwan used the strict restrictions of the borders, clearing the contraction cases, and the citizens being very rule abiding, we’d gained good results.  But, as MERS-CoV became widespread, and with the various countries lifting the bans, at the bottom half of the epidemic, in just the past few days, Taiwan’s confirmed cases of contractions leapt to the thousands from the single digit, and the horns sounding off that we’re marching into the heights of the epidemic now.

We do not need to compare ourselves with the third-world countries without enough resources, and the European and the U.S. the two polarized ends, just take a look at how hard hitting Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong had been in the past three months, as the epidemic became, once again, widespread.  In the six months to come, Taiwan can foresee how we’re supposed to defend ourselves against the virus, to reduce the impacts, to coexist with the virus, or to lift the bans.

The means of tackling the situation, like the CDC told, the three arrows, the system of categorizing the contracted as mild or more severe, the coverage rate of the elderly population which is at-risk, along with more than enough medications, vaccines to come to the country before the heights of the outbreaks hit us, then, we will be able to, reach what Tsai expected, to reduce the impacts.  Otherwise, in this war against MERS-CoV, we would have the regrets of having it easy at the start, and having it hard at the end, and we’d, wasted the resources we’d already established from the experiences of the last outbreaks of SARS.

Because MERS-CoV isn’t vanishing like SARS, and, the policies of clearing all the contractions will only, extend the terms of the outbreaks.  Take Singapore as an example, to mid-April, the total population of the contracted is twenty-percent, with 1,310 deaths; Korea’s contraction rate is thirty-five-percent, with 20,899 deaths; Hong Kong close to twenty-percent, with 9,069 in morbidity rate.  So, based off of the rate of death, Singapore is extremely low, only about a-third of Korea’s, while Hong Kong has the highest rate of morbidity.

So what’s the meaning of the statistic of these three countries?  What’s the difference of the three arrows policies against MERS-CoV?

First, Singapore is the role model of the containment of MERS-CoV in the government’s management, the means of vaccine purchases, the quarantine means, and tens of thousands of bed available in the hospitals for the means of MERS-CoV, along with the administering of the medications, is ahead of the rest of the countries in the world right now.  While, Hong Kong is nearing collapse, in the triaging of the patients, especially when the first dose for those in the country was the Sinovac vaccines, this was a primary cause of the cases blowing out of proportions, and because there aren’t enough cases at the start, the elderly population, due to fears of the side effects, they’d not received the vaccinations, and the elderly population became, a ticking time bomb of the outbreaks.  In Korea, the elderly vaccination rates for the third dosages got up to ninety-percent, and there’s enough medications for a million in the populations, so even as the daily contraction rates exceeded 100,000 per day, it’d still announced the lifting of the bans

And so the current contraction rate here, is under one-percent of the population total in Taiwan, it’s already, quite clear, the direction the country should take in the futures, to reduce the impacts, in triaging, the rate of elderly being vaccinated, and the amount of orally administered medications for MERS-CoV, there are the huge rooms for improvement by the government in this country.

As for how the citizens here will fulfill the ideals of returning our lives back to as normal as possible while reducing the impacts of the outbreaks?  The group with the highest vaccination rate here, is actually the younger generations who are the foundations of the economy, and these members of the younger generations who’d had their three full doses can maintain their normal lifestyles, the economics, schooling, and other activities, and help look after the younger generations of children, and the elderly populations.  The government should set up the community care units and the quarantine hotels, to provide the care for the elderly who can’t be in the at-home quarantine systems, and the younger generations of children’s care.  I must reiterate, that the oral medication is the means to reduce the panic of the contracted, to coexist with the virus, the government need to go above and beyond, to get that available to the citizens of the country here.

Yeah uh, you WISH, these @#$%ING (refraining from “swearing”???) government officials, like the head of the CDC, Chen, is working on his campaign for the mayoral race of Taipei, he no longer has enough mind of setting up all of these, means to help protect we the people from contraction, and, basically, why is, MERS-CoV still in the world again??? Oh yeah, because NOT enough of the entire population of HUMANS had D-I-E-D, to get the temperatures of the globe down to manageable, it’s EXACTLY like how we would get that fever, as the viruses, bacteria, attacked our systems, the immunodefense systems of our own bodies, hello, hello, hello???  Tell me you don’t see that!

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We’d Not Lost Out to the Outbreaks, But it Was the Wrong Values that Screwed Us All Over

And this is, yet, ANOTHER case of how we all got, SCREWED OVER by the ideologies of the party that’s leading this country of “ours” (oh wait, this AIN’T my country!!!)…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

2021 was a totally, thrilling, year for us all.  As Taiwan is boasting itself on being the head of the class in preventing the epidemic from hitting us all too hard, suddenly, we’d, shifted gears into stage three alert, and, there was, this, huge lacking in the availability of vaccines to the people, those in power manipulating the situations then, we the people, started, dashing all around, fighting for the limited resources available to us all, fighting to get the residual doses from the clinics all around.  In a year’s time, there are, close to, two thousand in the total population who’d, died by contraction, or by vaccinations, plus the Taroko Train derailing, the city-within-a-city fire of Kaohsiung, the drought, power outages, violence that occurred locally, drunk-driving; you can say, that Taiwan had been, living under, the glooms of, death.

But gladly, a group of Olympic competitors put on a show of “Miracles of the Summertime”, we’d thought it would be the most beautiful firework that marked down last year but, at the end, the political realms, the showbiz all had the show of, “how to breed a loser” suddenly, shifting our focuses away from the four main issues that are up for public voting, and the people ignored the problems that will be, what we will, come into, direct contact with.

The plague had, altered our means of life, and the modes of economic.  At the year-end gathering, my friend who owns a breakfast shop poured it all out: there’s the continuing hike in prices of the raw produces, we’d, cut our earnings; the neighbors who’d sold off the Sandong style duck head bitterly smiled, “the prices of the raw produces is on a continuing hike upwards, only the cost of salt stays the exact same.  The stock markets skyrocketed, with an extreme, side effect!  Every country became, deadlocked in inflation, a bowl of instant noodles here went from thirty-five to forty, and the ordinary citizens’ wallets, shrunk by more than ten-percent, let’s not go into depth about the cost of housing then!

My father died last year, left behind a small chunk of land, the prices rose up, at the same rate as the housing costs, I was originally, guaranteed to make a killing, but, the drought and the outbreaks hit, and I’d, understood, that money can’t bring the dead back to life, nor can the money, make it rain, my mother clearly stated to me that even if the land was sold off, she shall, continue to sell the vegetables, she will, NEVER retire!  Money should be spent, on those who need it, and so, I’d, talked my older sister, and my mother, to donate it all away.  People called me foolish, my mother thought of Mrs. Chen, that at least, we all have roof over our heads, a steady place of residence, and vegetables we can sell to make our living.

Taiwan hadn’t been beaten down by the outbreaks, but we were under the attacks of the messed up values, drug abuse, sexual assaults, hacking, random murders, murdering the parents, child abuse, it’d been on the news, almost, every day; the political parties are against each other, constantly fighting, like a pair of parents disagreeing constantly, always asking the child to choose sides, never, considered how the kid feels, what the child actually needs from them, or, how to make it better for our own, next generations; how can the people, living under this kind of socialization, constantly being bombarded by these values, learn, to live in harmony with one another, and love each other?

Those with money enjoyed solving the problems with it, but, no amount of money can bring back those who’d been hit and killed by the drunk drivers, those who’d died in fires, the train derailing……………all of these, precious lives are gone, too fast.  In this brand new year, I hope, that the parties won’t just make it look good on the surfaces, but, really DO something, to tackle the problems we have in our society, to rebuild that sense of value, so we don’t need to play “the Squid Games” all over again!

And so, this, is a call out to this government, because it got too set on gaining power, that those who are the heads of state, Su, the president, Tsai, and all of those, other, members of the DDP, stopped focusing on the needs of we the people, the government delayed the vaccines, causing, too many to die, and now, they’d, extended the time frame of the second and third doses to six months from before, and now, they’re only, starting to, THINK, that hey, maybe we need to, give those who hadn’t had an mRNA shop a third vaccination in three months, well, guess what, by the time all of these standard-operating-procedures get set up and working fully and functionally, yeah, that’ll, wipe out about……I’m thinking, a-THIRD of the entire population, and, unfortunately, this, “estimated a third of the entire population”, won’t be the DDP followers.

And, all of these had happened because???  We the people (oh wait, I’m still NOT a part of that, “collective we”!) had, voted, a DICTATOR into office, and, there’s NOTHING we the people CAN do about it…

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The Regrets, Not Allowed Chen

Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, on the Head of Public Health Defense’s bad policies for the vaccines here, translated…

Just as the Tsai government took that sharp turn, to take down the BioNTech vaccine shipments, Bloomberg posted its August defense against MERS-CoV list, of the fifty-three independent economic systems, Taiwan ranked 41st, and it’s, a place back from July’s list.  Taiwan’s outbreaks is slowly on the decline, so why are we, still, ranked toward the bottom?  We can get partial of what caused this, from the Commander of Defense, Chen’s stating that he was “regretless” toward last year’s BioNTech deals in Asia-East.

The Tsai government’s refusing the Fosun Pharmaceutical Agent for BioNTech, Chen stated, that back then, it was “to go along with people’s expectations”; actually this, was the result of how the government was taken hostage by the populists after it’d manipulated the public to go against China.  And now, turning back, eight hundred lives, as well as the losses in economy, gone like smoke and ashes, Chen still, don’t hold a single regret; but, the international world remembers it, Taiwan can only demonstrate for the world just once: how the “best-in-class”, fall to the bottom so quickly.

The rankings of the flexibility toward the defenses against MERS-CoV signaled, that the mutated strains made the future ever the more, uncertain, and the lowered rates of infectiousness is no longer enough, because of the low vaccination rates, the sealing up the countries, elevating the alert levels, reducing the number of flights coming in to the country, and other causes, losing the flexibility of the defense systems, that, is what caused the economy to fall.  Especially, the flexibility of defense isn’t just related to the spread of the virus, it also involved the tactics of the country’s international strategies as well; when fighting against MERS-CoV meets politics, it’d shown, just how weak Taiwan became.

The researchers from Central Research Agency, Wu pointed out, that the defense against MERS-CoV is now, the new warzone for the countries collective competition of this new Cold War, that we got, stuck in now.

So, it was, Tsai, deciding on Taiwan’s strategic place of war, that won’t allow Chen any regrets; but, as nothing more than a pawn in the U.S.’s chess game against China, Taiwan not only lost its flexibility to defend against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the country had, also, lost its, ability to fight and to survive.

And to sum all of that up: yay, we’re all, gonna D-I-E! (high-fives all around for all of us, still living on this, god forsaken, island here!), and it’s all because of the leader, Tsai’s beliefs of taking Taiwan as an INDEPENDENT country, well, can the country stand on its own???  HECK no!  We’re still, reliant, on other nations’ aide, in the vaccines, because the god damn government lacked the FORESIGHT, from ‘bout a year ago, when the outbreaks aren’t this hard yet, it’d, spent its money…wait, where the @#$%, did the government spend ALL our taxes again?  How the HELL should I know, I don’t do the books for the government here!

And, instead of focusing on how to get WE the people (more like WE the STUPID people!) through this hard time of MERS-CoV outbreak, the government is playing that game of politics here, and it still hadn’t learned ITS lessons, Y-E-T!

We’re all, screwed here!!!

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Fighting Over the Leftover Doses

This is what we the people, became, under the ruling of this, @#$%ING (maxed out???) government of ours, like maggots, crawling on the dirt, fighting, for a very, limited, resource (vaccine), observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the command center announced that the remaining doses of the vaccines are up for the alternates for the adult populations, the various cities and counties had employed different methods of making the appointments, but, generally, the shots are still, very difficult to get, it’d, tried all the medical personnel, and it might also, become, this, ununified chaos in format, which is, yet, another, irony, for the Department of Getting Ahead.

The vaccines were sealed in using the “multiple doses per bottle” method, and, after the names on the rosters had gone down the lines, there would, usually, be leftover doses, and, some of the hospitals would rather, dispose of the extras.  Actually, there’s, this, serious shortage of vaccines here in Taiwan, and, it’s, absolutely, necessary, that these leftover doses are put to, good use, but, as the Central Government announced its measures of opening up the appointment to allow for the backup vaccines, but it’d not, come up of a way to make the measures work, and, the various cities, counties can only, rely on themselves, leaving the citizens, not knowing when, how, or if they will have their vaccinations.

what the people here in Taiwan don’t have available to use…photo from online

The Central Government only wanted to reduce wasting away the remain dosages of the vaccines, to fill up the needs of minorities, but, there are, many rules applied in the various cities throughout the country, and, not enough vaccines to go around, the people need to, think very hard, to fight for, the limited resources of the leftover vaccine dosages.  This added more trouble to the entry level hospital workers, and they were all, scapegoats of a system that wasn’t set up properly.

The origins of this mess of remaining dosage came from how the government is lacking, in buying in the vaccines, that even the leftover doses became, too, precious to be, wasted away; while the system of appointment that’s said to be already set up and ready to go, how do we expect, the system will show the priority orders of receiving the vaccines, the map of where the left over doses are available, and the system of notices of the individuals, being called to get the vaccines?

everybody’s waiting, for that, life-saving, dose…photo from online

Taiwan is NOT a developing country, with the advances in technology being our strong point, as well as ample power of the citizens, and yet, toward the life-saving vaccines, our government couldn’t get its hands on enough, not allowing the private sectors to donate the vaccines, to how we the people, fighting over the remaining doses like how we’re, fighting over the lifesaving boat fare out to sea, this is, exactly what Tsai still refused to admit, that we’re, “beggars”.

And so, this is how, “WE the PEOPLE” get, FUCKED (no need to pardon, not this time!) up by the government’s BULLSHIT, and look at how the citizens here, are now, fighting over the left over doses of the precious vaccines that aren’t enough for everybody, and it’s still all due to the government’s lack in foresight, how the president still focused on that game of politics that she’s, currently playing, and she’s, playing that game of Russian roulette, with the blindfolds on, with our lives, and there’s, NOTHING we can do about it!!!  Because, the MAJORITY voted for her, and now, this, is the results, that all of us in this, god damn, @#$%ING country, must carry!!!

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If All the Government Does is Squandering Away Taxpayers’ Dollars, it Should Just Hire an Accounts-Receivable

Observations, commentaries, on how the government is doing, absolutely, DIDDILY, SQUAT, to help the people with containment of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV here in this “free” country, squandering away, the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars, NOT putting the taxes it’d collected to good use, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the outbreaks worsening, the Tsai government set out its, Relief Program 4.0, the legislative department immediately passed the mandates in special budgets of $840 billion N.T.s.  The Tsai government started noting how serious the situation is getting, and this time, it’d done away with all the procedures, the paper works, started yesterday, the government voluntarily wired the assortments of assistance funds into the people’s accounts.  The heads of the executive and legislative branches both called out, that “the money is used to save lives, and it cannot wait!”, that the money will have to get to the hands of citizens relying on it.  The problem being, the over millions of debts that the government is taking out, is it really, put to, good use?  As the outbreak hadn’t happened yet last yar, the government gave out $42,000,000,000N.T. in assistance, did the government consider the cost-benefit of this?  If looking at it closer, the end results, may be, just as, bad and unsettling as the lacking of, vaccines for us all right now.

Comparing to the two plans to help out with the economy, the structures and the recipients are similar to last year’s, the primary difference is that this year, there’s that added “children family protection against the outbreaks”.  This new “incentive”, the results of Taiwan’s entering into level three, the schools stopped sessions; the kids are out of school, the adults still working, causing all the cries from all the parents all across the island.  Especially, not all families have enough computers, the adults and the kids are fighting for the usage times, which made the “digital gap” even greater.

On top of that, for those working without an extra set of hands to help take care of the children, they’d had to take the “days off for the outbreaks”.  But, the truth behind this “days off” became an excuse of “days off, not getting paid”, forcing the laborers to choose between making the money, or caring for their children.  In the criticisms, the government came up with the “children and families incentive program during the outbreaks”, from infants to children in the elementary school years, the high school special needs students, everybody is allotted $10,000N.T.s, the budget of estimated $25 billion N.T.s had been written in, and this money will get sent out in mid-June.

And yet, the logic behind the “children and family prevention extra funding” is, hard to understand.  First, the caretakers, who were affected by the outbreaks, other than those raising their young, there may also be the elderly who are at loss, and those with handicapped family members.  Take for instance the families with those who’d lost abilities, getting the foreign hired nurses came to a dead halt this year, and, the daycare centers are, closed off, making the burdens of caretaking even heavier for the families.  But how come the government only tend to the children, and not the older adults?  You take care of your children, you get the monetary assistance, but if you look after your aging parents, you are on your own; this sort of an “abandoning the elderly” policy, truly is, chilling.

Secondly, the “Incentives for Children & Families Outbreaks” it’s a one-time cash giveaway, a lot of parents believed, that “it’s better than none”, and the money is enough to get the parents about “twenty-one packages of diapers, in small sizes”.  But, if the outbreaks drag out longer, then the effects of giving off the cash will get, diluted, after the diapers are all used up, the formulas, all drunk up, then the parents still have to file for those, unpaid leaves of absence, to care for their young.  And, just like that the $25 billion N.T. sank into the oceans, without any more money, and the issues of caretaking, still not resolved.

Third, the money is given by the number of children in a family, it’d not ruled out those who are better off, nor asked if the parents are off on the leaves from work to take care of their children, every child gets $10,000N.T., it’s only fair in form.  Terry Go has three children, he will receive $30,000N.T.s.  But he is already, rich as is, donating the vaccines, would he be needing, the $30,000N.T.s?  The children incentive, inconsiderate over if there are real needs, the money isn’t spent where it’s best used.

Fourth, there are so many restrictions to the laborers’ receiving the assistance money, for instance, the entrepreneurs need to check the labor insurances they paid in, to get the ratio amount, and, the businesses also are required to provide the proofs of how “their businesses are down by at least fifty-percent”, and other proofs of needs.  But, as long as there’s a child at home, no need for any sorts of proofs, you get paid; this discriminatory behavior, makes us wonder: why isn’t everybody equal in getting the assistance money?

Giving a cash voucher one-time for the child care or elderly care burdens, is such a bad idea.  For the frontline workers in the hospitals, they’re afraid to return to their own home, fearing the safety of their own loved ones, they are now, discriminated against in the matter of child care programs.  And, the tens of thousands of dollars that the government’s handing out, won’t solve any of their, problems.  To help them not have any worries, the government needs a plan to set up a childcare program for these individuals and their, families, instead of handing out free cash.  And the government also needs to do the same, for those who are working in delivering of goods, whose lives are also, crashing down right now.

The best way to resolve the matter of caretaking during the outbreaks, is to give the paid time off, to make the “caretaking days away from work” live up to its, name.  Some scholars advised, giving the average amount of worker’s insurances of $1,138 N.T. per day, disregarding of whether there are elderly or children at home, until the country is, no longer under the strict rules of quarantine.  And the rich naturally don’t need this, so there’s not the issues of over-benefitting.

If the assistance of the government can’t fit the needs of the people, and just started, throwing the money away, and not assessed the effectiveness of its plans, why the HELL would we need a government?  We just need to, hire ourselves, an accounts payable!

And so, this is how OFF the government is, in assigning the resources, during the outbreaks, because everybody’s staying in, and, work is no longer functioning like it should, and a lot of families are tried because of it, the government only takes care of those families with children, because, our population is, aging fast, and, who CARES, if the elderly population are slowly dying, in need of caretaking, that they’re not receiving?  They’re all bound to die soon anyways, so, W-H-O cares!

That, is what this government of Taiwan is, telling ITS people here, that they do NOT care about the elderly, that they don’t necessarily care about the children, they just want to appear “good”, like they’re doing something, for us here, taxpayers!

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Can’t the Commander See that People are, Waiting for a Hospital Bed that They Can’t Get?

And, here’s what the “commanding center” has to say to that: we, have everything under control, just look at the numbers, there are now, only, the sporadic contraction cases, here, and there, so no worries, folks we got everything under control! 
Uh that’s not what WE, the people, who live outside that god damn @#$%ING ivory tower are, currently experiencing, down here, in the REAL world!!!  Unfortunately, nobody can, BREAK these IDIOTS out, of that safe and secured, DELUSIONS, unless, we all drop dead, and that’s not happening, so…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The influx of cases of confirmed contraction of MERS already hit the medical provision hard in both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, the mayor of Taipei, Ke not only once pointed out how dire this matter is, and yet, the commanding center treat his words like wind through the ears, used a form, and blamed it on the more than six hundred beds still available in the hospitals across the city of Taipei, it’s a wonder, that the mayor, Ke called the officials of the central government as “having CEMENT inside your BRAINS!”

Yesterday the command center stated that there are 682 unoccupied hospital beds for the MERS-CoV wards.  And yet, based off of the actual statistics collected by the Taipei Department of Sanitation, they’d found that by eleven in the evening two days ago, there were, a total of 690 bed, and only about twenty that are, not yet occupied, such a huge difference from what the Central agencies announced.

Ke told the Central government more than once, that the medical treatment systems of Taipei is on the verge of crashing, the ambulances driving around and around, not finding a hospital to take in the patients, plus recent days, the press also reported on how the families of the patients accused that their loved ones not finding a space in the hospitals, it’s like waiting for death, does the Commanding Center NOT see any of this?

The government officials of the central government disregarded the needs of the people, and it’d made us question, is the claim of “there are still a lot of hospital beds available”, is it to blacken the names of Mayor Ke of Taipei, and Mayor Hou of Hsinbei?  To the point of, making the two cities against each other, stating how there are more vacant beds available in Hsinbei than Taipei?

if only, the hospitals here, looked like, this…

but it, doesn’t, unfortunately…

Ke was coted as the mayor, and people often called him out on how he wasn’t fitted for the position of mayor, but medicine IS his field of study, and when the major events occurred, he’d run first to the scenes too, as the epidemic broke out, he’d, tried to get the citizens to not flood in, to not overload the hospitals, and yesterday, to make sure of the number of quarantine hotels available, he’d gone to the hotels, to tally up the rooms, and confirmed with the frontline workers, the hotel staffmembers, to make sure they are all, vaccinated already, so naturally, Ke criticized the Central Government loud, that the officials running this country are sitting in the desks, reading the statistics on paper.

The resources of medical provisions are split, on what is real, and what the central government believed is real, the commanding center, on the matter of vaccines and preventing the spread of the epidemic, if it wants to take completely control, or that they’d not known what is really going on, not just read off the charts, and, called out the orders, to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, like Ke stated, stand outside the E.R, and you’ll get a firsthand look at what exactly is, happening right now.

So, we still got these, officials high up on that chain of command, STUCK, inside that ivory tower of their delusions, while the members of the community is getting ERADICATED, and that still just showed, how this god DAMN government actually, CARED for the wellbeing of its people, and we’re still, short on vaccines here, as all the frontline worker, hospital staffs, police law enforcement, EMT, firefighters get the first dose, while the rest of us, sitting like DUCKS, waiting, to get, WHACKED out by a bullet of that stone out of that slingshot of that little, naughty boy, and, W-H-A-C-K!  Goes, A-N-O-T-H-E-R, BIRDY.

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