Can’t the Commander See that People are, Waiting for a Hospital Bed that They Can’t Get?

And, here’s what the “commanding center” has to say to that: we, have everything under control, just look at the numbers, there are now, only, the sporadic contraction cases, here, and there, so no worries, folks we got everything under control! 
Uh that’s not what WE, the people, who live outside that god damn @#$%ING ivory tower are, currently experiencing, down here, in the REAL world!!!  Unfortunately, nobody can, BREAK these IDIOTS out, of that safe and secured, DELUSIONS, unless, we all drop dead, and that’s not happening, so…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The influx of cases of confirmed contraction of MERS already hit the medical provision hard in both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, the mayor of Taipei, Ke not only once pointed out how dire this matter is, and yet, the commanding center treat his words like wind through the ears, used a form, and blamed it on the more than six hundred beds still available in the hospitals across the city of Taipei, it’s a wonder, that the mayor, Ke called the officials of the central government as “having CEMENT inside your BRAINS!”

Yesterday the command center stated that there are 682 unoccupied hospital beds for the MERS-CoV wards.  And yet, based off of the actual statistics collected by the Taipei Department of Sanitation, they’d found that by eleven in the evening two days ago, there were, a total of 690 bed, and only about twenty that are, not yet occupied, such a huge difference from what the Central agencies announced.

Ke told the Central government more than once, that the medical treatment systems of Taipei is on the verge of crashing, the ambulances driving around and around, not finding a hospital to take in the patients, plus recent days, the press also reported on how the families of the patients accused that their loved ones not finding a space in the hospitals, it’s like waiting for death, does the Commanding Center NOT see any of this?

The government officials of the central government disregarded the needs of the people, and it’d made us question, is the claim of “there are still a lot of hospital beds available”, is it to blacken the names of Mayor Ke of Taipei, and Mayor Hou of Hsinbei?  To the point of, making the two cities against each other, stating how there are more vacant beds available in Hsinbei than Taipei?

if only, the hospitals here, looked like, this…

but it, doesn’t, unfortunately…

Ke was coted as the mayor, and people often called him out on how he wasn’t fitted for the position of mayor, but medicine IS his field of study, and when the major events occurred, he’d run first to the scenes too, as the epidemic broke out, he’d, tried to get the citizens to not flood in, to not overload the hospitals, and yesterday, to make sure of the number of quarantine hotels available, he’d gone to the hotels, to tally up the rooms, and confirmed with the frontline workers, the hotel staffmembers, to make sure they are all, vaccinated already, so naturally, Ke criticized the Central Government loud, that the officials running this country are sitting in the desks, reading the statistics on paper.

The resources of medical provisions are split, on what is real, and what the central government believed is real, the commanding center, on the matter of vaccines and preventing the spread of the epidemic, if it wants to take completely control, or that they’d not known what is really going on, not just read off the charts, and, called out the orders, to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, like Ke stated, stand outside the E.R, and you’ll get a firsthand look at what exactly is, happening right now.

So, we still got these, officials high up on that chain of command, STUCK, inside that ivory tower of their delusions, while the members of the community is getting ERADICATED, and that still just showed, how this god DAMN government actually, CARED for the wellbeing of its people, and we’re still, short on vaccines here, as all the frontline worker, hospital staffs, police law enforcement, EMT, firefighters get the first dose, while the rest of us, sitting like DUCKS, waiting, to get, WHACKED out by a bullet of that stone out of that slingshot of that little, naughty boy, and, W-H-A-C-K!  Goes, A-N-O-T-H-E-R, BIRDY.

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One response to “Can’t the Commander See that People are, Waiting for a Hospital Bed that They Can’t Get?

  1. Superiority at it’s worst … super bad, and super sad .. shame … shame ..!!

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