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Catch Me, Cheating…

Oopsy, yeah, I got, caught…

Catch me, cheating, yeah, uh, good luck on it, because if I WERE to cheat (still NOT going “there”!), nobody’s gonna, catch ME, ‘cuz I know how to, cover up these tracks of mine, and I surely as hell, will NOT leave ANY traces of my cheating means around the house for you to find.

Catch me, cheating, yeah, you wish, ‘cuz I got MORE morals than you, @#$%ER (maxed out!), besides, ain’t got NO need of that sort (and, EWWWWWWWW, G-R-O-S-S!), besides, I still recall how it’d felt, to have that proby thing shoved UP my you-know-where from back in ’07, and let me tell you, it did NOT feel “good”, and the sole purpose of that shitty procedure was to check out my “insides”…

Catch me cheating, uh, you’re gonna have to use those hard-earned dollars you’re currently NOT making, to hire a TON of P.I.’s, to track me down, to station every one of those IDIOTS (no offense!), at EVERY single corner of the streets I’d been sighted on, an you still won’t catch ME cheating, ‘cuz???

and this, is what I will, NEVER get found, doing…

Oh yeah, I had NEVER cheated, not even on a test, although I had gotten accused of cheating back in the elementary years, but I don’t think I even sat next to that guy that my classmates accused me of cheating off of, and they’d accused me simply because?  I got the EXACT same questions WRONG on that exam as he had, and no, I still did NOT cheat on that either, ‘k???

Caught me cheating, you won’t, ‘cuz, I ain’t no cheater like you, and I know that you will, cheat on me, given your past histories with all them bitches and whores you’d ever, SHOVED your DICK into.

So yeah, how the FUCK can you measure up to the QUEEN again?  Oh wait, you can’t.

And that, is that!

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The Male Prostitute from Hong Kong Drew a Taiwanese Female Police Officer “I Thought Taiwan wouldn’t Punish”

Phishing for SEX online, and, you CAUGHT, the BIGGEST “fish” all right, and she is a C-O-P you MORON!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As third-stage alerts are reached, most of the operators of the sex industries still took on the clients privately, the police recently found the cases, of the foreign ladies selling for sex, but, a man, Kwok from Hong Kong came to Taiwan on a work visa solicited the clients online, but, he’d not imagined, that he hooked up with a female officer of the Changwha Substation, the female officer bravely asked Kwok to a motel two days ago, as they’d discussed the prices, Kwok was, immediately, arrested, and fined $1,500 N.T. for obstructions of social order.

The police found, that since the zooming in on the sex industries as the outbreak happened, there were mostly, foreign ladies who’d sold, and this time, the 39-year-old male, Kwok was found, and this may be the very first, of its case.

The officer told, that Kwok is about 5’6, gentlemanly looking, and he had that thick Hong Kong accent as he spoke, looked like a finance industry worker, hard to imagine, that he works as a male prostitute.

like this one???

hot, right, ladies??? Photo from online, and this one, is a Brazilian, so state on the “caption” of this photo from online

Kwok came to Taiwan on a work visa, worked at the sex massage parlors in Taichung, Changwha, he’d claimed that this was the first time he was caught, and said, that he couldn’t imagine, that the police in Taiwan was out to arrest male prostitutes too.

A female officer of Dapu Substation, when shopping online using a social media program on her phones, received a pop-up ad, she’d clicked it, then, immediately, someone’s LINE account asked her to befriend her, the individual claimed to be a masseur, but used the sexually illicit languages, even sent the female officer photos of his penis, and stated that he “customizes” his “service”; the female officer suspected that the male masseur was a cowboy, after she’d reported the matter to the station manager, Wang, two days ago, she’d asked Kwok out to a motel, to “trade”.

The female officer bravely entered into the room, started up the conversation with Kwok, and agreed on a price, the man spoke in a Cantonese accent, that for the simple massages, the cost is $2,500N.T, with sex, $2,000N.T. more, as the female officer managed to collect the evidences, the two male officers, and the police station manager, Wang came in, made an arrest, and it’d, thrilled Kwok.

This is still, by, pure, chance, had the female officer not shopped online on the website, she wouldn’t have encountered that pop-up ad, where this MANWHORE was selling his body for sex, and she wouldn’t have, enticed him to take the bait, and this LOSER wouldn’t have, gotten caught, in the A-C-T, with his PANTS down (not physically!), and, that just showed, how easy, someone can still get solicited for S-E-X online, even when one isn’t, looking for it!

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Properly Dressed, Just Talking, Doesn’t Count as Soliciting? He’d Only Fondled and Not Had Sex…She Got the Money She

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Pan was accused of solicitations at a motel by the police, and she was fined $5,000N.T.s based off of the laws that protected orders in the society, she felt it was unjustifiable, claimed that her john claimed to have erectile dysfunction, and that they’d merely touched each other, with their clothes on, that they never engaged in sexual intercourse, she’d taken the fine slips to the courts to appeal it.  The Taipei District Court believed that the police didn’t specify the charges clearly enough, found that Pan won, and dismissed the charges against her, Pan didn’t have to get fined, and the police couldn’t fight for the rulings to be overturned.

The verdict stated, that sexual intercourse meant that someone IS paid for sexual behavior or inappropriate sexual actions, but in this case, whether or not Pan had been engaged in such activities, nobody can confirm.

The police accused, on the evening of May 6th this year, Pan met up at a hotel near to the CKS Memorial Hall with Lin, to have sexual intercourse, and Pan had taken $500N.T.s from Lin for sex, that she’d broken the laws of societal order, and so, the police were fining her $1,500N.T.s.

Pan stated that she’d known Lin for a long time, and the surveillance from the hotel showed that she’d entered into the suite by herself, that it goes against Lin’s claims of how they’d struck up a conversation in the hallways of the hotel then, walked into the suite together, and, the police had confiscated the $500N.T. that she had, which the police asked her to turn over, “The money was NOT for the sex”.

Lin testified, that he did meet Pan for the very first time in the hallways of the hotel, asked if Pan wanted to have a conversation with him, and so, after the two of them entered into his suite, he’d told Pan, that he had erectile dysfunction, then, Pan gave him a “hand job with his pants on, and fully dressed for about five seconds.”, he’d later paid Pan $500N.T. for it, that in the process of being touched by Pan, she’d never told him that she could do anything extra for him.

The judge had investigated into the matter, and pointed out, that based off of Lin’s testimonies, it couldn’t prove, that they did have an agreement to have sex for money, and that the police couldn’t make the decisions, that they were selling and buying sexual activities based off of the fact that before Lin left the hotel room, he had paid Pan.

This will open up, a HUGE door for those johns and the whores, after all, we’re NOT doing anything that is DESTROYING the orders of the society, I’m merely touching him, with HIS pants on, and I didn’t ask her to give ME a “handjob”, she did that all on her own, and besides, we’d NEVER agreed on the amount which I’d be paying her, yeah uh, this only opens UP that HUGE door, because this is, the blurred line of the law here.

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The Practitioner of Tao Set Up a Car Crash, His Father Died, His Wife Seriously Injured

People would do ANYTHING for money, apparently, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who was a practitioner of Tao in Nantou, Chang, suspected of owing the loan sharks close to six million dollars N.T., two nights ago, he’d driven his elderly father, and his newlywed wife to the mountains, and used the excuse of needing to urinate, and left the shift in drive, causing the car to slide down into the valley, causing the father to die, and his wife seriously injured.  The police found, that Chang took out two insurance policies for his father and his wife, suspected that he’d murdered his own father for the money, the D.A. charged him on murdering his closest of kin.

The forty-one year old Chang works as a “master” in a temple, even recorded down his service ceremonies on cable.

The police originally thought that this, was a simple case of accidental deaths, but, the officers found Chang to be too calm, and as they’d asked him about what had happened, he was inconsistent in his claims.  The assistant captain of the investigative team, Chang found, that Chang was parked on a regular parking lot, that it was still 1.5 meters away from where the bodies were found, that even IF the shift was in neutral, without the hand brakes, it still wouldn’t have slid forward, let alone, slide down into the valley.

Chen went up, took Chang’s hand, found that his hands were cold, and he was slighting shaken up, believed that something was up; about twelve minutes later, he was able to break through to Chang, when Chang admitted to planning the events for a month, to set up the murders of both his own wife and father.

The police got to know, that Chang didn’t have a stable source of income, before Chang’s mother died, she’d fallen ill, plus his father’s dementia was progressing, he needed the money for the medical treatments, three years ago, he’d started taking loans from the loan sharks, and, he’d owed them three million dollars N.T. to date, with the interests added, the amount was up to six million.

Chang said, that last year, he’d taken out insurance policies for accidents on his wife and father, this year, he could get the total amount, and the insurance payments are up to four million dollars, that, was why he’d decided to falsify the car accident, to make fraudulent claim to the insurance company.  But he said that he loved his wife very much, but the pressures from the debtors caused him to want to murder his whole family, and kill himself.

The police investigated and found, that a month ago, Chang had gone to the spot, to check out the location, found, that there are NO railings by the rest stop on the mountain pass; two nights ago, Chang used the excuse of wanting to take his father and wife out to see the night scenes, he’d driven the car toward the rest stop, put the shift into drive, then, jumped out, and, without any warning beforehand to them, the wife and the father slid down into the valleys down below.

Chang’s wife said, that last September, she’d registered for marriage with him, recently, she didn’t find anything up with him, there was still the wedding cakes yet to be delivered to their friends and families in the car too, she hoped that the police can get to the bottom of the case quickly.

After Chang’s wife was lifted to the hospital, she’d shown signs of temporary amnesia, couldn’t recall what happened exactly, but she’d mentioned, that as they were riding up, her husband handed something to her and her father-in-law to drink, and, afterwards, her father-in-law passed out.  The investigating officers suspected that Chang had added substances to the drink, they’re sending the two cans of drinks they’d found to the labs for testing.

And so, for the sake of money, you’d set up this elaborate scheme, to murder your own father AND wife, and now, you’re still caught, and, you still won’t BE able to pay UP those loan sharks that you owed to.

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An Elderly Woman Was Scammed for $1.26 Million N.T., This Time, She’d Used Money Offered to the Deceased, to Lure the Scammers Out

Taking the BAIT here, from the Newspapers, translated…

An elderly woman, Huang had lost 1.26 million dollars to scam artists at the beginning of the month, and the scam artists tried it again, the police were called, and decided to let it play out, had Huang taken the money offerings to the deceased to meet up with the scammers, yesterday, they were able to successfully arrest Chen and Dai, who were both drivers for the scam ring.

The police found, that this particular scam ring used the name of Kaohsiung District Attorney’s Office, on the 2nd, they’d called Huang up, told her that someone had used her bank accounts for scams, and was about to get put on ice by the banks, that she must transfer all of her savings into an account for the sake of surveillance, and after they’d checked to see, that she’s uninvolved, then, the money will be returned to her, but because they were chasing the leads secretively, if she’d told anybody of this, she will be charged with disclosing of privacy matters.

Huang had withdrawn a total of $1.26 million N.T.s, the workers at the post office felt that something wasn’t right, they’d notified the police, but it was already too late, and so, the patrol officers can only remind her, that if the person called back again, to tell him that she still had a million dollars in savings left, and immediately call them up.

Out of her expectation, the scammers called again yesterday morn, Huang followed the words of the police, took the paper money offered to the deceased, next to San-Jia Elementary School to meet, waited until Chen and Dai, the drivers came to pick up the cash, the officers who were ambushing came out, and successfully, subdued the two men.

The two suspects claimed that they’d found the ads on the papers, that they didn’t know each other, Chen applied for the position of a driver, and Dai, as a deliveryman, and each trip they’d get paid $5,000N.T., after the inquiries, the police booked both men on fraud charges.

And so, this, is how easily the elderly were scammed, but gladly, the police were there, the second time the scammers called, and that just shows, how older people are targeted, because of how vulnerable, how gullible they are.

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Buying His Wife’s Forgiveness with a Million-Dollar Property…

And, I used to think, that forgiveness CAN’T be BOUGHT, apparently, I’m, once again, MISTAKEN here, from Yahoo!.com Taiwan, translated…

A married man in Taipei, Bai, had saved the photos of intimacy that he’d had with his whore in bed together, on his home computer, and was found by his wife, it was found by his wife last year, Bai then gave his wife, the property he’d bought, worth around ten million dollars N.T. as his way of begging his wife’s forgiveness.  Bai’s wife had, sued the other woman, Chou, and the District Court of Taipei found Chou guilty, and mandated that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Based off of The Apple Daily, after Bai’s affair went bust, he’d given a house of a hundred million dollars N.T. in worth, in return for her forgiveness, which worked, and, Bai’s wife sued the other woman, Chou for adultery.  But the judge thought, that because Bai’s wife just went after Chou, and not her husband, she’d violated the “No Separations Clause” of the suits, and, decided, to toss the case out.

The reports showed that Bai’s wife had sued Chou in the civil front for $600,000N.T. for damages, and, the judge believed, that Bai’s wife’s right of being Bai’s spouse had been violated, and found Chou guilty, and that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Is that fair?  Hell NO!!!  I mean, WHY the FUCK (and NO, don’t “pardon” me this time!!!) is it ALWAYS the women who get sued, I mean, what about the losers who couldn’t keep their DICKS inside their pants, I mean, it DOES take TWO to tango, right???  And that still just shows how easily a woman can and will forgive her LOSER husband for HIS infidelities, but, think of it in another term, if it were the woman who’d cheated, do you think, that the husband would forgive as easily?  I think not!  And, this, is one MORE case (and I’m more than 100% P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E, that this, is NOT going to be the LAST “case” that shows GENDER inequality!!!).

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Married for Six Months, He Cheated on Her, and She Was Granted a Divorce by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, Huang, after he’d married for just six months, he cheated on his wife, and because of the discount coupon his wife found in his pant pocket, that, was how she came to know about his affair.  And Huang’s wife found, that the “spare” is the classmate from Huang’s graduate class, Yen, she’d sued them both of obstruction of her family, and filed for divorce.  Yen admitted to having sexual intercourse just once with Huang, and she was prosecuted by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office yesterday; and because Huang’s wife dropped the charges against him, he wasn’t indicted, but they are already divorced.

Based off of understanding, Huang and Wang were classmates from the same public university, the two of them started dating back when they were in school, they were very steady; later on, as Huang went to grad school, he’d met Yen, and, afterwards, they’d worked at the Scientific Park in Hsinchu together, and, that, was how their love got started.

Based off of understanding, at the start of last year, Huang and Wang registered for their marriage and had a banquet at the start of last year, but, not long after they wed, Huang went behind his wife’s back, and started dating Yen, not only did they have sexual intercourse, they’d gone on various outings together, and captured their happy times with their cell phones.

One day, as Wang was doing her husband’s laundry, she’d accidentally found a discount coupon for a motel inside his pant pocket, suspected that he was having an affair, and asked him if he was?  Driven by his guilt, the man admitted to cheating, and had even given the photographs he took of him and Yen to his wife, and Wang realized, that the “spare” was someone she knew, she couldn’t deal with it, got angered, and sued him.

Another loser who got caught with his PANTS down, and, they’d only BEEN married for SIX months, wow, how short lived the love is, and that still just shows, how you LOSERS just can’t KEEP your DICKS inside of your P-A-N-T-S!!!

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Calling Myself a Loser for Cheating

Because I got caught, with my pants down, by the public, and so, I must make myself look bad, beat myself up, so, the world would go easier on me??? Calling myself a loser for cheating, this, is just ONE of the many techniques that those losers comes up with, to get themselves off the hooks easy, and, because the public sees that oh, they’re already feeling bad enough about getting caught with their pants down, maybe, we should just look the other way, and ignore the fact, that he’s a public figure, and has ways of influences the masses.

Calling myself a loser for cheating, yeah, see how your partners feel about it, and my guess would be, that your partners would step up to the plates, and appear before public, and tell the masses to STOP grilling you, you’d already suffered enough, isn’t that right?  And, in all of this, you’re still, the master manipulator, aren’t you?  And the rest of us just don’t have a single C-L-U-E, because you think of us as being DUMBER than you, is that it???  Well, think again, the rest of us is NOT as simple-minded as you out there.

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Stole Her Money, then, Loaned it Back to Her, the Serial Number Had Caused Him to Get Caught

What can I say???  It’s still K-A-R-M-A, and, that still just shows Y-O-U, that IF you do something bad, you WILL get C-A-U-G-H-T!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A male employee, Huang, at a mall, was suspected of stealing his coworker, Lee’s $8,300 new money, with consecutive serial numbers, then, he was “kind enough”, to let her borrow $9,000N.T., and Lee discovered, that the serial number on the the eight thousand dollar bills were consecutive, and became suspicious, that evening, Huang admitted to taking it from her, and said that “I didn’t think I’d get caught”, and was prosecuted based off of theft charges.

The police investigated, that in the food courts of a mall in Hsinbei City, a woman placed her wallet next to the cash register, and the wallet was stolen by her twenty-three year-old coworker, Huang, he’d taken out the $8,300N.T. for himself, and tossed Lee’s identification card, along with her credit cards, into the trash can in the kitchen area.

Lee needed the money for emergency, asked Huang to borrow some, without a second thought, he’d agreed to it, took out his own $1,000N.T. bill, along with the eight he’d stolen from her, but Lee discovered, that the serial numbers on the eight thousand dollar bills are consecutive, and that she’d recalled how the money stolen from her was the same way, felt that it was too much of a coincidence, and called the police.

Lee claimed that awhile ago, she’d borrowed $10,000N.T. from a friend, and because her friend, Chen, had given her the money, from her own year-end bonus, and the money was brand new, with consecutive serial numbers, and that Lee remembered it well.  The police reviewed the surveillance, and ruled out that someone from the outside could have done this, and zoomed in on the employees at the mall.

Back then, after the mall had closed, the police called Huang back in, he had a strange look on his face, which made the police suspect even more.  At first, he’d denied having stolen the money, the police told him how it was a criminal act to steal, and consoled him, “You’re still very young, don’t sacrifice your whole life because of your own greed”, that, was when Huang admitted to taking the money, “I thought nobody would know”.

Well, how can someone NOT know, that their money’s been taken, and, are plain STUPID, or are you just plain S-T-U-P-I-D, and that still tells you, that IF you do something bad, you WILL get caught, there’s NO escaping karma, and, when karma comes after you, it WILL be a TOTAL BITCH, and you will P-A-Y, if you’d done something evil!!!

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Without Money to Go to Net Cafes, an Elementary School Boy Stole the Money

From the online news pages, translated…

An elementary school child, Tsai, from a single-parent family because he couldn’t find money to go to net café to play online games, he went to school on his days off, and found his teacher’s drawer that wasn’t locked, took out $175N.T., and, it triggered the school’s alarm systems, he was taken into the police stations; although the instructor that this boy stole from did NOT want to press charges, but the police found that theft is a big crime, so the police took the boy to juvenile court, and they used his story as an advertisement against crimes on campus.

The investigations found that this young man lived with his father, likes to hang out in net cafés, but he didn’t have an allowance, and so, when he saw an opening in the office, he took it.  Two mornings ago, the young man went back to school, used his house keys to open up the gates that locked up the schools, went to the fifth floor office, and took $175 N.T. off of the instructor, Huang’s desk.  After he’d taken the money, and was about to leave, the alarms sounded off, and it brought the security guard over.  The security guard then called in the school officials to report this boy as a thief.

Because you did NOT have enough money for games, so, you resorted to stealing, and, even though the instructor whom this boy stole from didn’t want to press charges, but the police still saw it as an example, and, they made an example out of this young boy, and hopefully, the boy would’ve learned HIS lessons.

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